Stories by other authors

These are some stories - both fictitious and real life ones - written by my friends from the community around the Eye Scene web site. I decided to offer some of them the space at my web site so that their readers and fans could find them at one place. I hope to create quite a collection of stories. If you write stories about people who wear glasses, an eye-patch, GOC, or who deal with any other vision challenge feel free contacting me at my e-mail.

I decided to upload several other stories that were written some years ago by various authors. I chose those fantasies that can be considered a kind of fundamental works of eyeglasses fetishistic literary scene.

Stories about Deborah were inspired by a collection of custom-made photos. I gave the model the name of Deborah just because I like the name. Unfortunately neither the model nor the photographer ever had the possibility to read the stories as they cannot speak English. 

Progressive Myopia Migration was originally uploaded to Smudge Report. I consider the fiction as one of those that describe one of most frequent dreams many of us have. The author had been rather a mysterious person, who seemed to use two nicknames, Eye Write and Yogeswari. Things cleared in December 2004 after I had received the following e-mail (shortened): 

Dear Bobby:  ...  To clarify something, the story Progressive Myopia Migration was originally written by me using the pseudonym Eye Write (get it? I write).  It was originally called A Progressive Migration which I originally wrote in 1997 but didn't post to eyescene until around 1999.  The other name who you attribute the story to just stole it from me at one point when it was listed on the old eyescene site.  Just wanted to clarify that . ... Regards Stingray

Heaven for your average glasses fetishist is a story by Specfiend. He wanted it to be a chain story, but unfortunately only one ES member contributed, Christy. What a pity the other people did not launched their imagination to add more parts.

Allison and Rick appear in "The Terrifying Test", "Superhyperopic Superheoroes" and also in "Heaven for ...." They seem to be Specfiend's favourite characters. Let us hope, he will write more fictions about them.

Marina sent me her story in 2003. It seems to be a real life story.

BPHG wants to remain anonymous. 

Lolita's story follows the classic pattern of "ok, I will do it for you" with quite a hot end. The author is uknown.

All4Eyes has her own section since April 2008

ChrisB sent me his The Fancy Dress Party and I must say I enjoyed reading it very much, I hope there will be the second part soon.

In July 2006, Specs4ever sent me some of his favourite stories written by other authors in previous years. I included them into the August 2006 update, so that you could enjoy some of the best glasses stories ever written by the members of the glasses lover community.

R Hamilton used to write and contribute to Eye Scene for many months, probably years, what a pity he stopped posting. His stories were really good.

Aliena is the lovely personality who revises and edits Specs4ever's stories for several years, and Diana of Klington is her own fiction. Enjoy.
She send a new story from time to time. When I open the MSWord file the letters are big and bold in blue color, because Aliena has a very poor vision. I always reformat and standardise the text for you, but when you read her stories, remember the author is one of the most affecter by her visual impairment of all those who contribute to this site.

Hikari. is a pretty fast train in Japan and also a nick of the author of a very hot story about induced myopia "Serenity - The Eyes of Amy".

Christy wrote some time ago rather unusual story "Lucy's Greatest Treasure" which, I am sure, it deserves our attention.

In August 2006, I added one short story by an anonymous author I was sent recently. As it did not have any name, I named it The Crosseyed Story.

October 2006 brought a sequence of The Myopia Fairy by All4eyes and Specs4ever. and texts by Eddy, our dear friend who left us some years ago. Rest in peace, Eddy, we miss you . The Eddy's texts were carefully selected and sent by Richard. Thank you Richie.

In December 2006 a unique story was added. Marnethias by Phantom, who is a nickname of an unknown author, is a great parody of fundamentalist preaching. Thank you Jules for sending me this exceptional work.

Jules sent an old story that looks rather autobiographic: "Susan". Susan's story used to be very popular and evoked many reactions and a large discussion. It was publish at one of the old versions of Eye Scene. Thank you Jules for the large and thorough editing.

Jennifer's story is written by Jennifer, that is the only piece of information I am allowed to tell you :-)

New Glasses by Iruckus1 was sent to me by Specs4ever in November 2007. He found the story in the archive of the Old Eyescene. I do not have any information on the author of the story.

Timothy is a nick of a man who wants to remain anonymous. His story is not a fiction

Dieter sent his first story for the May's update in 2008, 6 more for June 2008 and 2 more for August 2008. His stories are not too much about the "technological" stuff, I mean increasing diopters or GOC, but still they are very nice to read ... and he is getting better (see Aug 2008)
His "Logan's Obsession" is very realistic description of a development of the optic obsession. I experienced it in a very similar way.

Shekhar sent two stories in which glasses fetish and hearing aids fetish are combined. I really hesitated if I should publish them, because I did not feel like enlarging the range of topics and last but not least the language of the two texts is far from perfect. I did not want to correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes as it would mean to re-write the stories.
So, please, tell me what you think at my e-mail:
1. Shall I continue publishing stories about hearing aids?
    RESULT: Nobody protested, one person wrote it was "a refreshing topic".
2. Shall I recommend authors who have problems with English grammar to find a proof-reader among the EyeScene community?
    RESULT: Definitely YES. The grammatical mistakes and mismatched meanings of some words destroy the text.

GlassesForEveryOne has contributed by The Definition of Cool for the first time in September. The long story is worth reading.

R.J. comes from India and sent his first story in March 2009. It did not have any name, so I named it The Promise.

Revolver is a US citizen with many years experience in optical who newly found the desire to write.

Rob van Dijk is the owner of the Crystal Veil blogs. (He is NOT the Dutch footballer!)

Please, do not ask me about the real life identities of the authors as I am not authorized to disclose the real names or the e-mail addresses of the people who sent me their works.