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Perfect couple

by Shekhar

Linda was in a big confusion last summer. She was not attending her classes properly. She got backlog in her previous examination. Reason for her backlog was also the same confusion that she was facing. Linda’s friends were also complaining about her changed behavior. She was feeling alone in crowd also. The reason for her all problem was just her boy friend’s strange attraction towards girls wearing glasses and hearing aids. It was not just a simple attraction but it was his sexual orientation towards such type of girls

As Linda was having perfect eye sight, she never needed glasses for correction and she was sharp at hearing also. So her great threat was his boy friend, Brad’s liking towards such strange things. There were many thoughts going in her mind. Regarding what she should do about this matter. She first thought to break the relation because she was feeling that brad was mentally abnormal and he need to be treated well from some good doctor. And the other side she was feeling that it’s difficult to for her also to live without him. As it was 2 years of relation and Linda was quite serious this time unlike before. But only thing irritating her was Brad’s strange behavior.

Brad’s was having no guts to come and tell his liking on face of Linda. But Linda came to such conclusion after noticing his behavior since so long. So she was not having any options except she should go to psychiatrist for her problem. She took the appointment. Before going to him, on the previous night she was just surfing on the net regarding girls with glasses and hearing aids. She was surprised to see that there are lots of people in the world having same liking and interest such as Brad was having. She went in to the detail. She found many websites , communities, yahoo groups for such fetishism. She was surprised when she read all the things discussed in different forums. She came to know there is a whole group of people who like girls who wear glasses and hearing aids. And for glasses, guys like those girls who wear thick coke bottle glasses girl. She went on searching, it was about morning 6. and her college was of *. So finally she quit the computer.

Next day also after coming from college Linda jumped on to the pc. And started surfing about the thick glasses and hearing aids. She came to know many new things that she had never listened before. At that day she was very happy that she found that by going for GOC – glasses over contacts. She can go for thick glasses although having perfect vision. But for going for hearing aids, it was quite difficult task for Linda. As she was feeling shy and she was afraid of being teased. But then too she concluded her research by taking decision that she will go for some thick glasses and hearing aids.

Brad and Linda were meeting after a long time gap. After having some coffee and casual talks. Linda picked the topic. Brad was shocked and didn’t said anything about it as he was afraid that she might consider his likeness an abnormal phenomenon. But Linda was smart enough to handle the situation. She calmly explained Brad that she knows about his liking towards girls with glasses and hearing aids. And she was ready to be like that. Brad was shocked but from inside he was happy like never before. As he had left the hope that her girl friend will understand him and accept his liking because Brad himself knew that his demand was not considerably normal. Although when Linda herself was ready to do so then there was no question to be raised.

So both Brad and Linda started their new love life. Initially Linda purchased one pair of thick glasses to persuade Brad. Brad was so much happy to see Linda in such glasses, as she had never worn glasses before. They had nice time for some days. They went for movies, Picnic, pubs and many more happening places. Only thing which annoying Linda was that anywhere they go Brad was enjoying her company but Linda was feeling uncomfortable as she was feeling shy to wear glasses in public. But then too she was trying to manage the situation. After few weeks Brad asked her to buy some new glasses. And hearing aid also as they both decided initially. But Linda was not feeling well to waste money for glasses and hearing aids. As she was considering it just as waste of money. Because she was wearing them at time only when she was with Brad. and now Brad’s expectation was also increasing. He was always insisting Linda to go for new glasses and hearing aids. And Brad wanted to Linda to be like the same for whole time. As he didn’t like that Linda only wear glasses when she was with him and just to make him happy. He was feeling that Linda is not doing it by heart. She was just doing it for formality. And he was feeling disappointing when Linda denies him to go for hearing aid. Linda was also right at her part. As it was difficult for her also to make understand her parents and friends that why suddenly she started wearing glasses and now hearing aids also. It was difficult for Linda that to go in public with thick glasses and hearing aids. As she was one of the hot girls of her school. Linda was afraid also that what will be the comments and reactions of their friends when Linda will go out with thick glasses and hearing aids. She was feeling embracing that such things will cut her reputation in her group. So she was not sure that what she should do, whether she should go for all these things or better quit the relation and live her life with freedom.

Between this confusion, Brad was also feeling that Linda is not happy with her new look. So he also stopped asking her to go for hearing aid. As he was knowing that she is not going to do and basic thing was just that Linda was not willing to be a girl with glasses and hearing aids. So Brad even stopped asking her to be like that.

Six months passed in this situation Linda again stopped wearing glasses. And now Brad was even not complaining anything about her. Linda was feeling that now everything is ok. Brad’s crush for glasses and hearing aids was over. They were living happily. Between this period both’s parents were also agree for their relation and they were planning to get marry in short future. As Brad also started his job and Linda was also settled well. Linda was feeling that she was the happiest woman in the world, but she came back from her illusion in short time only.

Brad told Linda that he was going out on the business tour for a week. Linda was sad. But then too she managed. Her parents were forcing her to ask Brad about the wedding. She planned that as Brad comes back from his business tour she will ask him about deciding the date. Next day morning when she went for shopping, she got a shock when she saw Brad sitting with Janice. Janice was Brad’s Ex-girl friend. She was not too much pretty. Things describe her was a skinny figure, undeveloped breast, thick rimmed glasses with coke bottle glasses about 1 inch thick. And addition to that Linda found that she was wearing hearing aids in her both ears.

Linda was having mixed feeling. At one instance she was feeling crying and on another part she wanted to kill Brad. She certainly went back to home. That day Linda called Brad and asked about the explanation. Brad was at guilty. But the reason he told Linda that was touching for anyone. He told Linda that he was having fetish for glasses and hearing aid, and Linda was knowing that thing very well. Although she took that thing lightly and never paid attention what Brad wanted from his life partner. He calmly explained her that there was no problem between them. But he was not having any sexual orientation towards her. He tried a lot to explain Linda that he wants that she should wear some thick glasses or hearing aids. But after one pair made at the initial stage, Linda never thought of buying any new glasses or hearing aid. For Linda it was just waste of money. And even Brad didn’t wanted to impose his liking on her. Os he also never forced her to buy any hearing aid or some heavy thick glasses. And meanwhile he met her ex-girl friend, who was already so much myopic. They patched up and started talking with each other. As Janice came to know about Brad fetish she purchased hearing aids from her saving as she was from a middle class family. So it was very difficult for her to purchase hearing aid. Brad was knowing her financial condition so he also started gifting her pair of glasses. Janice was denying at first instance but she finally accepted because she was not taking those glasses for her personal us e, she was just taking to make Brad happy. As Brad gets excited to see Janice in new different frames. So this phenomenon continued for a long time. And Brad had to tell lie to Linda. But Brad ended the conversation with words, that he will marry with Linda only as he had committed but to satisfy his likeness he will keep friendship with Janice.

Linda was not having a single word to say. As it was clear that all the bad things happened because of her only. If she would have paid attention towards Brad’s liking. Then she might not have seen this day. But she can’t share even her boy friend with someone. So she was in great confusion, what to do now when their parents were also in hurry for their wedding.

Finally she thought that she should take help of interne and started surfing. After a huge research she found many websites namely “high myopic girls”, “girls with glasses”, “eye scene”, “GOC” etc. Linda was surprised to see that there are so many communities of people who love and admire girls wear thick glasses. She visited many websites and found that some very beautiful and attractive model wearing very thick and old 60’s type of glasses with mysodisc lenses. And she also found that after glasses another which is considered “hot” was hearing aids.

So she started searching for that also. She came to know that there are so many types of hearing aids. Basically hearing aids are made for deaf people because they really need it. But she was surprised that there is certain type of hearing aids which are made for normal people who are not deaf but with help of that they can hear those voice which normal people cant hear. Like birds twinkling, conversations going on in another room, certain sounds which are out of reach for normal people. Such hearing aids are called personal sound amplifier, and commonly used by people. Which comes on TV shopping networks also.

Linda made up her mind to buy a hearing aid. But confusion was just that there were many types of hearing aids available in market like body worn hearing aids, in which a pack comes which need to be hanged on t-shirt or shirt and wire goes to ear. And other are behind the ear hearing aids, which can be hanged behind the ear and they are costly, too. She was confused what to buy. As she was having limited funds and she wanted to purchase some frames for glasses also. Certainly she remembered that once Brad showed a girl wearing hearing aid with wire in ear. And he was so much excited for it. So she planned to purchase body worn hearing aid with wire, which was low by cost also.

Now case of hearing aid was over. Now it was glasses time. Linda was not ready to go for GOC. So she smartly purchased few frames which gave her similar look. She purchased one oval shaped golden frame, one thick black plastic frame, two plastic broad frames and one plastic brown frame with string hanged with it. She purchased these glasses as she had seen on internet and models wearing them.

After her all preparation she called Brad and asked him to meet. They meet at one of the coffee shop where they usually meet. Linda dressed her self just like brad  wanted to be. When Brad saw her. He was surprised and speechless. Both had good conversation and didn’t discussed anything about their problem and about Janice, as they both were knowing that it was their combined fault. It was not a mistake done by a single person. Both were responsible for the situation. They end up their conversation with a good note that they will plan their wedding in next month.

Meanwhile brad and Linda both apologized Janice also, because she was not in the picture but then too she was the victim. Linda personally explained all the things to Janice that because of their misunderstanding, Brad went out the track and Janice had to suffer. Janice also forgave both of them and agreed to come in their wedding. Brad and Linda were famous from school time. So both of them were having common friend. Their friends were surprised to see that Linda was wearing hearing aids and thick glasses like never before. As they have never seen her in such look so it was a shock for them. But Linda and Brad calmly explained that Linda got problem in hearing and she needs to wear hearing aids to correct her hearing. And for thick glasses they lied that before she was using contact lens but now her eyes were too dry that she cant wear contacts and she have to wear thick glasses and hearing aids for her life time. All showed their sorrow for a while but after few days everything became normal. Everyone accepted Linda with her hearing aid and thick glasses.


As of today Brad and Linda are having 2 children one daughter and one son. Linda is now very much comfortable with her glasses and hearing aids. Sometimes there were some teases and issues about her hearing aid and thick glasses. But then too Linda was having guts to handle the situation because she was knowing that she was doing all this for her beloved one. And brad was feeling that he was the luckiest man in the world as he got wife like Linda who sacrificed a lot for just his happiness.

Written by Shekhar, summer 2008