Stories inspired by pictures of Deborah

After I had uploaded pictures of Deborah (then it was on a Geocities site), the reaction of the community was very strong. Most people like the pictures very much, although some criticized the "kinky" make-up. I thought the pictures might have been quite inspirational so I asked my friends from the Eye Scene to write some stories about her. And lo and behold, my request was taken as a challenge. In ten days, six fictions were written. Andy wrote three of them, which means not only he got a great deal of inspiration but also he did a hard work as English is not his mother tongue. CZski was rather mysterious member of Eye Scene who disappeared later from Internet and never came back again; he had  very special website then too. T.E. is quite unknown member of the community, he just visited Eye Scene for some time, contributed a lot and then ... And the last (but not least) author is Specs4ever, the doyen of the Scene and a very fruitful writer. Now, enjoy the stories.

Deborah 1 by Andy

Deborah 2 by Andy

Deborah by CZski

Deborah by T.E.

Deborah by Specs4ever

Deborah 3 by Andy


posted 26 December 1999 14:38 a  (all times are Pacific time US)

This is the place for fantasies about Deborah. The true story of the pictures and the girl will be posted here at the end of January 2000.

Deborah 1 by Andy

 posted 27 December 1999 14:57

Well I was thinking a lot about a smart contribution on Deborah. I run a site myself and I know how difficult it is to get always new pictures. Now I look at one of those well done pictures I was able to download from the internet. As a professional photographer I analyse photographs in an other way than just “watchers” do. I realised immediately, that the expression of Deborah eyes is exactly the same as Judy’s modelling for me. It is a crisp and sharp look over the rim of those glasses. Judy does not need glasses jet. Her vision is still perfect. So my opinion is that Deborah was just modelling with those wonderful glasses. I would like to have those glasses for a nice animation on my site. Another clue for classifying Deborah a non GWG in real life is that I can’t see any marks of these certainly heavy glasses under the makeup of her nose. The nose area of a GWG is always a traitor. Glasses leave always a mark on your nose. They last very long, even several hours after you have put your contacts in (this is an important hint for lens watchers). OK Bobby so far my guess about the whole story.

Now here is my fiction about Deborah if she really were a GWG:

Debby woke up to her usual fussy beginning of the day. She closed her eyes again thinking about what was going to happen this day. She remembered that she had still to get a birthday gift for her boss Bobby. She suspected that Bobby knew about the avidly guarded secret of her extremely high myopia. She had worn contacts for the past 20 years. She was lucky enough that she had never ever experienced irritations from her contacts so far. In fact she had invented a special cocktail to keep her soft contacts always sterile, soft and gentle to her corneas. She mixed her “cocktail” out of several products available on the market. It was a ritual every month when she started composing her lenses cocktail. This liquid created by her mastermind enabled her as well to sleep with contact lenses, which she was very thankful for, when she had spent the night with her former boyfriends. What did Bobby know about it. Those strange questions about ordering contacts for him via internet. Her boss was quite nearsighted himself, but would never reach her power of –28D. If he knew! Nobody had never ever seen her in glasses besides her optician an her parents. She had lost her parents a couple of years ago in a terrible plane crash and so she shared her secret only with her optician who lived several hundred miles away. With the years passing, hiding her myopia had become an obsession. Deeply in her heart she felt that something had to be done about it. She did feel that her coming out might be near.

She opened her eyes again and could barely recognise the tip of her nose without wearing glasses. She stretched her left arm to reach for the small night stand with her glasses on it. She grabs around and starts to panic because she can’t find her glasses. Finally she touches something familiar. It’s her contact lens case. Carefully she retrieves it from the night stand. The liquid protecting her lenses enables her to insert the lenses directly from the lens case. She opens the case and tries to get her left lens out. She has done it many times before and so it is no problem to manage it without her glasses on. She gets the lens out and the vision of her left eye becomes clear again. Quickly she inserts her right lens. She looks for her glasses and finds them folded in her purse. She must have gone to bed just after getting her contacts out she thinks. She heads for the shower and starts to wash her beautiful body. She gets a little bit of soap into her eyes, but no panic they are protected by her lenses’ cocktail. In another minute she is ready. She wraps in a towel and starts rubbing her body to dry it. She is pleased with her face in the mirror. The money she spent for the hairdresser was worth it. Her thoughts waking up come in her mind again. She has still to get a nice gift for her Boss who has birthday in just two days from now. Her obsessive antipathy towards her glasses and her myopia creeps up in her mind again. It makes her shiver. Her skin is suddenly covered with goose pimples. Something makes her turn around and she returns naked into her bedroom. She takes the glasses out of her purse. She returns to the bathroom, bck to the mirror, witch is fogged up by now from the steam of the hot shower taken before. She grabs her towel and wipes it clean. Now she can see her face again. She places her myodiscs on the nose. Damn it they are fogged up, too. Only then she realises that she has her contacts in an won’t be able to see a thing. She slides her glasses down her nose and looks over the rim of her lenses. She realises all at a sudden, that she has lost this feeling of disgust towards those heavy lenses in her face. She is totally frightened by now. Oh what a strange metamorphosis is taking place she thinks. Anyway it is just too late for her to think about it for long because she has to go to work and find a suitable gift for her bosses’ birthday. Maybe she should just give in and order him a nice pair of contact lenses via internet? This might be an idea she thinks leaving her flat.

If she could only talk about her problem with someone. This mornings event in her bathroom still frightens her a lot. She has to do something about it.

At lunchtime she goes strolling around in a mall near to the place she worked. Suddenly she had an idea looking into the windows of the new photo studio that had been opened only a few days ago. Quickly she had set up a story for the photographer. She would tell him that her boyfriend had bought the glasses at a thrift store and wanted her to wear them just for the fun of it. She said that she couldn’t see a damn thing with those coke bottles on her nose and that she just wanted photos of her wearing those glasses. This would please her boyfriend. The real idea behind however was to have the possibility to get used to her look in glasses without even wearing them. She got into the store and told her story set up only a few moments ago. She opens her purse and shows the glasses to Darren the photographer. He says that he could understand her refusing wearing those specs. He suggests that Debby should get a fancy makeup for the shots. She agrees and Darren’s assistant is applying the makeup on her face. After twenty minutes she is ready and heads for the set. As she is about to put her glasses on she feels for the first time in her life a small irritation in her left eye. She stops and heads for the restroom. Something of the makeup must have gotten into her eye. Immediately she realises that she must get the left lens out to avoid damage to her cornea. Oh how stupid I was she thinks, getting out her contact lens, not to give my lenses another cleanup this morning. First the soap during the shower and now the makeup. That was just too much. Anyway she thinks I must stay with my story for the sake of it. Having one lens out is not that bad after all she thinks. After all I’m not completely blind with my glasses on. She gets out of the restroom and heads for the set again. I got a little bit of makeup in my left eye she explains. Now it is going to happen: Another person will see her in glasses. Maybe it is the beginning of a cure she says to herself without moving her lips. With amusement she realises the vision of her left eye become crystal clear, while her right eyes vision becomes a blur as she puts her glasses on. Time passes quickly as Darren directs her through several poses. Finally they are ready and she heads to the restroom again to remove her makeup and give her contacts a quick “drink” of their cocktail. The prints will be ready by this evening Darren says. Debby can’t wait and time seems having stopped to pass. At five o’ clock she is among the first to leave the office.

Debby spends the evening to look at 15 pictures showing in a way she had always neglected during her adolescence and the years following thereafter. It was like looking at a twin sister she had lost and found again only today. Finally she replaced the envelope in her purse and was getting ready to go to bed, this time paying still more attention curing her contacts. This night she fell asleep with her glasses on. In the morning she awoke and could see clearly. Oh she thought, I must have left my contacts in last night and starts rubbing her eyes. Only to be shocked touching her glasses. She goes to the bathroom and realises that the rims of her glasses had left terrible marks around her eyes. Maybe she should take one day off. This was impossible because it was the birthday of her boss and this years promotions were always announced that day. She took a shower and turning off the hot water at the end of it she exposed her face for a minute to the cold jet coming out of the shower. After Debby had her contacts in she examined her pretty face thoroughly and the marks of her glasses were barely visible. Good she thought with just a little bit more makeup than usual. Nobody will notice. She dressed and left for work in a hurry because she was late again. As she sat down behind her desk in her office all at a sudden she realized that she had completely forgotten to buy a gift for Bobby. This was the first time in years this happened. In the worst case meaning no promotion this year. Nervously she fumbled through the contents of her purse. Oh God the envelope with her secret pictures falls on the floor facing the door to her office. She lays the purse down on her desk. As she walks around the desk to pick up her photographs, that had slipped out the envelope, the door opens and lucky Bobby enters the room.

He picks them up for Debby who is just frozen, unable to move. Nice pictures he exclaims, nice idea of you, cool makeup and glasses. What a present. I had always wanted to see you in glasses. How did you know about my secret desires? All these questions came out of Bobbies mouth in merely two seconds. Debby answers with amusement, that a good vice president always has to know what the bosses secret desires would be. At the moment Debby had spoken out those words she knew that she had found the person to talk about her “secret twin”.

The End


Deborah 2 by Andy

posted 30 December 1999 09:12

Here is another fiction on how the pictures of Deborah might have taken their way to Bobbie's galleries.

Well here is another fictive story about Deborah.

Debby looked at her picture in the mirror. She was not pleased at all what she saw. She was sad with her look. Her hair was long, maybe a little bit too long and she didn’t like the ash blonde colour. She felt that something had to be done about her looks. But it was not only her hairs that she didn’t like. It were these awful heavy lensed glasses that were so prominent on her nose. She felt very uncomfortable about them. She was completely blind without her glasses. With bitterness she remembered various unpleasant occasions when she had lost them in the past. She pushed them up her nose cause they still kept on sliding down her nose. She had to see the optician to get them adjusted. Oh how she hated those glasses. She had a nice body she knew, but nature, seems to have punished her for the beautiful body she had got, with high myopia. The deterioration of her eyesight had come to a rest only a few years ago and was stable now at a –28D in both eyes. Unfortunately her eyes didn’t tolerate contacts and so she was dependant on these thick glasses. The lenses came out almost 15 mm at the edges of the wire rims, so that she was unable to fold the arms of her glasses properly. This was not so important, because she rarely ever took her glasses off. Sometimes she even slept with her glasses on. Another obsession she had was to keep her glasses clean. She wiped them at lest 20 times a day. She liked those moments when she took off her glasses to clean them. She couldn’t see a thing. Squinting hard and holding her glasses close to her eyes she could barely make out the shape of her frames, but she knew, that this ritual would give her a clear vision again. Still the thickness of her lenses bothered her quite a lot. She knew from her optician that there was a special lens cut, called myodiscs that would notably reduce the thickness of her lenses.

But the lenses were very expensive and she could not spend that much money at the moment. So her eyes had to stay behind these thick glasses for the moment. She finished dressing and decided to wear her long skirt because she hated the comments of Tom, a Hungarian guy, commenting on her legs and the thick glasses. Tom was so mean! She suspected him being responsible for the loss of one pair of her glasses. But this is another story. Arriving at work she sat down behind her desk, hooked the headset phone combo to her left ear, switched the phones from offline to online and was ready for the day. Somebody had left a paper on her desk. An announcement circled with a red pencil, saying that a photo studio was looking for female models wearing glasses with strong prescriptions. She looked at the phone number given and realised that it must be quite near. She set the paper to the side, thinking who could have left this paper on her desk. She would consider this announcement later during her usual breakfast brake. The phones started ringing and she was caught in her job. Time went by fast and she realised only when she had switched back the phones to the computers that it was time for her recess at noon. Only then her nearsighted eyes caught the paper she had found early this morning on her desk. She grabbed the paper and left her office. She met with Judy from upstairs, who was also wearing glasses, but way not so strong than hers. Judy was new to the company and still looking for friends in her new job. They went together to a small cafeteria near by and ordered a snack, mineral water and some coffee. Debby showed Judy the announcement in the paper and asked her about her opinion. Judy was enthusiastic and convinced Debby to call at the number given. Maybe she could get the extra money, she needed for her new myodiscs, after all.

Debby went to the phone both and noticed the usual “ the pretty girl if she only hadn’t to wear those awfully thick glasses” glances of the guys in the cafeteria. She ignored them and continued her way. She called the number and a deep voice answered the phone. Bobby, the photographer explained her that the pictures to be taken would serve for the local Lenscrafters store and that they would need the pictures taken to show the cosmetic effects of various prescriptions. It was also planned to take pictures for an article about makeup and glasses. The guy on the phone also asked about her prescription and was quite enthusiastic that they would work together when she told him her prescription. They fixed an appointment for the coming week. Debby was happy about the result of her call and went back to Judy, who was already enjoying her sandwich. She told her all she had heard from Bobby and decided that they would go together to the appointment at the studio.

After all Debby was still very anxious how all things would end up. Finally the day for the photographs had come and in the afternoon, still at work the time seemed to stretch endless. Finally it was time and she left work. Judy was already waiting for her in the lobby. They were on their was to the studio which was only a 15 minute walk from where they worked. Debby was still a little hesitant but as Judy was with her she felt just a little bit more secure about her decision. They arrived at the studio and were just pleased to see that it was a big photo studio in deed. The entered and asked for Bobby. Bobby came to greet Debby and was surprised to see Judy. Debby confessed that she was a little bit scared to come along alone and that she had brought her friend just for support. Bobby led them to a small portrait studio in the compound. Her they were in a more cosy atmosphere he explained. Debby and Judy suddenly felt more comfortable. They sat down and Bobby explained what kind of pictures he was going to take. He suggested Debby to have her hair fixed in a different way. Bobby called the studios stylist who agreed to take care about Debbie’s hair right away. Things sometimes go so fast Debby thought and as it wouldn’t cost her a dime she agreed. She was led to another room with a big mirror and a big board underneath bearing all utensils for makeup and styling. By now she was convinced that she had made a lucky decision to call at that announcement in the paper. She sat down in the chair on front of the mirror. The stylist explained to her what he planned to do with her hair. She agreed that she would shorten Debbie’s hair notably and that she would tint her just a little bit to get more volume into it. Finally she would apply a fancy carnevalesque makeup to distract a little bit from her strong glasses. Debby agreed, after all what could she lose? She panicked a little when the stylist took her the glasses off. Sorry she said, excusing herself, I forgot to ask you. Poor girl you surely can’t see a thing without these glasses she said. Oh yes said Debby I’m quite helpless without my glasses. Bobby will take care of them while we are working on your styling. He will let adjust them for you at Lenscrafters, they are next door. Debby felt uncomfortable without her glasses. She knew that Judy was still there and that gave her some sense of security. She relaxed, closed her eyes that were unable to see properly without glasses and waited for the things that were going to happen. After an hour or so the stylist had finished. I go to get your glasses she said and left Debby together with Judy alone in the cabinet. How do I look Debby asked Judy because she could not even make out the shape of her face in the mirror without her glasses on. Judy said that she looked great an offered her glasses to Debby. But Debby refused because she knew that Judie’s glasses were not strong enough with a power of only a –12D. Bobby came back excusing himself for the delay. He handed Debbie’s glasses over explaining that he got them renovated for her. She put them on and was surprised how clear she could see. She moved closer to the mirror and realised that the lenses weren’t so thick anymore. I got you myodiscs in new frames. This is part of your pay he said handing her the old glasses in a case. Debby was just speechless. The next two hours went by very fast and they had finished several rolls of film with her posing in her old and new frames. The result can be seen on Bobbie’s pages in the internet.

The End


Deborah by CZski

posted 30 December 1999 10:31

Up until I moved back to the U.S. just a few months ago, I was a contributing editor to the MIRROR, so I will relate as much of the wonderful story about Bobby's stunning photos of Deborah as I can, but I cannot go into any great detail, nor can I reveal any personal information (last names, addresses, etc.) about either Deborah or Bobby. I have been privileged to know both of them as very close friends for quite some time, mainly because I have interviewed each of them many times for my MIRROR articles, and also because I am quite myopic myself (my script is: R-12.50-2.50ax180 and L-12.00-2.50ax180) and sometimes wear glasses with 1/2" thick plastic lenses instead of my regular soft contact lenses.

Deborah and Bobby were two of Britain's brightest young stars. She was the women's #1 ranked amateur tennis player in the entire British Isles, and he was considered the best amateur football player in the entire British Isles. However, both decided to put their sports careers on temporary hold in order to pursue their dreams: Deborah wanted to become a fashion model, and Bobby wanted to become a fashion model photographer. It wasn't long before Deborah became a huge success as a London runway model, and Bobby quickly became one of London's top fashion model photographers. Their paths crossed constantly, and they soon became very romantically involved with one another, much to the delight of the British people. Then, without leaving anyone (including Bobby) any explanation, Deborah mysteriously disappeared from the London fashion scene and was positively nowhere to be found.

About three weeks after Deborah's mysterious disappearance, Bobby was alone in his London apartment one evening when he heard a faint knock on his door. When he opened his door, he was surprised to find Deborah standing there, obviously quite upset and crying. After wiping away her tears and giving her a welcome kiss, Bobby asked, "What are you so upset about?" All Deborah could say was, "Bobby, I've done something really horrible and ruined my eyes!" "They look just as beautiful as ever," replied Bobby. "You don't understand," Deborah sobbed. "I must now wear these glasses with their really thick lenses just in order to see," and she put on a pair of glasses with myodisc lenses that were 1/2" thick. Upon seeing her glasses, Bobby immediately knew that Deborah's vision was extremely myopic. "Your glasses are simply beautiful, and they make your aquamarine eyes look even more beautiful than they have ever looked," exclaimed Bobby. "Come in and tell me all about your beautiful glasses and your beautiful eyes," he requested. Once Deborah had a chance to calm down, and after Bobby reassured her that he really thought both her glasses and her eyes were extremely beautiful, she told him what she had done. She admitted to Bobby that she had always been quite myopic, and that she had always worn contact lenses with Rx's of R-12.25 and L-12.00; she confessed that she had been very careful to hide that fact from everyone (even him). She explained that she had decided to have laser surgery to totally eliminate her high myopia, so she would no longer ever have to wear contact lenses. Unfortunately, the doctor who performed her surgery mistakenly set the laser to sculpt her corneas to R+12.25 and L+12.00 (instead of R-12.25 and L-12.00), so instead of ending up with vision that required absolutely no correction, she ended up with vision that now required an extremely strong correction of R-24.50 and L-24.00! Since it was impossible for her doctor to correct her vision with further surgery or even with contact lenses, Deborah was forced to wear glasses with myodisc lenses that were 1/2" thick. As soon as she got done telling Bobby about her disastrous surgery, he left her, saying nothing, and returned just a few minutes later wearing glasses with lenses that were also 1/2" thick! Bobby then proceeded to tell Deborah that he too had always been quite myopic, and that he too had always worn contact lenses with Rx's of R-12.25 and L-12.00, and that he too had always hidden that fact from everyone (even her). Deborah and Bobby were absolutely amazed that they were both high myopes and had been wearing contact lenses with identical Rx's. They agreed that since Deborah could no longer ever wear contact lenses, Bobby would no longer ever wear contact lenses either. In addition to that agreement, they agreed that Bobby would have Deborah's doctor perform laser surgery on both of his eyes, so that he would end up with vision that would also require an extremely strong Rx of R-24.50 and L-24.00!

Within a few weeks, Bobby had gotten laser surgery and had purchased a pair of unisex glasses with myodisc lenses that were identical to Deborah's glasses. In addition to their glasses with their 1/2" thick myodisc lenses, Deborah and Bobby also purchased identical unisex glasses with identical 3/4" thick regular lenses. Shortly thereafter, Deborah and Bobby were married at one of the biggest ceremonies ever performed at Buckingham Palace, during which each of them wore their identical unisex glasses with identical 3/4" thick regular lenses. After the wedding, the two newlyweds honeymooned on the Isle Of Man. It was during that very romantic honeymoon that Bobby took the now famous photos of Deborah wearing her two different pairs of glasses. Deborah had developed some special eye makeup that highlighted her severe myopia, her fabulous eyes, and her extremely beautiful glasses, and she wore that unique makeup for some of the photos. When their month long honeymoon was over, Deborah and Bobby returned to London. Deborah started a cosmetic company to market her now very popular "DEBORAH U.K." brand of eye makeup. Deborah also decided to start another company to market a new "DEBORAH U.K." brand of eyeglasses, and she debuted her entire new makeup and eyeglasses collections at one of Alexander McQueen's fashion shows, which Bobby photographed for all of the leading fashion magazines.

Deborah continues marketing and modeling her own "DEBORAH U.K." brands of both eye makeup and eyeglasses, but she also spends time playing in a variety of celebrity tennis matches for many well known charities. Bobby continues helping Deborah manage her two businesses as well as being a top fashion model photographer, but he also spends time playing in a variety of celebrity football matches for many well known charities. Together, Deborah and Bobby have started the "DEBBY FOUNDATION"
(DEBorah and bobBY), a charity which funds research for improving laser surgery and developing better contact lenses and eyeglasses for correcting all kinds of eye abnormalities.

The End



Deborah by T.E.

posted 30 December 1999 00:20

It was five days before Deborah’s 16th birthday – August 1989 – and she was due her regular eye exam. She’d worn glasses since she was practically a baby and her myopia had gradually increased, especially since she was about 11. She was well used to very thick glasses and kind of enjoyed being the kid in her class with the really weird specs – especially as the boys all seemed to like her anyway. She went to the eye doctor and he gave her the usual tests, then gave her the usual news that her prescription was a bit stronger than last time. He told her that she could now get some special lenses called myodiscs and that they would be a lot lighter, but would also narrow her field of vision a little. They were expensive, but her mum was willing to help pay for them and her own weekend job helping at the local store meant she had a bit of money saved up. So, with a prescription of -18/-19 she ordered two new pairs: one with regular lenses and one with the myodiscs. A week later, two days after she turned 16, she went to the eye doctor to collect her new glasses. It was an exciting moment when she realised how well she could see through glasses that were no thicker than quite a lot of other people’s, though the little discs in the middle of the lenses looked slightly weird. Getting those first myodiscs was a really great moment in her life. She liked her other new pair as well, though they were really heavy and the edges were even thicker than her old prescription. Even so, she liked them, and saw really well through them. And the important thing was that the boys still seemed to like her, even though her glasses were getting stronger and thicker every time she went for an eye test, and the bowls of the myodiscs seemed to be getting a bit smaller too.

Two years later she started at University, with a prescription that was stronger again: -21 and - 22. Of course the other students asked questions about her glasses, and she found that most of the time she wore the myodiscs, except when loafing around at home, or when she just wanted a change, in which case she put on her really thick pair. Just occasionally she tried wearing contacts, but it wasn’t a success. And she was a very pretty girl who got plenty of attention for the rest of her, not just the glasses, though she always know that some boys liked those a lot too. She wore her hair long for most of her time at college, though had it cut shorter in her final year.

After graduation she started a long relationship with someone she met at work (PR for a publishing company). He liked her glasses too and encouraged her to keep using both pairs (her prescription had pretty well stabilized at about -25 in each eye). In fact the relationship developed into something really special and she decided to have some nice pictures of herself taken for his birthday this year. And that’s how she came to pose for Bobby...

The End


Deborah by Specs4ever

posted 31 December 1999 07:29

Deborah woke up, her eyes still red and sore from the smoke at the party the previous night. She stumbled to the bathroom to put her contacts in, and she cried in pain as she tried to centre the one in her right eye. She removed it, rewet it, and tried it again, but the pain was intense. The left one was a bit sore, but at least it was wearable. She removed the right one, put it in its case, and with the right eye closed she stumbled into the kitchen for a coffee. She looked up the number for her eye doctor, and tried it, but it wasn't 9.00 am yet, so she wasn't suprised at the fact there was no answer. She drank her first cup, and poured another. At exactly 9.01 she called again. She explained her problem to the receptionist, who told her to come on in. She dressed, and hopped on the bus.

As she sat on the bus, her right eye tightly shut, and with her left eye getting more painful with every blink, she wondered what she was going to do. She knew that the doctor would tell her not to wear her lenses for a while, but since she got contactsa at the age of 13, she had never gotten another pair of glasses. And, even if she could find her old glasses, her eyes had gotten so much worse since then that the old glasses would be of no use to her.

And like she thought, her doctor told her that she might never be able to wear contact lenses again. He advised her to wear her glasses for a while, and check back with him in a couple of weeks. She had to confess that she didn't even have a pair of glasses, and sure enough the doctor lectured her on this. But he was understanding, so he made a few phone calls. Deborah picked a frame, a multicolored rectangular shape, and the doctor phoned in her prescription, and all the necessary numbers for the frames, and her pd. to a lab that said they could make the glasses right away.

So after paying the doctor, Debbie was in a cab, on her way to the lab, unable to even see the cabdriver from where she sat. Her prescription for glasses was now -19OD and -18.50OS, with almost no astigmatism.

She was not a happy person when the cab driver helped her to the foyer of the optical lab., but when the receptionist told her that her glasses would be ready shortly she felt a bit better.

Later,when the receptionist came back with the glasses, and Debbie put them on, her pleasure with being able to see past the end of her nose was diminished by the awful thickness of the lenses. She walked to the corner bus stop, and everytime she saw anyone she felt that they were staring at he thick glasses. On the bus she saw a cute guy that glanced at her, and immediately looked away, as if her glasses had turned him off. She began to cry inside, and by the time the bus stopped near her apartment, she knew that she couldn't go home crying. As she walked past the house where she had babysat Beth so many times a few years ago, she saw Beth's dad, Bobby, out sweeping the dusting of snow from his walk. Bobby wore fairly thick glasses himself, although his were not as thick as her new ones.

He saw her, and greeted her" Hi Debbie. When did you get glasses?"

" About an hour ago." she replied

Bobby told her that he really liked the way they looked on her, and he invited her in for a coffee. Bobby's wife made them all coffee, and soon Debbie was telling them about her poor eyesight, and that she might never be able to wear contact lenses again.

Bobby's wife was a make up artist, and she suggested that she try some special makeup to see if she could draw away from the thickness of the glasses, so soon Debbie's face was made up in bright red and green for Christmas. When she was finished with Debbie, Bobby excused himself, and made a phone call. He came back, and asked Debbie if she would consider having her picture taken wearing glasses and made up as she was. She agreed, and they went off to a friend of Bobby's who was an accomplished photographer. Soon they had a few good pictures of Debbie in her glasses.

Bobby then suggested that Debbie get herself another pair of glasses, so he went to the optical shop down the street with her, and helped her pick out a frame. When the optician asked about the lenses, Bobby told her that he wanted them to be fairly large myodiscs, with a plano front, and a plus rear carrier. He also wanted them to be anti reflection coated.

The glasses would be about 2 weeks before they were ready, so when Debbie picked them up she came directly to Bobby's house. Bobby's wife again did the face make up, this time in blue and yellow, and they all went to the photographer's shop together. When the pictures were finished, Debbie realized that she didn't really want to look this way everyday, but that wearing glasses didn't have to be the end of her life, as the photographer told her he had been able to sell the first pictures for a decent sum, and he was sure the second set would sell even better.

The End


Deborah 3 by Andy

posted 06 January 2000 06:35

This is just another nice GWG story. It has nothing to do about my previous tales about Deborah got her pictures on the Web. Deborah is among one of the girl’s names I like most. The story is situated in the southern part of the USA in New Orleans to be exact.

New Orleans is a place where traditions and tales are present still today. New Orleans is a place where ancient rhythms and rites still take place.

It was during one of my vacations giving me opportunity to assist to the following story.

Deborah, the heroine of my little story, woke up in the morning, reached for her glasses on the nightstand, put them on and looked around her hotel room. She had left the light of the bathroom on, just in case she woke up during the night, to have a little light to show her she was in a different place. She was terribly nearsighted and dependent on this kind of rituals she had studied in her early childhood. She got up and was happy that her first night at New Orleans had gone by without any troubles so far. She remembered earlier trips she had made with her parents, panicking during the night when she had been unable to find her glasses. Finally she was a grownup young lady of almost 20 years. She had been invited by her parents to spend Mardi Gras at New Orleans. She was so happy to be here. All those beautiful people out on the streets in their beautiful costumes- it sure would be fun.

Arriving in the bathroom she pulled one Kleenex out of the box beneath the mirror, removes her glasses and gave them the first clean of the day. She was still surprised by the feeling of her thumb entering the deep curvature of her lenses. Of course she could only feel it, she was way too nearsighted to see it with her own uncorrected eyes. After she thought having cleaned her glasses enough she put them on again and looked around. She must have been very tired last evening upon arrival, because she had left all her things in a terrible mess. She reached for her beauty case, opened it and was pleased to find her several spare glasses intact, meaning that she had brought them all for the trip. This was another obsession related to her early adolescence when she was helpless for one entire week without glasses in a holiday camp. Nobody had allowed her call her parents and everybody had teased her about her poor eyesight. It turned out to be one of her roommates taking away her glasses and hiding them just for the fun of it. She would hate Angel Pie for the rest of her life for this awesome experience. She had never met Angel Pie again and wasn’t sure if she would even recognise her. She had seen her only a very short time when she got her glasses back in the headmasters office.

She would, however always remember the hissing kind of tonality in her voice, quite like an English governance. This has occurred almost 12 years ago but she was still furious about this week of lost visual memory. Maybe there will be a way to pay her back. Anyway she was here and was curious about the following events scheduled to begin this afternoon.

She opened her beauty case again and took out a waterproof case for her glasses, removed her glasses and put them in. The case had attached a cord to it which she put around her neck. Finished with this she headed for the shower. 20 minutes later she met with her parents for breakfast. Oh how she enjoyed this trip to New Orleans.

They had planned a Swamp Tour for the early afternoon and just started taking about what it would be like, when the concierge came by and told them that pickup time for the tour was set up 2pm. The dispatcher who would pick them up was listening to the name of Angel Pie. Deborah felt a sudden chill creeping up her spine. I hope it’s not A N G E L P I E!! After all it was such a long time ago and it was hardly possible that destiny still involved their ways a second time. She relaxed again hoping that nobody had realised her little adverse reaction on Angel Pie. Her mother glanced at her for a moment and she wasn’t sure if she hadn’t noticed something. Anyway it wasn’t a every days opportunity to be at New Orleans during the days of Mardi Gras. She relaxed and decided to wait for the things to come. Meanwhile she took out a book about New Orleans and its history. What enchanted her most was that there still seemed to be active Voodoo Masters practicing in New Orleans. She had never believed in this kind of ceremonies but she still could remember a roommate of hers going mad for Voodoo. She had also explained her the basics about this rite. One day her roommate was piercing a doll with the resemblance of the head cheerleader with a hatpin. Two hours later the poor cheerleader war recovered with acute appendicitis in the local hospital. Deborah’s roommate took her place. She had thought this had been pure coincidence, but now here in New Orleans she wasn’t that sure about it anymore.

Just after lunch all members of the trip gathered in the lobby to wait for the dispatcher of the swamp tours. The hands of the clock approaching slowly 2 pm, everybody is waiting for the tour to begin.

The door to the lobby opens and a very beautiful centrefold like lady enters. “Swamp Tours, Swamp Tours” she calls out in a hissing commanding voice. Deborah is certain that it is the Angel Pie she had suspected. She adjusts her glasses and takes a better look at her. She sure turned out to be a extremely good looking girl, all the necessary curves on the right places without excessive fat on the critical parts. All at a sudden Deborah felt all the hatred, she had thought had vanished during the past years, still burning stronger than ever inside her. On her way through the door she gave Angel Pie a short glance through her thick lensed glasses. Angel Pie just rose one angle of her lip in an ironic smile. They were both sure that they had found each other after such a long time. But this time Angel Pie was not going to win…

The group entered the van that Angel Pie was driving to the small harbour upriver where the boat would start its cruise to the vast Mississippi Delta. Angel Pie didn’t mention that she had recognised Deborah. But Deborah felt that Angel Pie knew exactly who she was. Angel Pie’s unfair trick had been punished in a very strict way. Deborah never knew what had happened to Angel Pie after she had been taken home by her parents a week ahead of schedule.

Deborah listened with disgust to Angel Pie’s voice explaining the rules for safety on board of the boat they would reach soon. Especially the part to be careful not to lose glasses sunshades and so on. Angel Pie is just a beast Deborah thought. But the maximum was reached when she handed out free tickets for the Mrs. Louisiana contest, telling everybody that she herself was one of the most promising concur rents. She wanted everybody on the bus to cheer for her. Deborah was furious. Leaving the bus Deborah unfortunately was the last to descend. Upon leaving the front door Angel Pie said to Deborah: “ Hey you ugly duckling I never thought that nearsighted chicks like you ever became older than just 12 years. I did my very best to help you to paradise by hiding your glasses you blind ass” Deborah was scared to death. How could a beautiful girl like Angel Pie use such a rude language.

The Swamp Tour itself was really gorgeous. Despite all Deborah enjoyed it very much and almost forgot about Angel Pie. Sure it was Angel Pie to bring them all back to their various Hotels. Angel Pie stood in a very sexy way at exit of the bus expecting some tip which Deborah surely denied her. She moved past her so fast that Angel Pie didn’t have any chance to say anything else of her offences. Angel Pie deserved a lesson. Some vague idea formed in Deborah’s brain. If it worked out it would be a lesson Angel Pie never forgot for the rest of her life.

After all Deborah was happy that she had confided all things that seemed to be of importance to her diary. Every year she started a new one and precisely copied all relevant information, like addresses or birth dates, to her new one. As she was back to her room she opened her suitcase and retrieved her precious font of information from the bottom of it. She found the address of the Voodoo Master her roommate hat given her some years ago. It was near by her Hotel. She had only to find an excuse for her always caring parents to have other plans for the evening. It was not so difficult after all to find a valid excuse for her parents explaining it with disturbances related to the encounter with Angel Pie this afternoon.

The Voodoo Master was in the French Quarter. She found the address easily and was a little frightened to enter the place in a dark backyard. It was a strange and frightening place. All was dark only some spots were lit by candles or dirty light bulbs. She was about to leave the place when she heard a very soft almost whispering voice that seemed to come from nowhere inviting her to come forward. “I knew you were coming Deborah”, the vice said. Deborah was scared by now and she had the strange feeling that something penetrated her mind and was reading all her most secret thoughts. Who ever it was seemed to be very amused with what he or she had retrieved form Deborah’s mind. The strange voice assumed an even friendlier tone as it invited Deborah to come forward again. Deborah’s fear was gone. Meanwhile her eyes had adjusted to the dark surroundings. She could make out a small table at the far end of the room. There was a candle burning in a big scull of an animal unknown to Deborah. It was hot and humid in the room and Deborah started sweating a little. Her glasses started sliding down her nose. She pushed them up and could see again. Behind the table sat a small black woman with the whitest hair Deborah had ever seen. “Come on Deborah there is no danger for a good girl like you are”, the black lady said. It seemed to Deborah as if she had known this strange person since an eternity. She reached the table an sat on the chair that the old lady had offered her. “I knew you were coming to me oh well I’m glad that you have finally come” she said to Deborah.

Deborah didn’t know how to start. Finally she managed to speak and she told her story about Angel Pie. “Oh I’m glad you have told me the story again. It was not so easy to read it in your mind, you were so agitated” the old lady told her.

“Now lets think about a lesson for Angel Pie” she said to Deborah. “Is it possible to change her eyesight, lets say make her eyes as bad as mine?” Deborah asked. “Well I have never done anything like that before, but it must be possible. Yes it might work” the Voodoo Priest said. “Let me see your glasses Deborah” she said. Deborah took off her glasses and the world turned fussy as she handed them over. “Oh they have a very strong prescription I can tell” the old lady said handing the glasses back to Deborah who was glad to have her glasses back on her nose in this unfamiliar place. “I have –18D in my left eye and –19.5D in my right eye” Deborah said. “I need a personal object of Angel Pie” the Voodoo Priest said. “What should it be?” Deborah asked. “It can be anything she possessed” came the reply. Deborah opened her purse, adjusted her glasses to see better and took the invitation for the beauty contest out, Angel Pie had given her. The old lady took it saying that she could feel the malignity of Angel Pies character even as it was not the best personal object, but that the magic would work. The old lady rose and fumbled in some boxes near by the table. “Ah I’ve found her” she said laying a net Barbie Doll on the table. She placed it over Angel Pies invitation murmuring secret formulas. “Now we captured Angel Pies personality and transferred it to this doll. Everything I do to this doll now will happen to Angel Pie, too”, she explained. She handed a small flacon over to Deborah asking to touch it three times with each of her glasses lenses. Deborah did as she was told and handed the flacon back to the Voodoo Priest who seemed to enjoy this job really a lot. “Now we have your poor eyesight captured in this flacon and now I wet Angel Pies eyes with one drop each out of this flacon” she explained. “Angel Pie will have a little headache tonight when she goes to bed. The next morning she will have bad eyes like yours Deborah”, the Voodoo Priest said. “How long will the effect last?”, Deborah asked. The old lady said that she didn’t know it but that it could well be that it lasted from one week up to several months. Deborah said that it would be long enough to give a good lesson for Angel Pie.

“What do I owe you?” she asked the Voodoo Priest. “Because you are such a good girl Deborah and because Angel Pie was so mean to you it was my pleasure to help you. You owe me nothing Deborah”, came the answer. Deborah thanked the old lady giving her a warm hug and left soon after. She was glad to be on the street again and was happy to reach familiar surroundings as she approached the hotel. Entering the lobby she met Angel Pie again who was bringing back her evening tour. “Oh the ugly duckling again” she started teasing Deborah again as she saw her. “Oh God you sure are the reason for this damned headache that started as soon as I saw your ugly face” she continued. Right you are Deborah thought as she turned her shoulders to Angel Pie leaving her without a reply.

The Voodoo thing already starts to work she thought with excitement. She went to sleep and drifted away to sweet dreams.

The wakeup call came and she rose immediately put on her glasses and was in the bathroom. She was in an excellent mood and started singing under the shower. When she met her parents for breakfast they noticed her good mood and were pleased that she seemed to have forgotten the incident on the boat yesterday. Deborah didn’t mention her little tour to the French Quarter saying only that she had gone to bed early yesterday and that she was fit for the things that they would undertake today. Deborah was anxious to know if the magic spell put on Angel Pie had worked. There was only one way to find out, stay in the lobby and wait for her. She arrived every day at almost the same hour. Deborah saw Angel Pies bus arrive and it was not Angel Pie driving the bus. Angel Pie came into the lobby almost running into glass door. She must have really something with her eyes Deborah thought. And so it was, Angel Pie is squinting hard as she looks around the lobby to collect the members of her today’s tour. “Swamp Tours”, she hears her voice not so loud as it was yesterday. Deborah can’t help it but she wants to get closer to enjoy the most of her triumph. Oh now she is sure that Angel Pie must be terribly nearsighted by now. She stands only 2 feet away from Angel Pie as she hears Angel Pie talk to a coat hanging in the wardrobe “Sir the tour starts in five minutes”. Deborah bursts into a laugh and then shouting out loud that everybody can her it: “Mrs. Magoo Angel Pie is talking to en empty coat. You must be even blinder than me without glasses on!” Angel Pie turns around her face pale full of fear and her eyes filling with tears: “Is this you Deborah dear?” she whispers. “What happened to your eyes Angel Pie?” Deborah asks hardly able to hide her triumph. Angel Pie explains that she went to bed with a terrible headache yesterday and that she woke up this morning unable to read the clock on her nightstand. It is so strange she said, but maybe it comes from bad alcohol she had tried at John’s diner yesterday afternoon. Deborah said that she didn’t think it came from bad liquor but that her eyes maybe got a little bit overtired. Maybe it’s just that you simply need glasses. This is impossible exclaimed Angel Pie yesterday morning my vision was perfect and today 24 hours later I need glasses it is impossible. “Do you want to try my glasses” Deborah insisted on the argument because it was her now who could hurt Angel Pie in return for all she had don to her. “With your coke bottles on my nose I won’t be able to see a darn thing” came Angel Pies bitter reply. There was a long pause in their conversation. Angel Pie came first saying that it was very strange that she was able to see her hand if she put it very close to her eyes. “I told you that your eyes had an terrible attack of myopia” Deborah answered. You must get glasses immediately or your eyes will stay that worse. “It is impossible for me to go in glasses, not today at the beauty contest” exclaimed Angel Pie who was in full tears now. They had sat down on a couch and to Deborah’s surprise Angel Pie asks “Can I please try on your glasses Deborah?” “Sure” says Deborah who opens her purse and hands Angel Pie one spare pair she carries always with her for security reasons. She sure wants to see Angel Pies face when she is able to see with her thick glasses. Angel Pie puts Deborah’s glasses on, remaining completely silent for two seconds, blinking her eyes twice, moving her head slowly from left to right and finally saying in a very sad voice “Oh God I have eyes as bad as yours Deborah, I can see perfectly with your glasses on. I will have to go to the eye doctor and have my eyes checked”. “Give me my glasses back now that you know it” Deborah said stretching out her hand. “Oh no please you have another pair don’t let me walk home blind” Angel Pie begged. Deborah remained hard, in claiming her glasses back, finally just pulling them off Angel Pies nose as she still didn’t react. Angel Pie now really burst into tears saying that Deborah was just mean leaving her so helpless around. Deborah told her that she had no right to argue in that way remembering her the event from the holiday camp several years ago and left her sitting alone.

Several weeks later Deborah gets a letter from Angel Pie that starts with just an excuse for treating her so bad in the holiday camp. Only with her strange disease of her eyes and being dependent on glasses full time now she understood how stupid her joke had been. Deborah tried to contact the Voodoo Priest to tell her that it was time now to restore Angel Pies eyesight back to normal. When she finally reached her the old lady told Deborah, that this would be quite impossible because most of her belongings had been destroyed in a accidental fire in her studio. Since she didn’t have that antique flacon anymore it would be impossible to restore Angel Pies eyesight. Well Deborah thought it was the first time glasses helped a person to get a better character after all.

Oh what a revenge. My story ends here hopefully inspiring fellow readers to share their stories with us.