Three Blind Mice

by WelshWoman1210

Waking up this morning, I feel around my night stand for my glasses. As I do I tip the empty glass from the table. As it crashes to the floor I yell “Shit!” The glass breaks on the hardwood floor. The next thing I feel are my glasses. Putting them on and pulling the hair out from behind the lenses, I can see the room somewhat more clearly. Things aren’t totally clear, even with my Coke bottle bottom glasses on. I get up and pull my robe over my shoulders and shuffle over to get the broom from my closet. Sweeping up clear glass from the floor when you can’t see well is a very interesting situation. Having gotten the glass into the waste basket, I put the broom back. I came over and put a pair of slippers on. I made my way into the bath room and sat on the toilet. Finishing up I took the tissue and wiped myself dry.

In case you haven’t yet deduced it, I am legally blind. I wear thick glasses and, when I’m out in public I often use the white cane used by blind people. You may ask “How blind are you?” I’d have to answer with “If my glasses are not on my head, I can only make out light and dark and some large block shapes. No details what so ever.” My name is Elaine Hansen. I am 26 years old and I work in the therapy department of our local hospital. It doesn’t take strong eyesight. When I am at work I will sometimes let my glasses hand down around my neck and do my work being as blind as possible. I know, this is weird but if you could understand, there would be no need for this story, right?

I have had very poor eyesight since I was three years old. For the last twenty-three years I have either worn glasses or I’ve felt my way around my environment with my hands or a cane. Growing up as a grade school girl, being the only one in my class with these thick and heavy glasses was not easy. Children, as you all know, can be very nasty. I was picked on and called all of those stupid names like “Four eyes.” I was later accused of being one of the “three blind mice” and they asked where the other two were. I played along and said “How would I know, I can’t see?” This is how I most often handled the stress of people picking on me. I’d try and make them laugh.

I had found my glasses, taken care of the morning necessities and now it was time to get dressed. I went to my closet and picked out a dress for the day. I slipped my feet into a nice pair of two inch high pumps and returned the dress to my bed. I walked over and pulled a clean bra and panties set from my dresser. I sat down and took my glasses off and put them down on the night stand. Now all I could see was light and dark. I felt for the bra and slipped it over my arms and hooked it in back. I then felt for the panties and slid them up my legs and into place. I then took my hands and felt the nylon of the panties and bra. This had been a morning tradition for years, from the time I began to develop breasts. There was a morning thrill for me. The problem is, if I didn’t put my glasses on I couldn’t even tell what I looked like. Glasses were my sight and I depended on them.

Having gotten dressed and prepped, I walked to the door, unfolded my cane and stepped out the door. The bus stopped just down the block at the corner. On my way down I heard several of my neighbors saying ‘hello’ and I gave them a nod. When I got to the bus stop I sat on the bench and waited for the bus to come. When it arrived I stood and stepped up the steps into the bus. I paid my token and found the seat. I was let off at the corner just a block from the office building I worked in. Through the narrow field of vision I had from my glasses I could see just a few faces but they moved out of my field of view all too fast. Those I worked with knew to stay right in front of me in order for me to recognize them. If they were off to the side even the least little bit they were off my recognition table. Walking in, I hear the familiar voice of Jim, the door guard. “Moring Ms. Hansen. How are you today?” “Hi Jim. I’m doing well. How are you?” “Fine. Doing fine.” He said. I walked toward the elevator. I heard the click of my heels on the marble floor. The elevator was carpeted so I heard nothing there. I looked toward the button panel and pushed number five. The door was closing until someone slipped their hand inside the doors. As they opened I stepped back against the wall of the elevator. “Sorry, I just made it.” “Yes, you did.” I responded. I could see the blur of this person but did not see the detail. “You going up to five?” He asked. “Yes, I work on five.” The door opened and the man said “After you.” I walked out and turned down the hallway. As I walked along I could hear footsteps behind me. I was nervous and I’m sure my breathing was faster than normal. I knew there was a drinking fountain just ahead. I stopped, felt for the knob and bent down. Turning the knob I was splashed in the face. I heard a snicker from a voice as it passed me. I stood up and took my glasses off. Using my sleeve I wiped the water from my face. I’ve got to get to the office just down the hallway. Putting my glasses back on I began to walk the short distance to the office door. Feeling the sign on the wall I could tell it was the right door so I opened it and went in. “Hi El.” “Hi Elaine.” Everyone said hello and I responded in kind. I made my way to my desk and put my head set on. The clock said ‘It is eight forty five a.m.’ My desk clock was one that actually says what time it is. I opened my desk drawer and put my purse in, closing it gently. As the phones began to ring I would answer and direct the calls to the appropriate person. I had the extension numbers memorized. “Hello, Thompson, Leonard and Wilson Contractors. How may I help you?” The person on the line asked to speak to Mr. Thompson. “One moment, please.” I pushed Mr. Thompson’s number. “A call for you, Sir. Line two.” I hung up the line with a press of a computer key. Our phones had been run through the computer system for a year and it saved me a great deal of trouble. I then turned to the computer screen and started to look up who it was on the call. My screen was a new one that showed the information in a larger font than normal. It also had a filter on the screen that prevented others from seeing the screen unless they were right beside me. I could hear Lisa and Tammy talking between desks. ‘Lisa, are you going to Grant’s party on Friday?’ ‘I will but I don’t think Mike can come. He’s got to work late on Friday.’ ‘Are you going?’ ‘Yeah. Al said he wanted to see Grant dressed up.’ The party they were talking about was the annual Halloween party that Grant Wilson sponsored each year. I know that it was always a fun party and it was always a costume party. Nearly everyone in the company went to this party. That made me want to find a costume and join the fun. As I listened to the two girls I was tempted to throw an idea out there. “Excuse me? When is Mr. Wilson’s party?” “Oh, it’s in three weeks. Are you going too?” Lisa asked. “Well, I’d like to but I’m not sure about a costume. How about you two?” “Well, last year I went as a call girl and Tammy went as a fairy princess.” I heard Tammy giggle, as was her way. “So, what are you thinking of going as?” Lisa asked me. “I’m not sure. Do you two have any suggestions?” “Let us think a bit. Let’s have lunch together and we might have something.” I went back to my work and so did the girls.

Lunch came along and Tammy came up to my desk. “Elaine, are you ready for lunch? We’re going down to the coffee shop.” “Sure. Let me get my purse.” Pulling it from the drawer, I grabbed my purse, slung it over my left shoulder and took out my cane. Tapping my way down the hallway to the elevator I came to a stop in front of the elevator. The door opened and we stepped in. We found ourselves at the coffee shop and went in. The tables were small and close together. I tapped my way to a chair and sat down. As I did, I folded my cane and put it in my purse. Looking at the menu things were very fuzzy and only a word or two at a time could possibly be in focus. I put the menu down and looked closely. I was probably a few inches from the menu, when Lisa said “Holy shit, you really can’t see, can you?” “No, why do you think I use that cane?” We laughed. “So, just how much can you see? I mean, can you tell which one of us is talking to you from across the table?” “Only by sound.” I said. “If I use my hearing I can tell what direction the sound is coming from. I can’t tell from looking at you though. That’s why I have that special screen on my computer.” “That sucks out loud.” Said Tammy. “Yeah, it’s the silent sucks that bug the hell out of me.” “Hey! That makes me think of a costume that would be perfect for you.” “Really? What?” I asked. “You should go as ‘Blind Justice’. We can dress you up in a toga and blindfold. I’ve got just the stuff.” “I don’t know. That sounds kind of weird.” I said, cautiously. “Well, do you have a better idea? I mean, you have a great body and that toga thing is real sexy. Then there is that vision thing. You can’t see much anyway so with the blindfold on, you’d be right at home, right?” I was surprised at her familiarity about my blindness. “Let me think about it until tomorrow, OK?” I asked. “Well, you’d be one really hot Lady Justice. Just think about it.” I thought for a while and then decided to run my idea by them. “Hey, I had a kind of weird idea for Halloween too.” “What?” “Well, we could go as the ‘Three Blind Mice’. You guys could wear dark sunglasses and carry a stick. I’d just go with or without glasses and my stick. We could wear white outfits with tails on them.” They sounded like they were thinking. “Well, did you guys have ideas for outfits already?” “Well, no, I guess we didn’t. That does take care of all three of us, doesn’t it?” Lisa said “I’m willing. How about you, Tammy?” She took a few moments and finally said “Um, I guess that would be OK. Yeah, I’ll do it.” I told them that if they wanted to really act like they were blind they’d have to practice a little bit. “How would we do that?” Asked Lisa. Tammy said she had some ideas for that. We continued lunch and made our way back up to the office.

Two days later was the evening we had picked out to get together for our prep work. The party was coming up and we needed to get our act together. Lisa showed up at my door and I let her in. “Hi Lisa. Come on in. Put your coat in the bedroom and come on over to the table here.” I pointed toward the table. Lisa went and sat down. “So where is Tammy? I figured she would be here by now. She seemed pretty excited about this ‘Three Blind Mice’ thing.” Just then there was a knock on the door. I walked over and opened the door. “Hi Tammy.” I said. I must have been looking slightly off from where she was because she said “El, I’m over here.” And she took my chin in her hand and turned my head toward her. We laughed and walked to the table. She placed a bag on the table and said “Lisa, we have some work to do.” “What do you mean, Tammy?” Tammy opened the bag and took out two pair of sunglasses and four small cases. “These are going to help us find out what being blind is all about. You have had contact lenses for a while, haven’t you Lisa?” “Well, yes, I do. Why?” Tammy took Lisa into the bathroom and said, as they stood up “Lisa, bring those sunglasses with you. I want to show you something.” They were in there for several minutes when I heard “Holy shit! That is so cool!” “What is it?” I called. I went to the door and out stepped Lisa. With my glasses on I could see that she was wearing sunglasses and she was walking with her hands out in front of her, as if she were feeling her way along. When she finally sat at the table she squared herself to the table. She said “Elaine, sit here, close to me. I want to show you something.” When I got closer to her she took the glasses off. When I looked close I could see that her eyes shown white. They were stark white, just like the prosthetic eyes I had read about on the internet. I’d seen pictures. “Tammy! What on earth?” I exclaimed. “They’re cosmetic contact lenses.” She said. “I got them online.” “Why do you have them? What do you ….” She told me that she had something to tell me and Lisa. “You guys can’t tell anyone but I’ve got a bit of a strange secret to share with you.” She went on to tell us that, for the last ten years or so, she has been fascinated with blindness and blind people. She said that she was what is known as a ‘Pretender’ and that she used the contacts to simulate blindness. “Elaine, I hope you don’t hate me for this.” I sat back and thought about it. “Well, I have to admit, I don’t understand why anyone would want to be blind, even for a little while, but I guess it’s not much different than having a fetish for anything else.” Tammy was just sitting there, listening. “So, Tammy” Lisa began. “I’ve got lenses for you too. Do you want to see fuzzy, like Elaine? Or do you want to be totally blind like me?” She thought about it and said “I guess I’ll go fuzzy like Elaine.” Tammy took her lenses out and placed them in a small case they came in. She then took Lisa into the bathroom and helped her put the lenses into her eyes. Lisa’s eyes were normally a greenish grey colour. When she came out of the bathroom she was feeling her way toward my voice and being guided by Tammy. “Over here, Lisa.” I said. When she finally sat down she turned toward me and I could see that she now had brown eyes. She had a rather vacant look to her face. She wasn’t focusing on anything particular, just at a general area of the room. “So, how much can you see, Lisa?” “I can see the glow of the lamp over the table. I can see a blob that I assume is you, Elaine. Other than that, no details.” “Wow, you’re nearly as blind as me now.” Tammy said “Let’s just feel our way around the place here for a while. Then we can go out and Lisa can get used to the outside like this.” That’s when Lisa spoke up saying “What? Go out in public? Not me, not now.” “Oh Lisa. Take it easy. Elaine and I will be right there with you. You need the practice. I don’t and Elaine certainly doesn’t.” Said Tammy. Lisa spent an hour or more feeling her way around the house. Tammy then pulled another surprise from her bag. “Here, Lisa. Try this.” Tammy handed Lisa a white cane. She helped Lisa hold it correctly and tap it the right way so that she would be able to detect obstructions. Tammy had obviously been doing this for some time. She was nearly as good at it as I was and I had been blind since I was very young.

“OK Lisa. Let’s get your coat and purse. Elaine, are you ready to go?” Tammy was excited to get going. Before Lisa knew what was happening Tammy had taken her by the arm, placed it on her elbow and told her “Just hold my elbow lightly. You’ll be able to tell what way I turn, whether I go up or down a step or stop.” I just wore my glasses and tapped my way behind those two. Tammy was continually talking to Lisa so that she could hear where Tammy was. We all got into Tammy’s car and soon we were on our way to the local shopping mall. Tammy pulled into the parking ramp and I opened my door. I reached in and took Lisa’s hand to help her out. She put one of her nylon clad legs to the floor. As she stood up, her skirt slid up on her leg and she pulled it down after shaking a little bit. She unfolded her cane as I did mine. We turned to follow Tammy’s voice and the sound of her high heels on the pavement. When we were inside the mall we decided to go shoe shopping. We went in and I picked up several pair, bringing them close to my eyes so I could see them more clearly. Tammy saw me looking at a pair and she said “Hey, you’re cheating. You’re supposed to leave your glasses in the car ….. or your purse.” “Oh, ….. OK.” I took them off and slipped them into my purse. Now, of course, I could see little to nothing. I, like Lisa, was left to feel what I was looking at. We both did our shopping by touch for the rest of our outing. I was used to it but Lisa was doing everything for the first time. It was time to grab a bite to eat so we went to the food court and had sandwiches. They’re good finger/hand food. Not much need for silverware or cutting anything. The rest of the outing went very well. Lisa was becoming more comfortable in her lenses. We practiced several times that week, often with all three of us going sightless. Tammy would drive us and then put her lenses in and we’d enter the mall. Tammy liked to wear her white lenses and a pair of lightly tinted glasses. They showed much of her white eyes but not so starkly as to scare children. You have to know that the three of us, blind as can be and, by all accounts, beautiful women making our way around the mall or shopping center. We basically felt our way through shopping, eating, walking and we even went in and had our hair and nails done. By the by, its funny when the lady who is doing your hair turns your chair toward the mirror and asks “Well, what do you think?” I had to laugh to myself when she caught sight of my cane leaning up against the counter and I heard the “Oh, I’m sorry” when she realized again that I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. We did this sort of outing several times over the next week or so. The party was the next Friday.

That Friday we left work early. Relax. It was company policy. We went to my house in Tammy’s car. We had already bought matching white dresses that hugged every curve of our bodies. We sewed tails on them and we made sure they were just right. Our shoes were matching two inch peep toe pumps, white of course. Our makeup was dramatic and dark. Eyelashes were false and long. Eye liner was black and smoky, with silver highlights. Of course our appearance was stunning. As we entered the party room we were introduced to Mr. Wilson. He was evidentially dressed as a pirate, judging from his speech and accent. “Now, just whooo be these beauties I find on my ship?” We faced him and told him our names. “I am Elaine. I’m ‘Three’.” “Lisa curtsied and said “My name is Lisa and I’m ‘Blind’.” Then Tammy bowed and said “And I am Tammy. I am ‘Mice’.” “Ah, I see. Three Blind Mice, and you have tails too.” “Be careful” the woman next to him said. She must have hit him with something because he pulled up short on his further comment and I heard the sound. From that point we were shown around and introduced to the other party goers. “Nancy, Jim, these are the ‘Three Blind Mice’.” I know there more than a few hands passed in front of our eyes because we could all feel the slight breeze of the wave. “You’re really blind, aren’t you?” was often heard by all three of us. “Yes, we are. It’s really not as bad as it might seem.” That usually was the beginning of a fairly good conversation about being blind. I think these folks actually thought that all three of us were truly blind. I had shown Lisa how to ‘look’ at someone with her fingers. She was enjoying that experience. Tammy had taken to that long ago. We all enjoyed seeing everyone we talked with. The part went on for many hours. There was music, karoki (yes, I did sing), drinking and dancing. The food was great and the entertainment sounded wonderful. It was a comedian. She was crude and irreverent. I loved it. She even had her way with ‘the three blind broads in the front row’. When the show was over we all stood up and started to mingle again. I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice said “Excuse me. My name is Frank. I’ve been watching you and you are amazing. To be here at this party and play up your blindness is fantastic.” He continued to talk and I suspected he may be attracted to we three. I’d heard tell of men like that. They actually find handicapped women attractive, not that we weren’t. “Frank” I said. “Would you mind if I touched your face. I’d like to see what you look like.” He said “Sure. That would be fine.” I gently reached up to his face and ran my fingers over his cheeks, his chin, nose, eyes, ears and hair. “You look very nice.” I said. “Well, it’s all part of my costume. I’m not normally this good looking.” We both laughed and I said “You don’t need to worry about looks on my account.” “Yeah, I guess that’s true.” He and I sat down and he went and got me a glass of wine. We talked for a while and near the end of the night, we exchanged numbers and extensions. I would call him, of that I was certain.

Tammy found me around 2:30 in the morning. “Where’s Lisa?” She asked. “I am not sure. She’s got to be around here somewhere.” I had Frank look around the room for her. We didn’t find her until she stepped through a door at the far end of the room. Frank said she looked a little disheveled but alright. She came over and smiled. “I just had the most fantastic time of my life to this date.” What she sounded like was a girl who had just lost her virginity. We knew that wasn’t it but it may be near that. We would be talking when we got home. The girls were going to stay at my house that night.

“OK. I’ve got two rooms down the hall or, if you’re daring, we could have an old fashioned slumber party and sleep in the same bed. I’ve got an extra-long king.” The other two thought for a moment. Finally Lisa said “I’m for sleeping in the same bed. How about you Tammy?” “I’m up for it …. Or down with it. Whatever turns your crank.” I broke out a couple of nighties for the girls. They, I assume, stripped down and pulled the nighties on. I didn’t know it until they got into the bed but they kept the lenses in as we lay there and talked about the night. Soon we were nodding off to sleep.

I awoke to the feel of someone’s hand on my waist. I could smell Lisa’s perfume. She moves, actually rolls to the side a little. As she does her hand lands upon my breast. I am feeling the touch of another’s hand on one of my most sensitive areas. I make a sound but I didn’t think it was heard. Then Lisa takes hold of my breast and squeezes it firmly. “My, you are built like a model.” She says. “You have beautiful tits. Do you mind if I look at them?” “Not unless you leave the rest of me unseen.” I let out a small moan as she squeezes. Soon I feel her tongue licking my nipple and I’m getting wet. I return her actions and let her know “You talk of my tits. Yours are quite pretty too. What size are yours? D cups?” “No.” she says. “I’ve had double Ds since I was fifteen. In those days it was a curse.” I began to nibble her breasts and I used my hand to enter her vagina. She moaned deeply and her breathing deepened. She was panting with excitement. I kept working her clitoris until she was about ready to explode. Then I let off, keeping her from satisfaction for a while. Finally Tammy wakes up and joins our little game of sexual satisfaction. This was the first time Lisa or I had ever done anything sexual with another woman before. Now we both do it as blind lovers. Tammy had evidently done it before because she knew things that neither Lisa nor I knew. So we learned and we enjoyed each other’s touch. This was just the start of a three way friendship that promised to be very rewarding.

Lisa had discovered that she liked to pretend, to simulate being blind. She eventually got her own cane and lenses. Hers were the same look as her natural eyes. She eventually went with the total occlusion lenses. Tammy had been simming for quite a while. She just began to do it more and more. She even began to use the white lenses at work. After all, everyone at the part thought she was blind anyway. The party had made sure or that. Gradually Lisa began to wear her lenses more and more. She was now going shopping, taking trips and even some holiday events with her natural looking lenses in. We eventually all moved together and have been living together for about six months now. I don’t think that Tammy or Lisa have ever seen their new boyfriends because they met them as blind women and have kept that up. Tammy says she loves life like this. Lisa just can get over the feeling of making love and being blind. Who knows how far this will go? We still have extra room at the house and the boys want to move in with us. I can just imagine what kind of sightless orgies we might have when that happens.

Until the next instalment rolls of my laptop, just think of we Three Blind Mice and our house of fun.

L Welsh

P.S. After about eight months of long days and many nights wearing the contact lenses and the inactivity of our eyes, the sight in Lisa and Tammy’s eyes was getting worse. They didn’t mind though. Most of the time neither one of them could see anyway. The corneas of their eyes were deteriorating and damaged. Well, we know where that is going, don’t we?