Glasses? Not Me, Never

by Specs4ever

When I was 15 my parents separated, and I moved with my sister and my mother to the area where my mother had been raised. My grandfather, a lawyer, had been able to find mom a job as a receptionist for the local doctor, and for a short while we stayed with my grandparents. But before long we were renting a small house that was within easy walking distance from nana and papa’s home. I ended up attending the same senior high school that my mom had gone to. It was quite a change from city life, but I liked it. It didn’t take long before long everyone knew us, and soon we knew almost everyone else.

Because I was 15 in September, I was one of the older kids in my grade. A lot of the other kids were not going to be 15 until the following spring. Nicole was one of those with a spring birthday, and while she didn’t seem to be anything special to look at in September, by late April, when she turned 15, she had developed significantly. I had been very friendly with Nicole all year, and we had gone to a number of school functions together. I hadn’t really thought much about it, but one day I overheard a couple of other guys talking in the locker room about how hot Nicole looked, and later that day when I stood back and took a good look at Nicole, I realized that they were right. Nikki looked darned good. By now everything was in the right place, and she was proportioned perfectly. I don’t know if she was 36-24-36 or not, but she sure wasn’t far off it. Nikki had always been cute, but now she was almost beautiful. I was astonished to see what a vision of loveliness she had become.

I knew Nikki wore contact lenses. She had never made it a secret that her eyesight was supposedly very poor. But I assumed that her eyes were like my little sister Sherri, who had gotten glasses at age 8, and was now, at age 13, wearing contact lenses with a –5.50D prescription all the time. Sherri often complained about being blind without her glasses or contacts. So, I figured that Nikki was about the same, even though Nikki told me that she had gotten her first pair of glasses when she was 5, and had worn contact lenses since she was age 10. I didn’t care if Nikki wore contact lenses or not, as long as she could see well. I didn’t really want her to wear glasses, because that would have spoiled her appearance a little, but I really didn’t care one way or another. And, Nikki didn’t seem inclined to wear glasses herself.

That fall, when Nikki was still 15, she had her picture appear in the local paper as the fall fair queen. Shortly after she received a call from a talent scout, who wanted to have Nikki do some modeling. So Nikki started to earn some money as a model. Nikki had no aspirations to be a full time model, but the money she was earning certainly helped put her through college. And, I managed to plug away with my summer job, saving all I could. I was fortunate, as I had a really high average, and was able to get a scholarship. Nikki and I ended up going to the same college. We graduated at the same time, but Nikki was going to go on to become a nurse, so she had a little more training before she would be earning top money. But I had landed a job as a civil engineer, and since we had been going together for 7 years now, we decided we would get married.

Nikki insisted that we find a house to rent that was within walking distance of the hospital where she was going to be completing her training. I suggested that she should get her drivers license, but she told me that she had no desire to drive, and we ended up renting a home that allowed her to walk to work. I didn’t question her decision, but just accepted it.

Nikki had to work shifts, and I was on a regular 9 to 5 schedule. So, I often did the housecleaning, and I became a pretty good cook. Some guys might have complained, but Nikki and I seemed more like partners in this marriage business, so it only seemed to me like I was doing my fair share. And Nikki was also modeling, bringing in more money for a one-day photo shoot than either she or I earned in a full week at work. I did sort of wonder why Nikki wanted to be a nurse, and when I asked her about it one day she told me that nursing was forever, but her modeling career could end at any time. She was right, her modeling depended on how attractive she appeared to the people who chose the models for the catalogues.

Because of the extra income we were able to save a significant amount towards a down payment for a house. We didn’t rush into it, which was fortunate, because while we were squirreling away our money, the real estate marked suffered quite a depression, and we were able to buy a new home for considerably less money than a comparable home would have cost us a year earlier. We ended up with a nice new 3-bedroom home with an attached garage, again within walking distance of the hospital.

Once again I pressured Nikki to get her drivers license, and again she told me she wasn’t interested. Since she had to take a bus into the city for her photo shoots, and it was a bit inconvenient for her, I pressured her a little more. It was then that Nikki admitted to me that she didn’t think she would be able to pass the vision exam.

I suppose I should have seen the obvious signs. When we were still back in high school Nikki had always sat in the front row. And, I often noticed her with her nose buried in her textbooks. At movies she had always wanted to sit closer to the screen than I did. When we had sex, if it was at night she never went to the bathroom to remove her contact lenses unless we were finished and ready to go to sleep for the night. And in the morning, the first thing she did was put in her lenses. I commented on this once, and she simply told me that she wanted to be able to see me clearly.

By this time we had been married for 4 years, and I was now a bit curious. I wanted to know just how bad Nikki’s eyesight was. I had often seen her new vials of contact lenses on the shelf in the bathroom cabinet. And, I knew that the present numbers on the bottles had recently increased. When we were first married her bottles had read –16.00D. The newest bottles she had in the medicine cabinet read –17.50D, so I figured that even though Nikki never said anything to me about her eyesight, her latest contact prescription was stronger than before. But, I had no way of knowing exactly what these numbers meant.

So, I looked to the internet to see if I could find out the information I wanted. From the information I was able to discover, I found that a contact lens prescription of –17.50D could translate to a glasses prescription of around –22.50D. This was a very subjective number, and it also depended on many factors. One main factor was vertex distance. The –22.50 was for a person with a vertex distance of 10mm. If the vertex distance was increased by 1mm the glasses prescription had to go up to –23.75D. And, apparently a normal vertex distance was around 12mm, so if Nikki had a 12mm vertex distance her glasses prescription would have to be a whopping –25.00D. With all the reading and researching I was doing I began to realize that Nikki was, in actual fact, very helpless without her contact lenses. When she was walking to our bed in the evening after removing her contact lenses she was essentially blind, and could only see large objects as a blur. Small objects were invisible to her. And, she would repeat the process in reverse again in the morning. She had told me before that she wanted to keep her contact lenses in while we were having sex so that she could see my face, but I hadn’t realized that she actually meant that literally. Now I understood that Nikki could not see anything clearly beyond the tip of her nose.

For some reason this began to excite me. At one time I would have rather that Nikki had good vision without glasses, or contact lenses. But the fact of the matter was that Nikki had very poor uncorrected eyesight. And, as I did more research I discovered that there was a fairly small segment of the population, of which persons with vision as poor as Nikki’s were few, and far between. There were a significant number of both men, and women who seemed to be sexually aroused by members of the opposite sex that wore glasses. To those people with a fetish for girls wearing glasses, a person that required as strong a prescription as Nikki was a person to be placed on a pedestal, and was a treasure to be desired, and admired. Gradually I began to feel myself drawn into this group. I had not realized how fortunate I had been to marry a person that was so greatly admired, and I rather liked the idea. I also began to feel that I wanted Nikki to get a pair of glasses, so that she could have them to wear around the house. So, one day I suggested to Nikki that maybe we could go to the mall and she should buy herself a pair of glasses.

“Glasses? Not me, never!” Nikki exclaimed.

“But honey, you can’t see without your contact lenses. You really should have a pair of glasses to wear to give your eyes a rest. I have been reading that full time wear of contact lenses can cause problems, and you should take a day a week away from wearing contact lenses.” I replied.

“I’ve never had any problems with my contacts. Anyway my eyes are really bad and my glasses are very strong and ugly looking. They looked so thick when I was 10 years old, and my eyes were getting worse and worse so fast my eye doctor suggested that my parents buy me contacts. They did, and I haven’t had a pair of glasses since.” Nikki replied.

“Did that stop your eyes from getting worse?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I know I always seem to need stronger contacts when I go for my eye exam every 2 years.” Nikki replied.

“Well, you really should have a pair of glasses as back up.” I replied.

Of course, Nikki’s answer to that was a definite no. It took me almost a year of quietly suggesting that having a pair of glasses around might be a good idea. It could have taken longer if Nikki hadn’t had a small problem with one of her contact lenses just before her next eye exam, and she was forced to go a whole day wearing only one contact lens until her doctor could get a new pair rushed in.

So, although Nikki wasn’t thrilled with the idea of getting a pair of glasses, this problem, along with my steady persistence finally paid off. She reluctantly agreed that having a pair of glasses for emergency wear around the house might be a good idea.

I went to the eye doctor appointment with Nikki. When she came out of the office I asked her if I could see her written prescription. Her new contacts were going to be –18.00D, another –0.50D increase. Her glasses prescription was written as OD -24.75 and OS –24.50 x –0.50 x 180. Right on the prescription slip the doctor had written a couple of other things. One of the things that was stated was monocular pd 31.5/32.5, and the other was vertex 11mm. I knew from my research exactly what this meant. Nikki had her right eye slightly closer to the bridge of her nose than her left eye, and she had been measured with a distance of 11mm from the cornea to where the inside of her glasses lens had to be. So, off we went to find an optician.

That proved to be harder than I expected. The optician’s at the large mall optical stores shuddered as soon as they saw the numbers on Nikki’s slip. But one nice lady suggested that we should see a local optical store where she had formerly worked. The owner specialized in prescriptions that were not the usual run of the mill ones. So, we went to see John, the owner of the store. John didn’t blink an eye at Nikki’s prescription. He helped us select a frame that both Nikki and I liked, although it was slightly smaller than we would have chosen. But John explained that a strong prescription like Nikki’s required as small a frame as possible. And, although not normally available, John advised us that he could get a lens for Nikki that was less than half the thickness of a normal lens. This lens was to be a 1.9 hi index glass lens, and we knew that this lens was very expensive, and very fragile.

“Well, there goes my idea of you wearing glasses when we are in bed together.” I joked.

Nikki scowled at me, and John said, “I can fix that problem. I can sell you a pair of glasses with a pair of cheap plastic lenses that Nikki can wear in bed, as well as in the shower if she wants.”

So, we chose another frame, and I suggested to John that we would be fine with the cheapest lenses available for the frame. He advised me that they would be very thick and strong looking, but I just told him that I understood. We understood that the hi index lenses would likely be around 3 weeks before they came in, and I anticipated that it would take about 2 weeks for the cheaper glasses to arrive. But the cheap glasses were ready in less than a week, so I dragged Nikki, protesting, screaming, and kicking her feet to John’s store, where she refused to remove her contacts to allow John to fit the glasses, and have her check out her vision. But at least he was able to make the necessary adjustments to the temples.

When we got home I tried to convince Nikki to remove her contacts, and wear her glasses around the house that evening. She had taken a good look at her new glasses, and from the expression on her face I had a pretty good idea that these glasses were destined to remain in the case. They were quite thick, they appeared to be dished in on the front, and they had fairly large circles around the lens. John had told us that these glasses were called myodiscs, and they were all that would have been available for someone with Nikki’s prescription a few years ago. I could understand why Nikki wouldn’t wear them. I really wouldn’t have wanted her to go out in public wearing them either, as they really did scream out, “Look at me, I am blind.”

The following night Nikki relented. When she got home from the hospital she removed her contacts and put on her new glasses. I wondered if her contacts might have been irritating her eyes a little, because she had just gotten her new, slightly stronger lenses from her doctor, and sometimes a new lens can be a little off. I asked her about it, and she told me that her new lenses were not as comfortable as her old ones, but she was sure she would be able to get some that fit properly after another visit to the doctor.

I knew she felt very self conscious wearing these glasses, so that evening I made a special point to suggest that we go to bed a little early. We enjoyed ourselves a lot, and when it was over Nikki looked at me, her eyes so tiny and set back behind the strong lenses.

“You don’t seem to mind that I have to wear such ugly glasses?” Nikki asked.

“Why would I mind? You are still the same person. Actually, in one way it seems as if you are a different person, and you are a new experience for me. I love you, no matter how you look.” I replied.

That was the correct answer, because we were able to repeat our performance. After we finished Nikki and I showered, and I gently cleaned her glasses for her after our shower. She wore them to bed, and then placed them carefully on the night table.

“If I had known you wouldn’t mind my thick glasses I might have gotten a pair before this.” Nikki said as we drifted off to sleep.

By the time her other glasses came in Nikki had developed a routine. She would now remove her contact lenses each night when she came home, and put on her glasses. Now she was not a vision of beauty, but had a flaw, a flaw I found very enticing. I went with her to John’s and he fitted the temples of the new glasses to her face so that they felt comfortable. Her other glasses required a little fine-tuning, so he did that as well. But Nikki had refused again to remove her contact lenses. However, that night as soon as we arrived home Nikki went to the bathroom and removed her contact lenses. When she came into the kitchen, where I was chopping some vegetables, I took one look at her wearing her new glasses.

“Honey, those glasses look fantastic on you. That was money well spent. Do you see all right with them?” I asked.

“Yeah, they don’t look nearly as awful as the other ones. And I don’t think I see quite as well as I do with my contact lenses, but my vision is better with these than it is with the myodiscs.” Nikki replied.

I could hardly take my eyes off Nikki while we had supper. That evening, while we sat in the living room watching television, I kept glancing at her every chance I got. These glasses, including frames, cost us almost $800.00. But these were a pair of glasses that I would be proud to have Nikki wear if we went somewhere in public, so the extra $600.00 that they had cost over and above the price of the cheaper pair was well worth it to me.

By now we had been married a little over 5 years. Our plan had been to wait at least 5 years before we started a family, but Nikki had still been doing a lot of modeling. So we had waited until the modeling jobs dried up. She hadn’t had a job for at least a couple of months when I suggested that she stop taking the birth control pills she had been using.

Nikki was now working steady days at the hospital, as she was an operating room nurse, and we felt that she could continue this job during her pregnancy, so we wouldn’t feel the financial pinch for a while.

While Nikki was pregnant she started having trouble with her contact lenses. At first she refused to wear her glasses to work.

“Glasses? Not me, never! I will not wear glasses out in public. I haven’t since I was 10, and I am not going to start now.” Nikki said.

“Honey, you look fantastic wearing those glasses. I don’t see where it is a problem. I would rather have you wear your glasses once in a while and still be able to wear contact lenses when you want to, rather than do damage to your cornea’s and be unable to ever wear contact lenses again.” I replied.

I guess I scared Nikki enough that she spoke to her eye doctor about the possibility of doing damage to her cornea’s and never being able to wear contact lenses again. He examined her eyes, determined that Nikki required a slight increase for her new contacts to –18.50D, and he also gave her a new glasses prescription. Her new glasses were going to be –26.00D for her right eye, and –25.75 x –0.50 x 180 for her left eye. He was going to try a couple of new brands of contact lenses to see if he could get a pair that Nikki would feel comfortable wearing, but for the meantime he did suggest that Nikki wear her glasses all the time for the next few days.

Nikki came home on the bus, wearing her glasses. She was almost in tears when I met her at the door of the house. I consoled her as much as I possibly could, and I again told her that she looked great wearing glasses. Since she had gotten an increase for her glasses prescription as well, I drove her over to John’s immediately, and explained the situation. John chose a new frame for Nikki that I thought looked extremely nice on her. Unfortunately she could not begin to see herself wearing the new frame without lenses, but John had a camcorder type thing that allowed her to watch herself as he played it back for her on a television screen. I think Nikki was so upset that she merely decided to go along with the frame that John and I had chosen. This time however, instead of being able to get normal looking lenses like her present pair, John advised us that our only option was a myodisc lens. At John’s suggestion we allowed him to order lenses that had around –17D of Nikki’s prescription ground into the rear of the lens, and the remaining power was going to be in a small circle placed directly in the area in front of Nikki’s eyes, ground into the front of the lens. John explained that this lens would be almost like a double myodisc, but would not look nearly as bad.

Unfortunately Nikki’s doctor wasn’t able to obtain a good fit for either of the first 2 types of contacts that he had ordered for trial lenses. So he had to order a couple different brands to try. A person with –2.50D of myopia has lots of different lens options, but a person who needs a –18.50D lens isn’t nearly as fortunate. And, the worst part was that while Nikki was trying the two different pairs of –18.50D lenses, they were just that much stronger than her other lenses that she really noticed that her glasses were now weaker than she needed.

John had placed a rush order for Nikki’s new glasses, and they came in within a week. Including the shipping fees these glasses cost us over $1,000.00. But when John placed the glasses on Nikki’s face, the relief in her eyes at being able to see properly was clearly visible.

For the next little while Nikki wore her new glasses constantly. Once the initial shock of seeing her wearing such strong glasses wore off, most people were very acceptive, and no one ever said anything negative to her. We ended up having Riley, a wonderful gorgeous looking little girl, who seems to have good vision so far. I wish I could tell you that Nikki’s myopic progression has stopped completely, but it hasn’t, and she continues to have her prescription increase by about –1D every couple of years. She is now very comfortable wearing her glasses in public, and has the attitude that if people don’t like her the way she is, then she doesn’t need them in her life.

So, the “ Glasses? Not me, never.” has gone by the wayside out of necessity, and I quite enjoy looking through the extremely powerful lenses at the minified eyes of my bespectacled myopic beauty.


November 2007