A Plus Minus

by Specs4ever

It was days like this that made me wonder why I had been such a smartass in school. Here I was, driving an old clunker of a delivery truck, for a local lumberyard, and for a rate of pay that really wasnít all that great. But, I was taking training to be a computer repairman in the evenings, so as long as I had some income, I felt that things were going reasonably well.

There was a truck stop at the edge of town where all the big rigs stopped, and I felt rather intimidated by all the gorgeous rigs whenever I had to stop there for fuel. But, it was the most reasonable place to purchase diesel, so my boss wanted me to top off my tanks whenever I went anywhere near this truck stop.

I remember the first time I noticed Ritchie. He was mopping the floor in the washrooms, and I immediately spotted his thick-lensed glasses. He was fairly tall, and wasnít a bad looking kid, but his glasses were in a plastic frame, and he had to keep pushing them up on his face. No, I am not into guys, but I do like glasses, and I was actually envious of Ritchie for having to wear those strong glasses. I guessed that they were likely around Ė12D or so, probably in regular plastic, and I watched him enough that I was pretty sure that he would be getting a new pair fairly soon, as he pushed his glasses tight to his nose, and appeared to do a major squint every time he had to look at anything more than a few feet away from him.

It had been a few days since I had been in the truck stop, and when I next spotted Ritchie he was wearing new glasses. These glasses were a nice black rectangular wire frame. The lenses were plano fronted; anti reflective coated, and must have been a fairly high index, because they were likely stronger, but much thinner looking than his old lenses. I had casually spoken to him on other occasions, so I had to comment.

"Hey Ritchie, looks like you got new glasses. They look good." I said.

"Yeh, right. I just wish I wasnít so blind, and they didnít have to be so darned thick." Ritchie commented.

"Well they look a lot thinner than your old ones. But, if you donít like wearing glasses why donít you wear contact lenses?" I asked.

"I have tried every type of contact lens my doctor could get me. I just canít wear them. I really wish I could, because my sister Kelsey has worn contact lenses forever, and her eyes are worse than mine." Ritchie said.

Kelsey, that was the name of the girl at the fuel desk. I had glanced at her a number of times. She was quite pretty, but she didnít wear glasses, so I had not really shown any more than a casual interest. Now I was very interested.

"Is the Kelsey that works the fuel desk your sister?" I asked.

"Yes, she is a couple of years older than me. Actually she got me this job, which isnít much, but I am saving for college like she is.í Ritchie told me.

Now when I paid for my fuel I gave Kelsey more than a second glance. I tried to carry on a conversation with her, but the fuel desk was so busy it was impossible. A month went by, and I had been unable to ask her to go out with me, but I had been watching, and I had her schedule figured out. She got off work at 3:00, and I timed things so I would be as close to the last customer as possible. But my plan went awry. Kelsey wasnít there. This was frustrating, but it was more frustrating when I went back in every chance I got over the next few days and didnít see her. I told myself that she was just on holidays, but after a month when she hadnít returned, I finally got the nerve to ask the other cashier.

"I havenít seen Kelsey around lately. Did she quit?" I asked.

"Yes, she went back to university. She has been gone about a month now." I was told.

My heart dropped. My only connection with Kelsey now would be through Ritchie, and I hadnít noticed him around either. I asked one of the other guys, and I was told that Ritchie had just been summer help, and he was back in school.

Oh what a dummy I had been. I didnít know their last name, nor did I know where they lived. I had waited too long, and I had lost my chance. And I knew from experience that it was hard to find a nice looking high minus girl. I had let one slip away.

My computer repair course was going well. I graduated the following spring, and to gain some experience I took a job with a small shop in town. I still drove the lumber truck during the day, but I was adding some serious coin to my bank account by working every evening. One night I was called out to a home on the north end of the city. As I drove up I noticed that this was the neatest home on the street. The lawn was well trimmed, the flowers looked lovely, the appearance of the house was by far the nicest of all the other homes. I walked up the sidewalk and ran the doorbell.

"Ritchie, how have you been?" I asked when he came to the door.

He looked at me without recognition.

"Itís Mike, that drives the lumber truck. I used to talk with you up at the truck stop all the time. This computer repair job is my second job." I said.

Then he recognized me. " Oh yes, now I remember you. Come on in. Our computer just went dead. It was working fine, and then the screen went black."

So I followed him in, and sure enough, the computer was dead. I tried to reboot it, but when I didnít hear any humming from the box I knew that the power supply had toasted. This was a pretty common occurrence here in the city, because our electricity had a lot of spikes, which often knocked out things like power supplies. Before I bought a spike protector and a battery backup I had lost 2 power supplies in my computer, and a power supply for the monitor. I had a new power supply with me, so I quickly installed it, and the computer was up and running.

Ritchieís father came in as I was finishing the job, and I noted that he wore a decent prescription himself. Oh, nowhere near as strong as Ritchie, but his Ė6D or so genes had likely helped with Kelsey and Ritchieís myopia. Then as I was ready to leave, Ritchieís mother came in, and I could see immediately where the high myopia had come from. She wore glasses that were every bit as strong as Ritchieís.

Of course I couldnít discuss any of this. After all, what is a computer repairman supposed to know about high myopia, and genetic predisposition? What I really wanted to see was Kelsey, however she was away at university. But, I now knew her last name, and her address and phone number. And I had managed to spot a few pictures of Kelsey as a young girl, wearing a pair of glasses that looked to be a seriously strong minus.

I refused to accept any money from Ritchieís father, except the actual cost of the power supply. " I really couldnít. It is like I know both your kids, and I donít mind helping friends out. Just remember, this could happen again, and the cost of a battery backup and spike protector is cheaper than 2 power supplies, especially if someone charges you for the house call, and the power supply."

As I was leaving Ritchie asked, "Are you still driving the lumber truck?"

"Oh yes, that is my day job. That pays the bills, and this gives me the money to save for the future." I replied.

"Well, I guess you will see me and Kelsey back at the truck stop starting next week. We both have summer jobs there again." Ritchie replied.

"Oh, that is great Ritchie. See you then." I answered.

When I got back to my car I drove down the street for a block or so before I let out a big cheer. Man I was happy. Things couldnít have worked out better. This time I wasnít going to let Kelsey slip away, if I could help it. I was beginning to think that someone had this planned for me.

The first time I was in for fuel after Kelsey came back to work I was very fortunate. There was no one else around.

"Hi Kelsey. How is the computer working?" I asked.

"Oh, you are the guy. Ritchie told me that I knew you, but I couldnít place you. Now I recognize you. It is working great, and my dad took your advice and bought this spike thing that you suggested." Kelsey said.

She was not wearing a ring. " If you are available I would love to accompany you to a movie either Friday or Saturday night. I have been wanting to see that new one that just came out."

"Well, I donít have any plans for either night. But I would prefer Saturday." Kelsey replied.

And that was where it started in earnest. From that time on Kelsey and I were a couple. By the end of the summer we were spending all our available spare time together, and I am afraid that I missed out on earning some money, as I didnít concentrate on the computer repair part as much as possible. But to me it was worth it.

By the time fall rolled around Kelsey was returning to university for her final year. I was afraid that I might loose her if she found another guy, and I told her so. But she assured me that she really liked me, and that she would not be looking for any other guys. We also agreed that every 4 weeks I would come up for the weekend, and she would then come home every 4 weeks, so that we would only be 2 weeks apart. I could handle this.

And that is how it went for the last year that Kelsey was in university. I still had never seen Kelsey wearing glasses, but I was secure in my knowledge that I had myself a seriously shortsighted girl, and when I married her there would be plenty of time to gaze longingly into her eyes behind the thick minus lenses of her glasses.

When Kelsey graduated I wasted no more time. I asked Kelsey to marry me, and she accepted. I knew from the few times we had made love that there would be absolutely no problem with our sex life, as Kelsey was extremely good in bed. I must admit I was disappointed that I still hadnít seen her wearing glasses, because the contact lenses she was wearing were the extended wear kind, and she often left them in her eyes for 2 or 3 days at a time.

The day of our wedding came finally, and everything was perfect. After the wedding we left for a short honeymoon, and my heart was beating. Maybe it wouldnít be tonight, or maybe not even the next night or the night after that, but sooner or later I was going to make love to Kelsey while she was wearing her glasses.

Four days of our honeymoon had passed, and finally the moment I was waiting for had arrived.

"Iím going to have to take out my contacts tonight Mike. I hope you donít mind me having to wear glasses." Kelsey said.

"I donít mind at all. I am sure you look as beautiful wearing glasses as you do without." I replied, really meaning this.

When Kelsey returned from the bathroom I casually glanced at her. One look and my mind screamed, "What the F is this. These are plus glasses." But my mouth didnít utter a word for a minute or two.

"Why are you speechless Mike?" Kelsey asked.

"Oh I was just thinking of how good you looked even wearing glasses." I said, even as my mind was saying, "Take those darned things off, and put your proper glasses on. What the heck is going on here? I married a myope."

It took a few days before I found out what had happened. I had to tread lightly, as I really did like Kelsey, and I was growing to accept her as a wearer of plus glasses. I had always had a definite fondness for the minification and the cut in of a pair of strong minus lenses, but the more I looked the more I realized that the magnification of a pair of plus lenses had some good points as well. Kelsey really did look good, even wearing a prescription of plus 6D, with a further plus 3D split 50/50 in her multifocals. She had indeed been a Ė16D myope, but during her second year in university she had developed cataracts, so in the early spring, not too long before I was at their home fixing their computer, Kelsey had been operated on, and had her lenses removed. The doctors decided against implanting lenses in her eyes because they were unsure that her eyeball length would stop increasing. If they had implanted lenses to correct the +6D that she had, then it was entirely possible that her minus prescription would continue to increase. So, they had decided to wait until she was around 30, and her eyes had stopped growing before they did lens implants. This did sound reasonable to me, although I still wished that she were as myopic for me now as she had been when I first met her.

I was now working with computers full time now, and with the help of Kelseyís father, Ritchie and I had set up our own business. Kelsey took care of all the invoicing and scheduling, and Ritchie and I did all the outside work. We not only repaired computers, but we also pre-wired new homes for the computer generation. Now people could go online anywhere and look at little cameras in their house to see if anything had been disturbed. They could adjust the settings of their thermostat from anywhere in the world, and when they arrived home a few hours later the house could be at the proper temperature. We were making quite a lot of money.

We had been doing this for over 2 years, and Kelsey and I were in our 3rd year of marriage. Kelsey still wore contact lenses frequently, but since she was doing so much bookkeeping and computer work, I noticed that she was wearing her trifocals a lot more. I didnít mind, as I now found it easy to accept her plus appearance. Then Kelsey became pregnant.

Kelsey had not had any prescription changes since she had her lenses removed, so we were a little surprised when her +6D prescription had to be dropped to +5D while she was pregnant. This indicated that her eyeball had grown a little. If she had still been myopic she would have needed an increase in her minus prescription.

Our daughter Leanne was born a very healthy active child. For the first 6 months we really didnít sleep through the night. But finally Leanne settled down, and we were able to get back to business. By the time Leanne was a year old though she was starting to exhibit signs that she might be quite myopic. So we went to a pediatric ophthalmologist, who confirmed our suspicion that Leanne was nearsighted. Leanne required a Ė10D prescription in her left eye, and a Ė12D prescription in her right eye, and she was in danger of becoming a little amblyopic if her vision was not corrected immediately. So, Leanne got glasses, and for a few hours a day Kelsey had to patch Leanneís left eye and work with her to ensure that her right eye strengthened. By the age of 18 months it looked as if Leanne was going to grow out of this, and her vision was now almost the same in both eyes. She now needed Ė12.75D for her right eye, and Ė12.50D for her left eye, and she was very dependent on her glasses.

I would rather have Kelsey highly myopic than have Leanne as a high myope, but since this wasnít going to be the case, I had to accept things as they were. Then, when Leanne was 2 years old, Kelsey became pregnant again. This time we were blessed with a healthy boy, and Kelseyís prescription dropped another 1.50D to +3.50D. I thought her glasses looked really good now. There was not as much magnification anymore, and I did like the way Kelseyís eye appeared nice and large and pretty behind the plus lenses. Curtis didnít exhibit any signs of high myopia when he was a baby, so we thought he might escape the family high myopia. Leanne was doing fine, and when she started school she was still wearing the second prescription that she had received. Of course she was blind without her strong glasses.

Kelsey and I had done a lot of talking over the years since we had married. I finally confessed to Kelsey that the main reason that I had dated her was because I believed her to be a high myope, and it came as a complete shock to me when I discovered that in fact she was a wearer of plus lenses. Kelsey didnít say too much, other than to tell me that she had liked life as a myope a little better than she did as a plus. As any high myope knows, without glasses they can still see something up close, whereas a plus canít see distance, nor up close without glasses. Even though a high myope is very dependent on their glasses, very few of then would trade to become a plus.

Kelsey had put off having her lens implants until after Leanne and Curtis were both in school, and Kelsey was now almost 35. She didnít say much to me, and her mother took her to her appointments. I didnít really pay much attention, however I did notice that Kelsey was now not wearing glasses except for reading, so I assumed that her distance correction was now 20/20 without glasses or contacts. One evening I had the feeling that Kelsey would enjoy us going to bed and fooling around a little, so I suggested that we rendezvous in the bedroom.

Kelsey went first, and she was in the bathroom when I came into the room. I stripped to my underwear, and lay down on the bed. I lay there with my eyes closed, imagining that Kelsey was wearing a pair of very high minus glasses, and my urge for sex gradually became stronger.

"Well, how do you like me now?" Kelsey asked.

I opened my eyes, and was shocked speechless. The glasses Kelsey were wearing were the glasses from my dreams. They were red, and slightly rectangular in shape. The lenses were obviously a very high minus, and the edges of the lenses showed the original power of the lens blank, as the power of the actual prescription was so strong that the lenses were not ground all of the way to the edge of the frame. This left a ring around the outer edge of the frame, looking a bit like a myodisc lens. I loved the appearance.

"Wow honey, those glasses look fabulous. But how is it that you are wearing them? Can you see all right with them on?" I asked.

"Yes, I have almost 20/20 vision with these glasses. I just had Doctor Porter put implants in my eyes that were exactly the same power as the lenses with the cataracts that he removed a few years ago. This is as close to my natural vision as I could possibly get." Kelsey replied.

"So, now you are permanently as nearsighted as you were before your lens removals?" I asked.

"Actually I am around Ė 3.50D more. These glasses are exactly Ė20D in each eye. I gained a bit of myopia when each of the children was born. So now my myopia now is just what it would have been if I had never had the cataracts." Kelsey replied.

I then showed Kelsey just how much I loved her, and I have continued to do so at every available opportunity.


July 2006