A Renewed Interest

by Specs4ever

30 years to the day from which I had joined the State Highway Patrol I was out of there, with a full retirement pension that was only slightly less than my former salary. This was 5 weeks and 2 days after my 55th birthday, and winter was coming to Illinois. I was certainly not going to miss patrolling the Ryan, the Eden, or the Kennedy for another winter. And, I really had nothing to hold me in the area. My parents had passed away a long time ago, my 2 kids were both married and busy with their own lives, and my ex wife was getting married again - to her dentist. So I decided to pack my bags, and head to a warmer climate.

I wanted an area where there was no snow, and in the entire USA the best place for no snow and a temperate climate is San Diego. So, that is where I headed, but after pricing a few homes I realized that they were, even with a recession going on, way out of my price range. So, I headed a short distance back to the east. When I was a police officer, I had done my share of truck inspections, and one of the requirements for doing this was that I had to hold a commercial driverís license. I had a doubles endorsement, and a hazmat endorsement, so I went to the license office and I exchanged my old driverís license for a license in the state where I planned to live. I didnít really want a full time job, but I also wasnít interested in just sitting around, and I was fortunate enough to find work driving a set of double bottoms. These are trailers that have chutes in the bottom, and the gravel comes out of the bottom of the trailers when you flip the air release switch. My job was to be a fill in driver on the spare truck for the days when there was more than enough work for everyone. For a while there was steady work, which I did without complaining, but when it slowed down, and I was able to take a few days off, I was happier.

When I was patrolling the highways I always enjoyed stopping a high minus driver. I guess that you could say that I have an obsession, or more correctly a fetish for people with high minus prescriptions. I loved to stop an attractive young lady wearing strong glasses, and after a bit of conversation, I would usually let them go with just a warning. Of course I would have run their license and I would know their name and where they lived, but I was always afraid of getting caught, so I never followed any of my traffic stops up. Another type that attracted me was Latin American ladies. I liked the dark swarthy beauties a lot, and if I should happen to run across a highly myopic one it was like being in heaven. Now I was definitely in the right area to find myself one.

One day I pulled my doubles into a Carlís Jr. parking lot and went in to order. There behind the counter taking orders was a young lady that I would have loved to order to go, except that she was a little too young. I placed her age around 25, maybe 26, and her prescription at about -12D. I ordered, and sat down in a position where I could watch this dark haired, Hispanic beauty as other customers placed their orders. When I finished I went back and ordered a desert just so I could get another glimpse of her glasses up close. For the rest of the day all I could think about was that beautiful young lady.

There was no work the following day, so even though it was a 30 mile drive from my house I went to have lunch at Ė you guessed it, the same Carlís Jr. And I was fortunate to find that she was working that day as well. For the next month I ate there every chance I could, to the point where I became a regular, and Bianca could almost place my order for me.

One day, as I was turning away to go to my seat, I saw the real girl of my dreams walk up to the counter. This lady was in her mid 30ís, and was slim and trim, with a well formed figure. She was also a very high minus, although I wasnít really able to get a good guess of her prescription. I was pretty sure she was at least a -20D, maybe a little more, but the lenses in her glasses were just thick enough I was having a hard time figuring it out. If they were the good old CR39 plastic, then her prescription was likely right around -20D, but if they were a higher index plastic she could well have been up around -23D or -24D. I watched her talk to my young lady behind the counter in animated Spanish, and when the supervisor came to the counter Bianca spoke to the supervisor, and then went to sit at a table to talk to the other lady.

I never had any aspirations to make detective grade, but I didnít need much experience as a detective to figure out that these 2 were related. Since they had the same general appearance I was going to bet on them being sisters, although they could be cousins. Or maybe the older lady was an aunt. I was going to find out though. I worked the following 2 days, but was fortunate enough to find myself close enough to Carlís to slide over there for lunch. Well, 15 miles is pretty close isnít it? Bianca was on the counter again, and after I ordered I asked her if the lady that she was sitting with a couple of days ago was her sister. She told me that she was, and without me asking told me that her sister worked in the vicinity and came by once in a while to see her. I asked Bianca where her sister lived, and Bianca told me that she lived on the other side of the border, but had a work visa, so she came over to work every day, and then returned home to her two children. I asked about a husband, and Bianca told me that her husband died trying to sneak across the border a couple of years ago. I also found out that her sister was her oldest sister, and that she was 11 years older than Biancaís 26. That was good to hear, as 37 is much closer to 55 than 26. And I also found out that Bianca had married a guy from this side of the border, and she lived in town with him and their 2 young kids.

I knew that every evening between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm there were lots of visa workers that crossed the border to their homeland. So, since there was no work the following day I made sure that I was strategically placed to watch the people crossing back. The busses rolled up and people got out, but when I didnít spot Biancaís sister after 2 hours, and a number of busses, I began to wonder if I had missed her. Fortunately I waited a little longer, because the next bus brought the object of my surveillance. She was going to be fairly easy to follow, as she was wearing a red sweater. I tucked myself in behind her and followed her, keeping back just far enough to not be noticed. I had no game plan, nor did I have a clue as to what I was going to have to do to be able to meet her.

I watched her go into a neat little house on a dusty street. I had missed my opportunity. I should have bumped into her, or done something to attract her attention, but I had not had the courage. I retraced my steps to the down town district, and went into a restaurant, where I ordered some food. After I finished eating I should have gone home, but I couldnít. I had to walk past her house at least one more time. As I drew close I saw the front door open, and someone walked out. It was almost dark by now, so I couldnít tell for sure if it was Biancaís sister or not, but I decided I would follow her. She walked downtown, and she went into a bar very close to the restaurant I had eaten at. I walked into the bar, and I saw her sitting at the counter, so I came over to her and asked if I could sit down.

"You may, if you buy me a drink Mister." She said in broken English.

She had showered, and dressed up. She was not wearing glasses, so I knew she had also exchanged her glasses for contact lenses. She looked nice, very attractive, but now I wondered if she earned a little extra money turning tricks on the side. If I hadnít known how perfect her eyesight was to me, I might have walked away. But I had seen her wearing glasses, so I took a chance and bought her a drink.

She introduced herself as Eva, but fluent conversation was a little hard. Eva knew a lot of English words, but her grammatical construction was Spanish. However, we had a couple of drinks. I did manage to ask her if she was interested in having sex, and how much she charges. She managed to tell me in a manner that I easily understood that she wasnít that kind of girl. She only came to the bar when she needed to relax after a hard day at work. So I apologized for suspecting that she might be available for money, and I think she understood. At least she laughed about it, and she had a very nice laugh. I did bring up my most interesting subject though.

"Glasses?" I asked as I pointed at the red marks on her nose.

"Si. My eyes are mucho terrible. You no like girls who wear glasses?" Eva asked.

"I like girls who wear glasses very much. I also like girls who wear contact lenses sometimes. And I like girls who donít wear glasses at all. Actually, I just like girls." I replied.

This brought a laugh from Eva. I had already established that I was an American, and that I was unmarried. I told her that I lived about 30 miles away from the border, and that I was a retired policeman, but I drove truck part time now. In return she told me that she had 2 children. Her boy, Jose, was 13, and her daughter Jasmine was 9. I guess I also said the right thing when I told her I liked kids a lot. And she told me of her husband dying in the desert when the border patrol came upon the group of illegals the coyote was leading into the USA. Everyone scattered, and her husband got lost in the desert. Out of water, and afraid to call for help, her husband died, and the border patrol found his body a couple of days later.

I didnít want to press things too much, so I asked Eva if she would be willing to go out on a dinner date with me the following evening. I also invited her children, and I think that is why she said yes. So the next evening I made sure I was at the border about the same time as I had been the evening before and I managed to meet Eva as she got off the bus. We walked across the border and I walked her to her house. She invited me in, and I sat in the living room and carried on a conversation with Jose, who spoke a bit of English. When Eva came out of the bedroom she was still wearing her glasses. She asked me if I wanted her to put in her contact lenses, and I told her no, that she looked beautiful enough as she was. She understood, and a warm smile flashed across her face. We had a pretty good meal, and the kids enjoyed going out, so everyone was happy.

I suggested that Eva and her 2 kids might like to come up to my place and spend the weekend the following weekend, and she agreed. So, on Friday night I met her at her job, and we drove to the parking lot at the border. We walked across to her house, and helped her kids get ready. Jose and I had already talked, but Jas didnít speak much English. I did like Jas a lot, because she had her mother and her auntís good looks. It also appeared that Jas had inherited their myopia, because at age 9 she was already wearing glasses that appeared to be about -7D, and I suspected that they were not really a strong enough prescription for her, because I could see her eyes narrow into that familiar myopic squint whenever she tried to focus on things in the distance.

Eva had gotten both kids border crossing cards, and she herself had her card, and work permit. We did still have a little hassle from the customs agents, but I assured them that Eva was my girlfriend, and she was just coming to visit for the weekend. Finally we were in my car, and driving to my home.

Eva had been wearing her glasses when I picked her up at work. Again I didnít say a word about her glasses, but just told her that she looked very nice. When we were picking up her kids she asked me if I wanted her to wear her contact lenses, and I told her that she looked just fine to me wearing glasses. She seemed pleased about the fact that I didnít seem to mind her appearance with glasses. I wasnít sure; maybe her contact lenses bothered her after she wore them for a while? But I was perfectly all right with that, and actually would have preferred that she never wear contact lenses again.

I wasnít sure what the best way to handle things would be. I know if I was a mother, I would not want to jump into bed with a man I had just met while my kids were around. Fortunately I was able to offer Eva and Jas one of the spare bedrooms, and Jose got the other room. I think Eva was surprised that I didnít automatically think that she would share my bed because she did give me a quizzical look when I mentioned the proposed sleeping arrangements. But I also detected a look of relief in her eyes once I made my proposal. As we walked from the car to the house I put my arm around her and I said softly that there would be lots of time for us to be together once we got to know one another well enough.

It was a fun weekend. We saw a good movie Friday night and on Saturday we drove over to San Diego to go to Marineland. The kids loved that, and Eva enjoyed it as well.

Sunday we stopped by the Carlís Jr., where her sister worked, and Bianca gave me a funny look when she saw me with her sister. But Eva and Bianca talked for a few minutes in rapid fire Spanish, and I think that Eva had told Bianca that I was a perfect gentleman towards her. So, Bianca lightened up a little. I didnít want to take Eva back across the border; however we both knew that it would turn into a real problem if she were to not go back that evening.

But the best thing about the weekend was that the ice had been broken. And I was mesmerized by the wonderfully strong lenses that minified her sparkling dark eyes. I had made up my mind that there was no way that I was ever going to let this lady slip from my grasp. It was going to require a little bit of work on my part, since Eva only had a work visa. So, over the next few days I attempted to find out from the government what the best way to bring Eva and the kids into the country would be. It all boiled down to the fact that I had to marry her, and then the process would be simplified. I was all right with that idea; however I really had only had one date with her, so I didnít think she would be quite ready to agree to marriage. I did mention the subject the next time we got together, and her thought was to wait a little while so that we could get to know each other better. So we dated for the next 3 months. We spent a lot of weekends together, but the kids were always with us, and I refused to change the sleeping arrangements while her children were with us. I was not surprised near the end of the third month of our dating when Eva advised me that her children would be coming across the border with her that Friday night, but they would be spending the night with their Aunt Bianca.

To me this was a simple statement that I had won.

So, for the first time Eva and I spent a night in bed together. It was everything I had dreamed of, and more. I hoped that Eva felt the same way about our having had sex together. I thought she liked it. She seemed especially happy that I allowed her to leave her glasses on until the point where she wanted them taken off, which I carefully did and set them on the table right beside the bed. In the morning I was awake before Eva was, and I lay there staring at her sleeping. I knew that the instant she awoke she would be in a panic, since she would not be able to find her glasses without my help, and when she stirred I was right there with her glasses ready for her to put on her face. But they didnít stay there long, as she asked me to remove them again, even though I had been very careful not to squish them into her face when we kissed and hugged. We showered together, and Eva put her glasses on the countertop and asked me to help her in the shower. I asked what she usually did, and she explained that she had an old pair of glasses that she wore in her own shower. She had brought them with her, but she didnít want me to see them.

While Eva and I had breakfast I discussed marriage with her again. This time she agreed that she would be willing to marry me. She didnít have much family, nor did she have any close friends. So we were not going to have much of a wedding party. Bianca would be her Maid of Honor, and a couple of girls at work would be bridesmaids. I didnít have a clue who I would ask. I was pretty sure my son and my daughter would show no interest in my second wedding. So, later in the day when we went to Biancaís to pick up Jose and Jas I asked Juan, Biancaís husband, if he would be my best man. I did have a couple of co workers that I could ask to be ushers.

I had last seen Bianca a couple of weeks ago, and when I did, the first thing I noticed was that she had gotten new glasses. To me they appeared to be noticeably stronger, but since I didnít know exactly what her previous prescription had been I didnít want to ask what her new prescription was. I casually mentioned that her new glasses looked very nice, and that opened the conversation.

"But they are so thick. How can they look nice?" Bianca asked.

"The frames look good on you. You canít help how strong and thick your lenses have to be. Your glasses are not as strong as Evaís." I replied.

"I canít see any better than Eva can without our glasses. I paid extra to get thinner lenses and these look so thick." Bianca said.

"Is your prescription stronger this time?" I asked.

"It gets stronger every time. This time it went up a whole number to -15D. I wish I didnít have to wear them, but I canít wear contacts. Eva is fortunate that she can wear contacts if she wants." Bianca replied.

"Do you have your old glasses handy?" I asked Bianca.

"Iíll get them." Bianca replied, and she went off to get them.

When she returned I asked her to take off her new glasses. I compared them, and I handed her back her new ones.

"The reason your new glasses appear so much thicker than your old ones is that the frame you chose for your new glasses is wider than your old frame. So, with a slightly stronger prescription, even with the same thin lenses your glasses will look thicker. But the wide sides really help hide the thickness. Since you donít have any choice but to wear glasses I think you have made a good selection." I told her.

"Well, I have to wear them, so I am glad you think they look all right on me. Juan likes them also. I guess they will be what I wear for your wedding, but can you do me a favor?" Bianca asked.

"I will if I can, so tell me what the favor is." I said.

"Can you try to talk Eva into wearing her glasses for the wedding? Maria, our other sister will come from Mexico City, and she will probably be one of the bridesmaids. Marie also wears very thick glasses, and like me, she canít wear contact lenses, so if Eva also wears glasses Maria and I will feel better." Bianca said.

"You know it doesnít matter to me if Eva wears glasses. I will try to tell her that, but the final decision has to be left to her." I replied.

This seemed to satisfy Bianca, so after a bit Eva and I left with the kids. When we got back to my place Eva told the kids that she and I were going to get married, and that she would be sleeping with me from then on. They seemed to be all right with that idea.

I knew that Eva didnít have the money to buy Jas a new pair of glasses. But it was bothering me to see Jas struggling to see things in the distance. I wondered if Jas was doing things up close, and reading more because her distance vision was poor. This could be a vicious circle, increasing her myopia even further and faster because she was reading so much. So, I made an appointment for Jas with a local optometrist the following Saturday. I had read that it is better to have an eye exam first thing in the morning, because your eyes are more relaxed at that time; however the earliest appointment I could get was 1:00pm. That was going to have to do.

Eva was a little upset that I had made an appointment for Jas without consulting her. She protested that she didnít have the money to buy Jas new glasses, but I insisted that Jas was having far too much trouble seeing things properly to go any longer without new glasses. Eva had noticed this herself, and finally she calmed down and agreed to let me buy Jas a new pair of glasses if she really needed them.

The doctor came out of the examining room with Jas at his side. He carried a file folder and a writing pad, which I knew was really a prescription pad. He came to where we were sitting in the reception area, and sat in one of the empty chairs.

"My Spanish isnít good, but I need to talk to the childís mother. Can she speak English?" the doctor asked.

"No problem Doctor. Just go ahead and tell us what we need to know." I replied.

"Jasmine requires a significant increase in her prescription. But I am a little afraid to give her the full amount all at once, because as she gets used to the stronger prescription she will become dependant on it, and her eyes could deteriorate faster. I would like to cut her prescription back about half a diopter, and have her come back in 6 months for another exam." the doctor told us.

"She has been struggling to see for far too long now, but my fiancťe hasnít had the money to get her new glasses. How about if you give her the prescription she needs, and we will bring her back in 6 months anyway?" I asked.

"I can do that if that is what you want. But I want you to promise me one thing. I want to have her wear her old glasses if she is going to be doing a lot of reading or up close work. This might help slow the progression of her myopia. We do have an optical lab onsite, and even though her prescription is very strong we could likely have her glasses ready before we close." the doctor told us.

So Eva and Jasmine looked at different frames with the optician. The optician had taken the prescription into the lab, and had come back out to tell us that a medium cost high index plastic lens would cost around $200.00 for both lenses. I told her that was fine, so she went back in and got the technician working on the lenses. I watched through the window as the technician got 2 hockey puck looking pieces of plastic from paper envelopes. I had no idea yet what Jasmineís prescription was, but even as hi index they were going to be pretty thick if the lens blanks were any indication.

Eva and Jasmine called Jose and me away from the window to help choose the final frame. They had chosen a frame similar to Biancaís new glasses. The deep maroon color looked good on Jas, and the wide temples would help hide her lens thickness.

Jose and I expressed our approval, and the optician wrote up the order. As she wrote the numbers from the prescription on the order I got my first look at the prescription that Jasmine required. The doctor was right; her prescription for a 10 year old was extremely strong. Jas required -8.50 x -1.00 x 110 for her right eye, and she needed -8.25 x -1.00 x 85 for her left eye. I hadnít been able to tell from the lens blanks, but I was certain after seeing the prescription that her lenses were going to be flat on the front. I asked the optician if she knew how much of an increase this was from Jasmineís old prescription, and she told me that the new glasses were going to be -2.50D stronger for her spherical, but the astigmatism hadnít changed. The doctor was correct. Jasmine would easily be able to use her old glasses for reading.

Now I knew Jasmineís prescription, and I had a pretty good idea of her Aunt Biancaís. Now all that I had to do was find out what prescription my future wife required. Just then the gods smiled on me. The doctor came out of the examination room with another patient, and turned her over to the receptionist. Seeing us still there he walked over to us.

"So, have you selected a frame?"

"Yes, with the help of your friendly optician Jas picked one that we all liked a lot. Your technician has been working hard on the lenses, so they should be ready before too long." I replied.

"I have just had a cancellation and I donít have any more bookings this afternoon, but I have to stick around until we close at 3. I am very interested in high myopia, and I havenít examined anyone with glasses as strong as your fiancťe has. Would you be interested in having a free eye exam for her? he asked.

I looked at Eva, and she nodded yes. "I really should be with her. She doesnít like to have anyone take her glasses off, but I have to stay with the kids." I replied.

"Donít worry about that. I have some fairly myopic patients and I have learned that it is best if I put their glasses in their hands. However I would like to check the prescription in her present glasses with my lensometer, so would it be all right if you sat with her while I read her prescription?" the doctor asked.

"Sure, I can do that." I replied.

The doctor gently removed Evaís glasses, and he returned to his room. A few minutes later he returned, and placed her glasses back on her nose. I remained with the kids while Eva accompanied the doctor to the examination room. I was getting up from the chair from time to time to watch the progression of Jasmineís lenses through the window. The lens blanks had come out of the grinding machine and had been polished. They appeared to be ready to fit to the frames, and the technician was placing the frame in a machine. Those blanks were some pretty thick puppies, but I knew that a lot of the thickness would be ground away. I watched the technician take one blank and place it in the same machine that held the frame. Then he started it up, and the thickness of the lens slowly shrank away as the machine took it down to the size of the finished lens. While I watched he switched the frame to the other eye, and then switched the lenses. Soon both lenses were ground to fit the frame. The technician came to the door, stuck his head out, and asked me if we wanted the edges polished at no extra charge. I told him that we would rather not have them polished, so he went back in, and I watched him heat the frames and pop the lenses into place. He checked everything in his lensometer, and then he came out of the lab with the finished glasses in a tray, which he gave to the optician. She took the tray back into the lab, and she checked the prescription herself in the lensometer. Then she brought the tray back out, and called us over.

When she put the glasses on Jasmines face I could tell I had been correct. The fronts of the lenses were completely flat. The optician fitted the frames to Jasmineís face, and before long Jas was happy with the fit. She got up and walked around the store, looking at herself in every mirror, and beaming from ear to ear. She walked up to me and hugged me, and said thank you in English. Just then her mom came out of the examining room with the doctor, and I saw Jas look at her mom in the distance. It was a pleasure to see her looking at something that far away without having to scrunch her eyes to narrow slits to see.

"Well, did you find anything bad?" I asked the doctor.

"No, I didnít. Evaís retinas are in good shape, and other than being extremely myopic her eyes are quite healthy. Her prescription hasnít changed since she got her glasses, and I was surprised that her visual acuity is 20/25. For a person with a -23.00D prescription this is amazing, as I have a couple of patients that are just under -20D that have a lot lower acuity. Do you want me to write her prescription out?" the doctor asked.

"That would be great if you donít mind. It would be nice to have a paper copy, although I canít see us going anywhere else for eye exams or glasses for either Jas, or Eva." I replied.

Eva and Jas were talking in Spanish, and I could tell from the animated expression on Jasmineís face that she was telling her mom how much better she could see with her new glasses. We thanked the doctor, the optician, and the lab technician, and we then drove back to the house. Now it was time to formulate the wedding plans.

I stayed out of it as much as possible. Over the next few weekends Bianca and Eva spent a lot of time on the phone, discussing things in rapid fire Spanish. I spent a lot of time with Jas and Josh. I noticed that Jas was still reading a lot, and she was wearing her old glasses to do this. But all the books at my place were in English, and Jas appeared to be devouring them at a rapid pace. I figured that she was probably quite capable of speaking English, but she was probably to shy to do so. I explained this to Josh, and he agreed that we would try to speak nothing but English to Jas so that when they moved here they would be able to speak English at school. Jas wasnít quite ready to do this, but after a couple of weekends of Josh and me speaking only English she reluctantly started to speak it herself. Eva had also gone along with our idea, and she also was speaking only English to Jas. Before long Jas was expressing herself quite fluently.

Bianca had arranged for the Priest at her church to perform the wedding ceremony. Eva and I had to meet with Father Perez, which we did, and now the only thing to do was have the actual wedding. Jas and Jose were staying at my place the Friday night, and Eva was staying with Bianca and Juan. They were going to bring her to the ceremony, as I wasnít supposed to see the bride before the wedding that day. Evaís younger sister Maria had flown in from Mexico City on the Thursday, and was staying with Bianca and Juan as well. I had not met Maria yet. I did know that she was 3 years younger than Eva, and I knew she had the worst eyesight of the three sisters, so if she was as pretty as Eva and Bianca were, I was going to be happy to meet her. I did my usual pick up of Eva and the kids at the border that Friday evening, and we drove to Biancaís place. It was strange, thinking that Eva would not be spending the night with me that night.

Maria was every bit as attractive a lady as Eva and Bianca were. I could tell immediately that her glasses were a lot stronger than Evaís, because they were double myodiscs. The front myodisc was ground into a flat face, and it appeared to be a slightly larger circle than the rear myodisc, which was ground into a positive carrier. They had done a nice job, and her glasses didnít scream; "look at me, I am blind." Maria spoke good English, and when I commented on it I discovered that she was an English teacher. I commented on the fact that her glasses appeared to be stronger than Evaís, and she casually informed me that they were a lot stronger. Her prescription was -36D in both eyes, but even with glasses her eyesight wasnít all that great. I was surprised that she knew that her corrected vision was around 20/40, as most people donít have any idea what their corrected vision is.

The wedding was a very low key affair. We didnít have a lot of guests. It surprised me very much when my son showed up. I had invited both of my kids and their families but his sister had not been able to attend. Nor did my sonís wife and my grandchildren, but I was pleased to have my boy there. He told me that his sister would have liked very much to come as well, so that meant a lot to me. Kevin was only a couple of years younger than Eva, and he seemed to find her attractive. And he spent some time dancing with Maria that evening. As I observed them together I wondered if all was well with his marriage, but I didnít want to know, so I didnít ask.

There was no time for a honeymoon. Since Eva and the kids were not yet in the country legally we had to go to immigration on Monday to prove we were married, and to get Evaís paperwork changed so she could live and work here. After paying a lot of money, we ended up with what we needed, and while we were so close we got everything else that Eva and the kids had left at their house. She was going to rent it furnished, so she put it in the hands of an agent to do this.

The following morning I took Eva and the kids to register them in school, and once that was done I drove Eva the 30 miles to the place she worked. It was too far for me to drive her every day, but while Eva was going to quit, she felt that she owed them a reasonable notice, so I was prepared to drive her back and forth for a couple of weeks. But the owner of the business was a reasonable man, and we all went out for lunch together. After lunch he told Eva that she didnít need to come into work anymore, and that he would give her a good recommendation should she need it. Of course, I paid for his lunch.

We then visited Bianca and Maria, as Bianca had taken a few days off work to be with Maria while she was there. I was dying to ask Maria if Kevin had spoken about his married life at all, but I didnít really want to know, and she didnít say anything other than to tell me that my son was a very nice person. We could have stayed longer, but we had to get back and get the kids from school.

Eva wanted to get another job, but I convinced her that she should take some online courses, which she did. Once she had finished the courses she applied for, and was hired at a nursing home. I was still getting called to drive a couple of days a week, but on my days off, when I was around home by myself I managed to find Evaís glasses collection. It was interesting to me to see how her eyesight had gotten worse and worse over the years. And what was even more interesting was to see how the lenses in her glasses had progressed. There were 3 pairs that appeared to be from her late teens, in which the lenses were biconcave. It was interesting to examine them, and see how the front curve got deeper each time. Then after the biconcave came a couple of pairs of myodiscs, and it was interesting to see that the myodisc circle was bigger in what I assumed to be the first pair. Her last pair had been hi index plastic, and these were the ones she wore to shower in, so they were a bit scum covered, but while that pair was not a myodisc lens, the front was again slightly biconcave, and the rear circle didnít quite reach the edge of the frame. I knew that her existing pair was a pair of 1.9 index glass, and they were set in a fairly small frame size, so they did not look nearly as strong as a -23D prescription should look.

My life was going well. I often congratulated myself for having stopped that day last year for lunch at the place Bianca worked. She had renewed my interest in finding a high myope, and while I had not known at the time that she had a highly myopic sister that I would fall in love with and marry, I was very thankful to have been given the chance.


Sept 2009