A Helping Hand

by Spec4ever

By the time my wife and I were married, I had come to realize that women that wore glasses were more attractive to me than women that didn't need any form of vision correction. I wasn't fussy; any girl wearing glasses would do, as long as she was reasonably attractive. I had gone with one lady that wore fairly strong glasses, and her oldest sister, who was about 15 years older than she was, wore glasses with lenses that were quite thick and strong, so I thought that my girlfriend would probably also eventually wear similar lenses when she reached the same age as her older sister. We never became serious though. I found out that she eventually did wear very thick lenses in her glasses through a sighting I had about 5 years ago. And, I don't remember why we broke up, but for the past 5 years, the Garth Brooks song, "Thank God For Unanswered Prayers" has had special meaning for me. My former girlfriend is now looking at life through lenses that are around 12D, but she is seriously overweight and is a chain smoker.

So, I was very glad that I had married the girl I did, although she only required glasses that were around 3.50D, and she had a definite aversion to wearing them. But, for a number of years, I was privileged to have her wear them around the house, and when our children were small, she wore her glasses almost all of the time. We had decided to have 2 children, and we were lucky enough to end up with a boy, and a girl. When the kids were small, for economic reasons, my wife returned to work, and we were faced with the need for a sitter. So, I came up with the idea that we become foster parents. After all, the government would pay us for the foster child's room and board, and we would have a built in baby sitter.

The first young lady that we took in was totally useless. I won't go into details, but I will say that she was lazy, slovenly, and had about as much intelligence as a doorknob. So, as soon as we could, we returned her to the home, and "traded her in on a new model". This sounds a bit callous, but this is how things worked. The next young lady was a totally different person. We were not trying to use her in any way, as we paid her well for her work hours, and my wife and I gave her our love and direction to the best of our ability. In return, Marie was very good with our children, and when Marie became pregnant, and married her boyfriend, in that order, our children were sad to see her leave. We still see Marie, and her husband and their 4 children frequently. Marie had come to our home when she was 15, and she was 18 when she married Jim. By this time our children were 7, and 5, and still needed someone around to care for them after school. Marie was still helping out, as she and Jim were living nearby, but her due date was fast approaching.

So, it was time for another trip to the foster care home. Since we had not been satisfied with our first young lady, and since Marie had been such a super girl, we knew that we were going to have a hard time to choose another girl. One day, after a couple of futile trips to the home, the lady in charge called us to tell us that they had just gotten a young lady in their care that might be suitable for us. So, my wife and I went by the home after work that evening. The caseworker in charge gave us Sarah's story, and both my wife and I were horrified with the abuse that the file indicated. Sarah had been in child-care since she was 9, she was now 13, and had not been adopted. The caseworker explained that Sarah was quite shy, and had poor eyesight, and didn't present herself well to prospective parents. The poor eyesight interested me greatly, but I couldn't show any emotion.

One of the counselors came into the room followed by a very thin young lady. As the young lady drew closer, she shrank behind the uniform the counselor wore, trying to hide herself. But, I was able to get a glimpse of her glasses. Yes, they were pretty strong. The frames were a brown tortishell, with lenses that were large and round. The light glittered off the plano front base of her lenses, sending weird reflections. The child was thin, with mousy brown hair, but she had a very pretty face. The counselor forced Sarah to come out from behind her, and we were introduced. I could see that her glasses were really thick from the side edges, as they stuck out behind the heavy frames by at least 3/8".

After our introduction, Sarah was a little friendlier, although she was extremely shy. I wanted to take this young lady home right then and there, but my wife had some reservations. And, I had to agree with most of her concerns. We definitely didn't want this painfully shy young lady to influence our children with her shyness, as they were outgoing and friendly. But, I satisfied my wife by advising her that our children would likely break Sarah out of her shell within a few days, and if she was not happy with Sarah after a month, we would let her return to the care of the system. Also, we took our children over to meet Sarah, and they all got along quite well when the adults left them alone.

After a month of living with us, Sarah was still quite shy, but my wife and I had grown to love her. So, we enrolled her in school, and the first day of school found Sarah off on the bus with our 2 kids. Things were going quite well between Sarah and our children, and we no longer had any reservations about leaving Sarah in charge. She was even a pretty fair cook, and often got supper ready for the family.

I remember that first year well. It was around Thanksgiving when Sarah came home with a note from her teacher advising us that she should have an eye examination. I had noticed her squinting, and moving close to the T.V. in the evenings, and had pretty well decided myself that Sarah's vision was deteriorating. So, it was off to the local eye doctor for Sarah, and our children as well. I had wondered just how strong Sarah's glasses were, and I was a bit surprised to find out that her present glasses were 9.75D and 9.25D with just a tiny bit of astigmatism. I had thought that they were much stronger. But sure enough, the examination indicated that Sarah needed an increase in her prescription, giving her 11.75D x 0.50 x 180 for her right eye, and 11.25 x 0.75 x 180 for her left eye. The real shocker was that our daughter also needed glasses as well. Sure, her prescription was not all that bad, but it was still strong enough for an 8 year old, with 1.75D for her right eye and 1.50D for her left. And it surprised me a bit when the doctor advised full time wear for her.

At the optician's, the girls picked out frames that they wanted. So, armed with the 2 prescriptions and the kind of frames that the girl's wanted, I headed for my job in the city the next morning. I had told my wife that I could get the girls their new glasses faster by going to one of the large one hour optical chains, although I knew that Sarah's new glasses would likely take a several days to make. So, the girls had chosen frames that they liked, and I had written the model and the size down to take the information with me. At work the next morning, I photocopied one of the prescriptions, and erased the numbers with white out. I then photocopied the blank prescription form. I had done this before for myself, and I was presently wearing glasses that I had bumped up by 2D more than my own prescription. So, using a nice black pen, I filled in the new prescriptions. Sarah now had 12.25D in her right eye and 11.75D in her left, for an increase of -0.50D in both eyes. I left the astigmatism the same. And, I also bumped my daughter by 0.25D in each eye. So, at lunchtime it was off to a nearby one-hour optical lab, where I ordered the new glasses. And, I also got a little larger eye size in the frame that Sarah had chosen. I was surprised when they told me that both pairs of glasses could be ready by 5 p.m., if I was willing to pay a courier charge for the strong lenses, as they had to be done by another lab, but of course I agreed.

As soon as I ended work, I went back to the optical store. Both pairs of glasses were ready. Sarah's lenses, although 2.5D stronger than her old glasses, were in a much smaller eye sized frame, so they were about the same thickness. However, the temples wouldn't close. The optician explained that that was the best they could do, so I asked for the manager. I explained to the manager that it should be an easy job to grind down the thick back portion of the lens to make a bit of a myodisc effect, and then polish that part of the back of the lens so that it looked like the lens was designed that way, and after conferring with the lab man, they decided that they could do it. So, after about 15 minutes, they brought me back the glasses for my approval. They were nicely done, and I approved. I had gone for the "2 pairs for one price" special, but had left the free pairs for the lab to do at a later date.

As I drove home, I worried if my increase in the prescriptions would be noticed, but when the girls put their respective glasses on, they were both excited at how well they could see with their new glasses, so I had gotten away with the bumping that I had done.

Time passed uneventfully. The school year ended, and summer vacation was well under way, when my wife advised me that she thought that our daughter needed a change in the prescription of her glasses, and that maybe Sarah should also have another eye exam as well, as she didn't seem to be seeing well too and was squinting a lot. So, it was off to the same doctor that we used the last time, and I was terrified that he would notice that the girls' glasses were stronger than he had prescribed. But, I was worried for nothing, and both girls left the doctors office with even stronger prescriptions.

Now, you would think that since I had gotten away with bumping their prescriptions once, I would stop before I got caught. Maybe that is what a smart person would have done, but I couldn't wait to increase their prescriptions some more. The girls had picked their favorite frames from the 2 for 1 special that I had gotten about 10 months ago, so I was off to get new lenses put in them. My daughter had gotten a new prescription of 3.75D for her right eye, and 3.50D for her left. I increased her prescription by 0.50D for each eye, giving her 4.25D, and 4.00D, respectively. Sarah had only increased her prescription by 1.00D from her previous prescription, but in actual fact this was only 0.50 from the prescription in her old glasses. So, I added another 0.75D to her old glasses prescription, giving her a new prescription of R. 13.00D x 0.50 x 180 and L. 12.75 x 0.75 x 180. This time the lab wouldn't do Sarah's new prescription in regular plastic unless it was done in a biconcave lens, so I told them to go ahead. I had left work and gone to the optical store first thing in the morning, so that I might be able to get the new lenses that same day. So, again I paid extra for the courier, and again I was able to pick up both pairs that evening after I finished work.

Another school year went by. Sarah was now almost 15, and my daughter was 10. The girls went for their annual eye exam, and again an increase in their prescription was needed. And again, I had gotten away with my bumping of their prescriptions. This time, however, I didn't know what to do. Sarah had a fairly large increase, but my daughter had only increased to 4.50D and 4.25D. This was only an increase of 0.25D from the lenses that she was wearing, and I wondered if I should do the bumping trick again. But with Sarah, who now actually needed R. 14.25 x 0.75 x 180 and L. 14.00 x 1.00 x 180, I knew I had to bump her prescription. I was really bold this time, as the doctor the girls had been going to was retiring, and had sold his practice to his assistant, who my wife disliked immensely. So, knowing that we would likely be looking for another eye doctor, I bumped Sarah up 1D in both eyes, and also increased her astigmatism by 0.25D as well, so that her new prescription was 15.25 x 1.00 x 180, and 15.00 x 1.25 x 180. I couldn't resist it, and I bumped my daughter by 0.50D as well, giving her 5.00D and 4.75D for her new lenses. The girls' selected new frames this time, and again I headed for my favorite optical lab.

The lab manager recognized me when I came in now, and he personally came out to assist me. They had the exact frames that the girls had selected, and we got the lenses ordered. Again, I chose a second frame for the 2 for 1 offer for each girl, and we ordered them as well. The only thing that the lab manager would recommend for Sarah's new prescription was a lens called a blended myodisc, so we ordered the blended myodisc for the nicest pair. The free pair was going to be done in a straight myodisc. And, for the first time ever, I wasn't going to be able to get Sarah's glasses for about a week. So, that night I picked up my daughter's 2 pairs, and went on home. She took to the increased prescription, as if it had been prescribed for her, so my worry on that case was over. When Sarah's new glasses were ready, and I took them home, I wondered if I had bumped them a little too much, as she seemed to have to wear her new glasses down a bit lower on her nose. But she was very happy with the look of the blended myodiscs, and it didn't take too long before she was able to accommodate the extra strength of the lenses.

And I was right. By the time the girls were due their next annual checkup, my wife had chosen a new doctor for them all. The new eye doctor suggested that Sarah, who was going to be 16 in the fall, should try contact lenses, as he felt that her visual acuity would be borderline to pass the eye examination for her driver's license if she was wearing glasses. And, yes, her glasses, even with my bumping were again too weak for her eyes, as her new correct prescription was now R. 16.00 x 1.50 x 180, and L. 15.50 x 2.00 x 180. My daughter had again increased by 0.50, so at 11 years of age she was now 5.50D and 5.25D. My wife also had her eyes checked, and her new glasses were only marginally stronger than our daughters. She of course got new contacts as well. This time, I didn't want to bump my daughter's lenses, as her lenses were thick enough, and she seemed to be pretty dependant on glasses. I was sorry that Sarah had gotten contact lenses, but I went back to my friendly lab manager, and got him to order Sarah new myodisc lenses that were only -0.25D stronger than her actual prescription. And I was correct in my thinking, when Sara changed from her contacts to her glasses the 0.25D increase was not noticed.

Sarah seemed to take to wearing contacts as well as my wife had. Now our daughter wanted to wear contacts as well, but my wife told her that she had to wait until she was at least 13, and was responsible enough to take care of them properly. And, wearing her contacts, Sarah was able to pass the vision test, and get a driver's license. This made it easier on my wife and I, as we no longer had to run the kids into town for their extra curricular activities. And, with contacts, Sarah had lost even more of her shyness. I looked at her one day in the fall of the year that she was 16, and it was like she had blossomed overnight. I was amazed at her beauty. She was a gorgeous girl, and I wished I was 17 years old myself. She had everything that would have attracted me at that age. She was slim, and trim, had nice well formed legs, a tight rear end that wiggled nicely when she walked, and well proportioned breasts. Her long sandy blond hair fell loosely around her face, and I definitely could have fallen in love, especially with my fetish for girls that wore strong glasses.

I was afraid that Sarah would make the same mistake that Marie did, but my fears were unfounded. Sarah was doing well in school, and she wanted to go on to University, so I agreed to help her out. After 4 years she graduated, and became a grade school teacher. Both my wife and I love Sarah very much, and we were pleased to have her come back and live with us for her first year as a teacher. She has just finished this first year, and she is planning on getting married in August. Unfortunately, she is also considering laser surgery, which my wife successfully had a couple of years ago. I have tried to talk her out of it, but probably to no avail. I would have thought that her prescription, which is now R 20.00D x 2.00D x 180 and L 19.50D x 2.50 x 180, would have been too strong for the surgery, but they have assured her that she is a good candidate if her eyes remain stable for at least 2 more years. And, I know that if her surgery is successful, my daughter, who is now around 10D, and wears contacts almost exclusively, will also have the same surgery, and I will be left without any myopic females in my life.

I gave a helping hand to increasing both girls' myopia, now if only I could help more by preventing them from having the surgery.

Specs4ever, with thanks to Aliena for wonderful job of editing

August 2001