A Living Doll

by Specs4ever

As a young boy develops from a child into manhood, some of their most difficult times are in creating relationships with the opposite sex. Some boys have no problem at all, and are totally at ease with girls. These are the ones that always have girlfriends, attend all the parties, and dances, and usually are good at sports as well. Others are like Joe. Joe was painfully shy around women. He was not athletic at all, and got the reputation of being a nerd, as he was very studious, and got very good grades in school. So, at the end of his high school years, Joe had never been out on a date.

Joe didn’t attract the girls at university either, probably because of his shyness. He did manage to date a few girls, and found that he quite enjoyed the experience. One thing Joe had noticed was that he was attracted to girls that were quite nearsighted and wore thick glasses. And, to Joe, the thicker the lenses, the more desirable she became.

So, Joe began to actively seek out girls that wore strong, thick glasses. Most of the prettier girls wore contact lenses all the time, but every once in a while, usually on a Saturday morning around the campus, he would spot a girl he knew from one of his classes wearing a pair of thick lensed glasses. Once he knew that she wore strong glasses he would then attempt to date her. Sometimes he managed, sometimes he didn’t, but he found that the girls didn’t want to have any discussion about their glasses, or their vision. And the few times he tried to push the subject, the girl became too busy to go out with him again.

Joe learned from this, and managed to suppress his optical curiosity and not discuss the subject. By the time he graduated, he had not found any girls that he liked well enough to marry. So, Joe went out into the workforce, still a single man.

It was even worse out in the business world. Not one girl at his office ever wore their glasses to work, even though Joe had spotted the telltale signs of contact lenses in quite a number of his female co-worker’s eyes. Rather than settle for a girl that wouldn’t wear glasses, Joe spent a lot of his time on the Internet, in chat rooms on glasses sites, and on sites that were devoted to guys that liked girls wearing glasses.

While Joe was what some of us might call a dud in his personal life, he rose rapidly in his firm. Joe was an excellent supervisor, and seemed to have a knack for getting the most out of the people that worked under him. The company that Joe worked for had generous stock options, and Joe invested a lot of his wages in the company. He also purchased a small, but comfortable 2-bedroom house fairly close to work.

But Joe was lonely. Even Jane, his personal secretary could notice that Joe had become morose and brooding. Jane had secretly fallen in love with her boss from the first day she had worked for him, but alas, he barely seemed to notice her. And, that was hard on Jane, because she was a great looking girl. She had a nicely proportioned figure, thick long, blonde hair that she wore either in a pony tail, or long and straight, and an easygoing, sweet personality.

In fact Joe had noticed Jane. When Joe went home at night he would get out his large collection of thick-lensed, women’s glasses, and often would pretend that Jane was the girl that wore the glasses.

One night, while surfing the net, Joe ran across a website - www.lifelikegirls.com. His curiosity was aroused, and he went into the site. This firm, in southern California, manufactured life like female bodies made from a form of silicone. “Never be lonely again,” screamed the ad. “A companion when you want one,” read the second line. “This one will never talk back to you, nor will she ever have a headache,” continued the message.

Joe was very interested. He ordered a girl, using his own specifications, and got the extra warming kit - advertised to maintain a normal body temperature at all times. He also purchased the additional sexual vibrator kit.

During the following week, looking forward to his new purchase arriving, Joe was a changed man. He was his old self, a friendly, helpful, caring person. Jane wasn’t sure what had happened, but she liked the return of the old Joe.

At the end of the week, a large wooden crate was delivered to Joe’s house. On Saturday, Joe unpacked the life like figure, and following the instructions, charged the batteries, and prewarmed the figure. He went out and purchased some clothing for the figure, and dressed her in a negligee. He then began trying different glasses from his collection on the figure. It was remarkable. She was so lifelike.

So, Joe entered into a routine that seldom varied. He rushed home from work, and would carry the fully dressed figure to his car. They would drive into the hills, and Joe would unload the figure into a wheelchair. He would push the wheelchair down a country lane, conversing with the figure, and enjoying nature. Then they would return to the house, where he would change her into her nightgown, and they would sit at the dinner table while he ate. And, she always wore her glasses.

Other than his late afternoon outings, Joe gradually became a recluse. Except for a weekly trip the grocery store, and of course to work, Joe never went anywhere. Jane had become so curious about her boss that she began to drive by his house in the evening, and sit in her car down the street, hoping that Joe would come out, and go to a store where she might be able to casually bump into him. But other than the pizza delivery boy on Wednesday and Saturday nights, no one entered or left the house.

Jane could not contain her curiosity any longer. She just had to find more out about Joe, and what he did in the evenings behind the drawn curtains. One day she picked Joe’s keys up off his desk while he was at a meeting, and went out to a hardware store just down the block. She had what looked like his house keys duplicated, and she rushed back up to the office to return the keys before Joe came out of the meeting. She barely made it, as the meeting had ended, but luck was with her and Joe was in the hall, still chatting with another worker. She replaced the keys, wondering how she was ever going to get the courage to go into his house.

A few weeks passed, and Joe was called on to go to another city to meet with an important client over a problem that had arisen. This was going to be Jane’s chance.

As dark settled around the city, she drove to her usual parking spot just down the street, and got out, taking a large flashlight with her. The keys that she thought were house keys worked, and the front door creaked open. She went in, turning the beam of the flashlight on to a fine point. She entered the living room, and saw someone sitting in an easy chair, barely illuminated by the dim light from the flashlight.

She was startled and blurted out, “Sorry to bother you, but I had to come by to pick up some papers that Joe left here and are needed at the office,” she said.

It was strange; there was no reply. She walked closer, scared to approach, but even more frightened of what she might find. She shone the beam of the flashlight on the face of the person, and saw a pretty woman, wearing very strong glasses. She bent over to touch the lady, and when she did, she realized that it was a silicone mannequin. She removed the strong glasses, and held them up to look through the lenses.

“These glasses look almost as strong as mine,” she muttered to herself.

Jane turned on some lights, and started to look around. With the lights on, she looked at the mannequin again, and realized that the mannequin looked a lot like her. Wondering about this, she then went into the room Joe used as a computer room and home office. There, in a box were at least 20 or 30 pairs of women’s glasses, all with very strong prescriptions. She searched through Joe’s files, and came across the specifications Joe had sent to order the mannequin. Attached to the order was a picture of her.

“No wonder she looked a lot like me. But how did he know that I wore glasses that strong. I have never let anyone around the office know how bad my eyes are,” she spoke to the four walls.

Putting everything back exactly like she had found it, Jane started to form a plan in her mind. She would come back to the house one day before Joe came home from work, take out her contacts, put on her glasses, put the dummy away, and sit and wait for Joe to come home, and surprise him. The more she thought about the plan, the more she liked it. She went to the bathroom with the glasses the dummy had been wearing, removed her contacts, and put on the glasses. As she looked through the strong lenses, things were a bit blurred as her own prescription was a little stronger, but these glasses would do. Then she went into the spare room, and tried on all of the other glasses. A couple of pairs were strong enough for her to wear and see reasonably well, and the rest of them were about as close to her prescription as the first pair she tried that had been on the mannequin. Again, she hid all traces of her ever having been there, and she returned to her own apartment, anxious to put her plan into action.

Jane woke in the middle of the night, and lay in bed thinking about all the glasses she had found. She then began to wonder if it was possible that Joe had a special liking for glasses. That would explain the fact that there were all the pairs of thick lensed glasses, especially when Joe didn’t even know she wore glasses - much less extremely strong ones. So, another plan began to form in her mind. If Joe had a glasses fetish, he wouldn’t like it if she found him out, and surprised him the way she had originally thought of doing. He would be very embarrassed. So, Jane came up with another simple plan to check things out, and save Joe any embarrassment.

Joe was due back at work after lunch the following day, so Jane set her plan in action first thing in the morning. As she drove into work, it terrified her a little that everything seemed to look smaller, and how the building walls seemed to curve somewhat, instead of running straight up and down. Yes, this was Jane’s new plan. She was wearing her glasses today. When she arrived at the office, everyone commented on her obviously very strong glasses, and she merely replied that she had an eye infection, and her doctor had forbidden her to wear contact lenses for a few days. Everyone was satisfied with her explanation, and she waited in anticipation for Joe to return.

Jane was returning from lunch when she spotted Joe walking down the hall towards his office. She walked up behind him, and spoke.

“ Hi Boss. Did you have a good trip?” she asked.

He turned around at the sound of her voice, and for what seemed to Jane like an eternity, he stared at her and her glasses.

“ Yes, a great trip. He stammered a little, and said, Jane you look fantastic. I didn’t know you wore glasses. They really look great on you.”

Jane knew then that she had been correct in her thinking to do things this way. And later that afternoon, Joe asked her if she would consider going out for dinner with him. She accepted, and they went to a very nice restaurant. Joe couldn’t stop looking at her - or her glasses, she thought.

From that first date, things went much faster than Jane had thought possible. Joe had, possibly with the help of the mannequin, gotten over his shyness and awkwardness with women. Before too long, Jane had given up her apartment and was living with Joe. When Jane became pregnant, they decided that it was time to get married. Joe had a wooden crate sitting in the garage, and a few days before the wedding, Jane asked him if he still needed the crate. When she looked again the next day, it was gone. Joe had admitted that he had always had a fascination for girls that wore glasses, and much of their lovemaking was done with Jane wearing different glasses from Joe’s collection.

After the wedding, Jane threw away her contacts and Jane and Joe were very happy together.

Specs4ever, with thanks to Andy for the storyline, and A.J. for her editing

Note: Andy thought I should use the real web site - www.livingdolls.com, but I chose to just insert it here for those of you that might want to access it

March 2001