All In The Family

by Specs4ever

No one in our extended family was surprised when my younger sister Shondra was discovered to be very shortsighted at the age of 2 ½. My mum was quite nearsighted and wore very strong glasses, and my dad was also extremely myopic. My grandparents on both sides of the family were nearsighted, and I had numerous aunts and uncles on both sides of the family who also were quite shortsighted, and wore either strong glasses, or contact lenses for the correction of their myopia. And, many of my cousins had worn glasses from an early age.

I was jealous of Sondra once she had gotten her new glasses. I too wanted to wear glasses, and I felt left out, as mummy and daddy and Sondra all wore glasses all the time. I was almost 4 when Sondra got her first glasses, and I remember putting them on my own face whenever I could. When I first tried them on I was shocked at how blurry they made everything. My parents had gotten Sondra 2 pairs of glasses, one pair with clear lenses, and another pair that had darker lenses for her to wear outside as sunglasses. So, sometimes when Sondra was wearing her sunglasses while she played outside I would put on her clear glasses and wear them while I was alone in the bedroom. After I had done this a number of times I discovered that I could sort of pull my eyes back into my head, and by doing this I could now see reasonably well through the strong lenses of Sondra’s glasses. The more I practiced wearing Sondra’s glasses, the easier it became to make my eyes see clearly when wearing them. I liked the feeling, so I started wearing Sondra’s sunglasses whenever I got a chance also.

When Sondra was 4, she went back to the doctors for another vision examination, and she got new glasses. I was soon going to be in school every morning for half-day kindergarten, and since mummy and daddy worked every day, an older girl from the neighborhood who was in grade 6 walked me from the house to the school bus stop. That first day of kindergarten I wore Sondra’s old glasses to school.

That evening at supper mummy and daddy wanted to know how my day at school was, and I told them I loved school. So, they were not concerned about my going off to school anymore. I wore Sondra’s glasses a lot. I wore them to school everyday. Then when I went to the babysitters in the afternoon I wore them all afternoon. When Sondra and I got home I wore them around the house as much as I could. I even wore them around mummy and daddy, and because Sondra and I looked so much alike they never seemed to notice I was wearing glasses. I don’t know why Sondra didn’t tell on me, but I think she must have liked the fact that I was also wearing glasses.

After I had worn Sondra’s glasses for much of that first year of kindergarten, I discovered that I could no longer see very well unless I wore them. It was hard to watch anything on the television, and even when I tried to read a storybook without them I had to bring the book extremely close to my face to see the printing. I decided that I would just wear Sondra’s glasses all the time, and if my parents noticed, then I would tell them that I couldn’t see without them. It took a few days, but finally my dad asked me why I was wearing my sister’s glasses.

“I can’t see anything without them Daddy.” I said.

“My goodness Cassie, Sondra’s glasses are negative 10. We will have to have your eyes checked immediately.” Daddy said.

So, I had my eyes tested, and when I left the eye doctors office I had been prescribed glasses that were negative 8.50. I got a new pair of glasses that had almost the same frame as my sister’s old glasses had. When I got my own glasses I didn’t like wearing them. I liked the feeling that Sondra’s glasses gave me, so I continued to wear them. No one seemed to notice.

When I was 7, and Sondra was almost 6 Sondra broke her glasses. Daddy put some tape around the nose of her glasses and she went to have her eyes examined again. I can’t remember if she required a new prescription, I just remember that Sondra wore her old glasses with the tape holding them together for a couple of days until her new ones were ready.

After Sondra got her new glasses I took her old ones. Daddy had a small screwdriver that he used to tighten the screws in our glasses, so I took the lenses out of Sondra’s broken glasses. I took out my own glasses, the ones that I had never worn. They looked to be exactly the same as Sondra’s, so I took the lenses out of them, and I managed to put Sondra’s lenses into my frames. When I put these glasses on everything looked so much smaller, and clearer. I loved it. And, I also loved the feeling of forcing my eyes to see through lenses that were too strong for them.

In no time at all I felt very comfortable wearing these glasses. I don’t know why I had this feeling that I wanted to wear glasses, but I did. And I also wanted to have stronger lenses. I just found the feeling to be very exciting to me. Sondra was exactly the opposite. She hated having to wear glasses. She really didn’t like feeling dependant on those 2 pieces of thick plastic that we now both had to wear in front of our eyes to see.

Not even Sondra knew that the lenses I was wearing in my glasses were her old ones. I hadn’t given any thought to the possibility that I was going to have to go to the doctor for an eye exam, and when I overheard mummy and daddy talking about us both going to the eye doctor I got worried that the doctor would be able to tell that I was not wearing my own lenses in my glasses. So, the night before I was supposed to go for my eye examination, I switched the lenses back again.

It had been almost 2 years since I had switched Sondra’s old lenses for my own. Now that I had placed my old –8.50D lenses back in my glasses I could tell that these lenses were very weak. I could not see well at all, and I knew my real prescription had to be fairly close to the prescription that was in Sondra’s old lenses. I could see almost everything clearly with them on. I hated not being able to see.

When I left the doctors office my new prescription was indeed much stronger. I think Sondra’s old lenses must have been close to –11D, because my new prescription was –11.75D, and I could see everything very clearly when the doctor let me walk around with the trial lenses on my face. Sondra also had a prescription increase, and her new glasses were now going to be –13.50D. We both had a little bit of astigmatism, but for some reason our astigmatism was exactly the same for each of our eyes. I wondered if maybe the old lenses of Sondra’s that I had been wearing had also had this same amount of astigmatism, and my eyes had become accustomed to it.

Of course we were not able to get our new glasses the same day. The lady at the optical store explained that our prescriptions were out of the range for their fast service, and it would take from 3 days to a week before our new glasses were ready. I was surprised when the store phoned, and my glasses were ready within the 3 days, but Sondra’s were not. I had placed Sondra’s old lenses back in my frames, because I just wasn’t able to function, needing –11.75D and wearing –8.50D lenses.

I don’t think an almost 10-year-old girl has sexual feelings. However, when I was sitting in the optical store waiting for my new glasses, a tingling went all through my body as I saw the lady walking towards me carrying a little plastic tray. I removed my glasses, and I let the lady slid my new ones onto my face. I was in ecstasy as they moved up my nose. She felt around the back of my ears, and told me that they seemed to fit just right. They did, and I could feel how very comfortable they were. She asked me to look around and see if they seemed all right. I did, but I discovered that they felt extremely strong. I had to force my eyes to see through the lenses. I told her they were great, and she went to the cash register with my mom. The tray was still sitting there, with a piece of paper inside, and I looked at it. It was Sondra’s prescription slip. Somehow they had made my new glasses using Sondra’s prescription.

I had worn these glasses for about 3 days before the lady from the optical store phoned to tell mom that Sondra’s new glasses were ready. I was able to stay home with daddy while mom and Sondra went to get her new glasses. When they returned Sondra was still wearing her old glasses. Mom asked me how my glasses were, and I told her they were great. I lied a little, because even after 3 days of wearing them my eyes were still struggling to see through the lenses, but mom seemed satisfied. She told daddy that when they fitted Sondra with her new glasses Sondra couldn’t see as well with them as she could with her old ones. They then discovered that they had put my prescription in Sondra’s new glasses. The girl at the store had asked mom if it was possible that they had switched lenses, and that I night possibly be wearing Sondra’s lenses. But mom told her that I had not complained, and that all she could do would be to ask me how well I could see when she got home.

They must have placed a rush on making the correct lenses for Sondra’s glasses, because they were ready in 2 days. Once she got the new, correct lenses Sondra was happier, and by now my eyes were getting accustomed to the stronger lenses that I was wearing, so I was happy as well.

I was a constant reader and Sondra watched a lot more television. We had now been wearing glasses with exactly the same prescription for almost 2 years when I began to notice that everything in the distance seemed to be smeared. Trees were just a blob of green. I couldn’t see the television unless I was uncomfortably close to it, and there was no way I could see what my teacher had written on the chalkboard, and I was already sitting in the front row. I told my mom about this, but my teacher had already called her. So, Sondra and I were off to have our eyes examined again. There was nothing I could do about the fact that I was wearing stronger lenses than I required. If anything was questioned all I could possibly do would be to tell everyone that these were the glasses that the girl at the optical store had placed on my face, and I just thought that the way things looked was the way they were supposed to look. After all, my prescription had supposedly jumped from –8.50D to –11.75D in 2 years, and to wear glasses with a –13.50D prescription would not have taken as much effort as it supposedly would have taken for me to see with the weaker prescription when I needed such a large increase.

Of course, that is exactly what happened. The doctor immediately discovered that I had been wearing a –13.50D prescription for the entire time since my last examination. And, when he examined my eyes he discovered that I now needed at least another –2.25D to bring me close to 20/20. Although, I did manage to convince him that I could see much better with a –2.50D increase by telling him that the red was much clearer than the green. Before he wrote out my new prescription he and I went to see my mom. Mom and the doctor talked for a while. Mom wanted me to get contacts, and the doctor agreed that perhaps contact lenses might be better for me. No one seemed to care about what I thought. I didn’t want contacts. I told them both that I just wanted new glasses. I would get contacts when I was older.

Sondra was fairly happy that she had a very small increase. She had gone up only –0.75D in almost 2 years. Now her prescription was –14.25D, and my prescription was –16.00D. Mom took us back to the same optical store that had mixed up the prescriptions, and she and the manager had a fairly heated discussion. The end result of the discussion was that the optical store would pay for new glasses for me because of the mistake they had made. Sondra wanted what the optician called the thinner 1.67 index lenses. The manager had agreed to supply me with a lens called polycarbonate, but the optician advised me against it. She told mom and I that in higher prescriptions polycarbonate lenses had a lot of distortion. So, I chose a frame from the selection that was going to be free for me, and mom agreed to pay the little bit extra for a 1.6 index lens. She also ordered the same 1.6 index lens for Sondra’s new glasses.

My new glasses were quite thick and looked very strong, but I liked the appearance of my new glasses. I also enjoyed the fact that now my prescription was significantly stronger than my sister’s, for the first time in my life. Sondra wasn’t happy wearing glasses though, and I knew that if she were offered the chance to get contact lenses, she would be wearing contact lenses after her next examination.

I did not realize it, but when I had trained my eyes to read at a distance of 8 to 10 inches from my glasses I was forcing my eyes to adapt to about another 10 diopters of myopia correction when I was reading. And, I had managed to get every bit of myopia correction in my new glasses that the doctor would give me. I began to become a little worried when I heard my parents discussing my rapidly worsening eyesight. Apparently the doctor had told mom that he suspected that I might have a condition called progressive degenerative myopia, and I was now going to have an examination every six months. This did not sound good, and it did not seem like something I wanted to have. So, I tried as hard as I could to attempt to read with my glasses further away from my reading material.

I don’t know if this worked or not. When I had another eye exam after 6 months I didn’t get new glasses, but I really think the doctor could have given me an increase. I am sure I could see the smallest line better with the lenses he used in his machine than I could when I was sitting in the chair trying to see it with my own glasses on. I did get stronger glasses after the next exam in another 6 months, and I heard the doctor telling my mother that at age 13, with a prescription of –17.00D x –1.50D x 180 for each eye, I was the most nearsighted patient he had ever seen at my age. Again my mother offered to buy me contact lenses, and again I declined the offer.

For the next few years my prescription went up –1.00D every year. When I was 16 I wanted to try for my drivers license, but my eye doctor told my mom that it wouldn’t be a good idea, as I would likely fail the eye exam if my eyes got any worse. And, they did get worse. By age 21 I was looking through lenses that were –25D, with my same –1.50D of astigmatism. When I graduated from university the following year, for the first time in years I was able to escape the routine of stronger glasses. I took a job working in a library, mostly because that is what I was qualified for, and also because I had likely read most of the books there.

I envied my younger sister Sondra. She had gotten contact lenses as soon as mom had suggested it. She was no better looking than I am, but she had all sorts of boyfriends over the years. I had yet to meet a guy who was interested in me.

I didn’t feel handicapped because I needed extremely strong glasses, nor did I feel ugly. Actually I still enjoyed my view of the world through my very powerful lenses. My choice of frame styles was a little limited; because I needed fairly small lenses, even with the 1.9 hi index glass they now used for my lenses. I had been told I would soon likely require a lens called a myodisc, which had the area I needed to see through right in the center over my eye, and the outer edge had no power, or had a plus curvature. I had seen these lenses, but I decided that I would try to stay away from them for as long as possible. My current lenses looked quite acceptable, and most opticians couldn’t even guess that they were stronger than around –15D. I thought I felt quite confident about my appearance, but I suppose that my insecurities telescoped though my facade.

One of my duties at the library was the supervision of the computers. I signed everyone in, and assigned them a computer, and while the computers signed the patrons out after 30 minutes, as long as the user let me know as soon as the 5-minute bar appeared onscreen I was able to override the sign out on days when we were not busy. One day I went over to a computer where a young lady with glasses, weak compared to mine, but likely around a –10D, was sitting. I signed her back in for another 30 minutes, and in doing so I noticed that she had been looking at pictures of Asian girls who were wearing glasses. I noted the website that she had been using.

That evening, when I arrived home, I made my supper, and then went onto my computer. I located the web site, and I was amazed to read many of the postings. I had never before thought of strong eyeglasses being the basis for a fetish. But, it certainly appeared to be just that. And, from what I could gather, girls who wore strong glasses were in short supply.

I had opened a blog account a few months previously. I had made a few general comments, but not much discussion had come from anything I had tried to blog on. My blog was pretty dead. I had maintained my personal privacy when I set up the account, linking it to a generic e-mail account, along with a very generic nickname. That night I got out my digital camera, and my backup pair of glasses. I took off my normal glasses, and while wearing my backup glasses I took a couple of pictures of my everyday wear glasses. I placed the pictures on my blog site, and I wrote a little essay about my severe myopia, and my inability to see even more than a few millimeters without my –25D glasses. Also, for the fun of it, I took a picture of myself wearing my glasses. I cropped the picture, so that just my glasses, with my tiny eyes, and the extreme cut in of my face showing behind my glasses. I didn’t post that picture just yet.

I then returned to the web site I had previously found. Under a heading about found on the internet I signed in as a guest. I then pasted a link to my blog, with a little suggestion about taking a look here.

When I got home the following evening I found my blog had over 3,000 hits in a 24 hour period. There were a number of e-mails in my generic account, and many of the e-mails asked me to post a picture of myself. So, I prepared a little reply for my blog. I again discussed my extremely poor uncorrected vision, and I questioned the reason why so many people were interested in my glasses, and my poor eyesight. Then, just to tease everyone, I posted the picture of my eyes, looking through the lenses of my glasses. I knew this wouldn’t satisfy them, but I only needed a few interested parties. At least, I hoped I would catch a few interested parties in my net. After all, how bad could it be to find a boyfriend who really got off on my wearing strong glasses?

The hits to my blog continued for the next couple of days. And my e-mail account ran out of room. Guys were sending me pictures of themselves, along with their life histories. I had never posted a word about either having, or not having a boyfriend. A lot of the pictures and requests for dates were very interesting. So, I sorted out the most interesting ones. Then I discarded any that were not reasonably close to my local area. I probably ditched a few that were from my area, but they didn’t provide enough information to allow me to determine what part of the country they lived in, and I wasn’t about to let anyone know exactly where I was located.

I narrowed my selection down to an even dozen. I replied to each one of them with a really nice e-mail. I advised each of them that I would be interested in going on a date with them. The 4 most promising were given their choices of when we could go out. And, they all booked. Then the other 8 were given their chance at a date.

All of the popularity was going to my head. I was drunk with power. Where I had previously had no dates, now I was over booked. And, I was going to have a very hard time to make a decision. Every one of the men I had chosen as finalists all seemed to be keepers. But I had to choose only one. Only one of them seemed to give me the impression that he would not be proud to introduce little thick glasses wearing me as his girlfriend or fiancée. So, now I was down to 11. I didn’t want to appear mercenary, but the next elimination was based on the man’s ability to support me, and a family. Three more men fell by the wayside, leaving 8. I needed to get this down to a manageable number fast. So, I went on my gut feeling, and eliminated another 6. There were 2 players left in the game. Both men were equally desirable in appearance. Both men seemed to say the right things to the questions I asked. And, both men seemed to want to buy me new glasses whenever I was ready.

So, I decided to let my family pick. I set up a date with Nick, and he picked me up and drove me to my parent’s house, where we planned to spend the evening. Sondra was infatuated with Nick. She took me aside, and asked me where I possibly could have found such a hunk.

“I found both my guys online.” I said.

“Seriously?” Sondra questioned.

“I kid you not. I posted a picture of my glasses on my blog, and I ended up with more dates than I could ever imagine. Nick and Kyle were the winners, but I am having a hard time deciding.” I replied.

“Would you mind if I could interest Nick in me?” Sondra asked.

“You don’t stand a chance unless you get rid of your contacts sis.” I replied. “ But if you want to try, go ahead.”

I was a little surprised when Sondra came back downstairs wearing her glasses. I hadn’t realized that her prescription had climbed almost as high as mine had, and her glasses looked to be almost as strong as mine. Nick perked up when he saw Sondra, and for the rest of the evening they seemed to spend a lot of time talking.

On the ride home Nick was fairly quiet.

“I guess that means you have decided then Cassie?” Nick asked.

“You mean because I told my sister that you were fair game, and that she wouldn’t stand a chance with you unless she wore her glasses?” I asked.

“That is what I mean. I like you a lot Cassie. I would rather have you, instead of your sister. But, after seeing your sister, I would like to have her as my girlfriend, or my wife if I couldn’t have you.” Nick replied.

“Are you positive you would rather have me Nick?” I asked.

“I am Cassie.” Nick replied.

“Nick, you know I like you and Kyle both, and it was killing me to try to make up my mind. I didn’t want to deprive either one of you of being with your own very myopic girl. I would love to be able to say I like you the best, but I can’t. Would you go along with me if I invited Kyle and Sondra along as a foursome tomorrow night, and if Kyle and Sondra hit it off, then I will marry you? I really do love you a lot.” I said.

“I can accept that.” Nick replied.

I called Sondra, and I called Kyle. I asked him to pick up my sister, and bring her to my place. By the time they arrived I could tell that Kyle and Sondra had really connected. When I told Kyle that I had decided to marry Nick, he didn’t even seem upset, so I knew I had made the right move.

Sondra and I have a double wedding planned next month. I think I was smart to keep it all in the family.


Oct. 2007