by Specs4ever

It was raining the day I first saw Allison. My younger brother Scott had just started kindergarten, and I had to meet him after school and walk him home. When I showed up at the kindergarten classroom, Scottie was standing talking to a girl with long straight blond hair.

As I came closer I noticed that Scottie's new friend was wearing glasses. I looked into the thick lenses, covered with raindrops, and I remember noticing how small and set back her eyes looked. Scott introduced me to her, and he and I headed for home.

I frequently saw Allison around the school, and although I professed no interest in girls at this time of my life, I think I had a bit of a crush on her. I know I found her intriguing, and I often wondered what she saw without the glasses that she wore constantly. I had only seen her once without them. There had been a bit of roughhousing in the hall one day, and Allison had been caught up in it. Her glasses had been knocked off, and shattered beyond repair. I helped her back to her grade one classroom, and her teacher had to call Allison's mom to bring her a spare pair.

When I was in grade 5, and Scottie and Allison were in third grade, Allison showed up at school one day without glasses. I felt a bit disappointed when I found that she had gotten contact lenses, as she was so pretty that all the other guys were going to be wanting to hang around her. And, wearing contacts seemed to give Allison an air of confidence that she never had before.

Soon I was on to Junior high, leaving Scott and Allison behind. A couple of other girls in my class had started wearing glasses, and I noticed that I was attracted to them. I went out with each of them for a while, as by this time all the other guys had started going out with girls, and it was now the in thing to be going with a girl. But, I really didn't feel comfortable with girls that I was in class with every day, so after a while I decided that I didn't want to have a girlfriend.

I went on through seventh and eighth grade, and when I started ninth grade, Allison was again in the same school. She was so pretty, and seemed so sophisticated now that I felt that I wouldn't have a chance with her. I confessed to Scottie one day that I really liked Allison, and was quite surprised when he told me that Allison had always asked about me over the last two years, and that he suspected that she had a crush on me. So, I spent a lot more time hanging around with Allison.

As the end of my junior high years came to a close, I decided to take the step and ask Allison to go to the prom with me. I had noticed that Allison had been wearing glasses more and more that spring, and it seemed to me that her glasses were a lot thicker than they had been before. I thought it might be my imagination, but it also seemed that she had again become shy and withdrawn. And, although I told her time and time again that it didn't matter to me if she wore glasses or contact lenses, I wasn't prepared when she came to me the morning of the prom, and told me she couldn't go.

I asked her why, and she told me that she had an eye infection, and was unable to wear her contacts. I told her that I didn't care, she was just as pretty to me when she wore glasses, and finally I convinced her that it was her I wanted to go with, and her wearing glasses didn't change things a bit.

And, when I picked her up that night, I thought she was gorgeous. She was wearing a pair of glasses that I had never seen before, and while they looked a lot thinner than her other glasses, they looked a bit strange to me, as they had little circles in the center of the lenses. But, I also knew that this wasn't the time to ask any questions about her glasses, so I told her how fantastic she looked, and that I loved her new glasses. We did have a great time, and I asked her that night to go steady with me.

She agreed, and for the next year we were together all the time. It was during this year that I began to realize just how deeply her life was affected by her glasses. She told me of walking in a mall one time with her mom, who also was quite nearsighted, but nowhere nearly as bad as Allison, when a couple of ladies said that it was too bad that such a pretty little girl had to wear such awful glasses. It took a few minutes to sink in that they were referring to her glasses, which she was totally dependent upon, as being awful. Another time a relative came to visit. This aunt had only seen a picture of her that was taken without her wearing her glasses, and when she saw Allison for the first time her reaction was one of horror that Allison wore such thick glasses.

And, I found out that my impression that her glasses had gotten thicker over the last couple of years was correct. With the beginning of puberty, she had gone to a biannual eye exam, and with each exam she had gotten stronger and stronger lenses. When she was eight, her eye doctor had suggested contact lenses to possibly slow down the progression of her myopia, which Allison had loved, but unfortunately she had had a number of eye infections, and other problems, and could no longer wear contacts except for very special occasions, and only for a very few hours at a time. She knew that she was a very attractive young lady, and she felt that her thick glasses detracted from her appearance, as they were so obvious.

We really had a good time together. Allison is a very special person, even though she is so self conscious about her glasses. I think if her vision had been better, she may have been a bit more confident about herself. With me, she had no problem asking me to clarify things that she couldn't see clearly, but with other people she was very hesitant to ask them to read a menu at a fast foods restaurant for her. It seemed to me that she either didn't want anyone to feel sorry for her, or that she didn't want people to realize that she really couldn't see well even with her thick glasses.

I thought that we got along really well together, and I thought that maybe when we got older we might get married. She had been away from school one day, and when I dropped by her house after school, I was totally unprepared when she came unglued at me, and when she told me that she never wanted to see me again, I took her at her word.

Almost a year went by without me talking to Allison. I missed her company, and one day when I had been thinking about her a lot I asked my brother how she was doing, and if she was going out with anyone. I was surprised when he told me that she wasn't going with anyone. I know that some guys might be turned off by her glasses, but she was such a great person that her glasses didn't bother me at all. So, I told Scottie to say hi for me.

A couple of days later he came into my bedroom after school, and he told me that Allison had told him to tell me that I owed her a date for her grade nine prom, since she had gone to mine with me. I called her right away to tell her I would love to go with her. We spent most of the evening on the phone, and I was really pleased that we still got along so well. As we were about to hang up, I got enough nerve to ask her why she was so upset with me the last time we talked.

It turned out it wasn't me she was upset with. She had just returned from an eye appointment, and her better eye had gone over -20 diopters. She was now wearing -21.75 for her left eye, and her right eye was -20.50, and her doctor had told her that day that she might go as high as minus 40, so she was really upset about this. I had just been the one that she had vented her frustration on."

We had a great time at the prom. And, we got back together after that. I told her I was never going to let her get away from me again. She thought I was joking with her, as I was only 17, and she had just turned 15, but I convinced her that I couldn't see myself liking any other girl as much as I liked her. The next few years flew by. Allison graduated from high school, and took an accounting course. I didn't like the idea of her doing bookkeeping for a living, as I felt that her vision would be weakened even more.

The deterioration of her eyes had slowed down, and now she was around -24 in her left eye, and about -22 in her right. After a consultation with her doctor, who told me that she shouldn't have any problem doing bookkeeping, I reluctantly went along with her plan to become the bookkeeper for her uncle in his plumbing business.

I had another year of university left, and with graduation coming closer and closer I found a job in the computer field that was going to pay me enough money that we could get married. So, I asked Allison if she would marry me, and was not too surprised with her acceptance of the proposal. We had a July wedding, and everything was perfect. As usual, Allison had tried to wear contact lenses again for preparations for the wedding, only to have her eyes reject the possibility.

She was really quite upset at the prospect of wearing her glasses, and she kept trying to take them off for the pictures. Finally I had to put my foot down. I told her that I went out with her knowing that she had to wear glasses. I had asked her to marry me knowing that she wore glasses. And I fully expected to see her wearing her glasses in her wedding pictures, as she was going to have to wear them for the rest of her life.

After we were married things were great for a while. The first time we were in bed together Allison tried to remove her glasses, but I could tell that she was very apprehensive about not being able to see a thing, so from that time on she would wear her glasses. While our sex life was great, other things were not so good. It seemed to me that Allison would only go out in public to go to work. She never wanted to go to do the shopping, and I got so that I did it all. She never wanted to go out to a movie, and she never wanted to go with me to visit any of my friends. She was rapidly becoming a recluse. Her only other outings were her visits to her Mom, and then once every six months she would go to her eye doctor.

We had been married for about 4 years, and her eyes had gone up to -26 left, and -24 right. After she had ordered her new glasses, I decided to pick them up for her. I arranged to speak to her doctor, and told him about Allison becoming a virtual recluse. We didn't have to be brain surgeon to figure out that she was so self conscious about being seen in public in her glasses that she was doing everything that she could to prevent anyone from seeing her. In a joking manner her eye doctor remarked that it was too bad that I didn't have to wear thick glasses so that it would detract some of the attention away from Allison.

Well, that was the beginning. I asked the doctor if there was any way that I could wear glasses that were as thick, or thicker than Allison's, and after he did some measuring he told me to come back in a couple of days. When I came back, the doctor had me put in a pair of contact lenses.

Once I had the lenses in place, I began to realize just how little Allison could see. The doctor left me sitting with the lenses in place for what seemed to be an eternity, although it was really only about 30 minutes or so. Once he had guided me into the examining room, and sat me down in front of the machine he explained that he had had to leave me waiting long enough for my eyes to become accustomed to the contacts.

Then he did an examination, and once he had the best possible combination of lenses, he showed me the script. With the contacts in, I could not see to read what he had written, so he made up a pair of glasses from the box of lenses that he had. The trial frames were not really what I would call a comfortable fit, but with the lenses in I could at least see the world around me, and I read what he had written: OD: -25.50 x -1.25 x 90 OS: -25.75 x -2.25 x 180.

I asked him why the difference in the eyes, and he explained that he had found that sometimes the contacts caused a bit of astigmatism. As long as I had known Allison she had gone to this doctor, and many times I had seen him wearing very thick glasses. I had assumed that he too was very nearsighted, and at times wore contact lenses rather than glasses, but as he seemed to be a bit too knowlegable, and willing to help me I was beginning to wonder. So, I casually asked him if he wore contacts under his glasses to give him the appearance of being very nearsighted to make his patients seem more at ease.

He started to stammer, and I could tell that he was going to say no, but at the last minute he said " Oh what the heck - I have never told anyone, as I have always been too embarrassed to admit to my fetish, but you are correct. I have always found very nearsighted women to be extremely attractive to me, and just before I graduated from school, a number of my fellow students and I spent some time trying to figure out if wearing negative contacts could give a person good vision with plus glasses and vice versa.

I myself found that I preferred wearing high plus contacts with strong minus glasses, so when I moved here, and opened my practice, I frequently wore glasses for days on end. I lived such a lie that when I met my wife, who, like yours is a high myope, was totally convinced that I too needed very strong glasses. And, I have never been able to tell her the truth. And, in all honesty, I have to tell you that wearing strong glasses becomes an addiction. It is unexplainable, and you will probably find it to be true once you have worn your combination for a while."

Right I thought. Like I am really going to want to go around wearing thick glasses, and find it to be a turn on. No darned way. The only thing I wanted to do was to detract some of the attention from my wife. I really didn't think that that many people stared at her because of her glasses. She is a looker, with a great figure, and beautiful hair. The glasses, because of their obvious thickness do detract from her beauty, but to me are just an essential part of her.

I picked frames with the doctors assistance, and ordered the glasses. I knew he was apprehensive about telling me his secret, so I told him not to worry, I wouldn't tell anyone, and the relief on his face was obvious.

It seems funny to me that the people who need the glasses the worst have to wait the longest to get them, but I guess there isn't too much call for -25 lenses. A couple of weeks went by before my glasses were ready, and when I picked them up I was pleased with their appearance. They looked thicker than Allison's, but they didn't look really awful.

I went home that night, and I sat down and told Allison what the doctor and I had decided to try. She looked at me like I was crazy - and I did feel a bit of a fool for this idea. But her curiosity got the better of her, and finally she asked me to put the contacts in, and the glasses on. So, I did.

I was pleased at the clarity of my vision, although the distortion, and the small field of good vision was a bit weird. It took me a while to feel comfortable wearing the glasses, and I knew that if I was going to drive with them on that I had better take a few days to get used to them. Wearing them out in public was going to be a bit hard, but there were not that many people that I came in regular contact with. And, recently I had been doing my programming from home, as I was networked with my company mainframe.

So, we had a bit of fun that evening, both of us completely blind without glasses. The next morning I put my contacts in, my glasses on, and made my own breakfast as usual, while I waited for Allison to come down. I always drive her to work, and the route is not a busy one. I read the morning paper as usual, and watched the morning news shows. I was finding my vision to be as good as, or better than normal, as recently I had been noticing a bit of trouble reading some of the street signs, especially after dusk.

When I drove Allison to work, the clarity of everything surprised me enough that I called the doctor and spoke to him. He was not surprised at what I had noticed, as he had found during the exam that I had become slightly nearsighted myself - only around a diopter, but with the fully corrected combination I was wearing, I was able to see well, and he expressed his pleasure at this.

Funny, but this seemed to work. Allison became more willing to go out with me. We now went shopping together, and from time to time we would go to a movie. Her self confidence was much better. And, when it came time for her annual eye test, she was pleased that her eyes had not deteriorated at all. I wasn't so happy when I had to get stronger glasses myself though. My own eyes had become more nearsighted, and he had to either bump my glasses up a bit, or get me a lower power plus contact. I could hardly believe that the words were coming from my mouth when I told him to get me an even stronger plus contact so that I could get even stronger glasses.

The doctor looked strangely at me, and then he started to grin. The grin developed into a hearty laugh and between chuckles he said "I told you." He might have been prepared for this, as he had the stronger contacts already in stock in my eye size. I put them in, and went through the now familiar routine. When he had finished his exam, I again looked at the prescription. 

OD: -30.50 x -3.50 x 90, OS: -31.00 x -2.75 x 180. "How much stronger were the new contacts." I asked. "Only +2.00." he replied. "Your natural vision must have gotten a lot worse. Maybe I should check you without the combination?"

So, he checked me without, and was shocked to see that I was now around a -3.50 with astigmatism in each eye of around a -2. He explained that in all the years he had been doing it, he had never had his eyes change at all. He was upset, and he felt that he had ruined my eyes, but I explained that I did close work on a computer all day long, and it was possible that my own eyes had finally given in, and that it was not a real problem, as I had found that I enjoyed wearing glasses. So, we ordered the new stronger glasses.

When they came in, I wore them constantly, and was very pleased with them. They were now noticeably thicker than Allison's. I had gotten a blended myodisc, with a biconcave front curve, and while you couldn't really see the concentric rings, it was obvious that these were a pretty powerful prescription. But, it hadn't quite been a year since I had gotten them when I noticed that distant objects were very indistinct, and that I was having to shove the glasses tight to my nose, and squint a lot just to see things that were not that far away. So, it was back to the doctor.

After the examination he was horrified. My own natural prescription had increased in less than a year from -3.50 up to -8.50, and with the astigmatism combined I was now over -10. He didn't want to get me lower plus contacts to enable me to continue wearing my strong glasses, but I finally convinced him that I would let his little secret out of the bag if he didn't, so he ordered me new contacts. Once they arrived, I was again pleased with my vision. Allison had also had another eye examination, and was absolutely ecstatic that she didn't have to get new lenses.

It seemed like no time at all before I couldn't see anything without shoving the glasses up tight and squinting, so I was off for another eye test. This time the doctor put his foot down when he said: " Your natural vision has now deteriorated to almost -13 diopters, with another -2 of astigmatism. I can't let you carry this farce on any longer."

So, we ordered glasses in my real prescription. I got new frames, with a bit larger eye size than he wanted me to get. I also asked for safety lenses in the frames, as I knew that the thickness would be increased by quite a bit. And sure enough, when they arrived, and I picked them up, they were a fairly thick pair of glasses. When I went to pick up Allison after work she asked about the different glasses, and I told her that they were now my real prescription. This blew her away.

I wore my real prescription full time for the next few months, and when I went back for my six month checkup, I was pleasantly surprised. My eyes had gotten worse again, but this time on their own. The doctor didn't want to do it, but I got him to again get me contacts so I could wear my thick glasses again. I had really missed the vision through the powerful lenses, and I was determined that since my eyes were deteriorating on their own, there was no reason for me to not wear the combination. And when I went back to him six months later for an even lower powered plus contact, he didn't even argue with me.

It was getting harder and harder with every increase in my own myopia to be able to see well enough to put in the contact lenses. I took my own old glasses and cut the bottom out around the left lens, so that I could see well enough with my right eye to put my left contact in. Then I took my first pair of myodiscs, and did the same thing in reverse.

But as the next few years went by, my own unaided vision got worse, and worse. Allison had gotten a pair of weaker glasses that she used for reading and close up work, and one morning, when I stumbled to the bathroom to do my eyes, I picked up her reading glasses, and put them on. I was amazed at the clarity, and I realized that now was the time to end the plus contacts.

So, it was off to the doctor again, and when I left there this time I had ordered a new pair of glasses in my own prescription. When I looked at what he had written for a prescription, I realized that it looked almost like the first pair of glasses I had gotten only 10 short years ago.

OD: -25.50 x - 2.00 x 90 and OS: -25.00 x -2.25 x 180. Just a minor difference, but if I hadn't cut the frames to put in my contacts, I could have had them to wear until my new ones came in.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of my progression. By the time another 5 years had gone by, I was wearing glasses that were even stronger than my -30's, and there seemed to be no end in sight to my myopic progression. Allison, on the other hand had stabilized completely. She had even been able to pass the eye test for her driver's license, and now she was the one that had to drive me around. My dream had turned to a nightmare.