Another Lolita

by Specs4ever

I hadn't seen my friend, Vincent, for almost 16 years. It was a great surprise for me to receive his phone call one hot summer day.

"Hi Perry, it's me Vincent," came the voice from the phone.

I was very pleased to hear that familiar voice after such a long time.

"Are you available to meet in two weeks from now in Green Bay?" Vincent asked.

I tried to tell him that I was too busy to take any time off, but Vincent was as convincing, as I had always remembered him to be and since Green Bay wasn't that far from where I now lived, I agreed to meet him. I searched my albums for pictures of Vincent. What I found brought back pleasant memories. I saw some very nice pictures of his family, together with his brother Leo and their mother Becky. She was very nearsighted, and couldn't wear contact lenses, so she was wearing a fantastic selection of strong glasses in most of the pictures of her throughout the album. All of a sudden when I looked at the pictures in the album, dating back so many years, I recalled all of those concentric rings in her almost inch thick glasses, as if it was only a week since I had seen her. I wondered what had happened to his family in the passing of time, and I especially wondered about his mother and the very strong glasses that she had to wear to correct her severe myopia. I was really keen on meeting him again after such a long time, and I sort of wondered if he would have any of his family with him when we met.

Vincent and I had been close friends all through childhood. We had been raised in an area around the north suburbs of Chicago, and had gone to grade school and high school together. We played hockey together in the winter, baseball in the spring, and football in the fall. Even though Vincent came from a family with money, he would often sleep over at my house, and he readily accepted the fact that I couldn't afford all the nice things that he had, and he willingly shared his things with me. We were really very good buddies.

We had just begun our last year of junior high, and we both failed the school eye exam that the nurse gave at the beginning of the school year. So, we both got glasses together. Vincent needed a bit stronger prescription than I did, which wasn't surprising, given the fact that his mother was so severely myopic, but it was easier on both of us when we both had to wear glasses. I was told that I only had to wear my glasses for distance, but Vincent was told to wear his glasses full time, so I decided I would wear mine full time as well.

It was around this time that Vincent and I became more than a little bit interested in girls, and we would often go to the movies together with our girlfriends. Vincent was going out with the daughter of our preacher, a pretty little blond called Katie Rodgers. Katie was extremely attractive, and she too was more than a little bit nearsighted. Katie was the first girl in our class to have to wear glasses, way back in the 3rd grade, and her prescription had gotten quite a bit stronger over the last 7 years. I don't know if Vincent had a thing for girls who wore glasses or not, as we never discussed this, but I sure did. I often wished I was the one going out with Katie instead of Vincent, but since Vincent was my best friend, I was never going to have the chance, unless they split up.

I don't know who was more surprised at the news. I know I was floored when Vincent told me the week before he turned 17 that Katie was pregnant. I didn't even know they had been doing it. I think the preacher probably took it the hardest though, as Katie was the apple of his eye. But, with a grandchild on the way, Preacher Rodgers had no other option but to preside over the wedding of my best friend to his 16-year-old daughter.

Vincent was quite lucky to come from a wealthy family. His father gave Katie and Vincent a small 3-bedroom bungalow near their own home for a wedding gift. Vincent remained in school, and Katie continued her education until she graduated from junior high that spring. She probably wouldn't return to classes in the fall, as that was when the baby was due.

Of course, Vincent and I were not able to spend as much time together as we had done, but Katie was quite friendly towards me, and warmly welcomed me into their home. I guess she figured that she had best not try to keep too tight a rein on Vincent, as he was quite strong willed. Katie looked fantastic pregnant. She put on a little weight, but it looked good on her, as she had been on the thin side. Also, during her pregnancy she had gotten new glasses, and from all the concentric rings, and the increased amount of cut in I was sure that the lenses in these glasses were quite a bit stronger than her old ones were. I could hardly contain myself, but I did, and it was only in the dark of the night, alone in my own bed that my thoughts were left to come out.

Vincent and Katie had a beautiful baby daughter, who they named Catherine Anne. At the tender young age of 18, I got to practice being a father, and would occasionally assist Katie in changing Cathy's diapers. By the time Cathy was 2 years old Katie's eyes had gotten a lot worse, and I loved to watch her tiny eyes squinting through the thick lenses of her glasses. Unfortunately, when Vincent and I graduated from high school, Vincent, Katie and Cathy moved out west so that Vincent could continue his education at Stanford University. I didn't have the money to go any further in school, so I ended up working for a security company, as my eyesight without glasses wasn't quite good enough to allow me to join the police force, as I had wanted to do.

During the course of our conversation, I found out that Vincent and Katie had separated a few years ago. Also his parents were still living and gifted with extremely good health, and would be joining us in Green Bay. I wondered if Vincent's mother's glasses had grown any stronger since the last time I had seen her so many years ago. Some days prior to our scheduled meeting, I received a thick envelope containing a ticket for a flight to Florida. The few lines from Vincent, together with the ticket, explained all. To meet in Green Bay, said Vincent's letter, just wasn't possible for him at this time, as he had business to deal with in Florida. So, he had simply changed the place of our meeting. Another thing Vincent was very good at was changing plans - usually for the better. We were supposed to meet at the Hilton hotel and we would be together for a few days. Well the ticket meant that Vincent, at least had been making his living and that he must have found out, in one way or another, that my financial conditions weren't all that great. I had left the security firm a couple of years back, and had opened my own office. Life as a private investigator has its ups and downs, and lately there have been a few more downs.

I had reached the hotel on the day of our meeting after a pleasant 3-hour flight. Vincent had not yet arrived, so I relaxed by the hotel's swimming pool. I scanned the pool area to see if I could spot any attractive looking girls wearing glasses, but it seemed that they were all either wearing contacts or had had the surgery. I returned to my room and had a refreshing shower. At exactly 7 pm, the phone rang and the concierge told me that a limo was ready to pick me up at the main entrance. I was soon down in the lobby, anxious about what was going to happen. But when Vincent showed up, he hadn't changed at all. He was still the same character I had known so many years ago. He was a bit heavier, his hair was thinning, and his glasses were gone - replaced by surgery, I later found out. His parents were there as well, and when I met his mom I was very disappointed. She recently had cataract surgery and her strong glasses, correcting her severe myopia, were now gone, replaced by thin progressive, mild plus lenses. What a delusion!!! But, as it turned out, I would be rewarded in a most unforgettable way. Since their first child Cathy, whom I had changed diapers for, had been born, Vincent and Katie had gone on to have another daughter, and a son.

I was in full conversation when a very attractive young lady interrupted us. It was Vincent's oldest daughter, Cathy, who I had last seen as a 2-year-old child. Cathy now was almost 18. She told everybody that she was 18 years old, because all girls of her age tend to do so. What made her more attractive to me, besides her already well formed feminine body, were her very thick-lensed glasses, which were continuously sliding down her nose. She resembled her grandmother, Becky, and seemed to have glasses very much like what I remembered Becky wearing. The glasses seemed a little too adult in style for her young, beautiful face, and as well, the pair of red, high-heeled pumps she was wearing, seemed to be from her mother's wardrobe. Cathy seemed to be very adult and vivacious for her almost 18 years of age. Cathy peered at me, squinting her eyes through her thick glasses. The bite out from the contours of her face behind those strong glasses was very noticeable, permitting me to estimate her correction to be somewhere around the -15D region. She obviously had inherited her very high myopia from both her mother and her grandmother. Cathy's younger siblings also were very nice, but were still children, Amy was 14 and Stewart was 12.

Vincent and I talked about the times that we had spent together and all of those things I had forgotten about, came back to mind again. He had to briefly excuse himself and left me with his parents, who I found to be exactly as I had remembered them years ago. They were very nice people and we found that we were back to our good relationship, as it had been 18 years ago. They told me about Vincent's marriage that had failed after 15 years and that Vincent's ex wife, Katie, was always using the kids as some kind of blackmail to get more money out of Vincent. I was a bit surprised and disappointed to hear this, as Katie had always seemed so sweet and easy going to me, but some people do change. Vincent, I learned, had been very generous during the divorce and had left his former wife with a substantial amount of money in order to guarantee her a good living. But that wasn't enough and she always wanted more. Vincent's parents told me that Cathy had already run away from home twice and was always seeking the company of older men. Cathy hated her mother, blamed her for the divorce, and tried to hurt her by running away. However, she gets along quite well with her father, and had stayed with him for two months after her last runaway adventure, but when her father had insisted that she should finish high school, she had returned to her mother who let her go to a fashion school. To Vincent's parents it appeared that his former wife had done this only to hurt Vincent. Right now, all 3 of the children were with their father, because their mother had gone on a trip to Europe with her latest lover. Vincent came over and joined the three of us in conversation. He laughed when he learned that his parents had briefed me about his ex wife and the kids.

Cathy came by as well and said to her father, "Well dad, I didn't know you had such an attractive friend."

I think I was blushing and Vincent said to me, "Cathy sometimes is a little too mature for her age. She ran away from home a couple of times already. When they found her the last time, she was in a motel together with a guy our age. She had told him she was 21, and he had believed her."

Well, looking at Cathy you could easily think she might be 21. But, I thought that her mother and father would still have to worry a lot about her in the future. We had a nice dinner together and were just sitting around the hotel, enjoying each other's company. It was fairly late in the evening when we all went off to bed. For the next day we planned to go out in a motor yacht Vincent had chartered. It must be a big yacht I thought when I finally fell asleep. The next morning I got up early and prepared my things for the day on the yacht. After that I went down to have breakfast. It would be another nice day in the company of people I really loved. At 10 am we were all on board and the yacht's skipper prepared for departure. Cathy must have taken a bikini from her mother as well. The bikini, like the shoes she had worn yesterday was a little too adult in style. Cathy was wearing prescription sunglasses. They were almost like a pair her grandmother had worn 20 or so years ago. I commented on Cathy's sunglasses and much to my surprise they turned out to be the very same pair of glasses I had thought about.

"Cathy has the same poor eyesight as I had before my cataract surgery," explained Becky. "She seems to have an identical prescription to what I had."

Cathy spoke up, "I can wear all of grandmother's old glasses if I want. In fact I have all of them now. I like this cool retro style of glasses. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to tolerate contacts, and I am too young to even consider surgery like my dad and mom had. So at least, I can have a lot of fun, and get people to notice me when I wear different glasses from my grandma's vast collection of old glasses."

Becky had told me that she had had her cataract surgery only half a year ago. Becky had always worn very fashionable frames. Now I knew that I was right in my thinking about the glasses Cathy wore the other day. They were just a little too much on the adult side for a very young girl. The style of her grandmother's glasses had made her look older than she really was. I must also say that her young breasts also filled the bra of her bikini very well. To be honest, the bra seemed to be a little bit too small for her. Cathy called me uncle Perry. I told her to stop it, because I wasn't her uncle. But she insisted saying that her father and I were just like brothers and that meant I was her uncle.

Her sister laughed about this and said that Cathy was being silly and stupid. Cathy exploded just like a kid of her age would do and started chasing her younger sister. Her sister, and her brother weren't stupid at all. They had a very effective way to stop Cathy. Stu all of a sudden grabbed Cathy's glasses and ran away with them. Cathy stopped dead in her tracks, because it was very dangerous, and impossible to chase around a yacht if you couldn't see anything. Cathy squinted as hard as she could, but it was useless, she was as blind as a mole without her glasses.

"Uncle Perry help me. Did you see what Stu has done, this is not fair. Be a good uncle and get me my glasses back."

I must admit that I liked what I saw very much. I decided to let her wait just a little while longer, because I liked to see her squinting her beautiful blue-green eyes. Her sister giggled and said to Cathy that they would throw her glasses overboard, if Cathy wouldn't leave them in peace. I got up and took Cathy's sunglasses from her brother. I was surprised that they were not as heavy as I had imagined. The lenses of Becky's old glasses were of CR39 plastic and protruded substantially from the back of the frames. I inspected them closer before I returned them to Cathy. I gently placed them on her nose and she thanked me.

"How strong are they?" I asked Cathy.

"My last glasses that I got from the doctor were around -16 D. When I first tried on my grandma's glasses they seemed just a bit too strong for me. But, the more I wore them, the more my eyes accepted them. So, these glasses from grandma must be just a bit stronger than my own old glasses. I don't know exactly how strong my real prescription is because my eyes have not seemed to require a change during the last two years. The years before that my eyes got worse two or three times a year. Now they seem to have stabilized. Do you like women wearing glasses?" asked Cathy.

This question made me blush yet another time. I gave a very vague answer. This young girl could read my mind I thought. I had to be careful not to slide into a situation that was difficult to get safely out of. The day passed by too quickly and I had enjoyed the company of Vincent's family. That evening we would eat dinner together and have another few hours to visit. Tomorrow Vincent would have to leave for an urgent meeting with some of his business partners. So, I decided to leave as well, but we agreed to meet again very soon and not let another 16 years pass like before. Cathy wore another pair of glasses from her grandmother's collection for dinner. They were a more modern frame style, as I didn't remember ever seeing them on Becky's nose. They were nice red oval shaped plastic frames. The frame was just a little wider at the sides where the temples attach, just thick enough to hide a lot of the edge thickness of these strong high index lenses. The earpieces of the glasses were not yet properly adjusted for Cathy. The glasses were continuously sliding down her nose, so I thought that the lenses must be glass. She pushed them up again a couple of times a minute. It didn't seem to bother her. It was so cool to wear her grandmother's glasses. I complimented her on how nice the glasses looked on her, and I offered to adjust the earpieces for her if she wanted me to, but she told me that she was going to go to the optical store when she got back home, as she had a number of pairs of glasses that needed a slight adjustment.

After another hour or so had passed, Vincent and I went for a nightcap. His parents went off together for a walk on the beach. The kids had been sent to bed, after much protesting from Cathy who considered herself an adult. But Vincent remained firm and eventually Cathy gave in and went to join her sister and her brother.

The subject of our conversation was mostly about Cathy. Vincent was terribly worried about her infatuation with older men, and while I thought at the time he was joking, he mentioned that since I had never married, and since he knew what a nice person I was, maybe I would be the one to look after Cathy for him. After we finished talking, I went to my room and got another drink from the room's mini bar. After a shower, I went to bed. Sometime during the night I woke up. I was a bit disorientated for a minute, but I was sure there was someone in my room. I wanted to switch on the light but a hand stopped me in the middle of the movement.

"Don't switch on the light," came a whisper.

I was too surprised to react. I felt the blanket being lifted and a body moved next to mine. It was the body of a woman. I thought that maybe this was one of Vincent's surprises. The body moved closer. A hand started massaging my private parts, which began to respond. Soon, she was on top of me and we made love in silence. It was so dark in the room that I really couldn't recognize the person that I was making love with. Finally, I reached my orgasm and so did she, as a slight moan escaped her lips.

"Oh that was so good," came a whisper from her lips.

"Oops," came another whisper as a pair of glasses fell on my chest. They felt cold and heavy as they rested there.

"Don't touch the glasses," came another whisper.

But it was too late, I had already touched them. I was sure that they were the ones that kept sliding down Cathy's nose. But, there was no way she could have noticed I had touched them. I felt her groping for them and then they were gone. What should I do? Now that I knew who my mysterious lover was, I thought it would be best to pretend that I fell asleep again. And so I did. The next morning when I awoke, she was gone. I began to think that it had only been a dream. But when I looked at my nightstand, I found a pair of glasses. They were Cathy's red, sliding glasses. A piece of paper lay beneath them saying, "will you look after them and adjust them for me?"

When I went down for breakfast, Vincent informed me that Cathy had run away again. Her sister said that she must have left their room during the night. The bell captain said that he had seen a young lady leave the hotel very early in the morning. Vincent knew the routine. He had a picture of Cathy already at hand to turn over to the police.

"The last time it took 5 days to find her," he told me. "I don't think she can go very far though, as she has no money."

But I knew better. Cathy had taken 4 hundred-dollar bills out of my wallet before she left. Maybe this time it will take a little longer.

Vincent told me that he would keep me informed about Cathy. I returned to my room and finished packing my things. I paid particular attention to Cathy's glasses, which I carefully wrapped in a t-shirt before placing them in my bag. The limo brought me to the airport and I had a quick trip back home. The biggest surprise came, when I opened the door of my condo. I again felt the presence of another person. Cathy came out of the kitchen holding a drink for me in her hands.

"How was the trip back," she asked me with a grin. "Did you adjust my other glasses yet?

"I have to call your dad, Cathy. Your dad is looking for you, and he is worried sick!"

"I don't plan to go back to my family," she told me with a firm voice." Either, I stay with you, or I will tell my father and the police that you knocked off my glasses and raped me.

I was trapped and there was no way to get out of it. Cathy was a real little Lolita.

Well, we have been together now for the last 5 years and reasonably happy. Cathy knows which glasses I like most when we make love and she's on top. Yes, it's the ones with the red oval plastic frames, the ones that are so heavy that even with perfect adjustment, tend to slide down Cathy's nose. She really likes it, when I hold them in place on her face, while we make love and the love is really something.

Specs4ever from a story by Andy, with editing by Aliena

Sept. 2003