A Parallel Life

by Specs4ever

For the first couple of years that I had been on the police force I had pounded a beat in the downtown waterfront district. I had liked this job, and I would have liked to remain right where I was. But the powers that be had decided that beat cops should become bicycle cops, and now I was paddling around on a bike. I didnít care for this. I hated wearing the stupid pointed foam padded hat that we were required to wear. I didnít like having to peddle the darned thing around, nor did I care for having to wend my way through the pedestrians around the waterfront. I had placed my name on the list for a job with the motor patrol, figuring I would enjoy riding a Harley much more. Actually I had wanted this for a long time, but I had to walk the beat and ride the bicycle first. One of my friends had gotten the last opening, and I hoped I would be the next one in line.

But for now I had to be content with peddling along the waterfront, rousing the bums who slept there overnight. I had spotted a new girl the previous day that I wanted to ask some questions of. There was nothing wrong with a person camping out overnight, and as long as a person had a few bucks we would not take them in for vagrancy, but I did like to know who was in my neighborhood. And, I had noticed from the glint of sun reflecting off her face that she wore glasses, something that piqued my curiosity.

All my life I had been obsessed with glasses. But I had never failed an eye exam, so I was going to have to wait until later in life, when the need for reading glasses would finally allow me to wear them. But that didnít stop me from looking, especially at girls who wore glasses. I found the girls with the thicker glasses to be more interesting to me, but in these days of contact lenses they were few and far between. So, I was interested in this young lady.

She was there, standing near one of the large bridge pillars. I rode closer, hoping that she wouldnít see me and run, as so many of the street people did. I suppose they had been rousted so many times that they had an inherent fear of the police, and even though I meant no harm, they couldnít tell that from looking at me. All they saw was the uniform.

She didnít bolt, but stood by the pillar as I approached. I liked what I saw. She appeared to be quite attractive, and her glasses looked good on her, although they appeared to be a little old fashioned. Her clothing didnít fit well, and she appeared to be dirty, but I guess I would have been dirty too if I had slept outside under a bridge. As I drew nearer I looked at her eyes behind the lenses. The lenses appeared to be about -8D or so, but her eyes didnít even attempt to focus on me. Was it possible that her glasses were quite a bit too weak? The closer I got the more I felt this might be the case.

"Hi, Iím Constable Stanley. Would you have any identification with you young lady?" I asked politely.

"No sir, I am sorry, but I donít. I was mugged, and all of my stuff was stolen a few days ago," she replied.

"Including your proper glasses?" I asked.

She appeared surprised that I could tell, but answered me yes.

"Well, I am a sucker for a pretty young damsel in distress. I am getting off work in a couple of hours. If you want me to, I will come back to get you, and we will see about getting you some glasses, and some clean clothing, as well as a place to stay. Then we will work on getting your identification back. Would you like that?" I asked.

"Since I canít function without my glasses I would like that a lot. The folks at the mission helped me out with clothing, and with these glasses, but they are next to useless for me." She replied.

"I will be back in a little under 2 hours." I said, and I rode away.

For the next couple of hours I could think of nothing else than this rather pretty, very shortsighted young lady. She appeared to be about my age, and extremely attractive. I wanted very badly to find out more about her. As soon as I possibly could I clocked out, having had a quick shower and changing into my street clothes first. It didnít take me very long to get back to the bridge, and I hoped that she would still be there waiting for me. She was.

ĎMy name is Alex. Do you mind telling me yours?" I asked.

"Hi Alex. You may call me Sheila." Sheila replied.

"First thing we have to do is get your eyes tested and get you glasses or contact lenses. It will probably be faster to get you new contact lenses, because I think you have a pretty strong prescription, and they wonít be able to make you new glasses for a few days." I said.

"What are contact lenses?" Sheila asked.

"They are little plastic lenses that you wear on your eyes. Have you never heard of them? I am sure that with your prescription your doctor would have had you wearing them long before this." I said.

"No, I have never worn them. I have always worn glasses." Sheila replied.

"I would rather have you keep it that way, but I am sure that you wonít want to wait for new glasses to be made. Letís go see my favorite eye doctor now." I said.

I had dated an ophthalmologist for a few months. I really liked her, but we didnít seem to have the right magic, so we have remained just friends ever since. She calls me up sometimes if she needs a date to accompany her to a function, and I have done the same thing. I knew Melinda would help me out, so Sheila and I headed to her office.

"Hi Alex. Who is this young lady?" Melinda asked.

"Melinda, this is Sheila. She was mugged, and her glasses were taken. The folks at the mission gave her these glasses, but they are next to useless for her. I am hoping we can fix her up with a new pair of glasses, or a pair of contact lenses. I have to tell you though that she has never worn contacts." I replied.

"Well, lets get her into the examining room and we will see just how bad her eyes are." Melinda said.

After a few minutes behind the machine Melinda said, "-25.00 diopters in both eyes Alex. No wonder she canít see. But what I find amazing is that with such a strong myopic prescription her retinas are as healthy as a person with no myopia. That is amazing. And, she has absolutely no astigmatism. I suppose that explains why she can read the 20/20 line. We donít get many myopes with that strong a prescription that can see 20/20 with correction." Melinda told us.

"What can we do to get her glasses or contacts fast Melinda?" I asked.

"That shouldnít be a problem. I can lend her a pair for a few days." Melinda replied.

I had forgotten that Melinda often did GOC. We had discussed it a few times, and I had been going to try it, but I never really felt that I wanted to be a pretender. Nor could I understand why Melinda wanted to go around wearing very strong glasses that she didnít need. She had told me once that she liked doing it so that she could experience what her very nearsighted patients did, and I accepted that, but I suspected that there was something more to it than that.

However, Sheila was very grateful that Melinda was able to lend her a pair of glasses that were exactly her prescription, although the pd in them was a little narrower than she required, which gave Sheila a little bit of prism. But Melinda didnít think that would be a problem for a few days. So, with Melindaís help we selected a nice frame for Sheila, and I also paid for a pair of glasses with scratch resistant and anti reflective plastic lenses for her. The glasses were to be ready by Friday.

After we left Melindaís office I took Sheila to a store where we bought her some decent, casual clothing, along with some undergarments. Then we bought her some toiletries, and we went on to my place, stopping first to pick up some takeout food for supper.

Sheila immediately had a bath, and when she came out of the bathroom wearing her new clothes, and Melindaís glasses I was amazed at how beautiful she was. I could grow accustomed to waking up with this lady every morning.

After we ate, I wanted to ask Sheila some questions to find out some information about her. But she refused to answer any of my questions. As a police officer this made me very suspicious, and I told Sheila that.

"I can see where my refusal to answer your questions would bother you Alex. But, please wait until I get my proper glasses on Friday, and I will answer all your questions." Sheila replied.

"Will you stay here with me until then?" I asked.

"Sure I will. I havenít any place I have to be, and I need to get my own glasses before I can go anywhere." Sheila said.

So, for the next 3 nights Sheila shared my bed. I had not planned to force myself on her, but I didnít have to. Sheila wanted me as much as I wanted her, and for the next 3 nights I enjoyed having sex with a girl who wore seriously strong glasses. The first night she asked me if I wanted her to remove her glasses, and I could see that she was happy when I told her I would rather have her leave them on. When Friday came along I asked Sheila to wait for me to return from work before we went to see Melinda and pick up her own glasses. She promised me that she would, and she was true to her word. She was waiting anxiously for me when I returned from my bicycle patrol.

We picked up her new glasses, and I paid for them. I didnít even concern myself with how and when I was going to be paid back, because the pleasure I had gotten during the three nights that Sheila had spent with me made the money that I paid for her new glasses seem miniscule. We stopped at a restaurant for something to eat before we returned to my apartment, and I couldnít take my eyes off Sheila. Her long blond hair complimented the wide red rectangular frames we had chosen. And, while the lenses didnít quite reach the edges of the frame by the temples, giving an almost myodisc type appearance, they were not myodiscs. They were also the thickest lenses I had ever seen in my life, sticking out from the frame by at least an eighth of an inch in front, and a good three quarters of an inch in behind. The cut in was fantastic, and I loved the minification. A quick glance at Sheila would tell anyone that this was one seriously shortsighted, beautiful lady. And I could tell that she was able to see better with her own glasses than she could with Melindaís, even though the prescription was pretty close. I wanted this girl to stay with me forever.

We returned to the apartment, and I asked Sheila if she could tell me her story now.

"You may find my story hard to believe." Sheila told me.

"Just tell me, and I will see for myself." I replied.

"I am a Police Officer myself, but I am not of this world." Sheila started off.

"Where are you from then?" I asked.

"I come from a parallel Universe. On this universe everyone there is severely myopic. From birth everyone requires a prescription of about -20D. There isnít very much progression throughout most of our lives Ė probably no more than around -5D. I attained my prescription of -25D by the time I was 16, and I have had no further increases. There are only a few scholars who manage to have higher prescriptions. But since we are born so very shortsighted our eyes have adapted, and we do not have any of the problems that the people in this world seem to have with high myopia." Sheila told me.

"Sounds good, but what are you doing here, and where are your own glasses?" I asked.

"It was my turn to chase a murderer through the portal. But no one told me what was going to happen. Apparently you canít bring anything through the portal and I ended up on this universe completely naked, and without my glasses. My fellow officers must have thought it would be a great joke on me. I suppose some of them have had to go through the same experience the first time they crossed over also, but it would have been nice of them to give me a clue of what was going to happen. It really isnít any fun showing up naked and blind in a world that you are not accustomed to." Sheila replied.

"So what you are telling me is that anyone from your world that comes here ends up like you did?" I asked.

"The first time they come they do. I am sure that just before I am about to return I will rent a storage locker near the portal, and store my clothing and my glasses so that this doesnít ever happen to me again." Sheila replied.

"Say I buy your story. What are you going to do now?" I asked.

"I have to do my job. I have to track down a murderer." Sheila replied.

"Do you know how many people there are on this world? You will never find him." I answered.

"On our universe we all have micro chips implanted. If I can get a receiver I can find him anywhere. And I am pretty sure that the technology here is such that I will be able to build the receiver that I need." Sheila replied.

"If you catch him and you go back could I go with you?" I asked.

I was salivating at the thought of being around a population of very myopic females, but Sheila threw a damper on my thoughts.

"I am afraid not. You would stand out like a sore thumb unless you could wear -25D glasses." Sheila replied.

"What are the chances of you staying here with me?" I asked.

"I suppose that could be a possibility, but I have a job to do before we can talk about that." Sheila replied.

I had to work my shift the following day, so I left Sheila some money to buy what she required. When I got back home that evening she was on my computer, and she was very excited. I figured she had located Gavin, and I was correct. All she had needed was to hack into one of our GPS sites that is used by the cell phone industry, as the microchip that was implanted ended up being the same chips that all of our cell phones have in them. It appeared that Gavin was in Las Vegas.

"What would he be doing in Las Vegas?" I asked.

"Probably gambling. We do a lot of gambling in our world, and if he needs money to live here that is the best way for him to get it." Sheila replied.

"For him to end up with any money he would have to win, and most people who go to Vegas do not leave there with any money." I said.

"People from our universe have no problem beating your systems. We are far ahead of this universe with our gambling. So, I suspect that Gavin will be winning steadily, and will keep it up for a few days. I wonder how he managed to get himself a pair of glasses?" Sheila asked.

"How far ahead of you was he?" I queried.

"I think he was about a day ahead of me. And you got my glasses in record time, so I doubt that he was able to get his as quickly. So I bet he only got to Vegas today." Sheila said.

"So, if I take some time off, and we fly to Vegas tomorrow we should be able to catch him. Where do you have to be to go back through the portal?" I asked.

"Right here in this city, near where you found me." Sheila replied.

"What grounds can we arrest him on?" I asked.

"That is the problem. There are no grounds to make an arrest on this universe. Whenever we chase anyone through the portal we usually have to kidnap them and bring them back." Sheila replied.

"That is going to be a real problem. We wonít be able to fly back with him, so that means we will have to take my car and drive to Vegas. That is about a 2 day drive. Have you anything that you can use to keep Gavin sedated?" I asked.

"I hoped that you might be able to help me with that." Sheila answered.

"I probably can. Tomorrow morning I will request a week of my vacation time by telling my supervisor that I have a family emergency. Then, hopefully by tomorrow night we will be able to be on our way." I said.

"That will have to do. I am very grateful for your help Joe." Sheila replied.

I was able to book 2 weeks of my vacation time starting immediately. So, after I finished work for the day I went to see one of my snitches, who happened to be a small time drug dealer. He fixed me up with something that was guaranteed to put anyone into a comatose state. Then I fueled the car, and went to pick Sheila up, telling her that if we both drove a stretch we could likely be in Vegas by the same time the following evening.

I drove for the first stretch, while Sheila slept. Then Sheila took over. I was a little apprehensive about how good her eyesight was with her strong glasses, but after she drove for a while I could tell that she could see perfectly well. The night turned into day, and we were putting the miles under our tires. At the rate we were traveling we would be in Vegas a few hours earlier than I had figured. I had been pulled over once by a New Mexico trooper, but my badge got me off with a stern warning to keep the speed within the limit. I was just happy that I had been driving, because Sheila wouldnít have been able to produce a license.

We pulled into Vegas, and using my laptop we discovered that Gavin was at the Wynn. We needed some sleep badly, so we checked in and grabbed a few hours. When we woke up we looked for him and he was still playing at the tables. We knew he would be wary of someone wearing thick glasses, so I decided I would be the one to get close to him.

Gavin was a very good looking man. He wore glasses that were every bit as strong as Sheilaís, although whoever had supplied his glasses had given him myodiscs. They looked good on him though. I sat next to him at the blackjack table, and observed him for a while. He seemed to win steadily, not a lot at any one time, but a very steady stream of chips piled up in front of him. He left that table and moved on, so I discretely followed him to the menís washroom. I checked for any surveillance cameras, and noticed that there was no way I could give him a needle without being caught myself.

We were going to have to catch him on the street, or in his own hotel room, but I was afraid that we would need both of us to do this. Finally I decided that we would have to get Sheila a pair of contact lenses so that she could approach Gavin and maybe get him to pick her up and take her back to his room.

I knew that we could probably have a pair of contacts sent overnight, so I called Melinda. Melinda had tried a pair of lenses in Sheilaís eyes when she did the eye exam, so she knew what size, and power to order. Melinda promised to have them rushed to our hotel.

We could not let Gavin see Sheila with me, so we made sure that while we waited for the contacts to arrive we were well away from the strip. We toured the Hoover Dam, and we drove to Death Valley and Pahrump just to kill some time. It took 2 days, but when we went back to our hotel after the second day, a package was waiting. I had already bought a contact lens case, and some solution, so we went to the room, opened the package and cleaned the lenses. I helped Sheila insert the lenses into her eyes, and when she had them in she was amazed that she could see perfectly without her glasses.

"Wow, this is amazing. I could get used to being able to see without my glasses." Sheila said.

"Well, donít get too used to it. I get more excited when you are wearing your glasses. Here on this universe where there are so few ladies who wear nice strong glasses you are a rarity and that turns me on." I replied.

"Does that mean that you wouldnít make love to me if I was wearing contact lenses?" Sheila asked.

So, I proved to her that it didnít matter if she wore glasses or contacts, I would still make love to her. After we finished we showered, and we went down to see if we could find Gavin again. Of course we knew pretty well where he was, and he was at the Excalibur, in a high stakes poker game. When the game finished and he came walking out, Sheila made sure that she passed by him walking the other way. I saw him turn, and look at her, but then he walked on in the direction he had been going. I followed him, and before long Sheila came back. He was at a blackjack table and there were 3 empty seats. Sheila took the seat next to Gavin, and we both played blackjack for a while. Before long I noticed Sheila and Gavin chatting. When I lost another round I left the table and walked far enough away that I could observe them.

The plan was that I would get into Gavinís room, and wait for Gavin and Sheila to come in. Then Sheila and I would overpower Gavin, and give him a shot, rendering him unconscious for a good long time. Then we would hustle him to the car, and we would head for the portal, so that Sheila could get Gavin back to his own universe to stand trial. I would rather have let Gavin escape, so that Sheila would have to stay here, and chase Gavin forever, because I would remove the transmitter from his body. But, I couldnít do that.

Our plans worked without a hitch. Gavin was in custody, we were almost back home, and Sheila was preparing to take Gavin back through the portal.

"Where will you find your clothing and your glasses Sheila?í I asked.

"I am not sure. I hope they will be right where I get back to my universe." Sheila replied.

"If Gavin finds his glasses first he will be able to escape while you are looking for yours." I replied.

"I will give him another shot just before we go through. But I wonder if I am wearing contacts if they would go through as part of my body?" Sheila asked.

"You could try." I replied.

So, at the portal Sheila handed me her clothing, and Gavinís clothing and glasses, and she took him back. I was very sad to see her go, because I had fallen in love with this gorgeous nearsighted creature from a parallel universe. I did tell her she was welcome in my bed anytime she wanted to come to visit.

A few weeks later I was awakened by a knock at my door. Sheila stood there, wearing an old dirty pair of jeans, and a tattered T shirt.

"I need a bath and my clean clothing. And you can bring me my glasses so I can take these contact lenses out. They are killing me." Sheila said.

After she had her bath, and was again dressed in clean clothing, we sat together in the living room chatting. Apparently wearing the contact lenses was both a good, and a bad idea. She had no way to store the contacts when she got back to her own world, but she did end up placing them in water so they didnít dry out. And when she got back home she realized that she was just an ordinary person in her world, but in my world she was very special Ė at least to me. So, since she knew that I was in love with her, Sheila decided that she would come back and live with me.

I was more than happy.


Jan 2010