A Successful Search

by Specs4ever

I guess I was 13 or 14 when I first realized that I was attracted to women who wore glasses. At that age I didnít really differentiate between minus lenses, or plus lenses, nor did it matter to me as to how strong the lenses were. But as I grew older, I began to notice that the girls with minus lenses attracted me more. Then, as I got out into the world I started to see that there were far more girls with weak minus lenses than there were those with strong minus lenses. By the time I had reached my early 20ís I was finding that the girl had to have a bit of lens thickness sticking out behind the frame, and that the front of the lenses had to be flat to really draw my attention. And then, one day on a bus I spotted a girl wearing myodiscs. This was such a rare sighting that from that day on I searched for ladies who wore myodiscs, and it was after that sighting that I discovered just how rare a myodisc sighting actually was.

When I was 15 I started working in a computer repair store. The owner custom built computers which he sold through his store. Whenever I wasnít fixing computers I was assembling computers from new components, and then loading the computers with the operating system and the necessary software. During my days at school I was learning computer programming, and as a result by the time I was 24 I was writing and selling custom software programs to businesses. I was generating quite a reasonable income doing this. During the following year I expanded and I hired 2 other people to write software with me.

I didnít charge nearly as high a price for my software as some of the well known companies did. However I more than made up for the lower revenue by customizing programs that we had written for specific companies, and jobs they wanted the software to do. We wrote facial recognition packages for company security, as well as software for video surveillance. As the company grew I had to hire even more people. Mark, my second in command had been hired from a company in the UK. The minute I saw Mark I knew he was the man for the job, as he was the first male myodisc wearer I had met. After he had been working for me for a few months we were chatting one day and I almost laughed when Mark told me that his strong myodiscs had probably been the reason he had not been hired by the last company he had interviewed for. I didnít have the nerve to tell Mark that the very same myodiscs were the main reason why he had been hired by me! Of course he had come to me with good recommendations, and he had proven his worth to the company during the past 3 months, so I simply told Mark that this was their loss, my gain. Markís wife, Janelle was also a myodisc wearer, but it didnít take long for me to spot that Janelle was wearing myodiscs with only about a -6D prescription. I really wanted to ask Mark about this, but I also didnít want to let anyone in on my little secret about my own obsession about glasses by being too inquisitive.

Mark and I had created ourselves a special project. There were a lot of other companies working on software that was designed to integrate every person into the countries health care records. But to the best of our knowledge no companies had hit on the vision and dental care side. So, Mark was writing software for the dentists, and I was doing the same for all the ophthalmologists and the optometrists. It had taken a lot of time and effort, but I had most of my software up and running. And, I had put a back door into my software. In the very near future every doctor that used our software and examined and prescribed glasses and or contacts that were over a -15D prescription would be sending a copy of any prescription that was written to a Mrs. or a Ms. to my computer. And the really neat part of this was that if I examined the prescription and wanted to check the patient out further, I could get the patientís name, age and address without leaving any tracks.

The one flaw in my software was that any doctor using it would now be able to send an electronic copy of the patientís prescription directly from their office to the optical store. So, once this system was in day to day use there would no longer be any way for a patient to boost or alter their own prescription. Actually the patients would no longer even be issued a written prescription unless they requested one. But, I still supposed that anyone who wanted to change their prescription themselves could still order their glasses online.

As you might have suspected, the main reason I had for setting up this software was to allow me to find a real life high myope for myself. I was getting tired of hitting dead ends. I just hadnít been able to find anyone in the normal manner, and even though I had spent countless hours online I had drawn a blank there as well. Every time I saw anything posted that purported to be from a highly myopic lady, by the time I followed this up, I generally discovered that the lady was either a ghost, or was so well hidden that I could not bring her to the surface. So, I was really happy that this software was going to be out there very shortly. Everybody, including Janelle, seemed to be determined to set me up with someone they knew, and I had absolutely no interest in anyone but a lady who wore strong minus glasses

Janelle, Markís wife, had not had anything to do with the computer software, but I had hired her soon after Mark started working for us. She was a very efficient receptionist and secretary, and I quite enjoyed having her around. And, I might have been mistaken, but I was almost certain that her prescription had increased slightly. Mark seemed to like buying her new glasses and every 2 or 3 months she would show up wearing a different pair. By now it was time to start selling our programs, and I had gradually come to realize that Janelle would be a perfect leader for the sales team. She had been born in Germany, and spoke Spanish as well, so after she got the sales team up and running in the US, she was going to head for Europe. Mark could work anywhere, so he was going to go with her. I planned to stay at the office to run everything, and work on software that would integrate our vision and dental records with the other versions of software that had already been sold to doctors and hospitals. Our software wouldnít be nearly as effective or saleable if we couldnít do this, but I really had no worries, as Mark had already come fairly close to a complete interface.

Soon we had sold and installed a decent number of programs, and I was beginning to get results. I had not known that there were as many people that wore a -15D prescription as there were. So, before I got bogged down in searching out a suitable lady, I rewrote my little backdoor program, changing it so that I now only got results from people with a -20D or greater glasses prescription, and a -16D or greater contact lens prescription. I also had the program separate the Ms.ís from the Mrs.ís. I realized that there was absolutely so sense in overloading myself with ladies who were already married..

Just as the rewritten program went back online I was looking at one of my normal eyewear aficionado websites one day. There was a posting on seen on the web that I looked at, and when I ran across the picture of one lady I was absolutely blown away. The heading for the picture was Lisa mit ihrer fast -24 diops starken extreme dicken brille. I immediately wanted to see if I could find out more about this young lady. She had a fantastic smile, and her eyes behind her thick lenses twinkled as if to tell me that she was a very friendly person. Also, on the same site, there was a picture that said that the girl was Lisaís optician wearing an old pair of Lisaís old, even thicker glasses, along with a picture of her wearing her own glasses.

So, I copied these pictures to my computer, and within a few minutes I had fired off an email to Janelle, who was with Mark at her parentís place in Germany for a few days.

"Janelle, donít ask any questions, but can you concentrate on Austria to start. Give the sales people a copy of attachment 1, which is a picture of an optician in Austria. When they find her, show her picture 2, captioned Lisa. I donít care what you have to offer. Give away a copy of the software if you need to, but get me the name and address of Lisa."

A little over a week passed, and then Mark showed back up in the office unexpectedly. I knew that there were going to be questions asked, however I didnít expect the turn of events that came.

"So, whatís up with this picture of "Lisa"?" Mark asked.

"I donít think I can hide the truth from you Mark, as you are about as close to a best friend as I have. I saw this picture on the internet, and I fell in love with the picture. I donít know the girl yet, but I am hoping I can fall in love with her as well." I replied.

"I didnít know you had a thing for girls who wore glasses." Mark said.

"I always have, but I manage to keep it hidden. But now that it is out in the open, can I ask you why Janelle wears myodisc lenses in her glasses? Her prescription is no where near strong enough to require myodiscs." I replied.

"I know it isnít, but she wonít do GOC like me, and I want her to wear myodiscs." Mark replied.

"You do GOC? What is your real prescription?" I asked incredulously.

"I think it is about -4D or -5D now. When I started at age 20 I didnít need any prescription, but I have been making the plus contact lenses weaker than what I need for the past 8 years, and now I have developed some natural myopia. Janelle was only around -3.50 when she was 19, and I have added slightly to her prescription every year we have been together so that she is about -9.50 now." Mark replied.

ĎI thought she was only around -7D or so. That is one thing about myodiscs. You canít really tell the prescription of them. Anyway, what are you doing back?" I replied.

"Janelle has found the girl in the picture for you. One of us needs to be in the office, so here I am." Mark replied.

I was ecstatic. I booked a flight to Vienna, Austria and arranged for Janelle to meet me as soon as I arrived. I could tell that she had talked with Mark by the knowing smile she gave me.

"Lisa is employed as a waitress in a restaurant not far from here. She speaks a bit of English, but she isnít what you would call fluent." Janelle told me.

"I really donít care how much English she can speak. All I am interested in is if she looks as good in real life as she did in her picture.í I responded.

"She is attractive, and for some reason her strong thick glasses do not distract from her looks." Janelle replied.

"Well, letís get going. I canít stand the suspense any longer." I said.

So, we headed for the restaurant where Lisa worked. I asked Janelle if she, or anyone else had spoken to Lisa, but Janelle didnít think so, unless the optician had let it slip that someone was showing a picture of Lisa around Vienna. We watched for a minute to determine which section Lisa was working in the restaurant, and then I asked for a table in that area. Lisa was very attractive in a wholesome sort of way. She was not a model type of beauty, but was rather attractive like the girl next door. When she smiled her eyes lit up behind the thick lenses of her glasses, and her face developed an infectious grin. We ordered, and I had her come behind me to point out an item on the menu. She had to take the menu from my hand and bring it closer to her glasses, but she didnít do it in an obvious way. And when she was writing our order on the order sheet, she appeared to be holding the sheet a little closer than normally someone would, but again she wasnít making her poor eyesight an obvious thing. I was completely enthralled with her.

Over the next week I ate at least one meal a day at the restaurant. The food was good, and reasonably priced. I had determined that Lisa worked the breakfast and lunch crowd, and usually left the restaurant by 2:30 in the afternoon. I managed to position myself just far enough away from the restaurant on the route that I had observed her taking for the past few days, and I planned to "accidentally" meet her as she walked by.

I saw her walking down the street, and I slowly walked in the same direction, slightly ahead of her. I slowed at every shop, and glanced in the windows at the displays, and finally I felt her presence coming up beside me. I turned sideways and greeted her. She looked at me, recognized me as a customer, and a decent tipper, so she responded. I walked along with her for a while, and I asked her if she would care to attend a concert with me the following evening for a well known group that commanded a good price for their tickets, but had been sold out for months. She seemed surprised that I had tickets, but she agreed to go with me. I asked her if she was taking the bus home, but she told me that it wasnít far, and she always walked, so I asked her if she minded if I walked her home, so I would know where I should pick her up the following evening. So we continued walking for a few more blocks, and she turned up the sidewalk to a nice well kept 2 story home. I suggested that if she was agreeable I could pick her up early, and we could have dinner with Janelle and Mark. Mark was flying in that evening so that he and Janelle could go to the concert, and then they were going to Germany to spend a week with Janelleís parents. Lisa remembered Janelle, and she agreed that that would be nice. I suppose she felt that she might be better off with someone around who spoke her language, although I hadnít noticed Lisa having much of a problem with English.

The following evening we pulled up in a long black stretch, and I went to the door to accompany Lisa to the car. I could see her eyes widen as she looked at the car, and I also noticed a bit of a question mark on her face, as if to ask herself what she was doing with this guy who had plenty of money to spend. The restaurant that Janelle had chosen was one that someone of Lisaís walk of life would normally never have had the chance to go to, and again I saw the little look of puzzlement in Lisaís eyes. The menu for the restaurant was a listing of just the meals that were offered. There was no price shown, and again I saw that look cross Lisaís face. I told her to order what she wanted, so she did, and when we had finished eating we got in the waiting limo, and the driver took us to the concert. I told the driver that I would call him as we were leaving the concert, and not to get out to let us out. I opened the door, got out and held it for Lisa, Janelle and Mark to disembark. Lisa, Janelle and Mark started to walk towards the people collecting the tickets at the doors, but I called them to follow me, and we headed towards a private door, blocked by a security guard. I handed the guard my tickets, and he let us in, where we were met by an usher, who took us to a private box. You could see that these boxes truly had the best seats in the house, and for the price I had paid for our private box I was pleased with that. Lisa and Janelle had been chattering together, and I could see that Lisa was questioning Janelle as to how I could possibly afford all this.

"Make sure that you tell Lisa that we have earned our money honestly Janelle." I said with a grin.

"I didnít know you could understand deutsche boss?" Lisa asked.

"I have been taking lessons recently. I might want to stay here for a while." I replied.

"How long are you planning to stay away from the office?" Mark asked.

"Well, that all depends on a pretty girl with long blond hair, a beautiful smile, and an attractive pair of glasses with red frames. Lisa, are we going to be all right at this distance for you to see the group? I can have them move us closer if you feel the need." I said.

Lisa blushed, and said, "No, this is fine right here. My eyes are only bad without my glasses. They are good with them, but what about your friend Mark? He looks to have strong glasses too."

"No, this is great for me. I am like you. I can see fine with my strong glasses." Mark replied.

The concert was far better than I had hoped. The group was a Scottish group that has a very strong following in Europe, but I hadnít heard of them in America. Some of the songs were done in Gaelic, but most of them were English, and I found I quite liked the hard driving Celtic music. When the concert was over I called our driver, and by the time we reached the street he was waiting for us. He dropped Janelle and Mark off at our hotel, and I rode with him to Lisaís home. I could tell she was having a bit of trouble with something, but finally she came out and asked me if I would like to have dinner with her and her mother the following evening. I agreed in a nanosecond, and asked her if I could bring anything, but she told me that all I needed to bring was myself. So we agreed I would be there by 4:30 the following day.

I couldnít wait until the next evening. I did spend some time talking with Mark and Janelle before they left to drive to Janelleís parents, and I was pleased to see that they both had a favorable impression of Lisa. Letís face it, I had fallen madly in love with a picture of an attractive lady wearing a pair of very strong glasses, and what you see in a picture isnít always what you get in real life. But so far it seemed that the picture hadnít lied.

I took a bouquet of flowers for Lisa and her mom. And instead of pulling up in the limo, I walked from my hotel. Lisaís mom seemed very nice, but she didnít speak much English, so any question she wanted to ask me had to be translated through Lisa. And a couple of times I realized that the question that Lisa was asking me wasnít exactly the question that her mom had asked. But I just answered as well as I could. I hated to leave, and when Lisa walked me to the door I felt her brush up against me, and I turned to see her lovely red lips looking a little like they wanted a kiss. So I kissed her, and it was very pleasant.

"Will I see you again?" Lisa asked.

"You will see me so much you will get sick of me" I answered, and she laughed.

It took another few dates before I was able to convince Lisa that she should spend the night with me in my hotel room, but she finally did. She surprised me. She wanted to make love with her glasses off, and when I asked her about that, she told me that she had her eyes closed most of the time anyway. I simply told her that she could take them off if she wanted, or she could wear them, if she wanted.

I had been away from the office for about 6 months, and it was time I headed home. But I couldnít leave before I asked Lisa to marry me. I did, and she surprised the heck out of me when she told me that she couldnít marry me.

"Why not? Do you not love me as much as I love you?" I asked.

"I do, but I canít leave my mom here." Lisa replied.

"We can bring her with us. I will build her a house of her own that is on our property, but is a separate house." I replied.

"She will never leave her 2 sisters." Lisa replied.

"She isnít going to live forever. I know she is only 65, and has a long time left, but I canít wait for her to die. I love you, and want to marry you and have children with you." I replied.

"But I canít leave her. I love you too, but she is my mom, and she raised me after my father died." Lisa said with tears in her eyes.

"Here is an idea to think about. What if we have 2 homes, one here, and one back on the west coast where my office is located? We can fly from one to the other every 2 weeks. Could you be away from your mom for 2 weeks? We could even spend all but one weekend a month with your mom." I replied.

"You would be willing to do that to marry me?" Lisa asked.

"Girl, I am in love with you. I will do anything I have to do. But, I do have to make sure I keep earning enough money for us to live on, and that means I canít neglect my business. I can work anywhere in the world, but I do need at least 2 weeks a month at the office." I replied.

"If you will do that for me, I will gladly marry you. I donít think any other man would do that." Lisa replied.

The wedding took place a month later. Lisa and I had a short one week honeymoon, and returned for a week. Then we went back to America for the next 2 weeks, and I introduced Lisa to everyone. She loved my house, and even though her mom wasnít going to come to live with us I did make arrangements to build a granny cottage for her just in case.

It wasnít any trouble at all living in Austria for 2 weeks a month. We had purchased a nice home there as well, within walking distance of Lisaís mom. Lisa did not drive, and I wondered why, because her eyesight seemed to be exceptionally good for someone with as much myopia as she had. But Lisa explained that in Austria, anyone who needed strong glasses such as she wore had to go for an eye test every 6 months, and Lisa didnít feel that she needed to drive badly enough to go to the trouble.

During our time in Vienna I gradually got to meet all of Lisaís family. She had an aunt and an uncle on her dadís side, and they each had a boy and a girl. On her momís side there were 2 older aunts that were older than Lisaís mom. The oldest, who was about 73, had 3 girls, and her sister, who was about 70, had 2 girls and one boy. There were no glasses wearers on Lisaís fatherís side of the family, except for a pair or two of reading glasses. And Lisaís aunts on her momís side didnít wear glasses, nor did any of their children. But the oldest auntís oldest daughter had a daughter who was about 14 that had pretty strong glasses, and looked as if she was going to take after Lisa in her final prescription. So, somewhere in Lisaís momís family there was a genetic predisposition to high myopia, as well as a genetic predisposition to girls. It was highly likely that Lisa and I would have a girl and maybe, just maybe if we had a daughter she might be very shortsighted like Lisa. I wouldnít have minded that.

On my next birthday, I turned 38. Lisa was only 27, so she wasnít in a real hurry, but I wanted children. We practiced a lot in bed, and finally it happened. Lisa was pregnant.

Lisa wanted to have our kids born in America, so finally she talked her mother into coming over for a while. Her mom liked the little cottage I had built for her, and after a while she didnít think it was all that bad staying in America with us. After Linda was born, Lisaís mom stayed for a couple more months before she returned home. And, we also returned to doing our 2 weeks in Europe, and 2 weeks in America.

Mark and Janelle had been busy as well. Mark had gone to India, and he had strong plus lenses implanted in his eyes, in front of the iris. So now Mark was a full time real life high myope, and he loved it. Janelle had a couple more small increases, and had reached somewhere around -11D before she became pregnant. But during her pregnancy she grew even more nearsighted, and after their son Christian was born Janelle ended up with a prescription of about -15D. Now her myodiscs looked a little more realistic, although she still didnít really need myodiscs.

I had never used the back door in the software that Mark and I developed. My search had been successful beyond my wildest dreams.


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