A Voice From Above

By Specs4ever

My parents moved the year I entered Junior High and I felt very sorry for myself as I was leaving my classmates from my old school behind. My parents however felt that since I would be going to a new school anyway, this would be the best time to move. And, I suppose that they were correct, because after a few weeks at the new school, I was as comfortable as I had been at my old school.

I didn’t really pay much attention to girls at this point in my life. But in my grade 6 class there was one girl who stood out. Sharon was petite, and very pretty with long blond hair, and tiny dark blue eyes, hidden behind thick lenses in her glasses. Sharon had a few girlfriends, but none of the other boys gave her a second glance. And, I suppose I wouldn’t have either, except that I ended up being prescribed glasses myself during my grade 6 year.

The minute I showed up at school wearing my glasses, our teacher moved me right up to the front row, and I ended up sitting beside Sharon. So, we were thrown together. And, over the next few years, as we went from grades 6 through 9, Sharon and I became quite good friends. Sharon got new lenses in her glasses fairly regularly. And each time, for a little while before she got new lenses, I was the one who would have to help her with whatever the teacher had written on the board. Sharon and I could get away with talking in class whenever there was anything that the teacher was writing on the blackboard.

I had a few prescription increases as well, and by the time we both entered Senior High, I think I was wearing –5D lenses in my glasses. I wouldn’t even venture a guess as to what Sharon’s prescription was. I do know that when we were in grade 10, Sharon wore glasses that were all dished in on the front, and were at least ¾ of an inch thick at the edges. By Grade 11, Sharon’s glasses were much thinner, but they had little circles in the very center of her lens that she had to see through. All the other guys were pretty unkind to her, and Sharon and I spent a lot of time together. By the beginning of our senior year, Sharon and I were together all the time, and we went to the movies, and all the school dances together. I do know that that year her prescription was just over –20D, because she told me one night when she was crying about her terrible eyesight.

I suppose I should have married Sharon. We enjoyed each other’s company, and we had been sexually active – with precautions of course. The first night it happened I had even replaced the 5-year-old rubber that I had carried in my wallet with a brand new one. I still remember what a vision Sharon looked that night, with her slender, pale white body, and her long blond hair, and her tiny eyes gazing lovingly at me through the strong myodisc lenses of her glasses as we joined together at the loins.

But, I went off to a University on the west coast. Sharon went into nursing, and although we vowed eternal love, within a few months she met a new guy. I had met a new girlfriend, but I hadn’t told her about it, so I played the hurt part when I received her letter telling me that she had a new guy, and I wrote back a nice letter telling her she had broken my heart, but I wished her nothing but success and happiness.

I don’t think I realized it at the time, but on reflecting back, I am sure that I chased after Andrea more for her myodiscs than anything else. Andrea was short, only about 5’3, and she was very buxom. She also was a lot heavier than Sharon. With her dark curly hair ringing her face, and her big breasts, I doubt that I would have found her very attractive if she had not worn myodisc lenses in her glasses. And, Andrea’s myodiscs appeared even stronger than Sharon’s were.

But, a relationship built on an attraction for the other parties’ glasses is not a relationship that is destined to survive. There were just so many things about Andrea that I didn’t like, and as her weight increased over the year we went together, I just couldn’t picture myself with her waddling down the aisle beside me. When we went our separate ways after that first year at university, I was relieved. I hadn’t wanted to hurt her feelings, and although we promised that we would stay in contact, I was pleased not to receive any messages from Andrea.

I searched for a bit more than a year before I found Katie. Katie was slim and petite, and was a real dynamo. Katie wore contact lenses most of the time, but when I noticed her in the library studying one afternoon wearing her glasses, I couldn’t resist the temptation to check them out. They were very thick, at least ¾”, and they were in a pretty small frame for the time. Of course, this was during the early 90’s, and the large plastic frames of the 80’s were just going out of style. When I walked over and sat down beside her, Katie seemed a bit flustered, and I knew that she would have loved to take off her glasses, and hide them away. But, I knew that with her eyesight this was not an option. So, I sat there and conversed with Katie about an assignment that we had all been given, and I didn’t say one word about her glasses. I let on that the sight of her wearing glasses didn’t faze me one bit.

So, now I knew that Katie wore strong enough glasses to be worthy of my attention. I managed to spend a lot of time with Katie over the next few weeks, and one evening she accepted my invitation to a movie. This was the beginning of a very close relationship that lasted over the last two years of university. I very seldom saw Katie wearing glasses during our relationship, and the height of our relationship was when Katie and I went to select new frames for her new stronger, myodisc lenses.

I don’t know exactly what happened to our relationship. It was really strange. One day we were together, then the next day we were off on our separate paths. I suppose I should have appeared more committed, and possibly we would have gone on and gotten married, but I let Katie slip away.

Over the next 6 years I found 3 or 4 other ladies who wore myodisc lenses in their glasses for me to date. But, I didn’t really connect with any of them. Brigitte, who I met while I was traveling in Germany was probably the best looking, and the nicest of them, but we had a little language barrier. And, Brigitte didn’t want to leave her family, and move to the USA with me. I was just as positive that I didn’t want to move to Germany.

So at age 30, I had been unable to find a girl who wore myodiscs for me to date. I had now been searching for over a year. I was a little despondent about that fact, and that evening when I went to bed, I said my usual prayers, and then I added, more as a joke than anything else: “And, please God, help me meet a nice lady who is very nearsighted and wears myodiscs for me to marry.”

That night I woke to a clap of thunder. Standing at the foot of my bed was a dark shadowy figure. I grabbed my glasses and put them on. The figure became clearer. It was that of a gray haired, heavily bearded man, dressed in long flowing robes, and holding a staff.

“God, is that you?” I asked.

“That’s me - God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, the man upstairs, the Supreme Being, and whatever else you want to call me.” God said.

“What, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Did you, or did you not ask for a very nearsighted lady who wears myodisc lensed glasses to marry?” God asked me.

“But God, I was only kidding. I wasn’t really serious. I know you have more important things to do.” I said.

“Bullshit, you were not kidding, you were serious as could be. But, let me tell you buster, I have gone out of my way to provide you with nearsighted ladies to go out with. At last count I have sent 7, count em, that’s 7 ladies who wore myodiscs for you to chose from, and you have let every one of them slip away. Do you know how hard it is for me to match severely nearsighted ladies with men who like to see them wearing glasses? Do you have any idea of my hardships?” God said in an angry voice.

“I had no idea God. I’m sorry.” I replied.

“Sorry? Well, I suppose that changes it all. And now, because you are sorry that you let them all slip through your finger I am supposed to send you another one. Every time I think I have the balance perfect you darned earth dwellers come along and invent something new. Before contact lenses were invented it was easy. Girl wore very strong glasses, meets boy who likes girl wearing strong glasses, and they get married – end of story. After contact lenses came along I had to double my production of girls wearing strong glasses, just to keep up with demand. So many girls will never appear in public wearing glasses and that has made it almost impossible to match everyone up properly. And, just when I thought that doubling the production of high minus ladies was going to do it, some doctors came along with this darned laser surgery. So, I had to triple my production. Now, these same doctors are doing lens implants, and I am at my wits end.”

God almost shouted at me.

“God, I had no idea of your problems.” I replied, trying to calm him down.

"Of course you didn’t. You people just think everything happens naturally. I create thin attractive young ladies who wear glasses because over 60% of the men on this planet have indicated that they prefer women who wear glasses. Then, these same young ladies overeat and become quite heavy. Now, there are only so many men who are attracted to heavy women, and these men may or may not be attracted to ladies who wear glasses. This then creates a problem, an imbalance. And then some of these same original thin ladies become lesbians, or else some of the men become homosexuals. So everything is thrown out of kilter. You people don’t realize that there is a master plan to all of this.” God told me.

“But, you are God, you are the one who created all this. Why don’t you just fix it so the balance is perfect?” I asked.

“Hey, this isn’t something that I have the time to fix for every person. I am working 24/7 anyway, and I am supposed to be able to rest on Sundays.” God said with a pout in his voice

“But what can I do to help?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing, there is nothing you can do. I am sorry that I had to vent my frustrations on you. I will send you one more lady, but you are going to have to hunt for this one. Remember, leave no stone unturned.” God said.

And then there was a flash, and he was gone. I fell back to sleep, and when I awoke the next morning my encounter with God was still embedded in my mind. I thought I had dreamed all this. I was sure I had dreamed all this. However, I remember taking my glasses off, and placing them on the nightstand last night, but when I awoke they were on my face.

And all the next day the words “leave no stone unturned” kept rolling around in my mind. What did he mean by this? Surely there was no way I was going to find a lady wearing myodiscs under a rock. But no, God didn’t say rock, he said stone. I spent a lot of time thinking about this at first, but as time passed, some days this never entered my mind.

I work in the loans department in a large bank. I don’t often do automobile loans, but the manager of this department was away at a seminar that day, so I was asked to fill in for her. My first client of the day was an ordinary looking pleasant young lady in her early 30’s – about my age.

“So, Mrs. Jones, you have found an automobile you would like to purchase?” I asked.

“Yes, I have. I need to borrow another $5,000.00 to give me enough to buy the car.” She said. I liked her voice – smooth and silky, and a little sexy.

“Well, I see from your file that you have been with Banning and Berkley as a legal secretary for 5 years now. You are also putting $12,000.00 from your savings into this car purchase, so I can definitely approve your loan. I will have our typist prepare the documents for you to sign, and you can have the loan immediately.” I replied.

“Oh, just one thing I wanted to ask you. I am recently divorced, and I am thinking of returning to my maiden name. Will this create any problems?” she asked.

“No, actually we can use your maiden name on the documents right now. We can use Jones/whatever. What is your maiden name?” I asked.

“Stone, my maiden name is Carrie Stone.” Carrie replied.

Leave no stone unturned. Was it possible? Could this be the Stone he referred to?

I sent the documents over to the girl who prepares them, and a few minutes later she was back for Carrie’s signature. I had been watching Carrie like a hawk. I thought I could see contact lenses on her eyes, but in the lighting in my office I couldn’t be sure. I watched as she brought the papers closer to her face to read them before she signed. I wanted to think that she brought them up closer than someone with normal vision would have, but I just couldn’t be positive. Oh how I wished I knew for sure.

I had to place a copy of her driver’s license in the file with her loan application, so I asked for her license. As I walked to the copy machine I noticed that indeed it was restricted to the wearing of corrective lenses. So, she definitely wore contacts.

I gave Carrie the $ 17,000.00 check made out to the dealer for the purchase of her car and asked. “ Would you be available to go out to dinner with me Friday evening, or are you otherwise engaged?”

“I have something on Friday, but I am not dating anyone if that is what you are wondering.” Carrie said.

So, I arranged to take her to dinner on Saturday night. We dated for a few months before I managed to be invited for a sleep over. That is when I discovered a lovely pair of wire framed myodisc lensed glasses on a shelf in Carrie’s bathroom. Once I knew that she indeed required myodiscs, I knew that God meant this to be my last chance, so I was resolved to never let her get away. And I didn’t.


May 2005