Be Careful of What You Wish For

by Specs4ever

As I mentioned earlier on Eyescene, I have this thing about wearing glasses, very high minus glasses at that. To do so, I wear plus power contact lenses, with glasses over them. I travel a lot, and can go for days wearing this combination. It has even come to the point where I have gotten to prefer my vision this way, and I have often wished that I had to actually wear the glasses all the time.

The other morning I awoke in my motel room, put in my contacts, and as I so often do, slowly brought glasses up onto the bridge of my nose so the delicious blur of the distant objects came gradually into focus. But for some reason, this morning things seemed still very blurry. I always carry a lower prescription pair of contacts, as well as a lower minus pair of glasses to wear around people that know me, as I have just not been able to bring myself to appear in my strongest glasses, since they do look to have a lot of edge thickness from head on. I slipped in the lower strength contacts, put on my stronger glasses, and was surprised to see how clear my vision was. The day went on, and I returned home. As I usually do, I removed my glasses/contacts combination before my wife returned from work. But, I couldn't see. I checked my collection of contacts - a rather extensive plus collection, but not so good for minus lenses - and came up with an old pair that I actually had had to wear at one time myself. In they went, and sure enough, I could see clearly again. My vision had, at one time been as high as a -10D with glasses, and for some strange reason, over about a 2 year period, I had lowered my prescription to -4.50. I had been extremely unhappy about this, and that is when I got into the wearing of the plus contacts and minus glasses. And now, for some strange reason, I was again becoming nearsighted. I was very pleased at this turn of events, and that evening when I took my lenses out before bed, it was exciting to see the familiar blur of the bedroom.

The next morning I was back out on a trip. Just to be safe, I packed my contact collection in my case. As the day went on, and lunchtime approached, I noticed that road signs had become a blur. I switched for a lower prescription pair of contacts again. That was much better, but as the afternoon went on, and I checked into my motel room, I noticed that again things were a blur. I was now down to a +5 and a +7 contacts, and was still wearing my -17.50 glasses, but before I could go out for supper, I had to lower the contacts strength again. I was now down to my lowest strength plus contacts. After supper, I watched a bit of TV, and when I took my glasses off, and my lenses out, I noticed that I really could see nothing more than a blur past the end of my nose. I tried to read, but it was impossible. I went to sleep, and in the morning, as I sometimes do, I put my glasses on to enjoy the blur. But, there was no blur. Without any plus contacts, I could see just fine. I checked both eyes, but I couldn't see clearly through the left lens, which I expected, since I naturally have about a -2.00D difference, so to keep my glasses thickness about the same, I have my left eye glasses lens only about 1/2 a diopter less than my right eye, and I had been wearing a contact lens that was +2 diopters stronger in my left eye to do this. I was in heaven all day, wearing my glasses naturally without the bothersome irritation from the contacts. As nightfall came, I suddenly noticed that it was my left eye that was clear now, and my weaker right eye was blurry. It was great for reading in my room that night, as the one eye was perfect for watching TV, and the other was just right for the newspaper. The next morning, I was excited as I put on the glasses, but now I couldn't see. I was a little worried, but thought that I would slip in a pair of minus contacts, and if I had to wear my weaker glasses, I would. I popped in the -4.50, and -7.00 contact, and put on my stronger glasses. With my glasses pulled down from my nose a bit, I could see fine. So I went through the day and by evening I had to shove my glasses right to the end of my nose to see. That night in my motel room, I could barely see the TV. I went to sleep, and when morning dawned, I had a great deal of difficulty seeing anything. I grabbed the glasses and found that they were next to useless. I went for my lens collection, and put in a -9D and a -12D contact. With the glasses on I could see again. I did some rough calculations, and figured that I would need a pair of glasses that were about -33D. I had no idea how I was going to do this, nor how I was going to explain my sudden vision deterioration to anyone. I have a fairly extensive spectacle collection, but nothing in my collection was this strong. I managed to get through the day, and back to my motel for the night.

The following morning I got up, barely able to distinguish between light and dark. I couldn't even see printed words by holding a book right up to the end of my nose. With great difficulty, I went for the strongest contacts I had in a minus power. I thanked my luck that when I had ordered my +20's I had also ordered a pair of -20's. I put them in. A minus 20 contact lens has about 26 or 27 diopters of spectacle correction, but things were still a blur. I put my weaker glasses on, and could manage to see well enough to drive. I was really starting to get worried now. With my minus 15 spectacles, and my contact correction, I was now around a -42D. I had wished so many times in the past that I could be this nearsighted, but I was now beginning to realize that I was losing my ability to function. I managed to squeak through the day, although by early afternoon I had had to put on my stronger glasses - giving me about -45D of correction. As I drove home in a bit of a blur, I wondered what I could possibly tell my wife, and my friends. As I go close to home I could feel my pulse starting to race. My heart was beating faster and faster. I was breaking out in a cold sweat. As I turned into the driveway, I could see through the blur that my wife's car wasn't in the garage. I hurried into the house. I was going to have to find a stronger pair of glasses, and try to concoct some sort of believable story. I got inside, closed the door, and tripped on the rug. My glasses went flying, and I hit my head and blacked out.

I awoke with a start, in my motel room, with the telephone ringing its wake up call. I tried to see the clock, but it was a blur. My glasses were on the bed beside me, so I must have fallen asleep with my contacts in. I put my glasses on, and the room came into focus. What a nightmare. I promised myself that never again would I tempt fate by wishing for as much myopia as I could get.

When I went to take my contacts out that night they were already in the case!