Blindly Shanghaied

by Specs4ever

Jackson's family had been involved in prostitution for four generations, since long before he was born, and he was now in his early 40's. He had developed a reasonably good rapport with his girls. As long as they did their jobs and brought in the money, there were no problems. But, it was not because the girls loved him. Sometimes, he had to do a little pushing here and there in order for them to do his bidding. When he took over the job from his father, there were a few girls that tried to escape, by running away. After a few, well placed beatings, the other girls never even thought of fleeing. And Jackson also had a number of other ways to convince the girls to remain working exclusively for him.

Right now, there was a new group of girls arriving from Russia. Jackson didn't know how Vassiljy managed to get these girls over to the States without any problems, as Vassiljy kept his mouth tightly closed as to how he recruited the girls and sent them over. This, however, was the first group that Jackson was going to personally inspect. Normally this work was done by one of his associates. Jackson got into his Mercedes 500SLC to drive down to the port where he would first see the group of nice Russian blondes that Vassiljy had told him would be arriving.

Jackson waited in the nicely furnished office of one of his accomplices to personally welcome the girls. Jackson already had waited for more than an hour when he heard a van arrive. "These must be the girls," he thought. He was right, almost right, to be accurate. Instead of several girls as promised, there was only one girl. Jackson was a little bit upset, as he saw only the one girl approaching the office door. From what he could see from his position at the window she seemed to look terrific. Everything appeared to be in the right places, a nice pair of well shaped tits and a nice butt, like two eggs in a hankie. But when she turned her head, he saw that she wore glasses, the thickest pair of glasses Jackson had ever seen on a woman's face.

"Oh bloody hell," he thought, "this one may be difficult."

And he was correct in his thinking. The door opened and the girl entered the office pushed by an unfriendly looking lad who had his last shave several days ago. Jackson realized the girl was a little bit frightened. She peered at him, squinting her eyes until they were just narrow slits behind her thick-lensed, golden wire rimmed glasses. "Are you dhe boss here?" she addressed Jackson with a heavy Russian accent.

Jackson said that he was the boss. She said that her name was Svetlana and that she found it quite strange that she was transported to a job hearing in such a remote portal area. Jackson was now alone with Svetlana in the office and was quite amused to hear that she had applied for a secretarial job by answering an ad in a paper. Jackson thought that without those horrible glasses with the inch-thick lenses, she might well be one of the best looking girls he ever had. She was tall, about 5' 9", a beautiful face with prominent cheek bones, very fair skin, large well formed breasts, and beautiful, natural blond hair. Jackson considered that it might be difficult to get her working, but he had special measures by which to convince her, if she wouldn't cooperate.

Jackson got up and walked around his desk, giving Svetlana a much closer look. He could barely see her blue eyes, which she was squinting almost closed behind the thick lenses. The lenses were reflecting a lot of light, especially when she moved her head. Jackson thought, "She must be nearly blind, even with those thick glasses". Svetlana also must have thought that this job must be different from what she had expected, as she said: "OK. Mr., I tink it es better if I leave right now. I don't vant to verk here, for you."

Jackson said, "Oh no Svetlana, I have a wonderful job for you at one of my clubs."

Svetlana turned around and tried to leave the office. But Jackson was much faster and was at the door before Svetlana could reach it. Jackson grabbed Svetlana's glasses, pulling them off her nose, and he pushed her back towards the desk, forcing her to sit down in a chair.

"OH Mr., don't do dhat, please gife me back my glasses, I need dhem to see. Without dhem I am almost blind."

"No, you'll have them back later on, if you are a good girl," was Jackson's reply.

Jackson watched Svetlana, who sat in her chair without saying a word, just squinting her eyes almost closed. It was obvious that she was struggling to see. Without her glasses, Svetlana was unable to function, as anything that was more than half an inch past the end of her nose was just a complete blur of colored smears. She was unable to make out distinct figures, but she was able to tell that there was a person in the room by the vague shapes. She had a spare pair of glasses in her purse, which was very wise for a very high myope like her. But, she was also wise enough to know that she shouldn't take them out now, because she felt it would not be a good thing if this man knew that she had them. That, however, was a useless hope because the next thing Svetlana realized was that her purse was taken from her lap. She heard the snap being opened and the contents of her purse emptied onto the desk.

"I will confiscate your other pair of glasses as well," Jackson said, "because where you're going to work, you will not need glasses."

Now, Svetlana was even more frightened, and asked, "What kind of verk are you talking about?"

"You'll see soon enough," was Jackson's reply.

Svetlana heard a cracking sound coming from the desk in front of her. It sounded like breaking glass. Jackson had just smashed her glasses. Svetlana was now trapped. She heard Jackson leaving the office. If she had her glasses she could have tried to escape, but without them, it was useless to even give it a thought, as she would have difficulty just to find the door. She got up and felt her way carefully to the desk. She felt all over for her glasses. She found the two pairs but couldn't feel the lenses in the frames and realized that they must have fallen out. She had just empty frames with no lenses. Then she found a fairly large piece of what had been one of her lenses. She picked it up and carefully let it slide into her skirt pocket. She had just sat down in her chair, when Jackson returned to the office again.

"Oh I see you have been a good girl. You didn't move. We should get more half blind prostitutes, it would greatly prevent them from running off at the first chance," Jackson said, laughing out loud.

Svetlana became fully aware what was to be her fate and tears started filling her non focusing eyes. She then felt a cloth being pressed on her mouth and nose that was giving off an awful smell, reminding her of a hospital. Then everything went blank.

Svetlana woke up with a terrible headache and a horrible taste in her mouth. Without her glasses, she could not see where she was. Fortunately, she still had her clothes on. She felt for the piece of her spectacle lens in her skirt pocket. It was still there. She brought it close to her right eye and peered through the broken lens. It was very fortunate for her that it was a rather large piece and the center part of the lens hadn't been damaged. She could clearly see that she was in a pretty, well furnished room, with the colors being done mostly in pink and red. She was lying on a big red, round bed, with a large mirror mounted on the ceiling. Svetlana had seen enough. She placed the lens back into her skirt pocket. She had to find a safer place to hide the lens.

As Jackson had expected, Svetlana had needed only a few minor beatings to convince her that it was better to cooperate. After only two months, she had become the most popular girl in his club. Everybody wanted to be with Svetlana, the Russian beauty with this fantastic body and those big blue eyes that had this soft and unfocused look. Jackson had been with Svetlana, as well, during her apprentice time. He knew that she really was worth the $1000 a night that he was charging for her.

From the moment she had been brought there, Svetlana had been constantly thinking about how she might flee from Jackson's club. She had worked on her broken spectacle lens with a nail file to round off the sharp edges, so she wouldn't cut herself. It was not as difficult as she had thought it might be, because the lens she had saved was the plastic lens of her spare glasses. The plastic was fairly easy to work on. After a week, she had filed the lens to an almost round shape, which she kept in her bra most of the time. She had learned to move around her boudoir, feeling things and measuring distances, just like a blind person moves around their apartment. None of her clients ever realized that she could barely see them and was almost completely blind.

When she was sure that her clients were sleeping, exhausted from their lovemaking, Svetlana would often take out her lens and inspect the clients. She often was tempted to approach one of them, to see if they would be willing to help her to escape, but the memories of Jackson's beatings were too fresh in her mind for her to take a chance. She was almost certain that no one would find out that she was being kept prisoner against her will. But, she was to be proven wrong.

Mark was enjoying his life as a single man again after his divorce. Mark was pleased that he had spent a lot of money on a good lawyer for a bulletproof wedding contract. This had left his financial affairs intact after his divorce, much to the dismay of his ex-wife, who would have to go back to work after several years of a lazy life as a socialite. Mark had recently been invited to join a special club by a colleague. From the outside, it appeared to be just one of the old fashioned English clubs for gentlemen. But, by giving the doorman a substantial tip, accompanied by the special code phrase: "I'm with Mr. B. Franklin," he was led through a hidden door in the back of the club, reaching the real club. Mark met Svetlana and soon was one of her steady clients. Mark visited her 3 or 4 times a week. They became almost like a married couple, and Svetlana fulfilled any sexual act that Mark could imagine or desire. Mark secretly had always had a thing for girls that wore strong glasses. His ex-wife had worn contacts most of the time. He knew that her prescription was quite strong, but she was so vain that she had always refused to wear her glasses during their lovemaking. Then when Mark found out that she had had laser surgery without asking him first, he became suspicious, and hired a private detective, who provided him proof of her infidelity. So, now he was a free, very wealthy man, and he didn't mind spending as much as he did on Svetlana.

Mark actually had a glasses-fetish and had a very impressive collection of strong minus glasses that he had bought on auctions out of e-bay or in thrift shops. He had already selected a pair of strong glasses in a red oval plastic frame that would go well with Svetlana's blonde hair, and her fair skin. The lenses were about 20 mm thick and certainly between -15D and -20D strength. He felt he knew Svetlana well enough now to have the nerve to ask her to put this "accessory" on for him during lovemaking.

Mark was very busy this week and he had to postpone his visit to the club. But, finally his business was finished for the week and he headed for the club. He checked his pocket to be sure he had brought his "accessory". The glasses were there, right in their hard case. Mark arrived at the club and was anxious to see Svetlana. As one of the club's more important customers, he was immediately waved through the club without the need to give the password phrases. Mark hurried up to Svetlana's apartment. She was already waiting for him.

"Oh Mark, my dear dalink, where hafe you been all dhis time? I started to tink dhat maybe you no longer like me anymore," Svetlana said, as she waved him in."

Mark told her about his work that had kept him very busy for the first half of the week and that he was very happy to finally see her again. Svetlana opened the usual bottle of Champaign that always came first at the beginning of their encounters. Mark had turned away from Svetlana to get rid of his jacket and tie. When he turned back to look at Svetlana, it seemed that she had been holding something in front of her right eye. He pretended to not have noticed anything, and they sat together on the small couch, sipping their glasses of the very expensive Veuve Cliquot Champaign. Mark was still thinking about how to bring up the subject of the glasses that he wanted her to put on during sex. Maybe, I'll ask her the next time he thought, but then he thought, "I keep paying $1,000 a night to spend with Svetlana. This little extra request should not be too much for the fee I am paying".

When they were on the bed about to start, Mark took out the glasses and said to Svetlana, "Svetlana would you mind putting these on for me. They will give me a special kick".

"Put on vhat?" asked Svetlana who could see nothing.

"This pair of glasses," said Mark, putting them on Svetlana's little nose.

Suddenly, everything came into focus for Svetlana, for the first time in months. She had seen Mark through her little lens, and although it was very brief and imperfect, she had been pleased with what she had been able to see. But now, she could really see him, almost as well as if she had her own glasses on. How did Mark know her secret? Had Jackson mentioned something to Mark?

But when Mark spoke again, Svetlana knew that Mark must have a thing about girls that wear glasses. She had heard about this, but this was the first man she knew that seemed to like glasses on women.

"Svetlana, these glasses are very strong, so strong that you won't be able to see anything much out of them. If they hurt your eyes, just look over the top of the rims or close your eyes. It makes no difference to me, as long as you keep them on while we are having sex"

"OK, Mark I vill keep them on, if you like, I vill gladly do as you vish," said Svetlana, who was extremely happy to finally be able to see a client the whole time while she was doing her job.

If only there were a way to keep them, when Mark left, as she could see so much more with them than she could see with her little piece of lens from her former glasses. She had to figure a way to keep them, after she finished her work. This time, she really enjoyed the lovemaking, as she was able to see what was going on around her and in the mirror mounted on the ceiling above the bed.

When they had finished, Mark said, "Thank you so very much Svetlana that was a great time. Thanks for keeping the glasses on, but you better take them off now."

As he said this, he reached out and took the glasses off Svetlana's nose. Svetlana almost panicked because the world disappeared back into the blurred state she had been in since she was imprisoned at the Club. She could not see where Mark was putting them, but she heard the snapping sound of what sounded like a case being closed. Svetlana still had no idea how to get her hands on the glasses Mark had brought. She liked them so very much and their red color went well together with her blonde hair. As they were lying side by side on the bed enjoying each other's bodies, an idea started creeping into Svetlana's head. As Mark apparently liked women with strong glasses, why not tell him the truth about her extremely poor eyesight and need for strong glasses. Maybe Mark would feel sorry for her and help her find a way to escape. Since Mark could afford to spend $1,000 for her, at least twice a week, he seemed to have more than enough money. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. Svetlana knew that she had to have help from the outside to get out of this club, because Jackson's men kept all of the girls under strict surveillance.

"Mark, may I have a look at dhose glasses again?" she asked.

"Sure," Mark said, handing her the case.

She opened it, with Mark looking closely at her. She took the glasses out and put them very close to her eyes to inspect them.

"Svetlana are you extremely nearsighted?" came Mark's question out of the blue.

"Yes I am, how do you know?" Svetlana asked.

"By the way you look at the glasses, you're holding them very close to your eyes!"

Svetlana put the glasses on and looked at Mark, saying "I can see so much better vith dhem. It es the first time in months dhat I have been able to see tings."

She started telling Mark how she had applied for a secretarial job, and that she had been kidnapped, and forced to work as a prostitute in the club. She told him about Jackson who had taken her glasses away from her and destroyed them and had beaten her until she had finally given in, and done his bidding. Mark listened to Svetlana's story in disbelief, but the story seemed to be so unreal that it might well be true. Svetlana told Mark about Jackson breaking her glasses and how she had found part of one lens and had filed off the sharp edges. She then showed him the broken spectacle lens that she had filed into shape and any doubts that Mark might have had, vanished. Mark liked Svetlana very much and told her that he would be happy to help her out of this horrible ordeal. He gave her the glasses to keep hidden, and told her that she should be very careful not to let anybody know that she had glasses again. Mark told her that he had a friend who was a retired FBI agent and that he would ask him to work out a plan to help her. They agreed that Svetlana would continue working for the rest of the week and that Mark would be back the following evening. Mark left Svetlana full of hope. Mark arrived home and sat down for a moment to think it all through, again. Soon he reached for his phone and rang Henry's number. Mark was pleased when, after the 2nd ring, Henry answered the phone. Mark told him what he had heard from Svetlana. Henry was silent for more than a minute and Mark knew that his friend took the story all very seriously.

"Mark, we must find a way to keep you out of all this. You know that kidnapping and prostitution are capital offenses in the US," Henry said.

"Henry, I have to go back in there, because I am the only one Svetlana can trust and she is essentially helpless, as she is virtually blind without glasses," was Mark's reply.

They agreed that Henry would use his old contacts at the FBI to come up with a solution for their problem. Mark went to bed and realized that he really loved Svetlana and that it hurt him very much, knowing that she might be working right now. After a few hours of restless sleep, the ringing of his doorbell awakened Mark. He got up and put on his gown and opened the door. Outside, were two FBI agents. They told Mark that Henry had already filled them in on the story. They also told Mark that the FBI had already tried to find a way to get somebody into the club. Their biggest difficulty was to catch Jackson red handed, which they very much wanted to do. They worked on a plan and told Mark that if he collaborated with them, they in return, would swear Mark in as a temporary undercover agent. All Mark had to do was to go back to the club and make his usual visit to Svetlana and get a few answers to a list of questions that the agents had given him. They gave Mark one of their new digital radios that couldn't be intercepted by scanners. Mark could hardly wait for nightfall, so he could go back to the club.

Mark arrived at the club and went directly to Svetlana's apartment. When Mark had closed and locked the door, Svetlana put on the glasses and put her arms around Mark and kissed him. It was very hard for Mark to stop, without taking Svetlana to bed, especially since he had paid the price, but then he thought of how great it would be when he had Svetlana all to himself, after the club was closed down. He showed Svetlana the questions the agents had given him. Svetlana looked them over and could answer almost all of the questions contained on the list. Mark switched on the radio and had the agents online immediately. Mark gave them the answers they needed. Mark learned that they had enough information now to raid the club. They were only waiting for Jackson to return, so that he could be caught in the trap as well. They told Mark to stay with Svetlana. They would give Mark and Svetlana 5 minutes warning, before they started raiding the club. Mark and Svetlana sat together on the couch and this time, it was Mark who started gently to kiss Svetlana on her neck, ear, and mouth. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, she was very pretty, wearing the red framed glasses that were holding those strong lenses.

"Svetlana what will you do when all this is over?" Mark asked her.

"Vell, it all depends on you, Mark. I had hoped to stay vith you, because I veel that you really care for me a lot." Mark was speechless, as he had been trying to think of a way he could tell her that he wanted her to stay with him. Svetlana looked at him. Mark gently pushed her glasses up, which had fallen down her nose.

"Tank you Mark," Svetlana said, as they continued to kiss.

Shortly after that, the radio gave a series of 5 beeps. That was the signal. Mark checked and the door was still locked, so they waited for what was coming next. Exactly 5 minutes after receiving the signal, they heard shouting and a few shots. Then all was silent again. After about 10 minutes, there were three knocks at the door, the established all clear signal! Mark went to the door and opened it. One of the agents he already knew was there together with another uniformed police officer, who was holding a man with his hands handcuffed behind his back.

"Is this Jackson?" he asked Svetlana.

"Yes, dhis is dhe man who kidnapped me and forced me to verk in thes club," said Svetlana.

Mark stood beside her and watched the scene.

"We need to you to make a statement today Miss, so that we can formally charge him, and then tomorrow the district attorney will require a deposition," the agent said.

Once she made the statement, Svetlana was free again to go wherever she wanted to go. She changed clothes and was with Mark soon afterwards. They left the club and went to Mark's house. Svetlana looked around and liked what she saw. The following night, Mark had the best sex he had ever experienced. Svetlana put on several different glasses from his collection, while they were having sex, asking him frequently, "do you like me more vith this one, or dhat one?" changing them back and forth. But the most erotic thing for Mark, this evening, was when she looked at him through the single spectacle lens, which she had recovered at the beginning of her ordeal and had shaped with her nail file. It almost made her look like Marlene Dietrich in her famous movie, "Blue Angel".

The rest of the story is history. Mark and Svetlana got married three months later. Svetlana wanted to have their bedroom furnished as an identical copy of the bed room in the apartment at the club. Mark had asked her why she wanted to have that done, and she answered that after all those bad memories, without her glasses and not being able to see anything, and being a prisoner and forced prostitute, it would remind her every day, how very lucky she was to have found her very dear lover and savior there. After hearing this, Mark gave in and they had the bedroom changed to the way Svetlana wanted it. Mark got Svetlana several pairs of new glasses so she could clearly see again and they continue to have great sex together, with Svetlana seeing everything.

Jackson is now serving a 25-year term in a federal penitentiary in Texas.

From a story by Andy, with revisions by Specs4ever, and final editing by Aliena.

Jan. 2002