Carrieís Story

by Specs4ever

My name is Carrie Anderson, and I am nearsighted. Actually, I am so nearsighted that without my glasses the world turns into a blur any further than a few inches in front of my nose. I didnít choose to be this way, and I donít think I did anything to make myself this way. It just happened, and while I hate the fact that I am almost blind without my thick glasses, I am very happy that I have glasses and I can see well enough to function, hold down a job, and raise my kids.

I first noticed that my eyesight wasnít nearly as good as the other kids in my class when I was 7, and was in grade 2. I didnít think my eyes were really bad, but sometimes some of the other girls would talk about something that was over on the other side of the classroom, and I just couldnít see it unless I walked closer. There was no use in my telling my parents about it. My dad was a disabled veteran, and was only able to work part time at a low paying job. And mom was a waitress at the restaurant in town, but she barely earned enough to keep a roof over our heads, and food on the table. Our clothing, while always clean, was mostly always from garage sales, and while I didnít mind wearing second hand stuff, I knew that a pair of glasses for me was not in the budget.

The following year, in the early fall, my best friend Lynn got glasses. Sometimes she would let me wear them, and it was a wonderful feeling to put them on, and find out that I could see so much better. Lynn had to get new glasses in the spring, because her eyes had gotten worse. So, knowing that her old glasses helped me to see, Lynn gave them to me. My parents didnít seem upset or anything when I showed up at home wearing Lynnís old glasses, and I think that they were relieved to not have to buy me a pair of glasses if I needed them. Lynnís newer glasses helped me a lot more though, as she let me wear them a few times, and I could see so much better with them. But, Lynn needed these glasses herself so I always had to give them back to her.

I donít know if Lynn told her mom that I was wearing her old glasses or not. I do know that when Lynn had her next eye exam, and came to school wearing her next pair of new glasses she was carrying a second glasses case. She came up to me, opened the case, and gave me the glasses that were in it. I put them on, and it was wonderful. I could really see a lot better now. I thought that at first that these were her other glasses, but I had worn them once in a while, and these had a different frame. Then Lynn explained to me that she had gotten 2 pairs of glasses for the price of one, so these glasses were in her newest prescription. The only thing we were going to have to do every once in a while was to trade glasses, so her mom would think she was switching between the 2 pairs. I know that Lynn had told her mom that I was wearing her old glasses, and they were not strong enough for me, so part of me sometimes thinks that maybe Lynnís mom knew that I would get to wear the second pair. But this is only speculation, and she never said a word to me about my glasses looking similar to Lynnís or anything else about my eyesight when I was over at Lynnís visiting.

This set a bit of a pattern. Now when Lynn got new glasses I would get her second pair. And, the second pair never came too soon. I was very grateful to Lynn for doing this, but I knew that my eyes were a bit worse than hers were, and that even when I got her newest glasses, they were already too weak for me. However I had no choice, as the blur with her newest glasses was always a lot less than the blur without any glasses.

When Lynn was 13, she got her usual 2 pairs of glasses along with a pair of contact lenses. At this time her prescription was -4D, and the numbers on the packages of contact lenses read "BC 8.6 Dia. 14.0 sphere -4". There were 6 packages of individual lenses in the carton, and Lynn explained to me that these were 30 day lenses. She could wear them for 30 days, and then had to throw them away, and open a new package. Over the next few weeks Lynn wore her contacts a lot, and she tried to talk me into trying them as well. I wasnít too excited at the thought of sticking something in my eyes, but finally I let her talk me into doing it. It was really quite simple putting them in my eyes. And once I was wearing them it was wonderful to be able to see without wearing glasses. Lynn showed me how to take them out again, and how to clean them, and put them in the case. Then she surprised me by giving me a bottle of solution, as well as the case with the contact lenses. Now I could wear contact lenses to school also.

And I did just that for a while. Since she was sharing her lenses with me she had to make her lenses last for 3 months for each carton, Lynn was stretching her wearing of contacts out to at least 2 months for each package, and she explained that since she didnít wear them every day, she was sure that this would be all right. I accepted her explanation, and I also wore the contacts she gave me for at least 60 days. They usually still felt as good as the day I first put them in, so even when Lynn gave me a new pair, I still wore the old ones.

Lynn had let me keep the old pairs of glasses I had worn of hers. One day, when I had her contacts in I pulled some of her old glasses from the drawer, and tried them on over top of the contacts. The oldest pair, her first pair, made things a whole lot clearer. Then I tried the second pair I got from her, which was the first pair of her 2 for 1 glasses. Things just jumped out at me. Everything was so crisp and clear I could hardly believe it was possible. The next day I went to school wearing glasses over contacts.

When Lynn saw me wearing those old glasses she asked me what was going on, so I told her that I had experimented, and I could see wonderfully this way. At first I think it bothered her that I was doing this, but then she realized that my eyes were much worse than hers and that by doing this I could see properly. Lynn had never made me feel inferior because my family was poor, and she was a true friend, so I was happy that she could now accept me doing what I had to do in order to see properly.

When I said I hadnít done anything to make my eyes worse, I did mean that. I honestly donít know if I changed up to a stronger pair of Lynnís old glasses before I really needed them or not. I just know that I tried on another pair a month or so later, and found that the clarity that I had become accustomed to when I started doing glasses over contacts was back. So, before long I was wearing Lynnís 4th pair of glasses over my contacts. This pair worked well for a few more months, and then I had to switch up to the next and final pair. This was the first time I knew how bad my eyes were. I knew I was wearing -4D contacts, and I knew that the prescription in the glasses was -4D. So, my eyes must have, at this time, needed a prescription of -8D.

Lynn and I were both 14 when Lynn had another eye exam and got another 2 pairs of glasses and her new contacts. This time her contacts and her glasses were both -5D.

I was still doing well wearing the -4D glasses over the -4D contacts, and Lynn had a carton of 4 packages of lenses left over, so I would be good for a while. Fortunately Lynn still kept on with her routine of wearing the new contacts for 60 days, as she had done with her old ones. I was wearing each pair of her contacts for about 90 days myself, so I also had a few spare pairs.

Within 6 months I had been forced to start wearing Lynnís newest -5D glasses over the -4D contacts. Lynn had done the math as well, and she realized, as did I, that my eyes must now be around -9D. I tried to take the contacts out every evening and just go around our house wearing the -5D glasses only. But, being uncorrected by -4D makes it hard to get around. I was a little worried that I could damage my eyes if I wore the contacts too much; however as my eyes got worse, and worse my options were becoming limited.

By the time I was 15 I was wearing the Ė5D contacts under the -5D glasses. I was actually worried that maybe I was going blind. I really wanted to go for my own eye examination, but still there was no money to be had. And now, my 12 year old little sister was also wearing an old pair of Lynnís glasses, so there was no possible way that my parents could pay for eye exams for us both. I did the only thing I could think of. I got a job after school working at the grocery store. I had to give my parents part of what I earned, but I was still able to hoard the rest of my money.

I was still quite comfortable wearing my -10D combination when Lynn had to go for her next increase. This time her new glasses were -6D, but her contact lenses were only 5.50D. I asked her why this was, and she explained that since the contacts were placed directly on the eyeball, there was less power needed for the contacts because the glasses were further away. I sort of understood this, but was still a bit confused.

It seemed that Lynn was able to get away with an increase of -1D every year. I had begun to realize that I was experiencing a -1D increase about every 6 months, and that my prescription was double Lynnís. And my increases didnít stop. That was the year we both turned 16. I found that I had to switch to Lynnís -5.50D contacts about 3 months after she got them. Then about 4 months later I was wearing her -6D glasses over the contacts. At this rate my eyes were going to be more than twice as bad as Lynnís before she had her next increase. And, after working a whole year after school I only had a little over $150.00 saved. Lynn told me that her glasses were over $200.00, and that didnít include the price of the exam. I was going to have to wait at least another year before I would have enough money for my own glasses. There was no use even thinking about asking my parents for money. My little sister had shot up rapidly through Lynnís old glasses, and was now at age 13 wearing the -5D pair. And even with those glasses she still couldnít see properly, so I knew my parents were going to have to take her for an eye exam before there was any money for me. In other words, forget it girl, you are on your own.

Lynn did jump another -1D by the time she was 17. Now she wore -6.50D contacts, or -7.25D glasses. I went immediately into her -6.50D contact lenses, and within 3 months was wearing her spare pair of -7.25D glasses over them. I gave my little sister the old -6D glasses, and she said they helped a bit more than the old -5D ones did but they still didnít give her very good eyesight. That was when my parents took her for her own eye examination, and the doctor discovered that Sherry was quite nearsighted and also had a lot of astigmatism, which neither Lynn nor I had. Sherry needed a prescription of -4.00D x -3.75 x 90 and -4.25 x -4.00 x 75 according to the slip of paper that the doctor gave her.

By this time my parents knew I was wearing Lynnís contacts under Lynnís glasses. They had even spoken to the doctor that they took Sherry to about this. The doctor knew that we didnít have much money, either for an examination, or for new glasses, so he told my parents that he would give me a special price on the exam, and we could make payments on a pair of proper glasses for me. I felt that my eyes would likely get a little worse soon, enough so I told my parents that as soon as I felt I couldnít see well enough with Lynnís latest glasses and contacts I would go for a proper eye exam.

I managed to struggle through until a few weeks prior to my 18th birthday before I made an appointment with the doctor. I knew that according to the glasses and contacts combination I was wearing I would need a prescription of at least 14.25D, and since things were really not very clear, my prescription would likely be a lot stronger than that. The doctor gave my eyes a very thorough examination. He didnít say a word to me about the methods I had used to get to this point other than to tell me that fortunately I had not done any more damage to my eyes by doing what I had needed to do. When he finished his exam he had his contact lens fitter take me to the contact lens fitting room. She told me that they didnít have much of a selection for contacts in the prescription that I required, but if I could wear a new brand that they were trying out they could get me a pair of contacts from the trial lens selection.

I put the lenses in, and I looked around. They were absolutely wonderful, and I felt I could see everything. The doctor had told me that if I could wear these contacts he would be able to sell me a one year supply for only $125.00. I had managed to save a total of $300.00, and I told the doctor that I needed to have a pair of glasses I could wear, rather than just contact lenses. So, the girl let me keep the trial lenses, and then she took me out to where the glasses selection was so that I could pick out a frame. The girl told me that a couple of the frames I liked would not work with my strong prescription, but after looking at a whole bunch of frames I finally found a frame that was on sale for only $59.95. Until this point I had absolutely no idea what my glasses prescription was going to be, and I was a little shocked to see that I needed a prescription of -16.50D for both eyes.

When I ordered my new glasses I was told that the lenses would be very thick. The price of the new thin lenses would have been an additional $100.00 on top of the $150.00 that the normal priced lenses were. I added up the cost of the frame and the regular lenses and came up with around $209.95, and I told the girl that I just didnít have the money for the thinner lenses, so I would have to order the regular ones. She told me that sometimes for very strong prescriptions the lab used the thinner lenses anyway, and didnít charge any extra, nor did they say anything about it. So, we ordered the regular lenses, and my new glasses were scheduled to come in the following week. When the bill was made up, my total, including the exam, was only $225.00, and when I asked about this, the girl told me that the doctor had given me a pretty big discount. I was more than happy to have $75.00 left over, because I had a feeling that with the way things had been going I would probably need new lenses for my glasses again before the year was out.

When my glasses arrived the optician called and left a message. I couldnít get there in time the first night because I was working, but I took the following evening off work, and went to pick them up. The girl told me that she thought that the lab had given me the thinner lenses, but when I looked at them I was astonished to see how thick they looked. I wondered how thick they would have been if I hadnít been given the thinner lenses. When I took out the contact lenses and put on my new glasses I had a bit of trouble getting used to focusing through the glasses. But finally the optician had the frames adjusted to fit me comfortably, and I went home to show my sister and my parents how blind I really was.

Everyone was surprised to see me wearing my new glasses. Most of my friends were kind enough not to say anything, but I could see a lot of people sneaking a glance at me during school that day. Lynn did comment that she had not realized that my eyes were so bad, but she did so in such a way that she didnít upset me. My family had been shocked, and my mom and dad felt very badly that I had not been able to get the proper glasses that I had needed. But I did my best to tell them that I understood the problem, and that because of Lynnís kindness and help I had been able to see fairly well up to this point.

There was just no way I could afford to continue on in school after graduation. My boss at the grocery store didnít want to see me leave for a full time job elsewhere, so he did his best to see that I was now getting 40 hours of work every week, and even though the pay wasnít the greatest it was about the best I could do without more education.

I had been working at the grocery store full time for about 2 years. I liked my job, and my boss was a pretty good guy. This was a family run business, and I had gone to school with the younger son, who had gone on to take a business course at the local college. His older brother Rick had taken the same course, and was working as the assistant manager. One of the things Rick had suggested to his dad was that every employee should be trained to do every job in the store, and they did that. So, I wasnít on cash all the time, but was sometimes stocking shelves, sometimes at the butcher counter, and sometimes just on general cleanup. I liked this, as it made the job more interesting. I had spent a lot of time at first on the cash register. The scanners made it a lot faster, but every once in a while the scanner wouldnít pick up the price, and we would have to physically read the bar code and enter it manually. Most of the time I could see the numbers without a problem, even though I did usually have to bring the items up closer to my eyes than a person with good eyesight did. But, every once in a while I just couldnít read the bar code. For these times I kept a little magnifying glass handy, and I would quickly whip it out and read the code. I hated to do this, as I felt that combined with my thick glasses it made me look blind to the customers, but no one ever made a nasty comment, and I was pretty fast at doing this, so I hoped no one really thought anything about it.

One day Rick was walking around the store with a suit. I figured this suit was a salesman of some of the products that we sold, but I couldnít figure out which ones, as they had been looking around the whole store. Every once in a while I would feel that someone was watching me, and a few times I turned around to find the suit staring my way. A couple of times I wasnít busy at the register, so I stared back at him for a second or two. He was pretty good looking, and was around Rickís age, which put him about 3 years older than my 21. I just couldnít figure what he was staring at though, as I didnít think it could be me.

That afternoon as my shift was ending Rick came up to me and asked me if I would join him, his wife Steph, and one of the guys from head office for dinner that night. I didnít have any plans Ė I never had any plans in this town, so I saw no reason not to accept the invitation. By now I had gathered that the suit was the guy from head office. We are a family owned business, but we are members of a cooperative buying pool, and I guess the suit was there to check up on us.

Fortunately I had bought a nice blouse and a dress that I thought would look acceptable. I rushed home and showered, did my hair, and put in the contact lenses I had gotten from the doctor when I got my glasses almost 3 years ago. I had been pleased that my eyes pretty well stopped changing once I reached 18 and my eyes had only changed about -0.50D or so over the past 3 years. So the contacts still were close enough to what I needed that I could still wear them for a special occasion. And this was the only special occasion that had cropped up in that time. I was very happy that I had the foresight to change the solution regularly, so the lenses were still perfectly comfortable.

When I arrived at the restaurant Rick and Steph were already seated with the suit. Rick came over and guided me to the table, telling me that I looked really good as we walked. The suitís name was Alex, and Rick introduced me to him. I already knew Steph as she had been a year ahead of me all through school.

I thought I noticed a frown of disapproval on Alexís face when Rick introduced me to him. But he certainly didnít show that he disapproved of anything over dinner. I never really had caught on to the art of making small talk about nothing, and I was happy that Rick and Alex got a spirited discussion going over marketing. I was pretty pleased with myself, as I thought I was able to hold my own in the conversation. And Steph and Rick had just had a baby, and although I didnít know much about babies other than what I had learned in helping my mother with my sister and my 3 younger brothers, I was able to converse easily with Steph. At the end of the evening Alex suggested to Rick that he would be happy to drive me home, so I assumed that Rick had likely told Alex that I didnít drive, and had likely taken a taxi to the restaurant. I was not going to turn down a free ride, as the taxi had set me back 5 bucks including a small tip, but I was a little embarrassed when I realized that Alex would now see how poor my family was by the condition of the house we lived in. But really, I knew my parents did the best they could, so if Alex couldnít accept me, then it was his loss.

I neednít have worried. Alex was a perfect gentleman, and when he walked me to the front door he asked me if he could call on me again the next time he was in town. This was the closest thing I had to an offer in the past 3 years, so I wasted no time in telling him that I would love to see him again. He got my home phone number, and I knew he already could get hold of me through the store. I hoped with all my heart that Alex would call me.

And he did call me. Three nights later he called me at home, and told me that he would be passing through town the following night and would love to see me. I suggested 7 oí clock at my house, but he countered with an offer to pick me up at the store at 5:30. I hesitated for a second because that meant that I would be wearing my glasses, and would not have a chance to shower and get prettied up. But then I realized that he had seen me this way at the store before, so if he could find me attractive in my natural environment then it was all the better.

Alex made me blush when he picked me up. He told me that I was the prettiest girl he had ever met. So I told him that he must be Irish, and was full of blarney. But he said he wasnít and that he meant every word. I told him that I felt pretty the other night when we were at the restaurant, because I was dressed in a nice outfit, and I had on make up, and was wearing my contacts. He then told me that I was every bit as pretty wearing my work clothes, no makeup and my glasses as I had been the other night. I wanted to believe him so badly.

We went to the same restaurant for dinner, but this time I didnít have to share him. Alex and I talked until the restaurant closed, and then we went out to his car and talked some more. I had never had a boyfriend, and I told him so. Then he shocked me by telling me that if I wanted, I had one now. We made plans for the weekend, and he drove me home. Just before I went into the house he surprised me by telling me that it was fine with him if I didnít wear my contact lenses.

That was when I knew. I had been told that some men find girls who need thick strong glasses attractive, but while I hoped I would find myself one, I really didnít believe it.

Now I had found one. Hopefully he wasnít the type of guy who got off on taking away my glasses and leaving me stumbling around helpless. I couldnít handle that.

As I got to know Alex a bit better I soon realized that he was not the type of person who would get off on making me stumble around blindly. He told me that he had always been interested in glasses ever since he was a small boy. His sister had gotten glasses even before she started grade school, but Alex had never managed to fail the eye exam, so he wasnít ever able to get his own glasses. He had gone out with a few other girls who wore glasses, but he explained to me that just because he liked the glasses, if there was no feeling for the person wearing the glasses then there was no reason to go on. Obviously he meant that there was more than just the glasses that attracted him to me, and I was glad to hear that, because by this time I liked Alex a lot.

After we had been dating for a couple of months I mentioned to Alex that I needed to go for an eye exam. I had gotten my contacts for free when I was 18, and got my first glasses that were my own prescription. I had needed a small increase a year later, but it had been 2 years since then, and I felt that I could stand another slight increase. With that Alex offered to pay for new glasses and contacts for me as an engagement present.

"Well that is the weirdest engagement present I have ever heard of. For one thing you havenít even asked me to marry you, and for another, donít most girls get a diamond ring?" I asked.

"If you agree to marry me you will get the diamond ring, the new contacts and a new pair of glasses." Alex replied.

There was no way I was going to turn down that offer. I did tell him that I would wear my glasses for the wedding if he wanted me to, and when he asked why I told him that my sister, who would be my maid of honor, could not wear contact lenses. Of course Alex wanted to know why not, so I had to tell him that Sherry had so much astigmatism that there was no way she could wear contacts. Sherry had been working part time at the store, and Alex had seen Sherry there, but had not realized that she was my sister. Of course he wanted to know what her prescription was, so I had to tell him that her latest prescription was -11.00D x -5.50 x 90 and -11.50D x -5.75 x 75. He whistled when he heard that, and told me that he had never heard of anyone else with that much astigmatism. But then he added that it didnít matter to him if I wanted to wear glasses, as long as I had contacts I could wear if I chose to do so.

I did end up wearing my contacts for the wedding. Sherry told me that she didnít mind being the only one wearing glasses so while I liked my new -18D glasses, I felt that it would be nicer for me to wear contacts. And, I did like my appearance in the pictures without my glasses.

Nothing much changed after the wedding. Alex and I bought a house near work and close to my parents, so that I could continue walking to work. Alex continued to do his job as a marketing consultant for the food chain buying group, and although I didnít really like having him gone 3 nights a week we just couldnít afford to have him leave his job. But when he was home we had a wonderful time. Alex was a gentle and caring lover, and took great pains not to knock my glasses askew or smudge them. The times he did remove them were at my request, and that wasnít very often, as I needed to keep them on to see his face. With the number of times we made love, it was no surprise to either one of us when I got pregnant.

Alex and I had discussed this possibility long before I was pregnant, and we had decided that we would like to have 3 children. But we hadnít planned for the first pregnancy to produce twins. The babies were about a month early, so they were very tiny. They had to stay in the hospital in an incubator for the first 3 weeks, but after another week in the hospital nursery they were allowed to come home. I had been breast feeding them at the hospital, and I continued doing so at home. I was scared, but thrilled to have a lovely little boy and girl. My mom was wonderful, and spent a lot of time at the house in the first month, helping me adjust to my new responsibilities. And, at the end of that month, when I went back to work for a few hours a day, mom came by to be with the babies.

I had met Alexís sister, and his parentís before the wedding, and they came to the hospital when the babies were first out of the incubator. Now that the babies were home they managed to drive out from the city every couple of weeks. Alexís mom was a sweetheart, and his sister was very nice as well. Alex had told me that she was very nearsighted, but she wore contacts all the time, so I couldnít tell if her eyes were as bad as mine were or not. And, when they came they stayed at a nearby motel. We did have a guest room, and we had purchased a fairly comfortable bed, but 3 people would have been a bit hard to accommodate.

Tracey was almost a year younger than I was, and was not married, but she did have a boyfriend. So I wasnít surprised when Tracey asked me if she and her boyfriend could come out the following weekend and stay over at our house. I was always glad to have her around, because she was easy to talk to, and her manners with the baby were good. I could tell she would be a natural mother. And, I could understand her wish to get away from her parents.

When Tracey and Bob showed up the following weekend I noticed that Tracey had driven from the city. So I figured that her eyes couldnít be anywhere as bad as mine were. Even though my doctor had told me that I could pass the vision exam for my license, I had not wanted to do it yet. I thought that if my eyes were still good enough to pass the exam I might learn to drive once the kids needed to be taken places, but for now my dad was quite happy to be able to drive us anywhere we needed to go. Being handicapped had been a hard thing for him to swallow during his life, and he was pleased to help. But one day he would no longer be available, so then I might learn to drive. He had offered to teach me, but his car was equipped with some hand controls, so I declined.

That night Tracey went upstairs to take her contacts out for the evening. I wasnít prepared for her appearance in glasses. Her glasses were very small, oval wire framed, and had lenses that were pretty thick, but had a circle in the middle. It appeared that this circle was the area that she looked through, so obviously it contained the necessary power. Her eyes were very tiny behind this circle, but the side of her face was magnified by the outer edges of the lens. I had watched her as she came down the stairs, and I noticed that she had held on to the handrail pretty tightly.

"Iíve never seen you in glasses before." I remarked casually.

"Believe me, I donít wear them in public, and I donít even wear them around the house often. But my doctor has told me that it is important for me to take my contacts out after about 12 hours of wear so that my eyes have a chance to breathe. I donít want to ever be unable to wear them, so I am doing what he tells me to do." Tracey replied.

"They do appear to be stronger than mine are. Do you mind me asking how strong they are?" I asked.

"No, I donít mind telling you. I am right around -27D in each eye with a little bit of astigmatism. How strong are your glasses?" Tracey asked.

"Mine are right around -18D. Alex bought them for me just before we got married, so they are about 18 months old now. I probably should go and have another eye exam soon, because I noticed that things are getting a little fuzzy." I replied.

"Well, donít let my big brother see you squinting at anything, or he will have you at the eye doctor immediately. I sometimes wonder if the reason my eyes are so bad is that every time he noticed that I couldnít see everything he could he told our parents and they rushed me off to the eye doctor for stronger glasses." Tracey replied.

"So, you were always fully corrected then. I was the opposite. My parents couldn't afford to buy me glasses so I used my best friendís glasses, and she always got the 2 pair for one offer so that she could give me a pair. But I was always under corrected. Then when she got contacts I had to wear her contacts under an older pair of her glasses so I could see. I didnít get a proper pair of glasses in my own prescription until I was 18. Once I turned 18 though my eyes seemed to quit getting worse and worse. Until now I have only gone up -1.50D in the past 5 years." I answered.

"Wow, I wish I could say the same thing. I started grade one wearing glasses, and my glasses have gotten stronger and stronger ever since. I got contacts when I was 14 because I had pretty thick lenses already, and the doctor told my parents that maybe contacts would help slow my progression. They were the rigid gas permeable kind and they were really hard to get used to. But they didnít seem to help, as my eyes just kept getting worse. Now I wear soft lenses, and they even have to be specially ordered. I only got these glasses and my new -21D contacts about 6 months ago." Tracey replied.

"But your eyesight is good enough for you to drive is it not?" I asked.

"It is when I am wearing my contacts. I wouldnít dare go out there and drive with my glasses on. And even wearing contacts isnít quite good enough after dark." Tracey answered.

I was glad that Tracey and I had a chance to talk. Things like this made us grow closer and closer together. She was a very nice person, and we were close enough in age we had a lot of things in common. It did worry me though that since very strong myopia seemed to run in both Alex and my families we might end up with very nearsighted babies. Also, the kids were a little premature, and I had read that preemies often had vision problems. But I discussed the possibility of our children having poor eyesight with Alex, and he didnít seem to be too worried about this.

With Tracey visiting, we began a pattern. Alexís parents would come out one weekend, and then Tracey and Bob would come the next weekend. They always left on Sunday afternoon, and my sister and my parents would come by for a visit. Sometimes one of our 3 brothers would come as well, and once in a great while all 3 of them would come. Sherry had needed a couple more prescription increases, and her newest pair of glasses looked a little like Traceyís. Sherryís lenses had gotten thick enough that they had to shave off the outer edges, and the lenses looked to have circles in the middle. We discussed eyesight quite often, and we couldnít figure out why none of our 3 brothers had needed glasses, nor could we figure out why Tracey had such a high prescription, because Alex didnít wear glasses either.

I had been trying my best to keep from squinting at things. Even though I knew that my eyesight was not as good as it had previously been before I got pregnant I had taken Traceyís words to heart, and I didnít want Alex rushing me off to get new glasses if he saw me squint at something. I had done a bit of reading on myopia, and one school of thought said that if a person is under corrected they will have more chance of becoming more nearsighted because of the under correction. But, another school of thought indicated that a person was just as likely to become even more nearsighted if they rushed off to get a new prescription as soon as they noticed their vision deteriorating. I just didnít know which one to believe. But I guess I hadnít been as good at not squinting around Alex as I thought I had, because one day I was off work and he came home, and told me that he was taking me in for an eye exam.

When Alex and I left the doctorís office he had bought me new contacts and a very expensive pair of glasses. My new -20D glasses were going to be made with 1.74 hi index plastic lenses, and they were going to have an anti reflective coating. The wide temple D & G frames were black with some tiny rhinestones on the temples. They felt really comfortable on my face when we were trying them on, and Alex told me that I would look fantastic wearing them. That almost made up for the fact that my prescription had increased by -2D, but not completely. Sure, Tracey seemed to do just fine with an even stronger prescription, but it still didnít excite me that my eyes were still getting worse.

Once I got my new glasses I was pleased with my improved vision, and I wallowed in the many compliments I got on them. Lynn even thought my eyes had gotten better, because my glasses now looked so thin, and was surprised when I told her my new prescription. She had stopped progressing once she reached -10D, and was now wearing glasses more than she wore contacts. Her oldest boy was now 3 and her youngest; a girl, was almost 1, a month younger than my twins. I had only gone back to work 3 days a week and she would stop by for a visit sometimes when I had a day off.

Tracey and Bob got married, and Tracey asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I was glad to do this, and I felt pretty darned attractive in my bridesmaids dress, wearing my contacts. Mom and Sherry were looking after the twins for the weekend, and Alex and I had a really good time at Traceyís wedding. I donít know if that is when it happened for sure, but I do know that a couple of months later I was doing the morning barfing thing.

And, a visit to the doctor confirmed that I was a couple of months along. Alex was pretty happy when I told him.

I was a little surprised when Sherry told me that our youngest brother, Tim, had gotten glasses. He was 18, and I thought that once a person stopped growing their eyes would not develop any myopia. Obviously this was not the case, as Tim had a first prescription of around -2.50D in each eye. Fortunately he didnít have any astigmatism like Sherry had.

By the time the twins were 2 we had taken them in for an eye exam. The doctor advised us that right at the moment they had good vision. But, most 2 year olds are slightly farsighted, and they can easily accommodate for that at this age. However, since they were emmetropic at this age, it was very likely that they would develop myopia as they reached school age. So, next year I will have to take them in again for another vision exam. Hopefully the baby in my stomach will be able to escape being myopic, but only time will tell.


October 2010