Cold Case

by Specs4ever 

“So here is the way I picture it Jer. In the initial scene there is a picture of a woman lying on a bed, obviously dead. Around her stand the police techs who are working the scene, and a photographer is taking pictures of the dead body.”

“Like a normal opening then”

“Of course. Then the scene fades to black and white, and disappears. The next scene shows someone placing a box containing all the case records on a steel shelf in the storage room.”

“Naturally we have the haunting cold case theme music playing.”


“Now give me the story.”

“Well, the next scene shows an older lady unpacking donations in a thrift store backroom. She takes a pair of very unusual wire framed thick-lensed glasses from a box, and she compares them with a very old and faded poster on the wall. Then we see her calling the police. A couple of detectives show up, and check out the glasses, and the other contents of the box. It doesn’t really matter what else is in the box, as long as one item is an electric blanket. And we also need something that can lead the police back to the girl who donated the box of goodies. Maybe the box can have a shipping label on it.”

“Ok, go on.”

“When the detectives find the lady who gave the glasses to the thrift store, she tells them a tale of how her boyfriend used to make her wear the glasses over a pair of contact lenses whenever they made love. She told one of her girlfriends about this, and it turned out that this girlfriend happened to wear very thick glasses in real life, so the girlfriend wore her glasses instead of her contact lenses in front of the boyfriend one day, and the boyfriend dropped the lady who donated the goods for the real life glasses wearing girl. She knew that he would be upset at having had his things given away, but she just didn’t care.

“Ok, so how are you going to develop this into an hour long show?”

“Well, I think when the detectives are interrogating the thrown over girlfriend it would look cool if when we do the flashbacks as she is giving her story, we have the girl wear the thick glasses. Then during the telling of her story, she can give us a clue as to the name of the guy’s previous girlfriend. So the detectives pick up the previous girlfriend, and either she can give us a clue as to the name of the girlfriend before her, or she can clue us in to how the guy tricked the cops in the initial investigation.”

“You are loosing me with all this glasses stuff. Why was the boyfriend not arrested in the initial investigation?”

“Sorry Jerry. When the initial death was discovered, the boyfriend was the one who discovered the dead girl. Of course he was the initial suspect. But when the medical examiner set the time of death, the boyfriend had a perfect alibi. So, the detectives had to focus their efforts on a supposed burglar. And here is the interesting part. The boyfriend claimed that a sum of money was stolen from the apartment, along with the girl’s jewelry, and her glasses.”

“I am starting to see the picture now. Since the boyfriend had the glasses after the girls death, it makes him suspect again. Have you got any names for these characters? I’m starting to get confused.”

“Bill Miller can be the boyfriend. Then we can call the dead girlfriend Wendy Hill. The present girlfriend, the one with the real life strong glasses could be named Vanessa Jones. I was thinking of Marion Stone for the previous girlfriend, and then the girlfriend before Marion who gives us the clue could be named Jenny Smith. Of course we will use the same detectives we always use, and scatter them throughout like normal.”

“Fine, so let me see if I can get this straight. Bill Miller is the boyfriend of Wendy Hill, and Wendy is found murdered in her apartment. But Bill has an alibi. How does he have an alibi?”

The medical examiner set the time of death at 6:45 in the evening. At 6:30 Bill Miller crashed his car into a lamppost, and at 6:45 he was being given sobriety tests by a couple of patrolmen who answered the call. He was found to have been drinking, but the tests showed that he did not have a high enough level of alcohol to consider him impaired. He claimed that he swerved to avoid a pedestrian who was jaywalking. No pedestrian was ever found, nor were there any witnesses. Prior to 6:30 Miller claimed to have had a couple of drinks in a nearby bar. No one from the police spent a lot of time trying to find anyone from the bar who might have seen him, since the time of death and his accident matched up so well.”

“So, I suppose he was released, and his car was towed?”

“Exactly. Then he walked home, and found Wendy dead. He claims to have picked her up from the floor, laid her on the bed, and tried to resuscitate her before he called the Police.”

“So far so good. Now what’s the kicker here?”

“Here is where it gets good. Jenny Smith tells us that Bill also made her wear the strong glasses over plus contacts whenever they were at home together, and when they were making love. One evening they were watching a police drama on television, and the time of death of a murder was established by the medical examiner. Bill tells her that the time of death can be altered. When she asks how he tells her that keeping a body cold can make the time of death appear earlier than it actually happened, and by keeping it warm can make the time of death seem later than it was.”

“And of course we have Jenny wear the strong glasses when we do the flashbacks?”

“Definitely. I think that this will add a lot to the story.”

“So, Bill has changed the time of death. How has he done this?”

“Well, remember the electric blanket? He killed Wendy, wrapped her body in the electric blanket and turned the heat on to the highest level. He also turned the heat in the house up a little. Then he drank a couple of shots of whiskey, and drove his car into a lamppost. This took him all of maybe 30 minutes. Then after he was finished with the cops he rushed home, unwrapped her body, and called the Police.”

“It sounds all right so far. But obviously he isn’t going to just up and confess. And, what are you going to use for a reason for Bill killing Wendy?”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe Wendy had told Bill that she was going to fly to Canada to have corrective surgery on her eyes so she no longer had to wear glasses. This original story takes place right around the time that Lasik was first approved in Canada. So, I think the story goes that they fight, and he brains her over the head with something, killing her. As far as proving what he did, I was thinking that we could test the electric blanket and find Wendy’s blood, and other DNA on it. After all, it is a TV show, so I am sure that we can get a confession.”

“And, naturally you will have Wendy standing there looking on after he confesses, then she will fade away. But, really, she should be wearing her glasses. How will you do that?”

“Oh. We will just put them on her. No one will notice that detail.”

“I like the part about the electric blanket altering the time of death. I like the part about the booze, and the accident for the alibi. But I find the glasses part weird. What kind of a nut would go around making his girlfriends wear a dead girl’s really thick strong glasses? I’ve never heard of this before.”

“Let me assure you Jer, this is actual fact. There is a group of people out there in the real world who go around wearing thick glasses over the corresponding contact lenses. You know how it can be done. We have done it like this in some of the movies.”

“Yes, I know how it can be done. But what kind of nut would do something like this?”

“I suppose it sounds pretty strange Jer. But the glasses are an integral part of the story.”

“I don’t believe that for a minute. Make it an easily identifiable piece of jewelry. Then the lady in the thrift store can recognize it and call the Police.”

“But, the glasses and the eye surgery are the reasons for the killing Jerry. Without the glasses she doesn’t need to die.”

“Ditch the glasses and just make it a domestic violence killing. The glasses are way too weird. No one will believe it.”

“You are the boss.”

With that I picked up my notepad and opened my briefcase. There, easily visible was a pair of unusual gold wire framed thick-lensed glasses. The boss reached for the glasses and held them up to the light.

“Are these the glasses you were intending to use?”

“Yes, those are the ones. They are from the early 90’s, so they would fit perfectly. And the lenses are regular old plastic, not the high index stuff they have now. I love the way the frames appear to be a frame inside a frame, making the lenses much thinner than they would be if they were full sized.”

“They are still darned thick. They are even thicker than yours are Specs. Too bad we can’t use them.”

“Well, I’ll get to work on a few more scripts. I’ll overnight them to you when I get them finished. See you next trip Jer.”

“Have a safe trip Specs.”

I left the studios, and headed for my motel. I looked at my image in the mirror. I liked what I saw – a tall, older grey haired balding gentleman, with very strong thick minus glasses. Too bad my contacts were bothering me. I took the glasses off, and removed the plus contacts.”

“Darned shame he wouldn’t buy the story. It would have been a good one.” I mused.


Dec 2006