A Collection of Short Stories

The following pages contain a collection of short stories that are about the same overall length as 2 of my regular stories are. Except for the first one, and the last one, the other 3 are ones that I had started over the past few years, but just couldn’t develop into a complete story. Two stories are true stories, and it would be interesting if you could guess which ones they are. The names, and some of the details have been changed slightly. Finally, in October of 2007 I got tired of having them stalled on my computer, and I quickly finished them as five fairly short stories. The themes are all similar to my longer stories, so I hope that you enjoy them. Yours Specs4ever



My Myopic Baby Maker

A Perfect Encounter

A Little Push

The Runaway Myope

My Generosity Came Back To Haunt Me


by Specs4ever

The time had finally come that I had been waiting for five years to arrive. My graduation class was getting together for a five-year celebration of our graduation. Most classes wait 25 years, but to me this five-year period made a lot of sense. We would be getting together while we still resembled our former selves, and none of us would be millionaires, or paupers yet.

I hadn’t been much of a student. I spent more time on the football field, hoping to be noticed by a major league scout, and possibly drafted into college football. Didn’t happen, just didn’t happen. The reasons were varied, but likely the biggest reason was that while I was a decent size for a high school quarterback, I was about 50 or so pounds too light. I should have spent more time on math, because my lousy grades were not good enough to get me into university.

Carlene was our class valedictorian. She was a whiz in math, and had a 4.0 in all of the other subjects as well. When we graduated Carlene was a tall girl, but was a little too skinny, and had not yet really bloomed in the bust department. But she was definitely showing promise, and I had been terribly attracted to her, likely because of the thick lensed horn rimmed glasses that she had to wear to see anything further than the tip of her nose. I had yet to realize that a girl who wore strong glasses made me extremely horny, and I had failed to take a relationship any further with Carlene other than just staring at her glasses every chance I got.

Now, hopefully this celebration would allow me to reconnect with Carlene. This was the main reason I had left Nashville, minutes after signing a contract with Toby for a song I had written. Now I was somebody with promise. I was a songwriter, and soon my songs, especially the one that Brad picked up last month, would be heard all over country radio.

Sign in was in the school gymnasium. I pulled my rented car into the parking lot and strolled across to the gym doors, which were standing open allowing the fresh fall air inside. I signed in, and I conversed with some of my old football buddies. I glanced out into the parking lot to see a yellow Mustang convertible pull in. A tall, gorgeous redhead got out, and she strolled towards the open door, her full breasts jiggling along with her hips as she walked. Man she was beautiful. Who was she?

The vision of loveliness came through the open door, and she walked up to the sign in table. She signed in, and as I was trying to slide over to get a closer look and see whom she was, she looked my way.

“Hi Phil. It’s nice to see that you made it. You are looking great.”

I couldn’t believe it. I knew the voice. It was Carlene. “Ooh La La La La La Looking good Carlene. Times been good to you, if you know what I mean. Girl you glitter like Hollywood. Good God Carlene you sure are looking good.” I said.

“Oh Phil, you have such a way with words.” Carlene laughed.

Carlene came over, and we stood around talking for a while. I told her of the songs I had written and sold, and she told me that she was no longer in university, but had dropped out to become a model. She even had a cover shoot for Vogue coming out.

“I can always go back and finish my schooling if this gig falls apart Phil.” Carlene said.

“So, where are your glasses Carlene? Are you finally wearing contact lenses?” I asked.

“Oh, no. I had that new surgery done to my eyes. My eyesight was too bad for that laser surgery, so they did that new one where they put contact lenses right into your eyes. It is great. I can see perfectly now.” Carlene said.

“Oh, that is wonderful. Listen, I have to run right now, but maybe we can get together later.” I said.

“That would be fantastic Phil. I will be looking forward to it.” Carlene replied.

I turned, and walked out the door. I went to the parking lot, got into my rented car and drove back to the airport. I turned the car back in, and I exchanged my return ticket for one on the next flight out. As the plane flew back to Nashville, my dreams of Carlene, and her thick strong glasses went out the window.

Specs4ever Oct. 2007

With my apologies to Phil Vassar, who sang the song Carlene that gave me this idea for a shorty story.

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My Myopic Baby Maker

by Specs4ever

I am a computer software engineer. I had been let go from one of the larger companies when they last downsized, so I took the project I had been working on with me when I left. I then set myself up as a consultant in the industry, and I had been lucky. I made some pretty good coin. And, while I was consulting, I had also spent a lot of my spare time on my own project. I had developed an easy to use face identification system. When I took this to one of the larger software companies they seemed very interested in purchasing it. So, I took an option to sell it to them for five million bucks. They paid me one up front, directly to my company headquartered in the Grand Cayman Islands. They wanted 90 days to check out my software, and then they would either return it to me, or they would pay me the other four. I knew what they were doing. They were stalling me, and were trying to have their own software engineers dissect my code. But it wasn’t going to work. I had inserted a self-destruct code into it. If I didn’t disarm the code in the 90-day period, they would be left with total gibberish. And if they made back up copies, the copies would self-destruct as well. So, I had my butt pretty well covered, and I had some spare time on my hands.

I am a –9D myope. Well, actually I had been a real life –6D myope, but I had been wearing –9D that I had self-prescribed for over 5 years now. I wasn’t sure if I could go back to my doctor and be given a real –9D prescription, or if my real prescription would be exactly the same –6D I had last received. But, I wasn’t about to go, because I didn’t want to take a chance. I could see well with my –9D glasses, and that is all I cared about.

This has maybe clued you in to the fact that I am a little bit optically obsessed. And, in my obsession one evening I was checking out some stuff on the computer. I entered phakic lens into the google search, and I ended up with quite a number of hits. As I leafed through the pages my eyes came across an article. The heading read: “Widow of Serviceman has sight restored thanks to a donation from the Warren Gates Foundation.”

This interested me, so I opened up the item. There was a picture of a pleasant looking girl, along with the following article.

“Doctor Leroy Sloan of the Southwestern Ophthalmologic Clinic announced today that he has restored the sight of a very nearsighted widow of one of our servicemen who lost his life in Iraq. Karen Raines, a 26-year-old mother of 2 had reached the point where she no longer had suitable vision to be considered employable. When Warren Gates heard of the widow’s plight, he authorized the payment for Karen to have the new phakic lens implants done in her extremely nearsighted eyes. Karen required a prescription of –34D for her glasses prior to the operation. The lens implants could not correct this much myopia, so Doctor Sloan implanted the strongest lens he could, and now Karen only has to wear a –6D correction to achieve 20/20 vision. Because of the unusual type of rare genetic myopia that Karen has, Doctor Sloan feels that Karen will still require stronger glasses in the future, but she should be able to lead a full and productive life.”

“Oh, why couldn’t I have met her before she had her eyes fixed?” I questioned myself.

Now I was on a mission. I thought about it, and I felt that possibly the operation was the best thing that could have happened. I had the money and I could have paid for it, but I wouldn’t have wanted Karen to have the operation done. This way it would be better for Karen. I had a burning desire to meet Karen. So, I did some more internet sleuthing, and eventually I came up with an address for her.

I flew out the following day. On my arrival I purchased a car, and since I had read that Karen worked for an insurance broker, I arranged for my insurance through her office.

When I met Karen I was pleased to see that she had a fairly nice figure – a little heavy in the hips maybe, but my mom always used to say that she was built for having babies. I was a little surprised to see that Karen’s glasses looked to be a bit stronger than the –6D that the article had suggested they were, but the article had said that Karen was likely going to require even stronger glasses in the future.

I found a couple more reasons to drop by the office to question Karen about my car insurance policy. The second time I found her alone in the office, and not too busy, so I spent quite a bit of time chatting with her. She was not wearing a wedding ring, so I took a chance and invited her to have supper with me. She declined, and when I questioned her as to why, she advised me that she had to be home for her 2 children, who were now age 6 and age 4. This of course led me to ask about her husband, and she told me he had been killed 3 years ago, when the baby was only a year old. I expressed my condolences, and then I suggested that her children would be more than welcome to join us. She then accepted, and even with the children with us we had quite a nice time. Karen’s kids were extremely well behaved.

It took me the better part of a year before I could get Karen to agree to marry me. Before she would agree to marry me she had to tell me all about her genetic problems that had caused her poor eyesight. Apparently Karen had been born with a defective gene on one of her chromosomes. This genetic defect was the cause of Karen’s extremely high myopia, and the defect would likely be passed down to all of her children, and quite possibly would be with her offspring as long as her lineage continued. This was exactly what I wanted to hear. And, Karen had a further increase in her myopia. When she had the lens implants she had required –6D glasses. The following year her prescription had increased by another –1D, and when I met her, she had just had another increase to –8D. Now, a year after dating her, her new prescription was exactly the same as my –9D prescription. She told me about how bad her eyesight was in the past, and she told me about the lens implants, and how wonderful it had been to be able to see fairly well again. When Karen described how poor her vision was prior to the lens implants it made me so horny I wanted to make love to her right then and there.

I was the first one to notice that Elizabeth, Karen’s now 7 year–old daughter seemed to be doing a lot of squinting to be able to see things. When I mentioned this to Karen she seemed to want to deny the possibility, but finally she gave in, and allowed me to take Liz for her first eye exam. Liz was definitely a myope, and her first prescription was –2.50D. Karen was very upset about the fact that she had passed her defective genes on to her daughter. But, I explained that there was a very good possibility that Liz’s myopia would be more manageable than Karen’s was. Did I believe this – not likely, but it made Karen feel better.

Karen and I soon started our own family. By the time our 4th child was born we had only been married for just over 6 years. And like Liz, and Greg, Karen’s son from her first marriage, our oldest daughter Abbey ended up wearing glasses by age 7. Liz was now 13, and her prescription had climbed steadily, to the point where she was entering puberty wearing a –12D prescription. Karen had a few increases as well, and she was wearing a –14D prescription now. But her eyes had been stable for the past 2 years, so she hoped she had finally reached a point where the increases would stop.

Our 5th child was a boy, and then we went back and had 3 more girls. In our 13 years of marriage Karen had produced 8 children. We had 7 girls, and a boy together, and when you added Karen’s first 2 kids to that Karen was the mother of 8 girls and 2 boys. By the age of 7 they were all wearing glasses, and their prescriptions climbed rapidly, much as Karen’s had when she was younger. I was thrilled to have such a bevy of nearsighted females around, and I was a very happy man.

I don’t know if I should call Karen my “Myopic Baby” Maker, or if I should call her my Myopic “Baby Maker”. She sure fits the bill on either count.

Specs4ever Oct. 2007

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A Perfect Encounter

by Specs4ever

Over the years I have often fantasized about meeting, and chatting with a good-looking lady that was wearing strong glasses. This has happened a few times, but usually the conversations were very short - just a brief happening. Or, I was not wearing my GOC, so I could hardly talk about my own glasses to them. But, one day, when I went to Las Vegas to pick a person up at the airport, my fantasy fulfilled itself.

Since I was going to have a visitor in my house for a while I was going to use that day as my last day for GOC. So, I did. I went out wearing my GOC combination at 5:00 am, and I left for Vegas with lots of extra time. I wanted to buy myself a pair of clip on sunglasses that would fit over my newest glasses, so one of my first stops, since Wall Mart opened at 9 am, and the Mall didn't open for another hour, was at a Wall Mart store. At the store I found an optician who was surprisingly knowledgeable about how strong my glasses were, and we had an interesting chat. I bought the sunglasses, and I wandered around the store, looking for any ladies who wore glasses. There didn't seem to be any that were worthwhile of any attention, but I spotted one lady down an aisle that wore glasses, but she was bending over in such a way that I couldn't get a good look at them. So, I walked down the next aisle, and came back up towards her, but she was now facing the other way. I stopped, pretended to look at something on a shelf, and as she also stood up I looked at her and I almost sank through the floor. My dream had just materialized. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was slim, trim and well dressed, and on her face were a pair of red rectangular framed glasses that went like a dream with her dark Spanish skin.

And, as I looked at her glasses, I could see big bites of cut in on each side of her face, more with the right lens. I commented to her that she looked to be quite nearsighted like I was, and we started a conversation that lasted over an hour. I was in heaven. I let her try my glasses on, telling her that even though mine looked thinner they were probably a lot stronger - they were (another part of my fantasy fulfilled). We had a wonderful discussion.

Some of her story didn't really sound believable, but I have no reason to doubt her. She was about 36, born in Mexico City, and she started to notice that she was having trouble seeing clearly when she was 14. Her parents split up, and she went to live with her father. By the time she was 18, she needed glasses very badly, which her father bought for her. She only wore glasses for a week, and her mom, who also was fairly nearsighted, bought her contact lenses. Since then, until 6 months ago she has only worn contacts. But on her last visit, her doctor told her to cut back on contact lens wear, or she could go blind. She had a prescription of around -19DR and -16DL. She did not know her exact prescription, but I did try her glasses on at one point in the conversation, and the cut in, combined with the fact that I could almost see through the right lens makes me guess that I am pretty close. She is married, and from what she told me I feel her husband is an OO, but she doesn't know anything other than he tells her he loves her wearing glasses. She has a boy 9 and a girl 14, who has been wearing glasses for 2 years. She also told me that her prescription hasn't changed much since she was 18. I did find that a little hard to believe, but it is possible, because 2 opticians once told me that the strongest first prescription they ever filled was -18D in a 16-year-old boy.

I never even asked her for her name, but she did tell me where she worked, so I suppose I could track her down, but that would, I think, spoil a perfect encounter completely.

Specs4ever Oct. 2007

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A Little Push

by Specs4ever

Down the block from my house is a corner convenience store. When I was younger I would often walk to the store with one of my kids to buy them a special treat. Actually, the truth of the matter was that the special treat was because I didn’t want them to tell mommy that daddy had a chocolate bar, so they got something they wanted as well. But, now that I am older I really have to watch my waistline, so for me a special treat is a granola bar and a bottle of water. But, I don’t buy this at the corner store, as the types of granola bars they sell are not the ones that are good for me.

Now for me the trip to the corner store is usually for my twice-weekly lottery tickets, and a local newspaper. I am still there often enough though that the person behind the counter recognizes me, and we can call each other by name. One afternoon I stopped by, and there was a new face at the counter. He was a nice looking man, tall, and quite thin. He was well dressed, and looked extremely presentable, except for his glasses, which had to be about the strongest pair of myodiscs I had ever seen. When he took my money he was able to scan everything, and I saw him draw closer to the register to read off the total to me. Of course I wondered about what he was doing there, but I was too polite to ask.

I knew I was going to be back at that convenience store a lot more in the near future. You see, I have this thing for glasses. Right now I was so envious of this man’s glasses I was horny as heck. No, not for the man, just for his glasses. I love very strong minus glasses, mostly on women, although it sort of appeared that this man was having troubles seeing properly. This was a little beyond my fetish, where a person was so nearsighted that even with the proper glasses they could no longer see properly.

After a number of visits I found out that the extremely nearsighted man was Barry, the nephew of the owner. Barry had studied to be an architect, and he had been a very well paid one for a few years. But Barry, who had started out as being quite nearsighted early in life, had continued his myopic progression far beyond the normal. I found out that Barry had a prescription of –43D in one eye, and –40D in the other eye, and his doctors had told him that he could no longer be given good enough correction to continue his work. This was a shame, as Barry was in his late 30’s or very early 40’s.

Barry seemed to be coping reasonably well with his high myopia. He carried a small magnifying glass on a chain around his neck, and I would often see Barry use this to see the price on an item before he rang it up. Sure, he had to get pretty close to the register to read the total, and I often noticed him peering through the strong lenses of his glasses to attempt to see something a few feet away.

I hang around on the internet a lot. And, one of the sites I use is a simple chat room one, where people hang around discussing vision, and vision problems. I am pretty sure there are a few phonies that chat there, but I don’t make too big a worry about it. Heck, I have 2 names that I use to chat there myself. One of the people I had chatted with a fair bit was Jill. If she was who and what she seemed to be, Jill was a 36 year-old secretary. She had wanted to be a high myope very badly when she was in her early 20’s. She had tried to induce myopia with no success. Then she had discovered GOC, and for a while she had worn –27D glasses over +20D contacts for a few years. Then a strange thing happened. She had to drop back to +18D contacts, which she wore under her –27D glasses for a couple of years. Then two things happened. First she lost her job, and then she discovered that her contact lenses were bothering her a lot. So, she tried to go a few days without her GOC, but her vision without her combination was very poor. So, she went to an eye doctor. Jill was given a prescription for –3.25D with about –2.25D of astigmatism for each eye, and was told by the doctor that she had over worn her previous contacts, so she would not be able to wear contacts anymore. Jill was not happy about having to wear such a puny prescription. She wanted to be seriously nearsighted, or still have good vision. But I consoled her, and told her that maybe her prescription would move up slightly. So, she forged a prescription, and had been wearing –5.00D with her proper astigmatism for the past couple of years. She claimed that she thought her prescription had grown to meet the glasses, but she had not gone for an eye exam to confirm this,

Jill had always expressed a desire to meet a very nearsighted man. So, I seriously considered trying to place Jill together with Barry. And, if Jill had been correct in what she had told me, she didn’t live an insurmountable distance away. So one night I sent Jill and email, as I didn’t want to post any details on a chat room. Jill responded, and told me that of course she was interested, and would love to meet Barry. I didn’t know how she would feel about it when I told her in a return mail that she would first have to meet with me, but she accepted that, and we agreed to meet in person.

Jill was everything she had told me she was. Her glasses looked a lot thicker than a normal pair of –5.00D with –2.25D of astigmatism, and they had flat fronts, which do not usually come into use until a prescription is around –9.00D. I could see that the lenses of her glasses were a little larger than would be considered fashionable, so that was part of the added thickness. Then it came to me. Jill had safety plastic lenses with a center thickness of 3 mm. This explained the thicker than normal lenses, and it was pretty obvious that her astigmatism was in the 90-degree range, which would make the edges thicker as well. She was a little on the heavy side, but she wasn’t fat or anything, and she had a nice set of hips and a decent bosom. So, I figured that she was the right person to push Barry’s way.

Well, it didn’t take much of a push, because soon Jill and Barry were involved very deeply. They went together for around six months, and then they started talking about getting married. Barry had been visiting a specialist in high myopia, and the specialist had explained all the options to Barry. If Barry were to have his inner lens removed, the same as they did with cataract patients, he would loose his accommodation, and would need to use trifocals. But, with a prescription that would still have about –23D of myopia, trifocals are not really practical. The trifocal area is in the area where the lens increases rapidly in thickness, and the distortion in this area is hard to overcome. The second option was to have the inner lens removed, and have a phakic lens inserted in front of the iris, and behind the cornea. This could eliminate the myopia in Barry’s left eye completely, and would leave him with about a –3D prescription in his right eye. He would again have no accommodation, but it would be easier to fit him with multifocal lenses for his glasses. However, this operation was going to be quite complicated, and rather dangerous. The third option was to give Barry the phakic lens implant, and leave him with his inner lens to do the focusing. Then, in a few years when the inner lens quit doing its job, Barry could consider the removal of it, and the danger would not be nearly as great.

Jill was pushing hard for the third option. Barry would still have to wear glasses with a prescription of –23D and –20D, so he would have a pretty strong pair of glasses still. Jill talked things over with me every chance she got, and I was hoping for Barry’s sake that he would choose option 3, because Jill was not interested in marrying him if he didn’t have any real amount of myopia left. Jill, and I both realized that Barry had to have something done, because a job in a convenience store is not what a qualified architect should be working at, and with a significant improvement in his vision Barry would be able to return to his trade.

Both Jill and I breathed quite a sigh of relief when Barry chose to only have the lens implants. So Jill and Barry made their wedding plans, and I ended up being Barry’s best man. It was a great wedding. Jill had finally gone to an eye doctor for a proper examination, and her prescription actually matched her present glasses now. So, for the wedding Jill added a couple more diopters to her prescription, and ended up getting married wearing a prescription of OD –7.00 x –2.50 x 78, and OS –7.00 x –2.50 x 90. She didn’t get safety lenses in her glasses that she wore for the wedding, but she did get them in her ordinary everyday wear glasses, and they were really nice and thick looking.

Specs4ever Oct. 2007

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The Runaway Myope

by Specs4ever

My sister Chelsea and I came from a very myopic family. Our mother wore glasses that are somewhere around –15D, and our dad, when he is not wearing contact lenses wears those glasses that have little circles in the center. I thought at the time they were called myodiscs. Even my sister Chelsea at 14 was 2 years older than I am and had glasses that are about –8D, which were apparently quite strong for her age.

When Chelsea was 13 she went away to a private boarding school. From what she told me about the school I made up my mind that I wanted to go there as well, so I talked it over with my parents, and they agreed that I could go there. So we filled out the admission forms, and we went to speak with the headmaster, and his wife one Sunday afternoon. I was very disappointed when they told me that they were filled up for girls of my age group. So, I ended up back at my old school for another year.

When Chelsea came home for Thanksgiving, she told me that she thought that the reason I wasn’t accepted was that I didn’t wear glasses. She had not really noticed this the first year that she was there, but this year she had noticed that everyone at the school wore glasses. Even all the teachers wore glasses, and I remembered that both the headmaster and his wife were glasses wearers when I met with them.

There was a long weekend in February where students could have visitors stay over if they were not going home themselves. So Chelsea and I talked about this for hours. Chelsea had an old pair of her glasses that were a bit weaker than the glasses she now wore. I tried them on, and wore them around my room a bit that weekend, and I decided that maybe I could force my eyes to see through the strong lenses. Well, at the time –5D or –6D felt pretty strong to me. After Chelsea returned to school I kept practicing wearing her old glasses, and after a while it became a lot easier for me to force my eyes to see through the lenses. But it was always a relief to take them off again.

Finally the weekend came, and I took a bus all by myself to Chelsea’s school. My mom had driven me to the bus station, so I had to wait to put the glasses on until I was alone on the bus, and by the time I arrived at the bus depot I had gotten fairly comfortable wearing them. I took a taxi to Chelsea’s school, and Chelsea was very happy to see me.

We had a good time together over the weekend. Chelsea made sure that we met the headmaster and his wife three or four times that weekend. The first time we met, Chelsea introduced me.

“ Hi Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This is my sister Bonnie. You might remember her from when she applied for admission last year.” Chelsea said.

“Why, yes, I believe I do remember her. But there is something different about you Bonnie. I just am not sure what though?” Mr. Smith questioned.

“Oh, she was probably wearing her contact lenses then. I have never minded wearing glasses, but Bonnie hated to wear them. Now she has to, because she had an infection, and she can’t wear contacts for quite a while.” Chelsea said.

“I remember now. All our classes were filled for your age Bonnie. Do you still want to attend next year if we have room?” Mr. Smith asked.

“I would love to come here Sir.” I replied.

“I will make a note of that. I am pretty sure we can find room for you. You have already been interviewed, so we will not need to go through with that again. I will send you a new application to fill out Bonnie.” Mr. Smith said.

The next few times we saw them Mr. and Mrs. Smith always found a minute to stop and say hello to both Chelsea and I. Chelsea figured I was a shoe in to be accepted, and she was proven to be correct. When the application came, dad and I filled it out, and we mailed it off with a deposit check. Within a month I had my acceptance.

The following September mom and dad took Chelsea and myself to the school. As soon as they drove off I put Chelsea’s old glasses on. I knew I was going to have to wear them the rest of the school year. Chelsea was now 15, and she had just gotten new glasses. Her new glasses were –10D. They were black plastic frames, with the wide black temples, and the looked really stylish on her. But her lenses did look very strong and thick, and they made her face shrink in at the sides when you looked at her now tiny eyes through the lenses. Chelsea had brought her old glasses along with her, because her doctor had suggested that she should still use them if she were doing a lot of reading or studying.

Chelsea and I were going home for Thanksgiving. We took the bus from school, and when we arrived at the bus station I took off the glasses, really for the first time since school had started. I was shocked. I could now see nothing. When I told Chelsea all she said was that she guessed I was nearsighted now. Chelsea didn’t want to tell mom and dad what we had done, so I had to suffer all weekend. It was a relief to get back on the bus, and return to school, because that meant I could wear glasses again.

But the relief didn’t last long. During the first week after Thanksgiving somehow I snapped Chelsea’s old glasses right in the middle at the bridge of the nose. Now I was in real trouble. If I told the Smiths that I had broken my glasses they would call my parents to get permission to send me to a local eye doctor. My parents would then tell the Smiths that I didn’t wear glasses, and Chelsea and my little deception would be exposed.

Chelsea came up with a solution. I was going to have to wear Chelsea’s newest old glasses, the pair with the –8D prescription that she was supposed to wear for reading. But Chelsea told me that she forgot to change to them most of the time anyway. When I put these glasses on they didn’t seem to be any more than just right for my eyes. I could see things that I hadn’t been able to see with the other pair, and this pair really didn’t feel too strong for me, like the other pair had at first.

Shortly before the Christmas holidays we phoned home, and I told my parents I was having a lot of trouble seeing things clearly. So mom said she would set up an eye appointment for me for the day after we returned.

Again we took a bus home. This time when Chelsea wanted me to take off my glasses before we got off the bus I refused. I told her that we had to tell our parents that I had tried Chelsea’s old glasses on, and I could see with them. Then when I tried to take them off, everything was such a blur that I had to keep wearing them. Finally she agreed, as long as I was willing to take any of the heat about it.

As Chelsea had predicted my parents were quite upset that I was wearing Chelsea’s –8D glasses. But, they didn’t make me take them off, so I was happy about that. The following morning I went with mom to the eye doctor that everyone else in the family uses. Actually this was the same doctor that had examined my eyes the previous fall, before I had gone to the private boarding school. In August I had not needed glasses. Now in December I was wearing glasses with a –8D prescription. After the doctor examined my eyes he announced that I actually required about a –9D prescription. He checked and checked this, because he really couldn’t believe that in only 4 months I had gone from no glasses to requiring glasses that had a prescription of –9D.

By the time I came home again at Easter the –9D glasses were too weak. Mom got me in for another eye exam, and now I had a –10D prescription, the same as Chelsea’s. In June I required another –1D, and this was repeated in August, before I returned to school. Now I was wearing glasses with a prescription of –12D. Since my prescription was changing so fast my parents bought me the cheaper plastic lenses, and they were pretty thick. This was a little embarrassing for a 14-year-old girl who was starting to notice boys. And what was worse was that I only enjoyed good vision for the first few weeks after I got my new lenses. Then I had to squint, and squeeze my eyes half shut to see anything more than a few feet away through those thick lenses.

I went up another –2D at Thanksgiving. Mom had called the doctor and he got me in on the Saturday morning. Then at Christmas I gained another –1D. Now my eyes were as bad as mom’s. By Easter I had to have another –1D added to my prescription, and June saw the same again. Now my prescription was –17D, and I had a feeling that by August, just before I returned to school I was going to catch up with my dad, and I would have to wear glasses with those funny little circles in them. I was right. I got my first myodiscs before I returned to school. Chelsea had an increase to –12D, and although we were wearing similar frame styles with wide temples, I was very envious that she didn’t need the circles.

There were two other girls that came back to school wearing glasses with circles in the lenses. They were both in their final year, and they were in the same class as Chelsea. Mr. and Mrs. Smith invited Dianne and Lynn and myself over to their place quite frequently that year. It was then that I started to believe that wearing myodiscs made you a special person.

And, there was another benefit to wearing myodiscs. When I had my Thanksgiving increase and my Christmas increase, along with my Easter increase, my –21D myodiscs didn’t look any different, or thicker than my –18D ones had. Only Lynn and Dianne had noticed that my glasses got stronger, and when they tried my new glasses on they were amazed that my eyes were so much worse than theirs.

Privately I was worried. My eyes were so bad I could see absolutely nothing when I removed my myodiscs. My doctor had told me that myopic progression usually continued well into the early 20’s. I was only 15, and knew I was going to be blind if my eyes got any worse. It was a big relief to everyone that summer when I didn’t require my usual June increase. But my August visit found the doctor adding another –1D to my prescription, bringing me up to –22D. I skipped my Thanksgiving increase, and was surprised at Christmas when I only needed –0.50D. I did get new lenses with this prescription put in both my pairs of glasses, but again they were the cheapest lenses that we could get.

Easter came and went without any prescription change, and I was beginning to hope that I could maybe slide through until August with the same lenses. But, June hit me with another –1D increase. This time my parents felt sorry for me, and they actually went out and spent a lot of money on one new pair of glasses for me. I loved this pair. They had a wine colored frame, again with the wide temples. The myodisc circles were pretty small, and it took me a little bit of time to get used to them. They were in a minus carrier instead of the plus carrier that I had in my other ones, and the front was flat, instead of dished in. They looked a lot nicer, and my vision actually was better with these glasses than it had been for a long time. The optician explained that these were glass lenses, and glass had better optics than the plastic lenses I had been accustomed to.

I had my 16th birthday wearing these glasses. I couldn’t believe it. They lasted through Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Easter. Now it was time for my June examination again. I had gone a whole year without a prescription increase, and my dad said that he would buy me the more expensive lenses again if I had another increase. I prayed that my eyes had not changed, but of course they had. With another –1D my prescription was now –24.50D. I asked my doctor if I could pass the eye test to get my drivers license, and was not surprised when he told me that he could not sign for me with my eyes being so bad and changing so frequently. I hadn’t expected anything else, but I had to ask.

That was my final year at the private boarding school. Since Dianne and Lynne had graduated a couple of years ago with Chelsea, I had been the only person at the school who wore myodiscs. Mr. and Mrs. Smith had me over to their apartment at least once every week, and I liked the special attention I was getting. They claimed that it was because I was such a good student, and I was getting top grades, but I knew it was really because Mr. Smith had a thing for ladies who wore strong glasses, and I certainly qualified.

In public Mrs. Smith wore a very attractive pair of glasses. You could tell that they were quite strong, but the small eye size, and the high index material that was used in her lenses made her glasses look a lot thinner. I knew that Mr. Smith likely had a glasses fetish because in their bathroom the top drawer contained a number of old pairs of Mrs. Smith’s glasses, and there were a couple of pairs of pretty thick lensed myodiscs in large frames. I would have been willing to place a bet that she likely put them on when they had sex.

As the end of the school year drew near, Mr. and Mrs. Smith tried to talk me into going on to university to get my teaching degree. They assured me that there would always be a job for me teaching at the school. I was not surprised at this, because while Lynn and Dianne were still at school the Smiths had told them the same thing. But, I did wonder if I did come back to be a teacher, would the Smiths fire a teacher with weaker glasses in order to give me, with my strong myodiscs a job?

The four years at university passed by uneventfully. I went from –24.50D up to –26.00D for my first year. Then my second year saw an increase to –27D. I don’t know what happened to –28D, because I skipped that number in my third year, and went directly to –29D. For my fourth, and final year I wore glasses with a –30D prescription. I was so ready for this progression to stop.

I had no trouble finding dates, even with my strong myodiscs that I needed to wear to see beyond the end of my nose. I had accepted my poor eyesight, and my extremely strong prescription. I blamed myself for the fact that I had kick started my runaway myopia by wearing my sister’s too strong glasses when I did. But this was over and done with, and my extremely poor eyesight was a fact of life. However, I could not explain the feelings of a sexual nature that I had when I removed my glasses, and saw nothing but a massive blur. My doctor, and a number of opticians had tried to talk me into trying contact lenses, but I would never do that. I liked my glasses, even though I knew that this was a strange, maybe even a weird outlook.

I met a really neat guy near the end of my third year. Kevin was a very special man. I knew instantly that he had a real glasses fetish, but it took me quite a while before I could draw this out of him. After he finally admitted that he was initially attracted to me because of my glasses, the fun started. To most people glasses are just a necessary tool to be able to see. But to a 20-year-old girl with –29D of myopia, the removal of her glasses is a form of instant bondage. I did not have to be tied up. All Kevin had to do was to gently remove my glasses. Much of the time we would come close to climax, with me unable to even see clearly as far as his face. I would then ask Kevin to put my glasses back on, and as everything came back into focus, we would both explode.

Kevin would tell me that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Without my glasses my eyes were much larger, and Kevin claimed they had an alluring unfocused look. Sure they were unfocused. At the age of almost 21 I was so shortsighted I was practically blind. During our final year Kevin convinced me that he wanted to go to the eye doctor with me while I had my annual examination. So, we made an appointment with an eye doctor and a retinal specialist near the university. The doctor advised me that my retinas were fine, and he added another –1D to my prescription. Now my glasses were going to be –30D.

Kevin and I had a ball shopping for new glasses. We really should have been studying, but instead we visited almost every optical store in the city. Kevin really got off just being with me, and listening to me ask the opticians all sorts of questions. Finally we found a frame that we both liked, although I didn’t have a hope to see what it looked like on me. Sure, they had a camera, and they took a picture of me wearing the frame, but my lenses were so strange looking that it is hard to imagine what they will look like in a frame. When we picked them up I thought they looked pretty good. They must have looked great, from the reaction I got that night in bed with Kevin.

My sister Chelsea had her myopic progression stop at –15D, the same as our moms. My prescription was now double theirs, and all the doctors could not tell if it would ever stop increasing. My visual acuity with new glasses was a soft 20/30, which meant I could almost see all of the letters on the 20/30 line. A few weeks after I got my glasses though I know I couldn’t see past the 20/40 line. And, without glasses, I saw nothing. For a few years it had been “count fingers”, but now I couldn’t even see the doctors fingers. I was barely able to see his hand and arm through the blur of my myopia. But I still got very sexually aroused when I lay on my bed and took off my glasses. The ceiling turned into a white blur, and the ceiling fan disappeared. If Kevin weren’t around I would often fondle myself, until I was so aroused I would come. And, even walking around, looking at the world through the strong lenses of my glasses would arouse me if I started to think about how blind I was without these 2 chunks of glass in front of my eyes.

Kevin and I often talked about how thinking about my severe myopia sexually aroused him. So, he must have thought he had died and gone to heaven with all the sex we were having. But it was just as good for me as it was for him, so we decided that we were going to marry. I had a job, teaching at the Smith’s school, so Kevin applied for a teaching position at a local high school in the same town. He was accepted. I knew that the Smiths would never hire him, but an apartment came with my position, so a non-glasses wearer was going to be living on campus. I introduced Kevin to the Smiths, and the fact that he didn’t wear glasses didn’t seem to be a problem. Of course Chelsea was my maid of honor at our wedding, which went very well.

Dianne and Lynn had both come back to teach at the school. Both of them had stronger glasses after their four years at university, but their prescriptions paled when compared with mine. Lynn was around –22.50D with some astigmatism, and Dianne was only about –21D. It was fun teaching with them though.

I had hoped that my runaway myopia would stop by the time I was 21, but it didn’t. I saw an increase of –1D every year for the next 5 years. By the time I reached the age 26 I was wearing –35D myodiscs. I begged my doctor to tell me when my prescription would stop increasing. When he told me that it might continue for the rest of my life, I asked him if I would ever reach a point where my glasses would have to be so strong that they just couldn’t make them. His reply was that he had heard of a man who required –96D glasses once. But he then told me that if I reached a prescription of –60D, my focal point would be only 16mm, and that the average person wore their glasses around 12mm away from their eyes, so he felt that if I reached much beyond –60D it would be a real problem. I felt much better after he told me that, but then he told me that with such a strong prescription as I was now wearing, my next increases would likely be in –2D or larger jumps. As he explained it to me, the difference in eyeball length to change my focal length from the –35D that I was wearing now was so very minimal that my focal length of 28.5mm could easily jump to a focal length of 25mm very quickly. Then I would require a –40D prescription.

I worried about this a lot. When it came time for my annual eye exam the following year, I cancelled my appointment. After all I still felt I could see fairly well, and I didn’t want another jump. But by the following year I knew I had to go back. Kevin had been very good about being my eyes for me for the past few months, and was very pleased I was finally going to have my eyes examined again. I waddled into the doctor’s office, and departed with a prescription for the dreaded –40D. Yes, I was pregnant. Kevin and I had planned it so that I would have the baby just after the end of the school year, and I would have most of the 2 summer months to look after the baby before I had to return to teaching in the fall. It was not much fun shopping for new glasses while I was so big, but we had to, and fortunately my new glasses were ordered before the baby was born. Kevin picked them up at the optical store for me, and brought them to the hospital. Even though they were that dreaded –40D prescription I was very grateful that I had them. Now I could see our baby girl Mikhaila so much better. Then the following year I had an increase to –45D, and I hated my new glasses. But Kevin liked them a lot, and when Mikhaila was around 15 months old I got pregnant again. This time we had a son, Luke.

After Luke was born I had another increase in my glasses prescription. Now I had to wear –50D lenses in my glasses, and I was rapidly heading for that –60D prescription. Even when my –50D glasses were brand new they really didn’t give me very good vision. I was struggling to see in the classroom. I could not see very much past the first row of girls, and I was forced to use a large magnifying glass to read many of the test papers so I could mark them. And, my computer had the largest font size I could make it, but I still had to get very close to the screen and the keyboard. I should have hated the fact that my eyesight was so bad, but I didn’t. Kevin was wonderful, and our sex life was fantastic.

Fortunately my progression slowed slightly. By the time I reached the age of 36 my prescription had jumped that extra –10D, and now my glasses were –60D. And by the time I turned 40, I had gone up another –5D. Now my myodiscs were –65D. I wanted to quit teaching, but the Smiths wouldn’t let me. They assigned a student to be my assistant, and this helped a great deal. I went the next 5 years without any further increases, and by the time I reached the age of 45 the doctors finally felt that my progression had ended. Mikhaila was now 17, and she was a great help, although she also required fairly strong glasses, with a –12D prescription. Luke had been fortunate so far, and at age 15 he only had a prescription of –4.50D.

By the time I reached the age of 55, I required another small increase. Now I required a prescription of –70D, and there was only one supplier in the entire world that could supply me with a blended myodisc lens. And, this was the strongest possible prescription they could provide. But for some strange reason, my vision was much improved with these lenses. I could see things clearly that I hadn’t been able to see for years. The Smiths had retired 5 years before, and now I decided that I could no longer teach, so I took my pension and retired. Kevin stayed teaching, as he wanted to build up our funds.

Mikhaila had finished university, and had married. She started having children early, so I spent my retirement looking after my two wonderful grandchildren. Mikhaila had not progressed much further than the –12D she wore at the age of 17, so I had hopes that my granddaughter would not end up following in my footsteps.

I don’t really know why I was the one who developed the runaway myopia. However I do know that I was probably the only person in the world who actually enjoyed wearing such a strong prescription.

Specs4ever Oct. 2007

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My Generosity Came Back To Haunt Me

by Specs4ever

I pulled my pickup into the parking lot where my office was located, and grabbed my things, wondering if I was going to have to make a mad dash across the parking lot. But, as I was preparing to shut the truck off, the heavy rain that had just started seemed to let up even more, so that it was now just a slow drizzle. As I was getting out of the cab I noticed that an old Oldsmobile 4 door had pulled into the parking spot across the aisle from me. A woman got out of the car, and she came around to the passenger side and let a young girl out from the car. I looked, and it appeared that this young girl was wearing glasses. The woman was a nice looking gal, so I managed to maneuver my pace in order to be able to walk across the parking lot to the building entrance with them.

The little girl was walking with her face directed to the ground. Her hair, which was a medium length, and brown colored, was falling around her face in such a way that I couldn’t really tell much about her glasses.

“Hey young lady, you have to look a little bit further ahead of you so you can see where you are going to end up.” I said.

”She has terrible eyesight, and she hates to take her glasses off for anything, not even for me to clean them. That is why she doesn’t want them to get water spots on them. She trusts me to guide her,” said the mother.

“I have the same problem. I hate taking off my glasses for anything.” I said.

By now we had reached the portico over the entrance, and I opened the first door for them. The little girl looked up, and I could then see that she was wearing safety glasses with side shields. But then I realized that they were the side edges of the lenses, sticking out past the frame. They must have used every mm of the lens blank, as these glasses were thick. And, this was back in the early 90’s, so there was no hi index available yet.

“She does wear strong glasses. Has she worn them for long?” I asked.

“Since before she was a year old,” the mother replied.

“Wasn’t it hard keeping glasses on a baby?” I asked, trying to keep the conversation going

“The doctor said that she would keep them on, because her vision is so bad without them. But he was wrong. She hated having anything on her face. I had a really hard time trying to keep them on, and had to strap them to her head,” replied the mom.

“Those look like new glasses. Has her prescription gotten much worse over the years?” I asked.

“No, her prescription has stayed about the same. She has congenital myopia, and they do not expect much change until she is in her teenage years. We just got these glasses from a store downtown, across from the Western Bank,” the mom replied.

“I deal with Tony. I can’t believe he gave her such thick lenses. There are different options out there.” I said.

“Well, that is what we ended up with. We have to go, or we will be late for our appointment. Bye now.”

And with that the two of them wandered off into the building. My office was right by the front door, and a few times over the next hour I found a reason to walk into the corridor. I looked out, and could see the old car still parked there. But, after an hour or so had passed by I noticed it was gone.

All I could think of for the rest of the morning was that little girl’s glasses. How I would have loved to have them for my collection. Later that afternoon I needed to take a trip to the bank, and I couldn’t resist it. I walked across the street to my friend Tony, the optician’s store. I buy glasses from Tony, and I have stopped by to see him and chat with him once in a while, so my visit was nothing unusual. We chatted about family for a while, as his wife is a cousin of my wife’s, but we are not close family wise.

“Hey, I saw a little girl this morning who must have worn the thickest glasses I have ever seen on a child. I spoke to the mom, and she said they had recently gotten them from you. How could you possibly have let someone out of your store with a pair of glasses that terrible looking.” I said.

“If they are the people I am thinking about, I had no choice. That is all that children’s services would pay for.” Tony replied.

“The little girl is between 6 and 10 and the mother is thin, cute, dark haired, with a nice rack, and decent legs.” I told him.

“Yes, that would be the people. I hated to do it, but they just couldn’t afford anything nicer.” Tony said.

“What would you have dispensed her if the cost wasn’t a problem?” I asked.

“Oh, with her prescription there is only one choice. The Superlenti lens would be the only decent looking lens.” Tony replied.

“What would a pair of glasses with superlenti lenses cost?” I asked.

Tony looked at me strangely before he replied. “In one of my lower cost, but decent frames, I could have given them superlenti lenses for around $265.00. Why?”

“Just call them up, and tell them you have someone who will pay for a decent looking pair of glasses for their little girl.” I replied.

“Why would you do that?” Tony asked.

“This young lady is going to have to spend the next 2 years at school wearing those very thick glasses. I know how cruel other kids can be, even if it isn’t intentional. I just feel sorry for her.” I replied.

“If you are going to do that, I will donate the frames and lenses for my cost.” Tony replied. “But it will still cost you a couple of hundred bucks.”

“Call them, see what they say, and let me know.” I replied.

A few days later Tony called me. The family had been in, and had chosen a new frame for the superlenti lenses to be placed in. I wrote a letter saying that my heart had gone out to their daughter when I met her wearing such thick lenses in her glasses, and I went to give the optician a piece of my mind for giving her such terrible looking glasses. He told me it wasn’t his fault, and I just had to fix the problem as best I could. I didn’t want anything in return, however, I would love to meet their daughter wearing her new glasses. I included my name and cell phone number. I left the unsealed letter with Tony, to give it to them when they picked up the glasses

A few days after the glasses were supposed to be ready I received a telephone call from Lynn, the mother of Melinda. They invited me to drop by for coffee around 3:30 that afternoon, or on the following day. I did, and Melinda looked very nice in her new superlenti myodiscs. Jon, the father drove a delivery truck for a furniture store, and I suggested that if he were to obtain his commercial license I would attempt to put him to work as a long haul driver. Now I had to ask if there were any old pairs of Melinda’s glasses around that she no longer needed, as I would like to donate them to the Lions Club.

That is when I received my first blow of defeat. It was announced by Lynn that they had already done just that. I had to smile, and hide my disappointment and tell them that it was really good that they had already donated them.

I was able to stay in contact with Lynn and Jon for a couple of years after that. But then I heard that they spilt up, and eventually divorced. I had said that if Melinda needed any more help I would be glad to be of assistance, but I never heard anything from them, and when I asked Tony a couple of years later if he had seen Melinda he told me they had not been back.

Around five years had gone by when I arrived home from a road trip. My wife was acting a little funny, so I knew something was wrong, but I just wasn’t sure what I had done this time. I waited for her to tell me, and when we sat down for supper I knew I was in for it.

“Why did you buy a little girl a pair of glasses?” she asked sharply.

My first reaction was to deny it, but I knew that this would only get me in trouble.

“Jon, the girls father was a truck driver, and he wanted a job, but he didn’t have the proper license. His little girl had terribly thick glasses, and they had gotten them from Tony, so I asked Tony if he could get the kid a nicer looking pair. He did so for cost, and I paid for them. Why, is that a problem?” I asked.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” she asked.

“I never really thought too much about it.” I replied, with my brain screaming liar, liar at me.

This response brought something like a grunt of ok. I couldn’t resist it though; I had to know how she found out.

“Oh, I got a phone call for you while you were gone. Some guy said he was the boyfriend of the mother, and you had bought the kid a pair of glasses once, and they wondered if you would do it again. I told them you weren’t interested,” she said to me.

And, she was correct. After having my generosity come back to haunt me this way, I was not interested. After all, it had been over 5 years, and there had not been any other form of communication for at least 3. Melinda would have been around 13 or 14, and just at the point where her myopia could be taking leaps upward.

But every once in a while I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten that phone call instead of my wife. I know it would have driven me crazy to sit back and do nothing, when I could have found out what Melinda’s prescription had gone up to. So, I am pretty sure that I would have bought her another pair of glasses. And now, as I sit here writing this tale, I am wondering what Melinda’s prescription is today, as a 25 or so year old lady.

Specs4ever Oct. 2007

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