Recently a story I wrote about inducing myopia in children brought an e mail response that was not very complimentary. I had not realized, nor had I thought about the fact that this process in a fictional story could be considered child abuse. However, once this was brought to my attention, I have to agree. To place stronger glasses, or contact lenses on a child than what the child actually requires to see properly is definitely a form of child abuse unless the child is of an age where they can make a decision for themselves. The following tale was written prior to my receiving this e mail, and I tried to change the story, but without the induced myopia theme the story is not the same, as the induced myopia part is supposedly an experiment. So, if having read this far, you, as a reader wish to continue, please do so with the understanding that this is fiction, and the subject matter may offend you. Specs4ever

Curiosity is My Middle Name

by Specs4ever

Well, anyway it seems to be when it comes to myopia. All my life I have been attracted to high myopes, and I have done a lot of pretending to be one. But, over the last couple or three years, my curiosity has been satisfied by communicating with a young lady from Europe who started out attempting to make herself myopic at the age of 10 or 11 by wearing another girls glasses with a weak minus prescription When she got her own glasses about a year later, she only had a prescription of –0.75D, but she then managed to have –2.00D lenses put into them, and she wore them constantly. When I started communicating with her she was 16, and she had just gotten glasses with a prescription of –7.50D, a prescription that was –2.50D stronger than she was really requiring.

My curiosity had been piqued. Myopia is a funny thing. No one seems to understand the cause, or why it progresses so much in some people, but hardly at all in others. Theories vary so widely that the subject, when discussed on the internet forums, tend to bring out soapbox orators that try to push their theory on everybody. And, maybe they have some truth to their ideas, but these people are so blinded by their own pontifications that they are unable to stand back and take a look at the overall picture.

However, with me, I never got to the point where any one theory made my mind lock on it and allowed me to say to the world that according to specs4ever, myopia is caused by "this theory". I still know, and see some of the people I went to grade school over 50 years ago. These people got glasses in either 5th or 6th grade, and out of a group of 4 girls and 3 boys, not one of them experienced much more than a diopter of progression. This wasn’t right. According to the experts, putting a pair of minus glasses on a kid of that age starts them on the way down the road to ever increasing myopia. As I went on into high school, I did meet others who had come from different schools, and occasionally I would meet one who had started up the steps to staircase myopia. And later, in university, I ran across a select few myopes who had entered the world of high myopia. But, I could never put my finger on the reason why one girl would be squinting through her –6D glasses almost from the day she got them, and another girl would wear her glasses forever, only changing them if she broke them. I knew 3 different groups of sisters, and in both families, the younger sister got glasses when the older sister did, and all of the younger sisters started out with much stronger prescriptions, and went through life with stronger glasses than their older sisters did.

In one of the 3 groups, the mother of the 2 girls showed up in church with her 2 daughters, and all three of them were wearing glasses for the first time. That led me to believe that there might be something with hereditary. So, when I was looking for girls to date, I would often check out their oldest sister, and if she wore strong glasses, and the younger sister wore a decent prescription, I was interested. In one case, the older sister was around –12D all her life, and the younger sister, when I dated her, was around – 6D. But, she too was at least –11D or –12 by the time she reached her early 30’s. But in the case of these 2 sisters, the middle sister had perfect eyesight, and neither of the parents wore glasses except for reading.

So, even to this date, now 40 years later, I am still mystified as to exactly what causes myopia. I am sure that heredity plays a good part of it. I believe that extended close work will often start a person on the road to myopia. I believe that wearing minus glasses, and using them for everything a child does, including close work, and computer use will accelerate myopia. However, on the same token, we all know kids who got their first glasses, and would not wear them for any reason, but still ended up getting more and more myopic anyway. So, there must be some truth to the theory that straining to see will also accelerate myopia.

Anyway, this is why I was so intrigued with this 16-year-old girl who was attempting to increase her own myopia by wearing stronger glasses than she needed. Heredity was ruled out, as both her parents, and their siblings did not wear glasses. Her own siblings didn’t wear glasses, and in fact both had perfect eyesight. So, I tended to believe her that in her case her myopia had come strictly from wearing stronger minus glasses than she needed. And, now, here is what further intrigued me. Over the past 2 years she had befriended a girl 5 years younger. Somehow she had convinced this other girl that she looked really good wearing glasses, and the younger girl was gullible enough to believe that when she was wearing glasses she really did look like the other girls younger sister. Over a period of a little more than a year and a half, the older girl, who I will call Katherine, had managed to switch the lenses in the glasses that the younger girl wore by purchasing 2 new pairs of glasses for this younger girl. One pair had a prescription of –1.25D; the other pair had a prescription of –1.75D. When Lisa had gotten used to the first pair of lenses, Katy had switched to the second pair of lenses. Then she ordered a pair of –2.50D lenses, and a little while later a pair of –3.00D lenses. Katy couldn’t stop herself. As long as Lisa seemed top be adapting to wearing stronger and stronger lenses, Katy was going to keep buying Lisa stronger lenses. Katy had moved Lisa into –3.50D lenses about 3 months ago, and now she was going to move her up to –4.00D lenses. It was impossible for Katy to really determine what Lisa’s prescription was, however, she developed a near point test that seemed to indicate that Katy, when wearing her –3.50D glasses, was focusing in the range of a –1.50D myope.

I would have given anything to be closer to Katy and Lisa, so that I could see first hand how the progression of myopia by using stronger and stronger lenses was really working. Katy had passed the –7.50D mark quite some time ago, and she had gotten a supply of new contact lenses that a friend had discarded with a –1.50D power that she wore under her glasses for quite some time. Then she managed to acquire some glasses with a prescription of –10.50D, so she had been wearing them for about 8 months. She actually had an eye exam, and the eye exam indicated that her actual prescription now was between –8.75D and –9.00D. I had been pushing her to move up to a pair of glasses that she also had that were –11.25D, but she had not managed to bring herself to do so yet.

I am a casual purchaser of lottery tickets. Sometimes I will buy one a week, sometimes I will go a month without buying one. And when the lottery reaches astronomical amounts, I pretty well always find the time to purchase one of those instant tickets, where the machine picks the numbers for the ticket. Sometimes I check the numbers right away, other times I forget, and weeks and weeks go by with the ticket languishing in my wallet. When I realize that I have too much bulk in my wallet I check the numbers.

I couldn’t believe it. According to the flashing letters on my computer screen, I was a winner. I checked further, and sure enough on the date for the drawing of my ticket, my numbers had come up. I was one of 3 winners in a 275 million dollar lottery. I quickly did the math. For taking a cash payout instead of the monthly payments my 91.66 million would drop to about 70 million. Taxes would take another large bite, but in the end I figured I would end up with around 40 million dollars. I was rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I collected my winnings, and I was pretty close. I ended up with 39 million. I invested 30 million, put another 5 million into short-term investments, and decided I would have some fun with the other 4 million.

An idea had been rolling around in my mind. I wrote to Katy, and I asked her if she thought that she and Lisa would be willing to come to the USA and continue the myopia experiment. I offered to pay Katy’s university and living expenses, and I offered to pay for a private school for Lisa for the next 5 years.

Katy was interested, but she was smart enough to know that there is no free ride in this world. She wrote back, and asked me what she and Lisa would have to do for this. Katy and I had discussed many times about how high she actually wanted her myopia to go. A number of times she had indicated that if her myopia continued climbing, she would really like to wear –20D glasses – and maybe even myodiscs, as I had told her that –20D was usually the lowest prescription that could be obtained in myodiscs. So, when I wrote her back, I told Katy that I would like her to continue her experiment, but at an increased pace. I wanted her to attempt to increase her glasses strength from the –10.50D that she was presently wearing all the way up to –20D. I told her that she could do this at her own pace, and if she reached –20D I would give her 1 million dollars. As far as Lisa went, I told Katy that since Lisa was at her prime for myopic progression, I would love to keep pushing Lisa higher and higher. I told her that if Lisa also managed to reach –20D in 5 years, I would give Lisa a million dollars as well.

Now Katy had a dilemma. She had told Lisa nothing of her attempt to make Lisa myopic, nor had she told Lisa anything about her own quest. To explain this to Lisa might destroy everything she had done, and also ruin her friendship with Lisa. But, somehow she managed to tell Lisa the truth. Katy had told me that if Lisa wouldn’t come, then Katy didn’t want to either. So it was a great relief to me when I got the letter from Katy telling me that she had told Lisa everything, and that Lisa had agreed to go along with the plan. I think the idea of getting a million dollars might have been the selling point for Lisa, because she came from a disadvantaged background.

The next few weeks were busy. I had to get both girls student visas, and I also had to become Lisa’s legal guardian while she was in the US because of her age. This took a lot of explaining, first to Lisa’s mother, then to the authorities. I had given Katy a choice of universities, and also a list of private schools near each university. My only requirements were that she had to be within a 5-hour drive from where I lived. Of course, she chose UCLA. which was the furthest one of 3 choices.

I was at the airport waiting for the girls in plenty of time. Katy had finally sent me a picture of her, as well as a picture of Lisa. I spotted the 2 girls, and when I met Katy, it was an emotional experience. We had shared so much with each other over the past 3 years, and to finally meet Katy was the thrill of my lifetime – even better than winning the money. Katy was wearing the pair of –12.50D rimless glasses that I had bought her almost a year ago. There was no way of knowing if Lisa had been moved up to the –4.00D lenses that Katy had purchased for her, but I suspected she was. And a quick conversation with Katy revealed that Lisa was indeed wearing the –4.00D lenses. Katy had skipped right over the –11.25D glasses, and had been wearing the –12.50D glasses since the day she agreed to come over.

I got the girls settled. Lisa’s school was very nice, although I was afraid that Lisa might have a little trouble adapting. Her command of the English language was nowhere near as good as Katy’s. I had thought of putting the girls in residence at their respective schools, but Katy wanted them to live together, so I had purchased a house within walking distance of both schools. It was expensive, but I knew that in the end I would get my money back when the house was sold.

Since I wasn’t going to see the girls more than once a month, we decided that we would do some glasses shopping. We went to 3 different malls, and we bought Lisa 3 pairs of glasses. The first pair had –4.50D lenses, the second pair had –5.00D lenses, and the third pair had –5.50D lenses. Lisa agreed that she would move herself up as soon as she felt comfortable with the next stronger pair of glasses. Naturally Katy couldn’t get her glasses in one hour, so we ordered Katy a pair of glasses with –14.00D lenses. She had just started wearing the –12.50D glasses a month ago, so we were not expecting that she would be able to wear –14.00D right away. I just wanted her to be prepared.

Once the girls were settled in their house I returned home. I was going to drive over once every month, so I didn’t spend as much time e-mailing Katy as I previously had. When the time came for my first visit I was not prepared for what I found. Katy was still wearing the –12.50D glasses full time, and had adapted to them very well. Lisa however, was wearing the –5.50D glasses, and told me that she was on her third day of full time wear with them.

So, since Lisa had no more glasses to progress into, we all went out to buy her another 3 pairs of glasses. Now Lisa was prepared with a pair of –6D, -6.50D, and –7D. I did manage to sit Lisa down, and I advised her that she shouldn’t attempt to go to a higher prescription so fast. After I had gone back home last month, I had ordered an auto refractor. The auto refractor had arrived at the house a few days before. So, I spent some time opening it up, and playing with it. Finally I was ready to check the progression of both girls myopia.

Katy had last had an actual eye exam a few months previously, and her prescription at the time had been bordering on –9.00D. I suspected that since she was finding it no trouble to wear the –12.50D glasses that the –9D would have increased. And, it had. The auto refractor showed me that in only a month of wearing the –12.50D glasses Katy had increased to –10D. Again it was Lisa who surprised me. Lisa had never had a proper eye exam. She had just started off wearing glasses that were –1.00D, and Katy had kept bumping her up. I suspected that for Lisa to be wearing –5.50D, she likely was around –2.50D naturally, but the auto refractor told me that Lisa was right at –3.50D. She likely could have tolerated the –6.00D glasses we just bought right now, but I didn’t want to rush her into this. I felt inside of me that if Lisa was adapting so well to the increased prescription, since she was only 14, she could easily move ahead of Katy, and I didn’t want that to happen - not yet anyway. If Katy were to have her increases come to a halt, then I would consider moving Lisa on past Katy, but this would be in the future.

Katy and Lisa and I talked about something else that weekend. I brought up the suggestion that maybe they might want earn even more money after the 5 years was up. They were both interested, and when I suggested that I would like to find a couple of highly myopic guys for them to become pregnant by, they both agreed that it was something to consider. I didn’t elaborate any further, and I didn’t tell Lisa that I had just the guy for her in mind. I have been having some eye problems myself, and as a result I have been visiting my ophthalmologist more frequently that I would have wanted to. On my visit last week, a chap I knew was there with his 15-year-old son. The kid was a good-looking kid, and I asked why they were there. Well, it seems that Kyle, the son, has a very serious case of progressive myopia. His prescription was around –14D, and was steadily climbing every 6 months. I would never have known this if I had not been there that day. So, here was a good possibility for Lisa. Now all I had to do was find a candidate for Katy.

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. I sent a survey that I made up to a number of ophthalmologists in the area, asking for volunteers to complete the survey, and possibly take part in a myopia study. This worked very well. I had not specified male or female, and I was thrilled when I got a number of responses from parties of both sexes. Of course I filed the names of the ladies in case I needed them for future reference, and I contacted all 5 of the males. I had meetings with all 5 of them, and I made sure that Katy was around to check them out. She was interested in 2 of the guys, so I made sure that she was left alone with each of them for a period of time. She couldn’t really make up her mind, but it didn’t matter, as both of them asked her out. Eric was a tall good looking blond, with a –22 prescription. He was a couple of years older than Katy, and I figured that he wouldn’t have much more of a prescription increase. Lance was 3 years older than Katy, and he was pushing –24D in both eyes. I liked Lance as a candidate better than Eric, but I knew that my preferences really wouldn’t matter. Katy was the one who had to choose. In the meantime, she was having fun dating both of them.

Almost 6 months had passed. Lisa, as she got closer to her 15th birthday, was taking all the myopia we could throw at her. She had now been wearing the –7.00D glasses for over a month, and when I checked her eyes with the auto refractor, it showed that –7.00D was the correct prescription for her. I didn’t really like this, as there was still 4 ½ years to go before she was to reach –20D. Katy had been wearing the –12.50D glasses now for about 8 months, and when I checked her with the refractor, she had actually moved up to –11D. So, we decided that we would leave Lisa alone for the time being, and we would move Katy into the –14.00D glasses that we had already purchased.

Over the next few months Katy chose to go out more and more with Lance. I had taken the 2 girls back to visit my home, and I had contrived to have Kyle meet Lisa. They got along really well together, and I was amazed when Lisa talked Kyle into wearing his glasses when they went out one evening. Kyle looked good in his hi index lensed –15D glasses, and Lisa, Katy and I made sure that we told him that.

By the time we were a full year into the experiment Katy had adapted well to the –14D glasses, and actually was testing around – 12.50D. Lisa was now testing at –8.00D, so I was forced to get her a new pair of glasses. If her myopia wanted to increase on it’s own, there was nothing I could do about it. I discussed this with Katy. I told her that I had been trying to keep Lisa’s prescription increases to a minimum, so that Lisa didn’t overtake Katy too quickly. Katy knew what I had been trying to do, and she advised me to not hold back, but instead to let Lisa’s eyes take as much myopia as they wanted. So we did. As it turned out, Lisa’s eyes seemed to be taking –1.50D every 6 months. I didn’t push it anymore, as this was going to be –3D per year, and in 4 more years this would give Lisa the –20D she was supposed to have.

Another 6 months went by, and on my monthly visit this time Katy wanted to speak with me in private.

"What will happen if my eyes do not ever reach –20D?" Katy asked.

"Did I not explain to you that all I wanted you to do was try to reach –20D? If your eyes reach –17D naturally, and you can wear –20D glasses well enough to function I will consider that you have met the requirement. Actually, if your glasses stay at the –14D you are wearing right now, and you are never able to increase your prescription any further, you will still get your payment. Remember Katy, this is just an experiment, and we can’t guarantee the outcome." I told her.

"Lance has asked me to marry him. Would you have a problem if I did that?" Katy asked.

"No problem at all. If you did marry Lance would you be willing to see if your children could wear very strong glasses from an early age?" I asked.

"How young would you consider the child should be, and how strong would you want the glasses to be?" Katy asked.

"Oh, I’d like to see you start around 18 months with around a –10D prescription. I would really like to see the child reach no higher than –20D by age 10." I replied.

You said you would pay more money, but you never told me how much this would be. How much were you thinking of paying?" Katy asked.

Well, I’d like to see you try it with 2 children, and I’d love to see Lisa try it with 2 children. If you try it with 2 kids, I will pay you $250,000.00 for each child that you try it with. And of course the same goes for Lisa." I replied.

So, when Katy finished her second year of university she and Lance married. Lisa was her bridesmaid, and I flew her family over from Europe for the wedding. Kyle came over with me, and he was an usher for Lance. It was a great wedding, and everyone had a lot of fun. Lance was fine with living free of charge in the house, and he understood that I had my private room, although I suspect that he questioned why I kept the door locked. I could hardly tell him that it was so he didn’t see my optical equipment, and start asking questions of Katy.

Kyle was coming over once a month with me, and I know that he was probably sneaking from the pull out couch in the living room into Lisa’s room after everyone else had gone to bed. This suspicion was confirmed when six months after Katy and Lance’s wedding Lisa announced that she was pregnant. I hadn’t counted on this. Lisa was six months shy of her 17th birthday, and she still had a year and a half of high school to complete. And the auto refractor had just confirmed that her glasses prescription was now a genuine –10D.

When Kyle found out about Lisa’s pregnancy he wanted to marry her immediately. I had a talk with him in private, and I told him that there was no way his parents would accept Lisa if he rushed into marriage with her. It was better for both of them to continue with their schooling, and then marry at a more convenient time. Of course, I did suggest that he tell his parents that they were going to have a grandchild, and I offered to go along for moral support. He accepted my offer, and his parents took the news quite well. I think their main concern was that Kyle finished his education.

So Lisa continued her schooling. On my next visit I discussed the same thing with her that Katy and I had talked about. Lisa seemed to be willing to earn another quarter of a million for each child. By the time Lisa was 6 months along Katy announced that she was pregnant also. So, both girls were going to be mothers, and with the birth of 2 children, this house was going to be very crowded.

I spent a week looking around the area for a larger home. I found a few suitable ones, but the prices were far more than I was willing to pay. Finally, I found a house that was too small, but was on a large enough lot that a decent addition could be constructed. So I bought it, and had the renovations started immediately. Of course, with all the building in the area the addition was going to take until after Katy had her baby, so reluctantly I moved my auto refractor, and my trial lens set out of my bedroom, and we turned this room into a nursery. Kyle and I still continued to come over, a little more often now that the baby was getting closer to being due, but I slept on the pull out sofa in the living room.

Alexis was the name that Kyle and Lisa chose for their daughter. She was a beautiful baby girl, and I was thrilled. My tastes run to ladies who wear strong glasses, and this would be just perfect. What would be even better would be if Katy and Lance were to have a daughter as well. And sure enough, 3 months later Katy gave birth to Brittany, a beautiful baby girl. This was fantastic.

Finally the other house was ready. So we moved in, and got everything set up. I took my auto refractor back into my new room. With the renovations going on at the new house we hadn’t had the opportunity to check either Katy or Lisa’s prescriptions. Katy had been wearing the –14.00D glasses full time for over a year, and I knew that if the auto refractor found that she was still around –14.00D, this would likely be the end of her forced progression. I was more than amazed when I tested Katy. The auto refractor showed that Katy was closer to –15.00D. I couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed the blur. But, she had been more concerned with her pregnancy than she had with her eyesight, so I guess it was natural that the myopic progression took a back seat. However, I knew Lisa would show a decent increase. Lisa had been wearing Katy’s old –12.50D glasses for a few months now. Sure enough, the auto refractor showed that Lisa would be fully corrected at –13.50D. So as soon as we got Katy her new –17.50D glasses Lisa immediately began wearing Katy’s old –14D ones.

Lisa and Kyle both continued on in school. Katy was back in her 4th year of university, and doing well. I had hired a nanny to look after the babies, and they seemed to be doing well. Lance was very busy as a computer programmer, and was earning a decent wage. With all the close work that Lance was doing I had suspected that his –24D prescription would increase, but it seemed that Lance had been fortunate and his eyes had stabilized. Kyle had continued having some small increases, and he and Katy were both wearing –17.50D glasses, although Katy was still showing –0.50D overcorrected. With only just under 2 more years to go for the original 5 years to be up Lisa was going to definitely be able to reach –20D or more. Her eyes had, according to the auto refractor, managed to reach –18D. She had now passed Katy, and she expressed the desire to go directly to –20D for her glasses. I hadn’t pushed her to do this, but once she requested it, I ordered her lenses with a prescription of –20D, and she seemed to have no problem seeing with the extra strength.

Once she had worn the –20D glasses for a couple of months Lisa asked me if she could have her money. I had no reason to deny her, so I transferred a million dollars to Lisa’s bank account. I did suggest that she should invest it wisely, but since it was her own money, and she had earned it, she really could do what she wanted with it.

Well, it seemed that what Lisa wanted to do with the money was to use it to convince Kyle that there was no reason not to get married. Kyle was in his first year at University, and was living with the girls and Lance at the house. So there was no real reason for Lisa and Kyle not to get married. This time I flew Lisa’s mother over, along with her brother, and his wife and 2 children. Kyle’s parents accepted the fact that Kyle and Lisa wanted to get married, and they were pleased that Lisa would be able to support Kyle through university.

Lisa’s baby Lexi was almost 18 months when the wedding took place. After dancing with the bride, I asked her if she was still interested in earning the other money we talked about. She replied that she was, but she was worried about Kyle’s reaction to Lexi wearing glasses.

So I thought about this for a few days. Finally I decided to place an order for a pair of –8.50D contact lenses for Lexi. At first Lexi didn’t seem too happy to be wearing them, and she tried to remove them. But, we managed to keep them on her eyes most of the time, and after about a month of wearing the contact lenses Lexi seemed to adapt to them. And, after the first month went by I used the auto refractor on Lexi to find that she seemed to actually require a –7D prescription.

Katy was pregnant before Lisa was this time, and when I checked Katy’s eyes with the auto refractor I discovered that she could easily jump to around –19.00D to maintain her

overcorrection of –1.50D. So Katy got new glasses.

Then it was time to start Brittany with her program of induced myopia. I asked Katy if she still was willing to go along with it, and she told me she was. So we ordered another pair of –8.50D pediatric contact lenses for Brittany. Lance and Kyle still didn’t know anything about the plan, and we were hoping beyond hope that they would never find out. Brittany had about the same reaction to wearing the contacts as Lexi did. But she also got accustomed to it.

Just before Katy was due to give birth I noticed her one day screwing up her eyes behind the lenses of her glasses to see something in the distance. It had only been a little over 6 months since Katy had been overcorrected by –1.50D. So, we checked Katy with the auto refractor, and sure enough, Katy had finally reached –20D naturally. She wanted a bit of overcorrection again, so I allowed her to bump her prescription to –21D. And, I then transferred a million dollars into Katy’s bank account.

Lisa didn’t require any prescription increase during the first 6 months of her pregnancy, but as she drew closer to term, I checked Lisa with the auto refractor. Lisa now required a natural prescription of –21.50D, but she also wanted a little extra power, so she got her new glasses with a –22.50D prescription in them. She and Katy had both gotten hi index 1.9 glass lenses in fairly small eye sizes, so neither of them needed myodiscs for their glasses.

Katy delivered another girl. Lance and Katy couldn’t decide on a name. They both liked Madison, Emily and Sarah. Katy also favored Jessica. Finally Madison Jessica won. I joked with Lisa that she could use Emily or Sarah if her baby was a girl. But such was not to be the case. Kyle and Lisa had a boy, who they named Carter.

I checked Alexis’s eyes, and Brittany’s eyes with the auto refractor around this time, and I was pleased to see that both girls had adapted well to their contact lenses. Their actual prescription was –10D, so Lisa and Katy and I took the girls to an eye doctor, who prescribed them both –10D glasses. I saw no reason to increase it too rapidly, so I only moved them up to –12.50D. I hadn’t told either Lisa or Katy that I was going to stop at –15D, and let the children increase naturally. I thought that I would first see if they wanted Maddy and Carter to wear glasses first.

When it was time for Madison to start on her –8.50D contacts Katy went along with it, but when it was Carter’s turn Lisa held back. Lisa was pregnant again, and she asked me if it would be all right if we left Carter’s eyes to go naturally, and if she had another girl then we could do the induced myopia on her. Of course I agreed.

Over the last year Lisa’s eyes had been getting significantly worse. She and Lance were now both around –24D. Katy and Kyle were both around –21D, as Katy hadn’t experienced any further increase, and was in fact still slightly overcorrected. I suspected that Katy would stabilize around this prescription unless she had another child, as she had been having trouble with her induced myopia prior to her becoming pregnant both times, and the pregnancy had given her myopia a good boost.

Lisa had another girl right around the time that Madison was ready to wear her first pair of –10D glasses. Kyle and Lisa named their second daughter Sarah. Even though Lisa had been reluctant to start Carter on the path to induced myopia, when I had discovered that Carter was naturally myopic I thought that Lisa would decide that since Carter was going to have to wear glasses anyway, he might as well start off with –10D ones, just like the other girls. But, Lisa only wanted Carter to be given his correct prescription, so he was now, at age 2, wearing –5D glasses

When Sarah reached 18 months she also started off with the –8.50D contact lenses, and now the experiment was almost finished. I could no longer push for anything else. Lisa fortunately had her progression end around –24D, as I thought she might keep on climbing.

I still wasn’t sure what I had learned from this. I was pretty positive that it had been proven that starting a pre purberescent girl off wearing stronger glasses than she needed, and giving her regular small increases lead to Lisa becoming highly myopic. With Katy there had been periods where she was overcorrected by as much as –3.00D, but this didn’t seem to me to have been the best way to do it. And by the time we started on smaller, but more regular increases, her eyes were not as readily adaptable. If it hadn’t been for the fact that hormonal changes during pregnancy had increased Katy’s myopia I feel that Katy would have stopped around –14.00D. And, this experiment also proved that children of high myopes were very susceptible to induced high myopia, as 3 out of the 4 girls were now wearing, and testing at –15.00D. It also showed, as evidenced by Carter, that even without inducing any myopia that children of high myopes were more likely to become myopes.

And, now that I have finished, I must also ask myself, "What did this really prove?" But it was fun.


June 2006