The Dark Side

By Specs4ever

Benny walked around the new shopping mall trying not to arouse the attention of any of the other shoppers. His particular interest was in the big box electronic store that opened last week, a month after the day the mall first opened. He entered the store and checked on the selection of merchandise that was available. The store was well organized and as Benny casually looked around he noticed that the security system of the store, contrary to the modern and up to date appearance of the place, was definitely not a first class system. Benny couldn’t understand why a top notch electronics retailer would have skimped on their own security system, but this gave Benny a feeling of superiority, and Benny liked this feeling very much.

As Benny strolled around the shop to further check on the merchandise, he noticed a young woman in her mid to late twenties. She was of medium height, had a nice trim figure and had full auburn hair. On her nose she had the thickest pair of glasses Benny had ever seen in his life. The frames of these glasses seemed to be very expensive. Benny confirmed this when he spotted the D&G label on both arms of her glasses. D&G stood for Dolce & Gabbana, a famous Italian fashion label. Benny knew this because he once was able to break into one of the cities biggest optical stores and got away with designer glasses with a value of about $150,000.00. He gave the woman another casual glance and thought what a pity it was that she was forced to wear such strong glasses to function.

After another 10 minutes or so Benny was certain that he could break into the store without great risk and he left the shop. He was pleased that it was going to be an easy job, a job that required only minor preparations.

Jeff wandered aimlessly around the new mall. He was feeding his obsession. When he was in malls like this he felt the urge to circle most of the better shops to look for ladies wearing glasses. Jeff had this thing for glasses wearing ladies. The stronger their glasses were the better he liked them. He had dated a few girls that wore glasses in the past, however he had never had a steady girlfriend that matched his requirements. Jeff’s parents had left him several million dollars and Jeff could have offered his potential wife a life of great leisure. Jeff’s obsession over glasses went back to Jeff’s early childhood. Jeff’s mother had hired a nurse who wore glasses to look after Jeff from the moment she brought him home after his birth.

This nurse became a permanent arrangement and she was almost more of a mother for Jeff than his biological mother. Becky the nurse wore glasses correcting a mid range myopia of about –7D. This probably conditioned Jeff in his early childhood. Bringing up Jeff had cost Becky several pairs of her glasses, as Jeff had the habit, like most little kids do, to grab everything that was in reach of his tiny fingers. Glasses were a fabulous object for a little kid to grab. Once Jeff had done it in a supermarket that Becky had taken him to. He had started to cry as babies frequently do when they wet their diapers or are otherwise fussing. Becky had taken him out of his carriage and was holding him in her arms when he grabbed her glasses and threw them on the floor in a violent uncoordinated movement. The lenses of the glasses were shattered to pieces and Becky had to take a taxi home, as there was no way for her to drive home without her glasses. Of course Jeff’s parents covered all the necessary expenses for Becky to get new glasses.

As Jeff grew older the fascination with glasses that had come from his early childhood persisted and grew even stronger. Until Becky left the family Jeff had managed over the years to steal a few old pairs of Becky’s glasses for his collection without arousing the faintest suspicion toward him.

Also during school and later in his college years Jeff added to his collection frequently. Once he spotted a girl that wore contacts, Jeff would follow her and wait for a good occasion to get access to their purse. In an unattended moment he would then inspect the purses contents and steal the girls glasses if they matched his liking. That is to say if they contained minus lenses with a reasonably strong prescription. He was very skilled, and was able to feel for the edge thickness of the lenses with his index finger in a second and determine if he was taking them or leaving them in their case. He always left the empty glasses case in the purse or on a desk. This confused the former owners, and from Jeff’s point of view it was more difficult to find out exactly where and when the glasses had gone missing.

Jeff also visited a lot of thrift stores, and every once in a while he found a pair that he felt worthy of being added to his collection. But, buying an old pair of glasses wasn’t as satisfying to Jeff as taking them from their former owner was. Actually knowing the person who owned, and wore the glasses seemed to do something for Jeff.

Sally adjusted her D&G glasses and wandered around the electronic store. She wanted to get one of those new I-pods and was looking for a special sale, because she wanted to save some extra money for her optical wardrobe. She was very dependant on her strong –15 and –16.25D glasses and contact lenses were not option for her because she had extremely low tear production, resulting in dry eyes. So, she had a large collection of glasses to select from. She had not found an I-pod that was priced low enough for her to consider purchasing one. She decided to head for the parking deck of the mall, as it was already getting dark. She wanted to get home before it got too dark, as her night vision wasn’t that good.

Jeff entered the newly opened electronics shop and started his search. So far he had only spotted two or three girls wearing glasses, but their prescription was just too weak to suit his liking. Then he spotted Sally. Wow her glasses were just gorgeous. They were the latest style and boy were the lenses ever strong. He had to get closer to his target. Quickly he scanned a way to round a shelf near Sally to approach her from the front just to get a short casual glimpse of the "bite out" the strong lenses took from the contour of her face. He had done this many, many times before and he was very good in doing this without arising suspicion. He was also dressed in mostly grey and black so that nobody would give him a second look.

Her glasses were just perfect. The frames were rectangular shaped with a frame size that was approximately a 54/20 and their color changed from a dark green around the bridge to a black color at the sides of the frame. The arms of the glasses faded from black back to this dark green color. They matched her hair color very well and Jeff was exited. Now he had a target to follow around the mall, as he had done it so many times.

Sally left the shop and decided to visit a nearby bookstore to see if she could find something interesting for her to read in bed. She never noticed that Jeff was tailing her, pleased with what he had seen so far.

Jeff realized that he had a new feeling that was growing stronger and stronger as he followed Sally. It was very strange; he had never sensed this urge before. This urge was to close in on a "target", grab the glasses, pocket them and run away with his prize. Deep inside Jeff felt that he had done something like this before, although he knew he hadn’t. This feeling was also frightening him. On one hand he liked it, but on the other hand he felt a cold fear creeping up his spine. Jeff still followed Sally and soon it was clear to him that she was heading for the parking deck. If her car was parked there this would end his hunt so he relaxed.

Benny had left the store some time before Sally and her tail Jeff had. He was still hanging around the mall waiting to observe the closing routine of the electronics shop. He always did this, because the more information you had about a potential target the better it was. There was still plenty of time before the mall closed. Benny saw this woman with her thick glasses coming out of the shop. A couple of feet behind her he saw a guy in a dark outfit. Even his Nike sport shoes were black. He looked a lot like he was shadowing the girl Benny thought to himself. Could this guy be a thief? Still having a bit of time to kill Benny decided to follow Jeff. He was very curious as to what would happen. After some time it was obvious to Benny that this guy dressed in black and grey was tailing the attractive lady with the very thick glasses. Benny was amused to see the somewhat funny behavior of the tail Sally had picked up. He would overtake the woman every now and then. Then he would stop and look at a display in a store window, waiting for her and turning towards her as soon as she was about to pass by him. He then went to the opposite side of the shopping mall and followed her from the distance, only to close in on her for another close pass. This had happened a couple of times now. Benny could not figure out the reason for this funny behavior. He knew there was no way that this guy was a private investigator. Benny was curious to find out what was behind this story.

Sally was waiting for the elevator to bring her down to the parking deck. The parking deck was below the level of the mall where Sally was waiting. She could have easily walked down the short flight of stairs, but she had decided against it. Finally the doors of the elevator slid sideways and Sally could enter it. She pressed the right button to go down one level.

Jeff felt the urge to follow Sally. He knew the parking deck had fairly dim lighting. Jeff did not dare to ride the elevator with Sally. He walked down the few stairs to the parking deck and was waiting in a dark corner behind the exit of the elevator. With his dark clothing he knew he would be almost invisible. Jeff felt the urge take control of him. The parking deck was empty. Only a few cars were parked there. The doors of the elevator opened and Sally got out—alone!

Benny saw the woman waiting for the elevator. The dark guy was gone. Sally entered the elevator to ride down to the parking deck. Benny wasn’t sure what he should do. Although the dark guy had disappeared he felt that he should stay behind the woman. The guy had behaved in such a strange way, that it was possible that he was waiting somewhere down on the parking deck. So Benny counted up to thirty before he ran down the stairs to watch the woman. In the dim lighting of the parking deck Benny could see the woman about 40 feet ahead.

The urge to follow her drove Jeff to sneak up behind Sally who did not notice him. She turned to the right and was heading towards her car, a smaller SUV. This must be her car. A few more steps and he would reach her. The urge took over control of Jeff completely. Jeff leapt forward raised his right arm and with a quick move grabbed Sally’s glasses.

Sally was glad to have reached her car. It was only a short ride home from the mall and then she could relax from the tension of the day by listening to some music or maybe even have a nice hot bath. She raised her left hand to push her thick-lensed glasses up. She felt she probably needed another increase in the strength of her glasses, because she had to keep them pressed closely to her eyes to see properly in the distance. This was more of a problem in dim light conditions like those on the parking deck than it was during the day.

When Jeff was about to pull Sally’s glasses from her face he could feel some sort of a small resistance as if she were holding her glasses with her left hand. Jeff continued to pull and all of a sudden the glasses came free and Sally froze.

Sally always pushed her glasses up by holding them at the left side of her frames, just the way you normally do when you put on your glasses one handed. She felt a small counterforce in her glasses frames and some kind of movement in the air at her right side and then her glasses simply slipped out of her left middle finger, index finger and thumb and were gone. She felt that she was being pushed forward and she fell blindly towards her car.

Jeff quickly folded the glasses with his right hand and stuffed them in the pocket of his sweater. He pushed Sally in the back and she fell forward towards the SUV. She wasn’t falling to the floor. She was too close to the SUV to fall down, but she hit the door on the driver’s side with a bang.

All this happened so quickly that at first Sally didn’t realize what had happened. She could see nothing but a massive blur without her glasses. She knew immediately that she was in trouble. She didn’t have her spare pair of glasses with her at the moment because she had brought the pair that usually was in the glove compartment of her SUV to her optician to be adjusted. She had been wrong in thinking that she could do without them for a day or two. Now came the shock and she realized that someone had stolen her glasses off her nose. She was in a panic now and yelled for help.

Suddenly Benny saw the shadow man again. He had appeared out of nowhere und quickly caught up with the woman. The rest went so quickly that Benny was almost unable to see all of it. The guy had ripped the glasses of the woman’s nose pushing her towards her SUV. The guy moved sideways and disappeared into the darkness. Benny knew that without her thick glasses on her face the woman would have seen nothing. Benny thought about helping the woman for a moment, but then he decided against it. Not that he felt sympathy for this fellow criminal but you never know, maybe he could profit somehow from his knowledge. He tried to see where the darkly dressed man had gone. Benny thought he had lost him but then he saw him by the far end of the parking deck. He was not running anymore. He got into a nice pale yellow BMW Coupe and drove off. By now the woman was yelling for help. Benny knew that he had no time to help this blind girl. If he wanted to make some money from what he had seen he had to at least get a glimpse of the BMW’s license plate. He knew he had no chance to catch up with a BMW by running after it. There was only one thing he could do. He ran down the stairs to the first level of the parking deck. If the BMW passed by him he could read the number plate. He just came out of the staircase when the BMW slowly passed. Benny memorized the car’s number plate. He could still hear the woman yelling for help. But this was not his business. He had to check on the closing routine of the electronics shop. There would be someone else coming by to assist her soon enough.

As soon as Jeff had the glasses in his pocket the urge ceased. After running a hundred or so feet from his victim Jeff slowed his pace to a casual stroll again. When he sat in his BMW he heard Sally’s first cries for help. What had he done? His feeling of triumph overshadowed the tiny feeling of remorse that Jeff had. He started his car and drove off, unaware that there had been a witness.

An hour later Jeff was at home. He closed the door behind him, reached in his pocket and pulled out the glasses he had stolen. He tried them on, and naturally he could see nothing out of them. He took them off again and brought them close to his nose so he could smell the scent and perfume of their former owner. It was exactly the same thing he had done with Becky’s glasses. He still had all of Becky’s glasses she thought she had lost. But their smell was long gone.

By the time Jeff was home Sally had finished giving her statement to the malls security officer. Her statement was rather short because she was unable to tell them anything else but that someone had stolen her glasses right from her face. She was still without glasses and felt completely helpless, as she could see nothing but a big colorful blur.

Finally the ordeal was over and a female cab driver came to the office of the mall security to pick her up and bring her home to get a pair of glasses on her nose. When Sally was home she found her way to the drawer in her wardrobe where she put on the first pair of glasses her hand could find. It was amazing how clear it all became when she had her chunks of high index plastic in front of her eyes. As soon as she had her glasses back on she began to relax. Maybe the person that stole her glasses was homeless or some other person in need, she thought. Could it be that someone needed her glasses to be able to see? Little did she know!

Meanwhile Benny had finished gathering all of the information he felt he needed concerning the electronics store and was ready to leave the mall now. He still couldn’t get this freak that stole glasses out of his mind. The first thing he would do when he was home would be to try to find out the freak’s name by tracing his number plate.

It was easier than Benny had thought. The following morning he called his insurance agent, telling him that he had slightly damaged a car on the malls parking deck. He said that it had been impossible to track the owner at the mall and that he had only been able to write down the number plate. Five minutes later he got a call back from his insurance agent, telling him the address of the BMW’s owner. Benny wrote down the address. He was still wondering what he should do with this information. Contacting the police was not an option but maybe it could be worth blackmailing this freak once he found out more about this guy. First things first though, and the first thing Benny had to do was the job at the electronics store.

Jeff was still very happy with his latest acquisition. The powerful urge he had felt was gone and he was very calm at the moment. He knew that there was no chance that the woman might have seen him in the dimly lit parking garage. And afterwards, without her glasses it was impossible for her to see a darn thing. No, he was safe. Jeff figured there was no chance for him ever to be traced. By now he was inspecting the women’s glasses with a little magnifier. Seeing the traces of makeup, trapped between the frame and the strong lenses aroused him. Again he smelled the glasses odor. What a turn on he thought. He didn’t feel sorry for this girl. He now felt that this wouldn’t be the last pair of glasses he would get this way.

Two weeks later Jeff drove to another city and found another mall to inspect. All malls are similar and he just could be lucky again. For a few days he had meticulously studied the local papers to see if some news about his "acquisition" had made it to the papers. There was not a word about the theft of a pair of glasses. And then after a week had passed the papers were full of news about a burglary in an electronics shop in the mall and so he had calmed down. Jeff’s urge to aquire another pair of glasses had risen the past days. If the urge could be compared to a steam kettle it would be about to explode by now.

Bennies raid in the electronics shop had been a complete success. He had taken around 40 of the new PS III consoles that almost every teenager longed to have. It had been so easy to get the stuff. Benny had noticed that a truck delivered the goods that had been ordered for inventory during the night time when the mall had closed down. All Benny had to do was act as if he was delivering, but instead of delivering, take the stuff he wanted. He had been so cautious that they hadn’t noticed the missing goods until several days after the burglary. Benny was a genius in his profession. Now he had also enough time to think about the "glasses-ripper offer". But this could still wait another day or two.

Jeff was anxiously wondering if he could be successful once again in getting a new pair of glasses for his collection. Again it was difficult to spot an ideal candidate. Jeff wandered across all the different levels of the mall. So far he had not yet found anything worth a second look. It was boring. He was about to call it quits for this day when he saw a young blonde woman in her early twenties rush towards the optician. She didn’t wear glasses, but she was holding a handkerchief against her left eye. Maybe this indicated trouble with a contact lens Jeff thought. He moved closer to the optical store also. He could wait for her to come out again. The first thing Jeff did when he was around a new mall was to check if shops he thought might be potential hunting grounds for his obsession had secondary entrances or exits. This made things a lot easier for him, knowing if his prey could escape unseen to him. The optician however had only one entrance. He could wait outside for the blonde to come out again.

Helen felt an instant pain in her left eye. Oh damn it she thought, this must be my contact lens again. Either it had turned over again, or it was one of her eyelashes trapped between her contact lens and her cornea again. This happened occassionally and Helen was extremely careful, because with her high myopia she had very thin corneas, making her an impossible candidate for corrective surgery. She rushed to see her optician who was only next door. The optician saw immediately that this was an emergency when Helen entered and waved her directly through to the doctor’s office. "Hi Helen," she greeted her, "Are you having a problem with your contacts again?" she asked. Helen nodded and sat down. The doctor inspected her left eye which was very red by now. She removed the contact lens and saw that it was indeed an eye lash that had caused the irritation. She had a closer look at her patients cornea with her ophthalmoscope. It was just like she had suspected. The cornea was scratched in the outer perimeter. This was bad news for Helen. This meant that she couldn’t wear her lenses for at least 2 weeks. The good thing however was that she hadn’t damaged the center of her cornea. She told Helen the bad news. Helen was rather upset but she couldn’t help it. This meant another period of extended glasses wear. She was without glasses to wear at the moment because she had left them at home today. She could find her way home with only one lens in her eye. It would be hard, but maybe her colleague could give her a ride home later.

The doctor told her that she could take her other contact lens out of her eye as well because her other pair of glasses she had left last week to have a stripped screw replaced had just come back from the lab that afternoon.

At least this was good news Helen thought. She did like wearing contacts better, because they gave her clearer, more accurate vision. She had always alterenated between glasses and contact lenses at regular intervals. This was the main reason why she had never had major problems with contact lens wearing. She took out her right contact lens and waited for the doctors assistant to bring her glasses and a container for her contact lenses. Soon she had her strong –18.75D glasses on and could see well again. She pocketed her contact lenses and headed for the exit.

Jeff couldn’t believe his eyes. The blonde girl that had rushed into the opticians came out wearing glasses. They had just the right power for Jeff’s liking. Immediately his urge was at full gauge. The glasses she was wearing were fantastic. She wore red oval shaped plastic frames that had a frame size that was probably a 52/18 Jeff guessed. The lenses protruded distinctively in front and back of the frame. Jeff followed Helen to a small bookstore. Jeff realized that Helen worked there as he glanced at her through the shops window. She was talking to what seemed to be her colleague and was pointing at her glasses several times as they talked. He could see that she handed her glasses over to her colleague. Her colleague put them on and turned her head back and forth and handed them back to Helen. This little scene brought the pressure inside Jeff to maximum power. This was just wonderful for an OO like Jeff to witness a scene like that.

Benny was getting ready to meet another potential client for several DVD players and some of the play stations he had stolen. He would make this deal and then he would approach this Mr. Jeff Walker and make him an offer he probably wouldn’t dare refuse. Benny checked the mirror again and thought he had a tail. It was a small van that he felt he had seen behind him twice before this evening. He decided to drive around for a few more blocks and check. Soon he calmed down. The van had disappeared. It’s just my nerves he thought. The cops in the van had decided to let themselves be spotted on purpose. It was applied psychology. They knew if someone thought they had a tail, which then really disappeared they had a stronger feeling of security afterwards. This made them less attentive. Benny stopped his car in front of a large garage and blew the horn of his car 3 times. This was the signal. It was dark inside the garage. He saw the door of the garage rising and a torch blinking two times. He slowly drove into the garage with his headlights off. Behind him the garage door was lowered again. Benny jumped out of his van. The guy who had wanted to purchase the merchandise came over to Benny, after he had switched on the lights in the garage. The client was inspecting the merchandise when they saw several cars arrive and stop in front of the garage. Then they saw a red light flashing and knew they were in trouble. Four cops entered the garage from the rear after having blown the door open with 2 small charges of explosive. Benny was surprised to learn that they had been after him for about 4 months. They had trapped him with the help of a small radio transmitter hidden in one of the DVD players. They wanted to get their hands on his clients, too. That was the reason why they had waited longer to arrest him. Benny was fully aware that his lucky strike had ended.

Jeff relaxed again. He knew that his prey couldn’t get away. There was still lots of time before the bookstore was closing. He could afford to take the time to watch for other GWG’s. Jeff knew that he would get these glasses. He had to. He had been successful two weeks ago, and he would succeed again tonight. He had a small Canon Digital camera in his pocket. He wanted to take a picture of the glasses wearing girl the moment he ripped them off her nose. He had already planned precisely how he would act. He would sneak up from behind, murmur a vague "Excuse me Mrs." and then flash at her face as she turned around. He knew that she would be blind the instant the flash fired. The last thing she would realize before he escaped, unseen to her, would be the glasses being ripped from her face.

Helen put her glasses back on her face. Sandy couldn’t see a thing with her glasses. This usually said more than a hundred words. When others put her strong glasses on and could see absolutely nothing through the strong lenses it was clear to everybody how bad her eyes really were. Helen and Sandy placed a few orders for the shop and an hour later they were ready to close the shop. They decided to have a snack together before each of them went home. So they walked to a little deli shop near the food court. The deli had a small area with tables set up where you could eat. They sat at a table for two and ordered their food from the menu because neither Helen or Snady felt like having the buffet that was also available.

Jeff watched the two women as they left the store. After they had walked a short way Jeff could tell that neither of the women was heading for the parking deck. He saw them disappear into the deli shop. He knew that this would give him another 20 to 30 minutes before he could act. Jeff hoped that they would go their separate ways when they came out the deli shop. If they remained together it would be impossible for Jeff to put his plan into action. This meant that he would have to postpone this mission. A while later the girls came out of the deli. Jeff was lucky—they went their separate ways. Soon it was clear that Helen was heading for the parking deck. This time Jeff wasn’t as lucky, because several people were on the parking deck. Jeff checked to make sure he knew which car was Helen’s. There was going to have to be just a minor change of plans. He rushed to his car that he had fortunately parked outside the malls parking deck. Soon he spotted Helen’s small yellow Toyota driving down the ramp. He followed Helen, making sure that he didn’t get too close. After a 20 minute drive they approached a small residential area outside town. Jeff could see Helen parking her car. Jeff was lucky enough to find a space down the street to park his car. He had switched off his lights when he realized that Helen was parking. So there was no way that she noticed him. For the moment everything was quiet. No cars were driving up or down the street. No people were out walking. The only thing you could hear were a few dogs barking in the distance. Helen was still sitting in the car, getting her stuff together. This gave Jeff a chance to bring himself into a favorable position for his attack. There was a van parked just behind Helen’s car. This was a nice place for Jeff to wait for Helen to get out of the car. He felt the urge and pressure build up inside his chest. His small digital camera was ready to fire. He could hear Helen slamming the door of her car. She was loaded with a few bags and didn’t have any hands free. This was just ideal for Jeff’s plan. He just crept up unheard behind her, as he had planned it. The camera was ready in his right hand. "Excuse me Mrs." he murmured just loud enough for her to hear. He saw her freeze, frightened. She turned her head towards him. Jeff had waited for her to do exactly this. He fired his flash. Her eyes were wide open in shock behind her strong red frames. With a quick move Jeff grabbed them with his left hand, firing his camera a 2nd time as he did this. Helen was shocked. No cry for assistance had come from her lips yet. Jeff turned around and went back behind the van. From there he hurried to his car. When he drove slowly away in the opposite direction Helen was still standing helpless where he had left her.

"Excuse me Mrs." Helen heard a voice from behind. She had seen no one on the sidewalk as she got out of her Toyota. She was frightened and slowly turned her head to see who was calling her. As she turned her head she saw a flash and then only bright green and blue spots. She felt someone grabbing her glasses and then there was another flash. She was unable to move. She was in panic without her glasses. Still these colorful spots were the only thing she could make out. The spots gradually faded making way for her uncorrected myopic blur. She was in big trouble. She had no glasses to put on. And, even if she had them she wouldn’t have put them on because she was afraid she would lose them again. She could make out the faint shape of her car. She would go back to her car and lock herself in and then call Sandy to help her.

Jeff arrived home. He inspected the glasses. It was a fabulous pair for his collection. He smelled Helen’s perfume and inspected them with his magnifier and it was great as ever, when he welcomed a new member into his collection. He hadn’t checked his digital camera yet. He started his computer and linked his camera to the USB port. In a few seconds he had the 2 shots saved to his hard disk. The first shot showed Helen’s surprised glance through the strong lenses of her glasses. Jeff got a hard on over the massive bite out the powerful lenses created in the contours of her face. The second shot was a little bit overexposed. Jeff’s left hand was holding her glasses at the right lens and the glasses were half way down her nose. Her left eye was wide open expressing strong disbelief. Jeff was glad that he had been successful yet another time.

Helen had found her way back into her car. She was still scared. Who could have done this? She couldn’t believe it. She fumbled blindly through the contents of her purse to find her cellular phone. It was terrible how helpless she was without her glasses. After a few seconds, that seemed to her to last for an eternity, she had her cell phone in her hands. Bringing it close to her left eye she managed to dial Sandy’s number. After a few rings Sandy answered the phone. Now that she could talk the tension in her body subsided and her blind eyes filled with tears of helplessness. In a few words she explained everything to Sandy who said she would be over as quick as possible. The next 20 minutes, until she saw the big two white blurs of Sandy’s headlights arriving, seemed to last forever. Sandy rushed over to Helen’s car and Helen got out of her Toyota. All her makeup was smeared over her face and she was still trembling. Sandy just hugged Helen and then helped Helen over to her apartment in the first floor of the condominium. When they closed the door Sandy asked Helen where she had another pair of glasses. Helen told her where to find them. Sandy, looking at those strong lenses, wondered how it could be possible to see out of these "Ashtrays". Yes those lenses looked very much like an ashtray, made of crystal, her parents had once brought her from a trip to Europe. Anyway she handed them over to Helen who thanked her heartfully for helping her.

Captain Peters was happy that they had finally been able to arrest Benny Powell. Benny had been a phantom. He had never ever left any traces that would have given the slightest lead to the authorities. So finally they had come up with the plan of hiding a transmitter amongst the merchandise of a potential target for Benny. Now, since catching him they had been able to link him to about 50 burglaries around the country. Captain Peters had been searching Benny’s place for the last two days. This had brought up substantial evidence to keep Benny behind bars for many years. Captain Peters was curious about a slip of paper he had found on Benny’s kitchen table. There was only the name, address and the number of a license of a car on it. The name Jeff O’Donnell meant nothing to the Captain. The name didn’t show up in Benny’s criminal past. He would have one of the younger officers run a check on the name. During the next few days Captain Peters had created a bullet proof case against Benny. He could turn it over to the district attorney who would be glad to have a case to prosecute that would grant the maximum penalty to Benny without any chance of a parole. They had also checked out this O’Donnell guy. He was clean as far as they could tell. He made a nice and calm impression as detective Nancy Miller had questioned him. So they attributed the information of Jeff O’ Donnell found in Benny’s house as being that of a potential new target for a burglary. Jeff O’Donnell was very rich and the big house of this rich heir seemed to be worth a burglars visit. Captain Peters fully agreed with Nancy Millers point of view and so Jeff’s name didn’t even make it to the polices archives.

After Jeff had successfully stolen two pairs of glasses he was very relaxed. He never felt such a strong feeling of urge again. When he did feel that way he looked at the pictures he had taken at his second robbery. The instant he looked at the pictures he was able to relive his insane act. This calmed him immediately. When he was looking at the glasses afterwards he was still as thrilled as if he had stolen them only an hour ago.

Amy was cleaning her glasses. It was her second cleaning of the day, and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet. She cleaned her glasses every couple of hours. It was her obsession. Her glasses were clean, but she needed to wipe them - she liked to feel her strong lenses through the cleaning cloth. She liked to feel her right hand thumb filling the deep curvature of her strong lenses, while her middle- and index finger felt the flat fronts of her lenses. Amy couldn’t see a thing while she was cleaning her glasses. She was severely nearsighted and glasses were the only option to make her function properly. She had been wearing glasses since early childhood. In fact she had no memory of the short period of time she had not needed glasses. Amy had finished cleaning her glasses and put them back on. Just before the glasses reached the right vertex distance in front of her eyes she was able to see that her cleaning effort had been successful. It was good to see again. Her vision had stabilized two years ago when Amy had reached 27 years of age. Now at age 29 she hadn’t needed any further increase in the power of her –22.50D glasses. Her doctor had been very satisfied that her myopia had finally stabilized and so was Amy. The only thing that bothered Amy was that she had not yet found a partner to stay with. So far she had had a few partners, but none of those relations had lasted longer than a few months. And this was during the times in her life when she was still able to wear her contact lenses a lot of the time. But these times were now over. And this meant she had to find a man who accepted her despite her strong glasses.

Amy remembered the end of her last relationship with a lot of bitterness. After a minor argument with Peter, her former boyfriend, had escalated he had left her alone in her apartment. Before leaving her he had ripped her glasses off her face and stepped on them destroying them beyond repair. Amy had been without the proper glasses for several days, as her only spare pair was a pair with an outdated prescription. Amy got back to her work. She had to revise a couple of insurance policies her boss had left on her desk. This would keep her busy her for the rest of the morning.

Jeff got up early in the morning. It would be a busy day for him as he had to talk to his banker about investing his money in another, safer fund. Later he had to check on some of his insurance policies at his agent’s office. And after all that he would go for a nice walk in the newly opened mall……

Captain Peters finished typing the last lines of his report on Benny’s burglary case into his computer. The phone on his desk rang. He answered the phone and learned that Benny wanted to talk to him again. Maybe he had made up his mind to confess to some of the cases that couldn’t be attributed to him so far. This could save him some years off his prison time. The captain read the folder containing all the evidence against Benny. He read the slip of paper again with the address of Jeff O’ Donnell. Maybe I should ask him about this address, he thought. Captain Peters went to the room where Benny waited before being returned to the state penitentiary to wait for his trial. It was as Captain Peters had thought. Benny had decided that he might as well confess to everything he had done. The Captain was pleased because now they were able to close a number of cases that had not been attributed to Benny yet. After Benny had finished his confession, Captain Peters handed him the slip of paper with Jeff’s address on it. Benny smiled as he remembered this guy who had stolen this woman’s glasses. He had nothing to lose and so he told the captain what he had seen. Captain Peters thought about this unbelievable story and decided to check on it. He logged on the police computer network to see if there was a report about this strange robbery. He found nothing. But the captain decided he would personally question this guy again.

Jeff was about to leave for his daily routine when the doorbell rang. He opened the door and let Captain Peters in. Captain Peters confronted Jeff with Benny’s statement. Jeff was a very skilled liar and managed to convince the captain that this statement was just crap. He offered to let Captain Peters search his house and look for the glasses. Jeff knew that his collection was so well hidden that no one would ever be able to find it. Captain Peters assured him that he saw no necessity for doing this. And since there was no report on the police network about the theft of the glasses Captain Peters left. Jeff calmed down after the Captain had left, but he decided he would quit his excursions to the malls. He would return to his routine of visiting thrift stores around the country again to add to his collection. Jeff left his house and went to see his banker. He signed a few contracts that would safely invest his money. Next he had to see the insurance agent. He got to the office just in time before it closed for noon.

Amy had finished her paperwork. There was only one policy left to be signed by a Jeff O’ Donnell. When he arrived she would have finished all her work for the day and maybe her boss Carol would allow her to take the afternoon off.

Jeff got out of the elevator on the 8th floor. The office of the insurance agency was just opposite the elevators door and Jeff entered the office. The moment he saw Amy he could sense the urge at full gauge. He was kind of paralyzed, unable to think or speak. Amy’s lovely voice reached his ears as if it came through a cocoon. Finally Jeff overcame his partial dizziness.

Amy saw Jeff enter the office. This guy was strange. He seemed not to hear her speaking to him. Finally after another "What can I do for you Sir?" he shook his head and seemed to react. "

Oh I’m sorry" said Jeff, "I have a terrible headache and just took an Aspirin to fight it down" Jeff lied as he awoke from his shock. This girl was a real beauty with her glasses. He knew that this was the girl he had been searching for all his life. He told her that he had just dropped in to sign the contract. Amy handed him the already prepared papers to sign. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and her glasses. Oh how long had he looked for a girl like Amy and now that she was there right in front of him and he was unable to say a word.

Amy liked Jeff the instant she saw him enter the office. She could sense that he was staring at her glasses and she felt that this was a look of interest rather than a look of disgust as this was normally the case when men stared at her. It was strange; Amy felt such a strong attraction toward Jeff. She had never had such a sensation before. She knew that she had to hold him back. She would not let him go.

Jeff signed the contract and thought about a way to overcome his mind block. The only thing he could think to say was: "Thank you for giving me such good conditions on this contract. This saves me a lot of money in the future."

Amy heard herself say: "You can thank me by inviting me for a cup of coffee and a sandwich, as I’m off duty for the rest of the day." She couldn’t believe what she had just said to a client. She could loose her job if he complained to her boss.

Jeff could hardly believe what Amy had just said. He was thinking about how to ask her out for lunch, but he had been too tongue tied. But by her asking him, it relaxed him, and he was able to speak again. He said that he would be honored to take Amy out for lunch. The rest of the day went by quickly. Amy and Jeff enjoyed each other’s company very much. It seemed that two matching souls had found each other. Amy had found a man that seemed to like her despite her horrible thick glasses and Jeff had found the girl he had searched for so long. A couple of weeks later Amy moved into Jeff’s house. Jeff had found the right words to tell her he liked her because of her personality AND her glasses. Amy had accepted it. After all what was wrong with it when he liked her and her glasses.

Before Amy moved into his house Jeff boxed up his entire collection of glasses, except for two special pairs, and took them to the Lions Club Charity. The two pairs he had ripped from the girls faces he had cleaned very carefully to remove any traces of his DNA, and wrapped each pair in a plain box, along with a substantial sum of money, that would cover the costs of several pairs of new glasses. He also wrote a letter of apology, which he printed out on a cheap printer that he then donated to a thrift store. He had the box containing Helen’s glasses delivered anonymously to the bookstore in the mall. As for the box containing Sally’s glasses it was more difficult. Jeff returned to the mall where he had taken Sally’s glasses several times. Jeff was almost at the point of giving up when one day he saw Sally again. She had new glasses and Jeff was glad that he felt no urge building up inside. He followed her around the mall and followed her to her car. He followed her as she drove home. The next day he mailed Sally’s package.

After living together for a few months Amy and Jeff decided to marry. Jeff never told Amy of his obsession about thick minus glasses, but she had sensed that her glasses were a definate attraction for Jeff. Nor had he ever told her that the dark side had gained control over him twice. Jeff was also glad that he had gotten quite a scare from the visit that Captain Peters made the memorable morning he met Amy. Jeff was very pleased that his life had taken a positive turn. It could have ended in a bad way if the dark side had taken complete control and Jeff had continued his insane completion of his collection of glasses. One afternoon, six months after their marriage, Jeff sat at his computer preparing a backup of his data. He found 2 old pictures he believed he had erased some time ago. He looked at them and then he looked over to his wife who had fallen asleep in her chair watching TV. Her heavy lensed glasses were half way down her nose. He erased the 2 pictures, emptied the computers trash bin and started his backup. Jeff went over to his wife and carefully removed her glasses. He put them on and the world surrounding him disappeared in a massive blur. He took the glasses off and the world surrounding him turned normal again. He carefully folded the glasses, and placed them face up on a small table beside Amy’s chair. Looking at the glasses lying on the table Jeff got a feeling of happiness and comfort that he had missed so long in his life. He also looked forward to the coming night in their bedroom when Amy would put on a very special pair of ultra thick glasses just for making love.

This is a story by Andy, with much editing by Specs4ever

May 2005