Dear Diary

Or, a year in the life of a 16 year old highly myopic girl

by Specs4ever

Jan 1. Well, I got this diary for Christmas, and I don’t know how good a job I can do of writing in it every day, but I made a New Years resolution to try it. It is only 11 am on New Years Day and I am already having trouble with my new contact lenses. I wish the optician could have gotten me my new glasses right away, but my prescription is too strong for the one hour deal, so I have to wait until around the 4th or 5th. And I don’t know why I am having so much trouble with these new contacts. But the other daily wear contact lenses that I used to wear only went up to a –10D, and now my contact lenses have to be –10.50. I have such crappy eyesight. My new glasses will be –12.00D. My eyes are twice as bad as my moms, three times as bad as my dads, and 4 times worse than my younger brother’s.


Jan 2. I have been wearing my old –10D glasses so far all morning. I can hardly see much with them anymore. I didn’t think that my new prescription was going to be that much stronger, but I guess I really wasn’t seeing very well. Mom just called the optical place to see if they had another brand of contacts that I could try, because my eyes are all red and sore from wearing the other lenses they gave me for the last few days.


Jan 3. The optician wouldn’t give me another type of contact lens to try because she was afraid I might have scratched my eyeball or something. So in a few minutes I have to go back to my eye doctor.


Jan 4. Well it is easy to find something to write in my diary, but everything that is happening to me these days is about my eyes. The doctor fitted me with a different brand of contact lenses, but he has to order them in my prescription, and they won’t be here until tomorrow. Mom wanted to take me shopping for some new clothing, and you won’t believe it, but me, the girl who can shop till she drops said no. I just can’t see well enough with these old glasses. I hope my new ones come in soon.


Jan 5. Well, my new glasses came in yesterday afternoon. Mom drove me right over to the optician’s and I was so happy to put them on and be able to see again. But they are terribly thick. I hate it when I look in the mirror and see my reflection. I am going to hate going back to school Monday unless my contacts get here.


Jan 6. I got, and wore my new contacts the rest of the afternoon yesterday. They felt pretty comfortable, so I hope that they will be all right. I have been wearing my new glasses all morning so far, but I will be putting my lenses in now to go shopping with mom.


Jan 7. I was so glad to have my new contacts in at the mall yesterday afternoon. I saw a bunch of kids from school. I would have died if they had seen me wearing my new glasses. Mom bought me a new winter jacket at the sales, and I also got some new jeans, and a couple of tops.


Jan 8. I had to come home early from school today. My new contacts were hurting my eyes. I phoned the doctor, and I am going over to his office later. The receptionist told me to take them out immediately, like, she thought I was stupid or something.


Jan 9. The doctor couldn’t figure out why my lenses hurt. He says that they seem to be floating the way they should, and the fit seems to be fine. But they hurt. I tried them again this morning at school, but by 10 am I had to take them out and put my glasses on. I was pretty embarrassed wearing my glasses. They are over ½" thick at the edges, and they make my eyes look all tiny and shrunken into my face.


Jan 10. I went back to the doctor yesterday after school. He has ordered another type of contact lenses for me to try. I don’t know why my eyes have to be so bad. I hate it that I am almost blind. I must be the blindest person in the world. There aren’t even any other girls in my class that wear glasses. And Josh is the only guy in my class who wears glasses. I wish he were my boyfriend, because when he puts his glasses on he is so hot looking. I can’t understand why Melanie keeps telling him he looks terrible wearing glasses.


Jan 11. I had to wear my glasses to school today. I suppose I am just imagining it, but I feel like everyone is whispering about how thick my glasses are behind my back.


Jan 12. I sit at the front of the class because I have such poor eyesight. And as soon as our teacher saw Josh put his glasses on in class last fall, she moved Josh up to the front of the room to sit beside me. I guess she figures that you are blind if you wear glasses, and for me that was true for most of December. But Josh has always been able to see quite well with his glasses. Today though I could see that while he could see what the teacher was writing on the chalkboard directly in front of him, he was tilting his glasses, and squinting to see what was written on the board along the sidewall. I hope he has to get new glasses.


Jan 13. I got the newest contacts after school yesterday. They seemed Ok when I put them in at the doctor’s office, and I left them in until bedtime without a problem. But I have had them in since I got up this morning, and now, just about suppertime, I find they are hurting me.


Jan 14. It isn’t fair. I have been wearing the contact lenses most of the day, and now by early afternoon I am going to have to take them out. I don’t want to wear my glasses to school again tomorrow. What is wrong with that stupid doctor that they can’t get a pair of contact lenses to fit me? I never had any trouble at all with my other lenses.


Jan 15. The doctor says that he wants to fit me with a pair of contacts that are called gas permeable. He figures that gas permeable will slow down the progression of my myopia, and they will be easier to fit me with. But, they are going to cost my dad almost $300.00, and dad says that he just can’t afford it right now. Maybe by my 16th birthday in March he might be able to spend the money.


Jan 16. I guess I better get used to it. I am a glasses girl. I don’t like having to wear them, but I can’t see without them. A couple of people called my glasses coke bottles today. I don’t know what they are talking about, but I figured out that this means they are thick. I had to help Josh with some stuff we were copying from the sidewall blackboard today. I told him that he should have his eyes tested again, and he told me he had an appointment early next week.


Jan 17. I asked my dad why people called my glasses coke bottles, and he explained that Coke used to come in glass bottles that looked pretty thick at the bottom. I have only seen Coke in plastic bottles or aluminum cans, so no wonder I wasn’t sure what they meant.


Jan 18. Maybe my eyes wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t read so much. I have been wearing my old glasses when I read, and do computer work, so I hope that this will help stop my eyes from getting any worse.


Jan 19. Weekend again. I am so happy I don’t have to go to school tomorrow. I guess that Josh told Melanie that he had to get new glasses, and that he figured that he would have to wear them all the time. They had a big fight. I don’t know why she hates to have him wearing glasses. He looks really hot in glasses.


Jan 17. Stacey and I went to the movies this afternoon. It surprised me when Stacey wanted to sit closer to the screen. Maybe she needs glasses. I sure hope that some other girls in my class have to get glasses. I hate being the only one. But, I guess no one else would ever have to wear glasses that are as strong as mine. I never let anyone try my glasses on, because they always make me feel so bad when they tell me that I must be absolutely blind without them.


Jan 18. Mom and dad and Grant and me all went to Gran’s house for supper today. Gran took one look at my new glasses and told me they looked awful, they were so thick. Thanks for making me feel better Gran.


Jan 19. Well, I guess that everyone at school is used to seeing me in my coke bottle glasses. No one seems to take any notice of me anymore. I guess that is a good thing though.


Jan 20. Josh told me he is going for his eye examination this afternoon after school. I wanted to offer to go along to help him pick out frames, but I didn’t.


Jan 21. Josh came in to school this morning wearing his new glasses. And I thought he looked hot with his other glasses. He is on fire wearing the new ones. I overheard Melanie telling him to take them off, that he looked terrible wearing them. But he told her that he had to wear them all the time now, because his eyes were a lot worse.


Jan 22. Josh and I were talking today. His new glasses are –4D. I told him that his prescription was as strong as my dads. Then I told him that my prescription was 3 times stronger. I could tell that he wanted to ask me if he could try my glasses on, but I quickly changed the subject. I didn’t want him telling me that I must be absolutely blind without them – even if I am.


Jan 23. I can’t believe it. Josh asked me to go to the movies with him tonight. I told him that it would have to be the early show, because my parents wanted me home by 10pm until I turn 16.


Jan 24. I had a great time with Josh last night. Melanie broke up with him because he could no longer go without wearing his glasses. She told him that he should ask me out if he liked glasses that much, because my glasses were really awful looking. I guess he defended me, and told her that I couldn’t help it that I had such bad eyes, any more than he could help it that his eyes were bad.


Jan 25. Josh came over yesterday afternoon, and we watched a video together. I really, really like Josh, and he is so hot looking wearing his new glasses. Melanie was stupid.


Jan 26. Everyone in class now knows that Josh and I are going out together. Stacey is about the only other girl I hang out with, and she told me that I was really lucky to be going out with Josh. I know I am.


Jan 27. This weekend is winter carnival. Josh and I are going together. Maybe Stacey and Matt might go with us.


Jan 28. It snowed a whole lot today. And it was freezing cold. Josh walked me home from school, and I invited him in to warm up. It was so funny. The minute we walked in the door our glasses both froze up, and neither one of us could see anything. Josh held his glasses over the hot air register, and got them defrosted, and when he could see again he took my glasses from me, and cleaned them for me. The he put them back on my face, and he kissed me. I felt all tingly inside.


Jan 29. We were working on an experiment in science class today, and I must have had something on my hand when I pushed my glasses back on my face. Whatever it was got all over my right lens, and Josh took my glasses and cleaned them for me. I don’t know if I am right or not, but I have the feeling that Josh sort of likes the fact that I am helpless without my glasses.


Jan 30. Tonight Josh and I are going to go on the moonlight sleigh ride. Matt and Stacey are coming as well, so we should have a good time.


Jan 31. I almost forgot to write something. We had a blast last night. It was so cold that we had to bundle up and hug together to keep from freezing. Today we are going to the parade, and then there is free skating at the arena. I am going to need lots of hot chocolate to warm me back up.


Feb 1. I know Stacey needs glasses now. She couldn’t even recognize me on the other side of the skating rink. Then she asked me to read the clock and tell her what time it was. I told her that she needed to have her eyes examined, and she agreed. I am in love with Josh. He is wonderful to me. He is so gentle towards me, and I bet he cleaned my glasses for me at least 3 times when they frosted over. I guess I told him the other day how much I liked it that he did such a nice job of cleaning my glasses, and that I really couldn’t see well enough to do it myself.


Feb 2. It was such a great weekend that I am almost sorry that it is over, and we are back at school. Stacey told me that she told her mom that she needed her eyes examined, so her mom is making an appointment for her.


Feb 3. Stacey asked me to come with her after school to her eye exam. So, I did. I helped her pick out a frame that she liked, and her prescription is –1.75 in her right eye, and –1.50 in her left. The doctor told her that she could choose for herself how much she wanted to wear her glasses.


Feb 4. Stacey showed up at school this morning with her glasses on, and she didn’t take them off all day. Josh was a little surprised when he found out what Stacey’s prescription was, because his other prescription was around –2.50D, and he only wore his when he really needed them.


Feb 5. My mom needs to get reading glasses to wear over her contacts. Her arms are no longer long enough to hold something away from her eyes. Her new contact prescription is a little bit stronger, and now she can’t see up close without the readers. She is going to get invisible bifocals in her new glasses as well.


Feb 6. My dad got laid off today. New car sales are down, so his company doesn’t have any more orders for parts. I hope this isn’t for too long.


Feb 7. Josh came over after school today, and we went to Mickey D’s for supper. Then Matt and Stacey and Josh and I went to a show. Now that Stacey has her glasses we can sit at the back again.


Feb 8. Josh came over again this afternoon. Grant and dad were out in the garage and when Grant came back in and saw Josh there he asked Josh to come out and give them a hand. Dad is building this old hot rod thing, and Grant is helping him. When Josh went out to the garage I didn’t see him again all afternoon, so I read a book. But, dad asked Josh to stay for supper, so I guess that is a good thing, as it means he likes Josh.


Feb 9. Mom and dad were at Gran’s this afternoon. Grant and I decided not to go. Josh came over, and he and I were sitting around the living room. Josh picked up mom’s new glasses, and tried them on. He left them on for a long time, and told me that he could see really well wearing them. So, I went up to her room, and got her old pair for him to try.

He loved wearing them even more than her new pair.


Feb 10. Josh asked me at school today if I could get him mom’s old glasses to keep. I told him I would try, but I wasn’t too sure if I would do it or not.


Feb 11. Josh is really bugging me to get him mom’s old glasses. I had to tell him I couldn’t figure out a way to do it yet. They are an oval, unisex frame, and they really didn’t look too bad on him.


Feb 12. Thank goodness! Dad got called back to work today. I was afraid that with him laid off I wouldn’t be able to get my new contact lenses for my birthday.


Feb 13. I told Josh that dad went back to work, and that I was happy because I would soon be getting my new contacts. Josh told me that he likes me better wearing glasses, and that he hoped I wouldn’t get contacts. Weird.


Feb 14. Valentines Day. Josh got me a really nice card, and he signed it Love Josh. I got him one too, and when I saw his I was glad I had signed mine Love Nikki. We are going to the Valentine’s dance at school tonight.


Feb 15. Mom was collecting some old glasses today, and when I asked her why she said that she was dropping them off at the collection box for the Lions Club. I saw her old glasses case in the bag, and when she wasn’t looking I took her old glasses out of the case. I wonder what they will think when they get an empty case?


Feb 16. Josh and I had a wonderful time at the dance Friday night. I am such a lucky girl to have Josh as a boyfriend.


Feb 17. I hadn’t told Josh I got mom’s old glasses for him over the weekend, so I told him today at school. He was really excited, and he wanted to come home with me to get them after school tonight, but I told him I was busy tonight. So he is coming over tomorrow night.


Feb 18. Josh just left with mom’s old glasses. He says he can see better with them than he can with his own new ones, and his old glasses are not even a month old yet. I wonder if his eyes are really getting worse, or if he just likes the stronger glasses. My doctor told me a few years ago that he had to cut back on my prescription because I chose the stronger lenses every time. I wonder how thick my glasses would be now If he hadn’t done that?


Feb 19. Josh told me that he is going to Eyecrafters tonight after school to see if he can get a new pair of glasses by telling them that he broke his glasses. I guess he plans to wreck mom’s glasses. He wants me to go with him.


Feb 20. Josh is a great liar. He took a screw out that was holding the lens in. Then he put the screw back in, and broke it off in the part where it goes. So, there was a little tiny piece of broken screw in the frame. Then we went into the store, with me guiding him. The girl took one look at the broken frame, and told him that they could not get the broken screw out. So Josh went on and on about how blind he was and how badly he needed his glasses fixed. Then they took the lenses, and read them in a machine, and told Josh they could make new glasses for him. He picked the same exact frames as he has for his own glasses. When he got the new glasses, I could hardly tell that the lenses were stronger.


Feb 21. Josh wore the new glasses to school today. No one even noticed the difference. I watched him closely, and he seemed to be doing well, and was able to see everything.


Feb 22. I can’t believe it. Now Josh is wearing glasses all the time that are almost half as strong as mine. We went to the movies again last night, and he could see the credits on the screen better than I can with my own glasses on.


Feb 23. Josh and I walked over to see Gran today. I don’t know why she has to always insult me about my poor eyesight. I hate her, and I don’t want to ever go back


Feb 24. I love sitting beside Josh in school. I glance over at him as often as I can, and I love looking at his gorgeous face, with his long blond hair falling down over his glasses, and the side of his face.


Feb 25. Well, Grant broke his glasses today, and he has to go for an eye exam, and get new glasses. Dad sort of tried to cushion the blow by telling me that he might not be able to afford to buy me new contact lenses for my birthday. I still wanted them, but Josh seems to like me wearing glasses, so I guess I am not heartbroken.


Feb 26. Wow, Grant had a big increase in his glasses. He is now –5D, and he is worse than dad. He will catch up to mom the next time I bet. But he will never catch up to me. When I was his age I was –7D.


Feb 27. I have read over my whole diary since I started writing in it. Almost every day I have been writing about glasses, or contact lenses, or poor eyesight. My life is pretty boring I guess.


Feb 28. Another weekend. I don’t know what Josh and I are doing tonight. Matt and Stacey are going to the show, and maybe we will go also.


March 1. We did go to the show. The movie was not very good, so Matt and Josh spent a lot of time kissing Stacey and me. That part was really fun.


March 2. Tomorrow is my 16th birthday. Josh is coming over tonight, and we are going to celebrate my birthday a day early.


March 3. We had a great time last night. Grant wanted to try on Josh’s glasses, and he was surprised that they were stronger than his new ones were. I think a few weeks ago Josh had told Matt that his prescription was around –4D. Then mom tried on Josh’s glasses, and said that his glasses were pretty close to her prescription. If only she knew.


March 4. I was watching Josh in school, as I often do, again today. He really brings his eyes close to whatever he is doing. I have worse eyes, and I don’t even get my face as close to a book as he does.


March 5. The snow is starting to melt and the days are getting longer. I will be so happy when the snow goes, because dad promised me that I could get my learner’s permit. Josh has his, but because of the weather he hasn’t been able to drive except in the school parking lot


March 6. There is one more opening in driver’s ed. in April. I put my name on the list, and tomorrow I am going to go to the DMV to get my beginner’s permit. The instructor told me that whoever comes in first with their learner’s permit will get the opening. If I miss it, I will have to wait until May.


March 7. Ohmygawd. You will never guess who was in front of me at the DMV. It was Melanie, Josh’s old girlfriend. She flunked the eye test. She is going to have to get glasses. I passed my eye test. The girl who was working at the counter was wearing glasses that I thought looked as thick as mine, but it turned out that she has hi index lenses, and her prescription is worse than mine. I didn’t know that there was anyone who has worse eyes than mine, but her prescription is around –16D. She is 26, and she said that her eyes were a little worse than mine are when she was my age.


March 8. Josh and I just hung around the house last night. We watched a movie, and hugged and kissed a lot. He smudged my glasses, and then had to clean them off. I almost think he did that on purpose. He tried them on after he cleaned them, supposedly to see if they were clean, but I think he just wanted to look through them.


March 9. I hear that Melanie is really ticked off at me. I don’t know if it is because she missed out on the April slot for driver’s ed., or if it is because she now needs glasses.


March 10. Melanie showed up with her new glasses today. They look to be really weak, but she is telling everyone that she is getting contact lenses. I don’t know why she would get contacts when she doesn’t have to wear her glasses all the time.


March 11. I heard a rumor that Melanie was going to try to get Josh to come back to her. I wonder what Josh is going to do. I am almost afraid to ask him, but I think I will.


March 12. Josh and I were talking on the phone last night, and I asked him how he felt about the fact that Melanie wore glasses now. He told me that he really didn’t care. She had made his life hell for a while because she wouldn’t let him wear his glasses around her.


March 13. I went to the doctor today. I told him I needed something to regulate my period, and help with the cramps and pains. So, he prescribed me birth control pills.


March 14. I’m not really thinking of making out with Josh, but I am happy that I wouldn’t get pregnant if we did go all the way now. Tonight we will just be hanging around the house again.


March 15. Josh and I went to the mall this afternoon. We met Stacey and Matt there, and we all went to the show. Matt is almost as nice to Stacey as Josh is to me.


March 16. Josh and I had our first argument today. He came over to the house, and we were up in my room listening to some CD’s. I had my old –9D glasses, and my old –10D glasses on my desk, and Josh wore my old –9D ones. Mom gave all my other ones away a couple of weeks ago. I told Josh that he shouldn’t be wearing my old glasses, because they might ruin his eyes, and he might have to wear glasses as strong as mine are. He told me he loved the looks of my glasses, and he wouldn’t mind if he had to wear exactly the same glasses as me. Then when he went home he wanted me to give him my old –9D glasses. I wouldn’t, and he left after we had a short argument. I feel so mixed up. Should I have given them to him?


March 17. It was so weird in school today. Josh wasn’t talking to me, and I guess I didn’t help any, because I really didn’t talk to him.


March 18. I feel so miserable not talking to Josh. Maybe I should give him my old glasses.


March 20. Well, Josh and I started talking again today. I am really happy that we are not mad at each other anymore.


March 21. I know that Josh wants me to give him my old glasses, but he hasn’t said anything more about it. I am still wondering what to do, and why he wants to make his eyes as bad as mine.


March 22. Melanie showed up at school today without her glasses. I guess she got her contact lenses. I heard that it is bad for someone’s eyes to wear contact lenses all the time if you have a weak prescription like she does. I hope her eyes get worse. She was so nasty to me and Josh about our having to wear glasses; it would only serve her right.


March 23. Josh and I went for fish and chips last night. He hasn’t said anything more about my old glasses, but the issue is hanging over us like a cloud. I don’t know what to do.


March 24. Josh and I went skating at the arena again today. The weather is getting warmer, and the ice will be gone in a couple more weeks.


March 25. Josh didn’t come over today. I don’t know if he really had something to do, or if it was just an excuse, because he is still upset with me.


March 26. Josh was very nice to me all day in school. Maybe he has gotten over it.

March 27. I was on the internet last night, and I went into a chat room where I met a girl a bit older than my age who was wearing glasses that were stronger than the ones she really needs. She told me that she had found lots of other kids on the internet our age that were doing this.


March 28. I told Josh about my chat last night. I asked him if that is what he really wanted to do. He told me that it was, so I told him I would think about giving him my old –9D glasses. He didn’t say much after that.


March 29. I brought my old glasses to school today, and I gave them to Josh. He still isn’t quite the same as he was before we had our little fight. I wonder if there is something else bothering him?


March 30. The end of another month. Time is going so fast it is unreal. I don’t know if I want to get a summer job, or if I will go to camp as a counselor for a month.


April 1. The other night was the first Friday night in a long time that I didn’t go anywhere with Josh. And now he hasn’t called me all weekend. I miss him.


April 2. I wonder if Josh is not calling me because he thinks I am upset that he wants to make his eyes worse so that he can wear stronger glasses. I bet if I let him know that whatever he wants to do is all right with me that he would feel better and maybe we could get back to feeling the same way about each other as we did before.


April 3. I didn’t have a chance to talk with Josh today. I was watching him in school today, and I could swear that I could see him screw up his eyes to look at something that was written on the chalkboard. I can’t believe that his eyes could have adapted to my mom’s prescription, and have gotten even worse. Maybe the lenses are still too strong for him, and that is why he had to scrunch up his eyes and peer at the board.


April 4. I had a long talk with Josh today. He is wearing my old –9D glasses at home in the evening when he is studying, and reading stuff. He says that he really can’t read what is written on the chalkboard sometimes. That is like 6 weeks or so, and his eyes have gotten more than –2D worse. There is no way though that he could wear my old –9D glasses in public. They look too much like a girls frame for him to be able to wear them.


April 5. Well, Josh is being nice to me again. I like it, but I think he wants something.


April 6. Josh and I went to the show last night. We sat in the back, and Josh wore my old glasses for the whole show. It really amazes me that he can see so well with them on.


April 7. Well, I found out what Josh wants. He figures that he can’t convince an optician to make him a pair of men’s glasses from my old –9D glasses. So he wants me to pretend that I broke them, and I need new ones. Then we will pick a pair of frames that will look good on him. I told him I would think about it.


April 8. I was sitting in school wondering what to do, and it came to me in a flash. Josh could go back for another eye exam, and then we could use white out and a copy machine to make him a new prescription. That’s what one of the girls on the internet chat did.


April 9. I told Josh my idea today. I thought about it all night, and it is the simplest solution.


April 10. Josh had an eye examination this afternoon. He went in wearing his own old –4D glasses. When he finished I looked at his new prescription, and I was really surprised that his own prescription was now –7.50D in each eye. I guess his doctor was really surprised as well.


April 11. Josh didn’t even use white out. He just changed the 7 to a 9, and we went and ordered new glasses. He looks really good wearing his new glasses. They have flat front lenses like I have, and there are lots and lots of power rings. He didn’t want to spend any extra money for the high index lenses, but I think they gave him thinner lenses anyway. My old –10D glasses are a whole lot thicker than his new glasses.


April 12. Well, Friday again. Today was a holiday, because it was Good Friday. We are off school all next week, and I don’t know what I am going to do. I hope Josh will spend some time with me.


April 13. Josh and I went to the show tonight. I am amazed that he can see so well with glasses that are so much stronger than he really needs. If he keeps this up he could catch up with me soon.


April 14. A few people have noticed that Josh got new glasses, and there have been a few people remark on how strong they look. Josh just seems to take it in stride.


April 15. I guess I am upset with how thick my glasses are because I really don’t like wearing them, and I wish I didn’t need them. Josh seems to just love his new thicker glasses, and his dependency on them. He is a little crazy.


April 16. Oh, Oh, Josh might be in trouble. His parents told him last night that they want to take him to a specialist because his eyes went from like –2.50D up to –7.50D in only a few months. The optometrist told them that this was a large increase, but it sometimes happens in growing kids. Josh is trying to talk them out of it.


April 17. Josh is a lot happier today. I guess he talked his parents into waiting for a while to see if his eyes have any more big increases. He is going to have to stick with the –9.50D glasses for a long time now.


April 18. I can’t believe it. Josh was over today, and he wanted to try my –12D glasses on. I can’t understand his thinking.


April 19. I looked it up on the internet today. Josh has a fetish for strong glasses. This fetish can be for strong glasses to wear yourself, or most often it is for strong glasses on members of the opposite sex. I think I qualify there. But I think Josh has both parts of this fetish. I am just glad that he doesn’t have an amputee fetish, or a blind person fetish.


April 20. We went to a show again last night with Matt and Stacey. I just can’t believe how well Josh is able to see with glasses that are too strong for him.


April 21. Today was a real drag. Josh was away with his parents, so all I did was lay around and read all day


April 22. Back to school again. We have a new teacher in Mrs. French’s class. The rumor has it that Mrs. French almost had a miscarriage, so her doctor told her to take the rest of the school year off. Our new teacher is right from teacher’s college. She is pretty, with long reddish blond hair. She has a really great body, and all the guys are panting over her. She is likely only 23 or so – just a little older than we are.


April 23. I think Miss Bailey wears contact lenses. I saw her rub around her eye a few times today, just like I used to have to do so I didn’t dislodge my contacts.


April 24. Miss Bailey sure fusses with her eyes a lot. It is like her contacts are giving her a problem. I wonder if she will wear glasses someday soon.


April 25. I am really surprised Miss Bailey doesn’t wear her glasses. Today she had to leave the classroom. I bet that she had to take her lenses out and rewet them.


April 26. Well, I got my wish. Now I wish I hadn’t. Miss Bailey wore her glasses today. Josh couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her glasses must be really, really strong. She has little circles in the center where she looks through.


April 27. Josh turned 17 today. I had a hard time getting his attention even at his birthday party. I’ll bet he was daydreaming about Miss Bailey.


April 28. Josh and I talked about Miss Bailey today. Josh sure knows a lot about glasses. He told me that her glasses are called myodiscs, and that a person rarely wears this type of lens unless their prescription is over –20D.


April 29. Miss Bailey was wearing her myodiscs again today. It is funny, but now Josh is the only one who seems to be panting after her.


April 30. I asked Miss Bailey about her glasses today. They are almost twice as strong as mine are. Her prescription is –24D, and she is only 23 years old. She says that she can see fairly well, except in the dark, or in poor light. She let me try her glasses on. They are really strong, and it is weird looking out of the center portion.


May 1. I guess Josh was watching when I tried Miss Bailey’s glasses on yesterday. He told me that I looked really hot wearing her myodiscs, and that he wished that I had to wear myodiscs. I told him no way.


May 2. Miss Bailey was away today. We had another teacher who wasn’t nearly as nice.


May 3. Miss Bailey is back in contact lenses. I bet that she had to go to her eye doctor yesterday.


May 4. We went to a dance at the civic center last night. It was a bit of a drag. There was a live group, but they were really, really bad.


May 5. Mom and dad are driving me up north today to see the camp where I am going to work this summer. I asked Josh if he wanted to come, but he was busy.


May 6. Another week at school. The camp was nice, and I think it is going to be a lot of fun. I had an interview with the director. I will be in charge of a cabin with eight girls that are around 12 years old.


May 7. I got to drive on the street today. I was really nervous, but the instructor said I did OK.


May 8. Josh has his drivers test this afternoon. I hope he passes it, because then we can use his dad’s car. We won’t be able to go out at night though, because a level one only allows daytime driving at speeds under 50mph.


May 9. Well, Josh passed his test. He now has his partial driver’s license. He was pretty happy about that. Now, as long as he doesn’t get any tickets for the next year he can get his level 2


May 10. Well that wasn’t any better. Josh’s mom still had to drive us to the show, and pick us up after. But there have been so many accidents that killed kids our age I guess they had to do something.


May 11. Josh and I are going to the formal next month, so mom and I went shopping today for a dress. I got a really pretty one. I love it. I am going to try to wear my contact lenses that night – even if Josh doesn’t like it.


May 12. Miss Bailey was wearing her glasses again today. I wish she wouldn’t do that. She distracts Josh too much.


May 13. I asked Miss Bailey why she had her glasses on again. She told me before that she doesn’t like wearing them because she doesn’t see as well with glasses as she does with contacts. She told me that the air in the school is too dry, and it bothers her eyes. I wonder if that was my problem.


May 14. I caught Josh staring at Miss Bailey again today, and I kicked him hard in the shin. We talked about it after school, and he told me that he really loves me, but he fantasizes about me wearing her glasses.


May 15. One more month until exams. I have been doing a lot of studying. Josh has been working pretty hard as well.


May 16. I found myself staring at Miss Bailey’s glasses a lot today myself. I guess if my eyes got bad enough to have to wear glasses like that I could accept that. I hope that it never happens though.


May 17. Josh came over today, but he hung around with Grant and dad out in the garage. He stayed for supper, and we all watched a movie


May 18. I spent the whole day studying. Josh was busy with his parents today.


May 19. I am not going to tell anybody about this. I was trying to read something that was written on the chalkboard, and even with my glasses pushed tight to my nose I could barely make out what was written. I just don’t want stronger lenses.


May 20. I hadn’t noticed it until yesterday, but it seems that now I have noticed, everything I try to look at in the distance is a little bit blurry. Darn it.


May 21. Last year I had 3 prescription increases. I got my –9D glasses in Feb, then I got my –10D ones in May – right around now. My latest –12D glasses were new between Christmas and New Years. I really hope that I don’t have such a big jump this year. That would be terrible.


May 22. I wish I hadn’t noticed it at all. Now it is really bugging me that things are not crystal clear anymore.


May 23. I think Josh noticed me squinting and holding my glasses tight to my nose to read the board again today. I didn’t want him to find out, because now he will bug me to have an eye examination.


May 24. Josh had his dad’s car today, and we went over to the mall and hung out with some of the other kids from school. Maybe Josh didn’t notice anything.


May 24. Yes, he noticed. The rotten no good waited until we were at supper at my house tonight. Then he mentioned in front of my parents that it looked as if I was having trouble seeing the board again. Now there is no getting out of an eye exam.


May 25. I am so pissed at Josh. I just might never talk to him again. Mom made me an appointment for after school today. I need a small increase – only –0.75D.


May 26. I guess I will have my new glasses by Friday. They will be stronger, but the optician told me that they would likely be thinner. She said that even if I didn’t pay for hi index lenses the lab would likely supply thinner lenses for no extra charge with my strong prescription.


May 27. Josh wanted to hear all about my eye exam. I wouldn’t even talk to him.


May 28. I suppose I am being petty in being ticked off at Josh. Just knowing that I needed stronger lenses makes me realize how blurry everything is now.


May 28. I got my new glasses after school today. Everything looks so crisp and clear again. And the glasses look really good. They are a lot thinner than my other ones.


May 29. I didn’t call Josh at all last week. And when he phoned me I didn’t take his calls.


May 30. I might talk to Josh tomorrow at school. I haven’t decided yet.


May 31. Well, I figured I had better talk to Josh today. Mom spent a lot of money on my prom dress, and I wouldn’t want it to go to waste. Josh was like a little puppy dog, following me around, and wanting to look at me wearing my new glasses.


June 1. Well, I guess Josh figures that I have forgiven him. And, I suppose I have. I would have gone around for another couple of months without getting new glasses, but it sure is nice to see everything clearly again


June 2. I think I like my new glasses. I know I like it that I can see clearer with them on. They sure are a lot lighter than my old glasses were. My nose really likes that.


June 3. I am supposed to try my driving exam next week. I am afraid I won’t pass, even though my instructor tells me I am doing very well. I guess if I flunk I can try again in the fall.


June 4. I heard a rumor today that Melanie couldn’t get her parents to buy her contact lenses, so she is wearing another girls contacts. This is supposed to be some friend of hers from her church group. I knew Melanie was really dumb, but I didn’t think she was that stupid.


June 5. Josh and I went over to Stacey’s house last night and we watched a movie with Matt and Stacey. It was nice being held by Josh, and kissing him and stuff.


June 6 I had to go to church today with my parents and Gran. My great grandpa, Gran’s father was killed someplace in France at the end of WW2 on this day.


June 7. Just one more week of school before we have exams. We found out today what exams we would have to write, and I am exempted from all my finals. All that studying for nothing.


June 8. School sure is boring when you don’t have to learn anything.


June 9. Miss Bailey is wearing contacts again. I wonder if she got a new type of lenses.


June 10. I asked her, and she said that she is trying a type of lenses with an extra high water percentage. Maybe if it works for her I might be able to try a pair.


June 11. Happy days are here. I am out of school for the summer.


June 12. Josh and I couldn’t go out last night. He had to study for his exam on Monday.


June 13. Boring. All I have to do is read. I don’t want to read. I am tired of reading all the time, and anyway I don’t want my eyes to get any worse.


June 14. Everyone I know is writing an exam today. I have nothing to do.


June 15. I went over to Josh’s house today, and helped him study for his exam tomorrow.


June 16. Well, Josh is out of school now also. He only had 2 exams to write, and he is done with them.


June 17. Well, Stacey wrote her last exam today, so at least I will be able to hang around with Josh and Stacey next week. Matt has 2 more exams, one Monday and one Wednesday.


June 18. Josh came over tonight and we watched a movie and ate popcorn. Mom and dad were home as well, so Josh and I didn’t get to do any holding or kissing.


June 19. Matt and Josh and I went over to Stacey’s place. We all went swimming in her pool. Josh and I both left our glasses on while we were swimming. Matt thought that this was funny. He just doesn’t realize how blind we are without correction.


June 20. I have almost gotten everything ready to pack to go to camp. I have to go a week from tomorrow, for a whole month.


June 21. I went to school today to clean out my locker for the summer. I was talking with Miss Bailey. Her new contact lenses seem to be working out quite well for her. She says her eyes haven’t been red and sore since she started wearing them. I got the name of the type of lenses.


June 22. I called my doctor today to see if I could try the same type of contacts that Miss Bailey has. They are ordering me a trial pair.


June 23. I hope I didn’t leave it too long to order the contacts. The promised me they would be in late this afternoon, or early tomorrow morning at the latest.


June 24. They came in this morning, and when the doctor’s office called I got Josh to drive me over. He wasn’t too happy that I ordered contacts. But I want to wear them to the prom tonight. I told Josh that I would still wear my glasses most of the time for him.


June 25. Well, we had a fantastic wonderful time at the prom last night. I wore my new contacts, and I felt really beautiful. It is funny how something like that can change your whole appearance. Josh accepted me wearing contacts, and we did have a good time. I didn’t get home until the sun was up.


June 26. I slept almost all day. When I got up I didn’t feel like putting in my contacts, so it was back to glasses again. I like wearing my glasses more now because I know I have a choice – does that make sense?


June 27. I packed all day. I think I am taking everything I own.


June 28. Well, the camp bus picked me up, and now I am at camp. There are only the counselors here for 2 more days, and then the campers come July 1.


June 29. This isn’t going to be any picnic. I am going to have to do a lot of work.


June 30. Good thing I have some of those strap things to hold my glasses on. I flipped over in a canoe today, and I would certainly have lost my glasses if they hadn’t been strapped to my face.


July 1. Well, the campers arrived today. So far 6 of the girls seem Ok. One seems to be a bossy little b_t_h. The last girl is very small and petite, and extremely shy. She wears big thick glasses that magnify her eyes a lot.


July 2. I am going to have some problems. Belinda, the bossy one has already started to pick on Amanda, the one with the glasses.


July 3. I hadn’t realized how early in life the pecking order starts. Belinda is clearly the boss over all the other girls in our cabin.


July 4. I had to send Belinda to the camp director today. She wouldn’t do anything I asked her to, and when she tried to get Amanda to pick up after her I had enough. I took her to the director’s office.


July 5. I can see where this is going to be a struggle of wills. Belinda is going to try to break me.


July 6. So far I am winning. We have inspections in the morning, and whoever has the neatest cabin wins. It took a lot of pushing to get Belinda to co-operate, but our cabin won.


July 7 Amanda is a sweet little girl. Her prescription is opposite to mine. She can’t see anything up close, and I can’t see anything any farther away than the end of my nose.


July 8. I guess that I am not the only one who is exasperated with Belinda. I am positive that Missy and Jen dumped their canoe on purpose today just to get Belinda wet.


July 9. Belinda is no longer the prima donna that she was. She absolutely screamed at Missy and Jen for dumping the canoe yesterday, and now Missy, Jen and Amanda are totally ignoring Belinda.


July 10. It was so funny to watch. Today Belinda’s little entourage lost another girl. Laurie just turned her back and walked away from Belinda.


July 11. Well, we have 2 camps in our cabin now. There are those that are with Belinda, and those that are against Belinda. It is creating a lot of pressure on me, as I can’t really show any favoritism.


July 12. Well I can hardly wait for the first 2 weeks to be over. Amanda has to leave, and I will be sorry to see her go. Two of Belinda’s hanger-ons also have to go, so it will be interesting to see if Belinda can recover from the loss.


July 13. We had a hike to pick blueberries today. Belinda got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Apparently she put on some perfume that the bugs just loved, even though she had used repellant.


July 14. Well this is the last day for the 3 girls that are leaving. We are having a campfire party tonight.


July 15. Three new girls arrived today. One of the girls is a friend of Laurie’s. So at best Belinda will only end up with 3 others in her party.


July 16. Things are not going well for Belinda. Laurie’s friend Penny is a close friend of one of the other girls, so Belinda is now on a downhill slide.


July 17. Now that Belinda realizes that she is no longer queen of the roost, she is being a lot nicer towards the other girls. And she is also much easier for me to deal with now.


July 18. One of the kids in senior cabin 2 wears glasses that are almost identical to Miss Bailey’s myodiscs. She had been wearing contact lenses, which is supposedly against the camp rules. But her vision is so much better with contacts that they made an exception, as long as she wears her glasses strapped to her head like I do when she is out in a canoe.


July 19. Trisha is only 15, and she has worn glasses since she was a baby. Her prescription is a little less than Miss Bailey’s. Trisha is around –21D in her worst eye and –20D in her other eye. I tried her glasses on, and it scared me a little. If I pulled them down from my nose a little bit I could see really clearly with them.


July 20. We are leaving on a 3 day canoe trip today. I am going to leave my diary behind, in case we dump our canoe. So I won’t write anything for the next 3 days.


July 24. Well, we are back. We had a great time. I got to share a canoe with Trisha, and Carly. Because we all wear glasses the other’s figured we would be more careful about dumping the canoe. And, we only went over once. Good thing the water was shallow.

Carly isn’t nearly as blind as I am, she is only around –6D, but she is only 13, so her prescription will likely get a lot stronger like mine has.


July 25. I have been spending a little of my free time with Trish I didn’t recognize her, but apparently she goes to my school, and was in grade 10 last year.


July 26. I guess it is like Trish said. I looked up to the girls in grade 12 last year, so I didn’t even notice any of the grade 10 kids. But she looked up to both the grade 11’s and 12’s, so she knew who I was. She knows who Josh is, and she thinks he is really hot. I told her to keep her eyes off my guy.


July 27. I didn’t tell Trish this, but I know she would have a good chance of grabbing Josh away from me if she wore her glasses to school.


July 28. Things have settled down here nicely. Our cabin has won the cabin inspection now at least 2 out of 3 days. It has been a lot of fun.


July 29. Tonight is the big farewell party. Just think, a month ago I thought this day would never come, and now I am sad that we will all be leaving.


July 30. It is great being home in my own bed. I was too tired to even call Josh.


July 31. I tried to call Josh, but he is away with his parents at their cottage.


Aug. 1. Trish called me today, so I walked over to her house. She is really nice. I met her mom, who also has to wear really strong glasses just like Trish does.


Aug. 2. I called Stacey today, and we picked up Trish and went to the mall for a few hours to kill some time. Stacey got her level 1 license while I was at camp.


Aug. 3. I called our driver’s ed instructor. He can fit me in for some lessons over the next couple of weeks.


Aug. 4. I wish Josh was back. I miss him.


Aug. 5. During the summer Saturday just seems to be another day.


Aug. 6. Mom and Dad are going on holiday for a week. They asked me if I wanted to come, but I begged out of it. Grant has a part time job, so he has to stay home anyway.


Aug. 7. I think Josh will be home today – at least I hope he will.


Aug. 8. Today was a busy day. I had a driving lesson this morning. Then Trish came over, and we just talked for a long time. Now tonight Josh wants to come over.


Aug. 9. Maybe Josh shouldn’t have come over last night. We were up in my bedroom, and Grant was at work. We almost went all the way. Now I am scared that he will want to try it again.


Aug. 10. I wish I had never told Josh I was on birth control pills. He can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t have sex.


Aug 11. Trisha’s boyfriend Ron is a guy that Josh and Matt know. So we are all going out together tonight.


Aug. 12. When Trish gets fixed up for a date she doesn’t seem like a 15 year old kid. I am really glad that Josh doesn’t know about her glasses. We all had a great time though.


August 13. Mom and dad got home today. I am glad that they did, before things got too heated up between me and Josh.


Aug 14. Josh and I went to the exhibition today. We walked all around looking at the exhibits, and getting lots of free samples. Then we went on some midway rides. I wore my contact lenses, but Josh had to take his glasses off and put them in his pocket on the roller coaster, and some of the other rides. But we had a really good time.


Aug. 15. Another driving lesson. My instructor says I am doing really well, and should make an appointment for my road test.


Aug. 16. I want my driver license before I go back to school, so I made an appointment for next week. Josh is going to get his dad’s car, and we are going to practice a lot of parking.


Aug. 17. Even Josh says I am pretty good at driving. I only wish I had the same confidence.


Aug. 18. More driving practice. Dad said he would take me out on the road tomorrow.


Aug. 19. Dad and I drove around for a few hours. Even dad says I am a pretty good driver.


Aug 20. Mom took me out for a while today. I like driving around, and I can hardly wait until I can drive on my own.


Aug.21. Only 3 more days. I went over to Trisha’s house today. We talked a lot about eyes today, and she was showing me all of her old pairs of glasses. Her eyes never got a lot worse at any one time, they just got steadily worse. There were a couple of pairs of her old glasses that I could really see fairly well with.


Aug. 22. Today was a shopping day for some new school clothing. I got a really nice dress, and some slacks, and some really pretty tops.


Aug. 23. Josh took me out some more today and we practiced parking again. I think I did all right.


Aug. 24. I passed! Now I will get my very own driver license in the mail in about 4 weeks. I have a piece of paper saying I can drive right now though.


Aug. 25. Only one problem with this driving thing. Dad has one car at his work, and mom has the other one. That doesn’t leave any cars for me.


Aug. 26. Dad let me have his car today. I drove over to pick up Trish, and we then went to Stacey’s place. Trisha and Stacey seem to have hit it off well also.


Aug. 27. Josh has a problem. His parents want him to go to the eye doctor before he goes back to school, and he is afraid that the doctor will find out that his glasses are –2D stronger than the ones he was prescribed.


Aug 28. I think Josh is right. I remember that when I go in the girl takes my glasses away from me and looks at them through a machine. I never thought about what she was doing before, but I guess she is checking them.


Aug. 29. Well, Josh has his exam today. I wonder what will happen.


Aug. 30. I don’t know how he pulled it off. He told the doctor’s receptionist that he had broken his glasses just yesterday, and they believed him. What surprised me was that his new prescription was exactly the same as the glasses he has been wearing for the last few months.


Aug. 31. Josh told his parents that his prescription had only changed a little bit, and he didn’t need new glasses. I sure hope they don’t phone the doctor’s office.


Sept 1. Well, I guess Josh pulled it off. But the crazy thing is that he wants to get even stronger glasses now. He says he wants to match my prescription within a couple of years.


Sept 2. I mostly use my old –10D glasses for reading and close work. Sometimes I put my –12D ones on for doing computer stuff, but I guess I could just pull my regular glasses away from my nose a little bit. Josh asked me today to give him my –12D glasses to wear, and I am having a hard time deciding what to do.

Sept 3. I was looking a bunch of stuff up on the internet today. Apparently a young person Josh or my age has a lot of accommodation – at least 6D. If Josh’s last eye exam showed that he actually was –9.50D, that means that he could easily accommodate my –12D glasses. But, all the stuff I found told me that it was highly unlikely that Josh could have made his eyes go from –2.50D up to –9.50D in less than a year. Even if I take into account that Josh was really naturally a –4D myope when he started in January, that means he has increased his myopia by –5.50D.


Sept 4. I am ready to go back to school tomorrow. The holidays were long enough. I am totally bored.


Sept 5. Hey, way cool. Miss Bailey is now one of our full time teachers. She is really nice, and I like her a lot. She was wearing her glasses today, and of course Josh was staring like he had never seen her glasses before. This boy has a real obsession.


Sept 6. I went over to Trisha’s house after school today. She has this one pair of glasses that she wore when she was 13 that are –15D in each eye. The frame fits me really well, and they look a lot like the glasses I am wearing. And, after a few minutes of wearing them I can see really well with them.


Sept 7. Josh bugged me again today to see if I would let him use my –12D glasses.


Sept 8. I told Josh that I would bring them with me when we went to the show tonight, and he could wear them at the show if he wanted to.


Sept 9. Trish and Ronnie came to the show with Josh and me. Trish had an eye infection so she was wearing her glasses. Josh wore my old glasses, but I know darned well that he didn’t see much of the show. He was staring at Trisha all evening.


Sept 10. The nerve of that guy. Can you believe it! Josh gave me heck for not telling him that Trish wore myodiscs.


Sept 11. If my eyes get any worse I don’t know how Josh can possibly keep up with my prescription. It is kind of scary that now he is going to be wearing my –12D glasses a lot. That is only –0.75D less than what I am wearing in my glasses.


Sept 12. I had mom’s car today. Stacey and Trish and I went to the mall after school, and then I dropped Stacey off at her house. When I took Trish home I asked her if I could have her old glasses, the ones I tried on last week. She gave them to me, but I think she was wondering what was up.


Sept 13. I was going to try to wear Trisha’s old glasses around home last night, but I chickened out. My eyes are already bad enough. I don’t know why I even considered the possibility of making them any worse.


Sept 14. I was going to give Trisha’s old glasses back to her, but she told me that she had no use for them, and that I should keep them in case my eyes got worse, and I could maybe use them as an emergency pair.


Sept 15. Time is going so fast. Here it is Friday again. It is 2 weeks since school started. There is a school dance tonight, and Josh and I are going.


Sept 16. Miss Bailey was one of the 2 teacher chaperones last night. She was wearing her myodiscs, even though she brought her boyfriend. He is really good looking, and he seems nice.


Sept 17. Mom and dad are dragging me and Grant over to Gran’s today. I swore I wasn’t going to visit her ever again. Maybe I should wear my contacts, and that way she won’t bug me about how bad my eyes are.


Sept 18. Well, I wore my glasses yesterday. I think I did it out of spite. She did make a snide comment, so I just told her that if my eyes were too bad for her to accept me as her granddaughter, it was all right with me, I just wouldn’t bother coming back. Now I have my parents on my side.


Sept 19. I really like Tuesdays. I had mom’s car again today. She gets a ride on Tuesdays with one of her friends, and then on Thursday she drives her friend. Only thing was I had to bring Grant home with me after school, so I didn’t get a chance to go to the mall.


Sept 20. The leaves are starting to turn color already. But, I guess that today is the last day of summer. I will be sorry to see the trees all bare.


Sept 21. What a miserable day today. It was cold, and rainy, and the wind was wicked all day. I hope we still have some nice weather before we get snow.


Sept 22. Oh my God. I just noticed today that Josh somehow got my lenses put into a men’s frame. He said it was easy, he just went into the optical store with the loose lenses, and told them he had mangled his glasses. They found a new silver metal men’s frame to put the lenses in, and he has been wearing my old lenses all week. I didn’t even notice. But that’s all right. Josh said his parents didn’t either.


Sept 23. My parents were away, so Josh came over last night and we hung around the house. I know he wants me, but I am just not ready yet.


Sept 25. I spent more than 4 hours yesterday chatting on the internet with the same girl I chatted with at the end of March. Her name is Glenda, and she comes from England. She was wearing glasses then that were close to –8D, and now her newest glasses are around –12D. She says she wants to eventually get up as high as –19D. She has to be way crazy


Sept 25. I watched Josh all day to see if he showed some signs that he was having trouble seeing through my old lenses. He appears to see just great with them.


Sept 26. The rumor was true. Melanie was wearing another girls’ contact lenses. I heard from Karen, a friend of Melanie that the contact lenses that Melanie was wearing were a little stronger than what she really needed. Now she has an eye infection, and she can’t wear contacts, but she can’t see very well out of her glasses anymore, so she needs new, stronger glasses. YEAH!!!!!!!!


Sept 27. Melanie was wearing glasses today. I’ll say they are stronger. They have to be at least –3D. She didn’t take them off very often, so she must find that she needs them. I could care less how she feels. Serves her right for being nasty towards me.


Sept 28. I am so pissed off. I noticed today that I couldn’t see what the teacher had written on the chalkboard. I have been trying so hard to make sure that my eyes don’t get any worse, and yet they still do. And now I seem to be surrounded by people who either have a lot worse eyes than I do, or else they are trying to make their own eyes a lot worse.


Sept 29. Trish came over to my house today. She always carries her myodiscs, in case she has to take out her contact lenses. Just for the fun of it, I got her to take out her lenses, and we compared what we could each see without correction. Trish had to put the pages of a book right up almost to the end of her nose and close one eye before she could read it. But then, so did I. It appeared that I could see the blur of the furniture in my bedroom well enough to make out what the things were. But, it is my bedroom, so maybe I was just going from memory. I thought her eyes would be a lot worse than mine, but she doesn’t really seem to be much blinder than I am.


Sept 30. I wore Trish’s old –15D glasses around my house today. They sure do help make everything clearer. It took a little while to get used to them though.


Oct 1. I wore Trish’s old glasses again today. I put them on first thing this morning, and I have been wearing them ever since. It is amazing how clear they make everything.


Oct 2. Well, I went to school today wearing Trish’s old glasses. The chalkboard is a whole lot easier to see. Josh noticed, and he was really happy, but no one else seemed to – or of they did, they didn’t say anything.


Oct 3. I tried to wear my own glasses today. I drove mom’s car to school, so I thought I should wear my own glasses, but I couldn’t see with them anymore. It is only the 4th day that I have worn Trish’s old glasses, and already my eyes need them.


Oct 4. Well, Josh sure likes my new thicker lensed look. These glasses are definitely thicker, and I have been so afraid my parents would notice, but they haven’t so far.


Oct 5. I couldn’t go back to my own glasses even if I wanted to. When I put them on everything is a blur.


Oct 6. Stacey noticed that I have stronger glasses. I told her the truth, that I was wearing an old pair of Trish’s, and they worked wonderfully well for me.


Oct 7. The 6 of us went to a movie again last night. Stacey was having trouble seeing from the back of the movie theater, so we had to move up halfway. She is going to tell her mom that she needs new glasses.


Oct 8. Mom and dad went over to Gran’s today. Of course they asked me if I wanted to go, but I told them I wasn’t going back for more insults. Probably a good thing, because Gran would have noticed the thicker lenses.


Oct 9. It has been a bit over a week now since I started wearing Trish’s old glasses. I hate it that I am now so dependent on such strong lenses, but since my eyes feel so relaxed and free of strain now it is real scary.


Oct 10. I think mom might have a suspicion that there is something different about me. I saw her give me a second glance this morning when she gave me the car keys.


Oct 11. Well, she hasn’t say anything, so maybe I am OK.


Oct 12. Stacey had her eye exam today. Her prescription went up to –3.50D and –3.25D. She just got new lenses put in her old frames. The doctor was surprised that her prescription had climbed so rapidly in only 8 or 9 months. Stacey didn’t seem to mind the stronger lenses, because she has been wearing her glasses all the time anyway.


Oct 13. I used to love school, but now I can hardly wait for the weekends so that Josh and I can be together. He is coming over tonight and we will either watch a movie, or listen to some music.


Oct 14. Josh and I just spent the evening together last night. He really likes the fact that I am wearing Trisha’s old –15D glasses. He even wanted to wear them for a while, but after a few minutes I just had to take them back. I am sooooo blind without glasses now.


Oct 15. Josh and I spent the day with Trish and Ronnie. Then we got together for supper with Stacey and Matt. I talked Trisha into wearing her myodiscs; so all three of us girls were wearing glasses. And Miss Bailey was at the same restaurant with her boyfriend. She was also wearing her myodisc glasses.


Oct 16. Back for another week at school. I noticed that Miss Bailey was wearing her glasses at school today as well. Seems to me that she has been wearing her glasses a lot – ever since she met her new boyfriend. I wonder if he is like Josh, and really gets off on girls who wear glasses.


Oct 17. I searched and searched everywhere for my –12.75D glasses. I had a lot of studying to do last night, and I didn’t want to do all that reading through these glasses of Trish’s. But I couldn’t find them anywhere.


Oct 18. I asked Josh today if he has seen my other glasses when we were together in my room Friday night. He said no, but I have been doing a lot of thinking, and he is the only person that could have taken them. I bet he wants to make his own lenses stronger again.


Oct 19. When I first started wearing these –15D glasses of Trisha’s I had to pull them down on my nose a little bit. I noticed today that I had to have them pushed up close to see properly. My eyes are getting worse already.


Oct 20. Friday again. Josh is coming over after school and he is staying for supper.


Oct 21. Well, Josh came over, and together we searched my room for my own glasses. And guess what – we found them. Why, or how they got in my laundry hamper I will never know. And, funny thing about it, but I had emptied my hamper earlier in the week.


Oct 22. Josh and I were out this afternoon. I know he is now wearing –12.75D lenses in his glasses. I just wonder what trick he used this time. And, I really wonder how he can make his eyes accept the stronger and stronger lenses. It is crazy. He has increased over –9D this year. Someone is going to catch him.


Oct 23. I suppose I should like it that Josh wants his eyes to get as bad as mine. They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I don’t know how he is going to do it though.


Oct 24. I was doing a lot of reading and studying last night, and now today in school things look a little fuzzy. I have these glasses pushed up as far as I can. I don’t know what I am going to do. I don’t want my eyes to get any worse.


Oct 25. I stopped by Trisha’s house after school today. I made the mistake of telling her that in only a month my eyes have gotten used to her old –15D glasses, and seem to be even worse. She has now given me another pair of glasses. These glasses are –17D, and they look really, really strange because the front dishes in as well as the rear. Trish tells me these glasses are called biconcave.


Oct 26. It is very scary. I wore Trisha’s biconcave glasses in school today, and I was able to see great with them pulled away from my nose a bit.


Oct 27. Movie night again tonight. Trish and Ronnie and Stacey and Matt are going with Josh and me. I wore the biconcave glasses to school again today, and when I went home I had to switch so that my parent’s wouldn’t notice. Things were so blurry through the –15D glasses I couldn’t believe it. What is happening with my eyes? Why am I getting such bad eyesight? I am not the one who wants to be so nearsighted.


Oct 28. Well, the movies were fun, and it was great to be able to see them. Josh thinks it is wonderful that I am wearing biconcave lenses now. I don’t!!!!!!


Oct 29. I talked to my mom today. I told her that I had been wearing an old pair of Trish’s glasses and I could really see great with them for around a month. Then things went blurry again, and Trish gave me another pair of her old glasses to try. So, I had to show the biconcave glasses to mom. Mom said that if they felt all right I should wear them, but she was going to make me a doctor’s appointment this coming week.


Oct 30. My doctor was booked up until Thursday after school. So, I will be wearing Trish’s old biconcave glasses until then.


Oct 31. Trick or treat. I am not going out though. I have way too much schoolwork to do. Grant is going out as Luke Skywalker, but he looks funny with his glasses on. Luke shouldn’t wear glasses, but Grant can’t see unless he does.


Nov 1. Why does it always have to be really cold and windy on Halloween? I felt sorry for all the little kids that came to the door.


Nov 2. Well, I just came back from the Doctors. It was no surprise to me that my eyes had gotten a whole lot worse than they were the last time I was tested back at the end of May. I don’t get to have a new prescription. I just get a referral to a specialist in high myopia – some ophthalmologist guy at the hospital.


Nov 3. Well, I was talking to Trish and telling her about me getting a referral to the ophthalmologist. She knows him; he is her doctor, and has been since she was little.


Nov 4. I told Josh that I knew he was wearing –12.75D lenses in his glasses. He told me I was correct, that he had borrowed my glasses, and had gotten the prescription copied.


Nov 5. I read all day. It was cold and windy, and I just didn’t feel like going out anywhere. Can you say Lazy Sunday?


Nov 6. I get to go see the specialist on Nov 27. I get the day off school, and I am going to have a whole bunch of tests done. I can’t remember the word they used, something like cyclographic refraction. Anyway it means that they will paralyze my eye muscles.


Nov 7. Nobody really said one way or another if I should keep on wearing these biconcave glasses that Trish lent me. I am starting to be able to see pretty well with them, so I guess I will just keep wearing them.


Nov 8. I just realized that Miss Bailey has been wearing her myodisc glasses all the time now. I can’t remember the last time I saw her in contacts. I must ask her if her boyfriend likes her wearing glasses better.


Nov 9. I was going to ask Miss Bailey about her glasses, but when I came up to talk with her, she remarked on my stronger glasses. So, of course I had to tell her the whole story. She said her eyes got –6D worse in one year, so I shouldn’t be surprised, or too worried. I asked her if she was wearing her glasses all the time now because her boyfriend liked her wearing glasses, and she said that this was the reason. I told her that my boyfriend loved it when I got stronger glasses. I almost told her about Josh, and how he was increasing his own prescription, but I thought I better not.


Nov 10. Josh got caught. His mom took him to the eye doctor today. He didn’t have a chance to switch glasses or anything, and the doctor found out that Josh was wearing –12.75D glasses when he was prescribed –9.50D only at the end of August. But, the surprising thing was that the doctor found that Josh actually needed –12.75D.


Nov 11. Well, Josh was in deep doo doo last night with his parents. He told them that his eyes just kept getting worse and worse, and he had borrowed an old pair of mine that he could see really well through the lenses. Now they are making an appointment with the same ophthalmologist I am going to for Josh


Nov 12. Josh is lucky he got away with it so far. I can’t believe that his eyes tested to be exactly –12.75D like my old glasses. He was over again this afternoon when my parents were out, and we did some heavy petting up in my bedroom.


Nov 13. Two more weeks until my ophthalmologist appointment. I am getting anxious.


Nov 14. It snowed today, so mom wouldn’t let me take the car. I have never driven in snow, so the excuse is valid, but I think the real reason was that she was afraid I couldn’t see too well.


Nov 15. I asked Trish today if she had another pair of glasses that were even a little bit stronger than these glasses are. She said she did, and she will bring them to school tomorrow.


Nov 16. Trish says these glasses are a bit over –18D. They are the same biconcave lenses. I must be crazy, but I think I will wear them until my eye exam. She said that they were the last glasses that she had that were not myodiscs, but if she had wanted she could have had myodiscs for this prescription.


Nov 17. I wonder if it is because the prescription is too strong for me that when I move my head really fast I get feeling like I am seasick? I seem to be able to see pretty good with them, but boy can I ever make myself feel queasy swinging my head while I look at a stationary object.


Nov 18. I asked Trish about the seasickness. She says it is because these glasses have a much steeper front curve. Apparently the –17D ones were –4 on the front and –13 on the back, and the –18D ones are –6 on the front and –12 on the back.


Nov 19. I tried the old biconcave glasses on again, and I can tell that my eyes have gotten used to the new glasses already. I wonder what my new prescription is going to be. Mom and Dad are going to Gran’s today. I should go as well, and show Gran these glasses. I wonder what she would say?


Nov 20. One part of me wants myodiscs like Trish and Miss Bailey, but another part of me is scared that my eyes are getting so bad. This is the first time I have done anything to make my eyes worse on purpose. When I wore Trish’s other glasses I really needed them. But, I am wearing these glasses on purpose.


Nov 21. Josh is going to the specialist exactly one week after me. I wonder what they will find with him? I know they can’t stop Josh from making his eyes worse and worse.


Nov 22. Ohmygawd!!!!!!!!! There was an announcement in the paper today. Miss Bailey is getting married. She is so lucky. Her boyfriend is Gil Bates, the guy who made a fortune in some of the dot com companies. He is worth a major amount of money. She will never have to work again for the rest of her life.


Nov 23. Thanksgiving day. Gran is coming to our house. I bet she is really nasty to me about my glasses.


Nov 24. Gran didn’t say a thing about my glasses. I guess she figured out that I am not planning to take her abuse, and I mean it that I won’t ever see her again unless she accepts me as I am, glasses and all.


Nov 25. I am a little scared. Monday is the big day. Stacey and I are going to the mall later, so maybe I can get something new to take my mind of things.


Nov 26. Josh came over today and we worked on a project that is due next week.


Nov 27. Well, this has been an all day affair. My eyes are healthy. I just have –18.50D of myopia. I didn’t believe it when I was found to need lenses as strong as the ones in Trisha’s old glasses. But they put some special drops in my eyes to freeze them, and the doctor looked at my eyes with all sorts of instruments. Then mom and I went to the optician’s to order me a new pair of – you guessed it: myodiscs


Nov 28. I congratulated Miss Bailey today. She is getting married in Hawaii in early July.


Nov 29. Miss Bailey asked Trish today to be a bridesmaid. Apparently her husband wants all the bridesmaids and the maid of honor to wear myodiscs. Trish is getting all her dresses paid for, and 2 weeks all expenses paid in Hawaii, as well as a new pair of myodiscs.


Nov 30. I told Miss Bailey that I was getting myodiscs like hers for the lenses in my new glasses. And guess what – she asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding. Now Trish and I are going together.


Dec 1. It is going to take another week before I get my new myodiscs. I can hardly wait.


Dec 2. Trish and I are both going to be at camp together this summer. She will be 16, so Trish will be a junior counselor like I was last year. And, best of all, this year the girls get to go to camp in August. For many years boys got July, and girls got August, but then a couple of years ago they reversed it every other year. We are so lucky, because we will get to go to Hawaii for the wedding in July, then we get to go to the camp in August.


Dec. 3 Well, Josh and I went Christmas shopping today. It is easy to buy stuff for my parents because we don’t have any extra money, but Josh’s dad has so much money that he can buy whatever he wants to buy for himself. I guess Josh is just going to get him some cologne.


Dec. 4. Well this was Josh’s big day with the ophthalmologist. He hasn’t called me yet, and I am ready for bed.


Dec 5. Well, Josh went through exactly what I did. And the verdict is that Josh has –12.75D of myopia. He had his eyes frozen, and everything. So he has somehow gotten really nearsighted in the last year. And the expert doctor told his parents that he would likely become even more nearsighted before he stabilizes in his early 20’s.


Dec 6. I knew it. Now Josh wants to take Trisha’s old –15D glasses. And, I let him have them. I can’t stop him, and now with the doctors opinion that he will get even more nearsighted there will be no stopping him.


Dec 7. My new glasses came in today. I really like them. They look just like Trisha’s and Miss Bailey’s lenses do.


Dec 8. Ok diary, what the heck do I do now. Josh took one look at me wearing my new myodisc glasses and he asked me to marry him.


Dec 9. I have thought it over a lot. Josh and I are going to both have our graduation diploma this spring. Josh is going to work with his dad in his dads business, so he doesn’t have to go on any further in school. I was thinking about becoming a teacher, but maybe I will just get a job as a teller at the bank.


Dec 10. I told Josh that I would marry him one year from this May at the earliest. I would like to wait until after I am 18, and I think he should be at least 19.


Dec 11. Ohmygawd you should see the engagement ring Josh got me. It is gorgeous


Dec 12. Trish and I had to go to a pre wedding planning party for Miss Bailey. We are supposed to call her Sue, except at school. We met her maid of honor, her cousin who wears really strong myodiscs. I could tell that they were stronger, because my circles are bigger than Trish’s, and Trish’s are bigger than Sue’s, and Sue’s are bigger circles than her cousins. So the circles get smaller as the prescription gets stronger. Sue’s cousin Lynn is really pretty, but then so is Sue.

Dec 15. I got to go to the bank today to deposit my check. As we were leaving, Sue’s boyfriend Gil gave all the bridesmaids a check for $5,000.00 for incidentals. I didn’t want to take it, because he is paying for everything else, but Sue insisted that we have the money. I feel rich


Dec 16. I was going to give my dad my money, but he wouldn’t take it. He says it is my money, to use however I want to.


Dec 17. I was just talking with Sue after school tonight. Lynn, and Sue and Trish and I are all going to be picked up by one of Gil’s limos tomorrow, and we are going shopping for wedding gowns.


Dec 18. We had a great time shopping. I was talking to Lynn, and I was correct, her prescription is a whole lot stronger than anyone else’s. Her myodiscs are –30D. She told me that she really couldn’t see well enough to drive anymore, but Gil makes sure he provides a limo for her all the time. Her husband David was one of Gil’s best friends in school, and David runs the fleet of limos for Gil. David was our driver today. He is really nice. Lynn and David set Gil and Sue up for a blind date. Lynn made sure that Sue wore her glasses, and Gil fell in love with her right away.


Dec 19. David and Lynn and Gil and Sue, and Trish and Ronnie as well as Josh and me all got together for Sunday brunch today. Gil asked me what I was going to be doing after I graduated, so I told him I was thinking about working in a bank. He offered me a job at his headquarters where Lynn works. Lynn was telling me after when we were in the ladies room together that Gil only hires ladies who wear myodiscs to work for him.


Dec 20. Trish told me that Gil offered her a job when she graduated from grade 12 next year while Lynn and I were in the can.


Dec 21. Only 4 more days till Christmas. I have all my shopping done, and my presents are all wrapped. I was feeling a little bad about my eyes getting so much worse, but now maybe things will work out in the end.


Dec 22. Well, school is over until next year. Sue and Gil have invited Josh and me, and Trish and Ronnie over to their place tomorrow. Gil is sending a limo for us


Dec 23. David picked us up. Lynn was already at Sue and Gil’s. I wonder if Sue knows what she is getting herself in to. Gil’s walls were filled with pictures of ladies wearing myodiscs. He has this fetish really bad. We had a great time though.


Dec 24. Stacey and I hung around together all day. It was kind of nice to get away from myodiscs for a day. I missed talking to Stacey, as she has been my best friend for many years. She says she understands though.


Dec 25. Well, mom and dad got me a gift certificate for new contact lenses. I could hardly tell them that wearing contact lenses will not play a really big part in my future.

Dec 26. Stacey and Trish and I went to the sales at the mall today. I picked up some really neat clothes. I also stopped by the optician to order my new contact lenses. I just realized that I hadn’t seen Trish in contacts for almost a month – ever since she was asked to be in the wedding party.


Dec 27. I was talking to Trish on the phone, and I asked her why she hadn’t been wearing her contacts. She told me that she had always hated the fact that her eyes were so bad, and she had wanted to hide it from everyone. But, since she met me, and started wearing her myodiscs, everything seemed to be going great for her.


Dec 28. I picked up my contact lenses today. I went home, put them in, and looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t recognize myself. I took them out, put my glasses back on, and I realized that, like Trish, my poor eyesight was really a blessing to me.


Dec 29. Trish and I were over at Sue’s apartment today. She has to keep her apartment until she and Gil are married, because the school board frowns on teachers living with another person unless they are married. Sue showed us the prenuptial agreement that she signed. She had to agree never to have any form of eye surgery to reduce her dependency on glasses.


Dec 30. Trish and Sue and I went to a restaurant for supper last night. There must be a lot of guys who find good looking ladies who need myodiscs to be very attractive to them, because the three of us sure got a lot of stares and even a few whistles from the guys.


Dec 31. What a year this has been. My eyes have gotten a whole lot worse – over –6.50D. And I don’t even mind. My poor eyesight and strong glasses have attracted a gorgeous guy who is going to marry me. It has gotten me a job offer, and I am also getting a 2-week holiday in Hawaii along with $5,000.00 in spending money. I have also found some new friends who understand my vision problems, and have even worse eyesight than I do. It has been a great year. But I don’t think I will do a diary next year. It is just too much trouble writing every day.



August 2005