Do You Take This Woman?

by Specs4ever

As I stood in front of the altar, and listened to the minister speak the wedding vows, I couldn't help glancing at the maid of honor. Today Stacie was especially attractive in the purple gown that all the bridesmaids were wearing. Her long blond hair was worn up in a French braid, and by pulling her hair back from her face, her glasses were more prominent.

And, yes, it was her glasses that caused me to stare. I fall immediately in love with any good looking lady wearing glasses, and I am partial to nice thick lenses for the correction of high myopia, which definitely was the case with Stacie.

As the minister continued with the vows, I managed to say all my parts correctly, glancing at my wife to be with what I hoped was the requisite amount of love in my eyes, as mine met hers. And when I glanced into her eyes, I could see the light dancing on her contact lenses. I was getting seriously excited, just thinking about later that evening when we were together as husband and wife at last.

I would finally be able to make love to her while she was wearing glasses, something I had not been able to do in the times we had been together so far. My wife to be, Stacie's younger sister Andrea, had an even stronger prescription than her older sister. But, while Stacie seemed to be able to accept wearing glasses, Andrea had a total aversion to being seen in glasses.

I had determined that I was attracted to ladies in glasses when I first started noticing girls. And, I had done my best throughout my dating years to go out with bespectacled girls. But these days all the interesting girls wear contact lenses. So, I would meet a girl I was attracted too, and then I would have to determine first if they wore contacts, and if so, what sort of a prescription they needed for glasses.

If the lady that caught my eye didn't require vision correction at all, I would go out with her for a couple of dates, and then would go on to another. It was all so complicated that I began to wish that I had been born in the days before contacts. Then there was no trouble finding a girl with a strong prescription. The evidence was right there on their nose.

But, unfortunately I wasn't, so I had to become adept at determining if the lady wore contacts. I was pretty good at it, and didn't miss often, but it seemed to be such a waste of time that I wished I could just put an ad in the lonely hearts column of the paper. "Attractive mid 20's male looking for a very nearsighted woman of similar age for friendship and possible marriage" or maybe "The thicker your glasses, the more I want to meet you" No, not really, but I sure thought about it from time to time.

When I did go out with a girl that I had determined wore contacts, I would try to bring the topic around to eyesight, hoping that she either knew her contacts prescription, or her glasses prescription. Most of them didn't have a clue. And every once in a while I would meet one that was really farsighted, because she couldn't see anything in the distance without her contacts in. And more than a few had terrible eyesight, and were blind as bats without their -2 diopter contacts.

And how did I determine that they were wearing -2 diopter contacts? Well, during the conversation, I would attempt to find out the name of their eye doctor, and then I would call the doctor's office pretending to be an optician from a different city, and asking for the prescription. I almost always got it.

By the time I met Andrea, I had become used to girls with contacts telling me how bad their uncorrected vision was, so I was not too excited when she told me that she was really blind, and had to wear extremely thick glasses. I figured that this might mean something around a -6 or so. I was beginning to despair of ever meeting a really nearsighted female, although I knew that there had to be some out there somewhere. I would have settled for a -9 or over, but these ladies are special, and very hard to find.

I asked Andrea who she used for an eye doctor, and when she told me that it was the local ophthalmologist, I became more than a bit interested. Usually this specialist is booked up for months in advance, and I knew that she must have more than a normal vision problem to be a patient of his. And, when I found out that she was on a twice yearly examination routine, I was even more curious.

But, as hard as I tried, I could not get her to wear glasses for me. And, I had tried before to get a prescription out of this doctor over the phone, but he always insisted on faxing the prescription to the optician, so this ruse was no good.

I really liked Andrea, and although my curiosity about her vision was getting stronger and stronger, my feelings were so powerful that I would have loved her just as much if I found out she didn't need glasses at all. It had gotten to the point that I was a frequent visitor around their house, and I was almost considered a family member. I knew that Andrea's mom wore glasses, although she had never worn them in my presence. And Andrea's older sister also wore contacts all the time.

One day I showed up for a dinner invitation, and everyone but Stacie sat down at the table. Andrea's mom asked Andrea to give Stacie another call, and Stacie appeared, her eyes red, and wearing glasses. I am sure I stared, as at that point I was positive I was going with the wrong sister.

Stacie looked like an answer to my prayers. She wore a pair of plastic frames, with a fairly small eye size. The temples were designed to fold over the half inch projection of the lenses, and the lenses themselves looked to be regular plastic. I guessed that they were around -14 or so, as they had a flat front base. They were lovely.

I don't know if anyone noticed my dilemma. I was with one girl, but was wishing I was with the other. And I couldn't stop glancing at Stacie. Her glasses made her so attractive to me that I was wishing that Andrea could be wearing the same glasses. Stacie apologized to me for wearing her awful glasses, and I remarked that I thought they looked very nice on her.

She laughed and said that I might mean that if they weren't so terribly thick and ugly, and of course I told her that the thickness was something that she couldn't help, but that I looked on it as meaning that she really needed them to see, and that I found them to be very attractive.

"Well," she said " if you like my thick glasses, you will love Andrea's. Hers are even stronger than mine." And, so here I was, less than a year later, standing in front of the altar exchanging wedding vows.

So far I had not been able to see my wife in glasses. I had learned that her prescription was in the -18 range, and that both her mom and Stacie were in the -14 range. Stacie had been wearing glasses more and more lately. She had developed a bit of an intolerance towards contacts, and although she had wanted to wear contacts for the wedding, her eyes wouldn't let her.

I could almost picture my wife in glasses by looking at Stacie, as they looked very much alike, but I was hoping for a speedy dinner and dance so that we could get on to the best part. And Andrea had told me that she got a new pair of glasses just to go on our honeymoon. I could hardly wait.

Dinner, and the speeches dragged on and on, but finally it was over. The receiving line was set up, and we welcomed all the guests to the evening dance. I couldn't take my eyes off Andrea, except for a glance or 3 at Stacie, and during the first dance Andrea whispered to me that it appeared to her that I was more attracted to her sister than I was to her.

I wanted to make a point early in our marriage, so I commented to Andrea that I loved how Stacie looked in glasses, and that I could hardly wait until I could see her wearing her glasses. She simply said "later" and we went off to dance with others.

Finally it was later, and we rode off in the limo to our chosen hotel. We were spending the night near the airport and were flying off to the Bahamas in the morning. As soon as we got to the room, I brought Andrea close to me and hugged her tightly. We fell on to the bed, and we started to strip each other. She whispered "Don't you want me to put on my glasses now."

Of course I did, so she headed for the washroom to take out her lenses. When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing only her panties, and her new glasses. She had chosen a wire frame, with a multitude of colors around the lenses, and on the temple. It appeared that the lenses were not as thick as I had expected, and when I commented she told me that she had gotten the newest thinnest lenses that she could.

They looked fantastic, and although the edge thickness was a bit disappointing to me the power of the lenses was still very obvious when I looked at her eyes through the front. We made love, and finally we were so exhausted we both fell asleep with the lights on.

When I awoke a couple of hours later, Andrea was still wearing her glasses, and although I wanted to wake her up and make love to her again, I felt that we would have enough time for that in the future, so I gently removed her glasses, folded them, and placed them on the night table beside her bed, went to the washroom, and went back to sleep.

Dawn was just breaking when I felt Andrea shaking me. As I woke I heard the panic in her voice when she said "My glasses, where did you put my glasses?" I reached over her, took her glasses from the night table, and placed them gently on to her face.

When she returned from the washroom, we again made love, and I kept telling her how great she looked wearing her glasses. I was hoping beyond hope that she would wear them all day, but when the wake up call came, and she showered, she came out of the washroom without glasses.

So, I mentioned that I would have loved it if she had worn her glasses for me today, and wasn't too surprised when she told me that she felt uncomfortable wearing them in public. I suppose I was going to have to do a lot of training to get her to wear glasses.

Our honeymoon was great. We had a fabulous time swimming in the ocean, making love, swimming in the pool at the resort, making love, going dancing, making love, and all sorts of neat things. But, for me the best part was when she got sand in her eyes, and had to go without contacts for the last few days of our honeymoon. And when we flew home, she actually had to go in to work wearing glasses.

I asked her if anyone had noticed her new glasses, and I was quite pleased that she reported a number of favorable comments. It seems that she had told her coworkers about her extremely thick glasses, and anyone who noticed her in glasses told her that she looked great, and that they were not nearly as thick and ugly looking as she had told them they were.

So, with my urging, and the positive reaction she had gotten at work, Andrea was a bit more at ease wearing glasses out in public. And when we were together, when she was wearing her glasses, I noticed that she got quite a lot of stares from the guys. Could it be possible that there were a lot more guys that liked ladies in strong glasses?

We had been married almost a year when Andrea became pregnant. I don't know how it possibly could have happened, although I think it might have gone back to the third month of our marriage, when I talked Andrea into wearing her old thick lensed plastic framed glasses for our lovemaking. Just the thought of her wearing these glasses aroused me, and when she actually put them on, well, you can just imagine.

As the pregnancy became more advanced, Andrea had trouble wearing her contacts, so it was glasses almost all the time now. If it wasn't so expensive to raise children, I think I would have kept her pregnant, but unfortunately at the end of a nine month term, the pregnancy ended with the birth of a healthy girl. At least, I think Kristy was healthy, although she might have inherited her mom's eyesight, as I often noticed her holding things right close to her face to see them.

When Kristy was just about a year old, Andrea took her in with her for a vision exam. Fortunately Kristy did not need glasses, and again Andrea's prescription had remained the same. I was very pleased with this, as I did not wish any further vision problems for Andrea, and it does seem to be a shame to have a baby wearing glasses.

Soon Andrea was pregnant again, and we had a beautiful son. Kristy was almost 3 now, and still had good vision without glasses. Ryan, our son also passed his 1st year eye test, although the doctor told us he would probably be nearsighted, as he had very large eyes.

And, when Kristy was 10, and Ryan 8, the doctors predictions came true. Kristy was mildly nearsighted, and had to get glasses for seeing the board in school, and watching T.V., but Ryan had to wear his glasses all the time. He started out with a -3 and within a year had jumped to a -4. But neither one of them seemed to mind wearing glasses, so it was fine.

As with anything in life, when things are going well, usually there is a fly in the ointment. I knew the day that Andrea drove Stacie to the City to have laser surgery could be a turning point, but I felt reasonably secure in the knowledge that Andrea's vision was well past the limits for laser surgery. I was even surprised that they were going to do it for Stacie, but apparently she was borderline, and although she was going to have to go through more testing before the doctor would do the operation, it looked very promising - not to me of course.

Late that night Andrea and Stacie returned from the city. The operation had been a complete success, and, although Stacie was in a bit of pain, and had to wear dark glasses for a few days, I would no longer be able to gaze at my sister in law wearing strong glasses. The following days brought a marvelous improvement in Stacie's vision, and by the end of the week, she was able to drive without correction. She had her eyes tested, and she was now around -.50 in each eye, more than a 13.50 diopter correction.

Over the next few weeks Stacie became a pain in the butt. She was constantly talking about how wonderful it was to be able to see without glasses or contact lenses. I could see Andrea getting more and more envious, and it finally came to a head one evening after making love. As I turned out the lights, and gently placed her thick glasses on the night stand she said to me. " Stacie's doctor said I could either have the operation like Stacie, and still be about a -4 diopter myope, or he can do something called an inner ocular lens implant, and I wouldn't have to wear glasses again."

I was flabbergasted, and with a lot of apprehension I asked " What do you want to do?" "I think I want the lens implants." she replied.

The money wasn't an issue, but the thoughts of me loosing my own special high myope was eating at my guts. He vision wasn't the only reason I had married Andrea, but it was a very important part of her to me. I didn't know how to tell her just how strongly I felt about her continuing to wear her lovely strong glasses. But, since I do love her, and since her well being is very important to me, I gave in to her wishes, and drove her to her appointment with the specialist that had corrected her sister's vision.

It was even easier with Andrea than it was with Stacie. There is only a small slit required in the eye to slip the new lens in, and this means that the healing process is faster. As we drove home, Andrea was amazed at how much clearer her corrected vision was. Even with contact lenses she had not been able to see fine detail until she got fairly close to things, but now she was just amazed at what she could make out. I tried to show that I was happy for her, but I think she knew that I was hurting inside.

I won't say that my sexual attraction was lessened, but in a lot of ways the enjoyment was diminished. I still placed the old thick glasses on the night stand, and I glanced at them constantly as we made love. " What is wrong with me that I need something like thick glasses to heighten my sexual desire?" I wondered.

I had been working late, and came home that evening after the kids were in bed. Andrea was in the kitchen doing the pots and pans, and I came up behind her and kissed her. I looked at her, and almost fainted. She was wearing her old glasses. The sexual drive came upon me, and we were soon up in the bedroom making love. It was fantastic, and I really thought I was dreaming, but I wasn't.

Andrea confessed to me that she had gone to her eye doctor, and had gotten a pair of contact lenses that she could wear under her old glasses to give her the same vision she used to have.

Now I knew why I had married her.