During the past few months there have been a number of auctions of high powered minus lensed prescription glasses on e Bay. 2 or 3 pictures of a young lady in her late 20’s or early 30’s, wearing these glasses, have usually accompanied each pair being auctioned off. And sometimes in the description of the glasses there has been something in German that I can’t really understand that indicates that these glasses belonged to the seller’s girlfriend.

Some of the pictures are those of a heavily made up lady, but others are pictures of a lady without any of the heavy makeup. I myself like the appearance of the lady without makeup, and I find her quite appealing, especially when she is wearing a gorgeous pair of thick-lensed glasses.

So, with my apologies to Stefanstar2003, during the past few days my mind has been working on a story about this lady and her rather large collection of glasses. Please remember when reading this that this story is a complete fabrication, and please enjoy it as such.

The Reluctant One

by Specs4ever

The first 2 words I remember hearing come from my mother’s mouth were “Don’t touch.” And, a lot of the time, especially if we were playing together, or if I was sitting on her lap the next 2 words were often “mommy’s glasses.” At the time I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t let me take her glasses off her face, but now, almost 30 years later I understand completely. My mom was nearsighted, extremely nearsighted, and to a high myope there is nothing scarier than the feeling of your glasses being grabbed from your nose.

I also remember when I was 4 or 5, picking up mommy’s prescription sunglasses and putting them on, wondering how she could possibly see anything through the blur those lenses created for me. Sometimes she would be outside, wearing her sunglasses, and her clear-lensed glasses would be sitting there. Naturally, out of curiosity I would also try them on, but the blur was similar to what I saw from the other ones.

My sister was 8 years old when she got her first glasses. I was 5, and just going to school half days. I remember trying my sister’s glasses on, and I could make myself see with them on, but I could see better without them. I went through grade 1, and then the following year, when I was 6 going on 7, I remember coming home after school one Friday, realizing that I couldn’t see what the teacher was writing on the board. But, I am positive that the week before I was able to see perfectly. I didn’t know what to do. I tried my sister’s glasses on again, but they really didn’t help much. I tried my mom’s glasses on again, and still I could see nothing but a blur. I didn’t want to say anything to my mom, but there really wasn’t going to be much of a choice. I already sat in the second row at school, and I knew that the teacher would notice me screwing up my eyes and squinting to try to see the board. Finally, before I could gather up the courage to tell my mom that I couldn’t see the board the choice was taken from me. My sister Jocelyn noticed that my vision seemed to be very poor, and that I was always scrunching up my eyes, and holding my eyelids tightly closed to try to see. It had only been a few weeks since I first noticed that things were going blurry, but I was having an awful time seeing things in the distance. So Jocelyn squealed on me, and I was scheduled for an eye examination.

I remember leaving the doctors office knowing that I needed glasses. It was amazing. At first all the letters on the eye chart were blurry – and there were lots of lines I couldn’t see at all. Then the doctor clicked a few things, and all the letters got really clear and black and sharp again. The doctor made me a funny looking pair of glasses, and he let me look around his office wearing them. It was amazing. I could see again. I remember the doctor told my mom that I could choose how much I wanted to wear my glasses, but since my prescription was fairly strong he thought I would likely choose to wear them all the time.

Mom took me to an optical store, and they made a pair of glasses for me. I put them on and walked to the car with my mom. It was wonderful being able to see clearly, but I didn’t want to wear glasses. For the next year I carried my glasses in the case, and only put them on if I needed them in school, or if I wanted to watch television at home. I suppose I thought that it was different if I only had to wear glasses when I needed them.

A year later I couldn’t see very well with my glasses, so I told my mom, and I had another eye examination. Of course I needed new glasses, so I got them. The doctor didn’t say anything about me having to wear them all the time this time either, but I suppose he must have thought I was wearing them all the time. I do remember that my prescription at age 8 was –4D for each eye, and when my sister tried my glasses on she exclaimed, “Oh these are so strong. You must be blind. How can you go around not wearing them?’ Jocelyn still was wearing the very first pair of glasses she had gotten.

By age 10 I was wearing glasses that were –5D, but I still refused to wear my glasses except when I really needed them. When I turned 12 my prescription had increased to –8D. I still refused to wear my glasses, but now I needed them so badly that I usually wore them on top of my head so I could swing them down in front of my eyes to see things – like a curb in the street that was just waiting to trip me. I couldn’t ride my bike without my glasses on, so I chose not to ride my bike. I wasn’t just reluctant to wear my glasses; I really didn’t like wearing glasses and stupidly refused to do so.

By the time I was 13, my mom was sick of my refusing to wear my glasses. She had worn contact lenses for years, but her eyes were now too dry to wear them. But she suggested that I could get contacts if I wanted to. I jumped at the chance. My first contact lenses were –8.00D. I think this was about the same as a pair of –9.50D glasses, but I wasn’t sure, because I saw no need to get another pair of glasses. Then my prescription went to –8.75D. But, at this point contacts were only available in –0.50D steps. I remember my doctor trying me in –8.50D contacts, and then –9.00D ones. I liked what I could see with the –9.00D contacts, so he finally agreed that I might as well get them. The same thing happened a few months later. My next prescription required –9.75D, and I ended up with –10.00D contacts. By the time I was 18, my contact lenses were –12.00D. It was around this time, when I started university that I finally got a pair of glasses again. These glasses were around –14D. By the time I finished university, my prescription had climbed to –17.00D. I had been having so much trouble with contact lenses that I had finally stopped wearing contacts. Not without a protest of course, but my optometrist, and my optician both told me that I could seriously damage my cornea’s if I continued wearing contact lenses.

I worked for a while in a jewelry store, and then I was a bookkeeper for an accounting firm. As I grew older, my prescription kept climbing. It was a much slower progression that it had been earlier, but it still increased. I remember when I was 26 I got my new prescription, and it was –17.50D.

When I was looking for new frames for my new –17.50D lenses I went into an optical store in the downtown strip. The young male optician came up to see if he could be of assistance, and my heart skipped a beat. He was perfection in a man. This guy was so good looking he made my heart stand still. I knew he was around my age, maybe a little older, and I am sure he realized that I was as nervous as a kitten around a big dog. I looked at his ring finger, and my heart started to pound even faster when I saw that it was bare. Was it possible? Could he be single and available? Would he even be attracted to a girl like me with thick glasses?

He wore a nametag, so I knew his name was Steven. I smiled my best smile at him, and batted my eyes behind the thick lenses in my old glasses.

“I’m pretty blind Steven, so I will need your help choosing a frame. I see almost nothing when I take my glasses off.” I said. Might as well get the old poor eyesight discussion right out in the open.

“Yes, I can see that. But I have a good method to show you what you will look like in frames without lenses. We have a very expensive digital camera that I can take a picture of you wearing a few different frames, and then you can select which one you like best. Shall we begin?” Steven asked.

So, I selected a number of frames that I thought I would like. Steven then took pictures of me wearing the empty frames, and I must tell you that I felt extremely vulnerable sitting there, having my picture taken and being unable to see much more than a gigantic blur. But, when Steven gently placed my glasses back on my nose, and I was able to see the pictures of me on the computer monitor I found that it was easy to select a nice looking frame.

Steven suggested that I choose a 1.67 hi index plastic lens. He felt that the frame I had chosen, which was a black plastic frame with an oval shaped lens opening, would hide the thickness of my lenses without going to the myodisc lens type that I had in my previous glasses. I hadn’t minded the myodiscs, but I had to admit that they did scream “blind girl” to anyone who glanced at me. He took my name, address and phone number, and I almost dropped dead on the floor when Steven asked if I minded if he called me for another reason than to tell me that my glasses had arrived. I knew what he was hinting at, and I was thrilled, so of course I told him that I would love to hear from him for any reason.

This was the start of a wonderful romance. The only thing I found a bit weird was that Steven was constantly bringing me home a new pair of glasses. Sure, every once in a while I would require another slight prescription increase, but for every new pair that I required, I bet Steven brought me home 5 other new pairs. He told me that he was getting the frames either free, or at a very big discount from the frame supplier. And, according to Steven my lenses were very inexpensive at his cost price from the optical lab. I did know from what he told me that there is a pretty high markup on frames and lenses, so I found this easy to believe.

I myself had quite a large collection of glasses from before I started going with Steven. When Steven and I moved into an apartment together he noticed my collection of glasses.

“Hey Nicole, do you want to sell some of your old glasses?” Steven asked.

“What do you mean? Why in the world would anyone want to buy a pair of my old glasses?” I asked.

“You would be surprised. There are a lot of glasses sold to collectors on e Bay. I myself have sold quite a number of pairs. Some of these glasses go for a pretty good price.” Steven said.

“Sure, if you want to.” I replied.

So, this is how it began. The first few pairs of glasses that Steven sold didn’t fetch that high a price. So, he convinced me to let him take a couple of pictures of me wearing the glasses he wanted to sell. I didn’t really like the idea. So Steven talked me into disguising myself. I wore lots of make-up, and in some of the pictures I wore a really funky colored wig. When these pairs of glasses brought double what the other glasses had brought I was convinced. So Steven and I made a game of it. He took picture after picture of me wearing different glasses. In some I was heavily made up, but in other’s I was just my normal looking self. And the glasses kept selling.

Steven kept bringing me home new pairs of glasses to wear. Some of them I only wore when we had sex. Other pairs I liked a lot, and wanted to keep wearing them, but Steven kept selling my glasses. This was crazy. It was fun, but weird if you know what I mean.

One day I was looking at some of the descriptions of the older pairs of glasses we had sold. I had never paid much attention to what Steven was doing, but this one day I was just killing time. I noticed something strange. My prescription had continued to climb over the past 6 years, and of course this was reflected in the stronger and stronger glasses we had been selling. But, something was not quite right. Then it dawned on me. There were a few pairs of glasses that were listed as a stronger prescription than I had been wearing at the time. By the time I checked it out carefully I discovered that I had gone from –19.50D up to –20.00D by wearing a pair of glasses that I thought was –19.50D. Then of course my next few pairs were –20.00D. My favorite red pair was supposed to be –20.00D. But there they were, listed as being –20.50D. Then I wore a few other pairs as –20.50D. And, then I wore a pair that was listed as –21.00D, but I was sure I had gotten them when I was supposed to be –20.50D. Now my prescription was –22.50D. Or was it? Was I wearing glasses that were really –23.00D?

That night when Steven arrived home I tackled him about giving me unscheduled prescription increases.

“Yes honey, you are right. Every once in a while, when I noticed that you were having a little trouble seeing I did increase your prescription a little. But then when you did go for your yearly exam the doctor always brought you up to what I had increased you to. I’m sorry babe, and I won’t do it again.” Steven explained.

So, that ended my unscheduled prescription increases. But Steven still wanted to sell glasses with higher powers. Just the other day he brought me home a pair of –25.00D glasses with plastic biconcave lenses. He also brought me home a pair of +2D contact lenses to wear under the glasses so I could see properly when I was modeling the glasses. That night we went out for dinner, and I was wearing the biconcave glasses over the plus contacts. When we arrived home we had a wonderful session in the sack.

I wonder how strong the next pair will be?


Feb 2007