by Specs4ever 

It was the best of times and the worst of times. Somewhere deep in the recess of my memory, come my memories, and that is the way that I recall the year of my 16th birthday. Everything seems so interwoven that the only way I can explain everything so that you can understand it, is to tell you the whole story right from my birthday.

I had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to be 16. Finally, I could get my learner’s permit, and then the freedom of my driver’s license. My dad took me to the license office the day after my birthday, and except for the vision test, I passed everything with flying colors. And, really the eye test was fine too, but the examiner did say that it might be a good idea to have my eyes checked again, as I might need stronger glasses. Any other time, I would have been elated with that news, but today I only wanted to be allowed to drive.

And, fortunately my dad allowed me to drive home, but before he went back to his own place he told mom she should make an appointment for an eye examination for me. I loved the glasses I was wearing, and was secretly thrilled at the prospect of getting a stronger prescription. My present prescription of –2.75D gave me much thinner lenses than I wished I were wearing, and I wanted thicker lenses.

Obtaining my driver’s license, and the prospect of new glasses were two of the good things. Another of the good things was that I had found a site on the Internet called “Eyescene”, and I constantly checked this site out every night when I got home from school. It was a relief to me to know that my obsession with thick glasses didn’t mean that I was crazy, as there were quite a few others that shared my feelings. I had never posted anything, and I probably never would have, but I was certainly learning a lot. And, I knew that the next time I had my eyes checked, I was going to get contact lenses. No, I didn’t really want to wear contact lenses with my puny prescription, but I had found that I should have my contact lenses fitted properly, in my own minus prescription so that I would know the right brand, the correct base curve, and the proper diameter of the lenses I needed so that I could order plus contact lenses that would allow me to wear stronger powered minus glasses. The people on Eyescene called it, GOC or “glasses over contacts”.

But, then the worst of times came. The girl I had loved since I was 3 or 4 years old was getting married, and it wasn’t to me. I had told Penny all my life that when I grew up I wanted to marry her, but here she was, breaking my heart by marrying a man closer to her own age. I didn’t think that 5 years was that great a difference in ages, but now, at the age 21, she was getting married to someone else.

I refused to go to the wedding. Penny was going to be wearing contact lenses anyway, so I wouldn’t have the pleasure of seeing her wearing her thick glasses. And, as it turned out, it was a good thing for me that I didn’t go. On the way home from the wedding, a deer ran out in front of my father’s car, and he lost control on the rain slicked roads. That night I lost my father, my mother, my stepfather, and my godfather, all at one time. In an instant the three people I loved the most were gone. Yes, I know I said three. My godfather and my stepfather were one and the same. And to confuse the issue even further, my stepfather was Penny’s dad, as well as my father’s best friend.

Bill, my stepfather, and Don, my dad had grown up together in the same small town. They had served in the military together, and after their tour of duty, they had gone their separate ways. My dad married my mom, and Bill had married, Marjorie, his wife. Bill and Marjorie had Penny fairly soon after they were married, but my parents had waited a few years, to try to get a bit further ahead in life without the expenses of raising a child. In the interval, Bill had started a company that manufactured auto parts, and as his business grew, he required someone he trusted to be his general manager. So, he contacted my dad and my mom and dad moved to town, and dad went to work for Bill. At the time, my mom was pregnant with me, and Bill’s wife Marjorie helped mom find a house, and get settled in.

Soon after, I was born. My earliest memories are of being told “No, don’t touch. You must leave Penny’s glasses alone”.

Penny was the daughter of Bill and Marjorie, and she was 5 years old when I was born. And, yes, she wore glasses - thick glasses, for the correction of high myopia, which it seems she had inherited from her mom, who I remember as also wearing strong glasses, with very thick lenses. I suppose it was only natural that Penny, and her poor eyesight would infatuate me, as we were the only kids on the block, and Marjorie and my mom were together all the time.

When Penny was 12, and I was seven, Marjorie died from breast cancer. This was devastating to both of us, and for the next year, Penny and Bill would come to our house every night for supper. And, when mom and dad split up the following year, dad would often drop by for supper as well. I don’t really know why my parents separated, but I do know that they both seemed a lot happier living apart, and I believe that they became good friends because of the separation.

After mom and dad split, she went to work, and when Penny and I got home from school, Penny would be my sitter until mom got home from work. Most evenings, Penny and I would start supper, and usually mom would arrive before Bill did. And, many nights my dad would drop by as well. My life really hadn’t changed too much.

I suppose that it was inevitable. After a couple of years of this, mom asked me one day, how I would feel if Bill became my stepfather, and we would move to Bill’s house across the street. What could I say? Of course I agreed that it would be fine with me, and since Bill and my dad still seemed to be best of friends, I suppose that my dad must have agreed as well.

My dad was the best man for the wedding, and after the wedding, mom and I moved to Bill’s house. This began the best years of my childhood, and for the next four years, I fell madly in love with Penny. Oh, I already knew I loved her before, but living in the same house with her was heaven. And, one of the benefits was that I found the drawer where Penny kept all of her old glasses. She had several, as she seemed to need a change in her prescription one and often two times in a year. When I was home alone, I would sneak into her room, and try her old glasses on. I was amazed that she could see through them, because as the lenses got thicker and thicker, I found that it was impossible to make my eyes focus past the blur that I found so amazing, and wonderful.

At 15, Penny wasn’t very happy with her poor eyesight, and it certainly didn’t help that her myopia was getting worse, and worse. Even with her thick glasses, she often had to squint her eyes to try and see something in the distance and often could not see it. I remember her buying a book called “Better Eyesight Without Glasses” by some famous doctor. I read the book more times than Penny did, but instead of trying to better my eyesight, I did everything the book told me not to do. I read for hours in my room, holding the book as close to my nose as I could. Instead of glancing away from the book from time to time, I would stare at the words, reading continuously. But, my eyesight didn’t seem to change, while Penny got thicker glasses every few months for a couple of years. I remember that when Penny was 17, she went to try for her driver’s license, and she couldn’t pass the eye exam. She cried for hours, and I held her close, and hugged her, and told her that it didn’t matter if she had lousy vision, as I loved her, and I would marry her, and drive her everywhere she wanted to go. Of course, what did I know about the world at 12 years of age?

I suppose that it was like a consolation prize, but after being unable to pass the eye test for her license, Bill and mom got Penny fitted for contact lenses. Fortunately, I was still able to see her with glasses in the morning, and again at night after she took her lenses out. I was very disappointed that she chose to wear her contacts almost all the time. In fact, I don’t remember her ever leaving the house wearing her glasses after she got contacts. But I still loved her just the same and I was thrilled when she was at home and put her glasses on.

When I was around 14, all the close work I had been doing finally paid off. I had to get my first pair of glasses. Penny was still around, as she had been attending nursing school, but she was planning on moving to a nearby city with a larger hospital to begin her practical training. Her glasses prescription had not changed since she began wearing contacts, so I knew that if wearing contacts meant that my eyes wouldn’t get worse, I didn’t want to ever wear contacts.

I was very depressed when Penny moved out. But, except for her most recent pair, she had left her entire collection of old glasses at home, and I was able to wear them around the house when I was home alone, so this consoled me a bit. And, I continued my practice of staring at my books, holding them as close to my glasses as I possibly could.

I was pleased when I went back for my eye exam the following year, and had to get new lenses, bringing my glasses prescription up from the –1.75D I had started with to the new prescription of –2.75D I now needed. And, what was really cool was that I could now almost force my eyes to see fairly clearly through a couple of Penny’s earliest glasses.

And then came the news one evening at supper. Penny was engaged to be married. I excused myself from the table at the earliest possible moment, and went to my room. I think I cried myself to sleep that night, wearing the strongest pair of her glasses that she had left behind. And, even almost a year and a half later, I guess it was in a fit of temper that I refused to go to the wedding, but I was sure happy that I was standing with Penny and her new husband at the funeral parlor, instead of being in a fourth coffin.

While we were at the funeral parlor, I saw Penny’s new husband Dave in a better light. Penny had been crying, her eyes were red and sore, and Dave told her in no uncertain terms to go and take her contacts out. When Penny protested that she didn’t want to be seen in glasses, he replied that he loved her just as much with her glasses on, so she finally consented. She returned wearing the nicest pair of glasses I had ever seen her wearing. They had almost no edge thickness compared to her old glasses, and the prescription was in a small circle in the center of the lens. I could hardly take my eyes off her, and later that evening while we were making the final preparations, I told her that she looked lovely wearing her new glasses.

“Dave tells me the same thing,” she said. “ I think he likes girls that wear glasses.”

When Penny and I were cleaning out the house, Penny asked me where all her old glasses were. I told her that mom had given them away to some missionary group that went to poor countries, and helped people that couldn’t afford glasses. I lied.

Things got pretty much back to normal that fall. Penny and I sold the house, and since I was in my final year of high school, I had rented a one-bedroom apartment close to school. I was a little lonely and I was a bit unsure as to my future, although I knew I didn’t want to go on in school. I toyed with the idea of going into some form of vision care as it seemed to fascinate me, but I hate working indoors, so I figured that that would not be a good idea. I mentioned earlier that I had found the Internet, and a few select sites, and these sites increased my knowledge of myopia, and also my hunger for stronger glasses. I did get new glasses, as well as a pair of contact lenses in my own prescription. So, using a prescription blank that I created on the computer using my own contact prescription as a base, I was able to place an order for a 6 pack of +6D disposables. I figured that with my own –3.50D and a +6D lens that I could get close to –10D glasses.

One of the things that Penny had done was to continue with a list of her prescription changes that her mother had started. I had pretty well matched up all the glasses and the corresponding prescriptions, so after I put the +6D contacts in I tried to find a pair of her old glasses that would give me fairly good vision. Penny had started wearing glasses at age 1, with a prescription of –8D, and as the years progressed she had gotten to her present –22D. By the time she was 5, she wore –10D, so I tried this pair of glasses. I was surprised. My close up vision was pretty good, but I couldn’t see anything more than a few feet away. At 7, Penny had been –11.25, with a bit of astigmatism, and on trying on these glasses, I found they were not strong enough either, so I tried a pair that were around –13.50D. These were pretty good, so I made myself a new prescription blank, and wearing my own contacts, I went off to a mall to order a new pair of glasses. I was never more scared of being caught in my life, but I managed to place the order, and when they asked for a deposit, I paid in full.

Two weeks later, my new glasses arrived. I had ordered the thinnest possible lenses, and had ordered exactly the same frame that I wore in my own glasses. My new glasses were noticeably stronger from the front, but they really were not much thicker than my own were from the side. So, the next day I wore my new glasses over contacts to school. No one noticed a thing, and I was in heaven.

One thing I found out about wanting strong glasses, is that once you find out how it can be done your desire for thicker and thicker lenses increases dramatically. Soon I ordered a set of +7 and +8 contact lenses. I ordered the 7’s for one eye, and the 8’s for the other, and I got 2 sets. When they arrived I again tried to fit the contacts to Penny’s old glasses, and I found that for the +7’s I could see best through a pair of glasses that were around –15D. For the +8’s I found a pair of glasses that were around –17.50 that I could see fairly well through. So, armed with new prescriptions, and using an assumed name, I went off to order new glasses.

Again, I chose exactly the same frame for both pairs, although I didn’t go for the same frame that I was already wearing. I didn’t mind it if people thought that my eyes had gotten worse. By this time everyone I knew had seen me wearing my stronger lenses in my other glasses, and no one had noticed, except for maybe Dave, Penny’s husband. I felt pretty uncomfortable the way he looked at me the first time I wore the new lenses over to their place for dinner. It was almost as if he knew what I was doing.

Wouldn’t you know it? The –17.50D glasses were ready first. I checked with the other optical store, and the lab they used had not done a satisfactory job on my –15D glasses, so they had returned them and had ordered me a new pair from a different supplier. A Bummer. But, I couldn’t resist it. I had to try out my new glasses, so I put in the +8D contacts, and wore them around the apartment for a few days. Then I went out to the mall, hoping that I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew. Fortunately I didn’t. Finally my –15D glasses were ready, so I picked them up, and started to wear them full time. Other than a few people mentioning that they liked my new frames, no one said a word. Within a couple of months, I could no longer resist it. I convinced myself that no one would notice the stronger lenses of the –17.50D glasses, so I started wearing them full time. And this time I was mistaken. Quite a number of people asked me, if my eyes had gotten worse and I had gotten new lenses. The first couple of times I tried to lie, but soon realized that it didn’t matter to me, so I just replied that I had, that my eyes just seemed to be rapidly getting worse. And that was it. After a while no one ever said another thing about how thick my glasses had gotten. Dave had been one of the ones that had noticed the thicker lenses, and he questioned me about them, but said nothing more.

By this time, spring had come, and I had gotten a summer job as a carpenter. That was a hard thing to do, as the sawdust was always getting under the contact lenses and irritating my eyes, along with the other things flying around in the air. As well, my heavy glasses were constantly slipping down my sweaty nose. It was a pain, but I liked the thick glasses so much, it was worth the discomfort to me.

At the end of the summer, I stayed on, and I began to learn the building trade. I found that I really enjoyed this, so I applied myself, and by the time I was 21, I was running my own crew. My crew consisted of 3 other fellows my age, so at the beginning of that summer, we had decided that we would build 4 houses. I was the only one with sufficient money, since I had inherited it from mom and Bill’s estate. So, I bought the four building lots. And, I put up the funds for the materials, and the tradesmen that had to be brought in to do the special work that we were not capable of doing ourselves. Once the first house was complete, the first of our group arranged a mortgage, and moved in. Then, after he paid me back the money I had loaned him, I had money again, so we started on the second house, and by fall, we were finishing off my house. I ended up mortgage free, and even had enough money to build another house the following year, if I wanted, as the others owed me some more free labor for lending them the money to get started.

But as winter rolled around, I began thinking more and more about a permanent solution to my desire to wear really strong glasses. Oh, it wasn’t that the –17.50’s that I wore for about 3 years hadn’t been strong, nor was it because I was dissatisfied with the –21D glasses I had worn for the past year. It was just that it was a real pain to be wearing contacts and glasses around all the dust. So, I did some more investigating, and I found that a doctor in Argentina had been a pioneer in doing lens implants without disturbing your own lenses. This procedure had been going on in the USA for the last few years, but the necessary approval had not been issued. Since the economy in Argentina had gone for a severe tumble in 01, I decided that the good doctor might appreciate some good old American dollars. I booked myself a trip to Argentina.

Sure enough, when I contacted the good doctor, the bills I flashed in front of his face did the trick, and when I left Argentina after my holidays, I had a –26D prescription, and was wearing –20D contact lenses. That had been my only requirement. I had to be able to wear –20D contacts, as I had brought a pair that fit properly with me.

When spring rolled around again and home building picked up, it was a pleasure for me to be able to wear my –26D myodisc safety glasses without having to worry about dust and wood chips irritating my eyes. And, after work I was pretty happy with the blended myodiscs I wore. Finally my uncorrected vision was almost as bad as Penny’s was, and she was shocked the first time that she tried my glasses on. She couldn’t believe that my eyes had gotten so bad. And by this time, Penny and Dave had 2 children, a boy and a girl. Both kids were prescribed glasses before they were a year old, so Penny had passed on her poor eyesight to her children.

That summer a young lady joined us on our work crew. Lisa was the daughter of the man who drew all the plans for the houses, and she was studying to be an interior designer. She felt that it would help her in her job to be able to understand how a home was built, and I fully agreed with her. I was the only unmarried one left from our original work crew, and it was hard for me to watch Lisa as she scampered around the job site in her cut off jean shorts, and her halter-top. But, I wasn’t interested in getting hooked up with any lady that didn’t wear very strong glasses, so I tried not to pay Lisa too much attention, even though I felt that she was a bit interested in me.

One day, about half way through the summer, Lisa was cutting a piece of wood. Of course she was wearing safety glasses, but a gust of wind blew all the sawdust back into her face. She tried to clean her eyes out, and it was then that I first noticed that she was likely a contact lens wearer, as she was being very careful not to rub the center of her eyes. But, after a while she gave up, and came to me.

“Can you give me a ride home Tom? I got sawdust under my contacts, and they are driving me crazy,” she said.

“Sure, no problem, but why not just take them out for now?” I replied.

She gave me a funny look, and asked, “Could you go without your glasses?”

“Not a chance. I’m blind as a bat without these coke bottles,” was my reply.

“Do you know your prescription?” came her next question.

“Sure. My glasses are about –26D, and my contacts, are –20D-, the strongest that are available through regular suppliers,” I replied. “How strong is yours?”

“Pretty close. My contacts are –19D and –18.50D,” she said.

“You don’t have to say anything more. I’ll lead you to my truck.”

Once we got into my pickup, she used the mirror over the passenger side visor to take her lenses out, and put them in the case. I could tell that without them she was almost blind, but she was far more attractive to me now that I knew her eyesight was bad and she needed strong contacts or glasses to see. I drove her home, and asked her if she would care to go to a movie with me that evening, after her eyes felt better.

She accepted, and I returned to the job site. It was almost quitting time, and I was looking forward to my date, when my cell phone rang.

“Tom, it’s Lisa. I am afraid I can’t go out tonight, and I won’t be able to come to work tomorrow. My eye doctor tells me that I won’t be able to wear my contacts for at least a week.”

“Why not wear your glasses? I was going to wear my contacts, but if you wear your glasses, I will wear mine also,” I replied.

“No way. I never wear glasses out in public,” she told me.

“What about your car? You really shouldn’t leave it at the jobsite overnight.”

“Could you get one of the others to bring it to my house, and give them a ride back?” she asked.

“I’ll ask, and let you know,” I told her.

I didn’t even ask, and a few minutes later I phoned back. “ Sorry Lisa, everyone is busy tonight. I would be glad to stop by and pick you up, and bring you back to get it though.”

She thought about it for a minute, and said, “ But I don’t see too well wearing glasses, and I really don’t want to wear them around anyone.”

“Well Lisa, it’s not like I have never seen strong glasses before. I am sure that you look just fine wearing your glasses,” I said.

“Well, I don’t think so, but you are right, I should get my car, and if anyone can accept my thick glasses, you certainly can,” came her reply. “Can you pick me up after seven?”

I said “sure”, and a few minutes after seven, I pulled into her driveway. Lisa came out wearing glasses that were much like the thin myodiscs that Penny wore. They looked really nice on her, and I told her so. By the time we got back to her car, I had convinced her that we could sneak into a movie, and no one would even notice that she was wearing glasses. So we took her car home, and we went to a movie. By the end of the evening, I had finally convinced Lisa that she should come to work the following day, wearing her glasses. After all, the other guys had gotten used to seeing me in my super thick myodisc safety glasses, and I didn’t think that anyone would care if Lisa wore strong glasses or not.

So, after a week of Lisa coming to work wearing her glasses, and not being bothered by dust and dirt getting under her contact lenses and irritating her eyes, I convinced her that she should order safety glasses to wear at work, and that she could save her contacts for after work. We had gone out every night that week, and I had told her that having to wear strong glasses wasn’t the end of the world. I think I convinced her and she finally believed me.

After she graduated from college, Lisa and I ended up getting married. I started my own business building houses, and Lisa was the interior designer. We were quite happy together, and we tried to start a family.

But, after almost 5 years of trying, Lisa had not gotten pregnant. And, as so often happens, when a couple is trying too hard for something, sometimes they begin to fight and argue. And we did. We argued a lot, and finally I couldn’t put up with all the fighting. I loved Lisa, and I knew that I would likely never find another lady as pretty as she was that wore strong glasses with such thick lenses, but neither one of us were happy. I knew that if the fighting went on, we might end up unable to even be friends. Lisa was an integral part of my work, and her interiors sold our new homes. People lined up to be first in line to buy a home whenever we had an open house. I didn’t want to ruin this.

So, I calmly sat down with Lisa one evening, and discussed the problems that we were having in a calm and collected manner. There was no arguing that evening, and Lisa seemed to agree that something had to be done. We decided to separate our personal lives, and continue on together in business. And it worked. Lisa and I became better friends by doing this.

I still wanted kids, but I wasn’t prepared to get married again. So, I placed an ad in a number of papers, looking for an extremely myopic lady who would be willing to have a child. I received a few replies, and I finally selected a very nice lady, who was willing to carry a child to term for me. Well, it really wasn’t just for me; the money I offered her had a lot to do with it. That is how, within a year, I became a father of a beautiful baby girl.

Monique was a darling child. By the time she was six months old, I had her wearing Penny’s first pair of glasses full time, and she accepted them readily. I had suspected that it would be fairly easy to train her eyes to see through a strong minus lens, since her birth mother had been very nearsighted. By the time Monique was a year old, the pediatric ophthalmologist that we went to see, prescribed glasses with –10D lenses for Monique. So, Monique had inherited her mother’s myopia. But, as an experiment, this could not be a success, unless I carried out part 2 of my plan. I advertised for, and selected another lady to carry a second child for me, again using my sperm. But, the second birth mother had to have very good, uncorrected vision, so theoretically any offspring should be free of the gene for high myopia, if in fact there was such a genetic dominance.

I was pleased when a beautiful baby girl was born. My only requirements had been for good health and good vision, and Jasmine’s mother had been of Mexican decent. Jasmine was born with golden skin, almost tan, and dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. It was almost going to be a shame to try part 2 of the experiment.

When Jazz was six months old, she was introduced to the lenses from Penny’s original glasses. I had purchased new frames for Monique to wear the –10 lenses in, and the pink frames suited Jazz perfectly as well. It was more difficult than it was with Monique, to get Jazz to wear the glasses, so I had a feeling that Jazz was possibly going to reject the myopia that I was attempting to force upon her. By the time Jazz was a year old though, she had stopped struggling to remove the glasses, and seemed quite content to wear them.

I was uncertain if I should take Jazz to have her eyes examined, but finally I decided that the experiment would not work unless I followed the same steps with each child.

So, Jazz and I visited a different pediatric ophthalmologist. The verdict in Jazz’s case was that the glasses she presently wore were perfectly satisfactory, and a follow up visit was scheduled for the next year. The girls were a year and a half apart, and Monique had been prescribed slightly stronger lenses when she was 2, so I had Jazz wear the –10D glasses that Monique had worn from 1 year of age to the time that she was 2. Would this work I wondered?

And, for a while it seemed to work. Each year Monique would be prescribed a minor increase, and Jazz would be given Monique’s old glasses. When Monique began school at the age of 5, her prescription was a substantial –13.50D, and even though she wore very small frames the regular plastic lenses still gave a decent amount of edge thickness.

I discovered that Jazz had slightly wider set eyes than Monique did, so I began to forge prescriptions for Jazz, so that the optical centers of the lenses would be correct. Also, I figured that Penny, or even Lisa might catch on to my little experiment if they noticed the hand me down glasses. Lately Lisa had taken more than a passing fancy to my two daughters, with the very thick-lensed glasses. I had begun to think that our fighting and arguing had been mostly because she had not been able to conceive, but I couldn’t have her move back in with us, as it would ruin my experiment. Although, I suppose that I had proved to myself that by training a child’s eyes to see through lenses designed for very high myopes, that child could be made very, and permanently myopic. But, I wasn’t quite finished, so I stayed a bit aloof with Lisa.

I didn’t want to hinder Jazz in school by forcing her to wear a prescription that was much too strong for her. So, just prior to her beginning school, we visited the pediatric ophthalmologist again. The prescription that Jazz was given was not quite as strong as she would have worn if she had been given Monique’s old prescription, but I was pleased that there was an increase from the prescription she had been wearing for the past year. I then only bumped the doctor’s prescription by half a diopter for each eye, as I knew that this would not be hard for Jazz to adapt to.

Monique continued to require increases in her prescription every year. By the time she was 13, she had reached a prescription of -17D in both eyes, and her glasses were now very thick at the edges. Jazz also surprised me with steady increases, and at age 12, she was wearing a substantial –14.50D prescription. Only 6 months had gone by since Monique had turned 13, when she came home from school with a note from her teacher that suggested that it might be a good idea if Monique had her vision tested again. So, so we went to the ophthamologist and was shocked to find that her prescription had now jumped by almost -2D. I knew that this was a result of puberty, as Monique was starting to grow into quite an attractive young lady. Even a glasses lover like myself would have had a hard time deciding whether to glance at her glasses, or her breasts, as they were both quite appealing.

I had decided about 3 years previously that I wasn’t going to continue any further with my experiment, and once I had come to this decision, I began to court Lisa with renewed interest. We had never formally divorced, so it was a simple thing to renew our vows, and we now got along extremely well. Lisa loved both of the girls, and she was invaluable to me in assisting in their development. After all, who knows girls better than a woman? And the girls both loved Lisa. Lisa even stopped wearing her contact lenses again, just so the girls would feel less self-conscious about having to wear their strong glasses. We made quite a family. Both mom and dad wore very thick myodiscs, and both girls also had very strong glasses with thick lenses.

Jazz reached her 13th birthday, and surprised me with no increase in her prescription. I suppose I was just expecting that she would need stronger lenses, but I accepted that she had likely reached the end of the line. But, I should have known better. Jazz was more of a reader than Monique, and had her nose buried in a book most of the time. Jazz had her 14th Birthday and was just beginning to show signs of puberty. Monique, at 15 and a half had turned into quite a popular girl, with no shortage of boy friends, even with her extremely thick glasses and relatively poor eyesight. Jazz didn’t even concern herself with boys, and was content to just read and study. That year, Jazz left her annual eye examination with more than a significant increase. She had a –3D increase, bringing her up to –17.50D. And, the following year, Jazz walked away from the annual eye exams with a stronger prescription than Monique had. Jazz had reached the myodisc level, she was now slightly over –20D in both eyes, while Monique was only at –19.50D. But, when we went to the optician to order new glasses, both girls ordered myodiscs. Now, we were an all myodisc family.

And, we were not alone. When we got together with Penny and Dave, Penny, and her 2 boys both wore myodiscs. Eric, the oldest had the weakest prescription, and was just over –20D. Robert, the youngest was Monique’s age, and was getting close to –30D. Their daughter, Jill, had the weakest lenses of all, with only a –18D prescription.

My experiment was a complete success. I had taken a child with no family history of myopia, and I had created a child with extremely high myopia. But, the question remained, if it would now continue into another generation, or would it end with Jazz?

Specs4ever, with editing by Aliena.

July 2002