Falling in Love

by Specs4ever

I had been involved in an e-mail pen pal relationship for well over a year now. And, as with any e-mail relationship, it is almost impossible to determine if the person at the other end of the relationship was really, really, what he or she said they were. In this case I had developed a closeness to a very smart, severely nearsighted, first year female college student. I was 100% sure that she was who, and what she said she was, but………… I had not given up on my hope that she would finally tell me who she was in real life, and in truth, this lack of information had not really dampened our correspondence. Over the years, I have developed a very strong interest in myopia, and the various forms of it, and this was the first person that I had been able to talk with in great depth about it, although it was exclusively by means of the computer. From her, I learned about the many problems that high-myopes have, even when their vision is corrected with glasses. Very often with very high myopes, the glasses do not give really good eyesight. They have no peripheral vision and very poor night vision.

It had been a while since I had heard from Joanne, and I was beginning to worry that I had heard the last from her. She knew practically everything about me, and if she wished she could have found me in an instant in real life. I did know a little something about her too. I knew that she was a student at a university in the U.S., that she had to work very hard to get good grades and be successful, and that she could not wear contacts and had a variety of glasses for different purposes that gave her useful vision. Otherwise, I did not know a lot about her, and I worried that I would never hear from her again. Well I hate to admit it, but I had become very fond of Joanne and would have been very hurt if I had not heard from her again.

Much to my amazement, I checked my e-mail, and there was a letter from Joanne. I was almost afraid to open it, but this only lasted a short second, and her letter filled the screen. I read it rapidly, and then, not believing my eyes, I read it again. She was suggesting that we meet, in person. She gave me her full name, and address, and phone number – and all of a sudden, she was so totally real to me that I could have hugged her tightly. I looked up the name of the city in my road atlas, and discovered that only a small detour from my regular routine was all that would be needed to see her in person. So, I sent her a reply telling her I would meet with her the following Tuesday evening.

As I drove down the Interstate on Tuesday, I was filled with anticipation. I knew now that she had to be exactly what she told me, but my curiosity was bubbling over. Why had she requested the meeting? I couldn't think of any reason at all. There never had been any sexual innuendos between us, and in fact I had never even thought about that aspect before, although I had told her that I was attracted to women that wear strong glasses with thick lenses and if I would ever marry again, I would look for someone that was very nearsighted and wore glasses with thick lenses. I had, in fact, for the past year been calling Joanne my cyber daughter, and she had responded by calling me her cyber dad. I was soon pulling up in front of the apartment building where Joanne lived. I got out, and my legs felt weak. I had wanted this meeting so badly for a long time, and I had always told her that I was sure that we would meet someday, but it would be on her terms. I went to the door, and rang the bell.

The door opened. "Hi cyber dad," came the cheery greeting from a stunning blond haired young lady. She was wearing glasses with thick myodisc lenses that had high reflection, hiding her eyes.

"Hi yourself, my beautiful, severely myopic cyber daughter," I replied.

Things were a little strained at first as we went into the apartment and sat down. We made small talk for a while, conversing mostly about family things that we had told each other about on the net. All the while my mind was racing at full speed wondering what was going on. Finally, she spoke.

"Do you remember me telling you about my aunt, her son and daughter, and my grandmother in Holland?" she asked.

Sure I remembered. Her aunt, Corrine, was also very nearsighted, even more so than Joanne was, and Corrine's daughter was even worse than her mother, in the -30 range. The son was a high myope as well, but only in the -10 or -11 diopter range. And, Joanne's grandmother was at the point where she was legally blind even wearing glasses with a –45 D prescription. So, I told Joanne that I remembered well.

Joanne's grandmother was in failing health, and Joanne's mom wanted to bring her mother over from Holland to live with them. But, Oma Jan wouldn't leave Corrine and her children behind. And there was absolutely no way that Joanne's parents could sponsor everyone.

I slowly began to get the idea of the problem. If Joanne's aunt married a U.S. citizen, he could sponsor her immigration, and Joanne's cousins as well. And since I was unmarried, and Joanne well knew how much I liked severely myopic ladies, she thought that I might be interested in her aunt. I hardly even heard Joanne telling me that her parents would be more than willing to foot all the expenses. All I could think of was that if her aunt was as beautiful as Joanne, and as nice a person, I would be crazy not to consider this. Of course, I couldn't let Joanne know that it was going to be that easy, but after she showed me some family pictures, my decision was made. Her aunt indeed looked as lovely as Joanne was, and her mom also was very beautiful.

So, we began to make plans. Joanne could not tell her parents that we had met on the Internet, so we devised a simple plan, loosely based on the truth. I have a daughter a little older than Joanne, and although they had never met, I introduced Joanne to my daughter, Laurie, and they quickly became close friends. Then as Laurie's unmarried Dad, Joanne could easily introduce me to her mother and father, and we could tell Joanne's mom and dad that I was unmarried and about her aunt's age, and would be willing to explore the possibility of marrying Joanne's aunt.

Joanne, her younger sister, and her parents were flying to Holland in a few days, and after meeting with Joanne's parents, a ticket was also purchased for me on the same flight. I quite liked Joanne's mom, Anna, and her dad, Peter. Jessica, Joanne's sister, who had just turned 13, was very sweet and cute, and was also going to be a knockout in four or five years. Unfortunately, Jessica also had severe myopia, and had extremely poor vision. She of course also wore glasses with thick myodisc lenses that were quite a bit stronger than Joanne's. Because of her poor eyesight, Jessica had been forced to drop out of regular school a year or so ago, and had been home schooled ever since. I felt bad that my interest in myopia had lead me to discover that the life of a severe myope was not all that great or as simple as just being able to get stronger glasses as their eyesight got worse. But even so, Jessica seemed to get along OK and be happy. But such is life, and after a pleasant flight, we arrived at Schipol airport in Amsterdam. Since there was no one in Anna's family that could drive into Amsterdam to meet us, our plans were to go to Rotterdam by train. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the trains ran right out of Schipol airport to almost anywhere in Holland. That is one thing that North America should learn from Europe, but I suppose that the car rental people at the U.S. airports would lobby strongly against such sanity.

A short train ride to Rotterdam followed by a bus ride that seemed to take longer than the train, lead us to our hotel. The hotel was, according to Peter, within easy walking distance from where Anna's family lived. But, we had been on the plane all night, and it was now almost suppertime in Holland, so I suggested that we first have a little something to eat, and then retire early, rather than trying to meet with everyone that evening. I knew that Anna wanted to see her mom, and her sister, and I suspected that after I retired to my room that she and Peter would walk over to her mom's house, but I really didn't care. I wanted to be awake enough to know what I was doing. Joanne understood, and agreed with me, so after supper, Peter and Anna left Joanne, Jessica, and myself at the hotel. We talked for a while, but all three of us were quite tired. So we all retired. I had my own room, Joanne and Jess shared a room, and Peter and Anna also had gotten a room for the night, although they would stay at Anna's moms for the rest of the week.

The next morning, I awoke to a beautiful, sunny day, and since breakfast was included, I showered and went down to the dining room. I found Joanne and her family already eating, so I joined them, and when we were finished, we all went for a walk to meet Anna's sister. I was well prepared to meet Corrine – Corry for short, and I was not surprised to find a very attractive looking lady, wearing glasses that to me looked like blended myodiscs, but when I commented about them, I was told that they were called Superlenti lenses. These lenses, which were worn by Corry and her daughter, and Anna's mom as well, were ground specially in Holland, and were not available in the U.S. I liked the appearance of the lenses, but in actual fact they did nothing to hide the extreme power of the lenses.

Another pleasant surprise for me was the amount of English that Corry and her children spoke. The Dutch are known for being multilingual and all the American and British TV programs are in English, with Dutch subtitles, and the Dutch learn English as a second language in school, so it was fairly easy to carry on a conversation. Corry's children, Nelda and Henrik, both spoke excellent English, and they acted as translators for me when needed.

For the next week, I spent a lot of time with Corry, and I found that I liked her very much. We went into Amsterdam and she took me to several interesting places. I could also tell that Corry didn't see very well, even wearing her strong glasses. She often would squint her eyes behind her thick lenses, and on a couple of occasions she bumped into things, and I had to frequently read signs to her on the trains, and in the museums and restaurants. Besides being quite pretty, she was also tender and kind, and I rapidly fell in love with her. Although I was more than willing, our initial arrangements did not include sharing a bed, but I was so attracted to Corry and Corry seemed to be attracted to me too, that I knew that this would soon take place.

Corry was five years older than Anna, making her close to my age. She had worked as a chef until her vision had deteriorated to the point where her glasses did not give her good enough vision for her to see to work in a big kitchen. Oh, it was no problem for her to cook in her mom's kitchen in familiar surroundings, but working in a large, busy restaurant kitchen was just too difficult for her. And I found that she was an excellent cook. I knew that if I ate what she cooked for us while we were visiting, on a regular basis, my girth would expand rapidly. We did some of the usual tourist things together, and while Peter, Anna, Corrie's son Henrik, and myself were able to see everything, I am sure that all the others didn't get the full magnitude of the Delta works – the large series of dams that keep the sea from flooding Holland. I am afraid I hurt Joanne, Jess, Nelda and Corry's feelings a little when I jokingly suggested that maybe we should just buy postcards for them to look at. I quickly apologized as soon as I said it. I had only meant it as a joke, but my joke was too close to the truth.

Three days before I was to leave, Corry arranged a little trip just for the two of us. It was to a resort area along the coast of the North Sea. She booked a reservation for us at a delightful Dutch Inn. When we arrived, I found out she had booked only one room. When we were in the room, Corry got very close and pressed against me. I could feel the outline of her body, and I could especially feel her breasts pressing against me. As I looked at her face very close to me, I could just barely see her eyes behind her thick lenses. I bent down and kissed her mouth tenderly. She responded by giving me a long and lingering kiss. I unbuttoned her blouse and she quickly removed her bra. She had beautiful breasts with protruding nipples and areolas. We then made love for the first time. She left her glasses on the whole time because she wanted to be able to see. At one point, I tried to see her eyes, but they were so small, and were essentially hidden by their smallness and the reflection from the lenses most of the time. I gently took her glasses off, so I could see her eyes better. She was very close to me and said, "I can only barely see you". She had very deep blue eyes that were quite pretty, even though they were blind without her glasses. I kissed her eyes and I knew that I was really in love. We stayed two days at the Inn. During the day we hiked along the beach, laughing and enjoying being with each other. Once, we stopped in a little cove that was secluded and made love. Our time together had gone by very quickly and I really didn't want to return to the U.S., but work equals money and I didn't have enough to survive on without working. So, with a promise to Corry to return to marry her as soon as we had the necessary permits, the five of us left.

Of course, dealing with governments is like pulling your own teeth, and this was no exception. It took almost six months before I had permission to go back to Holland to marry Corry, and return with her and her children to the U.S. And we had almost missed out on bringing Corry's daughter Nelda, as she was within a few days of turning 21, before the necessary documents arrived. But fortunately, everything worked out and we made it.

So, I now have a wife that is a very high myope and two stepchildren, one of whom is also a very high myope. I have discovered that a person with poor vision can exist very well in the world, wearing strong glasses and using special vision aids. Like Joanne, Corry and Nelda both use telescopic glasses to watch TV and movies and both have special glasses with magnifying lenses that they can clip onto their regular glasses for close work. I, also, learned that similar to someone who is blind, their other senses, especially hearing, become more highly developed, and in many instances they can hide from the world how poor their eyesight really is. Corry sometimes takes her glasses off when she is with me, even though she is completely blind without them. I know that she is quite helpless without her glasses, but most other people would not know it unless they would observe her very closely.

I have become very fond of Nelda and Henrik, and they have become close to me as well. I am now also so amazingly close to Joanne and her family that it is like I have known them all my life. Joanne and I still share our little secret about how we actually met, and we still e-mail each other frequently, and Joanne still calls me cyber dad.

The End

Specs4ever: June 2001.

With more than special thanks to A.J. for her wonderful editing