The Father Figure

by Specs4ever

I suppose my awareness of, and my attraction to men in glasses goes back to when I was a little girl, and my daddy lived with mommy and me. Daddy was a tall, thin man and he wore glasses that were really thick, and they made his eyes look tiny and all shrunk back into his head. But when he took his glasses off, his eyes didn’t look small and shrunken in anymore. I loved my daddy, and I was very happy when he came home from work and played with me before supper. Then after supper daddy would always read a story to me before I went to bed.

But after I was in bed I would often hear mommy and daddy yelling at each other. I don’t think daddy ever hit mommy, but they were not happy. Finally, the year I was 6, and was in school in first grade, I came home from school, and as usual waited for daddy to come home. When he didn’t open the door at his usual time I worried that he might have been in an accident. When mommy called me for supper, I asked her if we were not waiting for daddy. That is when she told me that daddy wasn’t going to live with us anymore. I remember that night, running to my room, lying on my bed, and sobbing myself to sleep, without eating my supper.

For a while every second Saturday afternoon daddy would come by and pick me up, and we would go to the zoo, or a movie, or anywhere I wanted to go. But then daddy got a new girlfriend, and his visits with me dropped to one a month. And then daddy stopped coming. He still sent me a present for my birthday, and for Christmas, and he still phoned me every once in a while. Then mommy got a job in Phoenix, so we moved across the country. I knew then that any chance of daddy coming to visit me was gone.

I was 10 when I started grade 5 at my new school. One other girl was new at school as well. Her name was Shannon, and she and I became good friends. Shannon was almost 9 months older than I was, but because of how our birthdays fell, we were in the same grade. Shannon didn’t live very far from our apartment, so I spent a lot of time at Shannon’s house. Shannon had her own room and we had a lot of fun playing together.

When Shannon and I were in grade 7, Shannon started having trouble seeing the chalkboard. Other girls had gotten glasses that year, and after Shannon tried on a couple of other girl’s glasses, she knew that she needed glasses. But Shannon didn’t want to wear glasses. As the year progressed, Shannon was relying on me to be her eyes. Finally, Shannon and her mom were out somewhere, and her mom went into a store in the mall. Shannon hadn’t seen which store it was, and she went into the wrong store. Then she went into the other store. Shannon’s eyes must have been pretty bad, because she walked right past her mom without seeing her. So Shannon had to have her eyes tested. Shannon’s mom was nearsighted, and wore contact lenses. So, she didn’t put up too much of a fuss when Shannon wanted to get contact lenses instead of glasses.

Once she started to wear her contact lenses Shannon could see again and I didn’t have to be her seeing-eye best friend anymore. But we were still best friends of course. One Saturday afternoon we were at Shannon’s house, just sitting around talking. I had been wondering about Shannon’s contact lenses ever since she got them, and finally I got up the nerve to ask her about them.

“So, like is it painful to put your contacts in?” I asked.

“No, it’s really simple. You just rinse them off with solution, put the lens on the tip of your finger, hold your eyelid down, and pop the lens into your eye. Then you do the same thing with the other one.” Shannon said.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” I asked.

“No, it doesn’t. It feels like maybe you have an eyelash in your eye for a few minutes, but soon you don’t even notice it.” Shannon answered.

“What about taking them out?” I asked.

“Here, come on, I’ll show you.” Shannon replied and we went to the bathroom.

Shannon showed me how she popped the lenses out, and then she put them back in.

“Do you want to try it?” Shannon asked me.

“No, well maybe, just to see what it is like.” I replied.

So, with Shannon’s assistance I got a contact lens in each eye. I had looked at the box, and while I didn’t understand what the numbers meant, I knew that –2.00D was the prescription part. The other numbers, bc 8.6 and dia 14.0 must have had something to do with the size. Once the lenses were in I could see what Shannon meant. It felt like I had something in my eye, but as I blinked for a few minutes the feeling went away, and they became very comfortable. I left the bathroom walked around for a while. At first things looked blurry, but the longer I wore the contact lenses, the easier it became to see clearly again. That night, still wearing the contact lenses, Shannon and I went to the show. I had absolutely no trouble seeing everything clearly. I was very surprised. Shannon was also surprised. She felt that since I could see so well with her contact lenses in that this meant that maybe my eyes were going bad as well.

We went back to Shannon’s house, as I was staying the night. Shannon had an extra lens case, so Shannon helped me take the lenses out, and we put them in the solution. Then Shannon took her own lenses out, and we went to bed.

The next morning when we woke up Shannon asked me if I wanted to put the contact lenses back in. I hadn’t minded the feeling of them, and I had always had the urge to wear glasses, so I answered her that I would like to do it again. I wore the contact lenses all day Sunday, and while we were out I bought some solution, and a new contact lens case. That night when I arrived home I took the lenses out before going to bed, but I made sure I hid the lens case and the solution where my mom wouldn’t find them. Monday morning I put the lenses in before eating breakfast, and I went off to school wearing them. It was surprisingly easy to see with them, and by now I didn’t even notice that I had them in my eyes. Shannon of course asked me if I still had them in, and when I told her that I did, she was surprised. She made me look at a few things, and I could see a sign in the distance better than she could.

“I guess if I wore a pair of my lenses a little longer than the 30 days we could stretch my supply out for a while. But, if I run low on lenses, you will have to tell your mom that you can’t see the blackboard and get your own contact lenses.” Shannon said.

“How long can a person wear a pair of lenses?” I asked.

“Well these are 30 day replacement lenses. But I heard my mom and one of her friends talking, and they said that the 30-day lenses are the same lenses as the one year ones. So I guess you could wear them for a year if you had to. But, I will try to wear a pair for 45 days, and see what happens.” Shannon replied.

But we didn’t have to worry about that. Shannon had another eye exam after 6 months. At this time it was found that she had gone up to –3.50D for one eye, and –4.00D for the other. So, Shannon got another year’s supply. And I got the rest of her first years supply. By now I had been wearing Shannon’s contact lenses for about 3 months. When I took them out at night I was surprised to see that things now looked blurry, and the blur didn’t go away after a few minutes. I was becoming nearsighted.

Shannon went a whole year without another eye exam. I was getting worried, as I was down to my last 2 pairs of lenses. If I ran out of lenses I was going to have to tell my mom that I thought I might need glasses. And, I knew that my mom would say I was too young to wear contact lenses. Of course, I had always wanted to wear glasses to be just like daddy, but I didn’t know if the boys would like me if I wore glasses. Shannon said that her mom told her that boys didn’t like girls who wore glasses, and I was 13 now. I wanted to have a boyfriend.

Just as I was down to my last pair of lenses Shannon had another eye exam. Her prescription jumped to –4.50D and –5.00D. She still had a number of boxes of her old –3.50D and –4.00D lenses. So, I switched to the –3.50D lenses, and I found that it didn’t take me very long to get used to them at all. I managed to stretch these lenses out for almost 9 months before I had to change to the –4.00D ones. Now when I took my lenses out, things were really blurry. I managed to stretch the supply of –4.00D lenses out for over 10 months. I was trying to go longer, but I ripped a lens one Saturday when Shannon and I were at her house. Shannon took pity on me, and gave me a pair of her –4.50D lenses. Now I didn’t know what to do. I only had the one pair of lenses, and they wouldn’t last forever. After a couple of months of wearing them I managed to convince Shannon to at least give me 2 of her –5D lenses, because she had 2 extra. She did, and I wore them for the next 2 months. Now I had both eyes that were wearing –5D lenses and Shannon kept telling me that my eyes were worse than hers. And she might have been right. But Shannon was now 16, and she had to have an eye exam for her driver’s license. She couldn’t pass, so she had to go for an exam again. Her eyes hadn’t gone up much, now her one eye was –5.00 and her other was –5.50. But she got all new lenses, so she gave me all her old ones. I tried to switch back to the –4.50D ones, but things were a bit blurry, so I just started wearing the other –5.00D ones.

I was amazed that my mom hadn’t noticed. I had been wearing Shannon’s contact lenses now for 3 years. But I was worried that I could no longer rely on Shannon for a source of lenses. So, I went for an eye exam, and when I left there I had a prescription for –5.00D glasses. I went home and told my mom that I needed glasses.

“Well, that isn’t a real surprise to me. Your dad had pretty bad eyes, so I guess you inherited that from him.” Mom said.

“Can I get contact lenses Mom? They are cheaper than glasses. Shannon has had contacts forever now, and she hasn’t had any problems.” I asked.

“Well, I guess so honey. But what about a pair of glasses as well?” Mom asked.

“I’d rather just have contacts.” I replied.

So with mom’s permission I got my own contact lenses. It was a relief. Now I could leave all my contact lens stuff in the bathroom instead of hiding it all away. At school nothing had changed, as all of the other girls knew I wore contact lenses, just like Shannon. Out of a class of 17 girls, 8 of us wore glasses or contact lenses. And, we had 10 boys in our classroom, of which 3 boys wore glasses, and one boy wore contact lenses.

Over the next 2 or 3 years both Shannon and I had regular eye exams. I knew that Shannon’s prescription had increased slightly, as had mine. I was now, at age 18, wearing contact lenses that were –6.50D. Shannon was –6.50D and –7.00D. After we graduated, Shannon went on to university. Mom didn’t have any money to send me to university, so I went to the local community college.

When I was at the college I specifically looked to date boys who wore glasses. But so far none of the guys I had gone with had even as strong a prescription as my now –7.50D contact lenses were. I was beginning to get discouraged. By this time I was entering my last year, and I was starting to panic a little that I would never find a guy who wore strong glasses.

I noticed a new hunk one day in my psychology class. He was tall, taller than any of the other guys, but not so tall he towered over them. And I like tall men, because I am 5’9” myself. His sandy blond hair was cut fairly short, but it looked good. And he must have been a jock, because he was wearing an athletic T-shirt from a high school in the next county. I liked his appearance, but unfortunately he didn’t wear glasses.

Later, at lunchtime I noticed him heading for the cafeteria line, so I maneuvered myself into line in front of him. I selected my food, and then I did a little trick with my contacts. I can blink a lens almost out if I do it properly, and I had discovered that nothing interested a guy more than thinking that a girl is helpless. I knew that my lens was on my eyelashes.

“Oh, darn it. I have lost a contact.” I wailed.

“Here. Let me see if I can find it for you,” he said, much as I had suspected he would.

“I hope you can. I am pretty blind without my contacts, and I don’t have another pair with me.” I replied.

He looked, and of course he found it on my eyelashes. He carefully plucked it off, and I got out my lens case, and my solution. I put the lens away, and closed the one eye while I paid for my lunch.

“Go put your lens back in. I will find a table for us, take your food over, and wait for you,” he said.

I headed for the restroom, and I out my lens back in. When I returned I saw him sitting at a table by himself, with my plate of food opposite him.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate this.” I said.

“Oh, that was nothing. I hope if it ever happens to me that someone will help me out. By the way, my name is Mike.” Mike said.

“Hi Mike, I am the very nearsighted Tracey, who is helpless without her contacts in.” I said.

“How nearsighted is very nearsighted to you?” Mike asked.

“Well, I can’t see to read unless I am wearing my lenses.” I replied.

“I can’t either, but do you know your numbers?” Mike asked.

“I am a little embarrassed to tell people how strong they are. I am –7.50D in both eyes.” I replied.

“Well, I have you beat by quite a bit. I am –12D in one eye and –12.50D in the other.” Mike responded.

“Wow, and I thought I had bad eyes.” I said.

Do you ever wear glasses Tracey? I bet you would look pretty wearing a pair of glasses.” Mike asked.

“Mike, I don’t even own a pair of glasses. I have never even owned a pair of glasses. I went directly into contact lenses, and I have worn them ever since. My numbers climbed pretty fast, but in the last year they have pretty well stopped climbing.” I replied.

“I wish mine would stop. I went up another –0.50D when I had my eyes checked a few months ago. I am getting tired of this constant increase.” Mike said.

“How about you Mike? Do you wear glasses?” I asked.

“I do when I am at home Tracey. I find that I have to take my lenses out when I get home so I can rest my eyes. And, I also have a weaker pair of glasses that my doctor wants me to wear when I am doing a lot of reading. He hopes that by doing this I can slow my increases down. And, my eyes are so bad I can’t even find my way from the bathroom to my bed without putting my glasses on.” Mike told me.

I was in love with him already. I think I fell for him really hard when he told me his contact lens prescription. Now I could hardly wait to see him wearing his glasses. When Mike asked me out to a dance at the college on Friday night I almost tripped over myself accepting the invitation.

Mike was a really nice guy. I enjoyed being with him a lot. When Shannon came home for Thanksgiving she told me that I had a catch there, and I definitely agreed. By the time Christmas rolled around I was starting to get a real urge to see Mike wearing his glasses. I told him so.

“The only way you will ever see me wearing my glasses Tracey is if you are in my bedroom. That is the only place where I ever wear glasses.” Mike replied.

“Is that an invitation? If it is I accept.” I said.

“Sh—t Tracey, you know we can’t do that. I would love to, but my parents would have a fit.” Mike responded.

Mike knew I wanted him, and I knew he wanted me. But we didn’t have any extra money to spend on motel rooms. Also, I wanted to see Mike wearing his glasses. Finally my chance came the day Mike had his annual vision and retinal exam. His doctor wanted Mike to wear glasses for 24 hours before the exam, and since there were special drops used to dilate Mike’s eyes, he was unable to drive himself home. So, that one day I was fortunate enough to see Mike wearing a darling pair of gold wire framed glasses. The lenses looked thicker than I would have imagined for –12.50D, and I mentioned that he was correct, his lenses did look pretty strong for –12D. That is when I found out that the prescription for glasses was stronger than the prescription for contacts. Mike’s glasses prescription was –15D in one eye, and –14.50 in the other. And when Mike had his glasses on, looking into his eyes through the strong lenses made me think of looking at my daddy’s eyes so many years ago. Mike’s eyes looked exactly the same as my dads did.

When we got to the doctors office Mike had a surprise for me. He had arranged for me to have an eye examination as well, although not as extensive an exam as he was about to have. When I left the examining room I had a new prescription for contacts of –8.00D, but I also had a prescription for glasses. While I drove Mike home we talked.

“Why did you want me to get a glasses prescription Mike?” I asked.

“You seem to always be pushing me to wear glasses. I figure that if I am going to wear glasses for you, I want you to wear glasses as well.” Mike replied.

“Fair enough. I guess it is time I got myself a pair of glasses. How about you? Do you need stronger lenses?” I asked.

“Not this time. The doctor seemed very pleased that my prescription had not increased this year. He thinks that maybe it was because I was wearing an old pair of lower powered glasses to do my reading and studying. Now he wants me to get a pair of reading glasses to wear over my contact lenses.” Mike told me.

Secretly I was a little disappointed that I needed a slight increase and Mike didn’t need any. However his prescription was already very strong. Mike wanted to go by an optical store to select a pair of glasses for me before I took him home. So we did that. I picked a cute pair of black plastic rectangular shaped frames. The optician talked me into getting a high index lens for my –9.00D glasses. And, she suggested that she would have them make the front of the lens perfectly flat, just like Mikes.

“You are at the point where we can either make the front of your lens flat, or with a very slight curve. But, if your prescription gets any stronger, you will have to have the flat front, so you might just as well go for it right now,” she said.

They had my new contact lenses in stock, so I put them in, and was surprised at how much I had been missing.

“Well, that was only –0.50D difference in a contact lens prescription. However in glasses, it was a –0.75D. Your old glasses prescription would have been –8.25D, and now your new one is –9.00D,” said the lady optician.

It took a week to get my glasses, and Mike wanted to be with me when I picked them up. So Mike drove me over to the optical store. I went in, and the optician suggested I use the restroom to wash my hands before I took my lenses out. I hadn’t planned on wearing the darned things, but under pressure from Mike I washed my hands, and sat down at the little table to take out my lenses. I sat there blind for a minute while the same optician got my glasses. She put them on my face, and it was so neat watching the blur disappear as she put the glasses on me. Then she snatched them off again, and made some adjustments to the earpieces. Then she put them on once again, and snatched them off, engulfing me in a world of blur. This was like the longest time I had ever gone without correction since I first put in Shannon’s –2.00D contacts so many years ago. I didn’t like it. This time she left them on my face, and asked me how they felt. How did they feel? They felt strange, that is how they felt. And my vision was weird. Things looked so tiny. And when I moved my head I could see the edges of things look bulged. I wasn’t sure if I liked glasses or not.

We paid for my glasses and we left the store.

“Do you see Ok with them Tracey?” Mike asked as he helped me into the car.

“Everything looks so weird and distorted Mike. I want my contacts back.” I replied.

“Well babe, I hate to have to tell you this, but my doctor told me that he wants you to give your eyes a rest from contact lenses for a while. Apparently you have some blood vessels that have broken in your eyes from wearing your contacts for too long a period of time. He suggested wearing glasses for at least a month, and then after he gives you the all clear then you can go back to contact lenses.” Mike said.

I was shocked. “Why didn’t he tell me himself?”

“Because I told him that you would probably not listen to him.” Mike said with a smile in his voice

“I will wear my glasses for a month if you wear yours.” I said.

“If that is what it will take to get you to wear glasses instead of contacts I will do that.” Mike said.

And true to his word, Mike wore his glasses for the entire month. I loved seeing him wearing glasses, the strong lenses minifying and shrinking his eyes back into his eye sockets. He reminded me more and more of my dad. However, once the doctor gave me that all clear to go back to wearing contact lenses, Mike immediately quit wearing his glasses. But, during that month I had gotten used to my appearance in glasses. I realized that I had done this to myself, and that I had always wanted to wear glasses, and now that people became accustomed to seeing me wearing glasses, I found that I didn’t have the same desire to return to contact lenses. Oh, sure, I still wore them from time to time, but from a regime of wearing them every waking moment I went to only wearing them a day or two a week.

Finally Mike and I both graduated. I had a job proposal from a local bank, and Mike was going to work as a mortgage broker. We both started work immediately after finishing our school year, and as a result we got our first paychecks the beginning of June. That Friday night we went out to celebrate the fact that finally we were in the workforce. And as we sat having dinner in our favorite restaurant, Mike removed a small box from his pocket, and opened it, to reveal a lovely diamond ring.

“Will you marry me Tracey?” Mike asked.

“Yes, I will marry you Mike. Where did you get such a gorgeous ring? It is lovely.” I replied.

“It was my grandmother’s. I took it to the jewelers, and had it cleaned and reworked. I am glad that you like it.” Mike answered.

Fortunately my job at the bank was in customer service. It could be a demanding job it there was a problem with a customer, however for the most part I was more like a greeter. I was in training to become a teller, and I certainly hoped that I wouldn’t stop there. Mike however was deeply involved in his work. In only a month he had gone from being an assistant, to being in charge of his own portfolio of loans. And what was really great was that his salary plus commission was double what I was earning. This was a good thing, as I was the one in charge of our wedding, and my job gave me a lot more free time. I found a house for us to rent. I located a church hall that was not booked for a Saturday in August – well; actually the only reason that the hall was not booked was because another wedding never made it past the planning stage. I managed to convince the ladies auxiliary to cater for the wedding, and I was fortunate enough to get all the invitations printed, and mailed by the beginning of July. For a wedding with such short notice, I was having surprisingly good fortune.

Things went so well at the wedding that I couldn’t believe it. The weather was sunny, and warm. Our small party of guests was all family and treasured friends, and it seemed to me that almost everyone we had invited managed to come. Shannon was my maid of honor, and Nick; a long time friend of Mikes’ was the best man. I had 2 other friends as bridesmaids, and Mike had 2 ushers that were good friends. It was a day to remember.

We didn’t have the funds for a honeymoon, so we stayed home, and set up housekeeping in our new home. That was the beginning of the best 5 years of my life. After the first 2 years our daughter Jessica was born, and almost 2 years later our son Scott came along. The bank had been surprisingly generous with their maternity leave, and I did return to work as soon as it was possible. My mom was great. She looked after the kids while I was at work, since she was now only working part time, and she was able to schedule her hours to be with the kids while I worked.

I should have known that something would rock the boat. One night Mike came home, and told me that he had been discussing having his vision corrected, so that he could eliminate his dependency on glasses, or contact lenses. His eyesight was too bad for the regular lasik, but his doctor was going to investigate the possibility of using a new type of lens implant.

“So when is this operation supposed to happen?” I asked.

“Well, he had to give me another –0.50D increase in both eyes this year, so he tells me that I can’t have the operation until my prescription is stable for at least another 2 years.” Mike replied.

“So this means that your new contact prescription is now –12.50D and –13.00D?” I questioned.

“No, actually it is more like –13.00D and –13.50D. There was another –0.50D increase a couple of years ago that I didn’t exactly broadcast.” Mike replied.

I had another 2 years to be with my highly myopic guy. If only I could convince him over the next couple of years that I don’t want him to get the surgery it would be wonderful.

I tried a million times over the next 2 years to tell Mike how much his wearing glasses meant to me. But the best I could manage to do was to tell him how great he looked wearing glasses, and how much I loved him when he was wearing glasses. I have the feeling that he didn’t hear a word I said. Finally the dreaded day arrived. Mike was going for his annual vision exam. The previous year had not shown that he needed any increase, and while I had been watching very carefully for any signs that Mike was having trouble seeing in the distance, I couldn’t spot any sign of that. So, I was afraid that when Mike came home he was going to tell me that he was going to have his eyes “fixed”.

“Hi Honey.” Mike said as he came through the door. “ I have to go to see the specialist a week Wednesday to see about my Intacts.”

“What are Intacts?” I asked.

“They are the lenses that are put between my cornea and my iris. They are really permanent contact lenses, and I will never wear glasses again.” Mike told me.

“I don’t want you to do that.” I said.

Mike looked at me incredulously. “ Why not?”

“I married you because you wore strong glasses. It is very important to me that you keep on wearing your strong glasses.” I replied.

Mike swore, and then he said, “ I don’t give a damn what you want. I want to get rid of these glasses and contacts. It is unfair for you to tell me that you don’t want me to be happy.”

“And it doesn’t matter if I am happy?” I countered.

With that Mike swore at me again and he left the room. During supper we didn’t say a word to each other, and when bedtime came Mike headed for the bed in the spare bedroom. I wished that I had said something before, and that I hadn’t let it come to a head like this. I turned out the light, took off my own glasses, and I lay there sobbing quietly, angry with myself that I had hurt Mike so much. The next morning when I woke from a fitful sleep I discovered that Mike had already left the house. I dragged myself off to work the next morning wearing my glasses, because my eyes were too tired to put in my contacts.

That evening was just as bad.

“Did you really mean what you said last night?” Mike asked.

I nodded my head yes.

“Why are you doing this to me. I have wanted to get rid of my glasses for years now. This is like a dream come true for me and you are spoiling it all.” Mike retorted angrily.

“I fell in love with you, and I married you because you wore strong glasses. I wanted a man who wore glasses, and you were perfect. Now you are going to ruin it. You want to be happy, but if you are happy then I will be unhappy.” I told him as quietly and logically as I could.

‘So if I go ahead and have this operation what will you do – leave me?” Mike asked.

“I haven’t thought that far ahead. But that is a possibility.” I replied.

“You are telling me that you don’t love me, you love my glasses.” Mike said angrily.

“No Mike, that is not true. I love you because of your glasses. Without your glasses I would never have let myself fall in love with you.” I responded.

“What if my vision was so bad that I couldn’t see well enough to drive, or go to work, or anything else? Would you still deny me the chance to have my eyes fixed?” Mike asked.

“Mike, that is not the case here. You can see just fine with glasses or contact lenses. If your eyesight changed to the point where you couldn’t see, even with glasses or contacts, of course I would want you to have the operation. But right now isn’t that time.” I answered.

Again that night I slept alone. I was so tired from the lousy sleep I had the night before that I actually fell into a deep sleep, waking to the sound of the clock radio. When I got up and headed for the bathroom, Mike was sitting on the toilet, with a candle burning. He was wearing his glasses.

“Well, you remembered to light a candle first. I’m amazed, and very thankful.” I said.

“You have drummed that into me.” Mike mumbled.

“Mike, you look so incredibly hot in your glasses. You excite me just looking at you. I don’t want that to end yet.” I said.

“I’ve got to think about it some more.” Mike replied.

With that we dropped the subject. When Mike came home that evening we all had supper together, as if nothing had happened. That evening Mike and I slept in the same bed again, and he held me tight as we fell asleep. We hadn’t said another word about his eyes.

The Wednesday of his appointment with the specialist was now tomorrow. I didn’t want to say another word. I felt that Mike knew now how strongly I felt about him continuing to wear his glasses. That night when we went to bed, I made every effort to seduce him, and we made love, both of us wearing our glasses.

The next day I was on pins and needles. I wasn’t sure if the operation was supposed to happen that day, or if Mike was just going in for an evaluation. That evening when Mike got home I didn’t ask any questions. I would know soon enough, because Mike always took out his contact lenses right after supper, and sat around in the evening wearing his glasses while he did paperwork. While I was doing the dishes Mike went to the bathroom, and when he came back down the stairs I was relieved. He was wearing his glasses.

After I had put the kids to bed, and changed into my nightgown, my robe, and my glasses I came downstairs.

“It’s your dad, isn’t it Tracey?” Mike asked.

My dad and his new wife, and my half brother and sister had come to our wedding. Dad’s glasses were much thinner than I had remembered, but the eyes, minified behind the strong lenses were still the ones I remembered from my childhood. And both my half siblings wore strong glasses as well.

“I think so Mike. I am not absolutely sure, but I think I see you as a replacement for my father.” I said ashamedly.

“I can understand that Tracey. I spoke to the specialist today, and he says that my eyes are perfect candidates for the operation. However, I have decided to postpone it for a few years. Maybe in a few years you can accept me without glasses.” Mike told me.

I ran to him, and hugged and kissed him. “Mike I love you so much. Thank you for doing this for me.”


June 2006