The Fertility Pills

by Specs4ever

Shauna had always had a fascination with glasses. When she was a little girl, her mother’s best friend, her godmother Marie, wore glasses. Shauna remembered her favorite glasses that Aunt Marie wore like it was yesterday. They were plastic frames, white around the top, and then faded to clear as the edges came down to the bottom. The earpiece things came from the bottom, and then curved up and went over Marie’s ears, a style that Shauna later found was drop temples. The lenses were really thick, and stuck out at the edges, and the front of the lenses were flat, and gave off funny reflections. These glasses had replaced a pair that had a dark brown frame, which had seemed very thick and heavy. Later Aunt Marie had switched to gold wire rimmed glasses, and she still wore this style, although the shapes of the lenses were now an oval shape instead of round. And the lenses now seemed a lot thinner, but Shauna knew they were a high index lens, and were still actually just as strong.

As Shauna grew up, she discovered that Aunt Marie had a prescription of –12D. Shauna didn’t know, or understand what this meant, except that Aunt Marie always told her that she was blind as a bat without her glasses. Shauna knew that Aunt Marie could see fine with her glasses, so Shauna spent a lot of time wishing that she too had to wear –12D glasses, so she could be exactly like Aunt Marie. But, no amount of wishing could make this happen, and by the time Shauna was in her final year of university, Shauna realized that she would probably never be able to wear glasses until she reached her mom’s age and had to wear reader’s like her mom.

Shauna was not sure what happened first. She found a site on the internet, which was about girls who liked men wearing glasses. And, her roommate Shelly at university required a stronger prescription for her glasses. Shelly had, for the previous 3 years that Shauna had known her, worn her glasses on top of her head, except when she needed to see things in the distance. But, now Shelly needed stronger glasses, and the doctor had suggested that Shelly might want to wear them all the time. At first Shelly had scoffed at this suggestion, but after a few days of trying to function with her stronger correction, Shelly had discovered that she could no longer see well enough to go without glasses. So, Shelly was fitted for contact lenses, and her glasses stayed in their case in the apartment until evening came, and Shelly would wear them around the apartment at night.

Shauna read a few stories on the website that she found, and one story was about a young girl who had started at an early age wearing minus glasses which were stronger than she needed. And this young lady had increased the strength of her glasses by changing her prescription time and time again, so that now at age 17 this young lady was now wearing –7.75D glasses, a whole –3D stronger than she required. And, she was hoping to attain –10D or stronger before she stopped this practice. Shauna e mailed this young lady, and was pleased to receive a reply. But, Shauna was not happy with what the girl told her. She was told that at age 21 it would be very unlikely for Shauna to be able to induce any great amount of myopia. But, the young lady did suggest that Shauna should try to wear a pair of glasses with around a –2D prescription for a while to see if she could induce even a small amount of myopia.

Shauna knew that Shelly’s old glasses were –2.25D. So, one evening Shauna squinted to see the television screen, pretended that she couldn’t read what was written on the screen, and moved quite a bit closer.

“Shauna, you are almost as blind as I am.” Shelly told her. “You should have your eyes checked.”

“Oh, I guess I have been doing too much studying. They will come back to normal in a few days, after I finish all this close work.” Shauna replied.

Shauna kept this up for the next few days. Friday night was movie night, and the 2 girls were heading off to the movies. Shauna was putting her coat on, but then she stopped, took her coat off, and announced to Shelly that she couldn’t see the movie anyway, so there was no sense in going. Shelly suggested that Shauna might try her old glasses, which was what Shauna had been leading up to all the time. When Shauna put Shelly’s old glasses on, Shauna knew that they were too strong, but she told Shelly that they were great, everything looked so clear. So they went off to the movies.

Shauna kept Shelly’s old glasses, and for the next couple of weeks she wore them constantly. But Shelly kept telling Shauna that she really should have an eye examination, so Shauna went to the local one hour optical, and had the lenses from Shelly’s old glasses duplicated into a new frame. Shauna then returned Shelly’s glasses to her, and wore her own constantly from then on.

It took a couple of months, but Shauna felt that she was doing quite well with Shelly’s –2.25D lenses. Shauna could see a bit of a blur in the distance now when she took the glasses off. So, Shauna figured that it might be time for stronger lenses. One day while Shelly was at class, Shauna took Shelly’s new - 3.50D glasses, and wore them to another mall, to another one-hour optical store. She again had Shelly’s glasses duplicated into a frame exactly like the frame she was wearing.

Shauna had a harder time getting used to the strength of Shelly’s new lenses, but she persisted. Shauna knew, by the time she graduated, that her eyes could see well with the –2.25D lenses, but the new –3.50D lenses were just too strong for her. But, she wanted to wear them very badly, so off she went into the work force wearing glasses that were –3.50D.

Shauna had been working for a dentist as a hygienist for around 6 months. She was still having trouble with getting good vision through the –3.50D lenses, but she felt that maybe a bit more of a boost might help. So, she went to an optometrist in the same complex, who examined her eyes, and told her that even the –2.25D glasses that she had worn in for the eye exam were too strong for her. Shauna was crushed. She left the doctors office with a prescription of –1.50D. After a year and a half she had only been able to develop –1.50D of myopia. She would never be able to reach her goal. Shauna looked closely at the prescription. She took a pen with the same shade of black ink, and carefully changed the –1.50D to read –4.50D. She was darned if she was going to stop now.

Once Shauna got her –4.50D prescription, she tried her best to wear them. But, as hard as she would try it didn’t seem to do her any good. At work she was having trouble seeing properly up close with the strong glasses, and after she made a couple of minor mistakes, which she was fortunate to catch herself before anyone else did, she realized that she would have to stick with her old –3.50D glasses. Shauna still wore the –4.50D glasses as often as she possibly could, and she felt that by doing this her eyes had become more adaptable to the –3.50D glasses, so she was resigned that she would never be able to get a stronger prescription than –3.50D for full time wear.

Shauna had been going out with a salesman who called on all the dentist’s offices for about 6 months now, and she was surprised when Ben asked her to marry him. Shauna hadn’t really thought much about marriage, and all that other stuff, but Ben was nice, and pretty good looking. Shauna had wanted to find a boy who wore glasses to marry, but she eventually decided that Ben was probably the best offer that she was going to get, as she really didn’t have much time to meet guys. So, they married.

Ben and Shauna had been married for over 3 years, and they had been trying to have children. After having no success, they went to a doctor who specialized in fertility testing. Ben was given a prescription to increase his sperm count, and was instructed to take it until Shauna became pregnant.

Ben had been taking the pills that he had gotten from the doctor for about 2 months. One evening Shauna noticed Ben looking at the television with his eyes all scrunched up, as if he couldn’t see the screen. She mentioned it to him, and he commented that he had been noticing that his vision was not as good as it had been. So, Ben got an appointment with an eye doctor, and when they left the eye doctor together to get Ben his new glasses, Shauna was excited to realize that Ben was now going to have to wear glasses that were almost as strong as hers were.

Another month went by, and Ben got used to wearing his glasses full time very quickly. But, then it happened again. Ben could no longer see things in the distance, even with his new glasses. So, they went back to the doctor, who increased Ben’s prescription to –5D. With his new glasses Ben could see quite well again, but he was upset that he now wore glasses, and couldn’t see a thing without them.

Shauna became pregnant, and Ben stopped taking the fertility pills. But, after another couple of months had gone by, Ben had to go back to the eye doctor and have his prescription increased to –6.50D. Now Ben felt really helpless without his glasses.

One day, about 6 months into the pregnancy, Ben accompanied Shauna to her doctor’s appointment. The doctor looked at Ben, wearing his new –6.50D glasses, and asked Ben if he had previously worn contact lenses. Ben told him that until just a few months ago he had never worn glasses, and the doctor gave him a strange look. When Shauna and Ben were leaving, the doctor cleared his throat.

“Listen Ben, I don’t know if it is true, but a couple of weeks ago I saw an article in the journal that indicated that some men developed a bit of myopia after taking the fertility drug you were using. Maybe you better not take anymore of those pills,” said the doctor.

Shauna was excited to hear that the fertility pills might have caused Ben’s myopia. She even wondered if they could possibly cause her own mild myopia to increase. Once she was back home Shauna looked for Ben’s pills, and was pleased to discover that there was at least 2 weeks supply remaining in the one bottle. She also found a prescription slip for another bottle, which would give her another 30 days worth of pills. Unfortunately, Shauna could not begin taking any until the baby was born, as she didn’t want any harm to come to their unborn child. Shauna went to the internet, and looked for the information about these pills. From what Shauna could find, there were no side effects that were known – not even the myopia that Ben had developed. It appeared that these pills were pretty harmless to anyone who took them. But this wasn’t enough for Shauna. She found another web site that had been started by a group of men who had taken these pills. There she found that the risk of developing myopia was as great as 3 men out of every 5. This was a really high percentage, over 60% of the users of the pill developed myopia, or if they were already myopic, their myopia became much more severe. And, the longer the pills were taken, the greater the amounts of myopia the men developed.

Soon after the baby was born Shauna started taking the pills. Before the first 14 were gone, she made a quick trip to a pharmacy in Mexico. Here it was simple for her to purchase a 6-month supply, using her husband’s prescription. And what was best about it was that the pharmacist had given her back the prescription, so she could also get another 30-day supply back in the US. Shauna took the pills every day for over 6 weeks before she noticed that she could now wear her –4.50D glasses without feeling that they were too strong for her. Then, after taking the pills for just over 2 months, Shauna noticed that even the –4.50D glasses were too weak for her. She tried Ben’s –5.00D glasses, and found that they to were a bit too weak. Still, she didn’t rush out for an eye examination. Shauna wanted to wait until it would be really worthwhile getting new glasses.

Finally after another couple of weeks had gone by, Shauna realized that her vision was really poor now. So, she went for an eye exam. When she left the doctors office Shauna opened her prescription form that the doctor had given her and looked at the numbers.

“Yes!’ she exclaimed when she read her prescription as being –8.00D for each eye. Shauna immediately went to an optical store, where she had her new prescription filled.

She loved the looks of her new glasses. Ben didn’t even notice that she had gotten new glasses, he was that obtuse.

Another month went by, with Shauna still taking the pills. Her –8.00D glasses had not given her clear vision for very long. Within a week of getting them she had felt that they were too weak, and now after a month she was really struggling to see things. Shauna quit taking the pills, she felt that she should give it time for things to settle down. After 6 more weeks Shauna could not stand the blur any longer. So, in she went to the same doctor who had examined her before. The doctor was quite concerned this time. Shauna now needed a prescription of –11.50D to see the chart clearly. The doctor wrote Shauna a new prescription, and since the optical store had a policy to replace any lenses that had to be changed due to a prescription change within 90 days, the optical store gave Shauna new lenses for free.

This time Ben noticed the new lenses. But since they were in the same frames that Shauna had worn for the last few weeks, it was fairly easy for Shauna to convince Ben that her prescription had only jumped a little bit. Shauna was thrilled. She thought it was too bad that Aunt Marie had gotten the new laser surgery on her eyes, as Shauna loved looking at the world through similar strong plastic lenses. Shauna loved the softness, the slight distortion of her peripheral vision, and the minification of everything she looked at. Shaun also loved sliding her glasses off and looking at the total blur she saw. And, Shauna also enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror, the large amounts of cut in taking big bites out of her face.

Shauna loved her glasses. She put them on every morning, and wore them until the lights were out. But, after a couple of months she noticed that her eyes seemed to have gotten worse again, so she went to another optometrist, who prescribed her –13.50D. Shauna noticed quite a difference with her new lenses. The distortion of her peripheral vision was much greater, the lenses were quite a bit thicker at the outer edges, and the cut in effect was a whole lot more noticeable. Shauna had gotten new frames, with a smaller lens size, and Ben even picked up on how much stronger Shauna’s glasses were.

Caitlin was now about 6 months old. Shauna had breast fed her as long as she could, but now Caitlin was gradually getting accustomed to bits of solid food. Shauna noticed that Caitlin jumped back a little every time she brought the spoon up to Caitlin’s face. Shauna wondered about this, so she carefully watched Caitlin, as she played in her crib. Shauna crouched at the opposite side of the crib, with one of Caitlin’s favorite toys, and waved the toy around, calling Caitlin’s name and trying to attract her attention. Caitlin crawled towards her voice, but she didn’t seem to notice the toy until she was almost touching it. This indicated to Shauna that Caitlin might possibly have a vision problem, and Shauna tried a number of other little tests to confirm her suspicions. Finally Shauna was positive that Caitlin wasn’t able to see anything more than a few inches away from her face.

Shauna took Caitlin to see a pediatric ophthalmologist, who confirmed Shauna’s suspicions. He told Shauna that Caitlin had congenital myopia, and that she had likely inherited it from her. When the doctor found out that Ben also had a –6.50D prescription, he told Shauna that if they had any other children the chances were almost 100% that they too would have congenital myopia. Shauna left there feeling confused. She knew that neither she, nor Ben had been myopic because of genetics, and she could not think of why Caitlin had been born with a –10D prescription. As Shauna drove to the opticians to have Caitlin fitted with a pair of glasses, it hit Shauna with a flash. Shauna had been breastfeeding Caitlin during the 3 months that she was taking the fertility pills. Caitlin’s eyes had been affected along with Shauna’s. Shauna felt terrible about this when she first realized this, but soon she was able to realize that if this hadn’t happened she would probably have tried to make Caitlin myopic anyway. So, this way it had been a lot easier.

Caitlin had absolutely no problem wearing the tiny pair of glasses that the optician fitted her with. It was almost as if Caitlin had been born wearing them.

By the time Caitlin was 9 months old Shauna had been thinking that it was time to have another child. She knew that she was probably at the peak of her own fertility. But, what was she going to do about Ben? She couldn’t ask Ben to take any more of the fertility pills. He would never do it, as he had no desire to become even more myopic. Finally she decided. She would grind up a pill into powder form, and put it in his morning coffee for the next month. If she didn’t become pregnant within this period of time, she would be forced to continue for at least another 30 days.

Ben must have thought he had died and gone to heaven during the next month. He could not believe it that Shauna wanted him to make love to her every night. But, he believed that she was correct in her thinking that she was extremely fertile right now, and this way he might be able to make her pregnant without resorting to those damned fertility drugs that had destroyed his eyesight. One evening Shauna knew that she was pregnant, even without any testing. She just had a very good feeling, so she stopped feeding Ben the pills in his coffee almost a week early. By the time the actual pregnancy test showed she actually was pregnant, Ben was already exhibiting signs that his eyesight was worsening.

So, Ben went for another eye examination, and his prescription was increased to –8.50D. Ben couldn’t understand why this had happened, as he had not had any increases since he had stopped taking the fertility pills. But, he really wasn’t too concerned. He could hardly notice the difference between his old –6.50D, and his new –8.50D. And, a few weeks later, when Ben had to have his prescription increased again to –10.50D, when he started to complain about the increase, Shauna told him that this wasn’t that bad a prescription, it was pretty close to Caitlin’s. That shut Ben up.

The ultrasounds showed that Shauna was going to have another girl. Shauna had been hoping for a boy, but a girl would have to do. As the time for giving birth approached Shauna began to worry. She knew to avert suspicion she was going to have to take more of the pills for at least as long as she had taken them the first time so that her second daughter would have as much myopia as Caitlin had. But, her vision had progressed from around –3.50D all the way to –13.50D in the 3 ½ months that she had taken the pills. If she were to take the pills for another 3 ½ months, she would gain another –10D, and her prescription would be around –23.50. Shauna had wanted to be around –12D originally. But this would effectively double her desired prescription.

Shauna figured it out. She had started with a 2-week supply, and then she had taken another 3 bottles. Ben had been fed 21 days worth of pills. So, Shauna only had 2 months and a week of pills left from her 6 bottles. But, she still had the prescription. So Shauna filled the prescription. But, she still hadn’t made up her mind.

Brittany was born a very healthy 7 lb baby. Shauna had no trouble with the delivery. The nurse brought Brittany in for her feeding, and woke Shauna from a deep sleep.

“My glasses!” Shauna exclaimed. “I am blind without them. Please help me find them.”

The nurse located Shauna’s glasses on the bed beside her. Shauna put them on, and felt relieved.

“I am so nearsighted I just can’t see a thing without my glasses. Usually I put them right beside my bed on the nightstand so I can find them easily.” Shauna told the nurse.

“Girl, you got nothing on me for nearsighted,” said the nurse as she handed Brittany to Shauna. “I’m so blind I have to have a Seeing Eye dog to find my glasses.”

Shauna looked carefully at the nurse’s glasses. She could see that they were way thinner than Shauna’s were, but there were little circles in the center of the lenses that looked to have the power in them. Shauna really liked the appearance of the nurse’s glasses.

“How bad are your eyes?” Shauna asked. “My glasses are –13.50.”

“Well, mine are almost double that. They are around –25D. But my younger sister is even worse with –28D,” the nurse told Shauna.

“Do you or your sister have any problems?” Shauna asked.

“Not really. Once you are as blind as you are now, a few more diopters doesn’t really seem to matter,” replied the nurse.

This helped Shauna make up her mind. She had wanted to be really nearsighted, so she might as well be as nearsighted as she possibly could be. She had brought the pills to the hospital with her, so she took the first one right then.

Over the next 3 months Shauna took a pill every day. After the first month she started to notice big changes in her vision. Her eye doctor increased her prescription to –16.50. When Shauna went to order new glasses, she was told it would take 2 weeks for the new lenses to come in. Shauna knew that this would never work. In 2 weeks she would probably need another 2 diopters. So, she cancelled the order, took her prescription back, and carefully changed the 6 to an 8. Then she went to another optical store, and ordered new glasses with –18.50D lenses. Shauna was afraid that they would be a bit too strong, but when she picked them up she was so relieved that she could see again that she didn’t even notice the extra strength. And, in another couple of weeks they were too weak for her again anyway.

It was hard for Shauna, being under corrected by up to –5D most of the time to look after Caitlin and Brittany. But, she coped as well as she could. After the next 3 months she got another new pair of glasses. This time her prescription was –22.50D. Shauna knew that her prescription was going to increase even further, so she got the cheapest pair of myodiscs she could buy. But, they worked well, for at least a week. Shauna then decided that she would not take the remaining week of pills, but would save them for a later date.

Shauna didn’t need the extra week of pills. By the time Brittany was 4 months old, Shauna had her eyes examined again, and her prescription was now –27D. Shauna bought herself a pair of nice thin myodiscs, much like the ones the nurse at the hospital wore. She liked the looks of herself wearing the myodiscs, and she was really pleased with the fact that she had managed to acquire so much myopia. And, she had to admit that the nurse was right. Blind at –13.50D was no worse than being blind at –27D.

Brittany exhibited the same symptoms as Caitlin had when she was her age. So Shauna took Brittany and Caitlin in for eye examinations. Caitlin had her prescription increased to –12D, but Brittany was found to be even more nearsighted than Caitlin. Brittany was given a first prescription of –15D.

When Caitlin got her new glasses she really enjoyed seeing the world more clearly. And, Brittany was just as good as Caitlin had been about wearing her glasses.

When Caitlin was in second grade, and Brittany was starting school, their prescriptions had hardly changed at all. But, after the girls were both in school Shauna got to thinking about the weeks supply of pills she had left, and she decided that she should use them up. It took another month for Shauna to feel that her vision had settled down again, so she went for an eye exam, and she got her new –29D myodiscs.

As she left the optician wearing her new glasses Shauna wondered if she should maybe go back down to Mexico, and get another couple of months worth of pills. But, then after careful thinking she decided that if she did that, she would never be satisfied until she had as strong a prescription as the pills would give her.

Specs4ever, Jan 2005