Finding Cinderella

by Specs4ever 

By the time John Milner had reached his 30th birthday, he was an extremely rich and successful businessman. When he was 20 he had started his computer company in one of those famous backyard garages, just like Bill Gates did many years ago. John was not a producer of software like Gates, but was actually making the computers. His computers had become the top of the line of the new ultra microcomputers. What had started in the garage behind his uncle’s house was now a multi million-dollar company. Their latest product that had just been released was a computer about the size of an ordinary wallet, but was so powerful that it could compete with the big desktop computers. It was selling so fast that the company could hardly keep up with the demand.

Despite all of his professional success, John was still unmarried. He was probably the most sought after prospective bachelor in the country. Literally hundreds of beautiful women had tried to get to know him, but none had been to his particular liking. Almost any one of these women could have been a candidate for the centerfold of Playboy. But he didn't like any of them, because they didn't wear glasses. John had been fascinated by girls that wore glasses, especially strong glasses, since he was in grade school.

Carol, his secretary could have been an ideal candidate, as she was extremely nearsighted and wore very strong glasses with thick lenses, but she had lasik a few years ago, shortly after she had been hired by John to be his personal assistant. John was extremely disappointed, as he had picked Carol ahead of more qualified candidates, especially when she told him that she was unable to wear contacts. With this fact and looking at her wearing her glasses, he instantly had hired her. He then was very disappointed when she had laser surgery on her eyes.

John was not just the producer of the special computers, but he was also a philanthropist and donated his older microcomputer models to gifted young people who couldn’t afford a computer of their own. Carol had just entered the inner office, and told John that she had collected several of the older models of the microcomputers from the company’s workforce to donate to charity. John said to Carol, "You might as well also take my computer. I wiped all my personal files from it yesterday, so we could give it away."

Carol, who had thought when she was first hired that she might be able to snag herself a rich husband, took her boss’ computer to add it to the other machines for the company van to take to their outlet center. She originally had sensed interest in her from John, but over the past year that interest had never developed, and now she couldn’t even strike a spark. She almost regretted spending all that money on her eye surgery so that she would be more attractive to him without the extremely thick glasses that she used to have to wear.

John didn’t know it, since he had been under quite a bit of stress lately working very hard on some new computer models, but he had not been as careful as he should have been in wiping the hard drive clean in his old computer, and while most of his files had been completely deleted, the drive had not been wiped clean.

Martha was a brilliant student, and had been at the top of all of her classes through both grade, and high school. When she was in the third grade, both of her parents had drowned in an unfortunate boating accident. So, she grew up with her uncle, who was her father’s brother, and her aunt. It was the best thing that could have happened to her. Her uncle and her aunt had no children of their own, so they brought her up as if she was their own daughter and loved her very much. A few years ago, during one of the major recessions, her uncle had lost almost all of his money, which had been invested in shares of supposedly secure large companies. Martha and her family had to move to a small apartment, and the very nice house that they owned was sold to satisfy her uncle’s creditors. However because of her fantastic grades, Martha had received a full ride scholarship and was able to attend the local university. To do her work at the university properly, Martha really needed a computer of her own. But because of her family’s financial situation, it was out of the question.

One afternoon, Martha saw the newspaper her uncle had left on the table for her when she came home from the university. A few lines were marked with yellow highlighter. “Another 50 demonstrator computers available at Ultramicro. If you are a student with good grades and are unable to afford a computer of your own, please call our outlet and apply for one.”

Martha took the phone and called the number from the paper. She had no trouble proving that she met the eligibility requirements. After a short interview on the phone, the woman on the other end of the line, told her that she could come to the outlet center the next day and pick up her computer. Martha was very pleased, as this meant she could more easily continue her studies, and according to her plan, could finish her university studies next year. She would then be 25 and hopefully could find a job that paid well enough to get her family out of the small apartment and into a nice house again. It was a dream, but Martha thought it would be wonderful if she could earn enough money to get their old house back.

The next morning before attending classes at the university, Martha went to collect her computer. She was very happy because the computer she was going to get was the best she could have hoped for. This machine was more than powerful enough to compete with the bigger notebooks the other students had in class. It was a fantastic gift for her, as it was so compact and almost featherweight. That evening Martha spent a lot of time examining the computer’s capabilities, and she installed a lot of additional software that she needed. One of the programs that had been left on the computer by the former owner was an erased file recovery program. Martha couldn’t resist trying it. She double clicked the mouse on the command to restore all erased files. She then inspected all the recovered directories. Most of them were self explanatory, and were very boring. But, there was one that was unusual and she couldn't figure out what it was.

This mysterious file was labeled with the initials GWG. She clicked on the folder. When the folder opened, she found hundreds of picture files, commonly called JPEG’s. Knowing that this file had been a private file from the previous owner of the computer, she was curious, as women are sometimes, so she opened one of the files. She was expecting pornographic pictures, but as the picture opened she saw the picture of an attractive, well-dressed woman who was wearing the thickest glasses she had ever seen in her life. This beautiful young woman had on glasses that appeared even stronger, and thicker than Sally's, who had been one of her best friends in high school. She opened another file and was surprised to see that the woman on this picture also wore very thick glasses. Martha checked many of the other files and all of the files gave her the same result. All of the women were quite attractive but wore thick glasses. Martha was intrigued and had to find out more. She delved deeper into the operating system and after a while she found that the computer that she was working with had been the personal computer of John Milner, the CEO of the Ultramicro Company.

Thinking that this guy must be somewhat weird, Martha went back to the folder marked GWG and found several subfolders. One folder had a number of book marked Internet sites in it. So, Martha decided that it would be interesting to test the Internet capabilities of the computer by checking out these book marked sites. She came across a French site called “High Myopic Girls” that showed lots of galleries with pictures of young women wearing glasses. Most of these women were the same pictures that she had already found. But then, she discovered that the different women in the galleries all appeared to wear the same glasses, and that the same models wore glasses with many different prescriptions. Obviously, these girls posed in these glasses without really needing them. She went on and visited some of the other bookmarks. One site, called Eyescene, was the site that helped her understand what she had stumbled across.

John Milner obviously had a liking for girls that wore very strong glasses. Maybe this was the reason why he still was unmarried. And Martha knew that all the girls who tried to date him would be sure to wear their contacts, if they needed any correction, because they would think that John Millner, like the stereotype that women have of men, wouldn't make passes at a girl that wore glasses, especially strong glasses with thick lenses. Martha knew enough for the moment and switched off the computer. A vague idea started to take shape in her mind...….

Martha had not been able to sleep well that night, because she couldn’t stop thinking about this millionaire and his attraction to girls wearing glasses. She knew that this thing about glasses was probably one of his best-kept secrets. Finally, Martha drifted into a fitful asleep and of course dreamt of glasses, all sorts of glasses.

When her alarm clock rang in the morning, Martha was still very sleepy, but there was no way she could stay in bed any longer. She had a very early course at the university this morning and later on, she had to work on her plan to find a way to meet John Milner. She was sure that if she could be wearing very strong glasses when she did meet him, she would soon have him on the hook. She had also found Sally’s phone number in her address book. The first thing she would do after lunch would be to give her a call. She needed to learn more about glasses and myopia and Martha figured that the best way to do this was to get information from somebody who was very dependant on glasses. The lecture at the university seemed to last forever, but finally at 2 pm, Martha got to a phone and called Sally. Luckily Sally’s number had not changed during the 3 years they had not seen each other, and Sally was actually at home. They talked for a long time on the telephone and then decided to go out for a pizza later that evening. Martha still had several hours left before she was going to meet with Sally, so in the meantime she went back to the internet with her new computer. She spent her time reading through most of the old polls on Eyescene, paying particular attention to a section headed GOC, which was the abbreviation for a technique called, glasses over contacts. This technique allowed you to wear glasses of any power that you wanted by first inserting contact lenses of an appropriate opposite power to alter your vision in order to actually wear these glasses and still be able to see. This information was very interesting to Martha. What had been a vague idea the evening before was now developing into clarity in Martha’s mind. It would likely be quite expensive for Martha to get all the necessary items together, but it could be quite valuable to her to try.

Time had passed by rapidly and now it was time to get ready for the rendezvous with Sally. They both arrived at the pizza parlor at the same time, and after a brief period of catching up on old friends, and good times they were soon sitting at their table waiting for their pizzas. Using her newly acquired knowledge about glasses, Martha thought that Sally’s glasses had gotten much stronger in the past 3 years. Cautiously, she tried to introduce the topic of Sally’s eyesight into the conversation. But, Sally herself started to talk about her poor vision first, without Martha even having to say anything.

“Well Martha as you can see, I’m even more dependent on my coke bottles to see,” she said as she pushed her glasses up tight to the bridge of her nose. As you can probable tell from looking at my glasses, my eyesight has gotten much worse over the past couple of years. I’ve always been really helpless without my glasses, but now at night it’s almost impossible for me to see well enough to drive my car, wearing my glasses.”

“How strong are your glasses now?” asked Martha, who was excited to hear more about Sally’s poor eyesight.

Sally said, “ My glasses are now -18D for my left lens and -19.5D for the right lens. Fortunately, I don‘t have any astigmatism, so my vision is pretty good during the daytime, when there is plenty of light, but at night my vision is very poor. You can try them on if you want to Martha, it will give you a an impression of their strength.”

She handed her glasses over to Martha who put them on and was surprised that she could not see very much at all with them on. Everything around her was a complete blur. She took them off and had a good look at the lenses, which were extremely thick, but seemed lighter than they should have been for how thick they were. Martha handed them back to Sally who put them back on and said, “Wow, its good to be able to see again”.

Martha thought that a pair of glasses like Sally’s would be good bait for the hook that she was going to try to develop to catch John Milner with. They continued talking about glasses and Martha was shocked to hear how expensive these glasses with their special high index lenses were.

“You can’t have too many pairs of glasses at those prices,” Martha said.

“Oh, but I have to have at least 2 pairs in my current prescription,” said Sally. I used to order a new pair after each eye exam, and then I would have new lenses put in my old pair to use as a spare pair. Now, I usually go for those 2 for 1 deals, and I can get 2 pairs in my actual prescription. The free pair is usually regular plastic, and doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles like the hi-index lenses and the antireflective coating that I have on this pair. I probably have at least 20 pairs of glasses at home from the last 10 years. All these old glasses range in power from -12D to -16D in my better eye, but they are now too weak for me to use anymore. The ones that are a couple of diopters less than my current prescription are still all right for reading and computer work, but they are pretty useless for any sort of distance vision.”

“What are you doing with all those glasses?” Martha asked.

Sally replied, “Oh I just have them at home in a drawer. I’ve often thought about donating them to charity, but you know how that goes Martha, you think about it and then you don’t take the time to do it.”

An idea came to Martha immediately and she said, “Oh Sally, one of my friends at the university is a girl from a poor village in Mexico. She is always preparing lots of stuff to send back there for people in need, and she has told me that they really need old glasses as many people have poor eyesight, but can’t afford to go to a doctor and get proper glasses. Maybe she can find a use for them.”

Sally said, “Martha, that’s a great idea. After we are finished eating we can share a taxi and stop by my apartment on the way to your home. I will give you all of my old pairs that I think I no longer need.”

Martha felt confident that Sally had absolutely no suspicion that she had an ulterior motive in getting her old glasses. They talked about a lot of other things, and the topic of glasses was never brought up again. They had finished their meal and were in the taxi on their way home. When they arrived at Sally’s apartment building, Sally asked Martha and the cab driver to wait for a few minutes, as she was going to get the glasses she had promised Martha. Soon Sally was back with a box full of at least 15 different pairs of glasses that were useless to her. Martha thanked Sally on behalf of her non-existent Mexican fellow student and continued on her way home. Well, step one of her plan had been taken, with a success beyond her wildest dreams


When Martha got home she could hardly wait to inspect Sally’s glasses. All of them appeared to be perfectly acceptable for her plan. The next step to be taken would be more difficult. She had to get the proper contacts to go with the glasses she intended to wear. But this wouldn’t be impossible. There were many ways described on Eyescene on how to do this and she was confident that she could find a way to make it work. Thanks to Sally’s generosity, she had saved a lot of money, because she didn’t need to buy glasses. Now she could invest more of her meager savings in getting the proper contacts.

That evening, she spent another hour getting precious information out of the internet site called Eyescene. One person who posted, a chap who used the nickname MyoeD had been very helpful, and had instructed her to obtain properly fitted nonprescription colored contacts. She already had two or three different optical stores on her list where she could go to have her colored contacts fitted. This was the most important part, because it would give her the correct base curve for her corneal shape and the proper diameter for the lenses she could use.

Martha left the optician with a set of nice green contacts in her purse, together with all the necessary liquids to clean and disinfect them. The vials of her zero power contacts had all of the numbers she needed to place an order for contacts through the internet. So far Martha had only spent forty dollars for her plan. She decided not to try to rush to place her order, but rather to wait for the next few days and get used to the contacts and to feel safe, and comfortable in using them. This was a very important part for her plan.

A week later, she called Sally and they made an appointment to meet again. Martha had found out that she needed a doctor’s prescription to order contacts over the internet. She had no idea what a prescription form looked like and she thought maybe she could use one of Sally’s. She told Sally how grateful Conchita was for the glasses but she needed to know something about the prescription of the glasses.

“Is it possible you might have the old prescriptions from your eye doctor so she can know the correct prescription of your old glasses,” Martha asked.

Sally searched through her purse. Finally she came up with a piece of paper that she unfolded, and looked at before passing it over to Martha. “I’m pretty sure that this is the prescription that belongs with the silver wire framed oval pair. I’m sorry, but I either have the other ones at home, or I have thrown them out. If she really needs the prescription for the glasses, any optical store can give her the correct prescription by checking the old glasses with one of their lens machines, but you can give her this one, if it is any good to her.”

Martha thanked her and thought that she had been lucky again. They continued with their visit, with Martha making sure that they talked about many things other than glasses and eyesight.

Later that evening, Martha looked at Sally’s prescription and found all she needed. She would leave Sally’s name in and get an anonymous mailbox as an address. She would do it this way, in case they called Sally’s doctor to check on the prescription. But MyoeD had told her that usually they didn’t call the doctor if the prescription was filled out correctly and she was sure she could ask him for assistance to do that.

Martha followed the instructions from the GOC people on Eyescene. She used white out to remove Sally’s minus prescription, and she filled in the new numbers to order +12.5D and +13.5D contacts. Then she photocopied it, and faxed the photocopy to an online contact lens supplier, along with a Western Union money order. She hoped that she had ordered the right ones to wear under a pair of Sally’s stronger glasses. She really was lucky to have different glasses with different powers in the lenses. This way if she had not been interpreting Dr. S’s excel spreadsheet correctly, she could always try a different pair from Sally’s collection. After about 2 weeks of going to her private mailbox every day, she was happy to find a small parcel in it, which contained the contacts she had ordered.

The next day was an important one. This would be step 3 of her plan. Hopefully she would be able to see out of at least one pair of Sally’s strong glasses. She arose very early in the morning to an empty house, as her parents had left even earlier to visit some friends over the weekend. So Martha was alone and could test the glasses and contacts combination alone. She carefully washed her hands as the optician had shown her to do. Then she opened the vials of her new, powerful plus contacts. She carefully rinsed, and then inserted the +13.5D contact lens onto her right eye. It was a good thing that she had practiced with the colored zero power lenses earlier. It went smoothly and she blinked her right eye to let the lens settle in place. The lens fitted her eye perfectly. There was absolutely no irritation. The only thing was that now she couldn’t see anything out of her right eye. She had a moment of panic, but she fought it down. She then inserted the left lens. Now she was practically blind and everything was very blurred and she could not see a thing. “Oh darn!” she said, as she realized that she had also forgotten to bring a pair of Sally’s glasses into the bathroom. Now she had a good idea of how Sally must feel when she didn’t have her glasses on. Martha carefully felt her way to her room and finally managed to get to the desk and open the drawer where she had put the box of glasses. She found the box and took out the first pair on the top and opened the case and put the glasses on. Everything came into focus again. Well, almost everything, because things a few feet away were still blurry. But Martha could see the box with all the different glasses cases with no problem. OK, she thought, in theory GOC seemed to work just fine. She tried on all the glasses she had gotten from Sally. Out of the 15 pairs she had, 5 pairs that worked pretty well. She could wear what seemed to be the strongest two pairs at a point on the bridge of her nose where they seemed most comfortable to see well. The other 3 pair had to be worn very tight to her face in order for her to see, and things still weren’t as clear as she was used to seeing things. Today Martha would stay home and get used to doing GOC. Then the following day, which was a Sunday, she would go out and try to become familiar with the GOC combination in public.

She looked at her self in the mirror and was happy that Sally had good taste in selecting her frames. She would wear the silver viola sparkled, black oval wire rims made by Sting with plastic lenses that were almost 12 mm thick when she went to see John Milner to thank him in person for giving a poor girl like her such a wonderful computer.

Martha had been able to switch back to her normal vision before she went to bed without any problems. Again she was glad to have practiced with her colored lenses. She carefully cleaned the contacts and put them back into the lens case she had purchased, making sure they were well covered with saline solution. While she lay in her bed, Martha started thinking about how to approach John Milner. She knew that it would have to be in a very casual way, without him realizing she was after him. Well, this was still another step of her plan that she had to think about carefully.

Sunday morning Martha's parents called and told her that they would stay over with their friends for a few days longer. This was good news for Martha, because now she would have extra time to get accustomed to her GOC combo. After taking her morning shower, Martha put in the strong plus contacts. This time she had the Sting glasses she was going to wear ready at hand when she needed them. She inspected her looks through the glasses in the mirror. She liked what she saw. The glasses suited her very well. She was also pleased with her body, as she had all of the curves in the right places. She could be the ideal woman for John Milner, especially with the glasses she was wearing now. She chose her clothing carefully, picking out a light blue two piece business suit she had gotten for Christmas last year. Her dark hair contrasted well with the light blue, and the skirt was a bit on the short side, nicely showing her beautiful legs. Soon, she was on her way out to a coffee shop to have breakfast. When she was at the coffee shop she realized that everybody seemed to be staring at her. She knew that she looked stunning, but most of the people were probably thinking that it was a shame that a pretty girl like her was so dependant on such strong glasses. Martha finished her breakfast and left the coffee shop. This test had gone well and Martha saw that she could get along quite well doing the GOC combination. Her eyes felt as if the contacts were not even there. Yesterday it was a little different because Martha felt the difference between the zero power lenses and the new powerful ones, because the strong plus lenses had a center thickness that was almost 1.8 mm more than the nonprescription green colored contacts. By today her eyes had already adjusted to them. She took the bus to the mall where the outlet of the computers for charity was located. Maybe there, she would find some information on how to get in touch with John Milner. At this time in the morning, the outlet was still closed. But posted in the window was the phone number of the person to call in the event of an emergency. And, the person’s e-mail was also posted: Martha was smart enough to realize that since Jane Corbett became janec, John Milner would likely be:

This was enough information for Martha. She strolled around the mall for another hour and then decided to go home. On her way home, she stopped at one of the Fox one-hour photo marts, where she knew that they did instant pictures for passports and identity cards. The lady running the place looked at her as if she felt sorry for her because of the strong glasses she was wearing. Martha didn't care and got a set of 4 pictures of her in glasses. Fox also offered the pictures on a CD rom disc, which would save Martha a bit of time, because she wouldn’t have to scan the pictures herself. Her next step was already planned. She would send John Milner an e-mail thanking him personally for the gift of the computer, and she would attach one of her pictures wearing glasses. If he really has a thing for girls with glasses, she would get some reaction.

When she arrived home she started working immediately on this e-mail to John Milner that she had thought about. She found that looking at the screen of her computer with Sally’s strong glasses on strained her eyes a little. From information she had learned on Eyescene, Martha opened the drawer of her desk and put on a weaker pair of Sally’s glasses. This was much better. Her eyes relaxed and she finished the e-mail attaching the one picture of her that showed most of the glasses power. She had clicked the send button and now there was no way back.

Tomorrow she would be prepared to take the day off from her university classes. She was ahead in her schedule and could easily afford to take a day away from her courses. Martha took out the contacts to give her eyes a rest, and found that she really didn’t like to go back to her normal vision. She was beginning to feel very comfortable wearing Sally’s glasses. The next morning when she woke up, the first thing she did was to put the contacts back in, and the glasses on. Then Martha checked the inbox of her e-mail. There, waiting for her, was a message from John Milner.

The message read, “Hi. Thanks for being so appreciative of our companies’ gift to you. Usually I don't get any personal thanks from our charity program. I would like to meet you, and treat you to lunch today. If that is possible, meet me at the outlet where you got the computer. I hope you can make it. Would 1 pm be ok?

After she had read the email, Martha was still unable to fully realize that everything was going according to her plan. After she had calmed down a bit, she started thinking it over. How far should she go? Just because he had tons of money, what if she really didn't like John Milner as a person? Or, what if she really liked him? Would she be able to go on forever with GOC? Chances like this came only once in a lifetime, Martha thought. So, she wrote an e-mail back to John Milner agreeing to meet him. Again she put on the Sting glasses she had worn yesterday. She also put the weaker glasses that she had used as reading glasses into her purse. Martha selected one of her shorter skirts again and chose to wear a white sheer blouse that gave an impressive view of her ample breasts. She carefully arranged her medium length dark brown hair. Time was flying quickly by and soon it was time to leave for the date with John Milner. She had no idea what he looked like, but Martha was sure he would find her.

She had not waited long when she heard a pleasant male voice saying," I take it you must be Martha"

Martha turned around and saw a tall, athletic looking man, with light blue eyes and medium blonde hair. Martha immediately felt that she could love this man just for his looks alone, despite his unusual preference for women who wore strong glasses.

"Yes I am Martha," she replied, "and you must be Mr. Milner, my benefactor."

“Oh, please call me John,” came his reply. “Do you have any preferences in food?”

Martha said that she had no particular preferences and that anything he chose would be fine with her. They left the outlet and John escorted Martha to Chez Pierre, a fairly exclusive French restaurant at one end of the mall. Martha had never been there before, as it was far too expensive for her to even think about eating there.

“Hello Mr. Milner how are you today?” the Maitre’D greeted John. “And what seating preference would you and your beautiful young lady have today?”

Martha could tell that the Maitre’D had looked at her wearing her strong glasses and was thinking, “What’s this guy doing with an almost blind girl, when he could have his pick of thousands of other girls?”

They were led to a private booth near the rear of the restaurant. It was a bit dark, and Martha decided to play her role to the hilt, so she could tease him as much as possible. She remembered that Sally had said that she could not see very well when it was dark or the light was dim. When she looked at the menu, she held it very close to her glasses, then gave up on trying to read it, and took out the weaker pair that she had used as reading glasses and put them on. She carefully folded the arms of her other glasses, and placed the fronts of the lenses up on the table.

“Those seem to be very strong glasses that you have to wear. May I have a look at them?” John asked.

“Sure go ahead,” came Martha’s reply as she raised her head and looked at John giving him a sexy squint through the weaker specs. He picked the glasses up and inspected them closely. “Those are very nice frames. They suit you very well.”

“Yes, I like them too,” Martha said. “I can't see a thing without them and unfortunately contacts aren't an option for me, as I have very dry eyes. I’m stuck with having to wear my coke-bottle glasses if I want to see, and to have my company you too must also live with me wearing my glasses.”

“Oh, that is not a problem for me,” John said, hastily folding and putting Martha's glasses back on the table.

They both chose the daily surprise, which Pierre had on the menu every day. John was nice company and Martha enjoyed being with him. They talked about all sorts of things, but he didn’t say another word about Martha’s glasses. It seemed to Martha that he was being extremely careful not to frighten her off. After this, her third day of GOC, Martha had fully adjusted to wearing contacts and glasses, and rather enjoyed her new way of seeing the world through the thick lenses. As they were finishing their lunch, John asked Martha if she was free that afternoon. Martha hadn't expected a question like this so quickly. She had thought that their rendezvous would end just after their meal, and if she were fortunate enough to have attracted his interest, they would see each other again on another day. Martha was curious to see what would come next and told John that she could be free in the afternoon if he wanted her to be.

John then told her that he would like her to join him to test one of his companies’ latest inventions. Martha was very curious as to what it was. John told her that it was a new form of virtual reality theater that they had been experimenting with.

“Oh, I doubt that I could do that, if it's the kind of thing where you have to put on high tech goggles. I must tell you that I would be a very poor candidate for this, because of my poor vision and my strong glasses,” Martha told him.

“Well Martha, that is why I was asking you to come and help me try it out. From the appearance of your glasses, I know that you must be very nearsighted, but you don’t seem to be seriously visually impaired. I have developed a new type of goggles for people that have to wear glasses. I think that it would really help our designers, if you would test them out for us,” John said.

“Well,” Martha said, “if you think I could really help you out, even with my need to wear these coke-bottle glasses, I would be pleased to join you in the final tests of the system. She chuckled to herself, as she hadn’t told John that she was very nearsighted, but he had known all the same.

John was leaving to pay the bill and go to the rest room and Martha was sitting alone at the table. She was pleased with how well things had gone, so far. She looked out of the window of the restaurant and all of sudden her heart took several skips. She saw Sally approaching the restaurant. Martha was actually shocked. What if Sally saw her wearing her old glasses? Martha only knew that she had to disappear before Sally saw her. Sally took a look at Chez Pierre’s’ menu, which was posted in the front of the restaurant window. Martha was in no immediate danger, unless Sally came into the restaurant, but as hard as Martha willed Sally not to, in she came anyway. Martha immediately pulled Sally’s old glasses from her face and put them on the table. She had to find a way to sneak out of the restaurant without being seen by Sally. Without the glasses, Martha was unable to see what was going on. She desperately needed to put the glasses back on. But when she tried to find them on the table by feeling all over for them, she accidentally knocked them off the table. The glasses landed on the carpet, beneath the table. It was dark under the table and without having glasses on, she could not find them, so she opened her purse and took Sally’s weaker glasses out and put them on. She also found that she had her regular sunglasses with her. They had big retro frames, similar to ones that were in fashion in the 80’s and she could easily wear them over Sally’s old glasses, without anybody noticing that she was wearing them.

The somewhat blurry distance vision didn't bother Martha too much, although she had to squint her eyes nearly closed to not see some blur. The pair of glasses she had lost under the table would just have to stay there, as she didn’t have time to waste getting down under the table on her hands and knees to find them. She still had another pair to replace them, should John still show any further interest in her. Sally was talking to Pierre and didn’t see Martha from where she was standing. Fortunately, there was a dark brown curtain separating the bar at the entrance from the rest of the small restaurant. When she heard Sally and Pierre approaching, Martha went behind the curtain, as Pierre held it back for Sally. Martha quickly left the restaurant and rushed home.

John had come back to the table and couldn't find Martha. She was gone and John was very disappointed. Another chance of finding a girl that suited him apparently had dissolved into thin air. John saw something shimmer beneath the table. He took a closer look and saw that it was Martha’s glasses, lying under the table. He picked them up, knowing that she was blind without them. What had happened?

He asked Pierre if he had seen Martha leave the restaurant, but Pierre said that he hadn't. He thought that Martha might have gone to the rest room. John left the restaurant and went to look for Martha in the mall, but there was no trace of her anywhere. John hurried back to his firm's outlet store. They would have her address there anyway, and after all he still had her email address. But John was wrong. The name and address of the people that had been given the computers were wiped from the system because of privacy concerns. When John returned to his office he found that he had accidentally deleted Martha’s e-mail when he was so anxious to meet her. John was very sad and looked longingly at her glasses, the only thing that he had that reminded him of Martha. He still could still smell a trace of her perfume. He looked at the thick lenses with their high degree of minification and wondered longingly how he might get in touch with her?

All of a sudden, John had an inspiration. It is a bit like Cinderella, he thought with a grin on his face. The only thing the prince found after Cinderella ran off was a shoe. All I found after my Cinderella ran off were her glasses. Cinderella was found by her shoe, John thought, maybe I can find my Cinderella by her glasses.

John put a full-page ad in all the local papers. This was expensive, but John could afford it. It said: "The girl who lost her glasses at John Milner’s table at Chez Pierre’s can collect them at his office". The office address was in the ad and all he could do now was wait and hope.

Meanwhile Martha was in a quandary. Her parents were due home the following day, and she really wanted to continue wearing Sally’s glasses all the time. Sally’s unexpected arrival at the restaurant had ruined her chances with John Milner. What should she do? So, she took the first step. She went off to university the next morning wearing the GOC combination. A few of her classmates asked her about the sudden appearance of her wearing such thick glasses, but she just casually told them that her contacts had been giving her trouble lately, and her eye doctor had told her to wear her glasses to rest her eyes. This was not unusual, as the same thing had happened to many other students. So, now her secret was safe around the university, and she was free to wear the thick glasses whenever she wanted to.

When she had a break in her classes that afternoon, she called Sally, and they arranged to meet after Martha’s last class. Martha arrived at the restaurant first, and took off her glasses. She placed them in her purse, and waited a few minutes for Sally to arrive. They greeted each other, with Martha unable to see a thing.

“Sally, before we say anything, I have a confession that I must make to you. The other day, when I talked to you about your glasses, I wanted this information for myself, because I had just found that a very wealthy man had a strong interest in girls who wore glasses – the thicker the lenses, the better. I originally only wanted information, but when you told me about all your old glasses, I made up a story about my classmate who wanted them to help the poor. I was the one who wanted them,” Martha said.

Sally looked at her questioningly, and said, “How could you possibly wear an old pair of my glasses, they are way too strong for you?”

“Just like this.” And Martha took out Sally’s old glasses and put them on.” I am wearing very strong plus contact lenses on my eyes to allow me to see very well through the lenses of your old glasses. I discovered this through a site on the internet.”

“Well girl, if you can really wear my old glasses, why aren’t you wearing the Sting frames, with their thinner lenses. They are much nicer looking, and you would be very pretty wearing them,” Sally said, seemingly unfazed with Martha’s revelations.

“I would be, except the other day when I was having lunch with this man I was telling you about at Chez Pierre, you came in for lunch, and while I was trying to hide from you, I dropped them on the floor. I took off in a hurry, wearing a different pair and I left them behind,” Martha told Sally.

Sally did think that this plan of Martha’s was totally crazy, but she was somewhat amused and more than willing to go along with her. The two of them left the restaurant, both of them wearing thick glasses.

The following morning, Martha got up and welcomed her parents’ home, as they had arrived during the evening, after she had gone to bed. After she explained the situation completely, she went and put in the plus contacts, and then put on Sally’s old glasses, to show them how well she could actually see with the combination. Their main concern was that she wasn’t going to ruin her eyes by doing this, but she assured them that it was only a temporary thing, and that she could remove the contacts, and see perfectly again.

The day after the ad that John had placed came out, hundreds of girls showed up and claimed the glasses to be theirs. But none of the girls were able to see out of them. John thought that maybe this ad had not been such a good idea after all. But then a week later, after everything had settled down a girl with big, dark retro sunglasses showed up and claimed the glasses to be hers. John handed them over to her, telling her to put them on and show him that she could see out of them.

Martha took the sunglasses and the glasses she had worn under them off. She put on the Sting frames she had lost at the restaurant and could see perfectly. Without the glasses, John had not recognized Martha, but as soon as Martha put on the glasses, John immediately recognized her, and they spent the next couple of hours talking. Martha wanted to tell him that she was wearing the glasses with plus contacts under them, but she did not have the courage.

John showed Martha around his plant, and when they came back to his office, she found workmen putting up pictures on the wall. She went over to look at the pictures, and saw that they were pictures of John growing up. She was surprised to see a very young John that was wearing very strong glasses, showing her that he was very myopic himself. Then, the pictures of an older John showed him with no glasses, so she assumed that he had gotten contacts.

Martha left to go back to class, but John arranged to pick her up that evening. When he arrived, he asked Martha if she minded having dinner with him at his penthouse apartment. Martha was delighted.

After dinner was finished, and the maid was clearing away the dishes, John asked Martha, “Do you mind if I put on my glasses?”

“No, go right ahead,” Martha replied.

When John returned from the washroom, he was wearing a very thick-lensed pair of brown horn rimmed glasses.

“Your glasses are about as strong as mine are,” Martha said.

“Yes, my glasses are probably a similar power, but I have to be honest with you, and tell you that I don’t really have to wear them. I am wearing a pair of high plus powered contact lenses under my glasses in order to mimic the poor vision of a very high myope. I have been interested in lenses, and vision correction, ever since I was a young child, and I have also been very attracted to girls who wear very strong glasses.”

Martha was silent for a minute. “What about those pictures I was looking at in your office? They all showed that when you were young, you were wearing very strong glasses.”

“Thanks to the internet, and the new technology, I had a friend of mine in Germany use a special program to add strong glasses to my younger pictures. I want my employee’s to become used to seeing me with glasses as I want to begin to wear the plus contacts and negative glasses when I am at work. I felt that if I had glasses for my pictures when I was young, people would notice this, and assume that I wore contact lenses. Then I would be able to occasionally start wearing glasses to work, and gradually work into full time wear. This is something I have wanted to do for the past 5 or 6 years, ever since I discovered a very special site on the internet.”

Martha uttered one word. “Eyescene.”

John’s jaw dropped in amazement. “Don’t tell me you……..?” and then he exclaimed, “Nellie!!”

Shocked by the use of her internet code name, Martha then uttered, “MyoeD?”

With the truth out in the open, the two of them laughed and laughed. After the truth had settled in, they talked for hours, and John told Martha that he didn’t really care that she didn’t have poor eyesight. All that mattered to him was that she was willing to wear very strong glasses as much as possible around him, and that she would be willing to let him wear glasses anytime he wished. Of course Martha agreed.

John and Martha eventually were married, and Martha was able to purchase their former home for her aunt and uncle. John has a completely equipped optical lab at his factory, ostensibly for his employee’s, but in actual fact it is for his, and Martha’s use. Martha has gotten so used to wearing glasses that she wears her glasses all of the time, and she is now wearing contacts that are powerful enough to allow her to wear myodisc glasses, with –30D lenses, which John absolutely loves.

Oh, and that pounding noise that Martha hears every time she visits John at the office, is Connie, beating her head against the wall, because she finally realized why John hired her, and why he lost interest in her after she had laser surgery on her eyes.

Specs4ever, from a story by Andy, with editing by Aliena.

Nov. 2002