Forced GOC

by Specs4ever

When it came to beautiful women, Sarah was probably one of the loveliest women I had ever seen. She had a figure like an hourglass, and a beautiful face, high cheekbones, a pretty mouth, perfect lips, and very white, straight teeth. Her face was framed by long, dark hair that fell down her back and swirled seductively with the gentle breezes. She was also a top-notch athlete, an excellent gymnast and very good at golf and tennis. Everything she touched seemed to turn into success. All the boys lined up to date her, and she selected the boys who could afford her, which meant they had a nice car and a credit card that they would let her use for herself. She was definitely a young lady who knew how to have fun, especially at someone else’s expense.

Sarah seldom lost and as a winner never accepted losers. She, however, was a very bad loser. This was her first big flaw; she knew it and she tried never to show this side of her to anyone. She remembered with bitterness one of the few times she lost a tennis game and her feelings of hate against the winner. She had taken her car keys and scratched the winner’s convertible all down one side.

Her second problem was that she seemed to hate people that were not as perfect as she was, or people that had any kind of handicaps. She treated them in a rude and very hurting manner. Cheryl, a young lady that she had formerly been a friend with when they attended grade school, was only one of her victims that she frequently said very mean things to and about. Cheryl had one leg that was shorter than the other, as a result of a terrible car accident that she had been involved in a couple of years ago. She had to go back to the hospital several times, and so far they had been able to stretch her right femur by 3 inches. This always meant an extended stay in the hospital for about 4 to 5 weeks. The doctors were confident that after a couple more operations her legs would eventually be of equal length, and she would no longer limp. Unfortunately, the doctors were much less confident about her progressing myopia. Cheryl had worn glasses since she was 3 years old and really didn't notice the jokes being made about her poor vision anymore. By now, her eyes had pretty much stabilized at –19D for each eye, fortunately without any astigmatism at all. This gave her excellent overall vision with her glasses, except after dark when it became hard for her to distinguish faster moving objects. Her parents were fairly wealthy and could afford to buy her plenty of different frames so that she could choose from them to match her outfits, so she always had 9 or 10 pairs of glasses in her current prescription.

Her right leg was still slightly shorter than the left one and despite wearing a lift in the sole of her right shoe she still limped a little bit. You could notice it if you watched her walk, but it could easily pass unnoticed too. Actually, the thick lenses that she had to wear in her glasses usually detracted people’s attention away from the limp.

Sarah woke up and went to her bathroom. She stood there and was very pleased with what she saw in the mirror. A beautiful face framed with dark black hair and golden brown, sparkling eyes that gave her ultra sharp vision. Everybody she had ever gone out with complemented her on her beautiful eyes. She took a long hot shower and finished it by turning off the hot water, letting the cold-water cascade over her well-formed body. Her nipples became erect and hard from the cold-water and she loved it when they did that. She took a fresh towel and dried off. Her long, straight hair needed little attention, and she usually let it dry without any help from a hairdryer.

Soon, she was out of her parent’s house, dressed in the new Calvin Klein jeans she had just gotten as a birthday gift from Paul, her new boyfriend. Those blue jeans made her behind look sexier than ever and she liked the tight fit they gave her.

She saw Cheryl across the street going on her way to physiotherapy. As usual, Cheryl was wearing her jogging outfit and some nice oval shaped, golden wire rims with cable temples, which prevented her heavy glasses from continuously sliding down her nose during sports and exercise.

"Hey you half blind cripple, wait up a little bit,” she yelled across the street.

Cheryl knew very well what was coming next and continued on her way, pretending not to hear Sarah. Soon enough Sarah closed on her and started to walk beside her and then began to tease her about how much she was limping. But this day, Sarah was much worse than usual. Most days, Sarah would tire of the tormenting, and be off in a minute, but this time she added a new twist to her bad behavior. She reached out and grabbed Cheryl’s glasses and ripped them off her nose. Cheryl was shocked and stopped dead, because she was unable to see anything farther than the tip of her nose. Meanwhile, Sarah twisted the frames at their bridge that held them together and then put the damaged glasses into Cheryl’s hands.

"Maybe this will convince you to get contacts, Cheryl. You know, the way you look in those thick, coke-bottle glasses of yours is an insult to most people!" Sarah exclaimed.

Cheryl was now in tears and tried to put her glasses back on, when she realized what Sarah had done with them. She carefully tried to straighten them back into a position so she could put them on and see again. When she was just about to finish the job, her glasses broke into two pieces, right at the point where it was soldered to the bridge, holding the nose pads. Sarah, who had watched all this, went off laughing and continued to verbally berate Cheryl. The right half of Cheryl’s glasses was useless now. She carefully wrapped the left cable temple around her ear and pressed the bridge with the intact left lens firmly in front of her eye. Luckily, the left half of her frame remained in place and she was able to see something again. A man stopped, and asked her if she needed any help. He told her that he saw the teasing almost every day when he was walking to work. Cheryl was still crying and the tears in her eyes certainly didn't help her see any better. She relaxed a little at the calm tone of the man's voice. Somehow, she felt that she knew this voice. Still she could not see well enough to be able to identify him, as the lens she had in front of her left eye was all smeared and crooked. The man took a handkerchief out of his pocket, removed the half of Cheryl’s glasses that she had tried to wear, carefully wiped her tears away, and then cleaned off the smudged lens. Strangely, Cheryl didn’t feel the panic that she usually felt when somebody removed her glasses or when she didn’t have her glasses on and needed to see something immediately.

“Oh you poor girl,” he said, “I know that you must be helpless without your glasses. May I help you home, so you can get another pair?”

He put the one lens back on her face, and said; “At least you can see a little something now.”

Cheryl thanked him and told him her name.

“Oh, I know who you are,” he told her, “I am Dr. Henson, your eye doctor’s associate. You can call me, Bill.”

Her right eye was crossing inward as she tried to focus her left eye. She then closed her right eye as she looked at him and was able to focus on his face through the lens in front of her left eye. “Oh thank you so much Dr., oh sorry- Bill,” she said.

She had always liked him and always felt very secure, when he examined her eyes. “I have to get home and get one of my other glasses, half a pair of glasses is not much use to me,” she told him. Luckily, the incident had not occurred very far from her home. Bill walked home with her, making sure she arrived safely.

“Hi mom,” she said, “look what Sarah has done to my glasses. Dr. Henson saw it all and helped me get home.”

She went on upstairs to her room, leaving her mom talking with Bill. She opened the drawer of her table and bent over to select a nice frame out of her optical wardrobe. She decided to take the blue cat eyes. Putting them on she enjoyed the return of clear and sharp vision. She went back downstairs and found her mother very upset about what she had heard from Dr. Henson. She was also quite angry and wanted to call the Sheriff’s office. But, Dr. Henson told her that it would be useless, because he was convinced that this wouldn't change Sarah’s character at all. She needed some kind of a very hard lesson to learn to respect other people. He said that he had a plan developing in his mind as to how Sarah could be taught a lesson that might just change her.

Cheryl was curious what kind of lesson he might have in mind, but Bill told her that he had to check on a few things and that if she would go out to supper with him the following evening he would explain to her all about his possible plan. Cheryl was quite anxious for the evening to arrive and to hear about the plan. Finally, Bill came by to pick her up. He had asked her to wear her blue cat eyes glasses, which she did, along with a very short pretty matching blue dress. Soon, they were on their way to Gino's, a popular Italian restaurant.

When they sat down, Bill explained to her a little more about the lesson he was going to teach Sarah. He said he had a method that he wanted to try to alter her vision so that she would be essentially blind unless she wore very strong glasses. To Cheryl, this sounded quite impossible, but the idea was intriguing to think about. She started to imagine Sarah, the luscious beauty, wearing coke-bottle glasses like she had to wear. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. It so happened that Sarah’s present boyfriend was Bill’s cousin, Paul, who also was unhappy about Sarah’s attitude towards people that were less than perfect.

“We have to think about our plan carefully,” Bill told Cheryl.

He went into much more detail and explained how he was going to alter Sarah’s vision. “We have been working on contact lenses for permanent, extended wear. We have come up with a new material that you can wear almost forever, with very few if any problems. Should your vision change there is no need to remove the contacts, because you simply apply a special silicone solution of a certain concentration and the power of the contact lens can be changed. After a year, you apply another solution and the contacts dissolve in your tears. You can let your eyes rest for a few days and then get new lenses, or you can have new lenses put in right away. And the best thing is you can't see or feel the contacts. The lenses are not yet out on the market, because we want to be sure that they work perfectly and are being clinically tested. Another reason is that the optical industry is strongly against them, because they stand to lose a tremendous amount of profit in the sale of glasses and disposable contacts.” He then asked Cheryl to keep this an absolute secret, and she agreed.

Paul liked his cousin Bill's plan a lot. It would be a wonderful lesson for Sarah to live with reduced visual acuity for an extended period of time and have to wear glasses with very thick lenses. It should give her a wake-up call to the problems that other people have. When Paul heard from Bill what Sarah had done to Cheryl's glasses, just for the fun and meanness of it, he agreed to take a part in Bill's plan to alter Sarah’s vision. Paul hoped that it would work out well, because he also felt a certain particular attraction to girls that wear glasses, but he never had had the courage to date a girl with glasses, because he might be teased by his friends for doing so, and he hated the thought.

After a few days of planning, Paul and Bill decided that they would put the plan into action, the coming weekend. On Saturday, Paul took Sarah out for dinner. Sarah was in a really nasty mood and started ridiculing various people to Paul.

“Oh look at that guy over there,” she said, “he must be blind as a bat without those thick specs he is wearing.”

If Paul had had the slightest doubt about what they were planning to do to Sarah, it was gone by now. After dinner, when Sarah went to the rest rooms, Paul put a few drops of a drug Bill had given him earlier in the evening into Sarah’s drink. The drug would increase the production of liquid, commonly known as tears, in Sarah’s eyes and render her very sleepy. Shortly after she had finished her drink, it began to show its first effects. Sarah started wiping her eyes and felt very sleepy.

“Oh Paul, let's go home, I'm tired and my eyes are really irritated from all the smoke in this place tonight,” she said.

Paul paid the bill and led Sarah out of the restaurant. As soon as she was in the car, Sarah closed her eyes and quickly went to sleep. Paul waited several minutes to be sure Sarah was deeply asleep and then drove over to Bill's place, where Bill and Cheryl were anxiously waiting them.

Bill examined Sarah, and was very pleased with the effect of the drug. With a penlight he inspected Sarah’s eyes and was satisfied she was in a deep sleep. He opened his bag and put a pair of sterile, rubber gloves on. He asked Paul to get out the two sealed containers, which held the contacts.

“ I'm going to eventually make her at least as myopic as Cheryl, probably even a little more so. But, we will start slowly. I will first fit her with contacts of +0.75 giving her a very mild myopia. She will then increase it herself by using the special silicone eye drops later on. I want the contacts to settle firmly on her eyes, before we start to increase the strength of her myopia.” Bill told them.

Bill carefully took one lens out of the container, while Cheryl; also with sterile gloves on, spread Sarah’s right eyelids apart. Bill carefully placed the almost invisible contact lens on the cornea. He finished applying one drop of another slightly bluish liquid that would help the lens to settle firmly so she won't even feel the presence of a contact lens on her eye. They did the same thing with Sarah’s left eye. With a sterile tissue, Bill wiped off the few drops of the bluish liquid that had started to run down on Sarah's cheeks. He then told Paul to take her home, and she would wake up in 10 minutes or so. Paul then took Sarah home. She woke up right as they arrived. It was exactly as Bill had said; she didn't feel the presence of the special contacts on her eyes at all.

“Oh, the air is so much better here than it was at the restaurant. My eyes have stopped watering. But, I’m really tired, please excuse me Paul, but it’s that time of the month again, and I am just too tired tonight,” she said.

Paul kissed her goodnight and left.

He didn't see her the next day, according to their plan. When he went to Sarah’s to pick her up on Wednesday afternoon, she seemed as active as ever. As they drove out of town, Paul realized that she was squinting slightly, when she looked at distant objects. He didn't comment on it. But, he was pleased to see that Bill’s wonderful lenses had begun to show their effect. Later in the afternoon, when they had finished playing tennis, Sarah said that her eyes felt sort of tired and that she seemed to be having trouble focusing clearly on the ball and felt slightly light-headed.

“Maybe it has something to do with your period,” Paul replied.

“It's possible,” Sarah said, pleased with Paul's attentive answer. I've never had problems of this sort before, but maybe I should see your cousin Bill, so that I will be sure to not end up with glasses as thick as Cheryl, the cripple.”

“Oh why don’t you leave her alone,” Paul replied. “It's not her fault that she had that horrible accident that caused her to limp, and that she has to wear such strong glasses.”

Sarah did everything she could to rest her eyes, but the slight blur persisted when she tried to focus on distant objects. When her period had ended and her eyes hadn't returned to normal, Sarah phoned Bill for an appointment. He just happened to have time the same afternoon to fit Sarah in. When she arrived, he had Sarah sit down and he examined her eyes thoroughly. The lenses were invisible under normal light conditions. He inserted a special filter into his examination lamp and was pleased to see that the lenses were perfectly centered and seemed to homogeneously weld with Sarah's corneas.

“OK Sarah,” he said, “your beautiful eyes seem to be perfectly intact. I've measured their pressure and it is perfectly in order. You don’t have to worry about glaucoma. I will now perform a vision test on you. Please, have a look at the eye chart.”

He placed the refractor in front of her eyes, and started to ask her to read the letters. Sarah failed to read the two bottom lines. Bill did the whole bit “do you see better like this or better like that routine” on Sarah. At the end of his testing, he told her the results.

“Sarah it seems that you are slightly nearsighted. Not much to worry about at your age, it should remain pretty stable at -0.75 D in each eye. But, I think you should get glasses to relax your eyes. You don’t have to wear them constantly, but I recommend you wear them for driving, or playing tennis, or watching a movie or television. And, you might want to wear them when you go out at night, as nearsighted eyes often have more trouble seeing in the dark,” he told her.

Sarah was a little bit shocked and upset, but it could have been worse. She would not end up like the cripple, Cheryl. She was a little apprehensive as she wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like to have to wear glasses.

“Come back in 2 weeks, and I will check you again, just to be sure the new prescription is fine,” he continued, “and be sure to bring your new glasses with you.”

Still a little bit shocked at having to wear glasses now, as her eyesight had always been perfect, she left Bill’s office. She met Paul outside and told him the bad news. Paul was secretly pleased and offered to go with her to select a nice frame for her prescription. After hesitating at first, Sarah gave in and they went to the optician. They found a nice pair of Calvin Klein, wire rims for her. The glasses were ready within an hour. Paul insisted that she put them on. They had a small argument about that, because Sarah insisted that she only had to wear them when she needed them. Finally, she gave in and put the glasses on. Paul looked at her wearing glasses and told her she looked gorgeous. Sarah had to admit that the glasses helped her to see better, just like before she ever needed glasses.

After two weeks, she went back to Bill to have her eyes checked again. Bill was very pleased with the results and thought that it was time for the next step in the plan. He opened a drawer and took out a small bottle of a slightly yellowish liquid. It was the silicone oil he had especially mixed for her. It would gradually bring her to -3.5 D during the next 5 or 6 weeks. He could also have achieved this jump in Sarah’s prescription overnight. But they all had decided that it was safer to do it gradually over a longer period of time, so that Sarah wouldn’t become too worried, and possibly go to a specialist for further testing.

‘Now Sarah,” Bill said “I have some medicine for your eyes. Apply one drop into each eye every second day before you go to sleep. Just finish the bottle and then stop. I will want to see you again in a month.”

Cheryl was happy to hear that Sarah’s journey to becoming a high myope had begun. If it had been up to her, it would have gone faster, but she did agree that this was the best way to do it. They would start gradually at first, and then as Sarah required stronger and stronger prescriptions, they would continue at a faster pace.

Over the next 4 weeks, Sarah wore her glasses more and more often as she really seemed to need them to see. She had developed a routine. As soon she sat in Paul’s car, out would come the glasses and they stayed on until she left the car. Paul also realized that she was squinting a lot more during the past two weeks, even when she had her glasses on.

“Is there something wrong with your eyes, darling? You seem to be squinting a lot during the last few days. Do you think they have gotten worse lately?” he asked.

“Oh shut up,” she erupted, only to take it back saying, “Oh, I’m sorry Paul, but it is so frightening. Even with my glasses on, I can't read that sign over there.” And yes, I am squinting a lot lately to see. I don’t like it, as I am getting little squint marks around my eyes.”

Paul had realized that she had calmed down some and that she had stopped saying nasty things about Cheryl, the cripple, and other people she formerly commented on as soon as they came into sight. Paul insisted that Sarah should go back to see Bill for another eye examination.

The routine was the same as the last time.

“Sarah try to read the chart, please,” Bill asked

“I'm sorry Sarah, but your eyes have gotten much worse during the past month. You need a new prescription already. Sometimes this happens after a person starts to wear glasses for the first time. This time you need a much stronger prescription, -3.75D for each eye, and I now strongly recommend that you wear your glasses all the time. Her eyes started to fill with tears. She asked Bill if contacts were an option. He told her that at the moment they were not. He advised her that she had very dry eyes and that he wanted to wait until her vision was more stable for her to consider trying contacts.

“Stable?” Sarah asked. “What does that mean, might I have to have even stronger glasses again?”

“Yes Sarah, I'm sorry but I fear I might have to revise the diagnosis I made earlier. It seems that your eyesight is weaker than we had first thought and you could have what we call progressive myopia. But, don't panic yet, it could happen, but it is not really likely. Get your new glasses and for the sake of your eyes and vision wear them constantly,” Bill told her.

Paul, who had been waiting outside, was very pleased with what he had heard. His cousin Bill gave him the thumbs-up sign, as Sarah left the office and she didn’t see it. Sarah was in a horrible mood, and she told Paul to take her to the optician immediately. It was funny though, the first time it was difficult to convince her to let him come with her, but now she asked him right away and was practically begging him to come with her. They put the new lenses in her old frame. And an hour later, they were ready. Paul enjoyed seeing the first sign of the contours of her face being sunken slightly inward behind the lenses - the first "small bite out". The bite out was what he liked most in strong, minus prescriptions.

Two weeks later, Sarah was back at Bills office to have her eyes checked. She had adjusted well to her new prescription. She asked for the eye drops, as Bill had hoped she would. He gave the impression that he had forgotten about it, and then gave it to her. This time, she would make a jump to -8D over about a 2-month period.

Within 6 weeks, Sarah was back in Bill’s office. Her new prescription was indeed -8D, and Bill thought that she might have used the drops a bit more often than he had planned, but he didn’t say anything, and gave her a new prescription.

“This is really unusual Sarah,” Bill told her, “I don’t ever remember having a patient whose vision has deteriorated as fast as yours has. I hope that it has stopped now.”

“Oh Sarah, I hate to say it, but it really seems that you must have progressive myopia. In only six months your prescription has gone from less than –1D all the way up to -12 D,” Bill told her at her next exam. Sarah was almost beside herself - she was going to have to have glasses with –12D strength and she knew that the lenses would be really thick.

She didn’t know what she could do. She guessed that she would just have to accept that she wasn't on the lucky side of life anymore. The comments about Cheryl and her coke-bottle glasses seemed to stop. She said to Paul, “I'm so thankful that you didn't dump me right away when I became dependent on wearing coke-bottle glasses myself,” hugging and kissing him and her almost useless –8D glasses fogged up a little.

They went through the normal optical store routine, and within a few days, she had her new –12D glasses. Paul enjoyed it when he had sex with her, especially now that she insisted that she keep her glasses on during their lovemaking so she could see. Paul had achieved this, by taking her glasses off of her soon after the foreplay. She accepted it, when she had the weaker prescriptions, but didn't like going without her glasses after she had passed the -8 diopter range, as even close things were quite fuzzy. Paul was also happy. His friends felt very sorry for him that his beautiful girlfriend was affected by progressive myopia and now had to wear horribly thick glasses.

And after another couple of months her prescription had increased again to –15D. Now, the lenses in her glasses were really thick, and she wanted desperately to order thinner lenses, but Bill, Paul, and her optician all talked her out of spending the money on them until her eyes stabilized

Ten months had passed since Sarah had gotten her first pair of glasses. She and Paul were again at the opticians, armed with still another increased prescription.

“Oh Sarah,” the optician said, “I’m sorry we don't have your –20D lenses in stock. It will take almost a week to get the lenses. But I think I can let you borrow another good customers glasses. She lives near you, and you might know her. It's Cheryl Peters. The doctors have finally gotten her leg is back to its proper length, and she no longer limps. And her myopia seems to have stopped progressing, her prescription is a little less than what you need, she has -19D, but I’m sure she won’t mind if I lend you a pair of her glasses so you can see a little better until you get your new glasses.”

Sarah blushed a little bit in hearing this possibility and felt very ashamed when she thought about destroying Cheryl’s glasses several months ago, when she herself had perfect eyesight.

“If you think that Cheryl would lend me one of her pairs, I will borrow them. I guess I have no other choice if I want to see this next week,” Sarah said.

“Well, I know that Cheryl now has at least 25 different pairs of glasses in her prescription. Usually she brings some of them in to have the screws tightened. She picks them up a week or so later when she has a reason to be over on this side of the city. I don’t think she would mind too much,” the optician said.

Sarah left the optician with Cheryl’s blue cat eyeglasses on and headed for home. This time, Paul had not had time to go with her, because he was out of town working. As she walked along, she was glad that she hadn’t met anyone she knew. She was two blocks away from home and it was starting to get dark. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice.

“What the hell are you doing with my glasses, Sarah?”

She turned around and the last thing she saw clearly was Cheryl’s hand pulling the blue cat eyes from her nose.

“How the hell did you get my glasses and how is it that you seem to be able to see out of them? But anyway it's not my business, now that I have them back,” Cheryl said.

Sarah was panicking, and she burst into tears, unable to see the world surrounding her.

“Ha, ha” she heard Cheryl laugh, “you really seem to need them as badly as I do. Come on Sarah, be a good girl, come on and try to catch me and maybe I will let you have them back.”

Strangely, Sarah felt no anger. She felt that she probably deserved to be treated like that by Cheryl.

“Its unbelievable,” Cheryl said, “Ms. Beautiful is as blind as a bat, just like I am. I hope you find your way home without correction. Enjoy your lesson bitch.”

Sarah heard Cheryl walk away. She was alone. Continuing to cry was not an option either. If only she had one of her old pairs of glasses with her. But she had left them at the optician’s to have the new lenses put in them. Searching her purse, she found her cell phone, another gift from Paul. She put the phone at the tip of her nose to see the numbers and called Paul to see if he was already home. No answer. She tried his car phone. Finally, he answered and she quickly explained her situation to him.

He laughed a little bit and said, “Did you really think she would lend you her glasses after all the nasty things you have said and done to her. Where are you now?”

She explained it to Paul. He said he would be there in 5 minutes to pick her up. It seemed to be an endless period of time until she heard a car arrive and saw two bright white blurs coming towards her. The car came to a stop, she heard the car door open, and the blurred outline of a person approached.

“Oh my poor nearsighted beauty. I feel so sorry for you, but I think, and you might hate me for what I'm saying, Cheryl was very right to do what she did to you.”

“I know,” Sarah said, “I'm not angry towards her as I know what I’ve done to her in the past, and I deserve this.”

“You know what we're going to do, we’re going to drive over to Cheryl's house and you will ask her to forgive you for all you have done to her. I think Cheryl is really a nice person, and she might just offer to lend you a pair of her glasses until your new ones arrive,” Paul suggested.

So far, all was going like Bill, Paul, and Cheryl had planned it.

Sarah was silent as she sat beside Paul in the car, seeing only a massive blur. They arrived at Cheryl’s home. Paul got out and rang the bell. Paul smiled at Cheryl as she opened the door. With triumph on her face Cheryl watched as Paul helped Sarah out of the car and led her stumbling towards Cheryl’s house.

Paul said, “Cheryl do you have 5 minutes of time because Sarah wants to talk to you.”

“I'm not happy to see her,” said Cheryl, “but if it is only for five minutes, I guess I can spare the time.”

“I’ll wait outside in the car, call me when you are ready, and I will help Sarah get back to the car.” Paul said.

The girls went upstairs to Cheryl’s room. Cheryl led Sarah to her bed and said that she could sit down.

“OK, what do you have to tell me that is so important.”

“Listen Cheryl, I know I've treated you badly and been a real bitch as you said before. It was my way of life. But since I have become so nearsighted, I now think very differently, and I feel really sorry for what I've done to you in the past. A few months ago, Bill, my eye doctor, diagnosed me with progressive myopia and my vision has deteriorated so rapidly that now I have to wear a prescription slightly stronger than yours. As you probably know, my new glasses need at least a week to be made because they don't have the lenses in stock. So the optician thought you might be willing to let me borrow one of your many pairs of glasses.”

Sarah was silent, waiting for Cheryl to answer.

After a minute of silence, Sarah continued, “Cheryl I feel really sorry for what I've said and done to you.” By now she was down on her knees, touching Cheryl's knee, tears running down her cheeks. “I'm so sorry, Cheryl. I will never be so rude again to you or anyone else.”

“OK” Cheryl said, “It seems that this time you really seem to be sorry. I believe that you feel sorry about all of the mean things you have done and said to others and me. I will call now for Paul to bring you home. OK get up and leave me alone now. Oh, wait a minute I’ll give you a pair of my glasses. You need to be able to see during the next few days until your own glasses are ready.”

Cheryl opened her drawer and took out the frames Sarah had destroyed earlier this year. They had been repaired and there was no trace of the damage done. She gave them to Sarah, who held them up close to her eyes to see them, and Cheryl asked if Sarah remembered them?

“Oh yes,” replied Sarah. “I'll bring them back to you as soon as my new glasses have arrived.”

“No don’t bother, you are so blind, you will need a spare pair, so keep them as a souvenir,” said Cheryl.

“Oh thank you so much Cheryl,” and then Sarah left the house, able at last to see her way to Paul, and the waiting car.

The following day Paul, Bill and Cheryl met at a restaurant. Of course, the topic was Sarah, and her new found humility. Bill told the others that they could continue with the lenses for another couple of months, but after the year passed, they were going to have to replace them, and he wanted the others to suggest to him what they should do. At the end of lunch, they had all decided that Sarah’s progressive myopia should increase substantially for at least one more year. Then, if she chose to do it, Bill could schedule her for “corrective” vision surgery. Paul really didn’t want Sarah to have her former perfect vision again, as he rather liked the look that the thick-lensed glasses gave to Sarah, but he realized that they couldn’t keep this up forever.

So, Bill replaced Sarah’s contact lenses with new ones that immediately required an increase in her glasses prescription to –25D lenses, without her suspecting a thing. Over the next couple of months the silicone liquid eye drops increased the strength of Sarah’s glasses on up to –30D, and Sarah was having quite a bit of trouble seeing things. Her visual acuity was quite poor, and even with her very thick myodisc lenses she was only able to see about 20/70.

So, Bill, Cheryl and Paul met once again, and they decided that they had better stop Sarah from using the special silicone eye drops that increased the power of her contact lenses, as Sarah was now becoming very dependant on others to help her find her way, especially at night.

But, even after Bill discontinued the special drops, another couple of months found Sarah requiring a prescription of around –36D in her glasses. For quite a few months now, as her vision worsened, Sarah had been unable to play tennis, or any other sports, as a golf ball, or a tennis ball were too small for her to see any further than a few feet away. And, Sarah was now absolutely petrified to remove her glasses. She had even begun sleeping with them on. Bill was quite mystified as to the reason for Sarah’s continued increase in her myopia, and he ventured a guess that possibly Sarah had still been using the eye drops. But, Paul assured him that Sarah had not done so to the best of his knowledge. And, by the time 18 months had passed since they had started Sarah on her myopic progression, her vision had deteriorated to a point where she required a prescription of –40D. Her visual acuity, in perfect conditions, was now in the range of 20/100 with her new lenses, and it was only with the assistance of Cheryl that Sarah had been able to stay in University. Cheryl assisted Sarah from lecture to lecture, transcribed notes for her, and was in effect Sarah’s eyes. Sarah was very grateful to Cheryl for all her help, but Cheryl was getting a little worried that maybe the lesson that they had been trying to teach Sarah had gone a bit too far. Fortunately Sarah’s eyesight didn’t deteriorate any further during the next six months, and by the time the contacts were ready to be replaced, Sarah was more than ready for an “operation” that would correct her vision.

Bill put Sarah to sleep so that she wouldn’t know what was going on, removed the lenses with the solution, and when Sarah woke up, he placed her in front of the refractor again. To Paul and Cheryl’s pleasure, the refractor showed that Sarah still required –19D glasses. Bill could not explain this, but felt that as long as Paul was happy, he would not question this unexpected development. Sarah was disappointed that the ‘corrective surgery’ was only able to reduce her myopia by –21D, but she was pleased with the fact that her visual acuity was now back to almost 20/20 with glasses. Sarah felt that any improvement in her vision was wonderful, and was happy that she no longer had to wear such terribly thick and powerful glasses with their -40D lenses.

Because of the serious level of myopia that had developed in Sarah while she was wearing the special contact lenses, Bill made an effort to discover if any others had developed similar problems, and when he found that almost everyone that had been involved with the clinical trials had become much more myopic than they had been prior to the trials, Bill was able to have the special lenses removed from the testing stage, and sent back to the inventor for further refinement. They may never be released to the general public.

Sarah graduated from University, and she is now working with both physically, and visually handicapped, as well as developmentally challenged children. She has been so intense with her involvement that recently she talked Cheryl into working with her, and the two of them have been very supportive, and helpful with their young charges.

Shortly after the surgery, Paul and Sarah married, and within a month of their wedding, Bill and Cheryl also were married. Cheryl was Sarah’s bridesmaid, and Sarah preformed the same duties for Cheryl. For the weddings, the girls selected friends that wore glasses to be maids of honor and insisted that they wear their glasses for the ceremonies. Now, the two couples are very close friends. Although, Sarah will never ever know the one secret that the other three have in common. The irony is that Sarah and Cheryl can now interchange their glasses when they want to, as both of them now had the same degree of myopia and they both looked very good, wearing whichever glasses they choose from the many pairs in their collective optical wardrobe.

Specs4ever, adapted from a story by Andy, and edited by Aliena.

Sept 2001