The Funeral

by Specs4ever

As I drove towards the city, I wondered how all of my cousins had turned out, as it had been many years since I had seen them. Two summers ago, I had seen the oldest boy, Jerry, and his wife and 2 children, and last spring, I had met Eric and his wife and daughter at a party for another relative’s daughter, who was getting married. I had enjoyed meeting both Jerry and Eric, and their families, and I regretted not having stayed in closer contact with them over the years. Gillian was my oldest cousin and only 6 months younger than me. When we were children, we had been good companions, but after high school, Gillian got married and when the marriage ended a couple of years later, she moved to the west coast, and we had totally lost contact. Now, Suzie, the youngest daughter was another story. Suzie and her mom and dad had been at my home about 19 years ago, and that was the last time I had seen Suzie. She was very pregnant at the time, and since she was unmarried, and indicated that she had no intention of getting married, it was a bit scandalous. But, I had respected her judgment and she told me, in private, that she wanted a child before she was too old to have children. There, however, was no one that she felt that she wanted to marry. So, she had gotten pregnant, and had then broken off further relationships with the father.

I thought more about Suzie, as she was one of the reasons I was going to go to the funeral. Suzie was the daughter of very close friends of my aunt and uncle, and when Suzie was around 2, her parents were killed in a traffic accident. My uncle, and my aunt were Suzie’s godparents, and they had an agreement with Suzie’s parents that if anything happened to either set of parents, the other couple would bring the children up as their own. It must have been a legally binding agreement, as my aunt and uncle were able to adopt Suzie. Since they had planned to have 4 children, they then proceeded to have Eric as their fourth and final child. Suzie had worn glasses from the time she was 6 or 7, and when she had been up to my home with her parents, I noticed that her glasses were a bit on the thick side. I didn’t make any comments, because at the time I myself, was wearing a -10D prescription in a high index glass lens, but when we were outside talking, Suzie asked if she could see my glasses. I let her try them on, and her only comment was that my eyes were almost as bad as hers were. So, I knew that she was around a -11 or so back then, and I was intrigued to see what had happened to her in the ensuing years.

My aunt, who had outlived both her husband, and my father by exactly 5 years, was my dad’s oldest sister. I had been busy with my dad’s funeral, so my brother had represented the family at my uncle’s funeral, and I had not had a chance to see any of my cousins. It was now my turn to be the family representative, so here I was. This was the strangest funeral arrangement I had run across. The viewing was to be for 2 hours in the afternoon, with another hour and a half in the evening, followed by the funeral. I did think that it was a good arrangement, as my aunt had very few friends still alive, and we were going to be able to get it all over with in one day.

I parked around behind the funeral home, and proceeded inside. There were a few visitors in the parlor, so I hung up my coat, and walked in to join the family in the traditional line. I figured that the more greeters the better, and easier things would be. As I walked over to the family, I glanced at Gillian, who was first in line, followed by Jerry and his wife, and their two sons. Next to Jerry, with her back to me had to be Suzie, and my eyes fell on the young lady standing between Suzie and my cousin Eric. This had to be Suzie’s daughter, Tara. She was slim, with beautiful long honey blonde hair, and as she looked my way I saw that she wore glasses. These were not just ordinary glasses. They looked to be the most powerful glasses I had ever seen. I was sure that the front had a concave appearance, and as I got closer, I saw that there was a secondary circle at the rear. Although I had never seen anyone wearing them before, I knew that these glasses had to be double myodiscs. I took my place beside Eric’s son, and did my duty as a greeter and family representative. However, I couldn’t help but glance at Tara, and at Suzie every now and then. As I had expected, Suzie’s glasses had gotten quite a bit stronger, since I had last seen her, and although they appeared to be a high index glass, in a very small oval shaped, wire frame, I ventured a guess that she was now in the -20D range. Suzie had been a bit chubby as a child and the last time I had seen her I had felt that she was quite heavy. But now, she was very slim herself, and I found myself thinking that she was quite attractive.

We had been standing for about an hour, when there was a lull in the visitors, so we began to chat. Jerry introduced me to his 2 boys, and I had met Eric’s son - a holy terror - last spring. Suzie greeted me warmly, and introduced me to Tara. I could see that Tara must be almost blind, even with the extremely strong lenses in her glasses, as she didn’t even seem to try to focus on anything until the object got to within 10 feet from her.

I was terribly saddened about this, although the level of my curiosity was going through the roof. Myopia is my hobby, and here were two examples of very high myopes, right here in my own family, that I had neglected to cultivate. Suzie commented that my own glasses had gotten a lot stronger since she last saw me, and I agreed with her, but as more people came in, we had to end the conversation. Soon it was time for our supper break, so we all agreed to go to a local restaurant for our meal. I was not going to drive back home that night, so I mentioned that I had to find a motel. Suzie suggested that I stay at the same one that she and Tara were staying at, and when I agreed, she suggested that I come with them so that I could book a room, and continue on to the restaurant. I agreed, and this is what we did.

On the drive to the motel, Suzie surprised me by beginning to talk about my vision. She guessed that my prescription was now stronger than hers - somewhere less than -25D, but definitely over her own, which was -21D. I told her that the glasses that I was wearing were indeed -23.50D x -.50 x180 for my right eye, and were a straight -23.50D for my left eye.

What I failed to mention though was that I was now wearing these glasses over plus contact lenses, as the -10D glasses that I had worn almost 20 years ago had been worn with a great deal of accommodation on my part, and my eyes, as I got older, finally couldn’t be forced to see through the -10D lenses anymore. I had discovered glasses over contacts about ten years ago, and after my wife had passed away, I began wearing the combination of plus contacts and minus glasses full time. During the course of the conversation, I discovered that Tara had very poor vision, and with -44D lenses in her glasses, only had a visual acuity of 20/100 or less.

We got a room for me right across the hall from their room, and we continued on to the restaurant to meet with the rest of the family. After supper, we returned to the funeral parlor for the remaining hour and a half of the viewing, and the funeral.

The rest of the evening went quickly. There were a large number of my cousin’s friends that stopped by, and surprisingly enough a reasonable number of older people came for the funeral. I was glad when it was finally over, and Gillian, Jerry, and Eric all thanked me very much for my assistance, and support. Suzie and Tara agreed to have a coffee with me back at the coffee shop next to the motel. So we headed back there, with Suzie and Tara leading the way in Suzie’s rental car. We parked at the motel, and when we got out of the cars, I suggested to Suzie that I go and get the coffees and bring them back to the room. She readily agreed, so I did just that.

When I got back to Suzie’s room, Tara was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed watching the television, which was only about 4 or 5 feet away from her. Suzie suggested that she and I go to my room, so we left Tara with her coffee, and went across the hall.

I had had the impression since we first talked at the funeral parlor that Suzie was coming on to me. I had tossed the idea around in my head, thinking at first that since she was my cousin that it would be a terrible mistake to carry this further. But, since Suzie was not a real blood relative, and since we were both too old to have children, I began to think that this might be all right after all. And, I was most certainly attracted to her. The strong lenses that she wore in her glasses were part of it, but she had become a very attractive lady as well. Suzie’s mom had been a very young woman when the Second World War ended, and Suzie’s dad, a full-blooded Apache Indian, had brought her home from the Philippines as a bride. High myopia was not as common in the Philippines, as it was in Japan or China, but Suzie’s mom had, to the best of my memory, from when I was 6 or 7 years old, and had last seen Suzie’s real parents, worn fairly thick glasses herself. So, it was no surprise that Suzie herself had fairly high myopia. Nor was it any surprise that I found her very attractive, as I have always been attracted to ladies from the Philippines. And, she had the height and bearing from her dad’s Native American heritage.

We finished our coffee, and the time for Suzie to return to her own room was drawing near. She surprised me by asking me, if I would like her to stay and sleep with me.

“How would it look to your brothers and sister?” I asked.

She replies, “We are not related by blood, so it shouldn’t really matter, should it? Anyway, we are too old to have children together.”

“I can’t move this fast,” I responded.

Suzie took me in her arms, and held me tight against her, kissing me, and hugging me. I almost resisted, but I began to hold her, and kissed her back several times. I was enjoying the closeness and the sweet smell of her perfume. Soon we were lying together on the bed, my good intentions having gone out the window as soon as I had made contact with her.

“ Do you mind if I change my glasses?” she asked.

I replied that I didn’t mind and wanted her to be comfortable. She removed a pair of glasses from her purse, and I could see that they were absolutely my most favorite style of frames of all time. They were a pair of 80’s drop temple glasses. The plastic frames were small in size, and the temples were wire, held to the face piece in 2 places with screws from behind. The wires came around to the side, and came together a bit more than a half inch back, where the hinge part was. When folded, the temples barely cleared the lenses, which looked to be almost 1 inch thick. Suzie removed her wire oval framed glasses and put the drop temple glasses on. From this moment on, I was like putty in her hands. After we made love for a long time, I lay beside her, looking at her pretty face and those beautifully thick glasses. The lenses were obviously regular plastic. They were not true myodiscs, but they did have a definite area at each side of the lenses where the bowl didn’t quite reach the outer edge. It looked as if the bowl was about 40-mm in diameter. And, as I looked at them closely, I saw that the front had a bit of a concave curvature. It was most likely that the front of the lens carried the astigmatism portion of her prescription.

Suzie went to the washroom to brush her teeth, and when she came back to the bed she removed her glasses, and placed them on the bedside table. I then went off to the bathroom myself. I removed my contacts, and placed them in the case, put my glasses back on, and wandered blindly back to bed, where I removed my glasses and put them on the nightstand on my side.

I woke up first in the morning, and returned to the washroom to put my plus contacts back in before Suzie woke. I returned to bed, and lay there with my eyes closed until I felt her stir. She woke, immediately reached for her glasses and put them onto her face. I wanted to see her in those fabulously thick-lensed drop temple glasses, so I reached for my own glasses and put them on. I slid them up onto my nose. They felt wrong, and I couldn’t see as well as normal. Darn I must have put my contacts in the wrong eyes. But, through the blur I could see the familiar shape of my glasses on Suzie’s nose. She must have switched glasses when I was in the bathroom.

“I need my glasses, I can’t see you very well,” I said.

“No, I want to wear yours while we make love again,” she replied.

So, that is how we started our morning. After we showered, she put her clothes back on, and returned to her own room to help Tara get ready. I knew then I was in trouble. Here was a lady that was fantastic in bed, and liked wearing glasses. I almost thought she might have a bit of a glasses fetish herself, as she seemed to enjoy wearing mine, and she seemed to really like wearing her own thick-lensed glasses, but I dismissed the possibility.

I packed, and moved my luggage to my car. I came back to Suzie and Tara’s room, and knocked on the door. Tara answered, and as I walked into the room I saw Suzie come out of the bathroom. She turned and looked at me, and I almost fainted. She was wearing what had to be a pair of Tara’s glasses, as they looked identical to the ones perched on Tara’s nose.

“If I wear plus contacts I can wear Tara’s glasses,” Suzie said.

“Do you do that often?” I asked.

“At home I wear them all the time,” she replied.

Suzie explained that she hadn’t wanted to wear Tara’s glasses around her brothers and sister, but now that they were heading home, she would again be wearing them all the time. I couldn’t believe the way things were working out. Here was my biggest fantasy coming true.

“Will you come back with us,” she asked?

“Only if you promise to wear those glasses for me,” I replied.

“ I will be wearing them all of the time after next week. My eye doctor is going to implant lenses in my eyes, so that I will have to wear them all of the time,” she said.

“And I will have him do mine next,” I thought to myself.

And he did do Suzie’s. Then I asked him to do mine, and he agreed, although he was a bit surprised when he found out that I had already been wearing plus contacts under minus glasses for many years. But he did the implants without revealing my secret to Suzie, and now Suzie and I are married, and we stare at each other lovingly through our -45D, double myodiscs, and we always wear them when we make love, as we both are quite blind without them.

Specs4ever, with thanks to A.J. for the editing Feb. 2001