The Glasses from Space

by Specs4ever 

It had been a long day at work, and it was great to finally be home. My feet were killing me. My eyes were tired. I was wearing my new glasses that I had just gotten the day before. I was starting to have trouble with things in a distance getting a little fuzzy and reading the computer screen at work. They are bifocals and not very strong as nearsighted lenses go. They are minus .5 both eyes with a plus 1.5 add according to the prescription.

I arrived at home and found a package in the mail with no return address. I entered the house, sat down, and slowly slid my shoes off. I sat back and relaxed for a few minutes. The box. What was in the box? I opened it and found a pair of 50's style cat eyeglasses with the most beautiful gold plastic frames I had ever seen. They had very strong lenses that appeared to be about 3/4 in. thick. They were very light, almost weightless. They had a beautiful set of embroidered cloth chums attached. As I held them and looked at them I noticed that looking through them at arms length things appeared to be extremely clear and sharp. I thought that this was strange in that when I looked through my girl friend's glasses at work, things appeared very small. She is mildly nearsighted. I thought that I would try them on. I took my glasses off and laid them on the table. I put the others on and slipped the strap over my head. I immediately noticed that things were extremely sharp and clear. They were much more so than with my own glasses. I heard a sharp click at the back of my head and reached to feel what it was. There was nothing there but the chum strap. I noticed that the strap was quite snug, not uncomfortable though. I went over to the mirror to see what the glasses looked like on me. I was shocked to see how thick and strong they were. The concentric circles went clear to the center of the lens. I noticed that they were not bifocals but I could see up close and at a distance perfectly. My eyes felt very relaxed. I was worrying about this because they were so tired just a few minutes ago when I got home. I decided to slip them off and examine them closer. To my surprise I could not move them. The strap would not move or stretch so I could get them off. I began to get panicky and grabbed a pair of scissors and tried to cut the strap. It was of no avail. I wondered what was happening to me. I looked in the mirror again. The glasses were beautiful, and they made me look better than I had ever been. The feeling of wanting to take them off left. I decided to make some dinner. While making dinner I noticed that the glasses seemed to be weightless. There was absolutely no pressure on my nose or ears. I wondered what I was going to do about going to work tomorrow with these glasses on if I could not get them off. What would my co-workers say about me going from almost no glasses to these overnight. After eating and cleaning up the kitchen I decided to watch TV for a while. I noticed that the TV picture was sharper than it had ever been. I also noticed that I could slip the glasses down on my nose just enough to see over the tops. I was horrified to notice that I could not see the TV or anything else in the room. I held my finger up at arms length and moved it toward my face. When it got to about 2 inches from my nose I could begin to make it out. When I put it right on the tip of my nose I could see it fine. I couldn't figure out what was happening to me, and I was scared.

The next day at work I had many comments and questions as to why I had such strong glasses all of a sudden. I just said I didn't know, but they sure make me see better, which they did. Days and weeks went by and I was never able to take the glasses off. They never seemed to get dirty. That was another thing I wondered about. One day about a year later I received a package in the mail that was similar to the one that had come before with the glasses in it. I opened it with much anticipation. There before me was another pair of glasses. These were a slightly different style but still cat eye type. The lenses seemed to be about the same physical thickness but they appeared to be quite a bit stronger. Suddenly I noticed that things were getting quite fuzzy and I couldn't see across the room very well. I squinted hard but it didn't help much. Then my body tingled and I had an uncontrollable urge to put the new glasses on. I tried to lift the chum strap as I had many times before only this time it came off and I was able to take the glasses off for the first time in over a year. As soon as they were off I noticed that I could not see anything in the room. Only faint shapes and light and dark areas. I groped and found the old glasses and quickly put them on. Things had gotten fuzzier even in the few short seconds I had had them off, so I got the new pair in one hand and took the old ones off with the other hand. I put the new ones on, and things were back to normal. I heard the same sharp click I had heard before when the strap locked and these new glasses were locked on. I really didn't think too much about it any more as I had grown to like them and the perfect vision I had with them. Another aspect I had noticed since I had been wearing them was that I had a lot more men around me. Men just go crazy for these glasses. I can have as many dates as I want. While I was watching TV later I decided to slide the new glasses down my nose and see if I could still see my finger ok at the end of my nose. As I moved it closer I was surprised to see that I could not make it out till it was at my nose. It was not in focus though. I moved it closer over the top of the glasses until it was almost touching my eyeball and it just came in focus. I had become quite a bit more nearsighted. The thought of this seemed to turn me on so I called up one of my boyfriends and asked him to come over. When he got here the first thing he said was,"ah ha, new glasses." Boy, they are quite a bit stronger aren't they? How do they work?" They work just great, I said. He said that they really turned him on. I told him about not being able to take them off and the fact that if I did I wouldn't be able to see anything anyway. He thought that this must be the work of aliens but didn't know why. I told him it would be nice to be this way but to also be able to go back to the way I was when I wanted to. Being a physics research type he said he would see if he could figure something out. He said that we would probably have to live together so we could be close all the time, as he would have to observe me closely.

That was the best idea he had come up with in a long time. About 3 months later he came home with a black box, and hooked me to it with several wires. He had me slide my glasses down my nose and stare at the room. He turned several knobs and the room started to come into focus. He turned the knobs slowly at first then more and more. Finally he asked me to say when I could see as well over the top as through the glasses. After a few more seconds I told him I was there. I asked him how it was possible I could see through the glasses and also over them as well. He explained that I was being bombarded with a radio signal from outer space that was holding the glasses on and making me very nearsighted. He explained that by interfering with the signal he could modify it to let me see as well with or without the glasses or any other pair of glasses as far as that goes. He could also release the glasses so I could take them off if I wanted. I told him to just release them and I would take them off when I felt like it. He hoped I would wear them anyway even if I didn't have to, which I do except now I can take them off to shower and for bed. One day he said that he was no longer picking up the radio signal from space and asked if my vision had changed any. I told him it was still the same that I could see as well with or without my glasses. He guessed that the aliens had given up on their reasons for doing that to me but we would still continue to monitor the radio. He didn't know why I could still accommodate though. The next day when I came into work I noticed my girl friend who was mildly nearsighted was wearing glasses almost as thick as mine. I forgot to mention before, I still continue to wear my thickest glasses just because I like them and my now husband does also. Anyway, I asked her what had happened that she had such a large increase in her glasses strength just since yesterday.

She told me this story about a package coming in the mail.

Jayne M.