Growing Pains

by Specs4ever

I pulled my sweater up over my breasts, lowered my push-up bra, and folded some Kleenex to put at the bottom of the bra, to raise my breasts and make them look fuller. I pulled the bra back up, and pulled my tight sweater down again. I looked in the mirror of the school washroom, and I was satisfied with the new, fuller breasts I had developed. I swung my butt around, and surveyed how tight my rear end looked in my skintight black leather pants. My Mom had protested big time, when I bought them with the money that I had earned working as a car hop at one of the local burger joints, but she had reluctantly relented when I got rid of my nose ring and my tongue stud, as well as my belly button ring. Now the only piercings I had left were the 5 fake diamonds down the edge of each of my ears. And, I had stopped dying my hair a maroon color, and had let it grow out to its normal medium brown. It now matched my eyebrows, and my other hair, in those places.

I took my new glasses off, and watched the world disappear into a fuzzy blur. Damn, if it wasn't for these stupid glasses, I wouldn't have to do all this. But, I couldn't see a darned thing without the stupid glasses, and my eyes were too dry to wear contact lenses, they hurt big time. So, all I could hope to do was to get enough money to have that eye surgery thing done, and I could get rid of my glasses forever. Oh, it's not that these new glasses were too thick or anything. My Mom spent a lot of money to buy me a new kind of hi index plastic lenses, in a nice black, oval plastic frame, and even with my -11.50D prescription and my -3.50D of astigmatism, my glasses were extremely thin. They were also very expensive, but that didn't matter. I hated wearing glasses from the very first day I had worn them to school and had been teased unmercifully by all the other kids. It didn't help any that my Dad had worn glasses until he died, or that my Mom, Laura, and my little sister, Lynn, also wore glasses. Their glasses were a whole lot thicker and stronger than mine, but both my mom, and my little sister were able to wear contact lenses, so their glasses were just ordinary thick plastic, and they wore their contact lenses most of the time, and anytime they went somewhere.

I put my face close to the mirror, so I could see to apply my eyeliner, and my other makeup. It was getting harder and harder to do this every year, and I wondered when, like Lynn, I wouldn't even be able to get close enough to the mirror to see my face. Oh well, if I could earn enough money, soon I wouldn't have to worry about that. But what if I got the money, had my eyes fixed, and they still kept getting worse? What would I do then? Oh well, I would think about that one later.

I left the school, and headed for the bus stop. Instead of my usual bus home, I jumped on the downtown bus. Monique's friend, Janice, had told me all about how easy it was to earn a lot of money by doing IT with some of the rich men that worked downtown, and I figured I was going to try it myself, just until I got the money I needed for the surgery. Finally, the bus stopped in the downtown district and I got off. Janice had told me the best way to do IT was to hang around a street corner, and wait for someone to approach you. She told me that I had to be really careful not to ask for money, and that I should let them ask me if I wanted to earn some extra coin. Then, when they asked that, I was supposed to ask them how much they were thinking about, and what was I going to have to do for that money. I crossed the street, and stood on the corner, leaning up against the building. I wished I smoked, cause then I could have pulled out a cigarette, and stood there smoking, but it was a little late to go buy a pack of smokes, and anyway I hated the dirty things. I realized I still had my glasses on, and I just knew no guy would approach me while I was wearing them, so I took them off, carefully folded them, put them in their case, and put the case in my purse and stood there in my very blurred world. Shit, was I ever blind. I couldn't see anything. How was I going to see someone come up to me?

I stood there in a complete blur for what seemed an eternity. An old guy came up to me, and asked me "How much little girl?" and I asked him what he was offering, but all he said was that I looked too young. Damn, I thought I looked at least 19. I had always been taken as older than I am, and while I was only a few weeks away from my 16th birthday, I was sure I looked over 18. Another guy came by, and whistled at me, but didn't stop.

Just then a car pulled up to the curb, and the passenger window rolled down. "Get in young lady, we'll talk later," the driver said. Janice had told me not to do that, so I just told him to buzz off. Through the blur of my lousy vision, I saw another man walk up to me. I waited for him to speak, and he did.

"What the heck are you doing here Lisa? And where are your glasses?"

Oh shit, I recognized that voice. I took my glasses out of my purse, and put them on. Yep, I saw it was my Uncle Dave, who was a plain clothes policeman. Well, he wasn't really my uncle, but he and my Dad had been best friends, and Dave was my godfather, and Lynn and I had called Dave uncle ever since we were very little. I was mortified and looked for a crack in the pavement to crawl into.

"Lisa, are you crazy? I hope that you are not doing, what I think you are doing here," he said.

"Oh, no Uncle Dave, I am just waiting here for a friend," I lied.

Why don't I believe you Lisa?" he replied. "I think we had better have a talk. Come with me."

So, I followed him to a nearby coffee shop. He bought a couple of coffees and then did most of the talking. And, although I was trying not to listen, some of it did get through. But what interested me the most, was when he told me about Queenie. He said, "Queenie runs all the working girls in this district. She takes 50% of the earnings per night from each girl, up to a maximum of $200.00, and that meant that if you were a $100.00 a trick girl, you had to do 4 tricks to make as much money as Queenie got from you". Boy, was I gullible. I hadn't known all that shit. And, all Queenie gave you for her part of the take was a room across the street in a run down hotel. And I was willing to bet that the sheets didn't get changed too regularly either.

Finally Dave made me realize how stupid my idea had been. And, I guess if I was going to run across a vice cop, Uncle Dave was the best one I could have run across. I ended up telling him what I had been planning, and he told me how Aunt Debbie had had the eye surgery done a while back, before they split up. He also told me that she wasn't really very happy with the outcome, as she now has to wear reading glasses all of the time. And, he said that her night vision was weird, and she saw halos around lights and other funny things.

Dave took me home in his police car, and he came in to see Mom. I was fortunate, in that he told me he would tell Mom that he saw me coming home from school and gave me a ride. If Mom had ever found out how he really saw me, she would have killed me. Since Dad died from a heart attack 6 months ago, Dave has been hanging around Mom a lot, and Lynn and I have talked about it a bit. We figured that if Mom was going to have a boyfriend, we could do a lot worse than Dave.

I went up to my room, and as I walked past Lynn's bedroom door, I saw her sitting at her desk, doing homework. She had her old glasses on, as she often does now for reading and studying. Our eye doctor had told her to take out her contacts, and wear her lower strength glasses as much as possible for close work, so that hopefully her eyes would stop getting worse. Lynn and I had gotten glasses at the same time of the year, when I first went to school. I was told I didn't have to wear mine all the time, but Lynn's eyes were a whole lot worse than mine, so she has had to wear glasses all of the time since she was 3 years old. And when we had all had our last eye exam, Lynn's eyes had gotten worse than Mom's, and Mom was around -16D. Lynn was now almost -18D for both eyes, and I thought her new glasses looked funny. I knocked on her open door, and she told me to come in. She took her old glasses off, squinted her eyes and put her new ones on, and peered myopically at me through the funny little circles in the lenses. Man, was I ever glad I wasn't as blind as she was, and she was only 14. I don't know if I could really stand it, if I had to wear ugly glasses like hers out in public. No guy would ever look at me.

Lynn had known what I was planning to do, so I told her that I had messed up, and Uncle Dave had come along and caught me, before I had been able to earn any money. I also told her what he had told me about having to give a whole bunch of your earnings to a lady who offered you protection, and a hotel room to use for your activities. Lynn thought it was funny, and laughed so hard that I could see tears coming down her cheeks. She took off her new glasses with the myodisc lenses and wiped the tears away.

"I don't know what you are complaining about over your glasses Lisa," she said. "At least you don't have to wear these ugly, coke-bottle things."

Lynn then put her glasses back on, and I could see she had a point. I knew that I hadn't minded glasses when I first got them, and I remember wearing them all the time, even though the doctor had told me that I didn't have to. But then, I also remembered the teasing that I got at school when I wore my glasses the first few days. Maybe, if my eyes had been as bad as Lynn's were from the start, I wouldn't have been able to go around without glasses, and the teasing might have finally stopped on its own. It sure didn't seem to bother Lynn to wear her glasses. But, she could never see much without them.

I went to my room and pulled the Kleenex out of my bra, and changed into a looser fitting sweater. Then, I went back downstairs and found Dave and Mom still sitting in the kitchen, talking.

"How would you feel if I went out on a date with Dave?" My Mom Laura, asked.

"It's your life Mom. But then we wouldn't be the 4L's any more," was my reply.

Shit, we hadn't been the 4L's for six months now, ever since Larry, my dad, died. What a stupid response.

"Oh Mom, I'm sorry. I like Dave, and I think it would be great if you two went out," I rapidly corrected my faux pas.

Mom was sitting there wearing her thick glasses, which was unusual, because she didn't usually wear them in front of very many people. But, then she told Dave that she had an eye infection, and the doctor had told her no contacts until it cleared up, so if he wanted to take her out, he had to take her out wearing her glasses. I was a bit surprised, when he told her that he liked her however she was, and her glasses didn't bother him a bit. Funny, but I thought that all guys hated girls that wore glasses. But Dave had married a girl that wore glasses, and they split up soon after she had corrective eye surgery. Now, he was fine with taking my mom out wearing her thick glasses. Weird.

Dave left, and mom and I made supper. After supper, Lynn and I cleaned up the dirty dishes, and then we went into the other room to watch television. I was a bit surprised that Lynn took the chair closest to the television, as she was wearing her new glasses, and she normally only sat there when her prescription was not strong enough for her to see properly. As we watched the program, I glanced over at Lynn every once in a while, enough to spot her narrowing her eyes into slits, and squinting at things she wanted to see a bit better. I also saw her frequently push her glasses up tight to her nose. I couldn't believe it. It had only been 3 or 4 months since our last eye exam, and already she seemed to be having trouble seeing.

"Lynn, you had better tell mom that you are having trouble seeing again," I told her.

With that she broke into tears and ran up to her room. I followed her, and found her lying on her bed, crying, with her glasses in her hand. I comforted her as well as I could, and between sobs she told me that she had been noticing that she couldn't see very well for the last week or so, but she didn't want to have to get stronger glasses again so soon. By now, mom had heard the commotion and came into the room at the tail end of our conversation. She comforted Lynn as well, and soon we had decided that Lynn should have another eye exam immediately. After all, she wore contacts more than she wore glasses, so it really didn't matter if the strength of her glasses had to be increased again. But, ever since Lynn had gotten contact lenses, she had made a practice of wearing glasses to school every once in a while. I thought she was crazy. After all, why should she advertise to all the guys that she was blind as a bat without her coke bottle glasses, or her contact lenses. But, her attitude was that she didn't want to hide anything, and that if she had to wear glasses, she thought that it was a good idea that the world saw her in glasses every once in a while. And, I had to admit that not only did she make sense, but also wearing her glasses had never stopped her from having boyfriends around. Was it her acceptance of her poor eyesight and the thick glasses that she had to wear to correct her vision that lead to her being so much more self confident than I was?

Within a day or so, Lynn had another eye exam, and sure enough her prescription had increased by about -1D for each eye. Unlike me, Lynn had no astigmatism in her prescription, and with the proper correction, she did have quite good vision. She was able to get her new contacts within a day, and soon she was wearing her old myodiscs for reading and close work. After a week or so, her new glasses came. I thought her old glasses looked weird, but her new ones were worse. The front of her lenses were dished in, and while the circle was a lot bigger than her old glasses, the lenses in her new glasses were at least an inch thick. But, the first day that she had her new glasses, she went off to school wearing them.

Later that night, when we were doing dishes after supper, I asked Lynn if she had gotten any comments about her new glasses, and she just said that a couple of the usual people had made some nasty comments about them being thick coke-bottles and her being blind, but that she didn't let stupid people jerk her chain. Then she told me that Jimmy, a very cute boy, had asked her to the dance Friday night, so she had teased him a bit and lied to him that she might have to wear her new glasses, because she had been having trouble with her contacts. She giggled when she told me that Jimmy had said that that was fine with him.

Darn, how did she do it. Jimmy was no hunk, but he was a cute guy, and I wouldn't mind having him take me out. And Lynn is nice looking too, but I am better looking, and my glasses aren't nearly as funny looking and thick as hers.

The following day, I was standing at my locker, and I heard a couple of guys talking a little further down the hall from me. I glanced out around my locker door, and saw Jimmy and Todd talking.

"Don't her thick glasses bug you man?" Todd said.

"Yeh, they bug me a little, I wish she didn't have to wear such strong glasses, but she is one nice person and a neat chick, and if the package comes with glasses, I have to take the whole package. Her sister Lisa is a heck of a lot nicer looking, and her glasses look really nice, but Lisa is too darned stuck up to talk to anyone. She won't even crack a smile at anyone," came Jimmy's reply.

The two of them then walked off in the other direction, and left me there contemplating what they had said. I was stuck up, or at least that is what the guys thought. I didn't think I was stuck up, I just felt so embarrassed all the time to have to wear glasses that I must have looked unfriendly and appeared to be stuck up to the guys. Wow, what a revelation! As I walked down the hall to class, I began to smile inside. My glasses look nice, at least that is what I had heard Jimmy say. So, my problem must be that I don't feel good about myself. Mom, and Lynn don't seem to have guy problems, even with having to wear glasses that are much thicker and stronger than mine.

I thought some more about this and concluded that I should grow up, and accept things the way they are, and then maybe I would get dates with the cute guys too.

Specs4ever, with the usual competent editing assistance from A.J.

Sept 2001