Have I Told You Lately That I Loved You

by Specs4ever

Carrie was thrilled to get the job at the lost and found department of the local transit authority. She had been one of a large number of students that had applied before the end of the school year, and she had not held out much hope that she would be fortunate enough to be chosen. But, here she was, a few days after school had let out for the summer, heading off to work.

It wasn’t long before Carrie realized that this was not a really the nice cushy job that she thought it would be. The storage area where lost and found was located was in a section of the maintenance buildings. The buildings were old, rather dirty, and the air conditioning was not very effective. There were two other ladies that worked with Carrie, but from the way they talked one of the ladies was going to be on holidays for all of July, and the other lady was going to be gone most of August. So, Carrie was going to be their summer replacement.

The people who cleaned the terminals, as well as the trains, subways and busses brought all the items that had been found that day to the lost and found department before they went home after their night shift. Then Carrie and the other lady had to sort, and tag all of the goods, describing where the item was found, and providing a description of the contents. They also had to see if there was any way that they could contact the owner of the goods. By 9:00 am the phones started ringing, and most of the owners who had left briefcases, or school bags on the trains were able to identify their property, and had made arrangements to either pick the item up themselves, or to have an associate pick it up for them. Jackets and coats were the next most often misplaced articles, and these items were often left unclaimed. It also surprised Carrie that many people left eyeglasses behind, and many pairs of glasses were never claimed.

In the afternoon there was usually a lull between 2 and 3 pm, and the other lady would often disappear, leaving Carrie to look after the place by herself. It was during this time that Carrie started to take a closer look at the many pairs of glasses that had been left behind. Most of the glasses made Carrie’s vision really blurred at a distance, but they magnified everything up close. However, there was one pair of black plastic framed glasses with oval shaped lenses that, when Carrie slipped them on and brought them up to the bridge of her nose, the clarity of her vision now shocked Carrie. After Carrie had found these glasses, she hated to take them off, because now everything more than a few feet away seemed to be quite blurry.

For the next few weeks Carrie watched this pair of glasses like a hawk. No one came in to claim them, and it was reaching the end of the 30-day holding period. After this time all glasses were donated to the Lions Club for distribution to people who couldn’t afford glasses. Carrie wanted this pair so badly for herself that she thought constantly about how she could steal them. But, she knew that everything was inventoried, and she would be the obvious suspect if a pair of glasses went missing. Then Carrie had an idea. The inventory tag read “black plastic framed glasses.” If Carrie were to purchase a cheap pair of glasses at the drugstore, and were to keep them in readiness until another pair of black plastic frames showed up, she could tag the other glasses in to match the frame on the glasses she purchased. Then she could switch them for the right black plastic framed ones. The odds were good that this would happen, but she only had a few days left before the glasses went off to the Lion’s Club.

So, after work that evening Carrie went to a nearby drugstore. She was fortunate, as there was a pair of low powered reading glasses with a similar black plastic frame as the glasses she wanted had. So she could immediately substitute them for the other pair. Carrie knew nothing about myopia, or presbyopia, or hyperopia, She just knew that the one pair of glasses she had just purchased made things look larger up close, and very blurry far away. The pair she wanted to keep for herself made everything far away a little smaller, but oh so much clearer. The following day Carrie switched the glasses. She wore them home from work, and was amazed at all the little details that she had been missing.

It was almost the end of the first month. Carrie would have loved to wear her new glasses to work the following day, but Lilly would have noticed Carrie wearing glasses, and Carrie was afraid that Lilly might remember the oval black-framed glasses as having been turned in almost a month previously. So, for the next couple of days Carrie struggled and squinted her way around work. She was doing so much squinting that Lilly noticed, and suggested that maybe Carrie should have her eyes tested. Carrie replied that her contact lenses had been giving her trouble, and she was going to do just that as soon as she got her next paycheck.

On the following Monday Carrie wore her glasses to work. She knew Lilly had left for her holidays, and Masie, a large framed African American lady who wore thick lensed glasses herself was now back from her holidays to be Carrie’s supervisor. The fact that Carrie was wearing glasses didn’t faze Masie a bit. Actually Masie might have noticed, but she had likely thought that Carrie had been wearing contact lenses the first few days that she worked with Carrie. And Carrie found that her day at work went a whole lot easier by being able to see things properly.

That night when Carrie arrived home she called out to her mom, who was in the kitchen.

“Hi mom, I’m home. I got my new glasses today.” Carrie said as she walked towards the kitchen.

“They look nice. Did you tell me you were getting glasses?” she asked.

“Yes, last week. I paid for them with my own money from working. Did you forget?” Carrie asked.

Her mom replied that she must have forgotten, and now Carrie was free to wear her glasses all the time. Carrie found that it was wonderful that she could now see everything so clearly, and she wondered just when it was that her eyes had started going bad. She also wondered if the glasses she was wearing were the right prescription for her, and she thought that maybe when she went back to school next month she might have a proper eye exam. But, this didn’t seem to be a high priority, because Carrie felt that she could see very well with the glasses.

About 2 weeks before the end of the summer, Masie came to Carrie with a long face. Carrie knew there was something wrong.

“What’s wrong Masie?” Carrie asked.

“I just heard that Lilly was in a car accident. She is going to be all right, but she will be off work at least until Christmas time. I can’t do all this work by myself, and you are leaving to go back to school.” Masie replied.

Carrie thought fast. “What if I stay on until Lilly is able to return to work?”

“Girl, you can’t do that. You are only 16, and you need to get your high school diploma at the very least. I sure would be happy for the help, because you are a darned good worker, but you are too smart to drop out of school now.” Masie replied.

“Masie, I am in my last year of high school. I am sure that I can work it out with the teachers that somehow I can study at home in the evenings. If I can write my exams at Christmas, then return to classes in January I should be able to do it. I am pretty smart, and I am a year ahead of my class anyway.” Carrie replied.

“You really think that you could do that? I sure would love it if you could.” Masie replied with a big grin on her face.

So, Carrie went to her school, and explained the problem to the principal. The principal agreed to let Carrie try it, and she sent Carrie to see all the teachers. There were some classes that Carrie just couldn’t miss because of lab work, but fortunately none of these classes were first thing in the morning. So, with her class schedule in hand Carrie went back to see Masie, and they agreed that Carrie could work until the morning rush was over, and then she could go to class if she had to. Then she would return to allow Masie to go for lunch at 12:30, and would stay until 5 pm.

Carrie had been handling so many different pairs of glasses every day for that past couple of months that she began to take a special interest in the glasses that were turned in. And, she started to notice Masie’s glasses. Masie wore a very attractive metal frame that looked to be extremely expensive. The lenses minified Maisie’s eyes a lot, and there was quite a bit of cut in on each side of Masie’s face. The thickness of the lenses didn’t look to be that great, but when Carrie looked at Masie from a sideway direction the power rings went on and on. Carrie started to like the look very much. One day she couldn’t resist it any longer.

“I like your glasses Masie. They look nice on you. Where did you get them?” Carrie asked.

“Girl, I’ll tell you a secret, but you better not ever repeat it. I got these frames right here in the lost and found. I loved the looks of them, and they are very expensive Gucci frames. I watched them every day for a month, and then at the last minute I substituted another old pair of mine for them. It cost me a fortune just to have my own prescription put in them though, because I am very nearsighted, and I got the most expensive thinnest lenses I could.” Masie said.

“How bad are your eyes?” Carrie asked Masie.

“I think my prescription is around –14D. I am not sure of that though. I just know I am completely helpless without them.” Masie replied.

“Do you think I could do that if I found a pair of frames I like?” Carrie asked.

“I don’t see a problem. If something isn’t picked up within the first 2 weeks it usually isn’t ever reclaimed.” Masie said, actually a little relieved that Carrie accepted what she had just been told so easily.

For the next few weeks Carrie started looking closely at all of the glasses that were turned in. She even looked at the glasses that made her vision blurry, and magnified things up close when she tried them on. But she was more interested in any pairs that she thought that she could wear. She knew from talking further with Masie that she was also nearsighted. Masie had also told her that her eyes would likely get more nearsighted as she got older, because this is what happened to Masie, and her daughter, who was also quite nearsighted.

Carrie found 2 pairs that she really liked. Both pairs had stronger lenses than the ones Carrie presently wore, and when she put the weaker of the 2 pairs on she found she could just barely see with them. The other pair seemed to be so strong that there was no way that Carrie could wear them, but Carrie liked the looks of the lenses. The fronts were flat, and there was a reasonable amount of edge thickness sticking out behind the frame. As the 30-day period came close for the first, weaker pair, Carrie purchased another pair of drug store readers with a cheap gold frame, and switched them. Then Carrie started to wear them every night after work on her way home. The more she wore these glasses, the easier it was for her to wear them, and within 2 weeks she decided that she was going to wear them all the time. Just about this time the other pair that Carrie liked so much was about due to go to the Lion’s Club, so Carrie did the switching trick again.

After a month of wearing the gold-framed glasses Carrie tried her old black oval plastic frames on. She was surprised. The glasses that had helped her so much at first no longer made everything in the distance clear enough anymore. This made Carrie suspect that wearing glasses full time that were stronger than what a person really needed probably made your eyes worse.

After about 2 months of wearing the gold-framed glasses Carrie was not that surprised when she tried the other, stronger pair of glasses on, and found that with a lot of effort she could almost see with them. But there seemed to be something wrong with the lenses. Unlike the other 2 pairs, even when Carrie focused her eyes with the most effort, things were still fuzzy, and didn’t come quite clear. And, with this pair, when Carrie held them up and looked thorough them at a picture on the wall while she rotated the lenses, the picture changed shape as she rotated the lenses. A square picture would go from square to rectangular, and a rectangular picture would go square, and then return to rectangular. So Carrie figured out that she couldn’t wear these glasses.

But this wasn’t a big problem. Everyday a new box of glasses to sort through appeared for Carrie to look at and inventory. It took a week, but finally Carrie found her next pair of glasses. Again, this pair was a pair much like her first pair. They were oval lenses in a black plastic frame. But, these glasses were thick. The front of the lenses were completely flat. And they looked to be at least a half-inch thick at the edge, although they only stuck out behind the frame by a quarter inch. Carrie didn’t think there was any way she could possibly wear these glasses because they were so thick, but she was surprised when she put them on. With a bit of effort she was able to focus, and see through them fairly well. Of course, what Carrie didn’t realize was that these glasses were made from the old regular thickness plastic, and the gold-framed glasses that she was presently wearing were made from a high index plastic. The actual difference in the prescriptions was only about –2.50D.

Carrie put her first pair of black-framed glasses into the lens case that the thicker, stronger glasses were turned in with. After 2 weeks had gone by Carrie felt that she was going to be able to keep the stronger glasses. Finally the 30-day period was up, and Carrie’s first pair of glasses went off to the Lion’s Club. Carrie started to wear the thick-lensed black-framed glasses immediately. There was such a difference in the appearance of these lenses that a surprising number of people noticed that Carrie had gotten stronger glasses. Carrie was a little embarrassed by all the attention her new glasses were getting. But, Carrie really liked the overcorrection that this stronger minus prescription was giving her, so she tried not to let any of the comments bother her.

After Carrie had worn these glasses for about 3 months she knew that her eyes were adapting to the strength of the lenses. When she tried her other gold wire framed glasses on again, things in the distance definitely were not as clear as they should be. Carrie started to think that maybe she should make an appointment with an eye doctor for a real examination. But she kept putting it off, because she was afraid that the doctor would find out that the glasses that she was wearing were the wrong prescription for her eyes. But most of all, Carrie was afraid that she would be prescribed weaker, thinner glasses, which she really didn’t want.

Lilly had come back to work, but her doctor had placed her on restrictive duties. So Carrie was still getting as many hours as she had been getting before Lilly came back. The only thing that Carrie didn’t like was that Lilly was now doing all the paperwork, so Carrie no longer had a chance to check out any of the pairs of glasses when they arrived. But that didn’t stop Carrie from sneaking a peak at all of the new arrivals. There were 2 pairs that Carrie was keeping a close watch on. One pair was a gorgeous pair of white and black plastic frames. The lenses in these frames were unlike any that Carrie had ever seen before. There was a circle in the center of each lens. When Carrie tried these glasses on they were so powerful that Carrie couldn’t see a thing. The other pair was a more normal looking pair that definitely had stronger lenses than the glasses that Carrie was presently wearing. Carrie had her substitute glasses all ready to switch with these 2 pairs, and just before the 30-day grace period was up, she successfully made the switch.

Soon Lilly was able to go back to full time work, and Carrie was able to return to school for the whole day. Carrie had been doing quite well with keeping her grade average up, but Carrie knew that she would never get high enough grades to be considered for a scholarship. So, once she graduated with her classmates, Carrie would have to find herself a job. Maybe she could take some college courses at night school, but Carrie wasn’t all that interested in going on in school. Carrie had gotten a taste of earning her own money, and that is what she wanted to do.

Fortunately for Carrie, Masie had decided that she no longer wanted to work every second Saturday, so Carrie got to come in for Masie every second week, This kept a little income coming in for Carrie. And, soon it was going to be summer vacations again, so Carrie would be working for the summer as well.

By now Carrie had begun to wear the most recent pair of glasses that she had liberated. After a couple of weeks of wearing the brown plastic framed glasses Carrie tried on her other black oval ones. She felt that they were now a tiny bit too weak for her, so she decided that now would be a good time for an eye examination.

“Oh, these are an old pair!” Nurse Dixie at the optometrist’s office exclaimed.

“”Yes, I have had them for a while.” Carrie replied.

“A while? It’s been about 10 years since CR39 was used for lenses this strong.” Nurse Dixie replied.

“Oh, I haven’t had them that long. I only got them a couple of years ago. I got them in Mexico, and they were pretty inexpensive.” Carrie answered.

“That explains it then. Here we have been using high index for a number of years for any prescription over about –4D. These glasses of yours are –9.50D for each eye, and would have been half the thickness if they were high index.” Nurse Dixie explained to Carrie.

“All right Carrie, look into the machine here.” Nurse Dixie then said.

Carrie looked into the machine, and after a minute things became clear. The nurse asked her if she could see the details in the picture, and Carrie told her she could. Then the machine printed out a slip of paper. Carrie put her glasses back on.

“What does this machine tell you?” Carrie asked.

“This is an auto refractor, and it gives me a pretty good idea of what your prescription will be. Right now it tells me that you require a slight increase. But, the doctor will tell you the numbers after he examines your eyes with the phoropter in his office.” Nurse Dixie said.

With that the nurse escorted Carrie into the doctor’s office, where she had to look through a machine with all sorts of lenses in it. The doctor kept putting new lenses in front of Carrie’s eyes, and each click made the letters on the eye chart seem clearer. Finally he asked her a couple of times which one was better. Then he put a green lens in front of the other lenses, and asked Carrie if all the letters were clear. Then he placed a red lens in front of her, and asked if the red was better than the green. Carrie answered that the red was better.

When Carrie left the office she had a prescription in her hand. She waited until she was on the subway before she unfolded the paper, and looked at it. The prescription read: OD -10.50 x –0.50 x 180 and OS –10.75. Carrie couldn’t believe it. Only a year ago she had not worn glasses, although her reaction when she put the first pair of glasses on indicated to her that she had needed them badly. Now her prescription was over –10D. She took off the black framed –9.50D glasses, and put on the pair with the brown plastic frame, and the stronger lenses. Carrie wondered how the prescription in these glasses compared to her real prescription. She knew from the way she had to force her eyes to see through them that they must be stronger and she wondered how she could find out just what the prescription really was.

Finally Carrie had an idea. If she went to an optical store in the mall, maybe they could tell her what the prescription in the brown-framed glasses was. But, the more she thought about it; Carrie realized that she really didn’t care what the prescription was. She liked the feeling of wearing glasses with lenses that were too strong for her eyes, and for some reason that she could not explain, she really liked wearing glasses with lenses that were thicker than most other people. She felt that she liked her appearance wearing these glasses, so she was just going to go on wearing them until she felt that she could tolerate glasses with even stronger lenses.

Carrie went back to work full time for the summer. The city had grown, and the transit system had expanded. With increased ridership came a heavier workload for the lost and found department. One day Masie, who was the supervisor, came to Carrie.

“Girl, are you going back to school, or did I hear you say you were going to get another job at the end of the summer?” Masie asked.

“I haven’t the money to go on to college Masie. I am planning to find another job after the rest of the school kids go back to school in a few weeks.” Carrie replied.

“Would you consider working here full time? We have an opening for another person in this department because we are so much busier now.” Masie asked.

“Sure, that would be great Masie. Do I have to fill out another application, or can you just keep me on?” Carrie asked.

“Oh, I can work it so I just keep you on. But you might have to work every Saturday and take a day off during the week. Lilly doesn’t want to work Saturdays anymore either.” Masie said.

“No problem Masie. I can do that. I’d really like to take Monday off, and that would give us all 2 day weekends if that was possible.” Carrie replied.

So, Carrie was now employed full time. She really liked being all alone in the department all day Saturday, and she could check out all the pairs of glasses that had been turned in during the week in privacy. It had taken a little longer this time before Carrie felt that the brown plastic framed glasses that she had been wearing for the past 4 months felt just right for her. She knew that if she could find a pair of stronger glasses, she could likely wear them. However, people very seldom leave glasses behind that are over the –13D prescription that the glasses Carrie had on were. So, Carrie had been searching without any success.

One Saturday morning when Carrie was alone in the lost and found an expensive looking beige leather purse was turned in with all the rest of the lost articles. Carrie opened the purse, and while she looked for a wallet with some identification as to the owner, she found a case containing a pair of glasses. Carrie opened the case, and inside was a pair of rimless glasses with what appeared to be a very strong prescription. Carrie took her own glasses off, and put these glasses on. They were so strong that at first Carrie seemed dizzy, but after a few minutes of wearing them Carrie began to get that familiar buzz of overcorrection that she had been missing. And she could now see fairly well through the strong lenses of the glasses. She went to the washroom, and looked at her face wearing the rimless glasses in the mirror. Carrie liked what she saw, and she liked what she felt. If only she could keep these glasses she would be very happy.

After she returned from the washroom Carrie left the glasses on, and she continued doing the rest of her work. She finished it all, and then returned to the beige purse, and the wallet. Of course the wallet contained identification. There was a name, and an address, along with a phone number. Carrie had to make the call, but of course she procrastinated as long as possible. Carrie searched the wallet further, and tucked in one of the compartments was a prescription slip. It was only a month old according to the date on it, and it read –15.50D for both eyes, with no other numbers. Carrie kept the slip, putting it in her own wallet. Also she found a receipt for the glasses, dated the same day as the prescription. So Carrie took note of the optical store where the glasses were purchased. As much as she hated to do it, she phoned the number she had found in the wallet. There was no answer, so when the machine clicked on she left a message advising the person that their purse had been found, and they could collect it on Monday between 9 am and 5 pm.

When Carrie came in on Tuesday she casually looked for the beige purse, but it was gone. She felt sad that she would never see those beautiful glasses again. But an idea was forming in Carrie’s mind. She would use this other ladies prescription, and she would buy the exact same glasses for herself. She had saved a lot of money from working, and now it was time to spend some of it on something she really wanted.

Carrie made sure that she stayed in a different part of the city from the doctor whose name was on the prescription. But she did go to another branch of the chain store that had supplied the glasses that she liked so much. She knew from the receipt that she had found that she was going to have to spend around $400.00 for the glasses she wanted, so she had a little more than that in her wallet. The optician tried to talk Carrie out of rimless glasses, telling her that her prescription was too strong. But when Carrie insisted, finally the optician placed the order. The total was exactly what the other lady had paid.

Carrie waited the two weeks she had been promised. A few more days went by with no phone call, and finally on her day off the call that her new glasses were ready came. Carrie was at home, and she immediately rushed to the optical store. When she saw the glasses she was thrilled. They looked exactly like they were supposed to. The optician put the glasses on Carrie’s face, and she adjusted the temples. Carrie had realized that the glasses were a lot stronger than she needed, and she hoped that the optician wouldn’t ask her to read anything. Fortunately she didn’t, and Carrie left the store. The dizzy feeling took a little while to go away. However, when it did Carrie felt that she really liked these glasses, and she was very pleased she had gotten them.

At home that night her mom commented on how nice the new glasses looked. But then she added that they looked so very strong, and Carrie was a little worried that maybe they might look too strong. The next day at work Masie looked at Carrie’s new glasses, and immediately wanted to try them on. Carrie let her.

“My goodness girl. Your glasses are now even stronger than mine. I never knew anyone with worse eyes than me before.” Masie said.

Carrie put her new glasses back on, and didn’t say a word. It was a long day, and more than once during the day Carrie questioned herself as to why she had gotten such strong glasses. She was having trouble properly seeing the forms that she had to fill out, and by late afternoon she had a splitting headache. But she got a couple of aspirin from Masie, and that seemed to help her headache go away.

It took about a week before Carrie felt that she could easily tolerate these glasses. And after that first week went by, every day it became easier and easier for Carrie to wear the glasses. One day Carrie was in the cafeteria, sitting in a corner booth eating her lunch, and reading a book. She had gone a bit earlier than normal, as Masie wanted to run an errand at lunchtime. She heard some people sitting down in the next booth, but since her back was to the booth it was useless for her to try to sneak a peak at who it was. But within a few minutes she realized that it was a couple of guys that were working in the repair shop.

“I hope that chick from Lost and Found shows up today,” one of them said.

“You mean the hot looking one with the thick glasses?” replied the other one.

“Yeh, that’s the one. I just love her new glasses. She is a real good-looking broad. I like girls who are nice and thin, and she has a pretty decent butt, and a nice pair of jugs,” the first one said.

“She definitely is a fox. Do you like her glasses?” the second voice asked.

“I know it is weird, but I sure do. I have this thing for nearsighted broads. They really turn me on,” the first voice replied.

Carrie thought she knew the 2 guys, but she wasn’t sure which one was which. They both were decent looking guys, and she had thought before that she wouldn’t mind it if either one of them hit on her. But now she had a dilemma. If she let them know that she was here, they would realize that she had heard them talking, and they might be too embarrassed to ask her out. Quickly she realized the only thing that she could do. She stood up, and carried her tray to the booth where they were sitting, and slid in to the closest side.

“Which one of you gentlemen wants to ask me out?” Carrie asked.

“Well, we both do,” replied the one she had sat beside. “But Austin over there is the one who likes girls who wear glasses. And by the way, my name is Corey.”

“I’m pleased to meet you Austin, and Corey. I’m sorry about the eavesdropping, but my supervisor sent me for an early lunch. I am assuming that you were going to try to wrangle an introduction to me if I had shown up at my usual time.” Carrie replied.

Austin was beet red, and Corey was also blushing. But Carrie knew that she had made the best of a bad situation.

“I’m glad that Austin is the one who wants to meet me the most.” Carrie said.

“Why’s that?” Austin questioned.

“Well, Corey is a good looking guy, but I am afraid that Carrie and Corey don’t sound all that great together. Austin and Carrie sound better.” Carrie replied.

“Does that indicate that you are not otherwise attached, and that you would go out with me?” Austin asked, his confidence returning.

“I can’t change the fact that I’m very nearsighted, and I think it would be a wise move for me to go out with a man who likes me as I am. It also helps that you are a pretty good looking guy Austin.” Carrie retorted.

So, from that day on Carrie and Austin became a couple. It unnerved Carrie a little when she realized that Austin had a very strong glasses fetish. He was very protective of her glasses, and wanted her to leave them on when they had sex. He also constantly asked her if her vision was still doing fine, almost as if he was hoping that Carrie would tell him that she needed stronger glasses. They had been going together for a year and a half when Carrie decided to test Austin.

“Well, my eyes have adapted to these glasses pretty well now. I think it is time for a stronger prescription.” Carrie said.

“What do you mean by that?” Austin asked.

“Well, I have only been wearing glasses for about 4 years now. I first noticed that a pair that was turned into the lost and found gave me much better vision when I wore them. So, every time I found a stronger pair that I could wear I changed up to them. Actually that’s not quite true. I wasn’t able to wear a lot of the pairs without forcing my eyes to adapt to them, but I persevered.” Carrie told him.

“What about the glasses you are wearing now?” Austin asked.

“I bought these glasses. A purse was turned in with an identical pair, and I found a prescription in the purse, so I kept the prescription, and ordered an exact same pair. They were really hard to wear at first, but by the time I met you I had pretty well adapted to them.” Carrie said.

“You are kidding me – right?” Austin quizzed.

“Nope, its the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Carrie replied.

“And you want an even stronger pair?” Austin asked.

“This is the longest period of time I have gone with the same pair of glasses. I was changing glasses every 3 or 4 months for the first 2 years. So, I think it is time I get a stronger pair. I am almost 22, and I probably don’t have much longer to do this.” Carrie said.

“You are fabulous. We have to get married. Will you marry me Carrie?” Austin asked.

“I’ll marry you as soon as I can wear these glasses.” Carrie replied.

Carrie pulled the white and black-framed myodiscs from her purse. These were the glasses that she had taken just after Lily had returned to work after her accident almost 4 years ago. She took her rimless –15.50D glasses off, and put the myodiscs on. By pulling them part way down her nose Carrie could see fairly well through them, but she knew that they were still quite a bit too strong.

“Those are great looking glasses. How soon do you think it will be before you will be able to wear them?” Austin asked.

“It will probably take at least another year Austin. And I will likely have to jump about 6 or 7 diopters in that time.” Carrie replied.

“What are we waiting for? Lets get you some stronger glasses to wear.” Austin said enthusiastically.

“No need for you to rush. I already have a pair ordered from a supplier on the Internet that are –18D. They should be here any day now.” Carrie said.

“Have I told you lately that I love you?” Austin asked.

It took almost another 2 years before Carrie felt comfortable wearing the myodiscs, but Austin convinced her that they should get married long before that. Both Carrie and Austin marveled that they had found each other, and they each considered themselves the luckiest person in the world.


Specs4ever Oct 2006