How Much Is Too Much

by Specs4ever

I looked up at the menu for the fast food restaurant, decided what I wanted, and ordered. As I stood around waiting for my order to be ready I noticed a young lady come from the take out order area, and as she began to place food items in the sacks for the drive through customers I was able to get a good look at her glasses. They were absolutely perfect glasses. The black frames held plano fronted lenses that showed plenty of cut in whenever she turned my way, and I was absolutely captivated. I had been in this fast food chain a number of times before, but I had not stopped there for quite a while, so she was a new person to me.

I could not get her off my mind. She was not what I would call memorably attractive. She had long auburn hair, worn in a ponytail and she was at least 5’8” tall. Unfortunately she was a little heavy in the rear end, and her stomach showed a few rolls under the uniform. She didn’t even have a great set of breasts, so really the only thing she had going for her was a fantastic pair of glasses. I had watched her as she prepared orders, and the way she would put her curled right finger to the bottom of her glasses frame, and push her glasses tighter to her eyes excited me in a way no other woman had ever done. Maybe her glasses could overcome the heavy butt.

It took a couple of weeks of stopping by every chance I could before I was able to speak more than a few words to her. Sure, I knew her name was Sasha, from the name tag that she wore, but she was always very busy, and unable to say much more than the requisite, “May I take your order?” and of course the standard, „Enjoy” when she placed the tray in front of me.

I think it was on my 4th visit when I managed to say, „I like your glasses. They suit you well, and you look good wearing them.”

Sasha replied, “Thanks, but they are pretty thick.”

I quickly replied, “They could be twice as thick and you would still look good wearing them.”

She just looked at me with a funny look, and went on to wipe the next table. But, the next time I was in she gave me a special smile to indicate that she had recognized me. The following day I was standing in line, and she came up to another cash register, and looked straight at me as she asked for the next person in line. I knew she had spotted me, and had waited until I was going to be the next person in line before she came to her register. As I was eating the registers cleared, and I spotted her filling the take out bags and handing them through the window. Once she had finished all the orders, she grabbed a rag, and came over to the eating area and started wiping the tables down. I knew that she had started on the table next to me for a reason, and I didn’t miss my chance.

“Are you going to the street carnival Saturday night?” I asked.

“I had thought about it, but my girlfriend is going with her boyfriend, and it is no fun to tag along.” Sasha replied.

“I take it that either means that there is no boyfriend in your life right now, or else he is away.” I said.

“No boyfriend right now,” was her reply.

“I’d love to take you if you want to go. I will be back in for lunch tomorrow, so you can think it over and let me know then.” I told her.

“Don’t go for a minute, and I will get a piece of paper to write my phone number on. You can call me tonight, and we can discuss this.” Sasha said.

I wondered what there was to discuss. Either she wanted to go with me, or she didn’t. She looked to be only about 18, and I just turned 21, so we were about the right age spread. But, when she handed me a slip of paper with her name and phone number written on it, I told her that she would get a call from me at 8 pm that evening.

“Hi, this is Joe. Is Sasha in?” I asked when the phone was answered at exactly 8 pm.

“Hi Joe, this is Sasha. I am glad you called,” Sasha replied.

“Well, I wondered why you didn’t want to give me a yes or no answer this afternoon at the restaurant, but I decided I would play it your way and call you,” I told her.

“This is kind of hard to discuss over the phone Joe, so bear with me. I have some questions to ask you first. Would the fact that I have a 2 month old daughter with no father in sight bother you?” Sasha asked.

“No, I can handle that,” I answered.

“I think you are a guy who likes girls who wear glasses. I noticed you staring at me, and you could hardly take your eyes off my glasses. Am I guessing correctly?” Sasha asked.

“You are very observant Sasha, and you are correct.” I said.

“You mentioned one day that if my glasses were twice as thick you would still find me attractive. Did you mean that?” Sasha finished her questions.

“Yes, I did mean that. I like girls with strong prescriptions.” I replied.

“Well, you have answered every question in a manner that is satisfactory to me. So, I will be pleased to accompany you to the street carnival Saturday night. Can we either go early in the afternoon and come back to my place so I can feed Kelsey at around 5 pm, or can we go after 5:30?” Sasha asked.

“Well, why don’t we go and walk the street and look at all the vendors booths around 2, and then come back to your place so you can feed your daughter around 5. Then we can have something to eat ourselves, and go back around 8 for the street dance?” I asked.

“That would be great if you can put up with me for that long.” Sasha laughed.

I could hardly wait for Saturday. I stopped by the restaurant for my lunch the next 2 days, but other than giving me a friendly smile and a “hello Joe” we were not able to communicate because she was too busy. Promptly at 2 pm I appeared in front of the address that Sasha had given me. I went to the door and rang the bell, and an older lady answered. I could tell that the lady must be Sasha’s mom, as she looked a lot like Sasha. She was a little on the heavy side, but not too bad, so I hoped Sasha would end up looking no heavier than this. I would rather have Sasha thinner, but her weight was nothing I couldn’t handle. I noticed that Sasha’s mom didn’t wear glasses, so I wondered if Sasha’s myopia came from her dad’s side of the family.

Sasha came down the stairs, “Hi Joe. You are looking good. Do you want to come in and see Kelsey?”

“Sure, why not.” I replied.

And of course I had to oh and ah over a tiny little baby. Don’t get me wrong; I like kids. I just haven’t had much experience with them. Sasha looked really good also. She even looked as if she had lost a little bit of the fat around her waist. I commented on the fact that she looked thinner, and she beamed and told me that it was a hard task, but she was finally loosing some of the extra weight she had gained when she was pregnant.

Sasha and I had a great time walking around through all the exhibits, and finally we went back to her house so she could breast feed Kelsey. I managed to look at all the pictures of her parents that her mom had around, and not one of her dad showed him wearing glasses. There were even pictures of her grandparents, and a couple of them were wearing plus lensed glasses, but there wasn’t a high minus in sight.

After Sasha finished we went to a restaurant and had our own supper. We were finished and we were sitting around talking and drinking a coffee. The people at the table next to us lit up cigarettes, and the smoke drifted our way.

“Joe, can we get out of here. Smoke really bothers my contacts,” said Sasha.

I muttered a few explicative under my breath. Contacts, the lady wore minus glasses over plus contacts. I had heard of this, and I thought I might like to try it sometime myself. But there was no way I was going to go with a girl who did it. I wanted a real nearsighted girl, not a pretend one.

We left, and I guess that Sasha noticed the change in my attitude.

“What is wrong Joe? You seem to be upset over something. Did I say something wrong?” Sasha said.

“I want a real nearsighted girl, not one who pretends.” I answered in a surly tone.

“I am real nearsighted. I am wearing glasses with a –10D prescription over –6D contacts. That is about –16D. Is that not strong enough for you?” Sasha asked.

“Holy mother!” I exclaimed. “You are a –16D myope. I thought you meant that you wore your glasses over plus contacts, and that you were not myopic at all.”

“Well, truthfully I am not quite a –16D myope yet, but I am working on it as hard as I can.” Sasha told me.

With this statement all thoughts of the dance went out of my head. We needed to find a place to talk. So, I suggested that we sit in my car and she could tell me all about how she was working on making herself a –16D myope.

“How did you get the –6D contacts?” I asked.

“I stole them,” replied Sasha. „But, please Joe, let me tell you the whole story so that you will understand it a bit better, and won’t judge me too harshly.”

“That is probably the best idea,” I said.

“I guess it all started when I was 12. A girl moved here from Riverside, and she was in my class. She wore pretty thick glasses, and some of the kids made fun of her. But, I thought her glasses made her look unusual, and special. So I started to talk with her, and I sat beside her in class. Soon we became close friends. Matti had worn glasses since she was in diapers, and I discovered that she wore glasses because she was very nearsighted. She let me try her glasses on a couple of times, and I don’t really know how to explain it, but I found if I made my eyes push into the back of my head, I could almost see with her glasses on. Matti was really surprised, because usually when other people tried her glasses on they always told her that they couldn’t see a thing. I couldn’t see well, and it hurt my eyes to force them to see through Matti’s glasses, but I liked the sensation.

Matti moved away after that year, and when I had my school eye check I still had perfect eyesight. I tried everything I could do to make myself nearsighted. I was searching on the internet for everything I could find about myopia, and I discovered that if I held my reading material very close to my eyes I was supposed to be able to make myself nearsighted. So I read an awful lot. I also sat really close to the TV whenever I watched it, and when I wrote I held my face really close to the page. But none of this worked.

I was a bad kid when I was 14. I got into a bit of trouble at school, and I was shoplifting clothing. I never got caught, but I came very close a few times. One day I was in a department store at the mall. This lady put her purse and a small bag down when she was trying on clothing, and she left it sitting there while she went to another rack. I picked up her purse, and the shopping bag, and I quickly left the store. There wasn’t much cash in the wallet – maybe 20 bucks, so I threw away the purse, and the wallet. But, inside the small bag were 6 vials of contact lenses. Three of them were marked with a big R and said –5D on them, and the other three said –6D. There were some other numbers on all the vials that said 8.7 and 14.5.

I took the money and I bought some contact lens solution. I also bought 2 really good tight sealing screw cap lens cases. When I got home I put one of the –5D contact lenses into my left eye. It felt good and was really comfortable. Then I put the other –5D lens into my right eye. Things were not clear anymore. I didn’t think I could stand the blur. But then I remembered what I did when I had tried to wear Matti’s glasses. I pulled my eyes into the back of my head. I probably am not explaining that right so that you understand, but I think what I was really doing was taking my eye muscles and forcing them to either make my eyeball longer, or increase the thickness of my inner lens. This created a lot of pressure, but the more I did this, the better I could see things. After about an hour, I could see fairly well, at least well enough to function.

For 3 months I wore the –5D contact lenses from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. I did not even try to go one day without them. By then it was a lot easier for me to wear them. So, then I decided I would try to wear the –6D contact lenses. I wore them for almost 6 more months. We were having vision screening one day at school, so just as our class was being called I went into the washroom, and removed my contact lenses. I was sent home with a note to my parents advising that I had failed the school screening, and it was suggested that I have a proper eye examination as soon as possible. My mom took one look at the note, and she freaked out. She was very upset because no one in our family had ever needed glasses until they were old.

But, my mom took me in for an eye exam. I wore my –6D contacts, and just before it was my turn, I went to the washroom and took out the contact lenses. When I was given my prescription, my first prescription was for glasses with –4D lenses. My mom took me to the mall, and we selected frames, and they made my glasses for me right away. The day I went home from the mall wearing those first glasses was the first time in many months that I had not been overcorrected.

I didn’t know what to do. Some of the things I had been reading suggested that if a person wore a prescription that was too strong for them, nothing would happen. But, I knew from my own experience that that was not true. Another suggestion was that if a person wore an overcorrection of –3D, in about 10 months they would bump their myopia by about –2D. So, I decided that I wanted to try wearing my –5D contacts under my –4D glasses. This was hard for me. I think it was even harder to do this than it was to wear just the –5D contacts originally. There were days when I wanted to just wear my -6D contact lenses all day, and forget about wearing my glasses over the –5D contacts. But, I was trapped in a trap of my own making. I had to wear my glasses, and I wasn’t willing to just wear my own weak glasses. So, for an agonizing 3 months I wore the –5D contact lenses under my glasses. After about 3 months had gone by, it seemed to be a lot easier to tolerate this. One part of me wanted to move up to the –6D contacts, but another part of me told me no. Finally, when I was about 15 ½ I took the plunge. I put in the –6D contacts. I was surprised. By then they were fairly easy to wear. I went with the –6D contacts for about 2 months, and then I started to worry. If I got my eyes to a point where they really needed the –6D contacts and the –4D glasses, I probably wouldn’t be able to wear my –5D contacts under new, stronger glasses the next time. I thought the best thing I could do would be to get a new pair of glasses right now, while I still had the chance to wear the –5D lenses under the new glasses. So I told my mom I thought I should have an eye check. My new glasses were –7D, and my mom was really upset when she saw how thick they were. She really hated the fact that I was wearing glasses.

Again it was pretty hard to wear the –5D contact lenses under my –7D glasses. But I was glad I had decided to do it this way. It took another 4 or 5 months before I felt comfortable again, so I went for another 4 months. When I switched to the –6D contact lenses this time it was fairly easy. So I knew that I shouldn’t wait too much longer. After another 3 months, I went for an eye exam, and that is when I got these –10D glasses.” Sasha finished her story.

“What are you wearing under those glasses right now?” I asked.

“I just moved up to the –6D lenses a month ago,” Sasha replied. “I’m thinking I should go for another exam pretty soon, because I seem to be seeing really well now.”

“How strong a prescription do you eventually want?” I asked.

“How strong can I get?” queried Shasta quizzically.

“Well, I have heard of people with prescriptions as strong as –70D. But I have read a number of things on the internet that indicate that by the time a person reaches –20D their visual acuity is quite often less than 20/20. However, I have also heard of people who still can attain 20/20 with contact lenses with prescriptions up into the –40’s.” I replied.

“I have read the same thing, but how come you seem to know so much about this Joe?” Sasha questioned.

“I don’t know Sasha, but ever since I was younger I have had a burning desire to be nearsighted myself. I also tried everything I could to force my eyes to need glasses, but nothing worked. I want to try GOC at some time, but I just recently figured out how to get the contact lenses I would need. And I would have tried the same thing you are doing, but everything I have read has indicated to me that any myopia that I acquire after the age of 21 will only be temporary, due to cillary spasm.” I told her.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I continued to force my eyes to get worse and worse. I might as well tell you now that I want to be as nearsighted as I can possibly be, even if I can’t see 20/20 anymore. And I also must have read what you read, so I think I probably only have another three years to achieve the most myopia I can. And, as soon as Kelsey is around 18 months of age I want her to start wearing fairly strong glasses. I want her to be around –15D when she starts school, and I have been reading some studies where they put minus lenses in front of young chickens eyes. A –10D lens seems to be the best, because it gives the chicken myopia of almost –9D, within plus or minus 2D. A minus 20D lens seems to give around –13D with a plus or minus 5D. So, I think within 2 or 3 months Kelsey could be needing –10D really.” Sasha replied.

“Well, what if you and I were married and we had children of our own? Would you try to create myopia in them as well?” I asked.

“Yes, I would. I have to be truthful with you Joe, even if it means that you don’t want to go out with me for a second date.” Sasha said.

“Lets forget the second date, and just go right to the getting married part so we can get started on those nearsighted kids.” I replied.

I could see Sasha’s smile beam across her face, and her eyes twinkled in the moonlight under the lenses of her glasses as she said. “I never thought I would find the man of my dreams while I was working at a burger joint.”

“And I never thought I would find someone even more addicted to myopia than I am when I first looked at you and admired your glasses.” I replied.

So, after this, our first date, Sasha and I were together almost every free minute of our time. Sasha quickly made an appointment for an eye examination within a week of our discussing it, and her new glasses ended up with a –13.75D prescription. She got a new pair of glasses, and I could have handled it if she had stopped her myopic progression right there. Sasha tried, but she knew that she would not be able to adapt to wearing the –13.75D glasses with the –5D contact lenses under them. She admitted to me after the exam that she had used every trick that she could to have the doctor prescribe the strongest possible lenses. She had pulled back from the machine a little, she had told him that she couldn’t see clearly yet, even when he told her that the retina scope showed that the phoropter had the correct prescription in it, and when she was given the choice between red and green, she chose the red lens every time. So, the –13.75D glasses were likely about a diopter over her real prescription.

Sasha didn’t tell her parents that she had gotten new glasses, and she continued to wear the old –10D glasses over the –6D contacts for a couple more months. She kept trying the –5D contact lenses under the new –13.75D glasses, but she just couldn’t seem to adapt to them yet. So, as a surprise to Sasha, I went to an online contact lens supplier that was located in Poland that didn’t require a prescription. I ordered Sasha a pair of – 2D contacts, and a pair of –4D contacts. When they arrived, Sasha immediately tried the –2D contacts on, and put the –13.75D glasses on over them. Sasha was thrilled and from then on she wore the new glasses.

I tried to talk Sasha into wearing only stronger and stronger glasses, but she didn’t want to do that. She felt that people would notice if she changed glasses more frequently than once a year, and she was probably right. After only 2 months Sasha was able to change to the –4D contact lenses. She had ripped one of the original 3 –5D contacts, and she admitted to me that the other 2 were not as comfortable anymore, so I went to another online contact lens supplier in the Czech Republic to order her two more pairs of -6D and –8D lenses. The –6D lenses had barely arrived when Sasha was able to change up to them. It seemed that the worse her natural myopia became, the faster she could acquire even more myopia. Then in another 2 months Sasha was able to start to wear the –8D lenses under her glasses. Also it seemed to be a lot easier on Sasha to wear the small increase for 2 months rather than try a big jump all at once. But, it had only been about 10 months, and she was going to be ready for another exam. We also had a wedding planned in 4 more months, so I went back online and ordered Sasha a pair of -10D contacts to bring her to the most possible correction before we ordered her new glasses to wear for our wedding.

With only –2D bumps every couple of months for the past year Sasha had been much happier. She was an avid reader, but with all the overcorrection she was using, she had been forced to curtail her reading every time she got new glasses. Once she had gotten used to the massive overcorrection she was able to go back to her books. But for the last year, with only a –2D increase every couple of months Sasha had been able to continue reading all year, and she was quite pleased about this. She felt that all the reading, done with her books held as close to her eyes as she could possibly tolerate, had helped accelerate her recent increases.

As time drew near for Sasha to have her eye exam before the wedding we decided that it might be a good idea for Sasha to see exactly how strong a prescription she would really need. So, we tried the –6D contacts under Sasha’s current –13.75D glasses. She complained that things were still blurry, and she couldn’t see much of anything. I thought that this was strange. –6D contacts are like –6.50D glasses. So, when you added this together, Sasha would need stronger than –20.25D glasses. We then tried the –8D contacts. Sasha could see fairly well with them under her glasses, but she still complained that things were just a little bit blurry. The –8D contacts were equal to another –9D in her glasses. So, it was quite possible that Sasha required more than –22.75D of correction. This was over a –9D jump in only a year, and her eye doctor would have a fit. We could not let Sasha see her own eye doctor.

“What do you suggest that we do then?” Sasha asked.

“I suggest that we order you a pair of –18D contact lenses, which will be a little lower power than you seem to require, and then go in for your vision exam wearing contact lenses. And, of course we would have to choose a new doctor.” I replied.

“Well, Mom has been after me to try to wear contact lenses instead of glasses for this wedding, but I have refused so far. How about you order me a pair of –20D contact lenses and I will wear them for the wedding?” Sasha said.

“Your glasses would then be somewhere around –26 or –27D if you get used to –20D contact lenses.” I said, astounded at her suggestion.

“And your point is?” Sasha said.

“Babe, that is double your present glasses prescription. I don’t want you to wear contacts, and I know your mom would freak if you showed up wearing biconcave lenticular myodiscs like you will require with that prescription.” I told Sasha.

“Joe, that is why we are moving away from here. It is time I get Kelsey started wearing her glasses. With mom babysitting every day for Kelsey, I know that I can’t convince her that Kelsey is very myopic, and needs to wear strong glasses. You know the disparaging comments she makes about my thick glasses, and they are only half the strength that I will now need. If I try to put glasses on Kelsey she will only take them off, and from what I have read, myopia can only be induced if the lens wear is constant.” Sasha said.

I knew she was correct. And we were moving soon. I had a job in a city almost a thousand miles away, and Sasha was going to stay at home and get pregnant right away so we could start our own family. So, without telling Sasha, I ordered her a pair of –19D contact lenses as well as a pair of –20D ones. It was fortunate that when Sasha had stolen those contact lenses 6 years ago, the lady that she had stolen them from had been using the very best contact lenses available at the time. In the ensuing 6 years other contact lens manufacturers had come and gone, but this company still supplied contacts, and they were also one of the few that had a selection up to –20D.

Once the contact lenses arrived, and Sasha had the chance to try wearing them, she was pleased that I had ordered the lower prescription. The –19D contacts were only a little bit stronger than she required, so she was able to get used to them before the wedding. But, on our honeymoon she wore the –20D ones all the time, and I think that for the next month until our move was complete, and our house was set up, Sasha wore the –20D lenses constantly.

“Well, it is time Joe.” Sasha stated one morning.

“Yes, I suppose we had better get you your proper eye exam.” I replied.

“Yes, it is time for that, but it is also time to get a pair of glasses for Kelsey.” Sasha replied.

“I already ordered and received them with your last order of contact lenses honey. I have just been waiting for you to decide when the time was right.” I told her.

Sasha gave a squeal of delight, “Oh Joe you are so wonderful. I love you so much. Where are they? Can I see them?”

I went and got them. Sasha was like a child with a new toy, and she persisted in placing the -10D lenses in front of Kelsey’s eyes immediately. I expected Kelsey to raise a bit of a fuss and she did take the glasses off after a few minutes the first 2 or 3 times that Sasha placed them on her face. But after being told, “No, Kelsey, leave them alone and, No Kelsey, do not touch them,” a few times she finally left them in place.

“How are your eyes Sasha? Have you reached the point where you have really good vision with the –19D contact lenses?” I asked her a few weeks after Kelsey started wearing her glasses.

“What’s the matter Joe, are you tired of seeing me without glasses? Don’t you love me just as much when I am wearing contact lenses? You know I am blind as a bat without them now. Isn’t that enough of a turn on for you?” Sasha said teasingly.

And she was right. Sasha was essentially blind before she put her contact lenses in. When we first moved in to our house after our wedding, if Sasha heard Kelsey cry out, I was the one who had to get up to attend to her. While on our honeymoon, and for the last month, if Sara had to use the washroom in the middle of the night, she had to awaken me so that I could guide her. She was getting better though, as she had made it on her own the last couple of nights. And, in the morning, I could not leave the house until after I had helped Sasha put in her contact lenses. She could not see a thing unless she brought the object that she was looking at to within an inch of the end of her nose. Saturday morning once she had put her contact lenses in we made love. Sunday morning’s we made love first before she put her contact lenses in, and then again after I helped her with her contact lenses.

“Well, since you seem to see pretty darned good with the –20D contact lenses in I will accept that you are all right to go to an eye doctor to have your eyes checked while wearing the –19D contact lenses.” I replied.

“Actually, I can read fine with the –19D contacts, but things are a little fuzzy in the distance Joe. Could we wait a couple more weeks and maybe then I could go wearing the –20D lenses?” Sasha asked.

“No, we have to go now. We need a reason to go, and the fact that you can’t see very well with your –19D contacts is a great reason. You can continue to wear the –20D contacts when you want to, and we can boost the prescription you need for a pair of glasses to match the –20D contact lenses, but we can’t get over –20D contact lenses online, so we have to use an eye doctor from now on.” I replied.

This discussion made us both so horney we made love. After we were finished Sasha went to the phone book, and selected a few nearby optometrists to call for an appointment. She made some calls the next day while I was at work, and when I got home she told me that the minute she had mentioned that her contact lenses were –19D, all of the doctors she had called had suggested that she should see an ophthalmologist. She had been given the names of two, and had called them both, only to find that they were both booked for the next few months. She did make an appointment, but then she phoned one of the optometrist’s back, explained that her contact lenses were bothering her, that she had called and gotten an appointment with Doctor Cook, but it would be 2 months before he could see her, and she had lost her glasses when we were on our honeymoon. So the optometrist agreed to at least do a glasses refraction.

I took the day off work, and we left Kelsey with a babysitter. I accompanied Sasha in to the doctor’s office, and the girl checked Sasha’s vision with the auto refractor with her –19D contact lenses in. The auto refractor showed that she was between –1D and –1.50D under corrected. So, Sasha and I went to the washroom together, and Sasha removed her contact lenses. I guided her back out to the girl with the auto refractor again, and this time the auto refractor showed that Sasha needed –26.50D lenses for her glasses. Then I led Sasha to the examination room and I sat there with her until the doctor came in.

“Hi, I am Doctor Fortier,” the doctor said.

“Pleased to meet you. I am Joe, the seeing eye husband, and that is the very nearsighted Sasha sitting in the chair in front of your machine,” I replied.

“Yes, I can see from the auto refractor results that you are extremely myopic Sasha. I usually use the other examination room, because the phoropter in there is a newer model, but this one will do a higher prescription because it has more lens selections. So, lets get down to work here, and we will see if we can get you a new correction. I also understand that you have an appointment with Dr. Cook in about 2 months.” The doctor said.

“Yes, I do doctor. But the only pair of glasses I have are so weak I couldn’t wear them at all. I lost my most current pair while we were on our honeymoon, and I need new glasses so I can give my eyes a rest from contacts.” Sasha told him.

What was the prescription of the glasses that you lost?” asked the doctor.

“Around –22D.” I replied.

“How strong are the glasses you still have?” Doctor Fortier asked.

“They are only around –14D doctor,” Sasha replied.

“And how long has it been since they were prescribed for you?” asked the doctor.

“They are around 2 years old. My contact lenses have been increasing about –2D in power every few months for the past couple of years,” lied Sasha.

“That is incredible. I have never heard of anyone gaining –12D of myopia in only 2 years. Actually if the contact lenses increased –12D that is like a –14D glasses prescription increase. Are you sure of that?” he asked.

“Yes doctor, we are sure of that.” I answered.

So Doctor Fortier completed the examination. I noticed Sasha sitting with her head a little back from the phoropter, but I didn’t say a word. She also picked the red over the green every time as well. When he was finished Doctor Fortier wrote out a prescription for Sasha to order new glasses. The prescription read –27.50D for both eyes. He also wrote a prescription for new –20D contact lenses.

I helped Sasha back to the bathroom and helped her put in her contacts. She had brought the –20D ones, and those were the ones she wanted to put in, so since I knew that the optician couldn’t tell the difference in power I let Sasha do what she wanted. Since Sasha had been given a prescription that exactly matched her –20D contact lenses, and since Doctor Fortier had a nice little optical store right at his office we decided to order Sasha her new glasses in her proper prescription. The optician was the same girl who was the receptionist, as well as the girl who worked the auto refractor.

“Wow, he added another diopter to the auto refractor’s findings. I thought my prescription was strong, but my –14D is nothing compared to yours,” Kim, the optician said.

“Well we aren’t too happy about it either, but we have to get Sasha a pair of glasses that she can wear. She has been wearing contact lenses exclusively for the last 2 years, and her prescription has climbed like crazy. Two years ago she was –14D, like you are now.” I told her.

“She has gone from –14D to –27.50D in only 2 years? That is almost unbelievable.” Kim said.

“That is what the doctor said also. But it is true, and she has no glasses to wear. We have an appointment in 2 months with Doctor Cook, and I suspect that her prescription may increase even more between now and then, so we had better get a pair of glasses ordered.” I said.

Sasha and Kim picked a couple of frames that they liked. I vetoed the one frame, because I knew the temples would not close with the thick plastic biconcave lenticular myodisc lenses that we were ordering for Sasha. Kim didn’t even try to talk us into any other option, and I am not sure if that was because she didn’t know enough to even suggest anything else. She did try to talk Sasha into the antireflective coating, and polished edges, but I told her no to both options. So we went with the one frame that I felt would work. We paid for the glasses, and the office visit, and we went back home to rescue darling bespectacled Kelsey from the sitter. Kelsey had now been wearing her glasses for almost 7 weeks, and had adapted nicely. No one could tell that she was overcorrected. And, I was sure that she was still overcorrected. I felt that it would take a couple more months of full time wear before Kelsey’s eyes totally adapted to the –10D prescription.

Kim had put a rush on Sasha’s glasses, and we had paid extra for overnight shipping, but I was still surprised when Kim phoned 3 days later to tell us that the glasses were in. Of course Sasha wanted to go right over to get them the minute I arrived home from work.

Kim thought Kelsey was adorable, and Kelsey stayed with Kim while Sasha and I returned to the bathroom to remove the –20D contact lenses. I guided Sasha out, and sat her down in the chair that Kim indicated to me. Kim put the glasses on Sasha’s face, and Sasha looked at herself in the mirror.

“Well, these are certainly my glasses. I can see, but they are so thick and ugly.” Sasha almost wailed. I knew she was acting.

“Will you still love me when I am wearing these awful thick glasses Joe?” Sasha sobbed to me.

“Of course I will honey. You are still the same person, and you can’t help it that your eyes have gone all weird. I just hope Doctor Cook can tell us what is wrong, and how much worse they are going to get. I am sure that we could get you nicer lenses, but the cost would be prohibitive if your prescription keeps changing so fast.” I replied.

“How old are you Sasha?” Kim asked.

“I will be 21 in a few months. Why?” Sasha asked.

“Well, I told you that I had never known anyone with as strong a prescription as you have. I did, but I didn’t if you know what I mean. I sent your eye examination results over to Laverne at Doctor Cook’s office, and when I was telling her about your high prescription she told me that her contact lenses were –27D for one eye, and –28D for the other eye. I knew she wore contacts, but I never dreamed that she would have a glasses prescription of around –44D and –42D. Laverne was telling me that you likely have the same thing as she has. She called it severe progressive myopia, or galloping myopia. She told me that she is very lucky, as quite often this type of severe myopia is also degenerative, and you can go blind from it, but she is 45 years old now and she sees very well with her contact lenses. She said she has had a stable prescription since she was 30, so you likely have another 9 years to go.” Kim explained.

“Oh wonderful,” Sasha replied sarcastically. “At the rate my eyes have been deteriorating that would be like another –54D of myopia if I keep up the –6D per year increases.”

“Oh no, that won’t likely happen. I told Laverne about you having a –12D increase in 2 tears, but she said that it will slow down a lot, and that you will only loose another –1 or –2D a year until it stops.” Kim replied.

“Well thanks for your help Kim. We probably won’t be back to your office once we start seeing Doctor Cook.” I replied.

“Well, we can examine your darling daughter’s eyes for you in the future. Actually, I am not busy right now, and we just got a new program to use with children, It has dogs, and cats in there for her to look at instead of scenery. Would you like me to check her out on the auto refractor right now?” asked Kim.

“I thought about the offer quickly. If we said we were in a hurry, the offer might not ever be made again. If the auto refractor showed that Kelsey was overcorrected, we would just have to cross that bridge when we came to it.

“Sure, that would be great Kim.” I said.

Kelsey made a fuss when Kim took off her glasses. After a few minutes Kim reported that according to the auto refractor, Kelsey needed a prescription of –10D. Both Sasha and I breathed a sigh of relief at this news. However I was amazed that Kelsey had adapted to this prescription in such a short period of time. It had only been about 8 weeks since Kelsey had started wearing those glasses all the time.

“Well, that is good. Our old doctor got the prescription for Kelsey right on. He said Kelsey likely had congenital myopia, since Sasha was so nearsighted. He was very surprised that Sasha hadn’t started wearing glasses until she was around 14 though.” I said.

This brought another look of amazement from Kim. I should have kept my mouth shut.

“You mean that Sasha has developed –27.50D of myopia in 7 years. That is incredible.” Kim responded.

“That is awful. I hate being so blind.” Sasha relied.

With that, we left the office. Sasha was so excited that she wanted to make love immediately after we got home. So, I obliged her. To anyone but a glasses lover, her new glasses would have looked awful. The front curve was likely about –7.50, and the rear curve contained the other –20D. The edge of the lenses was around ½ an inch thick where the lens met the frame, and when you looked at the steep curve of the high plus rear carrier, where the edge of the myodisc was, it looked to be a good ¾ of an inch thick. When I stared into the front of the lenses, there were so many reflections, and the lenses were so extremely strong, I couldn’t even see her eyes. But to both Sasha and I, they were exactly the look we wanted for her.

Sasha was worried about what, and how to tell her mom. She wanted to tell her that Kelsey had been examined and found to require strong glasses, and she also wanted to tell her that her own eyes had gotten a lot worse. I heard the conversation, as I was listening on the extension in the other room, and Sasha was being as melodramatic as she possibly could.

“Oh mom, it’s just so awful, I had to call you.” Sasha said, sobbing.

“What’s the matter Honey, did you and Joe have a fight?” Mom asked.

“No mom, Joe is wonderful, I am so happy that I married Joe. It’s Kelsey and me mom. Kelsey has to get glasses. Her prescription is even stronger at a year and a half than mine was at age 15. And, my eyesight has gotten so bad that the doctor thinks I could be going blind from some sort of degenerative thing. I think he called it degenerative high myopia.” Sasha told her mom, sobbing all the time.

“Are you certain honey?” Mom asked.

“Well that is what he told Joe and I. I have another appointment with a specialist in 6 weeks. Joe got me a new pair of glasses, but they are so awful looking I can hardly stand to wear them.”

That was all of the conversation I listened to. After she hung up Sasha came and told me that her mom had been very supportive

The next 6 weeks went quickly. Sasha celebrated her 21st birthday the day before her appointment with Doctor Cook. Of course we made love again, and again that night. The next morning I had booked off work, and as Sasha and I walked out to the car I saw her eyes narrowed into tiny slits behind the lenses of her glasses. I hadn’t noticed her squinting like this before. She shouldn’t have had an increase in only 6 weeks. And then it hit me. I bet she had used contact lenses under her glasses for the last 6 weeks.

“How strong did you get to with your contacts?” I asked.

“Excuse me?” she queried.

“Don’t play dumb with me. I want to know what power contact lenses you were most recently wearing under those glasses.” I replied.

“I got up to the –8D ones for the past couple of days, but I couldn’t see too well with them. I wore the –2D ones for the first few days, but they were so weak they hardly did anything. Then I wore the –4D ones for 2 weeks, and I switched to the –6D ones for almost a month. They were great. Are you mad at me?” Sasha said.

“No, I am not mad. I just wonder how much is too much.” I replied.

“Well, that Laverne girl at the doctor’s office has –44D. I’d like to be a little higher than her, and then I will stop.” Sasha told me.

“I don’t think you will ever stop. I have often asked you how much is too much, and you never give me a straight answer.” I replied.

Sasha and I were at Doctor Cook’s office for most of the morning. Her eyes were poked, and prodded, and looked into with all sorts of instruments. Finally Doctor Cook gave her a complete refraction, and we met in another room that was likely his office. He was a car nut, as there were pictures and models of cars all around. If it had been my office I would have had glasses all around with different prescriptions and styles. But I guess that could be because I am a glasses nut.

“Well, Sasha, in the last 6 weeks you have, if Doctor Fortier’s examination was accurate, added another –7.50D to your prescription. He tells me that you don’t have any records of your increases over the last couple of years. I would really have liked to see your progression, but I will have to accept that you have gone from –13.75D only 18 months ago all the way up to –35D. I was able to get your first records from Doctor Jones. Why did you change doctors so often, and do you remember any of the doctor’s names you have seen over the past year or so?” Doctor Cook asked Sasha.

“Well, I know we went to the first doctor that had an immediate opening whenever I needed another increase. Joe or I just called around until we found a doctor who could see me right away. And then we went, and usually my contacts increased by at least –2D every two months. But whenever I got new contacts it didn’t seem like a really big deal, because I could see just fine again. Then after about 6 weeks I would start noticing that things were getting a bit blurry in the distance, and we would make another appointment with any doctor we could find. I would have done the same thing this time, but every doctor in this city wanted me to see an ophthalmologist the minute I mentioned that I wore –19D contact lenses.” Sasha told the doctor.

“Well, I will try to explain your problem in terms you can understand. A normal eyeball is shaped like a golf ball, fairly round. Your eye is misshapen, and has grown more to look like an egg. This happens to many people, but in your case, think of the tallest and skinniest egg in the crate. This is what your eye looks like. And, in your case, your eye isn’t just way out of round; you have what is called a posterior staphloma. The back of your eye is bulging out more and more all the time. I have done every test I could possibly do, and it is very unusual, but your retinas are still firmly attached. Normally with your problem, I would find evidence of lattice degeneration, but you are very fortunate in that you don’t have any. Also, in someone with –35D of myopia, it is very seldom that I can correct him or her to 20/20 visual acuity. You are one of the very few. My nurse, Laverne, the colored lady you met when you came in is another one who can be corrected very well, but she only wears contact lenses. And she has had a retinal detachment in both eyes – a minor one, but we did have to go in and repair her retinas. So, I can honestly tell you that you are probably the highest myope I have ever seen with true 20/20 vision.” Doctor Cook told us.

“Doctor Fortier said I could go blind. You didn’t tell me that yet. Are you going to?” Sasha asked.

“Well, I will not tell you that it can’t happen. I am very surprised that your eyes are so healthy for someone with such a high prescription. And I want to see you every 2 months for further examinations. But, to give you a direct answer, I don’t think you are in danger of going blind yet.” Doctor Cook said.

“I am pregnant Doctor. Will giving birth present a problem?” asked Sasha.

“No, we will monitor you very closely though. I may not want you to give natural birth though, as all the pushing could cause a retinal detachment. But we will do another retinal scan just before you are due, and decide then.” Doctor Cook told her.

With that we left his office and went out to see Laverne. She was most interested to see another patient who was almost as nearsighted as she was. She was a very pretty lady, small and petite, with eyes that bulged to the front, so that when she blinked and her eyes were closed there was a definite forward bulge to her eyes. I have looked for this before in contact lens wearers, and it seems that the more bulge to the front they have the higher the prescription is. Laverne made Sasha another appointment in 2 months, and they talked about their respective eyesight, or rather the lack of it. Laverne apparently could not get to any better than 20/40 with glasses, so she was very interested in the fact that Sasha was able to see 20/20 with glasses. Finally we left the office.

“You didn’t tell me you were pregnant. How far along are you?” I asked.

“I am surprised you hadn’t noticed my belly bulging a little. I am about 4 months along.” Sasha replied.

“That is wonderful. I am so pleased. Listen, since Doctor Cook doesn’t sell glasses, do you want to slide by Doctor Fortier’s office and have Kim order you a new pair? I asked.

“No, it is not necessary to spend the money. I was getting pretty used to the –8D contact lenses so I will just wear them for a while. And if my eyes get any worse, I can always go to the 10D ones.” Sasha responded.

I lost it, and exclaimed, “You are not wearing contact lenses under your glasses anymore!”

“Ok, Ok, I have never seen you upset before, but if this bothers you I guess we can get new glasses.” Sasha said reluctantly.

I knew what she was trying to do. She would have worn the –8 D contact lenses for another 2 weeks, then she would have gone to the –10D ones. By the next time she went to Doctor Cook she would have gained another –6D of myopia. She was trying to surpass Lavern. I just knew it.

“Let it come naturally from here on honey. You will end up with a higher prescription than Laverne eventually. You have 14 years before you are her age.” I said.

“I am that transparent am I?” Sasha asked.

“Yes you are. Everything in your eyes looks healthy. Lets not blow it now. We want this next child, and then one more. And I know you want to be able to see them grow up.” I told her.

“You are right honey. I will get new glasses, and I will just go with whatever prescription the doctor gives me from now on.” Sasha said.

I hoped she meant it. We went back to see Kim, and we ordered Sasha another pair of glasses, similar to the pair she was already wearing. It blew Kim away that Sasha had her prescription increase by –7.50D in only 6 weeks. After Sasha got her new glasses we went back to our hometown and spent the weekend with her mother. Sasha spent the whole weekend telling her mom about all the tests she had done on her eyes, and she really pushed the possible blindness thing. Mom didn’t even seem all that concerned about the fact that Kelsey was wearing strong glasses now as well as Sasha. It was a good visit.

Over the next few years everything went on quite nicely. Kelsey was wearing –15D glasses by the time she reached school age. I made Sasha promise that –15D was the limit. Any further increases would be natural, and she seemed to accept that, providing I would let our children wear the –10D glasses from the age of 18 month on. So, I promised, and Allison, Amanda and Kevin all started off with a –10D prescription at that age. And, they all went up to –15D before they started school.

Sasha has continued with steady prescription increases, and now at age 35 she is wearing glasses that are –55D. She has also found a job. The manufacturer of one of the specialty lenses for high myopia has hired her to test all their lenses. She gets to fly all over the world to optical shows, and she models their lenses for prospective customers. She does quite well with this job.

The kids are all doing well. Kelsey of course had the normal myopic progression, and now at age 18, she is wearing –25D lenses. Allison and Kevin are also having regular increases. It looks like Amanda is going to give her mom a run for the title of “The Most Nearsighted Girl in the World.” At age 14 Amanda is already wearing –32D lenses in her glasses.

I still don’t know how much is too much.


Nov 2005