The Incompatible Sisters

by Specs4ever

Anna and Pat shared a small bedroom in their parents small home. Anna was 1 year younger than Pat, but the sisters did not get along very well. Anna was a very beautiful girl, with pretty, long soft brown hair and deep blue eyes, while Pat was just average looking, with short, dish water blond hair, and very light, almost colorless blue eyes. Pat also was extremely nearsighted. She wore very strong contact lenses to see as her glasses had very thick lenses. It was difficult to see Pat’s eyes when she had her glasses on. The lenses were at least 20 mm thick and reflected a lot of light from the front surface and made pat’s eyes look very small. So, Pat never wore her glasses in public and always wore contacts that had a dark blue tint that made her eyes look as dark and as blue as Anna’s eyes.

Anna woke up first and saw Pat's glasses laying in their usual spot on her nightstand. She picked them up, they were quite heavy, with thick lenses. She looked at them and thought, how could anyone have such bad eyes as Pat has and how did she see anything out of these glasses? Pat had been wearing glasses since she was 4 years old and her myopia had been increasing at a steady pace since then, requiring a stronger prescription at least once, and sometimes twice a year. Her prescription was now up to almost – 18D at age 18. Anna put Pat's glasses back in almost the same place from where she had taken them.

Anna made her way to the bathroom and prepared for her shower. She coiled her full hair under her shower cap, because today she didn’t feel like washing and drying it. She looked at her smooth skin and nicely formed body and was pleased that her breasts were now fully developed. She already had the body of an adult woman, while her sister was considered to be still developing, as she had tiny breasts and her rear was what Anna considered to be a bit large. Considering all of this, Anna thought that the wearing of contacts instead of her coke bottle glasses didn't really add much to Pat's appearance.

Their mother had recently made Anna cancel a school trip with her classmates, because Pat needed the extra money they had to get new contacts, as she always got a new pair at least once a year, and this really upset Anna. Anna saw Pat’s contact lens case on the shelf underneath the mirror. Suddenly she had a mean idea. She unscrewed the left cap of the lens case, took out the lens and applied a tiny cut with her nail clippers. Hopefully, the cut would open more when Pat was cleaning it, before putting it onto her left eye.

Anna put the lens back and refilled the container with storage solution and wiped the container dry. Pat would never know what she had done. Anna seemed a bit happier now and took her shower.

Pat woke up and reached for her glasses. It was the first thing she did every morning before she put in her contacts, as she was blind as a mole without some correction. Oh, her dear sister, Anna, must have moved them, she thought; as she couldn't find them on her first try. She hated it, when Anna did things like this to her, but there was nothing she could really do about it. At least Anna didn’t do this very often. Oh, how she wished to have her own room. But their parents didn’t earn a whole lot of money, and it was useless to dream about moving to a bigger house. After feeling all over the night table with her hands, she finally found her glasses. After putting them on, most everything came into focus. She hoped that this would be a lucky year for her, and she felt she didn’t need an increase in her prescription this year and her myopia hopefully was slowing down.

Pat went to the bathroom and was happy to see that Anna had already finished, and she could insert her contacts in private and not be disturbed. It was always a problem for her to insert the contacts, as she couldn't see them unless she got very close and she couldn’t see herself in the mirror at all without her glasses. Once she had the first lens in, it was a lot easier to put the other one in. Pat washed her hands and opened the container holding her contacts. She brought the container very close to her eyes and removed the right lens and placed it in the palm of her left hand. She squirted it with fresh cleaning solution, and then she rubbed it with the tip of her right finger. She carefully turned it over and placed it with the concave side up on the tip of her right index finger. She removed her glasses with her left hand, putting them blindly aside and carefully inserted the contact onto her right eye. Pat liked the cold and fresh feeling in her eye when the soft lens touched her cornea. After a few blinks the lens settled into place and she could clearly see with her right eye. She then repeated the routine with her left eye. This time, however, it was different. When the lens was on her eye, Pat immediately felt a minor irritation. She blinked her eyes several times, but the irritation continued. Suddenly the irritation was gone but she couldn’t see anything but a big blur with her left eye. The lens had rolled off her eye and was hanging onto her lower eyelid. Great she thought, now I have to clean this lens again. She carefully picked it up, closed her left eye and inspected the left lens with her corrected right eye. “Oh no”, she said out loud. The lens was badly torn and was almost cut in half. “Oh damm!” This had happened once before, several years ago, when she first started to wear contacts. She would have to wear her glasses to school, she thought in panic. Nobody had ever seen her in glasses since she had started wearing contacts six years ago and strangely enough, so far, Anna hadn’t told anyone about Pat's secret need to have a strong correction to see. So what should she do?

Suddenly, she knew what to do. She would go to school with only the one contact lens on her right eye. When school was over, she would call her mother and tell her that she had just lost one of her contacts and was going to go to the optician to have her annual check up a few days early, and hopefully, she could get her new contact lenses right away.

Pat finished in the bathroom and got dressed. She was having difficultly seeing with only one corrected eye, and on the way downstairs she almost missed two steps. And later, having breakfast, it was a bit of a problem as she reached out for her glass of orange juice and spilled it all over the table, because with only one seeing eye, she had no depth perception.

Lenna was quite lucky that no one realized that she was only wearing one contact lens. She didn’t look directly at anyone, because she knew that her left eye looked very different from her right eye, because without the contact, it was a much lighter blue color. But, every one in her family seemed to be more concerned about the mess she made on the table than how her eyes looked. Her mother would have been upset, if she had told her that she had ripped a lens, and was wearing only one contact. Anna wasn't really sure if her plan had worked as she had wanted it to, as Pat wasn't wearing her glasses. Anna did wonder that maybe Pat was only wearing one contact lens. She tried to see Pat’s eyes, as she knew that if she had on only one contact, her two eyes would look different. But, Pat would not look at her. Anyway, Anna thought that she could always work on the other lens the next day.

Anna had finished her breakfast and was soon out of the house and heading for the bus stop. She wanted to be at school early so she could meet Billy, a boy that she had a crush on. Billy was a year older than Anna, and was in the same class as Pat. They had already gone out for a pizza together, and Anna hoped that their relationship would progress. If everything went according to her plan, he would soon be her steady boyfriend. When Anna arrived at school, Billy was waiting for her. She told him the bad news that she couldn’t go on the school trip, because her sister needed the extra money for new contact lenses. Billy was as upset as Anna about it. He said he wouldn't go on the trip without her and that they could spend the time together instead. This pleased Anna very much, because it indicated that Billy really cared for her.

Pat got ready for school. She checked her bag to see if she had everything. She had put her glasses in her bag as well. She had never done this before, but she felt that it would be a good idea, if she took them with her this time, because if something would happen to the contact on her right eye, she would at least have her glasses so she could see. And it would also help her avoid questions from the optometrist later on, when she reported that she had lost one of her contact lenses. She was now moving with a bit more confidence as she had adjusted somewhat to her monovision. She found her way to the classroom, without bumping into anything or meeting anyone.

Pat's trouble, however, began about 10 minutes before class started. She felt a minor irritation in her right eye. She nervously blinked her eye several times. The irritation got even worse. Maybe an eyelash had gotten between the lens and her cornea. She had to get the lens out and rinse it with saline solution and reinsert it. Her eye was probably red by now, and she rapidly thought that since both of her eyes required almost the same correction, it would be a good idea to insert the right lens onto her left eye. Quickly she got up and headed blindly to the restroom, as her right eye was now tearing badly. She had to feel her way to the restroom, which luckily wasn't far from the classroom.

Anna was heading for her class. She was almost going to be late because she had been talking with Billy. But, she saw Pat heading for the restroom. She noticed that Pat’s right eye was quite red and immediately knew that her plan was about to become a success. Anna was curious about what actually had happened, so she followed her sister. She let Pat enter the restroom first and waited a few seconds to follow her.

“Hi Patty,” she said, trying to hide the joy she felt.

“Oh, Anna, you know I hate it when you call me Patty. But, while you are here, can you help me with my contact lens? I am having a lot of trouble with one of them?” Lenna asked her sister.

Anna knew that now she had the chance to let her sister pay for all the set backs she had had to suffer over the years because of Pat’s poor eyesight. All of those “Anna you know we need the money for Pat's new glasses and contacts,” which always had made her so angry. And, once even her parents had borrowed money from her to get Pat new glasses. She had earned that money herself and was going to buy some new jeans. She had never even gotten that money back, and that was another reason why she was so resentful about having to cancel out on the class trip. But, now it was payback time!

”What's the matter, Pat?” she asked.

Pat told her about the trouble with her left lens, which Anna secretly knew about. Pat told her that she wanted to get her right lens out of her eye, clean it, and put it onto her left eye and she was asking Anna to help her.

Anna thought, “Well baby I’ll help you, but not in the way you think.”

Pat had taken her lens out and was holding it on the tip of her right index finger while fumbling in the bag with her left hand to get the saline solution out. Anna helped her find the bottle of solution, and found Pat's glasses in her purse as well.

“Oh Pat that was very smart of you to bring your glasses with you this morning”, Anna told her sister. “Why don’t you put your contact back into the container, and put on your glasses instead.”

“Oh no Anna, nobody has ever seen me in those ugly glasses. I can't do that,” Pat replied.

“Right now, I think you have no other choice, Pat, because I think you just lost your right lens as well.”

It was true. The lens on her finger had disappeared. Anna could see that it had fallen down onto the floor.

“Oh where is it? Anna, can you see it?” Pat cried.

Anna got down on her hands and knees, and diligently searched. She found the lens and picked it up, slipping it into the back pocket of her jeans, without Pat being able to see anything.

“No, I don’t see it anywhere Pat. You know contacts are so small and difficult to see,” she said. “Why don’t you just put on your glasses and forget that damned contact lens, wherever it is.”

By now, Pat was crying and tears were running down her cheeks. She couldn’t see anything and was completely helpless. Meanwhile, Anna had taken out Pat's glasses and put them on Pat's face. Pat didn't protest. Anna got a Kleenex out of Pat's bag, removed her glasses and wiped her tears away. After she had finished, she put the glasses back on Pat's face. Anna told her that there was only one minute before class was to start, and she pushed her out of the restroom, leaving her alone in the corridor where everybody could see her, wearing her thick glasses. Pat was very embarrassed and humiliated. She would tell their mother what had happened. But what had Anna actually done to her, Pat thought? She had helped her by cleaning her glasses, and wiping away her tears, and their mother wouldn't punish her for that. And she certainly wouldn’t punish her for not being able to find her contact lens.

So, Pat had to go back to class wearing her thick glasses, as she had no other choice. She hoped that her classmates wouldn’t notice her thick glasses and very light blue eyes, but she knew that they would. Oh, how she wished that she had been able to spend the extra money for the thinner lenses. All of her classmates stared at her when she came in wearing the thick glasses, and when class ended, and they walked to the next class, Pat was embarrassed by the comments about her glasses. Oh, there was nothing particularly hurtful, but there sure were a lot of comments that “they didn’t know she needed glasses and gee they seem so strong”, and so forth. It was strange, however, about how Billy acted. He could hardly take his eyes off her, and he walked with her to their next class. When this class was over, he again walked with her and asked if he could buy her a coke during the class break that they had. Pat thought, that it would sure pay Anna back, if Billy was one of those rare boys that actually was attracted to girls that wore thick glasses, and she could take him away from her sister.

Specs4ever, from a story written by Andy and Bobby, with editing by Aliena

July 2002