Into The Third Generation:

By Specs4ever

I can’t remember when I first realized that I had an obsession with glasses, thick-lensed glasses, for the correction of high myopia. I suppose it could have started with my mother, who wore glasses in the range of –6D when I was around 12 years old. Or, it could have started with my grandmother, who was around a –9D myope. Or, it could have been that my two older sisters and my older brother, all of whom wore glasses by the time I was this age. Maybe it was because of my younger sister, who at this time wore thicker glasses than anyone else in my whole family. Or, maybe it was because I was the only one who didn’t wear glasses in my family. Whatever the reasons were are immaterial, because by the time I had reached the age of 14, I really wanted to wear glasses just like everyone else in my family.

I had done some research at our local library on the subject of myopia and its correction. I really hadn’t come to any firm conclusions, although I did agree with the statement made by some of the experts that heredity was a contributing factor. One of the things I discovered was the theory that giving a myopic person stronger glasses than they needed would lead to them becoming more myopic and dependent on them.

Around this time my mom went for her annual eye exam, and for the first time in a number of years she needed stronger lenses in her glasses. Her new prescription was –7D- for both eyes, and I remember that a couple of weeks after her exam, the doctor’s office called, and she went in to have the new lenses put in her frames. She brought the old lenses home, and when she threw them out in the garbage, I managed to rescue them. My older brother Ron had gotten new glasses as well, and I frequently wore his old pair whenever I was alone in the room we shared. I was pretty comfortable wearing Ron’s –4D glasses. I could see well enough with them to also be able to read, so I wore them when I was alone reading, and that was a lot of the time. I had Mom’s old lenses safely stashed, but I couldn’t do anything with them, as when I held them up to my eyes, I had to use both hands, so I couldn’t hold a book or anything. So, I decided that I had to get a pair of frames for the lenses.

This was back in 1974, and there were no one hour optical places near my home. But, there was a new optical store downtown, so I wrapped the lenses in tissue paper, and took the bus downtown. I had no idea what the cost of new frames would be, but I had saved over $100.00, and I took every penny with me. After 2 bus transfers, I was downtown. I found the new store, and, although I was scarred to death, I managed to go in. A pretty young lady came up to me, and asked if she could help me, and I told her the story I had rehearsed about breaking my glasses into a million pieces, and I was absolutely blind without them. I must have had luck on my side, because within a few minutes the lady had found a men’s plastic frame that my mom’s lenses fit into perfectly. And, best of all, they only cost me $40.00. Of course I had to put them on, and tell the lady how wonderful it was to be able to see clearly again. I was glad I had practiced so much wearing my brother’s glasses. I spent the next couple of hours wearing the glasses walking around downtown, and since it was almost Christmas time, I did all my Christmas shopping with the rest of my money. I even took the bus home still wearing my new glasses.

When I transferred to the last bus to go home, I decided that I had better remove the glasses in case I saw anyone I knew. After wearing them for about 4 hours, I was amazed, and pleased that everything was blurred without them. I had noticed that after reading with Ron’s glasses on, things in the distance were a bit blurry when I took them off, but with these glasses there was a lot more blur.

At home that evening I went to my room, and wore them reading until I heard Ron come in. The next morning things were still blurred, so I asked Ron if I could look through his old glasses. I put them on, and it was wonderful. Everything was clear again. I told Ron how much better everything looked with his old glasses on, and I then took them off, and gave them back to him. I knew I didn’t have to say anything, and I was right. Later that morning my mom told me that she would be making an eye appointment for me, as soon as she could get me one, so I knew Ron had told that I was complaining about things being blurred.

The earliest appointment my mom could get me was over two weeks away. So, I practiced every minute I could with my mom’s old glasses. I had talked my Mom into letting me wear Ron’s old glasses to school, as I had convinced her that I couldn’t see the board without them. I would leave the house wearing his old glasses, and then I would change into my own pair with mom’s old lenses, and wear them for the rest of the day. The afternoon of my eye appointment was a day of anticipation. I went in wearing Ron’s old glasses. I sat in the chair, and the doctor clicked the different lenses in front of my eyes. I had read that by holding your head back from the eye machine, the prescription would be higher to see the lines. With my head held back from the machine as much as I could manage, I read the line the doctor wanted me to read.

I was so nervous when the doctor lead me back out to meet my mom. The doctor explained that like other members of my family, I was also very nearsighted, and that I should get glasses immediately. I couldn’t wait to see the numbers on my prescription, and when I was able to look I was happy to see that they indicated that I needed lenses that were around –4D. I picked a pair of frames that were identical to the ones I had purchased a few weeks earlier.

I continued wearing my brother’s glasses for the next couple of weeks until my own glasses were ready. When I did get my own, I put them on for a while the first day, but I wasn’t happy, so I immediately began wearing the other glasses with my mom’s old lenses. No one even noticed the difference.

My grandmother was in failing health, and my oldest sister Judy had been sleeping over at her house to help her. Judy had gotten tired of the chore, and when she asked to be relieved from her duties, I said I would stay with Gram. She was a pretty neat old lady, and I especially liked to look at her glasses, as they were a lot thicker and stronger than anyone else wore in my family, except for my younger sister Susan. Susan wore glasses with really thick lenses. If I remember correctly, Susan had a prescription of –12D when she was 10 years old. I had tried her glasses on, but they were far too strong for me. But, Gram had around a –9D prescription, and she always had 2 or 3 pairs of glasses lying around her house, so I could sneak off to my room with a pair of Gram’s glasses, and if I pulled them far enough away from my nose I could read in bed wearing them. I had rapidly gotten used to my mom’s old lenses, and now when I tried to see with my own new glasses, I could not see anything as clearly as I could with my mom’s old lenses. So, it wasn’t too much trouble for me to make my eyes accommodate to Gram’s prescription.

After a few months of doing this, I began to feel that my mom’s old lenses were now too weak, so I managed to return to the eye doctor for another exam. Again I pulled my head slightly back from the machine, and I was pleased to see that my new prescription was now –7D. Mom was a bit surprised, as in less than one year my new glasses were now as strong as hers were.

I had been staying with Gram for around 6 months, and my parents decided that it was time for my second sister, Mary, to take a turn for a while, so I lost my ability to use a pair of Gram’s glasses whenever I felt like it. But Mary didn’t really want to stay with Gram, so I would take her place whenever possible. I was taking her place the night Gram passed away in her sleep, and when she didn’t get up the next morning, I found her in bed, with a peaceful look on her face. Before I called anyone, I looked through her drawers, and found a few pairs of her old glasses, and I made sure I placed them safely in my suitcase.

No one was too sad that Gram had passed on to a better life. She had lived well into her 80’s, and Gramps had died 10 years before. She often told me she wanted to go, to be with him again, and I was glad she had gotten her wish. My brother Ron and I were pallbearers at her funeral, along with my cousins. I hadn’t really spent too much time with my mom’s family, as most of my mom’s siblings had left the city, and when I saw all my cousins I was a bit surprised to see that most of them wore glasses. This was not too big a surprise, as it just confirmed my thoughts that heredity had a lot to do with this.

After the funeral, I was by myself in my room, as Ron had left for university that fall. I took the lenses out of one of Gram’s old glasses, and I managed to snap them into one of my old frames. Now I had a nice pair of stronger glasses to wear again. Soon I was wearing Gram’s old lenses as my main pair of glasses, and I was able to see very well. If I kept this up I would soon be able to wear my younger sister, Susan’s glasses. Well, maybe not her new glasses, as Susan had recently gotten a new pair with a prescription of –14D, but I could see myself wearing her –12D lenses.

Both Judy and Mary were rebelling about wearing glasses. They were trying to convince our parents that they should get contact lenses, and although my parents refused to pay for them to get contacts, after a while they both had earned enough money on their own to get them. I could see that this was going to be the wave of the future. Girls who had previously worn glasses in order to be able to see clearly were being bombarded by advertising, telling them that they were far more attractive to members of the opposite sex when they were not wearing glasses. So, the number of contact lens wearers was rapidly increasing.

By the time my 16th birthday rolled around I was wearing Gram’s –9D lenses all the time. I wanted to be able to pass the vision exam for my driver’s license, so I went back to the eye doctor again. Sure enough, I had nicely adapted to the –9D lenses, and I had my own prescription that was now –9.50D in my right eye, and –9.25D for my left eye. My doctor was a bit concerned that I had developed over –9D of myopia in such a short period of time, so I decided that I had better be satisfied with my own prescription for a while. My new lenses, for which I had chosen a nice large frame, were pretty thick anyway, so I thought that I would be satisfied for the time being.

The next couple of years were pretty uneventful. Judy and Mary both had received proposals of marriage from their respective boyfriends, and of course they gave the credit for this to their contact lenses. I finished high school, and so far I hadn’t required any increase in my prescription. I was still toying with the idea of trying Susan’s –12D lenses, and I had even gone so far as to take her old glasses from her drawer, and hide them in my room. I knew Susan wouldn’t miss them, as she had gotten a couple of prescription changes over the last two years, and she was now, at age 14, wearing –17D lenses in her latest pair of glasses. I loved looking at Susan’s new glasses, as the front surface of them was curved in, and they were wonderfully thick. But, Susan didn’t see anything attractive about her glasses, and I could tell that she was very shy and self-conscious about her poor eyesight.

I didn’t want to continue on in school, so when I graduated from high school I got a job delivering ice cream to supermarkets and variety stores. It was a fairly physical job, and it sure kept me in shape. I was laid off for a couple of months after Christmas, but they called me back to work in early March. I had been looking around for a young lady that would make suitable wifely material, but so far I had not found anyone. You guessed it. The girl I was looking for had to wear nice thick glasses. I was having a hard time with the fact that so many girls were now wearing contact lenses, and I was actually beginning to worry that I would never be able to find anyone who met my requirements.

My summer route took me into a real tourist area. The beaches stretched along the shoreline for about 10 miles. At one end was a decent sized town, and the variety store near the beach was a very busy spot on a warm summer day. Their ice cream sales made this store one of my best customers. Early in the summer, I had spotted a young lady working behind the counter who would have more than satisfied my requirements, except for the fact that she didn’t wear glasses. I tried and tried to get a good look at her eyes, as I was sure that I had spotted contact lenses, but I just couldn’t seem to confirm this. I had also noticed her bringing items very close to her eyes to see the price tags when she was ringing them up, but I just couldn’t be sure. However, it had reached the point where I was almost ready to throw caution to the wind and ask her for a date.

I had been agonizing over this for a week or so, and I had convinced myself to ask Karen if she would like to go to a dance with me on Friday night. So, on my regular Thursday stop, I entered the variety store ready to ask her. I walked in the back door, and I spotted Karen talking to a customer at the cash register. I waited for the customer to finish her transaction, and I walked up to Karen, just as she turned around. Karen was wearing glasses. These weren’t just any ordinary glasses, the glasses Karen had on her pretty nose were the very glasses I had fantasized about her wearing for many weeks. They looked to be at least as powerful as my sister Susan’s, and I could feel my stomach tie itself up in knots. I was so pleased to have been so fortunate.

I could tell that Karen was a bit flustered to see me, and I knew that she was likely feeling a bit apprehensive as to what my reaction would be towards her after I had seen her wearing glasses. So, I came right out and asked her out for the following evening.

She looked a bit surprised, and said, “You are asking me out now, just when I lost one of my contact lenses. Why didn’t you ask me out before?”

“I had been meaning to ask you out for the past couple of weeks, but I just got up enough courage to do it now,” I replied.

“Don’t my thick glasses make me look ugly?” she asked.

“My younger sister wears glasses at least as thick as yours are, so I am used to them. Anyway, my own eyes aren’t that great.” I told her.

With that Karen agreed that she would go to the dance with me. We had a great time, and for the rest of the summer we dated frequently. I was in heaven for the first two weeks, as her new contact lenses took that long to arrive. And, even after she went back to wearing contact lenses, I was secure in the knowledge that behind those almost invisible pieces of plastic was a pair of myopic eyes that would be mine forever. I wasn’t going to let her get away.

It took me a few months before I could convince Karen that we belonged together and should get married. She was driving me crazy wearing her contact lenses all the time, and I knew that I would have to be with her all the time so I could be there when she had to wear her glasses. It was during this period of time that I decided that I would go for it, and figure out a way to wear Susan’s old –12D lenses. I had already found a pair of men’s frames that the lenses fit – not perfectly, but well enough so that I could take them to an optician and have them duplicated. So, I did that, and I began to wear the –12D glasses all the time. I think my own prescription had crept up a bit since I got my last pair of –9.50D glasses, because I actually felt that my vision was quite good wearing them.

Karen and I were married, and we set up housekeeping. We rented a house close to the company I worked for, and Karen continued to drive to her job at the variety store. And, yes, she did still continue to wear her contact lenses anytime she went out in public. But this didn’t matter too much, because I now had her all to myself wearing her wonderful glasses every evening. I wanted her to quit work, so that we could start a family, but she didn’t feel that she was quite ready yet. After all, she was only 18, and I had just turned 20. But, I had chosen my lady well, as it didn’t take long before she became pregnant. Karen had a well-structured body for child bearing, as she had fairly wide hips, and when it was time to give birth to our first child, Jodie slipped out without too much trouble.

Jodie was a wonderful child. She hardly cried at all, and it was fairly easy to convince Karen that we should have another child fairly soon. But, we hadn’t counted on her second pregnancy resulting in twins. Karen wasn’t too pleased at this news, but I was ecstatic. Within a period of 15 months we had brought 3 girls into the world.

My game plan all along had been to have as many very myopic children, preferably girls, as possible. So, when Jodie was almost 18 months and Karen was very busy with the twins, I took Jodie to a pediatric ophthalmologist. I told the doctor that we had noticed that Jodie brought everything very close to her eyes to see, and he did a very thorough examination. He reported that he found her to be more than a little bit myopic, but suggested that we leave it for another year. I had not wanted to hear this, so I wrote Jodie a prescription for a pair of –6D glasses on a prescription blank that I had prepared myself using a photocopier and white out. I got the prescription filled, and when Jodie and I returned home, Jodie was wearing a darling little pair of plastic frames with cable temples, and –6D lenses. She seemed to have absolutely no problem wearing the glasses, so I was well on my way to my goal.

It wasn’t in my plans to have Karen become pregnant again right away, but it just happened. The twins were only 5 months old when Karen announced that she was pregnant again. I was thrilled, but I could tell that she wasn’t too happy with the thoughts of having 4 children in a period of 3 years. Karen had wanted a boy, but again the tests showed another girl.

By now Jodie had become dependant on her glasses, and it was a struggle to get her to take them off when it was time to go to bed. She was now able to put them on herself first thing in the morning, and I wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking on my part or not, but it did seem that she was pulling everything close to her eyes to see. And, by now the twins were almost 15 months, and Karen had even commented on the fact that they really didn’t seem to see very well. So, I chose a different pediatric ophthalmologist, and I took all 3 children to her. Jodie’s eyes now required –9D lenses, and I was a bit surprised to find that both the twins were extremely nearsighted. They each needed a prescription of –12 D, but the doctor wanted to start them off with only –10D. I told her that I thought it best that they be given the correct prescription, so she finally wrote out a slip for their full correction. I was now in a bit of a quandary, as I had considered getting a bit stronger lenses than the doctor had prescribed for Jodie, but I didn’t want to increase Carol and Sharon’s prescriptions, so I ended up just getting the correct prescription for each child. When I returned home with all three girls wearing glasses, Karen wasn’t too surprised at this, but she was disappointed that the twins had required such a strong first prescription.

Sandra was born shortly after the twins got their glasses, and Karen and I were pleased that she too seemed to be a healthy baby. While Karen was nursing Sandra, she noticed that her own vision wasn’t quite as good as it had been before, so now it was Karen’s turn to visit the eye doctor. Karen now was wearing glasses all the time, as contact lenses were too much of a problem to look after with 4 little children around. I knew that her contact lenses had been –16D, but Karen didn’t know, nor did she seem to care what the strength of her present glasses were. Now I was going to be able to find out for myself what my wife’s prescription was.

My mom stayed with the children, while we went to have her eyes examined. Karen’s specialist allowed me to be with her during the exam, and it was fantastic to be able to watch all the tests that the doctor put her through. She had a complete retinal exam, and a glaucoma test, and of course, a vision test. It was a real treat for me to watch Karen struggle to read the eye chart with her present glasses, and when I realized that she couldn’t see the 20/100 line, I knew her lens power would be increasing significantly. The doctor swung the phoropter in front of her face, and soon Karen was reading the 20/30 lines with one eye. Then she was reading the same line with her other eye, and when she used both eyes together, she managed to read most of the letters on the 20/20 line, although it was a struggle for her.

Finally we were finished, and the doctor gave Karen her new prescription slip. I was dying to see it, especially after the doctor told her that she had required a significant increase in her distance prescription, along with a bit of prism. As we headed over to the optical shop to select new frames, and order her lenses, Karen read me her new prescription.

“It says O.D. – 21.25 x –1.25 x 180, base out 5. Then the other eye says O.S. –20.75 x –1.50 x 165, base out 5. And then there is add +2.00. What does that mean?” Karen asked.

“It looks like you need a reading prescription along with your distance prescription Honey.” I told her.

“And why did he say that I couldn’t get contact lenses with this new prescription?” she asked.

“I think that it is because contacts don’t have prism, and you need 5 base out of prism. We will have to choose the frames pretty carefully so they don’t look too thick with the prism.” I told her.

Karen had gained a bit of weight with the 3 pregnancies, but she was still a very attractive lady. It was going to be a real pleasure to choose new frames for her. I knew that with my own eyesight, I couldn’t see well enough to choose my own frames, so it would be impossible for Karen. Of course, we got the usual “Oh, that is a very strong prescription” from the optician, but fortunately the optician had another customer with a similar script, so she was very informative, and knowledgeable about lens choices. Karen had been wearing biconcave lenses in her old glasses, but now her stronger prescription, along with the prism and the reading add, could not be made in anything except for a plano front base myodisc. And, in a myodisc, the prism would be addressed by moving the position of the lens center to give her induced prism. Finally we had a frame chosen that we felt would compliment Karen’s face, and would look as good as possible with the myodisc bifocal lenses.

I could hardly wait for Karen to get her new glasses, and finally the call came from the optician that they had arrived. We loaded up the 4 kids, and went to the optical shop. Karen had worn her contacts, and she took them out to try on her glasses. I was pretty sure that this would be the last time she ever wore contacts, and I was looking forward to this very much. I loved her appearance with her new glasses. Her eyes looked so wonderfully small behind the strong lenses. I don’t like strong plus prescriptions, because the person’s eyes look all fuzzy, but with a strong minus, the eyes look very tiny and clear.

It didn’t take long for Karen to realize that the prism in her new glasses really helped her focus on things. We had both left our glasses on when we were making love, and I was anxious to make love with her in her new glasses. I am sure that that evening we conceived another child, as nine months later our first son, Daniel, was born.

When Sandra was about a year and a half, I took her, along with Jodie, Carol, and Sharon back to the female Pediatric Ophthalmologist that we had used previously. She gave Jodie and the twins another thorough examination, and I was pleased that none of them required a change in prescription at this time. Sandra was found to have around -5D of myopia, and the doctor wanted me to wait for a while before getting glasses for her. This was fine with me, as I had Jodie’s old glasses that I could have Sandra wear.

When I got home I told Karen that Sandra was nearsighted as well, but that she could wear Jodie’s old glasses for a while, as her prescription was around the same as Jodie’s originally was. I am sure that Karen and the children must have been a sight when they went shopping at the mall. A mother with very thick myodiscs, a young 4 year old with strong glasses, twins under the age of 3, wearing quite strong glasses, and another baby, and a toddler in a 2 child stroller, with the toddler also wearing glasses.

Karen was rebelling about having more children. She had gotten even heavier when Daniel was born, and she was probably between 60 and 70 lbs overweight. She was not a tall lady to start with; only around 5’4”, and the extra weight made her look a bit rotund. I was now making darned good money with my ice cream route, and I wanted another 4 or 5 children – girls preferred. So, to help Karen out, we arranged for a foster child. Beth, our foster child was a darling, 14 year old. She was a bit taller than Karen, and had long blonde hair, which she wore very long. And, of course, she wore glasses. But Beth didn’t have high myopia. She only had a prescription of around –3D. I figured that would likely increase by the time she reached 18, but for now I was satisfied.

With Beth around to help Karen with the children, Karen went on a very strict diet, and began to exercise. Within a month it was noticeable that she was loosing weight, and within 6 months she had almost regained her figure. She was still reluctant to get pregnant again, but our other five children were so darling that she finally went along with me. Again, she was pregnant in no time. This time there was going to be almost 2 years between Daniel and our next child.

Jodie had started school the previous year, and she was now in first grade. The twins were in kindergarten, and Sandra was left at home with Karen and Daniel. I had noticed Daniel looking at things very closely, so I suspected that the family’s high myopia was going to affect him as well. And, it was time for Sandra to have another eye examination, so I made appointments for all five children. I was surprised when Jodie required an increase of –2.50D, but since she was always reading and coloring, I suppose that this was what brought her prescription up to –11.50D. The twins also needed an increase, but fortunately their increase was fairly small, and only brought them up to –14D. Sandra, who I had to explain to the doctor that she had taken her sister’s old glasses and started wearing them without any prompting, was found to now need a –10D prescription. Daniel was found to be extremely nearsighted. His first prescription was –16D, even stronger than the twin’s new prescription. And, just for fun the doctor decided to examine my eyes as well. I was a bit surprised, as my own prescription had increased by over a diopter, making me around –13.50D.

Armed with half a dozen new prescriptions, we headed off to the optical shop. The same young lady that had been so helpful with Karen was there, helped us pick out new glasses for everyone. Since my children did not require large eye sizes, the strong prescriptions did not give really thick lenses. However, the optician suggested that since Daniel was starting off with such a high prescription, and since it would likely only increase, we might be advised to start him off with myodiscs, so he wouldn’t have to get used to them later. That sounded like a good idea to me, so I also suggested that the twins have myodiscs as well. I broke down for my own new glasses, and I tried the new thinner plastic option that was just coming on the market. Fortunately I got the 2 for 1 offer, and my backup glasses were regular plastic.

And, then by the end of 1988 there were 6. Kristy was born just before the end of the year, making her my tax-deductible child. Kristy was a bit more difficult as a baby than any of the others had been. She fussed more, cried more, and I think dirtied more diapers. I think if Kristy had been our first-born, we might have stopped right there. But Jodie, who was now 7, and Beth were able to help Karen a lot, so it wasn’t too hard on her. But, it was going to be a little more difficult to convince Karen to have more children. Finally Kristy seemed to settle down. It seemed that she had been allergic to the formula that Karen was using, and after they tried a new formula, Kristy became as much of a bundle of joy as the others had been.

Kristy was almost 2 when Janice was born, and it was another couple of years before Jonathan came along. Then in 1994, we were blessed with another pair of twins. That made 10 children in 14 years, and Karen put her foot down. Either I got fixed, or she was going to. So, reluctantly I had an operation to prevent further pregnancies.

Kristy, Janice, Jonathan, Melissa and Amber were all found to be quite nearsighted, and they all began to wear glasses when they were around 2 years old. None of them needed really high prescriptions to start with, but I was sure that progression would either come naturally, or I might have to assist them a little.

By this time Jodie was 14, and she had turned into a lovely young lady. She was thin, much thinner than her Mother had been, and she had long dark hair, which she wore down to her waist. Her hazel eyes were hidden behind the strong –18D lenses of her glasses, and she was constantly asking Karen and myself if we would get her contact lenses, as she felt that glasses detracted from her ability to attract boyfriends. We agreed that if she wanted contacts, we would get them for her as a present for her 16th birthday.

Over the next couple of years, I bought a new computer with a modem, and we hooked up to the Internet. It was only natural that I search for things like myopia, and vision, and eyesight. This search led me to a newsgroup called Deja News, and through this group, I began to realize that there were others out there that thought that strong minus glasses were pretty special, and the girls that wore them were admired by many. It was almost time for us to purchase Jodie her contact lenses for her 16th birthday when I started showing her some of the postings and threads. It was a revelation to her that some boys would consider her glasses, as thick and ugly as she felt they were, appealing. She began writing some of the male posters, and she and I weeded out the phonies. Before long, she had entered into a cyber relationship with a 17 year old from another state.

This opened Jodie’s mind a bit, so she decided that instead of getting contacts she would have us buy her a new pair of glasses with the new hi index lenses. I had tried hi index in my last pair of glasses, and all I can say is thank goodness I went for the 2 for 1 offer, because I couldn’t wear the expensive hi index lenses, and had to resort to the CR39, thick plastic lenses. But this had been 6 or 7 years ago, so I assumed that some improvements had occurred. And the hi-index lenses had improved. Jodie’s new prescription of almost –19D were so thin in the small oval frames that she chose that they looked closer to a –8D in the old regular plastic. And, knowing the attraction her glasses had for some boys, she was definitely able to weed out those that were not worthy of her affections. I could tell when she brought a boy home if he was attracted to glasses. For one thing he couldn’t stop staring at the twins, who were now wearing –23D myodiscs, or at any of the other children. And if he also couldn’t keep his eyes off Jodie, I knew that I had a glasses lover at hand and he was “right” for her.

Around this time we, as a family, discovered a new Internet site called Eyescene, and I made sure that all my myopic children read the postings. This helped the girls accept their glasses, and both of the twins were able to find boyfriends online. Now I had 3 children dating guys who loved them with glasses.

By the time Jodie was 23, she had married, and our first granddaughter was born. Within a year it was discovered that she too was very myopic, so I was pleased that I had created a dynasty of very nearsighted girls. I was very proud of myself, as there had been a definite shortage of girls with strong glasses, and I had significantly contributed to reducing this shortage. I only wish that Karen had been willing to have a few more children, but I had done the best I could.

Oh yes, I should add that my sister Susan also had 10 children, all girls, with two sets of twins, and all of them were very nearsighted and wore very thick glasses. My 2 older sisters, Mary and Judy had each had 2 girls, and one boy, and all 4 of my nieces were quite nearsighted. Of the nephews, Ron’s 2 sons were significantly nearsighted, as was Mary’s son. Judy’s son was, so far, the only person in our extended family who didn’t wear glasses. So, together my family had significantly contributed to girls that wear thick glasses.

Specs4ever, with editing by Aliena

Jan 2004