The Lens Implants

By Specs4ever

I remember when I was around 10 years old, and my mom would come home from work, go to the bathroom, remove her contact lenses, and come out wearing glasses. I loved how she looked wearing glasses, and I wished that I could be lucky enough to wear them as well.

Because my mom was quite nearsighted, my older sister and I went to her eye doctor every year for an eye examination. My older sister was prescribed glasses when she was 13, and I was almost 11. But the doctor didn’t give me glasses that year, although he told my mother that I appeared to be slightly nearsighted as well, but my vision would be quite satisfactory for another year. I remember that he wrote a note to my teacher that told her to move me closer to the front of the room if it became apparent that I was having difficulty reading the blackboard. I didn’t want to move to the front. I wanted glasses like my sister and my mother.

The year I turned 12, just before school started, I went back to the eye doctor. This time I got my very own glasses. When my mom and I picked them up at the optical store I remember that the lady told my mom that it was up to me how much I wanted to wear my glasses. My prescription was only –1.25D in each eye, so I could wear them full time if I wanted to. I put my new glasses on that day, and I only took them off to clean them, to shower, and to sleep for the next year. I loved wearing my glasses, and these were the ones that got dark like sunglasses when you went out into the sun.

I knew before school ended the following June that I needed stronger glasses. I was having more trouble seeing the blackboard with my glasses on than I had without glasses the previous year. And even though I told my mom I couldn’t see the menu board at Mc Donald’s, and other fast food restaurants all that summer she just kept telling me to wait until just before school started, and I could get new glasses. Finally I went for my eye exam. I had read somewhere that if you chose the red when the doctor asked which was clearer the lenses you were given were stronger, so I chose the red every time. And, when he clicked the machine to change lenses I could see when the letters were getting clearer, so I kept saying better until I could see the letters get a bit blurry. When he finished the doctor told my mom that I was quite a bit more nearsighted, and she should have brought me in sooner. My new prescription was, I think, around –3.50D for each eye. When I got my new glasses, the first time I put them on they seemed too strong, but everything looked so much clearer after I wore them for a few minutes I knew they were just perfect.

I am a reader. I read anything I can get my hands on, and I know I spent the fall I turned 14 with my nose buried in a book. By Christmas time I could no longer see the board clearly, so again my mom took me to the doctor. This time I left with a prescription of –5D. I remember my sister tried my glasses on, and she was surprised at how much stronger my glasses were than hers. She was still wearing her first prescription, around –2D, and she still hadn’t needed an increase. I went into the master bathroom one afternoon while mom was at work, and I tried her glasses on. They were quite a bit stronger than mine were, but after wearing them for a while I could see quite clearly. I liked wearing mom’s glasses. They had flat fronts, and there were lots and lots of power rings. And I especially liked the way that the sides of my face were sunk in at each side of the lenses. My own glasses did that a little bit, but mom’s looked so much nicer. I wondered what numbers I would have to get to before my glasses looked like hers. But, I had no way to tell. All that winter, and into the spring, when I came home from school, I would get mom’s glasses, take them to my room, and wear them while I was studying.

By the time the end of the school year rolled around, I was again having trouble seeing things with my own glasses. Since I was going to be an assistant councilor at camp looking after younger children that summer mom agreed that I should have my eyes tested again. But she was busy and could not get the time off work, so I went to the doctor by myself. I did require an increase in my prescription, and the doctor gave me my slip. As I was leaving I turned back and told him that mom wanted a copy of her own glasses prescription as well. So the doctor wrote out one for her.

I compared the 2 prescriptions. My new prescription was -6.25D for each eye. My mom’s prescription was –8.50 x –0.25 x 180 for her right eye, and her left eye was –8.25 x –0.50x 180. I knew I could wear her prescription with no problem, but I didn’t know where I could get new glasses made. I couldn’t use our regular one-hour place. They knew us too well. So, I looked in the telephone book. I found another one-hour optical store that was even closer to our house, so I went there. It was after 5 o-clock, and I knew that the doctor was no longer in his office, so the store would not be able to call him to verify the prescription. I was shaking when I told the young lady that I needed new glasses because my eyes had gotten a lot worse. She examined the prescription, and asked me how old I was, and all my information. Fortunately the doctor had put just the first initial on the slip, and my mom’s name, and my name both start with J. Mom is Jennifer, and I am Janice. So, I waited for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally my new glasses were ready. I put them on, and my eyes rebelled slightly against the stronger prescription, but since I had worn this same prescription quite frequently over the past few weeks I was soon able to adjust. Then I went home.

My mom expressed surprise at how strong my glasses appeared to look. It was lucky for me that she didn’t want to try them on. Soon she became accustomed to seeing me wearing them, and nothing further was said. I went away to camp, and had a great time. Then I came back home in the fall, and went back to school. I loved my appearance in my new glasses. I liked what I saw every time I saw my reflection in a mirror. True, I did look a little chubby, and as my 15th birthday approached that fall, I was starting to be concerned with my weight. So, I decided to go on a diet and exercise those few extra cheeseburgers off.

It didn’t take me too long before I even surprised myself with how good my body looked. I definitely had a good figure, with curves in all the right places. My mom offered to buy me contact lenses for Christmas that year, but I told her that I found that glasses were a whole lot easier to wear. And, when she suggested that I have my eyes examined during the school break, I managed to convince her that I could see just fine with my present glasses. And, I really could see fine. My mom’s prescription was just perfect for me to wear now.

Summer holidays came, and I avoided another eye exam. I thought that I would probably need a small increase, but I was afraid to go to the doctor. But, by the end of August, I could no longer escape the inevitable. I wore my glasses into the mall, and as I got closer to the doctors office, I switched for my old –5D glasses. I sat in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity before the receptionist led me into the examining room. It was a relief when the doctor started clicking the lenses in front of my eyes, and I watched, as the letters became clearer and clearer. I had decided that this time I would not try to increase my prescription at all. Finally the doctor was finished. He told me that I had another sizable increase, and gave me my prescription. I put my old glasses on, and brought the paper up close enough to be able to read what he had written. My new prescription was going to be –9.75 x –0.50 x 180 for my right eye, and –9.50 –0.75x 180 for my left eye. That was not a big jump from my mom’s prescription, but it was a huge increase from my old –6.25D prescription. The doctor told his receptionist to make another appointment for me during the Christmas holidays, as he did not want me to go another year without coming in to see him.

Until this point I had always been able to get my lenses in the least expensive regular plastic material. The opticians had always tried to convince me to get the more costly hi index lenses, but I had managed to convince them that I really didn’t care if my lenses stuck out behind the plastic of the frame. This time however the optician was quite insistent that I should get the hi index, and I finally had to tell them that I just couldn’t afford the extra money. When my new glasses came out from the lab, and I saw the girl check them in the machine I knew that the lab had gone ahead and used a hi index lens, because they were thinner than the lenses I had in the frames I was wearing. I really didn’t care, as long as I didn’t have to pay extra. The new glasses fit well, and my vision was great. They were not as thick, so they didn’t look as strong, even though there were more power rings, and my face was indented a bit more on each side. Since I didn’t want mom to ever have a chance to look through the lenses in my old glasses, I decided that I would leave my other frames to have new sunglasses made with them.

This time when I got home mom had her contacts out, and she wanted to see what my frames looked like on her. She was shocked that my eyes were now worse than hers were. I got my beginner drivers license that fall, and the following spring I obtained my restricted first license. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to drive myself around. When I had my eye exam at Christmas, there was not enough of a change to need new lenses. But, the following August found my prescription jumping up by a diopter in each eye.

The next spring found me graduating from high school. When mom asked me if I would like a pair of contact lenses for a graduation present, I decided that I would like to be free from my glasses for a while, so I jumped at the chance. Of course, my prescription had to be increased, and I was now wearing –12D for my glasses, and –10.50D for my contact lenses. I had no problem wearing contacts, and mom had set a good example for me, so I also took out my lenses and wore my glasses every night when I was studying for my finals.

I graduated with great marks, and an excellent SATS score. So, that fall I was off to study architecture, and interior design at a nearby university. I was able to stay at home, and travel to school using public transit, so that saved a lot of money.

One evening when I took out my contacts, I looked at my eyes, and they both appeared to be quite red where they should have been white. So the following day I took the day off school, and went to the eye doctor. According to him I had a case of pink eye, or more technically called allergic conjunctivitis. This was likely due to an allergic reaction to dust or pollen. A few days of wearing glasses, and using antihistamines would soon clear it up. So, I followed his instructions, and sure enough, within a week I was able to wear my contacts again. This only happened a couple of times during my first year.

But, during my second year I think I suffered from pink eye at least once a month. During one of my glasses wearing weeks I met Dan, a third year architecture student, who was also majoring in engineering. He had a pretty heavy load to carry, as both his majors were quite involved, requiring a lot of project building, and studying. But Dan explained that as a civil engineer, he could draw his own plans, and do the engineering as well. This sounded pretty good to me. Dan was a lot of fun to be with, although his time was limited. He really was of great assistance to me, since he had completed most of the same courses the previous year, and I was able to use his notes. Also, I liked it that he didn’t seem to mind that I wore pretty thick glasses when I wasn’t able to wear my contacts. We spent a lot of time together during his 3rd and 4th year, and I was pretty sure we would get married after we both graduated. We spent a lot of weekends together, and I found him to be so considerate that he would allow me to leave my glasses on when we made love. He didn’t ever try to smear them, or take them from me. By now my contact lens prescription had increased to –12D, and my glasses were –14.50D, and I was finding that my vision with glasses was nowhere near as good as it was with my contacts.

I was badly hurt when Dan announced that he was going to move to Seattle after he graduated. I had assumed that he would set up practice here, and after I graduated we would marry, and work together. He didn’t suggest, nor did I offer to go to Seattle, so we said our goodbyes at his graduation. During my 4th and final year I think I withdrew into myself. I know I spent a lot of time studying, because during this year my contact lens prescription bounced up to –13.25D, and my new glasses were over –16D. I didn’t wear contacts a lot that year, and I think I spent most of the year feeling sorry for myself.

But, I graduated, and I found a job with a prestigious firm. I spent the first couple of years doing grunt work, but finally I began to get known, and I was now bringing in my own clients. I was still staggering under my student loan debt, but when my eye doctor suggested I have lens implants to allow me to get rid of my glasses, I suppose the timing was just right. I borrowed another $6,000.00, and went for the operation.

For the first couple of months it felt strange to not have to put on glasses, or put my lenses in to be able to see clearly. And, when I looked at myself in a mirror, I felt that there was something missing. I began to feel that I had made a mistake. I liked my image wearing glasses, and I liked the feel of the heavy frames on my face. But, what was done was done, and I had spent a lot of money on the two little pieces of plastic that were now in my eyes. So, there was absolutely no chance that I would have these implantable contacts removed.

I was doing quite well at work. My pay was based on a salary, plus commissions, and my commission check for my 3rd year with the firm was a nice chunk of change. It allowed me to pay almost all of my student loans off. I was toying with the idea of working long enough to finish paying off my loans, and then packing my bags, and heading for Seattle. Part of me told me not to go running after Dan, but another part of me missed him terribly. So, you can imagine my shock when I was introduced to the newest member of our firm. Of course, Dan and I didn’t require any introductions.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I got lonely in Seattle.” Dan replied.

“You mean you didn’t get married, and have children over the past 4 years?” I questioned.

“No, every time I met a girl I compared her to you, and finally I realized I had better come back.

So - he was a bullshitter, but it sounded good to my ears. I did make him sweat a little before I agreed to go out with him again, and I certainly didn’t jump into bed with him on our first date. When we finally ended up in a situation where it was more convenient for him to stay overnight at my condo, we naturally slept in the same bed, and we regained our former positions.

The following morning we went out to a nice restaurant for breakfast.

“I enjoyed last night Jan. We should consider doing this on a permanent basis.” Dan commented.

“Are you saying we should get married, or just live together?” I asked.

“I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. Say, how come you didn’t have to take your contact lenses out before we went to bed last night?” Dan asked.

“I had the new contact lens implants done right in my eye a year or so ago. It is really great, not having to wear my thick glasses, or struggle with contact lenses anymore. And my corrected vision is really good now. My doctor says that I am corrected to 20/20 without the need for glasses, although he did tell me that I might continue getting a bit nearsighted as I get older. I have what is known as pathological myopia, which means I have the tendency to still become more nearsighted. But so far everything is fine.” I told him.

“Oh, that’s great.” Dan said.

But, I am sure I heard an undercurrent in his voice. For some reason I got the impression that he didn’t really think that it was all that great. I could hardly tell him that I missed wearing glasses, that I had made my own eyes worse than they really were by wearing my mom’s prescription when I was younger. Nor could I tell him that I regretted having the doctor correct me to 20/20. I would far rather have had my prescription lowered, to maybe a –8D. But, I made my choices. And I was eligible for free enhancements as long as I wanted them. I didn’t know how many times they could change the implanted contact lenses, but they had given me the impression that it was a simple procedure to remove the implanted lens, and replace it with a new one.

We slept together a few more times, and it was very pleasurable. One evening though Dan asked me if I would put my old glasses on for him while we were making love. I did, but I hated it, things were so blurry. So I told him that I wouldn’t do that again.

“What if I could fix it so you could see fairly well with your old glasses?” Dan asked.

“What – you mean have my implants removed?” I asked.

“No, no I mean I can get you plus powered contact lenses that you can wear under your old glasses just while we have sex.” Dan told me.

“That’s sick. That is a really stupid idea. Why would you want to do that?” I asked.

And then it hit me. I had read that some guys like girls who wear glasses. Some guys even like girls with very thick glasses. Dan had started going out with me when I had the allergic conjunctivitis back in university. It hadn’t been just me, it had been my glasses. I didn’t know if I should pound on him, or accept him for himself, and go along with his desires.

“Ok, say I allow you to get me plus contacts. I will only do this for you when we are alone. I will not go out in public wearing glasses.” I told him.

So, Dan got me plus contact lenses, and I was able to wear my old glasses without too much trouble. But, I had a bit of astigmatism, which was corrected by the implants, so things were a bit blurry with my glasses. One night Dan brought home a new pair of contact lenses for me to try, and he had borrowed a trial lens set from a friend of his that he had hooked up with when he was in Seattle. Dan put the lenses in, and finally I could see the eye chart quite well. So, he then forged a prescription, and when he had finished I put in a pair of colored zero powered contacts, and we went off to get a new pair of bedroom glasses for me. We went to one of the stores that had provided glasses for me when I was younger. They didn’t know I had gotten the lens implants, so Dan’s made up prescription wasn’t even questioned. I was a bit surprised when the optician told me that with my new prescription I would have no other choice than blended myodiscs. I didn’t even know what a myodisc was, much less a blended one. But Dan told her that would be fine, as I only wore the glasses around the house.

When we left the optical store, I received another big surprise. As we were sitting in the car, Dan pulled a ring box from his jacket pocket. He opened it and passed it to me.

“Janice, will you marry me?” Dan asked.

I was speechless for a minute. “ Yes, I will Dan.”

We had a wonderful wedding a few months later. We sold my condo, and Dan gave up his apartment, so we could move into a house. We were very happy together. And, I must confess something. As much as I told Dan that I wouldn’t leave the house wearing my blended myodiscs, I did go out with Dan to a few movies, and to dinner wearing my glasses. The sex after our night out was well worth it.

It had been a little over five years since I had my implants, and we had been married for a couple of years when I noticed that my distance vision was giving me trouble. Dan borrowed the trial lens set from his friend again, and he discovered that I needed an increase in my blended myodiscs of about –3D. But, when I went back to the optician who arranged for my lens implants, he found that I now needed a –2.50D prescription. The –0.50D difference was easily explained by the distance the myodiscs would be from my eyes. A very strong lens like they were has to be in the exact position for best vision, where a weak lens can be slid up or down your nose accordingly. He was all for calling up the doctor who had done the implants, and scheduling me in for a new set of implants, but I convinced him that I was all right with wearing glasses, and that I would wait a year or so to see if my eyes had settled before I had any further surgery.

It had been years since I wore glasses that were –2.50D. I still liked my appearance in glasses, and I did find that they really helped. But the lenses looked so thin, more like windowpanes than glasses I really needed. Dan had, instead of getting me new myodiscs, ordered a new pair of lower powered plus contacts, so I was able to still wear the same pair of blended myodisc that I had grown to like so much. And, since I now had to wear glasses anyway, I found that I was wearing my blended myodiscs a lot of the time.

Dan and I decided that we would start a family. I had read that a severe myope like I am often requires an increase in their prescription during pregnancy. This was true in my case, and I was up to a natural prescription of –4.50D when Julie was born. My prescription also took another large jump the following year when I was pregnant with David. Now I needed –7.50D glasses.

Finally I had to decide if I would have new lens implants done. I went back to see the surgeon, and as we sat there discussing a time frame for replacing my implants, I heard my voice tell him that I didn’t want new implants, I just wanted my old implants removed. He was definitely surprised at my request. But, he didn’t question my request; he just scheduled me in the following day to have my implants taken out. I didn’t know what I was going to need for glasses, so I brought my old glasses, along with my myodiscs. The lenses were removed, and I couldn’t believe the blur. The nurse guided me out into the waiting room, and handed me my purse. I took out the blended myodiscs, and put them on. Everything was perfect. I could see again, and Dan would be thrilled when I appeared in my blended myodiscs, having to wear them constantly without the nuisance of inserting the plus contacts ever again.


Sept 2004