Life is Strange

by Specs4ever

As I looked out the window of the plane I saw Miami unfolding before me. All the familiar places came into view Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and all the rest of the signs that I was coming home. Well, not really home anymore, but my parents had lived here for many years, and I still felt like this was home. My business took me all over the United States, and I was always very happy to return to this area of Southern Florida.

However, this time my homecoming was going to be a bit strange. My parents were no longer around for me to visit, and the business that I was here to conduct was very routine. But, I had another purpose to my visit to this area. I had come in a day early, to allow me time for a meeting with a person I had met on an Internet group that we both belong to. This group is a special group for people that are interested in altering their natural vision through the wearing of contact lenses under prescription eyeglasses. I happen to be one of the ones that like to wear plus contacts with high minus prescription glasses worn over them to give the appearance of being a very high myope. Others in the group would rather wear minus contact lenses with plus eyeglasses worn over them. And, as strange as it may sound to you, those of us that do it find that we can end up with quite good vision this way.

To explain my apprehension over this meeting first requires a bit of background on me. I was raised in a small town in the northern area of the country. Our favorite saying was that the total population of the town was about 600, if you counted the dogs and cats. It was the center hub of a small farming community, and as a result was pretty backwoods. I had had absolutely no experience with homosexuality, lesbianism, or anything out of the ordinary. Until the age of about 16, a joint was something we made in woodworking shop. a fag to me was a cigarette, and having a gay time meant it was a pretty good party. But, here I was, coming into Florida to meet in person with a self-proclaimed homosexual transvestite. My experiences with people that I had met on the Internet had opened my eyes, and my acceptance towards the other side of life, but I was unsure if I was open enough to accept what I had gotten myself in to.

And, yes, I had gotten myself into this meeting. I had openly mentioned that I would like to meet anyone in person that I had met on the net with this group. I knew full well that this person was a group member, and while I had secretly hoped that he wouldn't respond, I knew full well what I was getting myself into. And sure enough, a couple of days later I got an e mail telling me that if I was ever in his area, he would like to meet with me. I delayed my response for a couple of days, but I couldn't delay any more, so I wrote back telling him when and where I was going to be in Florida this weekend. Now here I was.

The plane landed safely, and I rented a car. I had a 2-hour or better drive to Key West and I had chosen a motel on the outskirts, and with a well-known restaurant within close proximity. I phoned Paul, as I had come to know him through the last little e-mail, and advised him of where I was staying. We agreed to meet later that evening in the restaurant. I was surprised at Paul's voice. Most of us have at one time or another in our life known some men that sounded like women, or vice versa. Also, I have seen people that I have been unsure as to their gender until I saw which rest room door they entered. Paul's voice was a bit husky to be a woman's voice, but yet it very well could have been. He had told me that he would respect my space, but I had told him that I would really not mind if he wanted to meet with me dressed as a woman. We had agreed that I would be wearing a very strong pair of myodisc-lensed glasses, and he would be dressed in jeans, and a tight white sweater. Now all I could hope was that he looked enough like a member of the female sex that I wouldn't be totally embarrassed.

An hour prior to the appointed meeting time found me sitting in a dark corner of the restaurant nursing a weak drink. I was showered, and ready for the meeting, and all I had to do was put in my contact lenses, and the myodisc lensed glasses. But I was a coward. If Paul looked terrible as a lady, I was going to run, and hide. It grew closer to the appointed time, and the door opened. In walked a good looking tall blond, wearing jeans, and a very tight white sweater. She was not wearing glasses, although from our previous conversation I knew that Paul did wear glasses for reading and close work Since I had asked Paul to wear a white top and jeans, I was sure that this was his alter part Paula. She was definitely good looking enough not to be an embarrassment to me, so I slipped out the back door, went quickly to my room, and inserted my contacts. Usually I take a few minutes to get used to the vision through the thick glasses, but I had no time tonight, so I went out blindly into the dark night. My vision at night with these strong glasses is nowhere near as bad as that of a real myope, but it is definitely not the 20/20 I am used to.

I went in the front door, and Paula spotted me. She stood up, and waved me over to her table. For the first while we made small talk, and I am sure that Paula was as apprehensive about our meeting as I was, but as the meal ended we were quite at ease with each other. I had known that Paula, although not needing any correction, would have liked to be a fairly high myope. And, while I was not able to bring a lot of my collection with me as I traveled, I had done some rough calculations. Having no prescription in either eye, I felt that Paula, with the use of a pair of + 12 contacts, could wear around a 18 glasses lens. I had brought with me a pair of ladies glasses that I had made for me by a friendly optician that were 18 right, and 17.75 left. I guessed that Paula could wear these at least with good enough vision to enable her to tell if they were a bit too weak, or a bit too strong for her.

So, we went back to my motel room, and I brought out my sterilized +12.00's. It turned out that the lenses that Paula actually wore when she wanted to change her eye color were the same base curve, and diameter that my lenses were, so when she put the strong plus contacts in her eyes they felt quite comfortable. She put on the glasses, and while it took a few minutes for her eyes to accept the combination, she was quite surprised at how well she could see. And to a thick minus lensed aficionado such as myself, she was a sight to see. Paula was at least 5'10" tall, and had a nice tight rear. She had, under the sweater, just the right amount of bust for a real lady. She looked dynamite in the clothes that she had on, and now wearing the biconcave minus 18's with the circular bifocal segments she was a fantastic looking lady. If only I hadn't known what I knew I would have definitely tried to pick her up in a bar.

Just for laughs we decided that we would go out to a bar that had a dance floor. I didn't know how comfortable I would feel dancing with a guy in drag, but what the heck no one knew me, and Paula promised to use the ladies room when she had to go.

We had a ball. I am not a great dancer, but as long as the music was late 60's and 70's style I was doing just fine. I did put my foot down when Paula wanted to try a slow dance though. I just couldn't do it.

When the evening ended Paula had decided to order a pair of contact lenses just like the ones of mine she was wearing. I definitely wanted mine back, so we went back to my motel, and she removed the contacts, and I put them away for sterilization. I did lend her the glasses on the condition that I would get them back when she got glasses to replace them.

My meetings went well, and I was again on a plane for home early the following week. Paul and I corresponded over the next while by e-mail, and I was quite intrigued as to how he handled the dual role he had in life. During the week he went to the office as himself. He also worked out of his home a lot, and on those days where he didn't leave the house, he became Paula. Also, most evenings, as Paula, he would go out for a bite to eat, and to a local mall for shopping. Now that he had gotten his own contact lenses, he told me that Paula always wore the thick biconcave bifocals wherever she went. As Paula, she had ordered 2 new pairs of glasses with her prescription fine tuned a bit. She had increased the prescription very slightly. One pair was a black-framed pair that was pretty much a unisex pair, so that Paul could wear them if he chose. The other pair was a very feminine frame; with hi index lenses, and a small eye size. I was really looking forward to my next trip to the coast so that I could see the new glasses.

And, sure enough, within a month I was again on my way back to Florida. This time Paul was going to pick me up at the airport, as co incidentally enough, my business was with the conglomerate that he worked for. Actually it wasn't all that much of a coincidence, as Paul had gotten me the necessary introductions, and if I landed the contract with his firm, I was going to have another feather in my cap.

It was strange to see Paul as Paul, as I had only known Paul on the phone, and through e-mail. It was Paula that I wanted to see again. Paul had invited me to stay with him, but I had declined, so he had arranged a motel for me not far from his home. We dropped my luggage off, and went to his cozy 2-bedroom bungalow. He changed into Paula, and came from the bedroom wearing the black-framed unisex glasses. They were biconcave, and it was very obvious that they were strong. After modeling these glasses for me he changed to the wire rimmed hi index feminine frames. I fell in love with Paula's appearance. The glasses were absolutely gorgeous, and again Paula didn't look too bad either.

We again went out for dinner, and followed it with another evening of dancing. Isn't life strange in that a confirmed homophic type person could now be a close friend with, and enjoy the company of a homosexual transvestite?


Oct. 2000