Love after Death

by Specs4ever

She saw me standing at the doorway from across the cavernous room. A smile crossed her face, and she headed my way, her long perfectly formed legs making short work of the trip. She was as beautiful as I remembered her, and her beauty had only increased during the eight years since I last saw her. As she drew closer I noticed the glint of a pair of rimless glasses perched on her nose.

“Jeremy, thank you for coming!”

“I had to come Sam, not just for her, but for you. But what is with the glasses? The last time we spoke you were about to have that laser surgery?” I replied.

“When I went back for my last checkup before they did the surgery they found that my eyes had gotten a bit worse. They won’t do the surgery on anyone who is not stable for at least 2 years. So they wouldn’t take the chance and operate on me.” Samantha said.

“So does that mean that your eyes are still getting worse?” I asked.

“They have pretty much stopped changing now, but I was borderline for the surgery before, and then my prescription became well above what they consider safe. So I decided I would take your advice and just wear contacts, or glasses as the situation demanded.” Sam replied.

“And this situation demanded glasses?” I asked.

“It most certainly did. I was seeing you for the first time in 8 years, and you often told me how fantastic I looked wearing glasses.” Samantha replied.

“Well, let me tell you again that you look fabulous, and not just because you are wearing the most gorgeous pair of glasses I have ever seen on your face but also because you have the looks of a supermodel.” I replied.

“I hate to stop you when you are telling me how good I look, but we have to get ready. People will be arriving soon.” Sam said.

She escorted me to the front of the room where a golden urn sat on a marble table surrounded by flower wreaths of all descriptions. Behind the table was a wall of photographs and I could see a younger Samantha and myself in some of the pictures.

“She never got over your leaving Jeremy.” Samantha said.

“I couldn’t stay Sam. The newspapers were all calling me her gigolo, and her boy toy. She used me as a servant as much as a lover and I just was not in love with her. I couldn’t remain my own man and still stay around there.” I replied.

“You were in love with someone else weren’t you Jeremy.” Sam replied.

“Yes, I was. But now tell me about you – you haven’t a husband? Oh wait, that isn’t politically correct. I need to ask if you have a significant other.” I asked.

“No, I haven’t got a husband or a girlfriend. I am more interested in boys, but I haven’t met one I liked as much as my first real love. But please be honest with me now. The person you were in love with when you left was me, wasn’t it?” Sam asked.

“I tried my best to keep that a secret Sam. After all you were 12 years younger than me, and your mom would have flipped if I left her for you. But the truth of the matter was that I fell in love with you the first time I met you when back you were 12 years old.” I replied.

“At first I loved you like a father Jeremy, but as time went on and I grew older I began to fantasize about being your wife. I was in love with you when you left, and I haven’t found another man that compared to you.” Sam said.

“So you are telling me that I was your first love, and you still love me?” I questioned.

“Yes, I am. You were always there for me, and she wasn’t. You were the one who noticed that I couldn’t see things off in the distance very well, and you took me to get my first pair of glasses. Then after that you were the one who took me for my eye exams, and you helped me get contact lenses when I wanted them. You were the one who always showed up for parent teacher conferences. You took me horseback riding, and to the library, and drove me and my friends around. You were the one who helped me learn how to drive. You were always in my life, and she never was.” Sam said.

“But she was just doing her best trying to earn money. She started out as a poor girl from the Midwest and came to Hollywood to become an actress, like so many others did. And when she was fortunate enough to be one of the chosen ones she had to keep the merry go round spinning or she might have fallen off.” I replied.

“I know all that Jeremy, but she had a baby, and she spent no time at all with that baby as it grew to be a young woman. Even when she died she died alone.” Sam said bitterly.

“There are people at the door. We had better form a line.” I said.

The next few hours went by in a blur. Gillian had been a very popular actress, and had a number of bit parts as well as major parts in a lot of movies and television shows. Her death at 68 had been a bit of a shock to the community, but I suspected that her heart attack had been brought on by the stuff she had abused her body with over the years. Oh, she wasn’t a big druggie like some of them, but she certainly did like her uppers and downers, and a fair bit of booze. She also still smoked heavily, and I know she did a few lines once in a while, although heavy drugs were not her forte.

Every once in a while I would sneak a glance at Samantha. I wondered if I had fallen in love with her first as a father figure, or as a future lover. It really didn’t matter, because I had been in love with her for the past 18 years, even though I hadn’t seen her for the last 8. She was constantly on my mind, but I couldn’t bring myself to go back to visit her because I didn’t want my love to be rejected. Now Samantha had admitted to me that she had been in love with me. She was definitely a vision of perfection. Sam was around 5’10 tall, had a perfectly sized bust, a nice tight rear end, and legs to die for. Her long honey blond hair hung loose around her face, and her rimless glasses were perched on her perfect nose. The lenses did appear to be fairly thick from the side, and the front of them was completely flat. I knew that Sam’s prescription had climbed rapidly until she was 20, and then had slowed down. I think she had been somewhere around -12D when she had gone for her laser consultation. I hadn’t told her but the idea that she was having surgery had been the push that I needed to make me leave. Now that I had found out that she still wore glasses my heart was pumping with the anticipation of what might happen next.

“Do you want to stay at the house tonight Jeremy?” Sam asked, breaking into my thoughts.

“No, I had better not Sam. We don’t want any of the reporters to start speculating that we might have had a relationship in the past.” I replied.

“You are right as usual Jeremy. I was just hoping to have you hold me tightly in your arms.” Sam replied.

“Soon Sam, very soon I promise.” I replied.

Visiting hours were over and Sam and I went our separate ways. I was now 42 years old, and Sam was only 30. The difference in ages didn’t seem as much as it had before, and I dreamed that I was making love to Sam all that night in my lonely motel room. And our 12 years difference was far less than the almost 26 year’s difference between her mothers and my age. Although, to make me seem like less of a cad than you are thinking, her mother and I didn’t start out as lovers. I had originally been hired as a personal secretary, and the lover part came at her request. Yes, I became a boy toy through seduction. And while I did command a decent salary I worked my rear end off for her.

The following day Sam and I had to make an appearance for the afternoon viewing, and then we had a break until the evening viewing. We went to a local restaurant for a bite to eat, and were able to have a long conversation. Sam wanted me to move back here, and settle down in the house. I rejected that idea, because I had a very good job where I was presently living.

“Sam, it makes no sense for me to give up a perfectly good job to come back here and live on your inheritance. Why don’t you either rent the house, or list it, and you can move in with me. I want to make mad passionate love to you and have at least 3 babies with you. And with your inheritance you will never have to work.” I said.

“But this is home to me. I have always lived here.” Sam replied.

“Girl, home is where your heart is – where you want to be. If you would rather be here without me then that’s the way it has to be. But I can’t be happy living in Gillian’s old house again. So, if you can’t consider moving to be with me, then this has to end before it ever begins.” I replied.

“But I want to be with you. I love the idea of having babies with you.” Sam said.

“We can move back to this area later if you really want to. I have a few more years to work before my pension is vested. Even though the press made out that I lived as your mothers gigolo, you know that isn’t true. I am a worker, and I have to work for my future.” I replied.

We left it at that, and returned to the funeral home for the evening viewing. Finally this ordeal was going to be over, as the funeral was the following day at 11. Then we had to take the urn to the graveyard, and we would be finished. But now the big question in my mind was would Sam and I be finished before we ever started?

We spoke briefly before leaving the funeral home, and I didn’t press Sam for a decision. I knew that she was the one that had to decide, and whatever her final decision happened to be was what I would have to live with.

The following morning we met for the service, and we rode together in the funeral car. Gillian’s urn was entombed, and the plaque was fastened to the door of the tomb. As we rode back to the reception after the funeral I asked Sam if she had come to a decision.

“I am willing to put the house on the market Jeremy. Even if things don’t work out between us and I decide to return here I don’t think I would want to live in her house any longer.” Sam said.

“Does that mean that you will marry me and we can have babies?” I asked.

“I will decide that after I live with you for 6 months.” Sam replied.

“I might have to go back to work before you are going to be ready to leave here. You will follow me as soon as you can won’t you?” I asked.

“I said I would live with you in your home for 6 months.” I will keep my word.” Sam replied.

It took almost a month before Sam had everything placed in storage and the house was on the market. I waited for her arrival and when she finally arrived I was in heaven.

Things were not always a bed of roses between us. I suppose it was my fault for helping Sam to grow up as an independent free thinker, and when you have 2 strong willed people butting heads it isn’t always pretty. But for the most part we managed to get along quite well for the 6 months that we lived together, and it came as a shock to me when Sam announced that she wanted to go beck to California. I thought we were doing quite well together.

“I need to go back Jeremy. I need some time by myself to see if my feelings for you are still as strong in a couple of months. You see, for the past 8 years I have been dreaming about you and in my mind our relationship was perfect. Now we have lived together for 6 months, and I have discovered that out relationship isn’t as perfect as the dream was. So, if we are apart for the next couple of months I will be able to separate the dreams from reality, and after that if I come back to you I will be prepared to stay forever.” Sam said.

“Where will you stay?” I asked.

“I’ll rent a place along the coast. It will likely be up around Santa Barbara, but I am not sure. I don’t want you to even try to contact me until I call you.” Sam said.

“And what if I decide I am not willing to wait for you to decide.” I said in anger.

“Then that is how it will have to be Jeremy. We do this on my terms or not at all.” Sam said.

The next 6 months dragged on and on as I waited for Sam to call. I was beginning to think that the call would never come, and that I had better put my own life back together. I had put all of my personal life on hold for the past year, and while I would have waited forever for my beautiful, very nearsighted Samantha to marry me, I had to come to the realization that it wasn’t going to happen.

I began by going out to a few functions alone. These functions were generally well attended by the who’s who around the city, and it was inevitable that a few of the pictures in the paper would have me in them. I was beginning to be asked to parties because of my eligible bachelor status, but my heart just wasn’t in it.

It had been 3 more months since I figured I would not hear from Sam when my phone rang. I was thrilled to hear her voice on the other end of the line, and I was even happier when she asked if she could come for a visit. I told her that I would pick her up at the airport, and I was waiting for her to step off the plane.

Sam was as drop dead gorgeous as ever. I was a little disappointed that she had chosen to wear her contacts, as I had been dying to see her wearing her glasses, but I figured that her glasses would come out of their case as soon as we got home, and I wasn’t disappointed. But as I looked at her glasses I realized that they were a different pair. These glasses were thicker than her old pair and appeared to be significantly stronger than the pair she had been wearing the last time I had seen her. But I knew better than to ask any questions, and didn’t say anything about her new glasses.

I suppose I had been admiring her new glasses a little too much, as Sam casually asked me if I liked her new glasses.

“I knew there seemed to be something different, but I wasn’t sure what it was. So those are new glasses are they?” I asked.

“Yes, they are, and they are a lot stronger than my old ones. I had to pay a lot of money to get my new prescription placed in a rimless frame. These glasses are -18.50D, and my old ones were only -16D. My eye doctor says that it looks like I have a form of progressive myopia, and my prescription might even increase further, especially if I have children. Would that bother you?” Sam asked.

“I have missed you so much over the past almost a year that nothing about you could bother me. If your eyes get worse we will just buy you stronger glasses.” I replied.

I guess that was the correct answer, because we spent the night together and we made love. Sam wanted to leave her glasses on because she said she could no longer see well enough to catch the expressions on my face, and I told her that that was fine with me.

After Sam had been back for a month I asked her again if she would marry me and we could begin to raise our family. We were married in a quiet private ceremony, and we managed to escape being noticed by the press until after it was over.

We have now been married for 6 months, and Sam is noticeably pregnant. Last week she announced that her eyesight seemed to have gotten slightly worse, so I accompanied her for an eye exam, where it was discovered that her prescription had increased by almost -1D. When we went to choose new frames for her glasses she was advised by the optician that she should really consider having her lenses made as myodiscs, and I seconded the suggestion, so when her new glasses are ready they will be her first pair of myodiscs. I can hardly wait.

It took a death to bring us back together, so I guess you could call this love after death.


March 2012.