The Magical Glasses

by Specs4ever

My girlfriend recently had to switch from contact lenses to wearing glasses, due to an infection that she got in her eye. She had tried to go back to contacts a couple of times, but after only an hour or so of wear, her eyes became all red and inflamed, and she had to change back to her glasses. I really hadn't seen her wearing glasses until this all happened, and I hadn't given the fact much thought that she might have poor eyesight without her contacts, or without her glasses. However, since she had started wearing her glasses all the time, I found that I was turned on more when she wore her glasses. I thought that she looked really attractive when she wore glasses, and I told her so. But she still complained constantly about how thick her glasses were, and how they bothered her so much to wear them all the time, and that she looked like a nerd with them on, and any other complaint that she could use. I must admit that her glasses did look a bit thick - the lenses extended behind the frame about a quarter of an inch, which didn't bother me at all. Actually, I found myself wishing that they stuck out even more than they did, as I was really attracted to how the glasses drew her face in from the edges of the lenses, and how her eyes looked so much smaller through the lenses. I also found it exciting to see her try to read without them, as she had to hold her book about 6 or 7 inches away from her nose to read. She seemed not able to see very much without them, and if she took them off and put them down, and moved elsewhere in the room, I often had to locate her glasses for her, and return them to her. I couldn't understand why this attracted me so much, but it did.

One night I logged onto the web, and searched under myopia. The information that I received from the search was overwhelming, but I am a fairly fast reader, and I waded through it. Of course, the more I read, the more I understood and the more interested I became. One reply concerned fetishes, and this lead me to a site called Eyescene. But, I had read enough for the one night, so I felt that this would be a good starting point for the next round. And sure enough, there was a world of information on Eyescene. I found that many guys had a fetish for girls that wore glasses. I noticed that there were even some girls that liked guys who wore glasses. And, as crazy as it may seem, I found that there were those who went around wearing a combination of contact lenses and glasses so that their glasses could be really strong. After reading posting after posting, I began to feel that I probably had a glasses fetish as well, so I book marked the site, and planned to return. One other thing that I learned was that sometimes thrift stores sometimes had collections of glasses that a person could examine, and buy if they so desired.

So, in my spare time I began looking around some thrift stores. And sure enough, from time to time I would find a nice frame with what looked to have fairly strong lenses. So, I would buy them, and bring them home. I would get my girlfriend to wear them, and sometimes she could see pretty well with them, but more often than not she wouldn't be able to see anything through them. One day I found a pair of glasses that must have been from the 50's. They had a plastic and wire frame and glass lenses, and I think that they were the type referred to as cats eye glasses. They had some really cool rhinestones on the earpieces, and over the lenses on the plastic. But, the neatest thing about these glasses was the very thick and heavy lenses. The size of the glass lenses was not that large, but the lenses extended out to the front and behind the frame, and they were so far back that the earpieces just barely closed over them. The front of the lens was curved in, as was the rear, so that the center was very thin, but the edges were really thick. I couldn't resist buying them.

That night, when I got home, I showed them to my girlfriend, who had gone back to wearing her contacts as soon as her eye infection had cleared up, and her doctor had allowed her to do so. She took one look at the glasses, and told me that they looked way too strong for her, and that she wouldn't be able to see a thing through them. But, since her eye infection, she had gotten into the practice of removing her contacts right after supper. So, when she came out of the bathroom wearing her glasses, I asked her to put the ones from the thrift store on just for the heck of it. As she put them on, I remember wishing as hard as I could that she could see well enough with them that she would consent to leave them on while we made love.

Much to my amazement she exclaimed, " I don't believe it. I can see everything far better with these than I can with my own glasses!!!"

So, she kept them on for the rest of the night, and I got my wish.

The next morning when we got up, and when she put her contact lenses in she complained that everything was a complete blur. So, she put her own glasses on over her contacts, and things were still very blurry. Finally, out of desperation she took out her contacts, and put on the thrift store glasses and could see quite clearly. But, she was very upset. She thought that by wearing the thrift store glasses she had ruined her eyes, and she blamed me for this.

She wore the thrift store glasses to work the next day, and for the next few days until she was able to get an appointment with her eye doctor. After examining her eyes, her doctor told her that her eyes had gotten much worse, and that her myopia was now considered quite severe. He couldn't explain why this had happened so suddenly, as at her age a person's eyes usually were fairly stable. But he did assure her that wearing a pair of glasses with a stronger than required prescription would not have caused the problem. He felt that she had been using all her powers of accommodation to see through the weaker lenses, and then when she put the stronger ones on, her eyes relaxed, and adjusted to the prescription that she needed.

She got new contact lenses, and when I looked at the new bottles, I saw that they read -14. I had remembered that her old contacts were only -6 from looking at the vials. But, I felt that I had better not mention that this was a pretty large increase in my mind. She also got new glasses - plastic lenses, with small circles where she had to see through. They looked cool. She was still very comfortable wearing the thrift store glasses as well, so I had my choice of how I wanted her to appear. And, I had no problem convincing her to leave the glasses on while we made love. She couldn't see a thing without them, so she wanted to wear them herself.

We went on living together for about a year after she had gotten the stronger glasses. I was still interested in her and enjoyed making love to her while she was wearing the strong glasses, but she found a guy with a bit more money than I had, and she decided that her prospects were better with him. So, she moved in with him, and I was left with the apartment all to myself. I was able to do a lot more research on the net, and I acquired a few more pairs of nice thick glasses. I had also made sure that I had kept my glasses from the thrift store.

I went out a fair bit, searching for another girlfriend that wore glasses so that I could resume my fetish. But, girls all seem either to have perfect eyesight now, or they all were wearing contact lenses, so an attractive lady with fairly thick glasses did not seem to be easy to find. One day, as I was sitting in church listening to the preacher drone on and on, someone slid into the pew beside me. Wow - my prayers were answered. She looked to be fairly tall, and slim. Her hair was long, and a brownish-blonde color. Her face, from the side, was finely featured, and as I glanced at her ring finger, I noticed there was no wedding ring. But, it was her glasses that caught my eye. The lenses extended behind the frame even more than my previous girlfriends original lenses had. From my research, I knew that she must be somewhere around the -10 range.

When church ended, I introduced myself to her, and asked her if she cared to join me for coffee in the church hall. She accepted, and we began conversing. She had recently arrived in town, and was a grade school teacher at the local school. She had tried a couple of other churches, but hadn't felt comfortable with them, so this Sunday she had decided to try my church on for size. I was sure that God had heard me, and had sent her as the answer to my request.

Sheila was fun to be with, and we dated over the next few months. I 'm not into one night stands, so things did not progress as rapidly as one might think they would, but we both discussed the situation, and we decided that we were both content to let things proceed at their own pace. I did tell her about my newly found fascination for glasses, and vision care, and my being drawn towards girls that wore glasses. She seemed taken aback a little by this, as she had always felt that her glasses had detracted from her appearance. She also wondered if I would have taken a second look at her if she had not worn glasses, but I assured her that glasses alone would not have been enough to interest me. And, I meant this with all my heart, as I really liked her as a person. Sheila was witty, pretty, and great company. And, the fact that she couldn't tolerate contact lenses was an additional attraction for me.

As time went on, we became solidly positioned as a couple in her circle of teacher friends. The end of the school year came, and with the summer holidays, we decided that during the summer we would move in together. So, we found an apartment that suited both our requirements, and by the time the new school year began, we were well established as living together.

Once we moved in together, we felt that we could enjoy each other's company in a more intimate way. Sheila surprised me by choosing of her own accord, different glasses from my collection to wear when we were together. As with my previous girlfriend, some of the glasses gave her reasonable vision and some gave her very poor vision, but she seemed to take pleasure in my enjoyment of having her wear the different glasses.

One night she picked up the strong cats eye glasses. She remarked that they were probably too strong for her, but she began to put them on anyway. I remember again wishing that she could see with them on. And, much to my amazement she was astonished at how well she could see.

Sheila said "I can even see the leaves on the trees outside, and I haven't been able to do that for a long time. I can also see the individual bricks on the wall next door."

Sheila wore those glasses for the rest of the night. She had placed them on the bedside table, and when she got up the next morning she put them on. I stayed in the bedroom while she had her shower, and when she came out and went into the kitchen I got up, and came quietly into the hall. I could see her back from where I stood, and I watched her take off the cats eye glasses, and put her own on. Then she would switch back to the cats eyed ones. After I watched her switch back and forth a few times, I walked out into the kitchen.

"I see you like the old cats eye rhinestone glasses." I said

"Well, they are kind of cool, but I can't believe how much better my vision is with them. I tried on my own glasses, and everything is very blurred. I think I might have to wear these until I can get my eyes examined." Sheila replied

I was both pleased and mystified. Both of the women that I had asked to wear these glasses had been unable to see with their old glasses after trying them on. I know that I had wished that they had to wear them, but wishing for something didn't make things happen.

Sheila went for her eye examination, and when she came back she told me that her eyes had suddenly gotten much worse. Her doctor had no explanation for this, and other than reassuring her that wearing stronger glasses would not have caused this to happen, he was unable to shed any light on things. Sheila and I went to the local optician, and we selected new frames. When the optician saw the prescription, she was herself amazed.

She remarked, "This is the exact same prescription that Lynn wears."

I thought for a second. Lynn was my former girlfriends name. Could this be a simple coincidence? I took a look at the prescription OD -17.50, OS -17.25. Yes, this was the same prescription that I remembered from the time Lynn got new glasses. The optician, who was a friend of Lynn's, happened to have a pair in the new arrivals drawer that Lynn had ordered, but had not yet picked up. She got them out, and Sheila tried them on. They were a new plastic hi index lens in a small oval frame, and I thought that they looked great on Sheila. And, Sheila thought that they didn't look all that bad on her too, so she decided to order the same glasses. The only difference was that Sheila had a bit wider pupillary distance than Lynn had.

When Sheila's new glasses came in, the old cats eye rhinestone glasses were placed away for safekeeping. I was beginning to think that this was a bit more complex than I realized. I took them out, put them on and wished that I had to wear them, but the blur of the strong lenses wouldn't go away. The next time we were together, Sheila wore her new glasses, and I put on the cats eye ones while we were intimate. I prayed that I could see with them, but again it didn't work.

At the end of the school year, Sheila resigned from her job, and returned to her home city to be closer to her ailing mother. She was able to get a teaching job, but there was no work there for me, so we gradually drifted apart. It was too bad, as I really liked her, and I thought we got along well together. But, this does happen - sometimes for the best.

My company purchased another firm on the west coast, and they asked me to transfer out there - at a salary that made it hard for me to say no. So, I did the obvious thing - I went. It was strange being in a new city, and I found that it was hard to meet people here. But, my circle of friends grew gradually, and my co- workers kept coming up with situations that were intended to match me up with a compatible girlfriend. I am an avid swimmer, and if a girl that I was set up with interested me at all, a day at the beach was the next step. Carrie was one of the setups that sort of fit my requirements, and I had spotted the tell tale look of contact lenses in her eyes. So, I was trying to work things around to being able to either draw her prescription out of her, or else get her to wear glasses.

We arrived at the beach early, and set up our umbrella. The day was great. The water was a perfect temperature, the sun wasn't too hot, and we had a ball. Some other people from work joined us, and late in the afternoon we had a game of beach volleyball. During the game Carrie got a face full of sand, and she ran off to remove her contacts, and rinse out the sand. When she came back her eyes were all red, and watery. She asked if I could take her home, as her lenses were irritating her eyes very badly, and she had to get them out. I suggested that she take them out now.

She replied," Oh, I can't see a thing without them."

So, I knew she was fairly shortsighted. I took her home, and went on home myself. The next day I called her, and asked to take her out for dinner. She didn't want to go, but I persisted, and finally she told me that she didn't want me to see her in her glasses, as they had quite thick lenses, and she looked ugly wearing them. So, I told her that girls that wore glasses were more attractive to me than girls that pretended that they didn't have to wear glasses by wearing contacts all the time. She laughed, and she consented to having dinner that evening. When I picked her up I could see why she didn't want to go out wearing her glasses. They were metal, a bit oversized, and round, with rolled and polished edges on polycarbonate lenses. They really didn't look all that great on her, but I didn't tell her that.

I was still a bit skeptical that the old thrift shop glasses had the ability to drastically increase a person's prescription. I had not known what Lynn's, or Sheila's prescription were prior to their trying on the old glasses, so I decided that I would make an effort to go with Carrie for her eye examination the following day. And, after the examination, as we were trying to select new frames, I saw the prescription. It was OD -8.50 x -2.50 x 175, and OS -8.25 x -3.50 x 180. She was substantially nearsighted, with a pretty fair amount of astigmatism as well. Carrie got new glasses - a high index plastic, as well as new contact lenses, and so for the next few months I was very satisfied with going out with her, and having a good time, as we seemed very well suited to each other. One night I mentioned my addiction towards girls with strong prescriptions, and that I would love to have her try on some old glasses that I had in a collection. I think she thought it a bit weird, but then again, so did I. She went along with it, and for quite a few nights we made love with her wearing different glasses from my collection. One night she picked up the old thrift store glasses, and as she was about to put them on, I stopped her, and told her that there was a possibility that if she wore those glasses, she might not be able to see out of her other glasses again.

" Oh - come on." She said. " That's crazy. It is also impossible, but even if it weren't, what would the difference be. My own glasses are almost this strong."

" They aren't, but don't say I didn't warn you.' I replied.

She placed the glasses on her nose, and slid them up gradually up to her eyes.

Carrie replied. " I thought that they would be too strong, but I can see really well with them."

I had tried to tell her, but she hadn't listened. We made love, and after that when she tried to go back to her old glasses, just as I had predicted, she couldn't see a thing with them. The next day we made an eye appointment for her, and were lucky to be able to get right in. Her new prescription was OD -17.50, and OS -17.25. It was exactly the same prescription as Lynn, and Sheila had had to get after they wore the thrift store glasses. And, there was no longer any sign of the high astigmatism that Carrie had had.

Now I knew for sure that these were a very special pair of glasses. Carrie didn't seem to mind the extra few diopters, as she had always had poor vision anyway, and as long as she was able to wear contacts, well the thicker glasses that she had to wear around home didn't make any difference to her. I had talked her into getting a pair with extremely large eye size, and with lenses that were very thick so that they bordered on being a myodiscs, as the circle at the edge of the lens didn't quite make it to the frame. They were probably 7/8 inch thick, and were slightly concave at the front. She was quite content to wear these around home, and to bed with me. So, I decided that we had better get married, as a girl that would accept my fetish, and play along with it was pretty rare and special.

After we were married, I thought about the old thrift store glasses, and all my friends on Eyescene, so I went in and posted my findings. I offered the loan of these glasses to any members that could make use of them. During the next few months the old thrift shop glasses were kept quite busy. Through this strange pair of magical glasses, any of the readers of Eyescene that wanted a very myopic wife or girlfriend were able to get their wishes. We even discovered that the wearer didn't have to be a myope at all. As long as they were willing to put the glasses on, and make love while wearing them, the resulting prescription was always the same - OD -17.50 and OS -17.25. And, it seemed that when a lady put on the glasses, her vision immediately adapted to the glasses, but if she chose to remove them without making love, her vision returned to her own prescription. Once this was discovered, quite a few members would get their wife or girlfriend to wear them, but remove them before making love. I even had to start charging a pretty substantial deposit fee before I would ship the glasses off, as the members that had wives or girlfriends that didn't want to become very myopic usually wanted to hang on to the glasses. And, one or two of the ladies that would rather not have become myopic had accidentally forgotten to remove the glasses until they had done their magic.

Now that we have all gotten older, and we have all had our fun with these glasses, I find that it is time for me to pass on my position as keeper of the magical specs. Does anyone out there volunteer to be the new keeper?


(With special thanks to A.J. for the editing)