The Master Disguise

by Specs4ever


1. Brianna

2. Freedom at Last

3. A New Sensation

4. The Plan Gets Involved

5. Brianna Slips Up

6. Myopia Induced

7. A Romance Blossoms

8. Opportunity Arises

9. Goodbye to The Ex.

10. Brianna Wears Her Glasses In Public

11. Permanent Myopia

12. The Family Of Myopes Grows

13. Brianna Gets Married

14. Twins

15. A Real Problem

16. A Solution is Found


Chapter 1: Brianna

Brianna was out of breath. She had been running the last couple of hundred meters to the limo waiting outside the shopping mall. She had been recognized despite the big dark sunglasses she had put on. This was the worst part of being popular. Her last album was another success and was on top of the charts for the tenth week in a row. Everybody loved her and as soon as they saw her she was followed immediately by many of her fans. Everybody wanted to be photographed with her. It was impossible for Brianna to sit in a street café and enjoy a cup of coffee without being disturbed.

“Ugh what a mess” she exclaimed when she pulled the door of her limo shut.

The limo pulled away from the curb and her experienced driver quickly changed lanes to avoid being followed by a small car. Soon they were out of sight and Brianna relaxed. 20 minutes later they arrived at the apartment building where she was living. She had direct access to a private elevator that brought her straight up to her penthouse without stopping at any of the other floors. When she arrived at the lobby of her penthouse Brianna was greeted by her secretary Brenda. Brenda was an average looking brunette. She certainly wasn’t ugly, just average looking, maybe a tiny bit above average, but you wouldn’t turn around to give her second look. What Brianna liked about Brenda was her absolute loyalty. Brenda was the only person Brianna could trust 100%.

Brenda said: “Oh I see you had another “sporty shopping””

A “sporty shopping” meant according to their vocabulary that Brianna had to run back to her limo after shopping and being recognized.

“Well, once again I barely made it back to the limo before they could start taking pictures. Oh, I just wish I could go out for one day and not have anybody recognize me.” Brianna said.

Brenda gave her an understanding glance through her strong glasses and said: “Oh Brianna I can understand your feelings. It must be terrible not being able to walk around and be left in peace. However, you must remember that if your fans didn’t adore you so much, you would be just another ordinary person, and you wouldn’t have the money to do what you pleased.”

Brenda had pulled her thick glasses off her nose for a moment to rub her eyes.

“She is a totally different person without her glasses” Brianna thought as she looked at Brenda’s naked face. “Her brown eyes were really big and beautiful without those powerful lenses in front of them. I wouldn’t recognize her if she walked past me in a mall”

Brenda put her glasses back on and was Brenda again. Brenda liked the moment when she put her glasses back on and as she slid them carefully up to the bridge of her nose everything came gradually into focus again. Her eyes were so weak that she couldn’t even see if she had been able to clean her glasses properly until she had them back in front of her eyes again. Last week she had been to her annual eye test and again she had required another increase in her prescription. Brenda was a very nearsighted young lady. The bite out of the contours of her face was quite deep when she had her glasses on. Without her glasses, Brenda was really a different person. But Brenda didn’t think about that, because without glasses it was simply out of the question to see her face in a mirror. She had to get so close to the mirror that she could only see that her eyes were brown. Even for this experiment she had to close one eye. If she tried to see with two eyes together it was impossible to see, because her other eye curved inward and she had double vision. But with her glasses on Brenda’s vision was fine. Brenda could, if she wished, wear contact lenses, but all her life she had a feeling of protection when her face was hidden behind her strong glasses, and she felt naked and vulnerable without them, so she only wore contact lenses for very special occasions.

Brianna finished signing the mail for the fan club that Brenda had originally started for her. This was how they had met, and how Brenda had become Brianna’s private secretary. Brianna felt tired and decided to sleep a couple of hours before she had to go for a radio interview in the evening. So, as she was heading for her bedroom for her nap, she told Brenda that she didn’t need her for the rest of the day.

Brianna got up from her short nap and felt fresh and relaxed. Now she was ready to go out for the radio interview that was scheduled for this evening. Brianna couldn’t forget her wish to go around so that nobody would recognize her. On the table she saw a glasses case. “Oh this must be a spare pair of Brenda’s glasses,” she thought upon opening it. It was not a spare pair of glasses; they were Brenda’s old glasses that had a weaker prescription, which Brenda used for reading and intermediate distances. Brianna had taken the glasses out of the case and put them on. She couldn’t see a thing through those powerful minus lenses.

“If I can’t see a thing out of these glasses how bad must Brenda’s eyes be?” Brianna wondered as she realized for the first time how really powerful these glasses were. She put them back in their case. Brianna prepared to leave for the interview. She still had plenty of time so she paid particular attention to her makeup. When she was finished she called her driver. She took the elevator down to the garage and was very pleased to see that Tony was already waiting for her when the doors of the elevator opened and let her out. The interview was really fun. There were no annoying questions asked and she could reveal the ideas behind her music. It was just like a talk among friends. And the phone calls of the listeners of the radio program that were put through to the studio were all very friendly and Brianna could feel that her fans seemed to love her honestly. The time had passed rapidly as it does when you are at ease. She had called her favorite Pizza place before she had gone to the interview and had reserved a big table back in the intimacy of the restaurant. She invited the crew of the radio station to the Pizzeria, which all of them gladly accepted. What made this place special was that you could reach it also through a back door without passing all the other tables and being seen by all the other guests. The good feeling continued for the rest of the day and it was long after midnight when Brianna finally got to sleep.

She dreamt of having a nice shopping tour through her favorite mall and nobody recognized her. The first thing in the morning she decided to call one of these makeup artists her team had worked with when they made her last music video. He had altered her appearance to a point where even Brenda had asked her what she was doing on the set. That day Brenda had thought Brianna was one of those fans that always found a way to be near their idols. Maybe the specialist could help her finding a suitable mask to enjoy her walks in public undisturbed. Brianna was lucky. Anna, the specialist was on the phone at the 2nd ring. She seemed to be pleased to hear from Brianna again. After Brianna had explained her what she wanted there was a little bit of silence on the other side of the phone. Finally Anna said, “ well Brianna it’s definitely possible to easily alter your appearance, so that nobody recognizes you when you’re out alone”. Brianna was glad to hear that. That was really good news. Anna said that she was free for the next couple of days and that she would come and see Brianna. Brianna was happy that she had done something to bring her closer to realizing her idea.

Two hours later the doorbell rang and Brenda opened the door to let Anna in.

“ Hi Anna good to see you again. Brianna is over in the living room anxiously waiting for you.” Brenda said to Anna.

Anna and Brianna talked for a while discussing the various possibilities of camouflage and disguise in general. Everything that Anna had said so far seemed entirely logical. Most of all she was inspired by the suggestion to change her eye color with colored contact lenses. However this meant that she had to go and see an optician to get the proper lenses so that she got the right fit for the colored contact lenses and they wouldn’t damage her eyes. With a few wigs that Anna had brought with her Brianna already looked like a totally different person. A few freckles together with a red wig and blue or green eyes instead of Brianna’s native brown eye color would be a disguise that Brianna could apply herself whenever she wanted. And by not wearing expensive designer clothes, this would complete the job. None of Brianna’s fans would recognize her in regular clothing. Only the ones who would give her a 2nd or a 3rd look could probably get suspicious. But nobody would give her a 2nd look if she appeared with her appearance subtly altered as suggested by Anna.

Later on Brianna learned how to apply artificial freckles on her face and forearms. It was not so difficult Brianna thought, and surely was worth the effort. When Brianna thought that she could go out whenever she wanted and have a sandwich at the mall, without being disturbed she was very happy.

Chapter 2: Freedom at Last

An hour later Brianna was ready and went out with Brenda and Anna to test the effect of her new looks. It was great, nobody ran after them. The fans that waited outside her Penthouse and usually tried to follow her didn’t move this time. They had waited to see Brianna in her tight jeans and her long black hair. They didn’t look twice at a redhead. Brianna suggested taking a taxi to the mall. Even the cab driver didn’t recognize Brianna because she didn’t talk much. They arrived at the mall and Brianna said that she would go to the optician first to get her eyes tested for the tinted contact lenses. Luckily the optician had time for Brianna because an appointment had been cancelled. Brianna explained what she wanted and why she wanted it. The optician was pleased to be able to assist such a famous musician. She examined Brianna’s eyes and found no reason that would prevent her from wearing colored contacts for a few hours a day. She had only one pair of blue zero power contacts in stock that suited Brianna’s eyes. So she gave her that pair free, and said that she could practice with these to get accustomed to their use. Brianna had all she needed, a contact lens case and an all in one storage and cleaning solution. The optician said that he would call her as soon as she had the other contacts.

A week later the optician called and informed Brenda, who was answering the phone that Brianna’s contact lenses had arrived.

“Brianna your lenses have arrived.” Brenda called over to the terrace where Brianna was sunbathing.

“Oh great now the next time I go out on my own I can have green eyes.” Brianna replied

“I can pick them up for you if you want. I have to see the optician to order my new glasses from my latest prescription.” Brenda said.

“Oh that is very kind of you Brenda, I really don’t know what I would do without you,” came Brianna’s reply from the terrace.

Brianna had put on her oldest blue jeans and an outdated sweater, her own hair was well arranged under a hair net. All that was left to do was to “freckle up”, try the new green contacts and finally put on the red wig.

Brianna carefully opened the first container containing a new fresh green colored contact lens. She was curious how she would look like with green eyes. It surely must be a good contrast with the red hairs of the wig. Brianna didn’t check the containers of her new green lenses. If she had done so, she would have realized that the green lenses didn’t have zero power, as the blue lenses she had used so far, but they had +12D each. She rinsed the new lens with her all in one solution and put it in her right eye. She sensed the slightly different feeling as she had the lens in her eye. The vision was very blurry with this new lens. Much blurrier than with the blue lens she had used before. But she knew that this came from the solution she put on the lens prior to putting it into the eye. After a minute or so it would go away, she knew- oh how little she knew. She quickly prepared the green lens for her left eye. She had closed her right eye as she had been instructed. So she didn’t realize that the vision in her right eye hadn’t returned to normal, but was much blurrier by now.

Brianna cleaned the left lens and brought it into contact with her eye. Now both eyes were closed and she reached for the cosmetic tissue she had put on the shelf underneath the mirror. With the tissue she carefully wiped off the excessive amount of the contact lens solution that came out under her eyelids. Brianna opened her eyes and was shocked. She couldn’t see a thing. She panicked; she tried to get the lenses out. But there was no chance to get them out because they were fresh and new and had been inserted only a minute ago. An experienced contact lens wearer knows that panic is not a good thing. But Brianna wasn’t an experienced contact lens wearer. Her eyes didn’t hurt, they felt just like normal. The only thing was that she couldn’t see much of anything clearly anymore. After a couple of minutes her panic subsided and she started thinking along more normal lines. She had to find her way to the phone that lay on Brenda’s table in the office and try to call the optician for help. It was strange when she had tried to remove those damn contact lenses her fingertips came into focus and were sharp and crystal clear when they were almost touching the lenses. Now that she was calmer she tried it again. She brought her fingers close to her eyes and it was just like before. When her fingers were 2 inches from her eyes everything came into focus.

She felt her way to the mirror. When her nose almost touched the shiny surface of the mirror she could see her eyes. She calmed a little more when she saw that her eyes were a deep green color and weren’t red. It must have to do something with these new lenses she was sure now. She was very calm now. Brianna wasn’t stupid. If she were she would have never gotten as far as she had in the music business. She remembered that Brenda brought things almost as close to her eyes, as she had to do now to recognize her fingertips, when she had no glasses on. “Oh let’s try to find those damned glasses and see if my theory works,” Brianna thought. It was not so easy to find the way in your own penthouse if you couldn’t see things that were a few inches away from the tip of your nose. A good five minutes later she had found her way to Brenda’s desk. Her fingers searched the table and finally found Brenda’s glasses case. Brianna flipped it open and took the glasses out. After hesitating a second, she unfolded the arms of the glasses and put them on. It was a real shock when everything came into focus again. Brianna could see perfectly well with Brenda’s glasses on. Now that she could see again finding her way back to her bathroom took only a matter of seconds. She looked into the mirror and saw how much her appearance had changed. She could see perfectly with these glasses. Only the contour of her face behind those strong glasses seemed a little bit strange. It looked like somebody had cut out a noticeable bit of her face. She hadn’t realized this effect when Brenda wore her glasses. Brianna took off the glasses and everything became blurry again, so she put them back on. Now she took one of the containers that held the green contact lenses. They were not zero power! They were very powerful lenses, she saw now. +12D must be the power of the lens. “Mmh plus magnifies,” she thought. “And negative power neutralizes the effect of the plus power,” concluded Brianna. “This would be the master disguise,” Brianna thought. “I must learn to handle those new lenses.” Now that her panic was completely gone she washed her hands, removed the glasses and tried to remove the right lens. Suddenly she could see again with her right eye and was holding the green lens between thumb and index finger. It went just like it had gone with her blue zero power lens before. She left the left lens in her eye and gave the right lens a good cleaning before she reinserted it. On went Brenda’s glasses and she prepared to leave. Just before she walked out the door she returned to fetch the empty glasses case and stuff it into her purse.

It was wonderful. With the red hair, the freckles, and Brenda’s very strong glasses on her face Brianna shopped for the whole afternoon without being recognized. And, the longer she wore Brenda’s glasses, the better she seemed able to see through them. Once or twice she had spotted people staring at her, and Brianna knew that the stares were not that they had recognized her, but were stares of pity that she had to wear such strong glasses. Brianna knew that she should take off the glasses, and remove the contact lenses before she took the taxi back to her penthouse, but the pleasant feeling of wearing such strong glasses, and the anonymity they gave her was so overpowering that Brianna could not bring herself to take them off.

When she arrived at her condominium building Brianna had a moment of panic. There were some photographers hanging around waiting to see if she would be going out this evening. The elevator that was for the exclusive use of the 2 floors of penthouse owners was visible from the lobby of the building. But Brianna realized that it was impossible to be recognized in her disguise, so she casually strolled into the lobby, and got on the elevator to the penthouses.

Brianna was on the first of the 2 penthouse floors. When the elevator arrived she got off the elevator, and unlocked the door to her penthouse. Brenda was there, and she called to Brianna.

“Brianna! Have you seen my reading glasses? I can’t find them anywhere.” Brenda said.

“Sorry Bren. I borrowed them for the afternoon. I should have left you a note.” Brianna replied as she walked into the room that Brenda used as an office.

Brianna would never forget the look on Brenda’s face as she walked into the office wearing Brenda’s glasses.

“How? How is it possible that you are wearing my glasses? You can’t possibly see a thing with them?” Brenda asked, with a look of total confusion on her face.

“You remember picking up my green contact lenses for me? Well, somehow the optician made a mistake, and gave you a pair of +12D contact lenses. I don’t know what the power of these glasses are, but whatever they are the +12D contact lenses cancelled out the prescription in your glasses.” Brianna told her.

“Those are my old glasses. They are –15.50D. My present glasses are –16.50D, and the ones I just ordered and will be getting next week are –17.75D.” Brenda told her.

“So, that means that +12D cancels out –15.50D. I wonder how much stronger I would have to have the contact lenses to cancel out your new glasses?” Brianna asked.

“Why would you want stronger glasses? Aren’t those ones thick enough?” Brenda asked.

“Well, they are thick enough all right, but they look a little old fashioned. I know that your new glasses are going to be stronger, but I bet that they are not nearly as thick.” Brianna said.

“You are right. Those old glasses are a much thicker lens material than my new glasses will be. My new glasses are supposed to look wonderfully thin. Now take off my old glasses, and we can get down to business. I want to finish up and go home.” Brenda replied.

“Why, do you need them?” Brianna asked.

“No, not really. I am just used to wearing them for reading and close work, but with my increased prescription I can just wear these older glasses for close work.” Brenda replied.

“Can I keep them?” Brianna asked.

“I guess so. But it is a little strange looking at you wearing my old thick glasses.” Brenda said.

Brianna made a note to herself to give Brenda a raise. They signed the fan letters that Brenda had prepared, and finally Brenda left to take the elevator down, only to have to take it back up again to the floor directly below the penthouse. Brianna had purchased the condominium directly below part of her penthouse suite and Brenda lived there as part of her salary.

Chapter 3: A New Sensation

Brianna wore Brenda’s old glasses right until the time she got ready for bed. The longer she wore them the more she realized that she was feeling quite horny, to the point where her panties were damp at the crotch. The last thing Brianna did before she turned off the lights was to take off Brenda’s glasses, and remove the contact lenses.

When Brianna awoke the next morning she left the glasses and the contact lenses on the bathroom counter. She had a light breakfast and she sat drinking her coffee, looking out over the skyline of the city, and thinking about her experiences the previous day. Finally she could take it no longer. She went to her bathroom, inserted the contacts, put Brenda’s glasses back on her nose, and marveled at the clarity of vision this combination gave her. Then she applied some freckles, and put on the red wig. Jeans and a sweater completed her ensemble. Before Brenda had arrived for the morning Brianna was standing in front of the optical store where she had purchased her colored contacts, waiting for it to open. Soon the friendly optician appeared, and opened up the store. Brenda could tell that her disguise worked well. The optician didn’t recognize her at all.

“How may I help you Miss?” Lucy the optician asked.

“You have already helped me more than you can imagine. But if you are willing to help me even more, and are able to keep this a secret, I will pay you very well.” Brianna told her.

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember you.” Lucy started to say. Then she recognized the red hair and the freckles. “Brianna? How is it possible you are wearing such strong old fashioned glasses?”

“These glasses belong to my secretary Brenda. They are an old, weaker pair that she used to wear for reading and close work. The green contact lenses that she picked up for me yesterday were not zero power like I ordered, but were in fact +12D. With them in I can wear Brenda’s glasses, and see perfectly.” Brianna said.

“Oh my goodness. I am so sorry, but my assistant must have given you someone else’s lenses. Let me see if we have to correct ones here still.” Lucy replied.

“Well, if you do, you might as well send them back for credit. You are going to think I am strange, but I have been thinking that I would like to wear even stronger glasses, so I will need stronger plus lenses, and the appropriate glasses. This makes such a wonderful disguise.” Brianna told her.

“So you want me to order you even stronger plus contact lenses?” Lucy asked.

“And nicer looking stronger glasses too.” Brianna replied.

“I will need the contacts first. Then I will have to convince our optometrist to examine your eyes with the contacts in, and prescribe you the proper lenses. I don’t know if he will do that.” Lucy replied.

“No, that is not a possibility. I know you can run the machine, so this will be just between the 2 of us.” Brianna said.

“I could loose my job.” Lucy replied.

“If that happened I would take care of you at least until you got another job.” Brianna replied.

“How much money are you thinking of paying me?” Lucy asked.

“How does $2,500.00 over and above the price of the glasses and contact lenses for each combination?” Brianna asked.

“Sounds fair enough. But what if I loose my job? Will you pay my wages for 6 months while I look for another job?” Lucy asked.

“I can do that. That sounds fair enough. Now lets get to work on this.” Brianna replied.

“Do you want new, more stylish glasses to wear over those contacts?” Lucy asked.

“I don’t think that is necessary. I don’t think that new glasses in this prescription would look strong and thick enough. Do you have any stronger contact lenses in stock?” Brianna asked.

“I doubt it, but let me have a look.” Lucy replied as she headed for the contact lens room.

When she returned she had a dusty vial in her hand.

“I found one +15D lens that is the proper size for you. I think if you put it in one eye, and we then test that eye we should be able to come up with a proper prescription for that eye. Then you can switch it over to the other eye. But we will probably have wait for at least 15 minutes after you put the lens in your eye to get a proper refraction.” Lucy replied.

“Can we do this before your boss comes in?” Brianna asked.

“If we hurry we can. He doesn’t come in until 10 am. But, I can’t use your real name on the paperwork. And Brenda is a customer of ours, so I can’t use her name.” Lucy replied.

“Well, we can use the name Lynda Harper. That is my real name. Brianna Sloan is my stage name. I don’t know why I didn’t want to use my real name when I first started in the business, but I didn’t, so my manager came up with Brianna. You have to promise never to tell anyone else.” Brianna said.

Lucy promised, and they began the process of seeing what prescription would work with the +15D contact lens. When they had finished Lucy had arrived at a prescription of –20.50 for each eye. So Brianna ordered blue and green colored contacts in a +15D prescription. She also ordered a pair of red plastic framed glasses and a pair of black framed glasses in the –20.50D prescription. She paid for the contacts and the glasses. Then she gave Lucy a check for $5,000.00.

“Oh, that is too much Brianna. This is only one combination, and you have paid me for 2.” Lucy said.

“Well, I consider this as 2 combinations, and I am happy to pay you for this. How soon will we have them?” Brianna asked.

“I should have everything by this time next week.” Lucy said.

Brianna left the store wearing Brenda’s old glasses again. It was windy, and her red hair was blowing. As she walked down the street she could tell that every man looked at her, not with pity because of the thick glasses, but with lust for such a beautiful redhead, even though she wore thick glasses. Brianna liked this effect a lot. Even though she appeared to detest the notoriety her position caused her, in actual fact Brianna wanted, and needed the adoration of her fans. Now she had a way to have a different type of adoration when she wanted it.

For the following week Brianna found that she was wearing glasses most of the time. When Brenda commented on this Brianna merely replied that she was just practicing.

Chapter 4: The Plan Gets Involved

Brianna was a little worried. The private elevator to the 8 penthouses was a problem. She was afraid of being recognized in her disguise if she used the penthouse elevator too much. So, Brianna purchased the condominium next to the one Brenda lived in, on the floor directly below her penthouse. She called in a construction company, who remodeled the 2 condominiums, and the penthouse for her. Now there was a private elevator accessable from Brianna’s penthouse bedroom that went directly to the newly remodeled condminiums. And, the condominium now had 4 bedrooms, separated by a large living room and a big kitchen and dining area. Brianna was going to take the bedrooms with the elevator at the one end. Brenda was going to remain at the other end of the condominium.

All of the construction took about 6 weeks. Brianna had her new glasses for most of that period of time, but she had not been able to wear her glasses and contact lenses much during the day. There were just too many workers, and too much dust around. Brianna was a little worried about being recognized, so she had moved into a hotel for the interval. Finally the work was finished and Brianna was ready to move back home.

Once Brianna had returned home to her new apartment she began wearing the blue contact lenses with a light brown, almost a dishwater blond, wig. She liked her appearance a bit better this way, and it was less work than applying the freckles. It seemed to Brenda that Brianna was putting in the contact lenses first thing in the morning, and she was wearing contact lenses and glasses almost all her waking hours. And, much of Brianna’s time was spent walking around the city, or shopping at one of the many malls. The only time Brianna went out as Brianna was when she had a recording session, or a magazine interview to do. Brenda was a little worried about Brianna.

“Aren’t you carrying on this disguise thing a little too far Brianna?” Brenda asked.

“What do you mean?” Brianna queried back.

“You know what I mean. I haven’t seen you without glasses for 6 days now. Do you like wearing them that much?” Brenda asked.

“I hadn’t thought about that. I do like wearing the glasses a lot. But mostly I think I like the freedom they give me.” Brianna replied.

“You know the paparazzi are starting to get tired of waiting for you. You need to show yourself more to keep up your media interest.” Brenda replied.

“I know you are right. I will plan on having a sporty shopping experience tomorrow. That should settle them down for a while.” Brianna replied.

The 2 girls were spending most of their time together in the expanded condominium. Brianna had an extension phone line run down from her penthouse suite, so she could easily answer her calls there. Every morning Brenda and Brianna, who was going by the name Lynda Harper while she was living with Brenda, would go down on the elevator, and would ride up to their “jobs” with Brianna on the penthouse elevator. Lynda’s job had been to design and set up the fan club web page for Brianna. This was an easy way to explain what she was doing. In reality, both girls had worked on the web page, and the more Brianna lived and worked with Brenda the more she liked Brenda.

Almost a year had passed since Brianna had been wearing GOC a good deal of the time. She still had feelings of sexual arousal almost every time she put her GOC combination on. But recently she had been noticing that she was having a little trouble seeing things as clearly as she had been accustomed to. For a while all she had to do was push her glasses closer to the bridge of her nose, but soon that wasn’t working. So she went off to see Lucy.

“My goodness girl, it looks like you need to get slightly lowered power contact lenses. You could use another –2.00D in your glasses if you want to keep wearing those +15D contacts.” Lucy told her.

“Oh let’s just go for stronger glasses Lucy. I am fine with these lenses.” Brianna replied.

“You will need myodiscs for that prescription Brianna. You might not like them. Let me show you a sample.” Lucy said, and she showed Brianna a sample of a myodisc lens.

“Oh they are strange looking. They will be fantastic.” Brianna replied.

“How is your eyesight without the contacts in and your glasses on?” Lucy asked.

“To tell you the truth I think I have been having trouble focusing. So I have been wearing the glasses most of the time.” Brianna told her.

“Take out your contacts, and I will check your eyes.” Lucy said.

Brianna did as requested.

“Now read this line.” Lucy said.

“What line?” Brianna asked. Lucy clicked some dials.

“Can you read it now?” Lucy asked again.

“Sort of, but it is really fuzzy.” Brianna replied as Lucy added a few more clicks. “ Now that is better. I can see everything clearly now.”

“Wow, you need a real prescription now. You need –3.50D. Do you want to get contacts in that prescription so you can see clearly on stage.” Lucy told her.

“I suppose I had better. That is probably why I have been wearing my GOC combination so much. I didn’t like the blur from my own eyesight.” Brianna replied.

“I don’t think that is really why Brianna. I have been reading on some websites about other people who do GOC, and they all say that it is addictive, and that once you start doing it you crave stronger and stronger prescriptions.” Lucy said.

“I can certainly agree that it is addictive. If I try to go for a whole day without doing GOC I feel like part of me is missing. Now when I look in a mirror, and I don’t have a pair of my glasses on I feel that something is missing.” Brianna told her.

“I will order you your new glasses Brianna. I have some contact lenses in stock in your real prescription, so I will sell them to you as well. How is your supply of the +15D contact lenses?” Lucy asked.

“I could use at least one more pair of the blue ones.” Brianna replied.

Now that Brianna had seen how much worse her eyesight had gotten she was having trouble focusing even with her –20.50D glasses pushed tight against her nose. When she got home later she took out her +15D contacts, and replaced them with the +12D contacts that she had barely worn when she first started doing GOC with Brenda’s glasses. Now she had to pull her glasses away from the bridge of her nose, but at least she could see everything much better.

Once Brianna got her new myodiscs she went back to the +15D contact lenses. The myodiscs were a little harder to get accustomed to. Brianna found her eyes drifting to the outside of the viewing area of the myodisc, and then she would realize that she had to turn her head. But she liked her appearance with the myodiscs, and she enjoyed wearing them. She felt people stared at her a little more once they realized that she was wearing myodiscs.

Brianna was scheduled to do another tour. She knew that she was going to have to forgo the wearing of her myodiscs for the duration of the tour, but she really didn’t like it. It helped a little that she was wearing her own contact lenses. The tour took her 30 days, and she played in 15 cities, where all of her performances were in sold out auditoriums. Brianna was pleased that she was still just as popular as ever.

Chapter 5: Brianna Slips Up

After Brianna had returned home following the tour she had been a guest on a morning talk show. While she was talking with the host one of Brianna’s contact lenses popped up onto her eyelash. She recovered it, and excused herself while she went to the bathroom to put it back in. The hostess asked about Brianna’s contacts, and her eyesight, and without thinking Brianna replied that she was blind without her contact lenses.

When Brianna returned to the condominium Brenda was waiting for her. Brianna knew Brenda was angry, just from the look on her face.

“What were you thinking when you told a million people that you were blind without your contact lenses? Now the paparazzi will connect you with Lynda Harper, and you will have nothing but “sporty” shopping experiences.” Brenda said.

“I just wasn’t thinking Brenda. What am I going to do now?” Brianna asked.

“The only thing I can think of is to hire a model that looks like you. Then you will have to don your Lynda Harper disguise, and the 3 of us will have to run the gauntlet. Once the paparazzi see enough of you with the fake Brianna they will no longer connect the possibility that you might be Brianna.” Brenda replied.

“That is a good plan Brenda. But that will introduce another person into the secret.” Brianna said.

“Don’t be a dummy Brianna. You have, through your slip up, introduced the whole world into the secret. All I want to do is to try to protect your identity for a while longer.” Brenda retorted sharply.

Brianna was hurt by Brenda’s sting. But she was smart enough to realize that Brenda was right. And it had been Brianna’s fault for letting the part about the contact lens and her bad eyesight slip.

“Ok, let’s do what you suggest.” Brianna said.

Brenda was able to find a model that looked close enough in appearance and size to Brianna to pass for her at a distance. Brenda called on Anna to create her magic to make this model look just like Brianna up close. And for a few days the 3 of them went out shopping, and to different restaurants, giving the paparazzi a real eyeful of Brianna and her two assistants who wore strong glasses. Finally Brenda felt that the paparazzi would be satisfied that Lynda and Brianna were 2 different people. The fake Brianna was paid a very large sum of money for her part in the deception, and since neither Brenda nor Lynda had told the fake Brianna what the reason for her being Brianna’s stand in was they were reasonably satisfied that Brianna’s secret would remain intact.

Brianna was still very pleased with the way her life was going. At 27 she still had at least one song on top of the charts much of the time. It had been over 2 years since she had discovered that wearing very strong glasses as a disguise, along with a change in hairstyle and coloring was a very effective way to remove herself from the limelight. The only glitch in the whole plan was that Brianna really liked the sexual arousal she got from wearing strong glasses, and she wished that she could do so all the time. But, Brianna was realistic, so she accepted the time she could get to steal away from her fans, and hide behind the powerful lenses of her glasses.

A new album was in the making, and for the next 6 months Brianna was going to have to be in the studio almost every day. This meant that she was going to have to remain as Brianna, and wear the Brianna lenses, as Brianna called the weak –3.50D contacts that she now really needed. But, almost every night after Brianna returned to the penthouse she would remove her Brianna lenses, and put in the +15D contacts, along with her –22.50D myodiscs. Then she would take the elevator to the floor below and Brianna and Brenda would sit and chat about the day’s happenings.

Brenda was a couple of years younger than Brianna, and recently Brenda had been pretty sad about the way her life was going. Here she was, just a mousy little assistant, who wore thick glasses, with her life passing her by. But Brenda was pleased about one thing. She had gone for another eye exam just the other day, and her eyesight had not changed now for over 2 years. So Brenda had celebrated by buying a new pair of glasses. When she showed these new glasses to Brianna, Brianna had thought that they were a little too bold for Brenda’s usual sedate taste, but she did think they looked very nice on her. And the new lenses were very thin, especially for Brenda’s –17.75D prescription. Brianna told Brenda how fantastic she looked wearing her new glasses, and Brenda beamed from ear to ear.

As the album came close to completion Brianna thought she saw Jake, her base guitar player spending a lot of time talking to Brenda. Brianna didn’t particularly like Jake. She thought he was too full of himself. But, he was an excellent base player. Soon, Jake and Brenda had become an item. This didn’t bode well for Brianna, because now she had to be sure that she wore her complete makeup around the apartment whenever she wanted to be Lynda Harper. And, since almost everyone knew that Brenda had Lynda Harper as a roommate, Brianna had to make an appearance as Lynda every evening. On nights that Jake came over Brianna would retire to her room early, and pretend that she was going to read, and go to bed early. In actual fact she would take the private elevator up one floor to the penthouse, and relax in her own private sauna.

Brenda and Jake started going out together shortly before the album was completed, and now they had been together for almost half a year. Brianna wasn’t sure if there had been any sex involved, because Brenda had told her that she was not willing to have sex with a man until a wedding date had been set. But Brenda and Jake had spent an awful lot of nights together in Brenda’s bedroom. It was a far stretch of Brianna’s imagination to think that all they had been doing was sleeping together. After all, Jake thought himself to be a real stud. He had once made a play for Brianna, and even while he was going with Brenda he had made a pass at Lynda. This made Brianna dislike Jake even more.

Chapter 6: Myopia Induced

Brianna was to go on a 30-day promotional tour through Europe to promote her new album. When Brianna was in Germany she was on a television talk show. Much to her embarrassment she was unable to read the teleprompter. Because of this Brianna realized that her own contact lenses were woefully too weak. The following day when Brianna was shopping she went into a major chain grocery store, and there on display were contact lenses ranging in power from –0.50D all the way up to –6.00D. Knowing that she could not see well enough with her own –3.50D contacts Brianna picked up a 6 pack of –5.00D disposable lenses, and was prepared to buy them. Before she did, she also chose a package of -6.00D lenses. She paid for her purchases, and continued shopping.

When Brianna returned to her hotel she switched her –3.50D contacts for the –6.00D ones. Brianna was sure that they would be quite a bit too strong, but when she inserted them, and glanced around, Brianna had the clarity of vision that she had been missing for a while. And, when she was alone that evening and she put in her +15D contact lenses with her –22.50D glasses over them she realized that she had not been seeing well for a while. Brianna switched the +15D lenses for her original +12D ones, and while she could see much better, she realized that there was a little too much overcorrection for her to feel comfortable. “Oh well,” she thought, “I’ll be home in another week. I can get new glasses then.”

Brianna found that her eyesight was so much better with the –6.00D contacts that before she left the city she went back to the grocery store, and returned the unopened –5.00D contacts. She then purchased the remaining 5 packs of weekly disposable –6.00D lenses that were on the shelf.

Brianna was in a very good mood when she returned home. The tour had been quite successful, and she had seen a lot more of Europe than she had on previous trips. The limo from the airport dropped her off at her building, and the driver helped her in to the elevator with her bags. Brianna had only 2 things on her mind. First she had to see Brenda, and find out how her romance with Jake had progressed while she was away. Then she had to see Lucy and have her eyes checked so that she could get new glasses to wear over her +15D contacts. But Lucy’s boss would be at the store now, and Brianna didn’t want to see him.

Brenda was in the office in the penthouse. Brianna took one look at Brenda, and instantly knew the news wasn’t good.

“What’s wrong Bren?” Brianna asked.

“Nothing. Welcome home, and just leave me alone.” Brenda retorted.

“Nothing? Girl, your eyes are stripped like a candy cane behind those thick lenses. I’ll bet it is Jake. Did that jerk dump you?” Brianna asked.

“No, it isn’t Jake’s fault. He gave me an option, but I wouldn’t take it.” Brenda said

“So you dumped him?” Brianna asked.

“Not really. I guess it was mutual. He wanted sex, and I wanted marriage.” Brenda replied.

“So you really were just sleeping together all this time?” Brianna asked incredulously.

“I told you a long time ago that I was not prepared to have sex before we set a wedding date. And Jake just couldn’t get it through his head that I was serious. So, I told him to get lost.” Brenda replied.

“What’s Matt’s number?” Brianna asked. “If he doesn’t fire that sorry son of a gun he will be looking for a job also.”

“No Brianna, please don’t do that. Jake might come around in a day or so.” Brenda said.

“Just say the word if you want me to can him.” Brianna replied.

Without Brenda’s knowledge Brianna later called Matt, her lead guitar player, and the leader of her backup group.

“Matt, this Brianna. Can we talk?” Brianna said.

“What’s up boss? How was your trip around Europe?” Matt asked.

“Europe was great. But, we have a little problem. Jake and Brenda have split up. I want him gone.” Brianna said.

“Whoa Brianna. Jake is one of the best 4 string players in the business. And he and I have been together forever. To loose him would be like cutting off my right hand.” Matt replied.

“Matt, it sounds like you are saying that if Jake goes you will also. I will hate to loose you, as we work well together. But, as good as you are there is another 6 string player to replace you.” Brianna told him.

“Brianna, I might just have a solution that will prevent this problem from getting any bigger.” Matt told her.

“Spit it out. You are too valuable a member of my group to loose without giving you a chance.” Brianna replied.

“I have been waiting for Jake and Brenda to break up. You may find this hard to believe under the circumstances, however I only started to notice how attractive Brenda is after Jake started to date her. Before he started to go out with Brenda I only saw her as a mousy little girl who wore strong glasses. But just before he started going out with Brenda she got a new, much bolder appearing pair of glasses, which made her stand out a lot more. Then, after she had gone out with Jake for a while she began to look more appealing, and she seemed to have a lot more confidence in herself. It was like dating Jake made her come out of a protective shell.” Matt said.

“Yes, I noticed that myself.” Brianna answered. “So you want to date Brenda now?”

“I do. I know I am more interested in Brenda for herself than Jake was. I believe Jake was only interested in Brenda because of her glasses.” Matt told her.

“Because of her glasses? What do you mean?” Brianna asked.

“It is no secret to anyone who knows Jake well that he has a real thing for ladies who wear glasses. And the stronger the lenses are the better Jake likes them. I doubt that you have noticed but every one of the girls I have ever seen Jake with wore strong glasses. And when I roomed with Jake I know for a fact that he sometimes jerked off looking at a pair of very strong ladies glasses. But you can’t let on that I ever told you that.” Matt said.

“So that is why he hit on Lynda.” Brianna said.

“No doubt in my mind. Although she is a real fox, even with her strong glasses.” Matt replied.

“I’ll let her know you said that.” Brianna sarcastically responded.

“So what do you think? Is it ok for me to ask Brenda out? And if she goes out with me will you keep Jake in the group?” Matt asked.

“As long as you are seriously interested in Brenda it is fine with me.” Brianna said.

Brianna had more important things on her mind now. She had to get to bed, get some sleep, and be over to see Lucy right at 9:00 am when Lucy opened the store. So she ended the conversation, and went off to bed. By 9:00 am she was waiting for Lucy, wearing her Lynda glasses and her +15D contact lenses.

“Hi Brianna, what’s up?” Lucy asked.

“My glasses are quite a lot too weak for my contacts again Lucy. And I picked up some –6.00D contacts to wear when I was in Europe, and they seem perfect for my eyes.” Brianna replied.

“Well, let me see just how much stronger your glasses have to be.” Lucy said as she turned on the phoropter, and sat Brianna in the chair. “My goodness Brianna, your glasses will have to be –25.50D now. That is a –3.00D increase.”

“That’s a lot. Why would my own eyes be getting worse?” Brianna asked.

“I bet that you have been wearing GOC quite a lot over the past couple of years. Am I right?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, but if the myopia is being created by wearing high plus contact lenses why should that matter?” Brianna asked.

“I suspect that you are still having to exert a significant amount of focusing power to see properly. If the minus lenses happened to start out a little stronger than we thought they were, your eyes might, at your age adapt to the lenses. Or, conversely, if the minus lenses were a little too weak, and your eyes were struggling to focus, they could also naturally become a bit myopic. I think this was likely what has happened, because you have developed about –6.50D of myopia over the last 3 years, and I doubt that your glasses were –3.00D stronger than you needed each time.” Lucy explained.

“Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter if I need stronger glasses for my GOC, and stronger real contacts. Lets choose a new frame Lucy, and I’ll have you put a rush on the lenses.” Brianna said.

Within 2 days Brianna had her new glasses. They looked much stronger than her other pair, and Brianna felt they were stronger when she wore them. She loved the appearance, as well as the feeling of more power.

Chapter 7: A Romance Blossoms

True to his word, Matt had called Brenda, and they had gone for dinner. Brenda was thrilled that Matt had shown that he was romantically interested in her. Over the next 4 months Matt and Brenda became as close as they possibly could, and Brianna wasn’t surprised when Brenda announced her forthcoming marriage. After warning Matt that he would be toast in the music business if he ever hurt Brenda, Brianna offered to throw them a wedding shower.

That night the penthouse was rocking. A large number of Brenda’s associates had put in an appearance, along with a sizable number of Matt and Brenda’s friends. After what she felt was a suitable period of mingling, Brianna slipped off unnoticed to her bedroom, and took the elevator to the floor below. Soon Brianna had changed her appearance to that of Lynda, complete with her new, stronger glasses. Lynda took the elevator to the lobby, and came back up on the penthouse elevator. She knocked on the door, and was admitted to the party. Of course, Lynda wasn’t as well known as Brianna, but she did recognize a number of the people there, so she made it a point to spend a little time with each of them. As she walked up to the food bar she saw a very handsome looking man standing there who she was certain she had never seen before. He seemed to be looking at her as if he knew her, but she was certain she didn’t know him. Lynda smiled at him, and he returned her smile. Lynda helped herself to some of the hors d’ovres, and as she nibbled the man walked over to her.

“Hi, I’m Glenn Masterson. I’m an acquaintance of Matt’s.” Glenn said.

“I’m Lynda Harper. I live with Brenda, and we both work for Brianna.” Lynda said.

“What do you do for Brianna?” Glenn asked.

“I set up and run her web page.” Lynda replied.

“Oh, how interesting. I’m into computers as well. I set up networks for businesses. However, that isn’t why I wanted to talk to you. I have never before met anyone with glasses like mine, so I just had to meet you.” Glenn said.

Lynda couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “With glasses like mine? You mean you wear myodiscs also?” Lynda asked.

“Yes, I do when I am not wearing contact lenses. I see so much better with contact lenses though that I wear contacts most of the time. Do you wear contacts sometimes?” Glenn asked.

“Not anymore. I used to, but I wore them too much and my doctor told me that I had to stop wearing them or I could cause irreversible damage to my corneas. So now I am stuck wearing these glasses.” Lynda lied.

Glenn and Lynda talked for a little longer. Lynda knew that she was going to have to leave, and return as Brianna shortly. Part of her wanted to stay, and talk to Glenn longer, but she knew she couldn’t.

“Glenn, I’m sorry, but I really have to go now. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope I will see you again.” Lynda said.

“I would really like that Lynda. What are you doing tomorrow night?” Glenn asked.

“I don’t have any plans. Do you want to come over and watch a movie at my place?” Lynda asked.

“I will, if you let me take you out to dinner first.” Glenn said.

“All right, that’s a deal. How about wearing your glasses for me?” Lynda asked.

Glenn choked a little. “Well, I guess I could. I don’t normally go out of my apartment wearing them, because I think they look so strange, but I know you won’t laugh at me, or be put off by the appearance of my glasses, so I will do it for you.”

Lynda had planned to slip in to the bedroom, remove her Lynda disguise, and come back out as Brianna, but with Glenn around she figured that leaving by the front door was the best option. So she left and rode the elevator down, and up again. Quickly she removed her GOC, inserted her Brianna contacts, and changed back into her Brianna clothing. Then she rode back up to her bedroom, and rejoined the party. She saw Glenn again, and her panties were wet from the thought that she would be seeing him again the following night. She didn’t know if she was more interested in him because he was a good looking man, or because he wore strong glasses. For some reason looking at, or thinking about strong glasses now made Brianna very horny. Even looking at Jake’s new girlfriend aroused Brianna sexually. This was the first time Brianna had seen Jake with a girl since he and Brenda had broken up, and this new girlfriend, while she was cute, certainly wore thick old-fashioned looking glasses. It was almost like Jake had talked her into wearing her glasses around the house instead of her contacts. Knowing what she now knew about Jake, Brianna would almost have bet money that a new pair of attractive glasses would be in this girl’s immediate future.

The party ended, and Brenda and Brianna were finally left together.

“Great party Brianna. I think everyone had a fabulous time. Thanks.” Brenda said.

“Well, it was the least I could do since Brianna will not be able to attend your wedding. That is the one thing that is impossible for me to do, since I will be there as your maid of honor as Lynda. And of course it will be better that way, as it would be too much of a media circus if Brianna appeared.” Brianna said with a smile.

Lynda had told Brenda about her date with Glenn, so Brenda and Matt made sure they left Lynda alone that evening. True to his word Glenn arrived wearing his glasses. Lynda remarked on how nice his glasses looked on him, and when they were eating she couldn’t resist asking Glenn his prescription.

“I think I am –23.50 x –0.75 x 90 for my right eye, and I am –24.25 x –0.50 x 90 for my left eye. It’s pretty strong, I know. What is your prescription?” Glenn asked Lynda.

“More than you, I have –25.50D in both eyes, with no astigmatism.” Lynda replied.

Glenn and Lynda had a great meal, and they came back to the apartment and watched a movie. By the end of the movie Lynda’s panties were wet from wanting Glenn so badly, but she knew that it wouldn’t be a good thing to attack him on their first date. “It is going to have to be the vibrator tonight,” Lynda thought.

Over the next four months Glenn and Lynda dated almost every night, except when Lynda had a rare appearance as Brianna. It wasn’t too long after they started dating before they began sleeping together, and Lynda thought the experience was wonderful. As Brianna she had been married when she was 21 to another rock star, but her husband had been into drugs more than sex, and the marriage had floundered after 3 or 4 years. Brianna hadn’t had sex with anyone else since. So it was a fabulous experience for her to lie in bed with Glenn, each of them gazing at one another through their strong myodiscs. She made sure that Glen spent the night at her apartment, because she didn’t want to have to take her contact lens stuff with her to his place, as she was afraid he would get suspicious. Matt and Brenda would often spend the night together in their rooms at the other end of the apartment, and no one bothered anyone else, as the apartment was so large. Brianna thought it was a shame that as Brianna she had a massive penthouse one floor up, but as Lynda Harper she was unable to use it.

Chapter 8: Opportunity Arises

One afternoon Brianna was sitting in the leather love seat reading a novel, the book held very close to her glasses – so close she almost brushed the lenses of her glasses as she turned the pages. Brenda was getting something ready for supper, as the 2 girls were staying in alone that evening.

“Bri, you are going to ruin your eyes holding your book so close.” Brenda said.

“I can see everything better up close Brenda. What do you mean ruin my eyes?” Brianna asked.

“I read somewhere that a normal reading distance is like 18”. If someone holds a book 13” away it is like they are looking through a –10D lens. If they hold a book 10” away it is like they are looking through a –13D lens. You are holding your book less than 6” away, and I would be scared to guess how much power you are looking through at that point. Your eyes are going to get much worse if you do that.” Brenda said.

Brianna looked up at Brenda, squinted, and pushed her glasses even tighter to the bridge of her nose. “ I see what you mean. You are all blurry right now. But, I would love for my eyes to get worse. I would give anything to wear glasses like I am wearing without having to put in the plus contact lenses first.”

“Bri, I have worn strong glasses since I was 4 years old. It gets tired, having to wear such strong glasses. For you it is a game.”

“No Brenda, it is not a game at all. From the first day I put in the plus contact lenses, and discovered that I was able to wear your old glasses I have felt that I belonged behind the strong lenses. I have been wearing this combination steadily for the last 26 days, and I would love to continue with it for the rest of my life.”

“You have enough money you could probably have implantable contact lenses placed in your eyes. Why don’t you do that?” Brenda asked.

“Oh, I have been investigating it all right. But, the strongest plus lens they have available is a +10, and that isn’t quite strong enough for me. Also, if I had the lens implants I would want to wear glasses all the time, and I just can’t do that as Brianna. Sure, I could have Brianna disappear, and stay around as Lynda, but I still like to sing. Also the money is good to have – for both of us.” Brianna said.

The television had been playing in the background, and Brianna glanced at the screen. What she saw made her turn the volume up.

“Brenda – look. Jason Hartman has died in a plane crash. Oh my God, poor Jason.” Brianna said.

“Jason Heartbreaker you mean Brianna. The jerk really did a number on you over when you were married to him.” Brenda replied.

“Jason was all right. It was just all those drugs he was taking that made him so screwed up. But now I can go ahead and get the implantable contact lenses. He is the only one that would have known that Brianna didn’t wear strong glasses from an early age, except for you and Lucy of course, but I don’t think either of you will tell on me.” Brianna said.

Just then the Brianna phone rang.

“Brianna and Co., Brenda speaking.”

“Brenda, is Brianna there. I need to talk to her immediately. Jason has been killed in a plane crash.”

“Yes Sir. I’ll put her on immediately.” Brenda said.

“Mr. Godfrey, how are you Sir.” Brianna said.

“Fine, but Jason is dead. I need you at the funeral home, and at the funeral. It will be good publicity.” Mr. Godfrey, the head of the record label said.

“Well, I understand the publicity part, but I am his ex wife. Doesn’t he have one of his more recent bimbo’s available to be there for him?” Brianna said.

“Brianna, you don’t understand. Jason never changed his will. You are his heir. You now own all the rights to his residuals. The least you can do is put in some time at his funeral.” Mr. Godfrey said.

“I don’t believe it. He never changed his will? Of course I will be there for you and the record company Sir. Just let me know where and when. Goodbye now.” Brianna said.

“Did you hear that Brenda. Jason left his whole estate to me. He probably didn’t have any money left after buying drugs for all those years, but the money from all future sales will go to me.” Brianna said.

“You will have a lot of money then.” Brenda said.

“I better tell Glenn I will be away on business for a few days.” Brianna thought out loud.

The following morning Brianna went to put in her regular contact lenses. They were in her eyes, but Brianna was stunned. Everything was really, really blurred. She called for Brenda, who came rushing in from the other bathroom.

“What’s wrong Bri?” Brenda asked.

“I have my regular contact lenses in, but I can’t see much of anything. Everything is blurred.” Brianna said.

“I told you that all that reading and close work you have been doing would damage your eyes. How long has it been since you had your normal contact lenses in, not the GOC ones?” Brenda queried.

“I counted yesterday, and for the last 26 days I have only worn GOC.” Brianna said.

“How was your vision with the GOC?” Brenda asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. It seemed all right. Maybe things in the distance were blurry, but I was mostly reading all that time. Brenda, you have to help me. I have only 4 hours before I have to be at the funeral home.” Brianna said.

Brenda went back to her room, and came out with some of her old glasses.

“Take out your contacts Brianna. I want to see if I have any glasses that will work for you.” Brenda told her.

“Don’t be stupid Brenda. I can’t go out wearing a pair of your old glasses.” Brianna said sharply.

“Do you want my help, or don’t you? We don’t have enough time to go to see Lucy. I am hoping I have an old pair of glasses that I can remember the prescription of, so that I can phone Lucy, tell her what power they are, and maybe, just maybe she can scoot over with a pair of contact lenses that will work for a few days.” Brenda retorted.

“Sorry Brenda. Let’s try some of them on.” Brianna said ashamed of her outburst.

Brenda set up an eye chart, and Brianna tried some of Brenda’s old glasses on. One pair seemed to work the best.

“I can’t believe it Brianna. The pair that you see the best with is –12D in both lenses. Your old contacts were only –6D, and that would mean your glasses were about –6.75D. That is a –5.25D jump in only 26 days. I will phone Lucy right now.” Brenda said.

A few minutes later Brenda returned to Brianna’s bedroom. “Well, Brianna, you are in luck. Lucy has some -10D disposable contact lenses in the same brand that you were wearing before. She is coming right over with them, and should be here within a half hour.” Brenda told her.

Sure enough, within a half hour the doorbell rang, and Lucy came in to Brianna’s bedroom with the new contact lenses.

“This is crazy Brianna. What have you done to your eyes to make them so much more myopic?” Lucy asked.

“I don’t know Lucy. I know I was having trouble a couple of weeks ago seeing properly with my GOC combination, so I switched to the +12D contact lenses to wear under my -25.50D glasses.” Brianna replied.

“Oh, so it isn’t all of a sudden then. You have been working up to this.” Lucy said.

“Brianna, why didn’t you tell me that? You mean that you have been reading with your books only 6” from your glasses wearing the lower powered plus contacts for the last couple of weeks. No wonder your old Brianna contact lenses were too weak.” Brenda said.

“Well, I didn’t think it would do any harm.” Brianna replied.

“Why do you think I always switch to my lower powered glasses when I am doing close work, or a lot of reading. My Doctor told me years ago that if I wanted to keep my prescription at a reasonable level, this is what I had to do. If I hadn’t done that, I would hate to see how strong my glasses would have to be.” Brenda responded.

“But, I don’t mind if my eyes get worse Brenda. I actually would love to need stronger glasses than you have.” Brianna replied.

“I have to get back to work Brianna. Put those contacts in, and I will see how they fit, and if you can see all right with them.” Lucy broke in.

Brianna put in the –10D disposable contacts. Lucy made her read the eye chart, and was quite satisfied with the results.

“Well, it looks like those contacts will work just fine for you Brianna. But after the funeral you will have to come in to see me, and I will make sure your GOC is still working well.” Lucy told her.

“I’ll do that Lucy. Thanks so much for helping me out of this jam.” Brianna said.

“Bye Lucy, and thanks.” Brenda added as she showed Lucy to the door.

Chapter 9: Goodbye to The Ex.

Every celebrity that could possibly come attended the funeral of Jason Hartman. Brianna got tired of playing the grieving ex wife, but she was glad when it was over. She rushed back to the apartment in time to get changed to Lynda before Glenn arrived. Glenn wanted to go out, but Lynda was too tired, and told Glenn she had a rough flight. So they ended up spending the night together, wearing only their strong glasses while they made love.

The following day Brianna went over to see Lucy. Lucy determined that the –10D contact lenses were quite acceptable, but the +12D lenses that Brianna was wearing for GOC should be lowered to +11D if Brianna wanted to keep the same glasses. Brianna did, so Lucy ordered new +11D contacts for Brianna.

When Brianna got her new contacts she went back to wearing GOC as much as possible. She had a number of appearances that required her presence as Brianna, so she was unable to do GOC for much more than 4 or 5 days in a row, but Brenda noticed that when she was doing GOC Brianna was still holding her reading material far too close to her eyes, going against Brenda’s strong warning. Brenda didn’t say anymore about it, as she felt that Brianna had been warned.

Brianna had an appearance near the end of the following month. Right after the show Brianna had asked Brenda to go to San Paulo, Brazil, with her, for a final fling before Brenda and Matt got married. Brenda agreed to go.

As the night of the show grew closer, Brenda and Brianna, dressed as Lynda as she always did when she went out in public, went shopping in a local mall the Saturday before the show. The 2 girls were shopping for accessories for both of them for Brenda’s wedding, which was going to be 4 weeks from that day. It was lunchtime, so they headed for the food court, their arms full of parcels. Standing in line waiting for their turn Brianna noticed a young girl in line in front of them. The girl was about 10 years old, very pretty, and wearing strong myodisc lensed glasses. Lynda nudged Brenda, who looked at the girl. Just then the girl looked directly at Lynda.

“Mommy, Mommy, that lady in line behind us is Brianna, and she wears glasses just like mine,” the little girl said to her mother.

The mother turned to face Lynda and Brenda. Lynda could see where the little girl had gotten her poor eyesight from, as the mother wore glasses at least as strong as Brenda’s.

“Oh no, Bonnie, that lady doesn’t look anything like Brianna,” the woman said.

When Brenda and Lynda got their food and went to the table where they had left their purchases they discovered that they were looking right at the little girl. Lynda was a little shaken up by the fact that a little girl with poor eyesight had actually recognized her, so she felt that she should try to smooth over the recognition, and throw them a red herring. So, she invited the little girl and her mother to join them for lunch.

“You are Brianna in disguise aren’t you?” Bonnie questioned.

“We work for Brianna. This is Brenda, and I am Lynda. Do you like Brianna Bonnie?” Brianna asked.

“Oh yes, I love her singing. She is my favorite singer.” Bonnie said.

“I think Brenda can get you and your mom tickets to the concert next Saturday. Would you like to go?” Brianna asked.

“I would love to go. That would be my best dream come true.” Bonnie replied excitedly. “Can we go Mom? Can we?”

“I’m sorry honey, but the bus ride would take us too long, and by the time the concert was over we wouldn’t be able to get back home before the busses stopped running. Thank you for the offer though ladies. Oh, and bye the way, I am Bonnie’s mother, Maggie.” Maggie said.

“I am sure that we can send a car for you.” Brianna said.

“Well, in that case I can’t refuse. But why are you doing this?” Maggie asked a little suspiciously.

“Oh, Brianna has lots of money to spend on publicity like this. And you and Bonnie have very strong glasses like Lynda and I have, so that makes us feel a bond towards you both.” Brenda said.

“Are you sure you aren’t Brianna?” Bonnie asked.

“What makes you think I am?” Brianna countered.

“Well, I don’t see all that clearly at a distance, and I recognize things mostly by shape. You have the same shape face, and your body has the same shape as Brianna.” Bonnie said.

“Oh, does that mean that your glasses don’t correct your eyesight completely?” Brianna asked.

“The reason we are in the city today is that Bonnie had to see the eye doctor again. He feels that a new type of hi index lens for her glasses will give her much better vision than the polycarbonate lenses she has now, but I just don’t have the money for them right at the moment.” Maggie said.

“What do you do for a job Maggie?” Brianna asked.

“I am the under chef at Antonio’s in the north end of the city. It is a pretty popular restaurant, and I am sure you have heard of it.” Maggie replied.

“Yes, it is a very popular eating spot. I haven’t eaten there, but I am sure Brianna has.” Brenda said.

Brenda got Maggie and Bonnie’s address, and promised to have a car pick them up the following Saturday at 4:30, in plenty of time to have them at the concert. Then the 4 of them left the food court, and Brenda and Lynda continued shopping.

“Wow, I can’t believe that little girl picked you out the way she did Lynda. I bet you are glad that the paparazzi didn’t look for you that way.” Brenda said as they left the mall.

“She sure shook me up. I have gone almost 5 years now without a “sporty shopping” and I don’t really want to start it all over again.” Brianna said.

“Well, it might not happen anymore Lynda. You are not nearly as much of an idol as you were then.” Brenda replied.

“I hope you are right Brenda. I would love to go back to only being one person. This being Lynda part of the time and Brianna part of the time is confusing.” Brianna replied.

The rest of the week continued at a rapid pace. Soon it was Saturday night, and time for the concert. Brenda and Brianna had everything packed, and ready to go early the next morning, as their plane to Brazil left very early the following morning. They left for the auditorium together in the company limo.

“Why do you want to go to San Paulo so badly right now Brianna?” asked Brenda as they rode in the limo.

“I suppose this is as good a time as ever to tell you. For one thing, I am going to have the lens implants we have talked about in the past. Doctor Emilio Estevan has agreed to implant a +10D lens in each of my eyes for only $5,000.00. I know this isn’t as strong a lens as the contacts I have been wearing, but I have been feeling lately that my glasses are a little to weak again, so this lens should work for me. Also, if you want, as a wedding present for you, I can have the doctor implant lenses to correct most of your myopia. You might still have to wear weak glasses to give you your full correction.” Brianna told her.

“I thought that might be the reason you wanted to go. I will think about your offer Brianna, but right now I don’t think I want to do that myself. I like my glasses.” Brenda replied.

Chapter 10: Brianna Wears Her Glasses In Public

The limo pulled up at the backstage entrance, and Brianna and Brenda hurried inside. Brianna went to her dressing room to put on her performance clothing and Brenda went off to sit in the special area reserved for Brianna’s guests. When Brenda got to her seat she found Glenn already seated. Brenda was surprised. Why would Brianna have invited Glen? As Lynda, Brianna had been very careful to keep Glenn away from Brianna. Just then Maggie and Bonnie showed up as well, and were seated next to Brenda.

Soon the concert started. Brianna was in top form tonight, singing better than Brenda had ever heard her sing in a live performance. At the end of the third song Brianna put her finger to her right eye, and motioned to Matt and the boys to hold up for a second.

“Everyone, I’m sorry, but I have to take a few minutes for a little break. I am having a problem with one of my contact lenses.” Brianna announced. “Matt and the boys will do a couple of instrumental numbers, and I’ll be right back.”

Brianna left the stage, and it was only a short time before she returned. Brenda didn’t really look at Brianna as she came back on to the stage until she heard Bonnie exclaim,

“Mommy, look. See I told you that Lynda was Brianna. Brianna is wearing the same glasses now.” Brenda looked, and sure enough, Brianna was up on stage wearing her Lynda glasses with the myodisc lenses. Brenda was upset as she felt that Brianna was being very foolish in revealing her alternate self to the world. Then she realized that Glenn would now know that Lynda was Brianna, and she glanced over at Glenn to see if his expression revealed anything about his feelings. She thought that he looked a little befuddled, as if he didn’t quite know what to make of the situation. Then she looked back at Brianna, and saw that Brianna was beginning to talk.

“Sorry about that little interruption folks. I tried to rewet my contact lens, but when I tried to put it back in it was too painful. So, I decided that I had better start taking my eye doctor’s advice, and wear my glasses. My doctor told me about 5 years ago now that I had been over wearing my contact lenses, and I would have to wear glasses, except for very special occasions, but of course I resisted taking his advice. Recently it has been a real problem for me to wear my contacts, and I probably would have cancelled this concert if I hadn’t felt I could make it through one more performance. Actually, when I couldn’t put my lens back in, I considered canceling and refunding your money. But, I have some guests of my own here tonight, and I didn’t want to disappoint you, or them. So, if you will accept me wearing my coke bottle glasses cause I am blind as a bat without them, I will go on.” Brianna said.

Brianna went on, and by the time the performance was over she received such an ovation she had to do another song. When she finished it the audience clapped and clapped, and called out for her to do one more, so she did. Finally the show was over, and Brianna again spoke to the audience.

“Thank you so much for coming tonight. I hope you have all enjoyed the show as much as I have. Before you leave though, I would like the man who is going to marry me to join me here on the stage. Would you come up please Glenn?” Brianna said.

Glenn walked up onto the stage, and stood with Brianna. The audience cheered wildly.

“I’m gonnna get you for this.” Glenn whispered.

“I owe you one.” Brianna replied softly as the audience continued cheering. “Do you still want to marry me?”

“No.” Glenn whispered as he looked at the shocked expression on Brianna’s face. “I am going to marry Lynda Harper.”

“Well, it’s a good thing that’s my real name.” Brianna responded softly.

With that the two of them left the stage. Brenda came back to the dressing room with Maggie and Bonnie.

“I’ll talk to you next week, after Brenda and I get back from Brazil. I am sorry about the deception Glenn. And I do love you, no matter if I am Brianna or Lynda. Do you forgive me?” asked Brianna.

“Yes, I do. I will still be here for you when you return.” Glenn replied as he left the room.

“Did you like the show tonight Bonnie?” Brianna asked.

“Oh, I just loved it Brianna. You were wonderful. See, I knew it was you at the mall.” Bonnie said excitedly.

“Yes, you were the only person I couldn’t fool. Do you want me to sign a picture for you?” Brianna asked.

“Can you sign one for my friend Melissa too Brianna? She is the only one who believed me when I told her that I had met Brianna, and that you wore glasses just like me.” Bonnie asked Brianna.

“What do you want me to say? How about: To Melissa. Any friend of Bonnie’s is a friend of mine, love Brianna. Will that be all right?” Brianna asked.

“That would be wonderful, thank you so much Brianna.” Bonnie replied.

“Thank you Brianna for inviting us. It was wonderful.” Maggie said.

“You are so welcome Maggie. Let me give you and Bonnie my private number so you can call me next week after Brenda and I return from our trip. But, remember, it is just for your use. I would be very disappointed if you gave it to anyone else.” Brianna told them.

With that Brianna and Brenda left the auditorium. Brianna had noticed Jake hanging around when Matt said his goodbye to Brenda, and Brianna wasn’t sure, but she thought Jake had taken a bit of an interest in Maggie. “Of course,” she thought, “it is her thick glasses that are drawing his attention.”

Early the following morning Brenda and Brianna took the limo to the airport. Seated on the jet, Brianna asked Brenda, “What have you decided about my offer to pay for lens implants for you?”

“I talked it over with Matt, and we have decided that since I see just fine with my glasses,

I should just leave things well enough alone.” Brenda replied.

“That’s great, I was hoping you would say that, but I felt I had to make the offer.” Brianna replied.

Chapter 11: Permanent Myopia

Brianna had to see Doctor Estevan the following morning to have some measurements taken. Everything went according to plan, and the lens implants were scheduled the following morning. Brianna asked Brenda to come with her, in case she needed a hand to get back to the hotel room, so Brenda sat in the waiting room while Brianna underwent the procedure. It went quickly. In less than 2 hours Brianna was back in the waiting room, with instructions to go home, and rest for the next 24 hours, staying inside, out of the bright sunlight. So, they went back to the hotel. Brianna lay down and took a nap. When she awoke she was thrilled. All she could see was a massive blur of shapes and colors without her glasses. When Brianna put her glasses on she knew that her regular –25.50D myodisc glasses were going to be just a little bit too strong for her now. But Doctor Estevar had suggested that all Brianna would have to do would be to pull her glasses slightly away from her nose, and the difference in the vertex distance would make everything clear. So, she pulled the glasses away from her nose just a little bit, and they were no longer too strong for her. She could now see perfectly without first putting in her +11D contact lenses. It was a wonderful feeling, a feeling that Brianna had long wished for.

Brenda and Brianna spent the next couple of days wandering around San Paulo. Finally it was time to return home, and the flight back was uneventful. Matt met them at the airport with the limo, and the driver. After greeting them, Matt asked Brianna if he could do him a favor.

“I know you don’t like Jake very much Brianna, but he is my best friend. Could you get him the phone number of that lovely lady with the strong glasses that you were with after the concert?” Matt asked.

“No, I won’t get him her phone number, but Brenda and I were talking about having Bonnie, her daughter, be the flower girl at your wedding in 3 weeks. I will invite Maggie, and I will ensure that I introduce her to Jake. Then he can take it from there. But, I think Maggie is a little older than Jake, and that might be a problem. Will that be good enough?” Brianna replied.

“Yes, that will work nicely Brianna. Thank you.” Matt said.

The remaining 3 weeks until the wedding rushed by. Brianna was now the maid of honor; no further pretense of being Lynda Harper was necessary. It was a little difficult dealing with the paparazzi, however Brianna had developed a new technique. She actually posed for the photographers, and stopped to talk with them from time to time. Brianna now loved to see the new headlines they made up from the bits of information she dropped. She was especially pleased to see the one headline announce to the world that “Brianna Worries That Her Severe Progressive Myopia Will Lead To Blindness.” The headline was exactly what she had told the writer about the day earlier. Soon, with her popularity on the wane because she had no more concerts planned Brianna felt that they would eventually leave her alone, and go on to younger, more attractive rising stars.

Bonnie looked like a beautiful 11 year in her new flower girl dress that matched the bridesmaids. Brianna had sent a limo for Maggie and Bonnie right after she had returned from Brazil, and had Lucy fit them both with new glasses. Brianna had planned to go herself, but it seemed that her eyes had settled in to the prescription in her –25.50D glasses, and she didn’t feel any need for weaker lenses. They had gotten their new glasses just a few days earlier, and Brianna hadn’t had a chance to see Bonnie yet. The black-framed glasses that Bonnie had chosen stood out in stark contrast to her honey blonde hair, but the contrast and the rectangular shape of the lenses gave Bonnie a striking appearance. The small myodisc circles in the center of the lenses were hardly visible due to the new thin hi index glass that Brianna had paid for. Maggie’s new glasses were very nice looking as well, as she had chosen a very hi index glass lens in a pentagonal frame. Brianna went over to visit with Maggie and Bonnie. She noticed that Bonnie had a sad expression on her face.

Chapter 12: The Family Of Myopes Grows

“Bonnie, you look fantastic. Why are you sad?” Brianna asked.

“Mommy got fired from her job.” Bonnie said.

“Oh Bonnie, I asked you not to say anything, and you spill my secret in your first breath. I’m so sorry Brianna. I didn’t want to bother you.” Maggie said apologetically.

“Well, that is not a problem at all. Would you and Bonnie like to come live in my maid’s quarters at my penthouse, and you can cook for me, and Brenda and Matt, and Glenn whenever he is there?” Brianna asked.

“What about your maid? Where will she live?” Maggie asked.

“I have no maid, nor have I ever had a cook. I have done all my cleaning and cooking myself.” Brianna replied.

“Why would you want someone now?” Maggie asked. “I won’t take charity Brianna.”

“Well Maggie, I’ll let you in on a little secret. We think Brenda is a couple of months pregnant, as she has missed her last 2 periods. She has also been having a little morning sickness. She will be seeing her doctor as soon as she returns from her honeymoon. So we will definitely require some additional help with the baby. But you have to keep this quiet.” Brianna replied.

The wedding went off without a hitch. There were more photographers there due to Brianna being the maid of honor, but they were very well behaved. Brenda wore contact lenses for the day, and she looked radiantly beautiful in her long white wedding gown. Jeff was the best man, and he did an excellent job, both throughout the wedding, as well as during the reception, where he was the Master of Ceremonies. And, true to her word, Brianna had introduced Maggie to Jake, and she was pleased to see that Jake spent a lot of time with Maggie, dancing with her frequently, and getting her drinks from time to time.

“Come home with Glenn and I tonight. Then you can see the arrangements I have in the penthouse for you and Bonnie. I have lots of spare nightdresses.” Brianna said to Maggie at the end of the evening.

“Well, if you are sure we won’t inconvenience you we will come.” Maggie said.

So, Maggie and Bonnie rode home with Glenn and Brianna in Brianna’s limousine. When they went up to the penthouse, Brianna showed Maggie and Bonnie their little self-contained apartment in one end of the penthouse. Bonnie loved it, as well as loving the idea that she would be living with Brianna. Finally Maggie asked Brianna what she was considering paying her, so Brianna knew that Maggie was interested.

“I will pay you a salary of $40,000.00 per year, and I will put another $10,000.00 a year into a trust fund for Bonnie’s education.” Brianna said.

Maggie gasped, and then asked, “Will you charge me rent?”

“No, the rent is included.” Brianna replied.

“That is a wonderful deal for Bonnie and me. I will accept your offer. When do you want me to start?” Maggie asked.

“Tomorrow, if you want, but whenever you are ready is fine with me.” Brianna told her.

Brianna wanted Brenda to be her maid of honor for her wedding to Glenn. There wasn’t enough time to have everything in place before Brenda had her baby, so Brianna and Glen set the date for 2 months after Brenda was due. Again it turned into a mad rush getting all the preparations in place. Maggie and Bonnie were lifesavers to Brianna, as Brenda was a little too busy being pregnant to help much. During this period of time Brianna started to notice that her distance vision was beginning to be quite blurry. She didn’t want to have to struggle to see at her own wedding, so she called Lucy and told Lucy that she needed a little adjustment in her glasses prescription.

Lucy was a pain in the butt. She wanted Brianna to see the eye doctor, but Brianna finally convinced Lucy that she didn’t want to do that, and that she was perfectly content to have Lucy work the phoropter, and determine a new prescription for her.

“I don’t know about this Brianna. This shows that you have gone up at least –1.00D, and possibly you could use –1.50D. I really think you should see the doctor.” Lucy said.

“Lucy, you know I can’t do that. The doctor would be able to see my lens implant, and I don’t want anyone to know about that. Just get me a new pair of glasses ordered that are –27.00D. “Brianna said with an exasperated tone.

“All right, but this is the last time I will do it for you. I am leaving this optical store, and I will be going into partnership with a new doctor who is coming to town next month. We will have our offices just a couple of blocks over. I think you will like this new doctor. She is a woman, and she has just completed her residency in pediatric ophthalmology. But, she is a very high myope herself, so she is going to specialize in people with very strong prescriptions, both plus and minus, as well as children’s eye care. She wears very thick glasses with trifocals, so she understands. And, I think she is pretty understanding about people who like stronger prescriptions as well.” Lucy said.

“How do you know that? You didn’t tell her about me did you?” Brianna asked angrily.

“Yes, I did. I didn’t tell her who you were, but I did tell her the general circumstances. She thought it was funny, and she said that she had a number of friends who did GOC. She really wants to see you, especially after I told her how your own prescription was increasing.” Lucy said.

Brianna was still a little ticked off at Lucy, but she chose a new frame that would look good with her wedding dress, and Lucy put a rush on the lenses so that Brianna would have them within the week. When Brianna picked them up she was astonished with the clarity of vision that she got with the new lenses.

The wedding preparations were all on track. The only thing holding up the final fitting of the gowns was the little fact that Brenda hadn’t had her baby yet. But finally, a whole week late, Brenda delivered a beautiful baby girl. Matt and Brenda named their daughter Brittany, and Maggie and Bonnie were so pleased to be able to assist Brenda with Brittany that it was like they were all one happy family. Brianna didn’t care too much about the baby, as she discovered she didn’t like all the crying. But, she supposed that would soon stop.

A few days after giving birth Brenda noticed that her eyesight seemed a little weak. So she went off to see her doctor, and when she came back she seemed a little down in the dumps.

“What’s wrong Bren?” Brianna asked.

“My eyes got worse again. The doctor says that this often happens during a pregnancy, especially in people with very strong prescriptions.” Brenda said in reply.

“Oh, that’s too bad. How much of an increase?” Brianna asked.

I jumped from –17.75D up to –19.25D. Now I have to decide whether I want to get myodiscs like you, or if I should just get the really expensive high index glass.” Brenda said.

“Oh, get the glass. It is wonderful. My prescription is almost the same as yours is now, and I love the glass.” Maggie said as she tidied up around the room.

“That’s what Lucy suggested also, so I guess that is what I will get. How was the baby while I was out?” Brenda asked.

“She was great. She hardly cried at all.” Maggie said.

Brianna rolled her eyes. It seemed to her that the kid had been squalling all the time that Brenda was gone. “Oh well, don’t knock the baby.” Brianna thought.

Chapter 13 Brianna Gets Married

Soon the day came for Brianna’s wedding. Brianna had borrowed Brenda’s dad to give her away, since her own parents were both dead. Brenda’s dad had offered to do this for Brianna when he gave Brenda away at her wedding. Brianna suspected that Joe, Brenda’s dad was just bored, and lonely since Brenda’s mom had died, and wanted something to do. Brianna was glad to have Joe do the honors though. Bonnie was again the flower girl, Brenda was the Maid of Honor, and Lucy and Maggie were both bridesmaids, along with Glen’s sister Lisa, who Brianna had just met the day before, as Lisa lived on the coast with Glen’s parents. Brianna liked Glen’s family, and she wished she had a large family, instead of being an only child.

The wedding was fantastic. Brianna had learned that the best way to deal with the paparazzi was to just invite them on in, which she did, and they really were not too much of a nuisance. They did take lots of pictures though, and Brianna wondered why she had hired a photographer.

After the reception Brianna and Glen flew to Hawaii, where they spent a wonderful week exploring the islands, and laying in the sun. Brianna could have stayed another week, but Glen had to return to work. Brianna almost made the mistake of telling Glen they could stay as long as they wanted to, and he really didn’t need to work, since she had lots of money. But, fortunately she realized that she better not say that.

Brianna really was very wealthy. Most of her assets were in a company that she owned that was based in the Channel Islands, and she drew a salary from this company. After Jason Hartman’s death Brianna hadn’t thought Jason would have much for assets, but she was pleasantly surprised to find that Jason really hadn’t blown all his money on drugs. This had built Brianna’s own worth up considerably.

Brianna enjoyed being with Glen. After a year they still liked each other’s company. Glenn had just been to visit Allison, the ophthalmologist that Lucy was in partnership with, and Brianna was a little disappointed to find out that Glen didn’t require any change in his prescription. She made Glen go back to see Lucy with her though, and together they selected a new pair of myodisc glasses for Glen. Brianna had not met Ali, and when she did, she discovered that Lucy was right when Lucy had told her she would like her. Ali put Brianna completely at ease, and even suggested that Brianna should come in the following week for a thorough eye exam.

“Did Lucy clue you in?” Brianna asked.

“Yes, she did, and I understand completely. But I would like to check your eyes and make sure there are no further vision problems. Lucy tells me that you have also developed a lot of natural myopia as well, so I’d just like to look you over.” Ali said.

Brianna was still a bit skeptical, but both Bonnie and Maggie had gone to Ali for vision exam, and they really liked her, so this made Brianna feel better.

A week later Brianna went back to see Ali for her scheduled vision exam. Ali put Brianna at ease by casual conversation, during which she implied to Brianna that she had more than a passing acquaintance with a number of people who did GOC on a regular basis. While talking to Brianna, Ali was testing Brianna’s eyes with different machines, taking measurements, and writing everything down. Brianna couldn’t see much of anything without her strong –27.00D myodiscs, but every once in a while Ali would have Brianna put her glasses back on for a few minutes. Finally Ali led Brianna over to the chair at the phoropter, and sat her down. Ali removed Brianna’s glasses, and placed them in Brianna’s hand. Then Ali clicked a few dials, and Brianna could see very clearly. Ali didn’t bother with any of the “is this better, or is this better” questions. She just brought a machine in front of the phoropter and looked into Brianna’s eyes through the machine. Finally she pulled the equipment away from Brianna’s face, and told Brianna she could put her glasses back on.

“Well, Brianna, your retinas are in excellent condition. There are no signs of retinal detachment. From the measurements I have taken, I have discovered that your eyeball is maybe a little long, but is pretty close to the correct length for a person with normal vision. The lens implants that you had done in Brazil are performing well, and looks like they were well done, and should give you no problems for a number of years, if ever. Your vision, with the correction you require, is right at 20/30. However to achieve the 20/30 BCVA you will have to increase the strength of your glasses by –1.00D more.” Allison told her.

“Why is my prescription increasing then?” Brianna asked.

“From the best that I can tell, your inner lens is increasing in power. That is the problem I had, although I was severely myopic as well. And, I think there is a little bit of extra plus in the lens in your cornea, which would give you –2D or –3D of myopia there. Even after I had my inner ocular lens removed, I still had around –20D of myopia, so I am forced to wear these thick trifocals. And with the inner lens removed, I lost any of my remaining focusing power, so I am very dependent on trifocals for seeing at any other distance other than what my distance lens is set for.” Ali said.

“How did that work?” Brianna asked.

“It worked well enough to allow me to graduate from medical school, and become a pediatric ophthalmologist.” Ali said.

“No, I meant the lens thing. Can you explain it to me in simple terms?” Brianna asked.

“Well, it will be a little involved, but I will try to simplify things as much as I can. The inner lens in a normal eye has a power of about +20D. Depending on what you are doing, it can be a little more if you are reading, or a little less if you are focusing on distant objects. If a person had their inner lens removed, and not replaced, they would need plus glasses with a power of approximately +23D to +25D. In my case I had my inner lens removed, and not replaced. So, this means that I had about +40D or more of power before my lens was removed. After my inner lens, which had grown out of round because I also had high astigmatism that was lowered after the lens was removed, was taken out, I was left with a prescription of around –20D with a much lower amount of astigmatism. My inner lens had a lot more plus than yours now has, because I still ended up very myopic. Of course, I also have about +3 or +4D more plus than I should have in my lens in my cornea, and that had also added to the myopia that I have ended up with.” Ali said.

“Now I see, I think. The more plus the lens in your eye has the more minus you end up with. So how much extra power do I have in my lens?” Brianna asked.

“Well, you need the normal +20D for your basic eyesight. Then you have added +10D with your implanted contact lens. The +10D probably is equal to around –14D of myopia. So if you take the –28D I just tested you at, and subtract the –14D, that means that your inner lens is about +14D too strong. You would have about –14D of myopia naturally if we took out the +10D lens implant.” Ali said.

“Oh, I’m not ready to do that. I don’t mind my glasses getting stronger and stronger. It is hard to explain, but whenever I have had them off, and I put them back on it is almost like a sexual experience.” Brianna confessed.

“That’s what a number of my friends who do GOC have also told me. So, I guess we should arrange to get you either new lenses, or a complete new pair of glasses then.” Ali said.

They then went out to see Lucy, and Brianna picked out another new frame to have her updated prescription put into. This time Brianna picked a very bold, black rectangular frame with a blue background. Lucy suggested very high index 1.9 glass lenses, and she suggested that she could likely have it done without the myodisc, but Brianna would have nothing to do with the glass lenses. She wanted her plastic myodiscs.

Chapter 14: Twins

Brianna was pregnant. Only 4 months along and she felt as big as a house. She knew when it happened too. It was the night she wore her new myodiscs home. She had been extremely horny, and she and Glen had made love for hours. Brianna hadn’t really wanted a child, but Brittany, Brenda’s daughter, was now almost 2, and was so cute and precious that Brianna had changed her mind. One would be all right – maybe. But twins? Brianna wasn’t prepared for twins. Maybe girls might have been different, but the ultrasound showed that these babies were both boys.

“Oh well, there was one thing to be thankful for,” thought Brianna as she went into the hospital 2 weeks early. At least these babies weren’t 2 weeks late. Brianna was convinced these babies were going to be the death of her. The pain was so intense. But finally the ordeal was over, and Brianna and Glen had two healthy baby boys.

Brianna was very thankful to have Bonnie and Maggie around. Maggie had been dating Jake pretty regularly prior to the birth of the twins, but she had put her romance on hold while she was assisting Brianna with the babies. Brianna was pleased that Maggie thought so much of her that she was willing to forgo her personal life to help her out.

“So, how do you like Jake Maggie?” Brianna asked one morning while they were both bathing the twins.

“Oh, he is a lot of fun to be with. He is 5 years younger than I am, so I wondered if that would pose a problem, but it hasn’t made any difference so far.” Maggie replied.

“Oh, I didn’t realize he was 5 years younger. So that makes you about 3 years older than I am.” Brianna replied.

“I guess so. I was married, and had Bonnie when I was so young that I already feel old.” Maggie replied.

“Were you divorced?” Brianna asked.

“No, Bonnie’s dad was a soldier, and he was lost in action in Afghanistan. So, I am technically still married. I have to wait another 2 years before Jim can be declared officially dead. Right now he is just M.I.A. I still get support from the government, but it was barely enough to make ends meet. Now, thanks to you I am able to put this money into Bonnie’s school funds.” Maggie replied.

“Oh, don’t worry about Bonnie needing money. I think a lot of you and your girl, so I am more than willing to pay for her schooling.” Brianna replied.

“Well, that is kind of you Brianna. I guess I should tell you though that Jake wants me to live with him, even though he realizes we will have to wait until Jim is declared officially dead before we will be able to marry.” Maggie said.

“Only if you move into an apartment here in this building. I will be more than willing to buy one for you.” Brianna replied.

“I think Jake has already put in an offer on one in this building. I told him that I would have to live here.” Maggie replied.

“Maggie, you are a treasure. I am so thankful that Bonnie found me out that day. Hey, I see that you are wearing a new pair of glasses.” Brianna said.

“That’s the only problem I have with Jake. He wants to buy me new glasses every couple of months. I really don’t like it, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings.” Maggie said.

“Heck, it takes a couple of months of wearing a new pair of glasses before they feel totally comfortable on your face. I would hate to change glasses every couple of months.” Brianna replied.

“Well, its one thing if you change glasses because of a prescription change, but I find with my strong prescription I get used to the frame, the lenses and the way I see through a specific pair of glasses. Bonnie feels the same way. Jake has bought her a couple of new pairs, and she just won’t wear them. Jake doesn’t understand, but I do.” Maggie told Brianna.

“I know Bonnie’s prescription is just a little less than mine. What is it?” Brianna asked Maggie.

“She has had the same prescription forever. She is –22.50D x –1.00 x 180 for her right eye, and she is –22.00D x –1.50D x 165 for her left eye. She started wearing glasses when she was a year old, with a prescription of –15D in both eyes, if I remember correctly. She had a few increases before she started school, and then a couple in the early grades, but I think she has worn the same prescription since just before we met you. Dr. Ali thinks she is at the age where her prescription is likely going to increase a bit, because she just turned 14, and apparently a child has the most myopic progression between the age of 14, and 20.”

“Is that when you had your myopic progression?” Brianna asked Maggie.

“Not really. I started wearing glasses when I was about 7 or 8, and my myopia has climbed steadily ever since. Now at age 36 my new glasses are –21D.” Maggie said.

“Oh, so you are pretty much like Brenda.” Brianna replied.

“Well, Brenda has a little weaker prescription, but she is 5 years younger than I am. So she could be the same as I am by the time she reaches my age. But she is doing everything that Dr. Ali tells her to do to try to reduce her increases to a minimum. So are Bonnie and I.” Maggie said.

“What do you mean?” Brianna asked.

“All 3 of us are wearing glasses with a prescription that is about –2D weaker than our distance prescriptions when we do an extended amount of close work. Also we are being very conscious about not bringing our eyes too close to our work when reading. Not like you Brianna. You always seem to have your nose buried in the pages of a book.” Maggie said.

“I guess I do, but everything seems so much clearer that way.” Brianna replied.

“Well, that’s probably part of the reason why your prescription keeps increasing.” Maggie said.

Brittany was only a year and a half old when the twins were born. Soon after this Brenda found she was pregnant again. This time her pregnancy was a lot easier. She and Matt had hoped for a boy, but when they discovered the baby was going to be another girl, they really were not unhappy about that fact. Brittany was a real darling, and Brianna thought to herself that Brittany was probably going to be a lot prettier than Brenda. It was not that Brenda wasn’t attractive; it was just that Brenda was a little plain looking, and until she had started wearing glasses with bold frames, she had not been one to stand out in a crowd. Soon there was another baby girl around, keeping Bonnie and Maggie very busy. Bonnie had stayed in the maid’s apartment in Brianna’s penthouse, but Maggie had moved in with Jake, into an apartment that they had purchased 2 floors down. Brianna didn’t mind this arrangement, as everything seemed to be working out well.

Jessica was an easier baby for Brenda to look after than Brittany had been. Of course, it always seems easier with the second child, because the first child comes without a manual, and you have to learn everything from square one. Again, a few weeks after Jessica’s birth, Brenda ended up having an eye exam. Now her new prescription had to be –21.00D in each eye, and Ali again told Brenda that it was not unusual for high myopes to have an increase with childbirth.

Bonnie had managed to keep her prescription increases to a minimum, but when she turned 15, she went to see Dr. Ali for her annual checkup, and Dr. Ali had to increase her prescription by –1D in each eye. But, with the new pair of glasses that Jake bought for her Bonnie was still able to see quite well. In the meantime, Brianna had gone up a couple more diopters, and she was now wearing –30D lenses in her new glasses. Secretly Brianna liked getting the increases. She loved the clarity of vision that she had when she got new, stronger glasses.

Chapter 15: A Real Problem

It happened again. Not wanting to get pregnant, but without doing anything about it had lead to Brianna missing a couple of periods. So, there were the usual days of morning sickness, the gaining of weight, the bitchy mood and all the other stuff associated with pregnancy for Brianna to cope with again. But, she managed, and Glen soon learned to stay out of her way when she was in a bitchy mood. Both Brianna and Glen were really looking forward to having their baby girl. When Brianna was about 6 months along Brianna noticed that she was having real problems seeing properly, so she went to see Dr. Ali.

“I don’t know what is the matter with your eyes Brianna. You need another –2.50D in your sphere, and for the first time you have astigmatism, a lot of astigmatism. You have developed –3.00D of astigmatism in the last 6 months. I am going to increase your sphere by –3.00D and only give you –2.00D of astigmatism correction. Since you have never needed any correction for astigmatism before I would rather do it this way, and bring your astigmatism correction up gradually. But, I really don’t understand. You are not naturally myopic, so it shouldn’t be anything that the impending birth of the baby has caused.” Ali told Brianna.

“I don’t really care what has caused it Ali. Just give Lucy the new prescription so I can get the lenses ordered. I hate being under corrected, especially by this much.” Brianna said.

So, Lucy ordered Brianna another new pair of glasses. Now Brianna’s prescription was –33.00D x –2.00D x 180 for both eyes. Ali had told Brianna that this was also very unusual; to have both eyes exactly the same, for both the sphere and the astigmatism.

Brianna had her new glasses about 3 months before she went into the hospital to give birth to their daughter Madison. When she came home with Madison the twins were even more active than they usually were, and Maggie and Bonnie had trouble keeping Jamie and Philip quiet around the penthouse.

“Uh, Brianna, I better mention this to you.” Bonnie said.

“What is it Bonnie?” Brianna said.

“Mom and I have been observing the twins, and we think maybe they should have their eyes tested. They seem to be looking at everything really close up.” Bonnie said.

“Well, call Ali for me and see if she can get them in next week. I am not going anywhere for a few days.” Brianna said. She was tired, tired of kids, tired of marriage, and if she told anyone the truth, she was also a little tired of her thick strong myodiscs that she couldn’t see all that well through. But she didn’t dare say anything to anyone, especially not Brenda, not the way Brenda had been on to her about the way she was ruining her eyes.

“Oh, and I am still having a lot of trouble seeing. Maybe you can see if Ali can take another look at me as well.” Brianna called to Bonnie as Bonnie dialed the phone.

A good night’s sleep helped Brianna a lot. By the next morning she was feeling a little better about things. Glen had been extremely attentive to her the night before, and had hugged and held her just the way she loved to be held. Sex was out for a few weeks according to the gynecologist, as Brianna had also had her tubes tied when she was in the hospital. She defiantly didn’t want another child.

Brianna wandered around the penthouse with her coffee in her hand that morning. She didn’t even get dressed, preferring to wear her nightgown, and robe. Bonnie brought Madison to her for breast-feeding. Brianna had not had enough milk to breast feed the twins for very long, but she hoped to be able to supply Madison for a while. While she was breast-feeding Madison she turned on the television set. But the images on the screen were very blurry. Brianna didn’t like this. She loved wearing thick strong myodiscs, but she wanted to be able to see clearly for more than a few months.

By the time the appointment with Allison came Brianna was having a lot more trouble seeing. Even with her glasses on things were a terrible blur until she brought them right up close. Brianna was worried.

The limo dropped Bonnie, Brianna and the twins at Dr. Ali’s office door, and Bonnie helped lead Brianna inside.

“Brianna, what is the matter? You don’t seem to be able to see very well. Are those your latest glasses?” Ali asked.

“Yes, they are. They were not all that great when I first put them on, and my eyesight has just gotten worse and worse since then.” Brianna said.

“Well, let me look at you first. Then while you see Lucy I will look at the twins. They are so cute aren’t they?” Ali said.

Allison led Brianna into the examining room. Brianna knew from past experiences that Ali started off with the most recent prescription that she had given you, and went on from there. Usually only a few clicks were enough, but today the clicking went on and on.

“I don’t know what to tell you Brianna. But this is not good. I can give you a new prescription today, but I can’t guarantee if it will still be good by the time your glasses get here.” Ali said.

“What is the matter Ali?” Brianna asked.

“I won’t know for sure without further testing. But, it looks to me like the inner lenses in your eyes has really gone out of whack. Your new prescription needs to be –7.00D stronger in the sphere, and your astigmatism has jumped up to –6.50D. That is equal to a total sphere of about –43.25D now.” Ali told Brianna.

“What can we do?” Brianna asked.

“I am not sure. I can put a rush on a new pair of glasses, but we rushed your last pair and it still took 2 weeks. I had better check with Lucy.” Ali said.

“Lucy.” Ali called down the hall.

“What is it Ali?” Lucy asked as she hurried to the examining room.

“How long would it take to get a pair of glasses that are –40.00D x –6.50D x –180 in both eyes?” Ali asked.

“Oh my gosh, is that Brianna’s new prescription? What has gone wrong?” Lucy asked.

“I’m not sure. When you are checking that out could you ask Cheryl to see when the first available 4-position slot can be opened up. I need at least 2 hours to do a proper testing and evaluation. Tell her it is an emergency, and see if she can shuffle people around for me. And could you have Bonnie bring the kids back now?” Allison asked.

Bonnie came back with Jamie and Philip. The twins were now 30 months old, and they could walk easily on their own, giving Bonnie a real handful, because each boy seemed to want to wander in a different direction.

“You say you and your mom have noticed that the boys seem to be having trouble seeing?” Ali asked.

“Yes, they sit really close to the television, and when they read they bring the books right up to their faces.” Bonnie said.

“You sit with Philip, and I will examine Jamie first.’ Ali said.

Ali gave Jamie a thorough examination. Since she had trained as a pediatric ophthalmologist she knew exactly how to handle and examine children. Soon she finished with Jamie, and she repeated the procedure with Philip.

“Well, you and your mom were right Bonnie. But I expected that you would be. Jamie needs a prescription of OD–12.00D x –1.50 x 95 x 2BO x 1 BUP and OS –11.50D x –1.75D x 105 x 2BO x 1 BD. Philip’s prescription is exactly reversed, as sometimes happens with identical twins. He needs OD–11.50 x –1.75 x 85 x 2BO x 1BUP and OS –12.00 x – 1.50 x 75 x 2BO x 1BD. They both have a little muscle imbalance so they need double prism to correct that. Would you take them out to see Lucy to have their glasses ordered while I talk with Brianna please Bonnie? Oh, and could you ask Cheryl to come back here?” Allison asked.

“Sure, no problem Dr. Ali.” Bonnie said, and she led the kids off to see Lucy.

Before Ali had a chance to discuss things further with Brianna Cheryl came in.

“The best I can do is next Wednesday morning at 10AM Doctor.” Cheryl said.

“That will have to do. Is my next patient here yet?” Allison asked.

“Yes, she just signed in.” Cheryl replied.

“Can you give her the puff test for glaucoma, and do an auto refractor reading on her to stall for a few minutes?” Ali asked.

“”I can do that.” Cheryl replied as she walked away to look after the patient.

“Brianna, I don’t know what to tell you. I think it would be a terrible waste of money if you ordered a new pair of glasses if we are going to do anything about your vision. However, I will have to do a very thorough examination of your eyes to see if I can determine what has gone so terribly wrong. Like I said earlier, I suspect that the inner lenses have grown too thick, but I won’t know this for sure until after I see you for 2 hours next Wednesday. And then, I am afraid it could take up to 2 weeks before I can get an operating room at the hospital.” Ali told Brianna.

“Well, I really don’t care what you do. I can’t go for 3 weeks unable to see any better than this. Whatever you do please just do it fast. Money is no object.” Brianna said.

Lucy returned to the examining room.

“I really have to hustle Brianna out of here Lucy. My next patient is a very fussy person, and will be upset that I have kept her waiting. Could you please take her to the front with you.” Ali said.

Lucy led Brianna up to the front, and sat her down

“Great news Brianna. If you are willing to use this frame, I can have you a new pair of glasses within 24 hours. However, you might not like the price tag.” Lucy said.

“How much will it cost me?” Brianna asked as she looked at the frame.

“I’m almost afraid to tell you. Please realize that when I phoned to ask about the lenses I told the lab to pull out all the stops. If they had to work overtime on your lenses for the next 12 hours, this would be acceptable. There could be no delay, and no breakage allowed here.” Lucy said.

“Ok, I like the frame you chose. But how much will they cost me?” Brianna asked.

“Oh, I didn’t choose the frame because I liked it for you. I chose the frame because the lab had exactly the same frame right there. The glasses will cost you $5,000.00. The deal is 24 hours, no more, or they do not get paid. Should I call them?” Lucy queried.

“Immediately!” Brianna exclaimed.

“I have to wire transfer 100% of the money to their bank. But I just talked to the manager, and the money will not be released until I authorize it. The president of Optilabs was just on a 3-way call with the bank manager, and me, and he agreed. The money will not be released unless the glasses are in this office within 24 hours from the time they get the wire transfer.” Lucy said.

“I will have Brenda do it right away.” Brianna said, and she called Brenda to make the arrangements.

Brianna was so preoccupied that she had not really had time to realize that the twins were now also going to be wearing glasses. She rode home in the limo with the boys, and Bonnie, but Brianna hardly said a word. If someone could read her mind they would find out that Brianna was chastising herself for ruining her own eyes. If only she had listened to Brenda about reading so close. But she hadn’t, so she would have to make the best of the situation now.

The following afternoon, an hour before the deadline, Lucy called to tell Brianna that 2 pairs of glasses had arrived, so she had released the money for the lab. Brianna had her limo driver drive her right over to Lucy’s store. When Brianna placed the new extremely strong myodiscs on her face she was thrilled that she could see again, although she realized that her eyesight was not really that good. But Ali had told her to expect that her vision could only be corrected to about 20/70 now.

“Why did they send 2 pairs Lucy? The $5,000.00 only paid for one pair, didn’t it?” Brianna asked.

“I was as surprised as you were Brianna. But I expect that the lab didn’t want to loose out on the money. It costs next to nothing for the 1.9 hi index glass lens blank. And, when the machine is set up, it is almost as easy to run 4 lenses through at the same prescription. Then when they ground the lenses to fit the frame, they had a set of spare lenses, so they likely put them in an identical frame. If they had broken one lens, you would have only gotten one pair of glasses. But this way you got a 2 for 1 deal. How do you like the red frame?” Lucy asked.

“I like them both. Red looks great with my black hair, and my dark complexion, but the black frame looks very striking as well.” Brianna said as she switched frames and looked at the black frames on her face in the mirror.

The twin’s glasses arrived while Lucy was adjusting Brianna’s new glasses, so Lucy told Brianna she would drop by after she closed up the store and fit them at the penthouse. Brianna was agreeable. And, Brianna was now in a much better mood. Things were not nearly as much of a blur. After she returned home she told Maggie that Lucy would be by with the twin’s new glasses, and she would stay for supper.

Lucy brought the boys new glasses, and did the necessary adjustments. She stayed for supper, and after supper Glen and Lucy and Brianna discussed the twin’s eyesight. Glen was worried that since they had started out with even a higher first prescription than he had that maybe they might have inherited Brianna’s problems, but Lucy assured Glen that the boys would not likely have any large increases for quite a while, if at all. Brianna and Glen were both pleased that Madison was such a good baby, as she had not fussed or carried on at all curing dinner. They both liked having their family.

Chapter 16: A Solution is Found

Brianna’s 2-hour Wednesday appointment came. Allison didn’t waste any time. She did test after test, she used drops in Brianna’s eye that seemed to feel to Brianna like they froze the eyeballs. Finally Allison was finished.

“It is just as I had suspected Brianna. Your inner ocular lenses are badly misshapen. This is what is causing your poor vision.” Ali said.

“What can we do about it?” Brianna asked.

“About the only thing I can do is to take out your inner lenses. From my measurements it looks like your eyeball has grown in length. It is much longer than it was when I first measured you. If you remember our discussion that day, I think I told you that the inner lens had a power of around +20. If I take out that lens completely, and remove the implant lens, your cornea still has the equivalent of +3D, and your extra eyeball length makes up another +12D. So, for me to give you normal vision without glasses, I would have to replace your inner lens with a further +5D. And I could do this with one of the new multi focal inner lens replacements.” Ali told Brianna.

“No glasses?” Brianna questioned.

“You wouldn’t even need reading glasses.” Ali said.

“That is simply not acceptable. I want my myodiscs!” Brianna exclaimed.

“You know Brianna, I suspected as much. All right, how strong do you want your myodiscs?” Ali asked.

“Glen wouldn’t like me without glasses. Could I still have –30D for my glasses?” Brianna asked.

“Well, I suspect that John would be upset if I didn’t have to wear my thick trifocals anymore either. But tell me the truth Brianna. You are the one who still wants your myodiscs.” Ali said with a smile.

“You know you are right. So what can you do? Brianna asked.

“Your existing implanted contact lens equals +12D. Your eyeball length and your cornea is +15D. If I put in a multi-focal lens implant of +23D it should give you a total plus of 50D. Subtract the +20D that the eye requires and that should leave you with about +30D extra, which would have to be offset by a pair of –30D glasses. Now I must caution you that this isn’t 100%. Our inner lens might have only been equal to +18D, which would end up giving you a further –2D of myopia. How would you feel about that?” Ali asked.

“No problem. When can you do it?” Brianna queried.

“I have an operating room booked in 3 weeks, and I have changed my appointments for that day so I can be free the entire day. This should only take a couple of hours though.” Ali stated.

“Did I read that your husband just got a promotion Ali?” Brianna asked.

‘Yes, he is now Chief of Detectives. That’s why we moved here 5 years ago. He was promised that position once he worked his way up through the ranks.” Ali replied.

“Did you mean it when you said he would be upset if you didn’t have to wear your glasses?” Brianna asked.

“No, not really. I feel he loves me as I am, and he knows the thick trifocals I wear are part of the package.” Ali said with a smile.

“Oh, Maggie and Bonnie feel the twins are doing so much better since they got their glasses. Thanks Ali.” Brianna stated.

“I am sorry that your eyes picked this time to act up. You have sort of neglected everything, the twins included.” Ali replied.

“Oh, I know. I can hardly wait for the 3 weeks to be up. I appreciate your help Ali.” Brianna said.

“It is my job Brianna. See you soon.” Ali replied.

The 3 weeks flew by. Brianna was a little nervous the day of the operation, but her fears were groundless. Under Allison’s skillful hands everything went like clockwork. Brianna had brought the –30D glasses she had worn up until 2 years ago, but when she had her new eyes examined it was discovered that Brianna would actually require –31.50D. So Lucy ordered another new pair of glasses for Brianna. When the new glasses arrived Brianna was extremely pleased with her now corrected vision. She was now seeing 20/30 with each eye separately, and 20/20 combined.

Once Madison finished nursing Brianna went back to her concert routine. Brianna hadn’t thought she would do any more concerts, but her fans demanded that she toured. So Brianna was doing 10 concerts a year. She scheduled trips to 5 major cities, and had 2 sold out concerts in each city, and she planned to do this as long as she could. She was surprised that her popularity had not lessened since she had started wearing her very strong myodisc glasses. And, now that her vision was so much improved after the lens implants; she was thrilled with the fact that she actually had to wear glasses every waking minute of the day.

Brianna loved the publicity that she received. Her vision problems had been plastered all across the front pages of the various tabloids. “Brianna Legally Blind” was her favorite story, and in it the story told of how Brianna had become legally blind even when wearing her very strong glasses. “Brianna has Operation To Restore Some Vision” was another story that told of the successful restoration of her eyesight, although she still had to wear very strong glasses. Brianna didn’t know why she got so much of a thrill out of wearing strong glasses, but she knew she had never been happier in her life.

Bonnie had required a couple of prescription increases, even with Dr. Ali watching her closely. But the increased prescription had not seemed to bother Bonnie. The twins were happy wearing their strong glasses, and Madison had not shown any need for glasses yet, although Brianna was hopeful that she would inherit her dad’s myopia. Matt and Brenda’s girls were not wearing glasses yet, but then again with Brenda’s high myopic genes, it was likely they would require glasses before too long.

Jake and Maggie had not gotten married, but that had not prevented Maggie getting pregnant. Maggie was 38 now, and she and Jake had a healthy 15 month old baby girl Brianna was sure that Jake was watching her like a hawk to see if she showed any signs of myopia, and Brianna wouldn’t have put it past Jake to slap a pair of glasses on his daughter, whether she really needed them or not.

Every move Brianna now made seemed to be for the better. Everyone she associated with was doing well, and Brianna was so very happy with her myopic life.

Specs4ever; with special thanks to Andy for starting this story.

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