The Matchmaker

by Specs4ever 

Bill had recently graduated from university with a degree in psychology and had been unsuccessfully trying to find a job. But, since the economy had just started to slide into a major recession, no companies were willing to hire him. Bill was interested in unusual things and had just taken a special course in hypnosis and was very tempted to try out his skills during the next job interview.

To pay his bills, Bill was holding down several part time jobs. Mondays and Wednesdays found him waiting on tables at a well-known restaurant. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he worked for a local parcel delivery service. Most weekends found him working for matchmaking and dating service.

Here, his job was to evaluate all the questionnaires that had been sent in by all the people trying to find Mr. or Miss Right. Bill had, during the time he had been checking over the forms, gotten the impression that most of the questionnaires he was reading didn't show the real personality of the people that had filled them out. All of those forms came into the agency via snail mail. It seemed strange to Bill that a company that could have made good use of the Internet was still using an old fashioned way. But that was not his problem. He was just glad that he had a job, which actually didn’t pay too badly either.

Much to his surprise, Monica, the owner of the agency, asked him one day, if he would like to work full time for her agency and develop an Internet site for them. Bill was very flattered, and the salary she offered was far more than he earned from his combined part time jobs. He readily accepted.

Monica wanted a very special site designed and said that there was no hurry to be online. She wanted her company to have a proper Internet presence and she had told Bill that true quality takes time. Fortunately, at university, Bill had taken an extensive course in computer web design. It was a course he had really liked, as it fit very well with his study of psychology. Bill had been working on his web page for about a month now, and the site was gradually taking shape.

One evening, as Bill was surfing the net in search of an inspiration, he came across a website that had psychedelic banner ads. As soon as Bill saw these ads, he knew that the proper use of them could make their matchmaking site exciting and unique. The relatively long and boring questionnaires that the agency had used so far, and the resulting lack of truthful information collected through them had always bothered him.

Bill decided he would create hypnotic banners to go with the online questionnaires. These banners would induce a comfortable and relaxed state of mind that would relax those filling out the questionnaires. They would then be able to reveal their true personalities and desires, without holding anything back. That night, Bill didn't go home at his usual time. He stayed behind, working at his computer, designing his hypnotic banners. He wanted to have them appear just as the person first entered the site, giving them an immediate feeling of peace and contentment. As they filled out the forms, they would be slightly hypnotized, and they would reveal their true personalities.

The rest of the task was relatively simple. Bill had to scan all of the old pictures from the files on record, and put them on the new personal pages of their clients. These new pages contained a short biography, and all of the pertinent personal details.

Once he had finished the routine work, Bill informed Monica that the site was ready for her preliminary inspection. Monica was very nervous this particular morning, and Bill knew from past experience that it would do no good to ask her about her nervousness, as he would not get an answer.

But, Bill was very happy, as her nervousness would make Monica a very good candidate to test the site and his new banners. Monica sat down in front of the computer, and clicked through the pages, pushing her heavy glasses close to her eyes every now and then. Monica had told Bill one other day when she had worn her thick glasses that she was extremely nearsighted and blind as a mole without glasses or contacts. She usually wore contact lenses, but Bill was glad that she had chosen to wear her glasses today, as it excited him when she occasionally had to take her index finger, and position it at the bridge of her glasses, sliding the glasses up her nose closer to her eyes. As Bill watched her from his desk, she gradually seemed to relax and her nervousness seemed to fade. She reached the question page of the questionnaire and started filling it out. This surprised Bill. He thought that his boss had a solid, and happy relationship.

When she had finished, she got up and said, "Bill, thank you so much for this wonderful job. These pages are so relaxing and create such a comfortable feeling when I click through them, it is just like being at home."

Bill explained about the hypnotic banners and Monica said that he was a genius. Bill knew this already. He would take a peek at his boss’s questionnaire later on. The only thing that remained for him to do now was to upload the pages to the remote server. After finishing the upload, Bill waited until his boss was gone and looked at her filled out questionnaire. It was interesting to learn that Monica wasn't happy with the guy she presently was living with. Bill then went on to the most interesting part of the questionnaire. This part was where you could speak about your most secret desires if you wanted to. The old questionnaires were always full of crap so far, but now thanks to the new hypnotic banners it was different. When Bill had let his boss try out the page, the banner on the questionnaire had been set to full hypnotic power, but during the process of uploading the site, Bill had set it back to normal again. He didn't want Monica to discover the real power behind these banners.

Bill continued reading Monica’s questionnaire. She was very concerned about her poor eyesight, and about how others, who met her when she was wearing her thick glasses, thought about her appearance and her need for the thick glasses to see. But, on the other hand, she revealed that she was actually turned on by being unable to see clearly past the end of the tip of her nose without her thick glasses. She talked about her partner's indifference to whether she wore glasses or contacts. He seemed to care only if things went smoothly at work for him, and that everything was fine when he came home. It pleased him that Monica was at his beck and call in bed, whenever he wanted her. It was this every now and then that seemed to bother Monica very much. He didn't want anything new. It was always the same old missionary position, with her laying on her back with him on top of her. Monica wanted a bit more diversity and some excitement in her sex life. She thought that it might be a bit of fun to involve her poor eyesight in the foreplay and so on. However, she didn’t want the teasing to evolve to a point where she was left without being able to put her glasses on if she wanted to see.

As Bill had always liked his boss and thought she was very attractive, he had always felt a strong attraction towards her, and he had just learned some very precious information about her that he could work on. Bill stored Monica’s questionnaire on a diskette and deleted it from the workstation. He wanted to make sure that Monica never found out how deeply she had been hypnotized and thus how much of her inner self she had revealed. Bill’s work was done and he went home, completely pleased with himself and his great success with the new Internet site he had created. He went to the corner deli to buy a nice cold bottle of Chardonnay and a couple of the delicious sandwiches they had. Bill looked forward to a nice relaxing evening, where he would lay out his plan for the near future.

The next morning, Bill was in the office early to check out how many people had searched the web site in search for Miss/Mr. right. Bill was surprised that in one night they had had over 200 hits, with each hit meaning that there was a fully completed questionnaire. What counted most was that all of the applicants seemed to have been completely honest. Bill read through the different questionnaires. It was amazing how many of the applicants have this thing about glasses, as he called it. From as early as high school, Bill had known he had a thing for girls that wore glasses. But, it was funny to see how many others also seemed to have this thing about girls that wore glasses, especially strong ones. Only a few girls, in their database, wore glasses in the pictures they had sent in. But now, after evaluating the girl’s questionnaires, there seemed to be at least some 35 who said they were wearing contacts to correct some type of visual disorder.

Bill wanted to wipe out any indication that some of the men had expressed a desire to meet ladies that wore glasses. Of course, Bill didn't want his boss to get any ideas that might interfere with his very special plans for her. But, he couldn’t do that, as there were a large number of male respondents that had expressed a preference towards ladies that wore glasses. Indeed, it seemed that men did make passes at girls that wear glasses. The only thing he could do was to alter a couple of the forms that the men had filled out that expressed a preference for ladies that wore very strong glasses.

The following weeks were quite successful for the agency. They had many positive matches and Bill's advice to some of the girls to wear their glasses on the first date, did the rest. Soon they had to install a more powerful server to handle the many hits they were receiving. Finally, after Bill had pushed her for days, Monica agreed to allow him to put a fetish section into the questionaire and this brought their rate of success even higher.

Monica was very pleased with this result and the following day she came to Bill, and offered him half ownership in the company. Bill was thrilled, as lately he had been a bit upset that Monica was making so much money from his ideas. Now, they were both going to be able to profit from Bill’s work.

Monica and Bill were guests on the Barry Hoffman Live Show. Monica wore her contacts for this memorable evening. It must have been an attack of vanity because recently she had been wearing her glasses almost all the time. She really looked good in glasses and now, without her thick lensed glasses she seemed so different. After the show ended, Monica hurried off to the rest room. She stayed in there for quite a long time. After a while, one of the assistants to the show came up to Bill. She motioned to him to follow her, and informed Bill that Monica urgently needed his help. She was waiting outside the rest room.

"Bill," she said, "you must help me. I had to take these dammed contact lenses out. All of this studio lighting has irritated my eyes and I can't see very well and I can’t tolerate the contacts any longer"

"Why not just put your glasses on then," Bill answered.

"That is the problem, I can’t find them. I must have left them at home this morning, when we went to the airport in such a hurry. You know that lately I haven’t been wearing my contacts very often, and I guess that I just forgot to bring my glasses," Monica said.

Bill was actually very happy. This was just like one of his many fantasies. His partner, the beautiful and self-sufficient Monica, was in need of assistance and he was there to help her.

"OK Monica, no problem," he said, " I will bring you home safely."

She got up and Bill looked into her beautiful, big green eyes that were so blind without her glasses that she normally wore. Her thick glasses virtually reduced the size of her eyes to tiny pinpoints and lately Bill had forgotten how beautiful they really were. Bill gently took her arm and led her out of the studio, where the limo was waiting to bring them back to the airport.

In the backseat of the limo, Monica closed her eyes. After all, without her glasses, her attempt to focus produced almost nothing but a very blurry image, consisting of various colored smears. Her right hand rested on Bill's left fore arm as if to make sure she wouldn't lose her guide. The airplane trip back home went smoothly, and since she was unable to see to drive them back to the office, Bill drove Monica home in her car. He walked her up to the door of her house and opened it for her, preparing to leave as soon as she was inside. But, Monica wanted him to come inside and help her find her glasses.

"Where is your boyfriend, Jack?" Bill asked her.

"There is no more Jack. I threw him out two months ago!" was her reply.

Bill could say nothing, but his heart started to beat rapidly with anticipation.

“One pair of my glasses will be upstairs on the shelf in the bath room,” Monica said.

Bill went up the stairs to the bathroom and found her powerful glasses, resting on a shelf underneath the mirror. He took them and inspected them thoroughly. Oh, how badly he had wanted to do this. He held them up against the light and watched the world shrink through the lenses. He loved this fisheye effect, as he liked to call it. These glasses were not the ones she normally wore. These were not glass lenticular blended myodiscs. They appeared to be normal plastic myodiscs, and were almost 3/4 of an inch thick at the edges. The lenses were mounted in golden wire rim frames.

“It must be the pair she wears only when she is at home,” Bill thought.

"Can you not find my glasses?" Monica asked from downstairs.

"Yes, I found them, and I'm coming right down," Bill called.

Bill knew that this was a chance that maybe would never come again. He knew Monica's answers on the questionnaire by heart. He could recall every single line of it, every answer, as if he had written them himself. He especially recalled the part that she wanted her glasses to sometimes play a part in her sexual foreplay. He knew now what he had to do.

"Ok Monica here is your glasses. But before you can have them you must do something for me," Bill said.

He saw hesitation and an expression of anticipation, and a little smile appeared on Monica’s lips.

"And what would that be?" was Monica's reply. "What would you want from an almost blind woman who is very desperate in need of her glasses?"

"Let's start with a kiss,” said Bill, who was quite sure that he was onto the right track.

"OK, a kiss is fair enough for all you have done for me. Put my glasses on my nose and you may have a kiss," Monica said.

Bill came up to Monica and put her the glasses on her. Her appearance immediately changed and Bill could only barely see Monica’s eyes behind the very thick lenses. He really liked her in those thick glasses.

"You should wear these glasses more often,” he said.

Monica came closer and stood on the tip of her toes. She put both arms around Bill’s neck and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips.

“These glasses are so thick, and ugly that I only wear them when I am home alone. You are the first man who has ever seen me wearing them. You could have asked for a lot more in return for all your help you know," she continued.

As she still stood close to Bill, he took a chance and gently pulled the glasses off her nose.

"What more could I have asked for?" Bill said.

Another, much more inviting smile ran across Monica's face, and she said nothing.

"OK, this time I certainly want more than a kiss,” Bill said.

Things went on this way for a couple of minutes, and they moved over to the couch in the living room. After more removing of, and returning the glasses to her nose, they finally made their way up the stairs to Monica's bedroom. Since he knew what Monica wanted, Bill was easily able to satisfy most of her fantasies. What seemed strange to Bill about all of this was how did Monica know about his secret desires?

There was only one explanation. She must have used one of his hypnotic banners on him, too. But the main thing was that Bill knew they had finally found each other and that was the most important thing of all.

A month later they were married. They had sold their very profitable matchmaking agency for a substantial sum of money, and were now looking forward to a happy life together. Monica got rid of all of her contacts and had gotten several pairs of glasses with really thick lenses. Both Monica and Bill had always dreamed of going around the world on a cruise and went off doing this. If you take a cruise, you might see a very handsome man with a very pretty wife, wearing very thick glasses that she sometimes takes off when she is with her husband.

Adapted from a story by Andy by Specs4ever, and edited by Aliena.

April 2002