by Specs4ever

Some days I spend a lot of my time wondering why I am so obsessed with glasses. I have come to the realization over the past little while that it is not just girls wearing glasses that I am interested in it seems to be the glasses themselves. A lady wearing a nice attractive pair of high minus (or even in some cases a strong plus lens) becomes the object of my admiration, but I must confess that I have been known to check out guys wearing glasses, if the glasses are special enough to be worthy of a second look.

I related at one time in a past post on eyescene about having a first and second grade teacher who wore a high minus. She had a second pair of glasses that were identical in appearance, but I now know that they were probably a weaker pair, as she only seemed to wear them when she was marking students work. The rest of the time the other pair sat on her desk, open with the top down and the temples partially folded. From my position in the front row seat that I had earned early in my school life (do the words class clown, constant talker, disruptive influence mean anything?)- I could see through and beyond the lenses. The glasses themselves remain firmly etched in my brain, even after more than 45 or so years.

The frames were brown, in the fashion of the early fifties. From the gold bridge, the brown plastic got thicker as it went toward the temple, and then dropped down to the temple. The temple was straight, rather than the ones that grew wide and then got thinner just before the earpiece. The bottom of the frames were thin gold bands, holding the lenses in place. The lenses themselves were what I now know as a myodisc, but from the edge of the circle the lens was beveled flat down to the edge of the lens. I remember the lenses having a bit of a yellow appearance, but it might have just been a bit of color from the frame. I constantly wondered what could be wrong with her eyes to make her have to wear these glasses. And, with her glasses on, she could see every little movement in her classroom. Not one of her students ever made any comment about her having poor vision, even though she must have been around 15 or 16 diopters.

I didn't have much to do with glasses for the next few years. By grade six a couple of girls in my class had gotten glasses, but I don't remember being especially interested. Early in the following year two of my friends found that they had to wear glasses, and I remember then wishing I could join them. Another girl, one of the prettiest, and most popular in my class also got glasses, and I remember her being furtive about wearing them. But it was her younger sister, who also got glasses the same time that intrigued me, as her sister's glasses seemed to be significantly thicker, and much more interesting, as well as having to be worn constantly. It was from these glasses that I discovered that glasses with a flat front were pretty strong glasses.

Then it was off to high school and a new crop of bespectacled girls from the surrounding community. One of my new high school friends invited me to his home, and I was enthralled by his mother, who wore a lovely pair of blue steel top, with rimless lenses, held in place by screws. And the lenses themselves were about 3/8" thick. I now know that because of the small size of the lenses and the plano base that they were a pretty substantial prescription.

Over the years I have had some great lens watching. I remember riding on a bus coming home from work, and seeing a college student wearing white plastic framed glasses. The lenses were not especially thick, but there were really neat little circles in the middle of the lens, but I was too shy to approach this young lady at the time. Near where I was living was a movie theater, and the girl at the ticket counter wore lovely thick glasses, but I couldn't seem to build a rapport with her could be the zits that she had all over her face. The following year I was back at college, and there was a young lady in nursing that was absolutely stunning. She wore lovely black horn-rimmed glasses probably about a 9. Unfortunately she was very self conscious about wearing glasses, because she tried to go around as much as possible without wearing them, and was unable to recognize anyone, but she sure had all the guys chasing her anyway.

I knew by this time that I was attracted to girls that wore glasses, so I tried my best to date glasses wearers. Eventually I married one, and we have had many good years together, although she wore contacts more than she would glasses. Recently she had surgery, and she now wears reading glasses only. She is pleased about this, and feels that it was money well spent.

After I was married I still found myself attracted to girls that were wearing glasses. I had thought that once a person needed glasses that the glasses would get stronger and thicker as the years went by, but I found out that this was not always the case. The girls with the thick glasses were special, and I found that I was spending more and more time watching them Over the years I have had a number of them etched in my memory, such as the young lady that worked at the information center at the George Ade plaza on the Indiana toll road. I remember stopping there weekly all that summer, hoping to get another look at her, and finally at the end of summer she was gone probably on to college. That same summer there was an attractive young lady that was making grass catcher bags for lawnmowers in a factory in Hibbing, Minn. I tried to get back there again, but the one sighting was all I got. Then there was the girl at the tollbooths at Batavia, and Pembroke, New York in the mid eighties. She was pretty, with black framed horn rims, and biconcave lenses that were about ¾" thick. And by this time I knew what biconcave lenses were from staring at a guy in a donut shop in Elmira NY. I couldn't figure out why his sunglasses reflected light in such a weird way, and as I watched, I came to the conclusion that part of the prescription was in the front of the lens. But, I still didn't understand why this was. Then I met a waitress in a Denny's in Rock Springs, Wyo., who probably was younger than she looked, but she wore a plastic frame with fairly large lenses, and the lenses were biconcave. I did speak to her, and asked her about it, but all she knew was that it was to make the lenses thinner. And then, in a gas bar at Fernley, Nev. I was fueling beside an MCT truck, and I looked up at the girl sitting on the passenger side just as she looked down at me. My heart skipped a beat, as she was wearing a small plastic frame with extremely thick lenses. She got out of the truck and went into the gas bar, and the minute I finished fueling I followed her inside. I think I bumped into her at every corner of every aisle, and my heart was captivated. She rode off into the setting sun, and I headed east, and to this day I wonder if she was with her boyfriend, her husband, or her brother.

Since then there have been a lot more sightings, but I have, for the most part, made an effort to talk to the ones I meet. There is of course the one that I tried to converse with in a large downtown mall that told me to F***O creep or I'll call the cops, and I have to be thankful to her for getting me started on wearing glasses over contacts. The rejection rate is so much lower by being able to point to my own glasses as a starting point for conversation. And, prior to it becoming a hassle to get car owners names from the DMV, I have been known to jot down the license number of a car driven by a thick lensed lady, and get their name and address. I never had the nerve to follow up on this though, and of the 3 names I did get, by the time I looked them up on the internet, 2 of the 3 had moved, and I never did try to contact the third.

So there you have the jottings of a confirmed optic obsessive. Sometimes I ask myself what would I do if I found a lovely lass with the requisite thick glasses. Other times I just think about those that I have spotted in the past, and I wonder what has become of them. I am sure that some of those ladies I have run across have found eyescene, and I wonder if any of them think about those of us that seem to stare at them at every possible moment. As to what I am looking for, I just would love to have some significantly nearsighted ladies as friends, as to me they are very special, and few and far between.