My Myopic Lawyer

by Specs4ever

It had been around 6 months since I first met Shelly at the local watering hole where all the university students hang out. I noticed Shelly right away. By chance, I sat next to her and I was surprised that she wasn’t with anyone in particular. It was just a group of mixed guys and gals, all celebrating the end of their 4th year of school. One of the guys in the group had been in a few classes with me the previous year and we had become friends. He had invited me to join them, as he had correctly surmised that I was alone. Shelly had reddish blond hair, emerald green eyes, and the smattering of freckles across her nose. And, sure, I have to admit that her figure and her roughly 38D bra size greatly added to my interest in her. To top it off, she seemed to be attracted to me as well, and we spent the rest of the evening in conversation.

By the time the night was over, Shelly knew that I had completed my Masters in History and English, and had planned to be a high school teacher. But, I had, for the past few summers, earned my tuition by driving transit mixers in the summer. The owner of the redi-mix company liked me, and when I went back for what was to be my final summer had asked me what it would take to keep me on in the fall, rather than have me take a teaching position. What he offered me was a good ten grand a year better than a starting teacher’s salary, and I must admit that I hadn’t had to think too hard, before I agreed to remain with him as a driver. And it was a fun job. Sure, I started early in the morning, as all the concrete had to be poured before the heat of the sun set it up. But as compensation, I was done work every day by noon, so I was able to do a lot of boating and fishing. And I had acquired an old Harley softail that I enjoyed riding around. So, I was pretty happy.

Shelly was beginning her first year of a three-year course in law. She had completed her undergraduate studies, majoring in history and political science, graduating with honors, and then decided she wanted to go to law school. I wondered if maybe my dropping out of the academic world would lower my attractiveness to her, but she seemed to feel that since I had obtained my degree, it didn’t matter what I did with it, as long as I was happy and productive, and I definitely was a very happy and I think productive person.

We started going together and after about 6 months we talked and Shelly wouldn’t consider marriage until she had completed law school and was a practicing lawyer. But, we decided that living together would make good economic sense for both of us. So, that fall Shelly and I got a one-bedroom apartment near the university.

Once we had moved in together, I noticed that Shelly seemed to be reading and studying all the time. I remarked once or twice that she should give her eyes a break once in a while, but at age 22, Shelly had so far seemed to have pretty good eyesight, and she just laughed off my suggestions. We did get along famously and she and I were particularly attracted to each other in bed. Shelly definitely knew how to please me and I had no trouble pleasing her.

The following spring, as we neared the end of her first year of law school, I her squinting a lot, particularly at things in the distance. And a couple of times when I was riding with her in the car and she was driving, she had missed the street that she had wanted to turn on. One night we went to a party at a friend’s house, and we had decided that if I had a few drinks, Shelly would drive home. I had not really become inebriated, but since my livelihood depended on me having a driver’s license, when we went out to the car, I gave Shelly the keys. She got behind the wheel, buckled herself in, started the car, turned on the lights, and deftly reversed out of the parking space. She put the car in drive, and started down the street, but before she had gone a full block she pulled over to the side.

“I don’t know what has gone wrong with my eyes Jeff, but I can’t really see well enough tonight to drive home. If you aren’t sober enough, maybe we should leave the car here, take a cab home, and come back for it tomorrow,” Shelly said.

I really hadn’t had that much to drink, but since there was a restaurant down the block, I suggested that we grab a coffee and a sandwich, and then I would decide if I wanted to take the chance. While we were sitting having the coffee, I quizzed her about her eyesight.

“I have noticed you squinting a lot lately. How long have you known your eyes have been going bad?” I asked.

I started to notice at Christmas time that things off in the distance were getting a bit blurred, and the Christmas lights seemed fuzzy and not clear and sharp. And lately I know that it has been getting worse. I cannot read street signs unless I am right up close to them and then I have to squint to see them clearly. Also driving at night has become really difficult,” Shelly told me.

“Oh, you have probably just gotten a little nearsighted with all the close work you have been doing. You better have your eyes tested, and get yourself a pair of glasses.” I replied.

“Oh, I have never wanted to wear glasses,” Shelly said. “But, I can’t go on like this, so I guess I had better go have an examination first thing Monday morning. Will you still find me attractive if I have to wear glasses?”

I laughed and replied, “Of course I will, you will still be the same Shelly won’t you?”

With that, our coffee was finished; I felt that I would be all right to drive home. So we went back to the car, and drove home. Monday, true to her word, Shelly went and had her eyes tested, and when I returned home that evening she was wearing a nice wire rimmed, oval shaped pair of glasses. I looked at the lenses, and I noticed that they seemed a little thick for what was a first pair of glasses and had some power rings, as well, but I didn’t say anything, other than to tell her that she looked fantastic wearing her new glasses.

“Glad you think so. The eye doctor couldn’t believe that this was my first pair of glasses. He told me that I was –3.00D in one eye, and –2.75D in the other, and that this was quite a strong prescription for me in my first pair of glasses, especially at my age. He also told me that I should wear them all the time, and I think he was right. I can’t see nearly as well without them now, and I have only been wearing them for 2 hours.” Shelly replied.

“Well, I think you look fantastic with or without them, and if you have to wear them all the time, you will still be my special girlfriend,” I told her.

And sure enough, she did wear them all the time. I did notice that she still put her face and glasses quite close to her books and papers. I was a bit surprised that she never took them off to do close work, because my mom, who had a similar prescription, always took her glasses off to read and see things up close. Shelly had worn glasses for almost a year when she came home one evening with a new pair, and I could tell from looking at them that her prescription must have increased some.

“New glasses, Honey?” I asked. “They look really nice and compliment your eyes and hair, but you hadn’t mentioned that your eyesight was getting worse.”

“Well, the doctor said it was normal to have an increase after wearing glasses for about a year. I am up to –4.50D, and –4.25D, but I have good eyesight with my new lenses. And he said I would probably not have any further increases at my age.” Shelly told me.

But, the doctor was wrong. As Shelly neared the end of her second year of law school, I noticed again the telltale signs of worsening eyesight. When it was time for her annual eye exam, Shelly came home without glasses. Her doctor had suggested a new type of soft contact lenses that she could wear for up to 30 days at a time, and Shelly had bought into this, hook line and sinker. I tried to tell her that she could possibly damage her eyes by leaving the lenses in all the time, but she was convinced that the doctor knew what he was talking about. And, while I had become accustomed to seeing Shelly wearing glasses, it was nice to see her without them as well, so I just kept quiet. I did find the boxes that her contact lenses came in, and I discovered that her contact lenses were –6.25D and –6.00D, but I didn’t remark on the rather large increase.

Finally Shelly completed her last year of law school, and we were busy with our plans to get married. I was in the bathroom one day, and I picked up one of her boxes of lenses, and was surprised to see that the numbers on them were now –7.75D and –7.50D. She had been given another increase in her prescription, and she hadn’t even mentioned it to me.

Our wedding went wonderfully well. It had been a fantastic day, and friends and relatives had come from miles around to celebrate with us. We had purchased a new house instead of going on a honeymoon, and we told no one about the purchase. That evening when we slipped away, we drove to our new home, put the car in the garage, and had a fabulous night to ourselves.

Shelly had passed her bar exams with honors, and she had a number of offers from different law firms. She accepted the most attractive offer, and soon her evenings were spent pouring over law books to see if she could discover precedents that would suit the cases she had been assigned. She never said a word about her worsening eyesight, and I really didn’t know about it until she asked me if I could take a day off the following week to drive her to a specialist in high myopia. She wasn’t going to be able to drive herself, because she had to remove her contact lenses the night before, and then the following day they were going to put some special drops in her eyes to allow the doctor to do a thorough examination. Even if she had owned a pair of glasses with her current prescription, she still wouldn’t have been able to drive, as the acuity with glasses usually wasn’t as good as with contacts7.

Once Shelly had removed her contact lenses, I was shocked to see how helpless she actually was without any form of correction. The following day, I had to essentially guide her everywhere, and when the examination had finished, the doctor called me into his office so that I too would know what was going on with Shelly’s eyes.

From what the doctor told us, I gathered that Shelly, as a young girl, had originally been a bit farsighted. As a child, her eyeball was not really long enough for the +16D of the natural lens that we all have in our eyes. But, as a young person, Shelly probably had a little more accommodation than other people her age. As Shelly grew into her early 20’s her eyeball started to elongate, and finally her eyeball was right where it should have been for her age. As she did more and more studying, her eyeball compensated for the excessive near work by elongating itself even more, making her myopic. At the same time, however, the lenses in Shelly’s eyes had started to thicken. As her lens thickened, it likely went from +16D up to around +20D, which, according to the doctor was about where it was now. With her thicker natural lens, and the myopic elongation of her eyeball, Shelly now had over –9D of myopia. The doctor told us that it was likely that Shelly’s lens would continue to increase in power a bit, but it wasn’t likely that it would cause her any problems, other than making her a bit more nearsighted than she already was.

The doctor had new daily wear contact lenses in the correct power and size that Shelly could wear until her new 30 day extended wear lenses came in, so when we left the doctor’s office, Shelly was happy to be able to see clearly again. I casually remarked on the fact that the doctor had mentioned that she should be wearing reading glasses for continuous close work, or else she should be wearing lower powered glasses for this, but I didn’t press the issue. And, once Shelly got her new contact lenses, the thoughts of reading glasses went by the wayside, and soon she was back to her usual trick of burying her nose in her work. I didn’t think anything of it when I saw that her new contact lenses were –9.50D and –9.25D, as the doctor had told us that she was around –9D.

Sure enough, by the time another year had gone by, Shelly was back at the eye doctor’s office again. She returned home that evening rather subdued, and I asked her what was wrong. She told me that her new contact lenses were going to be –11D and –10.75D and that she could no longer obtain the 30-day contacts that she had adapted so well to wearing. She was going to have to remove her lenses every night now, and she was going to have to have new lenses every 3 months. I suggested that she might want to get a new pair of glasses in her current script, and my suggestion was met with frosty silence.

After she got her new contacts, she spent a couple of weeks stumbling around in the evening when she was getting ready for bed. Sure, the very last thing she did was to remove her lenses, but if there was anything on the floor, she tripped over it – our dog mostly. I took her old glasses with the –4.50D lenses, and had the optician put new lenses in them for Shelly. The optician had to convert the contact lens prescription to a glasses prescription, and she told me that the lenses would be in the –13D range, and would be very thick in the cheap regular plastic, which is what I wanted to get. I knew that Shelly would not wear these glasses out in public, and I also knew that the frame style was terribly out of date. But, I also knew that there was no use in my attempting to force Shelly to get new glasses, as the ensuing fight just wouldn’t be worth it. I figured that if I brought home her old glasses with the proper new lenses in them that eventually Shelly would see the sense in putting them on to find her way between the bathroom and the bed, and that once she realized how much the glasses helped, her common sense would take over, and we could get her proper new glasses.

I had never given much thought to whether I liked girls wearing glasses or not, but when I picked up the glasses with the extremely thick plastic lenses in them I found that I was getting excited to see Shelly wearing them. But, all I did that evening was to casually mention to her that I had taken her old frames in to the optician, and had the optician put in new lenses with her correct prescription. She was curious to see what her new lenses looked like, but when she saw the almost 3/4” edge thickness, and the plano fronts, she emphatically stated that there was no way she would put those things on her face.

That evening I set the case containing her glasses on the shelf in the bathroom. When Shelly went into the bathroom to wash her face, brush her teeth, and remove her contacts I saw her in the mirror as she took the glasses out of the case, and looked closely at them. I swear I saw her shudder, as she put them back in the case. She then removed her contacts, and I saw her reach for the case. Natural curiosity was getting the best of her. She put the glasses on, and she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She took them off, and she was going to put them back in the case, but then she put them back on, and put the case back on the shelf. She came into the bedroom, and I swear I have never seen her look sexier. The light from the bedside table bounced off the plano fronts of the thick lenses, and as she drew closer I could see her eyes severely minified behind the lenses.

“Can you still love me if I have to wear these ugly glasses to see?” she asked.

I proved to her that I could.

The next morning she put her glasses on and easily found her way to the bathroom without tripping over Lady, our yellow Lab. At breakfast Shelly thanked me for being so thoughtful to have new lenses put into her old frames. I told her that anytime she wanted to do so, we could go to the optical shop together, and I would help her chose a new frame, and she could get the new thinner plastic lenses instead of the thick regular plastic ones I had gotten for her.

She thought for a minute and replied. “No, I don’t think so. These will do just fine for around the house, as I don’t ever plan to wear them out in public.”

I didn’t even suggest that this might happen if she ever had a problem with her contacts. I also didn’t let on to her that I found that when she was wearing thick glasses it was very arousing to me, and that I desired her even more because of them.

So things were fine for the better part of a year. Shelly didn’t seem to have any trouble with her new contact lenses, and she had become accustomed to removing her contacts in the early evening, and sitting around working with her glasses on. And, if Shelly didn’t have to go anywhere on Saturday, she and I would often clean the house together, with Shelly wearing glasses rather than contact lenses. Inevitably we would end up in bed making love after the work was finished.

One Saturday, after a rousing romp in the hay, Shelly peered at me through the thick lenses of her glasses and said, “You seem to find me very desirable when I am wearing glasses Jeff.”

She was one smart lady, and very perceptive too. All I could do was to agree that I liked her in glasses, and that when she was wearing them, it was like she was a different person, a person who was helpless without her glasses.

“Well, I went back to the eye doctor the other day, and I have had another increase in my prescription. These glasses just aren’t strong enough for me anymore, so if you want to we can go to the optical shop this afternoon, and you can help me pick out new glasses.” Shelly said.

I was a bit upset that she always seemed to keep her vision problems a secret from me, but I didn’t show it at all. I did ask her what her new prescription in her glasses was, and she showed me the new prescription slip, which now read –14.75D and -14.50D. So, after we got dressed, Shelly and I went to the opticians, where together we chose a really nice black plastic frame that wasn’t quite oval, nor was it quite rectangular. The important thing was that the temple hinges were set well back from the front, so they would close no matter how thick the lenses ended up. We chose an expensive hi index plastic lens that the optician assured us had almost as good an abbe value as regular plastic has, and the distortion would be minimized because of this. Also we chose an antireflective coating but when Shelly asked the optician about having the edges polished the optician advised her against it because of the reflections that are thrown into the lens. These glasses were very expensive, but what made them a bargain to me was that this was a 2 for 1 sale, and we chose a large eye sized frame with regular plastic lenses for the second pair. I was fortunate that Shelly had guessed that her thick glasses turned me on, so we didn’t even have to explain anything to the optician.

Shelly was actually quite pleased with her glasses with the new thin lenses. I knew that she felt comfortable wearing them because she often wore them all day Saturday now, and even if she had to go to the office for a couple of hours Saturday afternoon, she would go in wearing her glasses. I asked her one day if anyone had remarked on her glasses, and she told me that she had received a couple of compliments, and a few “I didn’t know you wore glasses” comments. She told me that she had just told everyone that her eye doctor had advised her to wear glasses only for one day a week. And, once the rest of the partners, as well as the staff had seen her in glasses, they accepted it and pretty much forgot about it. After that Shelly even wore glasses to work a few times when she had problems with her contacts.

Shelly was up for partner in her law firm, and we had decided if she made partner, we would try to have a child. The partner’s still had to put in a certain amount of billable hours every week, but the required hours were far less than the hours that Shelly was putting in now. And Shelly was now 29. Her baby-making clock was ticking down.

The vote came in, and Shelly was blackballed. We didn’t know who had cast the vote against her, but one of the partners had decided that Shelly was far too valuable to the firm, as a regular employee, to move her up the steps into the inner sanctum. Shelly was in tears the day she found this out, and I held her close, watching her tear streaked mascara through the strong lenses of her glasses that she wore in public.

We talked and talked. I was still driving the redi-mix truck, and I was making really good money. Oh, it was nowhere near what Shelly made as a lawyer, but our needs were simple and we had doubled up on the mortgage on our home, so we were very close to having it paid for. Our biggest out of pocket expense was Shelly’s eye care, and the wardrobe she needed for work.

“Tell them to stick their job Honey.” I suggested that evening.

“But we need the money to start our family Jeff.” Shelly replied.

“There won’t be any family if we don’t get started soon. I want kids before we are too old to enjoy them. We can live off my income for a few years,” I told her.

Finally we decided that once Shelly became noticeably pregnant, we would have her give her notice. We both agreed that 30 days would be a good period of adjustment for the firm. The next few weeks were very pleasurable for me. We spent a lot of time in bed. Shelly’s uncorrected eyesight was so poor that I never had to try to talk her into wearing her glasses while we made love, and the more I looked at her wearing the very thick regular plastic bedroom glasses, the more I felt like making love to her.

It was almost a disappointment when we discovered that Shelly was pregnant. It really hadn’t taken long enough. The pregnancy was surprisingly easy for Shelly. She wasn’t sick in the mornings at all, and she kept working into her 7th month before she gave her notice to her law firm. They were upset that she was leaving, but she had given them 30 days notice, so they had to give her a good recommendation.

The only hitch during the latter stages of her pregnancy was that Shelly required a bit of a change in her glasses prescription. It was only around –1.25D in each eye, but she was now wearing glasses with –16D- lenses. The doctor explained that this often occurred during pregnancy. Shelly got new glasses that were almost as nice, and as thin as her former pair, but she didn’t update her extra thick ones, and I now often found her wearing them to read with. This is something that I had been after Shelly to do for a few years now, but she had always resisted my suggestion. I did ask her, about this, and she just told me that she was afraid of loosing any more vision.

About 6 months after the birth of a healthy baby girl, who we called Danielle, or Danny for short, Shelly made noises about getting back to work. I thought that this might be the case, and for a few months I had been putting some of my weekly spending money aside. When Shelly told me that she had an offer by a local law firm, I told her that I wasn’t willing to have her do that. She was going to set up her own practice, right here in town. When she asked what we would use for money, I told her that we had enough in the bank to set her up, and that I had some extra cash for incidentals.

She was so pleased with my thoughtfulness and my support that we made love that evening, and again the following morning. So, now Shelly has an office that is quite close to the house, and she often walks to work, pushing Danielle along with her in the baby stroller. Shelly seems very content now to wear her glasses all the time since she really has no one that she wants to impress. She has built up a practice, and we are even considering a second child. Things couldn’t be better.

Specs4ever, with a temporary return to editing by Aliena.

Jan 2005.