My New Daughter In Law

by Specs4ever

I am a fancier of ladies with high myopia. There is something about a minus lens that attracts me. I love to look at a ladies eyes through the concave lenses of her glasses, and see her eyes so wonderfully clear and bright, but oh so tiny. And the cut in at the sides of her face sends shivers up and down my spine. And then when she turns her head ever so slightly and I am looking at a mass of power rings – oh, I just can’t put what this does to me into words.

I married a nearsighted lady – on purpose of course. Unfortunately I didn’t know enough about myopia and the progression of myopia to realize that my wife’s glasses would never get really strong. Strong lenses are what would really attract me, but of course I was more than willing to accept what I had.

We were fortunate enough to have 2 children, a boy and a girl less than 2 years apart in age. The boy started school without needing glasses, but during this first year at school I noticed something disturbing. When my wife and I went to school one afternoon for a meeting with the teacher my son Scott was playing with a little girl who was wearing glasses with very strong plus lenses.

Of course, I didn’t really think too much about it, as I glanced at his school picture when he brought it home a few weeks later, and there were no other children except for this little girl in his class who wore glasses. I just thought that this was a friend he would likely cast aside as he grew older. I didn’t dare hope that he could take after his father with a liking for myopes and bring me home a nice severely nearsighted daughter in law, although it was a very nice thought.

The following year my daughter started school, and the year she was 7, and in grade 2 it was discovered that she was nearsighted. Her first prescription was only –1.75D in each eye, but she wore her glasses a lot, because she really liked being able to see clearly. I was thrilled. Even though this was a very minor amount of myopia I was still able to gaze at her eyes hidden behind the minus lenses.

I didn’t think too much about my son. He didn’t need glasses yet, and he was in grade 3, although his class picture showed that there were 2 girls that now wore minus glasses. The little girl I had seen Scotty playing with seemed to have disappeared from the picture.

Ashley needed stronger glasses when she started grade 3. Her prescription had doubled in only a year, and I was pleased. It could have doubled again and again, and I would have been even happier, although I would have liked her to be a little older before she ended up with a really nice prescription of say –14D.

I was very busy earning a living over the following 3 or 4 years. I remember Scott going to his eight-grade graduation, but really it seemed to me like he had just started school a few days ago. It was a few weeks after his graduation when I happened to see the picture of Scott and his date. I was pleased to see that she wore glasses, but when I took a closer look I was sure the glasses were a weak plus, with a bifocal segment.

This had to be a coincidence. Surely my son wouldn’t have gone after a young lady wearing plus lenses, would he?

Ashley had only had a very small prescription increase, and by the time she was going into grade 9 she was wearing glasses that were –4.50D with a bit of added cylinder for mild astigmatism. I still liked looking into her eyes through the lenses of her glasses.

But, with her eye examination that year the glasses disappeared. Her mother bought her contact lenses. I expressed my reservations, but of course was voted down.

By grade 11 Scott was hanging around with a group of guys I didn’t really care for. I was sure his group was involved in drugs, and I often tried to see if I could smell any signs of marijuana on his clothing when he came home. I could smell cigarette smoke, but I could not pin down a cannabis smell. Scott’s excuse for the smell of smoke on his clothing was that some of his friends smoked, but he didn’t. But he always carried a lighter, and I figured where there is fire there is smoking going on. Even so, I never was able to catch him at it.

Scott was in his final year of high school. He asked me to lend him the car to go to the school formal, and of course I asked him whom he was going with. He told me the girl’s name, but I didn’t recognize it, so he got his school yearbook, and showed me her picture. Emily wore plus glasses, and they were fairly strong ones at that. I knew it was time to have a serious talk with my son. No, not about the birds and the bees, I figured he already knew all that stuff. I had to tell him about the disadvantages of having a wife who wore plus glasses.

I told Scott that a girl who needed plus glasses could not see well at a distance, or up close, but a girl who wore minus glasses could always see things that were reasonably close. I tried to guide his thinking and I told him about the fact that when you looked into a girls eyes through a minus lens their eyes were nice and clear, not blurred like a girl who wears plus glasses. And, when you look at a girl wearing plus glasses, their eyes are all big and enlarged. With plus glasses there are no plano fronts to watch the reflections bounce off, but instead plus lenses bulge outward, and there are no good reflections. And worse still, there is no cut in, nor are their any power rings to look at. His reaction was rather non-committed.

“I’m just taking her to a dance Dad. I’m not marrying her.” Scott said.

And, once Scott graduated, and headed off to university he did indeed leave Emily behind. When my wife and I visited Scott a few times at the university I noticed that he had a few girls hanging around that were wearing minus lenses in their glasses. I was relieved. Finally Scott had seen the error of his ways.

Ashley, since she started wearing contact lenses, had only a few small prescription increases. She was now in her early 20’s and her prescription was right around –7.50 with a little bit of astigmatism for both eyes. My wife had never managed to get over –6.25D, and actually she had been wearing an old pair of Ashley’s glasses, because she was going without contact lenses for a few weeks. When I asked why she was doing this, my blood ran cold when I heard the answer. She was going in for an evaluation to see if she could have laser surgery.

Of course, with my luck the prognosis was for a very successful surgery. And since she had her own money from her parent’s estate I couldn’t say a thing. It was all I could do to bite my tongue the day I drove her to her surgery. I wouldn’t say that I hoped for a terrible outcome; however I did hope that she would change her mind right up until the last minute.

Late that afternoon as we drove home the thoughts of divorce kept running through my mind. You don’t know how tempted I really was. But, I stuck it out, even though I knew I wouldn’t be happy about our marriage anymore.

Now Ashley was also away at university, and I no longer had any eyes to look at through minus lenses in the evenings. It seemed to spoil something. Things were just not the same anymore. But, with Ashley in university, she managed to drag a friend home for Thanksgiving. Joanne was a sweetheart, and she made my heart go all a flutter when she appeared in the evening wearing a gorgeous pair of flat fronted minus lensed glasses. Her glasses must have been at least –10D or better. And what was wonderful was that Scotty seemed to be chasing after Joanne like a puppy in heat. I was thrilled.

Scott was still going with Joanne when he graduated a year or so later, and I was hoping beyond hope that we would have a wedding in the family. But Scott decided to take a year to travel around the world before he settled down into a job. Before Scott returned I found out that Ashley was going to be a bridesmaid at Joanne’s wedding later in the summer, so my hopes of having Joanne as a myopic daughter in law were dashed. Now all I could hope for was that Scott would find another myopic lady with at least as good a prescription as Joanne.

Scott returned and didn’t seem at all upset that Joanne had met someone else, and was getting married. When I asked him if he was disappointed his reply was short.

“There’s other fish in the sea Dad.” Scott told me.

Over the next couple of years Scott brought a number of different girls home to family functions, and for holidays. I would always check them out, and from the best of my ability I felt that a little better than half of his girlfriends wore contact lenses. Darned contacts – you just can’t tell if the correction is plus or minus, nor can you determine the power of the contacts. Glasses are a whole lot easier to check out.

Finally the selection of girls seemed to trickle down to only one. Jessica was certainly a very attractive young lady. She was extremely polite and well mannered. She and Scott seemed to be very well matched. And she wore contacts. All I could hope for was that they were minus contacts, but of course I couldn’t tell. I did try to get the name of her eye doctor, and I tried to call them, posing as an optician at a one hour optical store, asking for her prescription so that Jessica could have a pair of glasses made to her latest prescription. But my idea was dashed when the girl at the ophthalmologist’s wanted to call me back after she looked it up, and confirmed it with the doctor that they could release it. Even if I had found out what Jessica’s prescription was I don’t suppose there would have been much I could have done about the situation anyway.

Scott’s wedding day was an absolutely perfect day as far as the weather went. It was one of those clear, bright days in early spring, a day that was not too hot, and not too cool. Since they were having an outdoor wedding, even the wind co-operated, and only a gentle breeze blew through the chapel that was set up on the beach.

I had met Jessica’s immediate family a few times before this. Out of 2 sisters and a brother she had one sister who wore glasses, and her glasses appeared to be in the range of about –5D or –6D. There was no evidence that either of her parents wore anything but reading glasses. After I met her aunts and uncles and her cousins I could see that there were a couple of cousins that appeared to be wearing contact lenses, but of course they would be for the wedding. And, one of her aunts was a reasonably high myope, wearing delightful wire rim frames with a small oval shape with a prescription of around –12D. So, based on the one glasses wearing sister I felt reasonably certain that Jessica was myopic.

After the wedding Scott and Jessica headed off for their honeymoon. I thought of all sorts of possibilities to try to catch Jessica wearing glasses. It wasn’t too long after they returned that I managed to casually drop by their new house at a time that was really too late for visiting. Jessica was in a housedress, but she was not wearing glasses. That didn’t work, so I figured I better not try that again.

I have a small sailboat. My wife and Scott and Ashley always enjoyed going out with me on a nice summer afternoon. But, after a few trips on the boat where Ashley and my wife tried to wear contact lenses, they decided that because of the wind and the swimming, glasses were more practical. So, Scott and Jessica were invited out for a sail on what was supposed to be a nice warm Sunday. I suggested to Scott that maybe Jessica might be more comfortable wearing her glasses; because Ashley and his mom always found that it was too dry for them to wear contacts when it was hot and windy. Scott gave me a funny look, and I immediately realized that I had never seen Jessica in glasses, so Scott was wondering how I knew she wore contacts. I didn’t say anything. I figured it was better to let him think that Jessica had maybe told me.

We had a great time out on the boat. We sailed all around the bay, and the wind shifted just when we needed it to sail on back into the harbor. It was probably one of the most perfect days I had ever spent on the water. The only down side to it was that Jessica did not wear her glasses. While we were on the boat in the sun and the wind she wore a pair of wrap around sunglasses that really gave her eyes good protection. Then, when we stopped and went for a swim before lunch Jessica put on a pair of very good tight swim goggles. I was very disappointed that my carefully thought out plan had not worked. Was I ever going to see my daughter in law wearing her glasses?

These games went on for the better part of a year, and still I hadn’t managed to catch a glimpse of Jessica wearing glasses. I was getting very desperate now. I was even contemplating going into their house when they were both at work and seeing if I could find a pair of Jessica’s glasses. I would have done it too, if Scott had given me a key, but the excuse I made up to get the key wasn’t good enough, and Scott just told me that he would come over and pick up the item I was going to deliver and set up.

Then Jessica became pregnant. My wife and I were really looking forward to the birth of our first grandchild. Scott and Jessica decided that they didn’t really want to know the sex of the baby, so the nursery was painted in a neutral color. We gave them a new crib, and my wife was prepared to do some shopping as soon as the baby was born so we could decorate the bedroom according to the sex.

Scott called just after we woke up in the morning. Jessica had delivered a 7lb 9oz healthy baby girl that they were going to call Amber. My wife and I had breakfast, and we immediately went to purchase curtains and bedding for Amber’s room, along with a few articles of clothing. Then we went to the hospital to see Jessica and Amber.

I finally got to see Jessica wearing glasses. All I could think was “My Gosh they’re thick.” The center of her lenses bulged out, and I could see that they were lenticular lenses. Not only was Jessica a plus glasses wearer, she was a wearer of a pretty serious plus prescription. Once I got over my initial shock I managed to appear as if I was a pretty happy person over the birth of my granddaughter. But I couldn’t help myself for what I said.

“I hadn’t seen you wearing glasses before Jessica. You look very nice, but they are fairly strong aren’t they?” I asked.

“Yes, they are. I was born aphaic, which means I had no lenses in my eyes. So these glasses are the same power as people have built in their eyes. I see much better wearing contact lenses though, so I only wear these in an absolute emergency.” Jessica said.

“Is that hereditary?” I asked.

“There is a possibility that it could be. We will have to keep a close watch on Amber to see how her vision develops.” Jessica replied.

“Well, like I said, you look good wearing glasses, and as long as you can see well with glasses or contact lenses that’s all that matters. And we will worry about Amber when the time comes. All that matters now is that you are both happy, and we all love you.” I replied, and I gave her hand a squeeze.

“Thanks Dad.” Jessica replied.

After our visit was over my wife and I drove home together.

“Didn’t you know that Jessica wore glasses?” my wife asked.

“I knew she wore contact lenses, but this is the first time I have seen her wearing glasses.” I replied.

“Oh, no it isn’t. Jessica used to wear her glasses when she and Scotty were together in first and second grade. Then she and her parents moved away after second grade,” replied my wife.

Then I realized that Jessica was the little girl with the strong plus glasses that Scotty had played with as a kid. There was no way I could have changed the outcome here. I bet Scotty was teasing me every time he went out with a girl wearing minus glasses. And, my wife, Ashley and Scott must have talked about the fact the he and Jessica were in grade one and grade two together many years ago. Was I just not listening?

Well, it looked like I better develop a liking for ladies who wear plus glasses. Not only did my new daughter in law wear very strong plus glasses, but the possibility was there that my lovely new granddaughter might wear plus glasses as well.


August 2007