Myodisc Optical

by Spec4ever

Susan peered through her glasses at the street in front of her. The cars were a blur until she got very close behind them, and the street signs were impossible to even see. Why hadn’t she gotten Carol, her younger sister to drive her to her appointment with their eye doctor? She now knew that she should not have even considered driving. Susan hadn’t even considered just how bad her vision was with these glasses, but she now realized that she should have thought of it. After all these glasses were 3 years old. She had at least 2 increases in her contact lens prescription since she had gotten these glasses at age 18. Why did Doctor Murphy insist that she not wear contact lenses for 24 hours before her eye exam?

Susan finally reached the parking garage at Doctor Murphy’s office building, and as she took the ticket from the machine, and drove into the darkness of the garage, she began to panic a little. Her vision was not all that great in the dark with her contact lenses in, and with these old glasses, it was terrible. But finally she was able to squint enough to locate a vacant spot, and she drove into it with a sigh of relief. “Please, please let me get my new contacts so that I can see to drive home,” Susan thought as she walked towards the elevator that would take her to the 5th floor.

“Hi Susan,” Katie the receptionist greeted her. “ You are a bit early, but the Doctor is running on time today. Helen will be right out to do the preliminaries. Have you had your contacts out for at least 24 hours?”

“I took them out right after I got home from class yesterday, so it is pretty close to 24 hours.” Susan replied.

“You kids are all the same. You hardly ever go out without wearing your contacts. You know that it is better for your eyes to wear your glasses at least one day a week. But, I suppose that 20 hours without lenses is as close as we are going to get to a day without lenses for you.” Katie replied with a laugh in her voice.

“H Susan, come right this way.” Helen told her as she poked her head around the corner.

Susan heard the voice, looked up from the magazine she had been holding only a few inches away from her glasses, but couldn’t distinguish Helen’s white uniform from the wall in the hallway. She stood up, and moved towards Helen’s voice. As she got closer she could see Helen standing there with a folder in her hand. Helen led Susan into the examining room.

“Let me see your glasses Susan.” Helen asked.

Susan took them off and handed them to Helen, asking her, “Why did I have to wear them for 24 hours before my exam Helen?”

“Doctor Murphy has been reading that by examining younger patients who have constantly been wearing contact lenses there is a possibility that this is leading to an increase in their myopia. Apparently your eyes seem to require a stronger correction if examined immediately after removing your lenses than if you go for 24 hours without lenses.” Helen replied as she checked Susan’s glasses in the lensometer.

Helen looked at the printout from the lensometer, then consulted Susan’s chart. ‘ Are these your most recent glasses Susan?”

“Well, they are the last glasses I bought.” Susan replied.

“How is your vision with them?” Helen asked.

“Terrible.” Susan answered.

“No wonder. According to your chart, this was your prescription back when you were 16. Your contact lens prescription has jumped 5 diopters since then. Your contacts are –12D, and these glasses are only –10.50. I hope you didn’t drive here.” Helen said.

“Oh no, Carol dropped me off.” Susan lied.

Susan really didn’t blame Carol for her having to wear glasses. But, she often wondered what would have happened if her parents hadn’t noticed that her 3 year-old younger sister had a wandering eye. So they made a doctor’s appointment for both girls, and much to Susan’s surprise she had gotten glasses as well. Susan had only been required to wear her first pair of glasses to preschool, and while watching television, but within a year or so her glasses had become too weak, and the lenses needed to be changed. With the new lenses, she gradually began to wear them all the time. Susan had over the past 16 years become very nearsighted, but she was glad that she didn’t have Carol’s eyes. Carol looked really weird with glasses. Carol’s right eye had been over –8 when she was first tested, and the eye wasn’t seeing anything, which was why it was wandering. Carol had to endure a number of years as a young child with one eye patched, and the other eye looking out of a strong minus lens. Now Carol was around –16 in her right eye, and about –8 in her left, and the different lenses looked really awful. At least Susan’s eyes were nearly the same prescription.

“How is Carol doing with her new gas perm’s?” Helen asked.

“She says she is finally getting used to them, and she likes them.” Susan answered.

“Jenny got hers around the same time Carol did, and she likes hers as well. Although, Jenny has a lot of astigmatism along with her high myopia, so the correction is a lot better for her than it was with the soft lenses. Now, just look into the auto refractor Susan.” Helen said.

“Oh, my goodness!” Helen exclaimed. “The machine is telling me that you need –16D in your right eye, and –15.75 for your left. That is a sizable jump. That means that your contact lens prescription is up at least –1D to –13D, maybe –13.25D.”

“I thought it was supposed to stop increasing by the time I reached my 20’s.” Susan stated.

Well, Doctor Murphy and I were just talking about that the other day. Jenny is 20 now, and she just had a –2D increase. Doctor Murphy says that there is no hard and fast rule, and some people keep progressing well into their 50’s. What Doctor Murphy is surprised about is that a lot of the young patients he is seeing are well on their way to being high minuses. We had three 12 year old girls last week that were all –10D or above. And –12D is such a common prescription now that most of the one hour optical stores can do at least that high in an hour.” Helen told Susan.

The door to the examining room opened and Doctor Murphy entered, saying, “Hi Susan.”

Helen and the doctor spoke quietly for a minute, and Helen left the room with a friendly, “See you later Sue.”

Realizing that Susan was nearly blind in the darkened room Doctor Murphy took her arm, and led her over to the chair for the phoropter. He sat her down, swung the machine in front of her eyes, and clicked a few dials.

“There are 3 lines Susan. Read me the smallest one you can see clearly.” Doctor Murphy told her.

Susan read off the top line. “ That is the only one I can see the letters clearly Doctor.”

He clicked the dials a few more times, and Susan could feel the increased power of the stronger lenses coming in front of her eyes. “ That’s better Doctor, I can almost see the bottom line now.”

A few more clicks of the dials brought the 3rd line into focus. Then came the game of which is better, this one or that one. Then there was the red screen, or the green screen. After that Doctor Murphy had her read print so tiny she could barely make it out. Finally he swung the phoropter away from her eyes.

“Susan, I am going to have to dilate your eyes for a retinal exam.” Doctor Murphy said, as he had her tilt her head back, and he put little drops in each eye. There was a series of bright lights that were shone into her eyes, and the doctor looked through 2 different machines.

Finally he seemed satisfied, and turned some lights back on in the room. He guided Susan to the chair beside his desk.

“Susan, the good news is that your retinal health seems to be excellent. And, with the proper correction I find that your vision is very good, even slightly better than 20/20. However, using the phoropter, I have found your myopia to be even greater than the auto refractor has. I think you need to be wearing –18.25D for your right eye, and –18.00D for your left. And, in another 3 months, if the corneal abrasions I have found on your cornea have cleared up, I will give you a prescription for new contact lenses.” Doctor Murphy said.

His words slowly sank in, and Susan realized what the doctor had said. “I can’t get new contacts for 3 months. But I can barely see out of my old ones.”

“Which you better not even try to wear Susan, or you may do permanent damage to your cornea’s.” Doctor Murphy stated.

“You mean I have to wear glasses for 3 months. I haven’t worn glasses since I turned 16.” Susan replied. “I can’t do that. I’ll get a second opinion”

“That is certainly within your rights Susan, but I am a little hurt that you don’t trust me. I have been your doctor since you first got glasses, and I was the one who talked your parents into letting you get contacts at age 13. I warned you then what could happen if you were not careful with your contact lenses, and that you shouldn’t over wear them. Your eyes need one day a week of rest from wearing contact lenses. I bet that until today you haven’t worn glasses for one day in the past year. And, I can tell that from the raw ridges in your corneas that your lenses have been hurting your eyes. Why did you not come in sooner?” Doctor Murphy scolded Susan.

“I’m sorry Doctor. I didn’t mean that I didn’t trust you. Isn’t there anything that you can do? I can’t go without contacts for 3 months.” Susan was almost in tears.

“There is nothing I can do Susan, since the damage takes time to heal. The damage doesn’t look to be too deep, so hopefully 3 months will do it.” Doctor Murphy told her.

‘But I don’t have any glasses!” Susan exclaimed in a panic.

The doctor picked up his phone and dialed a number. Susan heard the doctor talking, but the one sided conversation didn’t make any sense. She understood the part about a 21-year-old girl with a –18D prescription, but when the doctor was talking about indexes, and biconcave, and myodiscs she really didn’t understand. Finally he hung up the phone.

“John at United Optical downstairs has a superb lab technician working for him. If you go down there now, and choose a frame, he can have a pair of glasses ready for you within a couple of hours. Here is your prescription, and good luck.” Doctor Murphy told Susan.

Susan put her old glasses back on, and she felt that it was almost like having no glasses at all on. Her eyes hadn’t seemed this bad before she came in. But, she supposed that it was because her eyes had just been looking through the new prescription that she required. She went downstairs to the Optical store, and with the help of John, the owner, she chose a frame. John had a nice camera that took pictures of her in the different frames, and then if she put her old glasses back on, and got really close to the computer screen, she could see which frame looked the best on her. She paid for the glasses, and sat down to wait, reading a book that she had fortunately brought with her. Susan was getting tired of reading after what seemed like quite a long time. But, she couldn’t really see well enough out of these glasses to do anything else. She still couldn’t believe that she had driven here without hitting anything wearing glasses that were almost –8D weaker than she really needed.

Susan heard footsteps and looked up at John. “Are they ready yet?”

“He just finished them. Here, put them on.” John handed her the new glasses.

Susan remover her old glasses, and took the new ones by the temples. She slid them onto her nose, and as she pressed them up to the bridge of her nose everything came into brilliantly clear focus. “ Oh, they are wonderful! I can see so clearly.”

Susan walked over to a mirror, and looked at herself. Horrified she exclaimed, “ But I paid for hi index so they would be thinner. These are thick!”

“Not nearly as thick as they would be if they were not biconcave hi index.” John replied.

“I can’t wear these. These are coke bottles.” Susan replied.

“Honestly Susan, that is the very best we can do with your prescription. I have an old pair that is just a little weaker than your new ones back here. They are real coke bottles.” John said, and he turned around to get the glasses he was talking about.

He handed Susan a pair of glasses that had lenses that looked to be almost an inch thick at the edges. She took her own glasses off, and slipped them on. She could see, but things were a bit of a blur, so she knew that John was telling the truth. She put her new glasses back on, thanked John, and walked to her car. Everything looked so tiny, tiny but perfectly clear. What would Jeff think when he saw her in these glasses.

“Oh shit!” Susan exclaimed to herself. “ Jeff is supposed to pick me up at 8, and we are going to Jenny’s party. I can’t possibly go.”

Susan phoned Jeff from her cell phone as soon as she got back to the car.

“Hi Babe, how did your eye examination go?” Jeff asked.

“I can’t wear contacts for 3 months Jeff, and I got new glasses to wear. We can’t go out tonight.” Susan told him, almost in tears.

“Why not. As long as you wear your glasses you can see fine can’t you?” Jeff asked.

“They are so thick they look ugly. I can’t have anyone see me wearing them.” Susan replied.

“Oh, don’t be so melodramatic honey. You are gorgeous, and I know that a pair of glasses can’t spoil that. Wear them, and I will see you at 8.” Jeff replied.

“When you see me wearing my new glasses you will leave me at the door, and never see me again.” Susan wailed.

“Oh, I promise I won’t do that. Haven’t I told you before that I liked you wearing glasses?” Jeff asked.

And, Susan remembered the few times that Jeff had convinced her to put her glasses on over her contacts to show him what she looked like wearing glasses. Every time she had done this he had tried to convince her to take her contact lenses out, and wear glasses for the evening. But, she had always refused, using the fact that her eyes were much worse than the glasses that she had could correct her for. Jeff was insistent that they should still go out to Jenny’s party that evening, so finally Susan relented.

Susan drove home. Even her parents were surprised at how thick and strong her new glasses looked. They told her that she looked lovely wearing them, but Susan didn’t feel that she looked lovely. After a quick shower, and dinner, Susan got ready to go out with Jeff. She wore a tight white top that showed off her full breasts, and the jeans that she selected made her rear end look just perfect. No one could deny that Susan had a fantastic figure. But, oh those glasses, when everyone saw how thick her glasses were she was sure that she would be the butt of all the jokes.

Promptly at 8 the front doorbell rang. Figuring that she might as well get it over with Susan quickly went to the door, and opened it. Jeff just stared at her, and she began to feel that she was an inch tall. Say something, say anything she prayed. Just let it be the truth

“Well, you were right about your new glasses being thick Suzy, but you do look darned good wearing them.” Jeff finally said. “Actually you look fantastic tonight.”

“Wow, a compliment. I think that is the first time in 6 months that you have told me I look good.” Susan said with a bit of relief. “ So you aren’t going to leave me here at the door, and go off to find another girlfriend who doesn’t have to wear coke bottle glasses.”

“ No way would I do that. Now that you are wearing glasses, I won’t have to leave you to go find some girl who does.” Jeff replied.

Susan took in what Jeff had said. The more she thought about it, the more that she thought that Jeff actually might have meant just what he said. Jeff had known that Susan had pretty poor eyesight before they went out together, as Jeff had been a friend of Danny, her previous boyfriend. And Susan hadn’t ever hidden the fact that she wore contact lenses, and was blind as a bat without them. So possibly Danny had told Jeff that Susan wore contacts. She remembered that Jeff had asked her about her glasses a few times, and she had shown them to him, as well as having put them on over her contacts. She had heard that some guys really liked girls who wore glasses. But, she had also heard that some of these guys liked girls with strong glasses so that they could take the girls glasses off, and dominate them, because the girl was essentially blind. She was going to have to figure out which category Jeff belonged to before she got herself in trouble.

Susan felt a little nervous as the evening went on. She had caused a bit of a sensation at the party when she showed up with her new, thick glasses. But, Jenny must have heard from Helen, her mom that Susan had quite an increase in her prescription, and would have to go at least 3 months wearing glasses. She must have told all their friends because no one seemed all that shocked, and no one said anything unkind to her. The nervousness came from Jeff’s reaction. He seemed to be staring at her all evening, as if he couldn’t get her vision implanted in his brain, and had to keep looking and looking. He had never been as attentive to her wishes before either. Usually he went off with the other guys, and talked football, and NASCAR, and baseball, and hockey – and maybe even girls. But tonight he hung by her side, just looking at, and being with her. Susan wasn’t sure, but she thought that she kind of liked the attention.

Susan and Jeff had done a lot of playful petting, but so far nothing had gone further. And Susan had plans to keep it that way. She and Jeff had discussed having sex, and she had let Jeff know that she had to at least be engaged before she would even consider it. So, Jeff had understood the limits, and had not tried to push them. Nor did he this evening when he took Susan home. He was very gentle with Susan as he kissed her, being careful not to hit or jar her glasses. Not once had he asked her to take them off. Maybe Jeff was the type of guy who loved seeing a girl wearing thick glasses.

The 3 months passed quickly, and finally Susan went back to Doctor Murphy’s office to get the all clear to return to wearing contact lenses. Much to her dismay the doctor told her she would need another month, maybe two before her corneas were totally healed. Jeff seemed very happy about this news. Jeff had now been working as a mortgage broker for the last few months, and Susan had put off looking for work until she could wear contacts again. Jeff had gotten a raise, and he took Susan out to celebrate. After dinner, they sat there drinking a cup of coffee.

“ Susan, I love you, and I would be honored if you would marry me.” Jeff said.

Susan thought for a minute, and answered, “Yes I will.”

They quietly discussed things for a while. Susan was adamant about waiting until she could wear contact lenses again before she was married, but that wasn’t going to be a real problem, as Doctor Murphy felt that a couple more months would do it. So they decided that they would set the date for 6 months in the future. Jeff placed a lovely ring on Susan’s hand.

“Now we are engaged.” Jeff said.

The next few months were filled with plans for the wedding. Invitations had to be sent out, dresses had to be made, and all the little details had to be looked after. But, since Susan wasn’t working, all of this activity made time fly by for her. And, Susan was very pleased when after another 3 months without contact lenses. Doctor Murphy consented to allowing her to go back to contacts. But, the first time Susan had gone out with Jeff since she had gotten her contacts back, she seemed to feel that Jeff was a bit distant, and wasn’t nearly as attentive towards her. So, Susan decided to confirm her suspicions. Whenever she wore her glasses, it seemed as if Jeff couldn’t do enough to please her. When she wore contact lenses, Jeff seemed to ignore her a bit. That in itself was enough to make Susan want to wear her glasses more, and she found that when she did, Jeff was just wonderful in all ways. And Jeff was so considerate of her poor eyesight that he had even suggested that she might like to leave her glasses on the first time they made love. So, she did, and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

The wedding went perfectly. The sun was shining, everything was on time, and it seemed to Susan that it was an absolutely perfect day in all aspects. Jenny had been chosen to be her maid of honor, and her sister Carol was one of the bridesmaids. Two other close friends were the other bridesmaids, and the girls all looked beautiful wearing the pale lilac dresses that they had chosen together. That evening, after the wedding dance, when Susan changed into her going away outfit, she removed her contact lenses, and put on her glasses for the trip to the hotel where they would be staying. She could see the pleasure in Jeff’s eyes when he saw what she had done.

Jeff had been doing very well at work. His base salary had increased a number of times, and his commission checks were extremely good. After their first year of marriage they purchased a smaller new home in a development close to Susan’s parents home. Susan had gone to work at an ad agency after they returned from their honeymoon, but after only a few months she had been hired as a model. Her job was, of all things, to model eyeglass frames. The company wanted girls to model the frames wearing an actual prescription in the frames. When the man who had hired her saw how strong Susan’s prescription was though, they fitted her with contact lenses that corrected the major part of her myopia, but left her needing glasses with lenses that were around –6D. Susan liked her job, and she made sure that every evening when she came home to Jeff she changed from her glasses over contacts to her own strong minus prescription. And, many evenings found Susan and Jeff in bed making love.

So, it didn’t really surprise Susan when she missed her period. She waited another month, and when she went to her doctor he confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. As soon as it started to show, her modeling job ended, but she had earned good money while it lasted, and if she and Jeff hadn’t wanted children they would have taken precautions

Susan was now almost 25, and was in her 8th month of pregnancy. Her vision had been stable for over 3 years, and she was surprised to see that things were not as clear as she seemed to think they had previously been. So, she went back to Doctor Murphy for another vision exam. When he examined her eyes he discovered that Susan’s myopia had increased by –2D.

“Is there a reason for this doctor?” Susan asked.

“It has long been accepted in the optometric profession that a large number of highly myopic women have an increase in myopia during pregnancy. Sometimes, if you can stand the blur until after childbirth, and until after you have finished breast feeding the baby, the myopia will recede on it’s own. But there is no guarantee. It might drop by –1D, or it might increase even more to –2.50D.” Doctor Murphy told her.

What should I do? Should I order new glasses now, or should I wait?” Susan asked.

“That is your decision Susan. Talk it over with your husband, and decide together what you want to do. I can tell you that even with your new –20.25D and –20D glasses you have very good distance vision, and your near point vision is that of a 10 year old child’s. If you were my wife, I would probably suggest that you get the prescription for new glasses filled. We can always reduce the prescription if you feel that it is necessary after the birth of the baby.” Doctor Murphy told her.

“What about new contact lenses doctor?” Susan asked.

“Again that decision is up to you Susan. I would suggest that you stick to glasses until after the baby is finished breastfeeding. With contact lenses your eyes are forced to adapt to the strength of the contacts at all times. But, with glasses, if you feel that the lenses have become a little too powerful, you can pull the glasses a little bit away from your nose, and this will reduce the effective power of the lenses. We are now finding with a lot of myopes that wearing contact lenses will sharply increase the amount of their myopia, simply because the eye is forced to always adapt to the prescription of the contact lenses.” Doctor Murphy said.

Susan went home and told Jeff what the doctor had told her. Jeff suggested that she should get new glasses only. Susan had figured that would be what he said, so together they headed off for a nearby optical store. A young lady, who didn’t seem at all phased by the strength of Susan’s prescription, met them at the counter.

“You have 2 choices in lenses. We can try biconcave in a high index plastic, much like you are presently wearing. But, I don’t like this option, because the frontal curvature will have to be a bit higher than the –3D you are presently wearing. When I reached that prescription I switched to a myodisc lens in hi index plastic with a flat, or plano front base. The optics are much better, and if your prescription increases again, you will have no choice other than a myodisc lens.” The girl told Susan and Jeff.

Susan could see that Jeff’s eyes had brightened when the optician had suggested myodisc lenses, so she asked. “ What is a myodisc lens?”

“Here, I’ll show you,” Lisa, the optician said. She went behind the counter, and took her purse out. She removed a glasses case, and brought out an exquisite pair of black plastic framed eyeglasses. She handed Susan the glasses.

“See this part in the middle of the lens. This is the part where I see through. I have these glasses fitted very close to the bridge of my nose, and even though I have a very small lens diameter, I still get pretty good peripheral vision. Getting used to the limited lens area is the biggest problem with myodiscs.” Lisa said.

“May I try them on?” Susan asked.

“Go ahead, but let me warn you that my eyes are set very close together. I had to get myodiscs when my prescription got to –18D when I was 17 years old. I couldn’t get glasses that would allow the temples to fold, and the edges of my lenses had to be shaved off on the back, giving them a myodisc effect anyway. So, I just started wearing myodiscs. You have a much wider pupillary distance than I do. Mine is only 60mm, and yours is probably around 64, so the outer edge of my lens will be at the center of your eye.” Lisa told Susan.

Susan took off her own glasses, and slid Lisa’s glasses onto her face. As she slid the glasses closer to the bridge or her nose, things came into focus, but as the glasses pressed closer to her nose, everything became a bit blurry. Susan could see what Lisa had meant about seeing through the outer edge of the circle ring.

“How do I look Honey?” Susan asked Jeff.

“Wonderful, just gorgeous. Those are the frames and lenses for you.” Jeff replied.

“I would suggest a little wider frame, with a slightly larger eye size Susan. While I am used to this type of lens after wearing them for over 7 years now, you might have a bit of trouble. Instead of my 25 mm lens diameter, I would suggest that you order a 30mm.” Lisa recommended.

Susan ordered her new glasses and after they had talked for a while about their mutual high myopia, and the forthcoming birth of Susan’s baby, Susan could see that Jeff was becoming restless. Just then another customer came into the store, so Susan and Jeff went back home.

Susan was worried. She was afraid that her new glasses wouldn’t be ready before the baby was born. She had been looking forward to having her new glasses so that she could see properly while she was in the hospital. But from the way Jason was kicking her, she was beginning to doubt that she had any more time. Just then the phone rang. It was Lisa, telling Susan that her glasses had just arrived.

Susan went as quickly as she could to the optical store. Feeling like a beached whale, she sat in the customer’s chair, and waited for Lisa to fit her with her new glasses. Today Lisa had her own glasses on, and Susan watched Lisa as she finished with another customer. She liked the looks of Lisa’s glasses. You could hardly tell that the circle was there, and there was barely any edge thickness. Susan knew she was going to be very happy with her decision.

Lisa put the glasses on Susan’s face. She felt around the back of the earpiece, took the glasses off, and placed the ends of the earpiece in the hot sand. Susan could dimly see Lisa’s outline, as she blew on the hot earpiece to cool it off before putting the glasses back on Susan’s face. She repeated this with the other earpiece, and finally Lisa seemed satisfied that the glasses fit Susan perfectly.

“How well can you see with them on Susan?” Lisa asked.

Susan looked around until she found a poster on the wall. She read off the smallest print she could see.

“Shit, that is a lot better than I can see!” Lisa exclaimed. “I know I am about –3D stronger than you, but my doctor said I was corrected to 20/20. That is amazing.”

Susan started to get up to leave, but she doubled over with cramps. “Oh my god, the baby is coming.”

Lisa called for an ambulance, and they rushed Susan to the hospital. Lisa had located Jeff, and he met the ambulance at the entrance to emergency. Susan was wheeled into the operating room, and in no time at all Jason was born. Jason was perfect in all ways.

After Jason and Susan returned home from the hospital Susan found her days were filled with looking after a baby. But, at night she and Jeff still managed to get together on a regular basis for a lot of hugging and holding. Susan loved it that Jeff liked her in glasses so much that he wanted her to leave them on while they were together. She liked to be able to see Jeff clearly. He was so handsome.

Lisa had called Susan at home to see how everything had gone with the birth of the baby. Susan didn’t really feel up to it, but she invited Lisa to drop by on the following Sunday. Lisa agreed, and told Susan that she would be with her husband Brian. By Sunday afternoon Susan felt a little more like having company, and when Lisa and Brian arrived, she was happy to see them. They oooed and awwed over Jason, and were about to leave when Jeff got back, a little later than he had planned. When Jeff saw Brian he recognized Brian from football at high school. Lisa and Brian ended up staying for supper. Susan could tell that Jeff was having a hard time keeping his eyes off Lisa, and she had to admit that Lisa looked really good, wearing that tight pale yellow outfit, with her blond hair, and black framed myodiscs. Susan felt a little jealous, and she still felt big and fat. After they had left, she spoke to Jeff.

“Boy, you sure couldn’t keep your eyes of her could you?” Susan said sharply.

“Well, she is very attractive, but not nearly as attractive as you are babe. And did you not notice Brian. He stared at you all evening.” Jeff replied.

Jeff had said the right thing, and Susan laughed.” Oh well what else could I expect. Lisa told me that Brian had a thing for girls who wore glasses, and I told her that you did also. You guys are pretty lucky to have each found beautiful ladies who need very strong glasses in order to function.”

Jeff agreed with Susan. There was no longer any pretense that he wasn’t attracted to her because of her glasses. He had finally admitted that if she hadn’t worn strong glasses he would never have married her. He even admitted that until she had been forced into wearing glasses a few years back that he was about to move on to another girl that he knew. Susan still found this to be hard to accept, but Jeff loved her so much, and was so nice to her she wasn’t going to complain.

When Jeff and Susan could get Susan’s mom, or her sister Carol to stay with Jason, they would often go out with Brian and Lisa. Lisa was 2 years older than Susan, and she and Brian had been trying to have a child, without success so far. Susan had done a lot of exercising, and had finally been satisfied that her figure had returned to where it was before the birth of the baby. When Susan and Lisa went anywhere together, there wasn’t a man in the house that didn’t stare at the 2 gorgeous ladies, both blond, both with figures to die for, and both wearing beautifully made myodisc lensed glasses. They were often mistaken for sisters by many of the people they met.

Susan was hesitant to phone Lisa. She had just learned that she was pregnant again, and she didn’t want to hurt Lisa, as Lisa was still trying to have a baby. Susan had suggested that maybe they were trying too hard, and Lisa had broken down in tears. The phone rang and Susan recognized Lisa’s voice. There was a note of cheer there that signified something was going on.

“Lisa, you sound so happy. What…….Oh let me guess? You are pregnant.” Susan said to her friend.

“Yes, I am. I just got back from the doctor, and I am 2 months along. Brian will be so very happy.” Lisa said.

“I am thrilled for you Lisa. Hey, maybe we can have babies together. I have just missed my second period. I am planning to go to the doctor tomorrow.” Susan lied to her friend.

“That would be wonderful! Look, a customer just came in so I gotta run. I just wanted to tell you first. Hey, let me know the second you find out, Ok.” Lisa said and hung up.

Susan escaped the morning sickness that she had experienced with Jason, But Lisa was suffering badly, so Susan would take Jason with her to Lisa’s optical store, and she would open up the store in the morning. She would stay there until Lisa felt well enough to come to work. She was getting pretty good at fielding the calls, and she could even fit a customer with a pair of glasses. She couldn’t take any orders for new glasses, but she could quote prices, and assist people in choosing frames. Lisa had a play area in the store for customer’s children, and Jason seemed quite content to stay there and play with the toys. The two girls were not sure what was going to happen with the store when the time came for them to have their babies, but Lisa figured that she might just have to lock the doors for a few weeks, unless she could get one of her optician friends to help out.

Lisa escaped any worsening of her vision during her pregnancy, but Susan had to go back to her doctor as she neared the end of her 7th month.

“Well Susan, you need another –2.50D increase in both eyes. I might suggest that you stop having children, as it seems to affect your eyes worse than anyone else I have ever seen in my practice. With 2 children you have now gained about –4.50D of myopia.” Doctor Murphy told Susan.

Susan looked at the prescription slip as she drove over to Lisa’s optical store. The numbers read: OD –22.75 x – 0.75 x 70 and OS –22.50 x –1.00 x 90. She knew exactly how strong that was, because she and Lisa had checked her vision a few days earlier with a set of trial lenses in the special holder. Her glasses were very close to Lisa’s in power now. This time Susan ordered the 25mm myodisc circle, and since Lisa had just picked out new frames for herself. Susan chose the same frames.

This time Susan’s new glasses were ready well before the birth of their second son Blake. And Lisa ended up giving birth to their son Ryan 2 weeks before Susan was ready, so Susan was able to keep the optical store open until Lisa returned.

Susan and Jeff decided that since Susan’s eyesight deteriorated so badly every time she became pregnant that they would not have another child. So even though Susan badly wanted to try again for a girl, she decided to have a tubal litigation.

Once Lisa and Susan were back on their feet, Lisa suggested that Susan should become an apprentice optician. Susan really enjoyed working in the optical business, and she decided that this would be a great idea. So Susan took the tests, and when she had passed the examinations she became a licensed optician and a certified contact lens fitter.

Word had gotten around about the 2 really good looking female opticians who wore myodiscs, and a lot of high myopes began coming to their store to purchase new glasses and contact lenses. Susan and Lisa knew the problems of fitting high myopes because of their own poor eyesight, so they developed a loyal clientele. After Susan had been an optician for a year, Lisa suggested that they form a partnership, and each girl would own half the business. Susan liked the idea, and one night when she and Jeff were together with Brian and Lisa, they told the guys what they were going to do.

“So what will you call the store?” Brian asked.

“Why not Myodisc Optical?” Jeff suggested.

The girls agreed, so the new name of the store they run together is “Myodisc Optical”


July 2006