The Myopia Injection

by Specs4ever

Loren almost gasped with amazement as she saw another young lady walk through the doorway and into the teachers’ staff room. The glasses this lady wore were exactly the same glasses that Loren had often fantasized about having to wear. They were strong minus lenses in a black plastic frame. The inner color was a blue, and there was just enough blue accent showing to make the glasses appear very striking. Loren thought that there were the most beautiful glasses she had ever seen.

Loren walked up to the young lady, put out her hand and said, “Hi, I am Loren, and I am teaching grade 9 through 12 History this year.”

“My name is Sheila. I have taught 9 through 12 English here for 4 years now. This will be my 5th year at this school. Welcome aboard Loren.” Sheila said.

Loren was a little hesitant to say it, but she finally did. “I love your glasses Sheila. They really suit you.”

Sheila seemed a little taken aback, possibly even a bit surprised at the flattering comment. “You are the first person to tell me that. Most people just stare at them, and don’t want to say anything. After all they are pretty thick.”

“Oh, my best friend Jamie had glasses that were at least as strong as, maybe even stronger than yours are. I got used to the appearance of Jamie’s glasses, and to tell you the truth I even envied Jamie in that she was able to wear them. Some people’s glasses look almost fake, because they have so little power in them. Jamie’s and yours look real, like you need them badly. I like that.” Loren said.

“Oh, I need mine badly, that is for sure. I can’t see much of anything if I take them off.” Sheila replied.

That was the beginning of a friendship between Loren and Sheila. It surprised Loren to find out that Sheila was only 2 years older than she was. Sheila was aged 27 to her age of 25, but after some discussion Loren realized that Sheila had gone straight into teaching after graduating from University, while Loren had taken a year off to travel, and had then taken another year to major in History instead of Science. Loren had also taken an extra year to obtain her Masters degree. Sheila was presently working on her Masters of Education degree, but was doing so while she taught school and earned a living.

Often Sheila and Loren would go out together on a weekend. Loren was a little surprised to find that Sheila had a couple of other acquaintances that also wore strong minus glasses. Bev was a waitress at a restaurant that Loren and Sheila often went to on Friday night. Kathy was one of the cocktail waitresses at the lounge that Loren and Sheila and Bev frequented on Saturday night. Often the four girls would go to church together on Sunday, and the first Sunday that they went together Loren was again surprised when they introduced her to Susan, the minister’s wife. Susan was a little older than they were, but only by a couple of years. Susan wore even stronger glasses that did Bev, Kathy and Sheila, and Loren was intrigued by the fact that she now knew 4 people her age who wore very strong minus glasses. Loren had always wished she could wear strong glasses, but now, hanging around with these 4, Loren felt even more of a desire to be able to wear powerful minus glasses. Some nights that was all she ever thought about before she went to bed, and when she said her evening prayers she always asked that she be given the need to wear strong glasses. She often thought about when she was a young girl, and she would wish for the same thing each night when she saw her first star. But, all the wishing and hoping and praying had not done a thing. Loren still had the eyes of an eagle.

But Loren was about to get still another shock. One day, as she walked into the teacher’s lounge for her noon break, she spotted Sheila chatting with a young lady wearing a uniform that looked much like a nurse’s uniform from the rear. When the young lady turned to be introduced to Loren she saw that it was indeed a nurses uniform, but Penny wore glasses that were again at least as strong as Sheila’s. Now Loren was extremely mystified. She knew that there were probably quite a few girls her age who wore strong glasses. However Loren also knew that it was highly unlikely for someone her age to wear strong glasses rather than contact lenses, especially in a small town of under 20,000 people. In the course of only 3 months Loren had met 5 ladies who seemed to have no interest in wearing contact lenses. Later on that afternoon before they left school for the day Loren attempted to question Sheila.

“Have you never worn contacts Sheila?” Loren asked.

“No, I like wearing glasses. I feel that I have nothing to hide, and if anyone doesn’t like how I look with the glasses I need to see with, then I don’t need them in my life.” Sheila replied.

“What about Susan? Has she worn contact lenses? How about Penny? Does she wear them once in a while? And have you ever seen Bev or Kathy wearing contacts?” Loren asked.

“That’s way too many questions all at once girl. But I think Susan is the only one who has ever worn contacts. She quit though when she was going out with Greg.” Sheila replied.

“Who is Greg? I thought Susan was married to Don.” Loren asked.

“Greg is Penny’s boyfriend. Before that he was Kathy’s boyfriend, and before that he was my boyfriend. He went with Bev between Susan and me. Except for Susan, who was naturally a high myope, Greg is the main reason why we all wear glasses now.” Sheila said.

“What do you mean? How could going with a guy make you all wear glasses?” Loren asked mystified.

“I guess it is time to tell you. Greg has a very strong fetish for girls who wear glasses. He won’t even take a girl out unless she agrees to do GOC.” Sheila started.

“What is GOC?” Loren broke in.

“GOC stands for glasses over contacts. If a person with perfect eyesight wears a strong pair of plus contact lenses, then they can wear very powerful minus glasses over the contacts to give everyone the impression that they are very myopic.” Sheila continued.

“But you don’t wear contacts under your glasses do you?” Loren asked.

“Not anymore, but I did at first. After I went with Greg for about a year, I had a little treatment done to my eyes to make me permanently myopic. This was 3 years ago, and I haven’t regretted it for a second.” Sheila said.

“Oh, I want it too! I want it so badly!” Loren said excitedly.

“I know you do. I have watched you gaze at all of us with envy, and I know you are sexually aroused whenever any of us talk about how blind we are without our glasses.” Sheila said with a laugh in her voice.

“How can I have this treatment? Can I get it really soon?” Loren asked.

“I am afraid you are going to have to hold on for a while. It would help if you were going out with Greg, because Matt will do anything Greg asks him to. But Greg and Penny are still together, so you will just have to wait. As long as I have known him, Greg never lasts with a girl for much more than a year, and he and Penny have been together for almost that long now. But seriously, the first thing we should do is get you set up for doing GOC.” Sheila replied.

“That’s fine with me. I’ll do anything I have to do in order to be able to wear glasses at least as strong as you girls.” Loren stated.

“You wouldn’t happen to know your eye size for contact lenses would you?” Sheila asked.

“No, I’ve never needed to wear contact lenses.” Loren replied.

“Well, that’s not a real problem. We have 2 choices. I still have a good pair of +12D contacts in my eye size that we could try. But it would be safer if you went to an eye doctor and got yourself fitted with a pair of colored contacts that have no correction, but just change the color of your eyes.” Sheila said.

“Oh, let me just try your old ones first. If they don’t feel right I will take your suggestion. Would that mean I could wear a pair of your glasses?” Loren asked excitedly.

“You might be able to. GOC isn’t a one size fits all deal though. The contacts that did the best job for me under my glasses might not be strong enough for you. Or they might be too strong. It is really just trial and error.” Sheila said.

“Well, let’s start the trial part right now.” Loren said.

So, Loren went home with Sheila, who got out the new pair of her old contacts that she had left from doing GOC. The date on the bottles was long expired, but Loren didn’t care. The lenses were +12D, and the base curve was 8.6, with a 14.2 diameter. Sheila showed Loren how to insert and remove the lenses, and with a little bit of practice Loren became very good at putting them in her eyes. She loved how the contact lenses gave her instant blur as soon as she opened her eyes. But when Sheila handed Loren a spare pair of her glasses Loren was amazed at how well everything came into focus. Things seemed smaller, but oh so clear. Walking around wearing the glasses made Loren feel a little dizzy, but the longer she wore them, the easier it became to adapt.

“I love it. I want to wear these forever.” Loren gushed.

“You will soon get tired of having to put the lenses in, and take them out. I know I did. But I loved the being severely myopic part of it so much that when Greg suggested that his brother Matt might be able to make me permanently myopic, I jumped at the chance. Bev had done the same thing a year earlier, just before she and Greg split up. I almost think that, like me, Bev had decided that she wanted the myopia, but she didn’t want Greg.” Sheila said.

“How does Matt do it?” Loren asked.

“It is a bit of an involved explanation. Have you ever seen young kids who are quite myopic, almost from birth?” Sheila asked.

“I have seen a few of them. I think my friend Jamie was one.” Loren replied.

“Well, Matt is part of a research team in Palo Alto California. For the past 5 years they have been examining the causes of childhood myopia. Apparently, when a child is born quite nearsighted it usually is because the inner lens in their eye is too thick. Some children are this way from birth, and have almost the same prescription for life, while other’s have the type of myopia that is ever increasing, and is called progressive myopia. The researchers have pinned it down to an excess of female hormones. In some people an excess of female hormones will cause Multiple Sclerosis. In others it might cause a disease called Myasthenia Gravis, and in still others it might cause any one of a number of other neurological disorders. But it was proven that in most cases a small excess of female hormones in a young child would cause the inner lens to thicken. Matt was interested to see if the female hormones cause the inner lens to thicken in an adult, so when Bev had problems wearing her contact lenses under her glasses, Greg convinced Matt to reluctantly give Bev. a tiny amount of the hormone by injecting it directly in her eye. It worked. Within 3 months Bev. was as myopic as she is today. And, this also worked for me, and Kathy. I know Penny has had the injection recently, but she is still wearing contacts under her glasses. Her plus contacts are pretty weak now though, so she will soon be wearing just glasses.” Sheila explained.

“I am definitely going to wear these glasses tomorrow. And I want to have the injections as soon as I can.” Loren said with glee.

“I am sure that as soon as Greg sees you wearing glasses he will find a way to ask you out. But, if you want to stay friends with Penny, you had better tread cautiously. I suspect that if you reject Greg for a first date, he will then find some excuse to drop Penny, and will then, after a reasonable interlude, again ask you for a date.” Sheila said.

“Yes, I agree, that would be the best way.” Loren replied.

Indeed, Greg was true to form. As soon as he spotted Loren wearing glasses he asked her out. She told him that she would not date him while he was engaged to Penny, but before Penny and Greg broke up, Greg’s younger brother Matt came home for a visit. Matt took one look at Loren, and he was smitten. Matt asked Loren out, and they had such a wonderful time that Matt began coming home from Palo Alto almost every weekend to see Loren.

Loren was thrilled to be dating Matt. She was also ecstatic about now being able to wear strong myopic lenses in her glasses. But, as Sheila had predicted, Loren was growing tired of having to go to the trouble of inserting her plus contacts every morning. Finally, after going with Matt for about 6 months, Loren got up the courage to ask Matt if he could give her the same injection that he had given Bev, Kathy, Sheila and Penny. Matt had not realized that Loren was doing GOC, and was a little taken aback with Loren’s request, but he decided that he did really love Loren, and he was willing to do anything he could to make her happy. The following weekend Matt brought some of the hormone with him, and he injected it into Loren’s eyes. Loren had asked Matt to increase the dosage slightly, as Loren wanted to be even more myopic than the other girls were. Matt was reluctant but did as Loren requested.

Sheila had told Loren that the injected hormones would take about 3 months to kick in, and she was correct. By the end of the third month Loren could no longer wear the GOC combination, so she had to order weaker contact lenses. It only took another couple of months for Loren to be able to wear Sheila’s old glasses without any contacts at all, and during the third and fourth month, Loren’s eyes got to a point where she had to wear minus contacts under the -15D glasses that she had borrowed from Sheila. Finally, after 6 months had passed Loren felt that her eyes had finished changing. So, she went to the local optometrist, and had a proper eye exam. Loren was now a -21D myope. She ordered 2 pairs of clear glasses. One pair was of a very hi index plastic, in a reasonably small frame size. When this pair arrived Loren was pleased that the lenses did not have the appearance of myodiscs. The lenses filled the frame, and they were just thick enough that Loren loved the appearance. The second clear pair was a pair of myodiscs in standard CR39 plastic. These lenses had an index of 1.49, and would have been quite thick if Loren had ordered a standard bowl size of 40mm. But Loren had ordered them in a 30mm bowl, and she had the front of the lens, as well as the carrier in the rear done in a flat, or plano appearance. Loren was thrilled with the appearance of both her pairs of glasses. She then got herself a second pair of myodiscs done in a dark sunglass tint. As Loren became accustomed to seeing the world through the smaller viewing area that the 30mm viewing area of the myodiscs provided, Loren found that she was wearing the glasses with the myodisc lenses all the time.

Matt had not understood why the other girls had been so willing to become very myopic just to please his older brother. But he had accepted their desires, and had done his part by giving them the hormone injections. Loren had mystified him as well, but he was more than pleased by the sexual appetite Loren had for him in payment for his assistance.

Matt was a gentle lover, and it did not bother him in the least to allow Loren to wear her strong myodiscs when they were having sex. It reached the point where Matt was as sexually aroused by the fact that Loren was rendered helpless the instance she removed her glasses, although Matt never once took Loren’s glasses from her face unless she requested it. Matt could tell that Loren was extremely aroused when she asked him to remove her glasses. This often occurred just prior to them climaxing. And, when Matt gently placed Loren’s glasses back on her face after their initial lovemaking, frequently this act would arouse Loren again, and they would have a repeat performance.

Loren loved wearing her glasses. She had gone home to visit her parents over the summer holidays, and was very apprehensive as to what her mom and dads reactions would be to the fact that their only daughter now had to wear very strong glasses. But, after an initial shock, followed by an explanation of severe high myopia due to a viral infection, Loren’s parents accepted the fact that their daughter would be peering myopically through strong myodiscs for the rest of her life. Their concern for Loren’s severe myopia was tempered by the fact that Loren seemed to be quite acceptive of the strong glasses she now had to wear to see any further than an inch in front of her nose, and if they had any other concerns they did not express them. So Loren was now quite happy.

While the other girls that Matt had provided the hormonal injections for all seemed quite happy with the amount of myopia that they had developed, Loren was not. After wearing her -21D myodiscs for a few months Loren went to an online eyeglasses supplier, and ordered herself a new pair of myodiscs with a prescription of -22D. She didn’t have much trouble getting her eyes to adjust to the slightly stronger prescription, and she loved the slight feeling of overcorrection the stronger lenses gave her. Her lovemaking with Matt intensified, and it really wasn’t much of a surprise when Loren missed her period for a couple of months in a row.

Once Matt found out about Loren’s pregnancy, he immediately wanted to marry her. But Loren told him that the only way she would marry him would be if he gave her another injection. Loren had figured that each cc. of the hormone gave the girls about 7 or 8 diopters of myopia. All the others had been injected with 2cc’s of the hormone, and they all had around -15D. Loren had received 3cc of the hormone, and her myopia had gone to -21D, but it had also been very easy for Loren to wear glasses with a prescription of -22D. Matt was adamant in his refusal to give Loren another 2cc, and finally Loren accepted the fact that Matt would only inject her with another 1cc of the hormone, so she agreed to marry him as soon as her eyes got to -29. This only took another 3 months, and by the time Loren got her new -29D myodiscs with the 25mm bowl she was 6 months along. They didn’t have much time for the wedding. But, they managed, and Loren and Matt were husband and wife before their daughter Amy was born.

Loren was thrilled. By the time Amy was 3 months old Loren could tell that their daughter was extremely nearsighted. By her 6th month anniversary Amy was wearing her first pair of glasses, a pair of -18D glasses, with a similar frame style as her mom’s newest pair, a pair of -30D myodiscs. Loren had experienced a little bit of myopic creep during the first 6 months of Amy’s life, and her prescription was now naturally -30D. Her myodisc bowl had shrunk to 20mm, and Loren was quite adept at swinging her head to look at things instead of attempting to move her eyes.

Matt had continued working at the research lab. He drove over early Monday morning, worked his 40 hour week by Thursday, and drove home late Thursday night. Loren could have found a teaching job closer to Matt’s work, but Matt wanted his kids raised in the same small town atmosphere he and Greg had grown up in. And by the time Amy was 18 months old, Loren was pregnant again. This time Matt and Loren had a son. They picked the name Jonathan, after Matt’s father, and gave him the middle name of David after Loren’s dad. J.D. was a very healthy active baby, and it was quite a handful for Loren to be looking after 2 children under the age of 30 months. She took a year off school to be with the kids, but did return to teaching once J.D. was a year old.

Loren had not experienced any myopic creep during or since her pregnancy with J.D. But Loren wasn’t satisfied, so after J.D. was born she increased her prescription herself by -1D, and now her newest glasses were -31D. For the next 3 years Loren wore these glasses, and by the time Amy was 5, and in kindergarten, she was pleased that Amy had not had any need for an increase. Loren knew that she had chosen for herself to be quite myopic, and Loren loved being a severely myopic woman, however she knew that Amy would likely be a little less than thrilled about the fact that she had to wear strong glasses once she got older. Loren blamed herself for the fact that Amy was so nearsighted, since Loren had Matt inject more of the female hormones in her eyes just when Amy was beginning to form in the womb. Loren had never expressed this thought to Matt, and she didn’t plan on ever bringing it up, but she still felt a little guilty.

Greg had eventually married Penny, and since Greg was Matt’s brother, Loren and Matt saw quite a bit of Greg and Penny. Bev, Kathy and Sheila had all found themselves husbands, and were also on their way to having families. Susan and Don frequently joined the rest of them for weekend gatherings after church on Sunday, and Loren was quite pleased that she had moved to this small town, since everything was going so well.

When J.D. was 4, Loren had been wearing her last pair of glasses for almost 4 years. The slight over correction she had experienced at first was long gone, and there were times that she felt she actually needed a little more power in her lenses. So, Loren had her eyes examined. She was disappointed with the outcome though. Her doctor advised Loren that her prescription was still exactly the same as her glasses were. But Loren wanted new, stronger glasses, so that evening as she and Matt lay in bed, Loren brought up the subject of getting new glasses.

“Do you have to get the same type of lenses – the ones with the tiny circles in the center?” Matt asked.

“With my prescription I don’t have much other choice than to get lenses with circles in the center, but I can likely get bigger circles if you want me to. The bigger the circle the thicker the glasses will be though.” Loren replied.

“I must be taking after Greg. We were talking last weekend, and he was telling me that he would love to see you wearing thicker glasses. After he said that, I realized that I wouldn’t mind looking at you wearing thicker glasses myself. Would you do it for me?” Matt asked.

“Honey, you know I will do anything you want me to. I will get one pair that will be as thick as they possibly can be, and I will wear them around the house for you. I will want to get another pair that is similar to the ones I am wearing now though. I love being extremely myopic, but sometimes people stare at me, so I want to be as inconspicuous as possible.” Loren said.

“I can understand that, but I will be really happy if you get the thicker pair for around the house.” Matt told her.

This thrilled Loren. She had wanted to get a thicker pair of glasses before, but she had been afraid to do so, as she was worried about what Matt would think. It isn’t everyday that a man expresses an interest in seeing his wife wearing thicker glasses.

Loren ordered her new glasses online. She chose a small, but attractive frame for her glasses with the 20mm circles, and she increased her prescription to -32D for both eyes. She loved the frame that she picked for her thick glasses, but she knew the lenses were going to be so thick that they would make her look like she was blind. The company that she ordered the glasses from tried to convince Loren that she should order thinner lenses, or lenses from a different type of material, and actually tried in every possible way they could to get out of filling her order. But finally Loren convinced then that she actually wanted lenses of regular plastic, and in the frame she had chosen. Loren could hardly wait until they came in, and the day they arrived she was home with J.D. as he had been sick that day. She ripped open the package and gazed lovingly on a pair of glasses that would have been regarded as unwearable by 99.9 percent of society. The frame looked great. The side pieces were set well back from the front of the frame so that the temples would close over the more than 3/4” thick lenses. The lenses looked thick, just as Loren and Matt had wanted. The front of the lens was dished in with about a -10D front curve. This was necessary to allow the -22D prescription that was in the rear curve to be in as large a circle as possible. Loren measured the circle to be 35mm. She had known it would not be much larger than that, as a -20D lens requires a 2” diameter circle. At the top, and the bottom of the lens the myodisc portion was cut off, and the circle only showed at the sides. Loren put the glasses on, and tried to wear them, but the steep curvature of the front of the lens threw her perception of things off. It took a few hours before Loren felt comfortable walking around wearing these glasses, but when she tried to put on her other new glasses with the thinner, more attractive lenses, Loren discovered that she was having a lot of trouble getting used to them. She switched back to her thicker, biconcave lensed glasses, and when Matt came home and found her wearing them he was quite excited, and that night after the kids were in bed, Loren and Matt made love in a way that was more passionate than Loren had experienced for a while.

“I might have to keep wearing these glasses Matt.” Loren said after they had finished and had turned off the lights.

“Why do you say that honey?” Matt asked.

“It took me quite a while to get used to wearing these glasses today. Then when I tried to switch over to my other pair I couldn’t get used to them.” Loren replied.

“That isn’t a really big surprise to me honey. After all, the curvature of the lenses, and the index of refraction is a lot different. Wear the plastic lenses for a few days, then try to wear the hi index glass myodiscs for a few days. Before you know it you will be able to switch back and forth without a problem.” Matt replied.

Loren didn’t really want to wear the new thick plastic lensed glasses out in public, but she felt that she had no choice. She was just happy that she had a couple of weeks to try switching back and forth between the two pairs of glasses before she had to return to the classroom, as she just knew that the kids would make fun of her new glasses behind her back.

The next couple of weeks saw Loren attempting to switch between her 2 pairs of glasses. But by the end of the second week Loren came to the conclusion that she was never going to be able to adapt to both pairs of glasses. Yes, she was able to wear whichever pair she wanted to as long as she put that pair on first thing in the morning and wore the same pair all day, but she just couldn’t switch during the day. And the funny thing about it was that Loren started to relish the stares that she got when she was wearing the thicker pair of glasses, so she soon found she was wearing those most days. Finally Loren asked Matt if he minded if she wore the thicker glasses all the time, and she was very happy when he told her to wear whatever she felt comfortable wearing.

Loren had been correct when she had felt that the students would make fun of her poor eyesight and thick glasses behind her back, but she soon decided that she could handle this, and for the most part she just ignored the kids when they made a snide comment. And what made it more worthwhile putting up with the thicker glasses was the sex she and Matt had. Matt seemed to be as turned on by Loren’s thick glasses as his brother Greg was. Loren knew she had done the right thing when Matt asked her one day after they made love if she could get even thicker lenses in her next pair of glasses. Loren merely answered that if that is what he wanted she would be happy to try, and she silently thanked God for the injections that Matt gave her that enabled her to be so myopic.


May 2009