The Myopic Harley Davidson

by Specs4ever

Albert Davidson had gone through life as a scrawny little kid with glasses. Albert had been the one who was pushed around by the schoolyard bullies, but rather than instilling any anger in Albert over his treatment, Albert grew into adulthood as a meek and mild accountant with a pleasant demeanor and a willingness to accommodate. Albert was in the accounting department of a large corporation, and it surprised Albert when he received a promotion, and an increase in salary. The only thing Albert was not happy about was that the new position was going to require him to move from the area where he had lived all his life. But, on the urging of his parents, who were probably dying to have their 27 year old unmarried son move out of their house, Albert accepted the new position, and moved to a city about 500 miles away.

Albert was lonely in his new surroundings. He had never been one to go out and make friends, and actually his life had been spent hiding in books. To Albert, the stories that he read were more real than life itself. So, it was no surprise when Albert found himself in the main branch of the public library. As Albert looked for a few books that he had not read, Albert noticed that the assistant librarian was not a bad looking lady. Oh, to you or I, the librarian would have been just a librarian, a thin young lady with a mousy appearance, hair of nondescript color, worn in an unbecoming bun, and wearing glasses with funny circles in the middle of the lenses. But to Albert, she was a vision of beauty.

Unfortunately Albert was too tongue tied to ask the young lady for a date. But he did take note of her name, and he thought that Mildred was a beautiful name.

Albert was a fast reader, and he sped through the 2 books that he had checked out. When he returned to the library on Friday for another book or 2, he was saddened to see that Mildred was not on duty that day. And he was too shy to ask the other ladies where Mildred was, or else he would have found out that Mildred worked Saturdays, but had Fridays off.

On Sunday Albert walked to the nearby Church of God. Albert had attended church every Sunday with his parents, and old habits are hard to break. He was a little late, and the service was just starting, so he snuck into the only pew with an empty seat. Albert was mortified. Everyone had seen him coming in late, and he hung his head in order to avoid the stares. He picked up the hymnal, and found the first song. When the preacher told them to all rise, Albert stood, ramrod tall, and sang along with the rest of the congregation. Sure, there were a number of off key singers, but the voice next to Albert was a wonderful tenor, and Albert couldn’t help but sneak a sideways glance. The lady who was doing such a wonderful job on the song was none other than Mildred the librarian.

After the service Albert found the courage to speak to Mildred, who insisted that Albert call her Millie. As they talked they found that they had much in common. Albert couldn’t see 2 inches in front of his face without his glasses, and Millie told Albert that her eyesight was so bad that she couldn’t even see well enough to clean her glasses, unless she first put an old pair on. They were both avid readers, which likely contributed a few diopters to each of their respective myopia. They both had lived with their parents for many years, and Millie was quite impressed that Albert had finally moved out and had gotten a place of his own a long way away from his home. By the time everyone had left the church, Albert finally got enough courage to ask Millie if he could walk her home.

After a short courtship Albert and Millie became husband and wife. Albert found that sex with Millie was something that he had only dreamed about, and Millie thought that Albert was an even better lover than any of the heroes in the many romance novels that she had read. Most Saturday and Sunday mornings were spent together in bed, with Millie wearing nothing but her –21D myodiscs, and Albert wearing nothing but his thick plastic lensed OD –18D and OS –17.50D glasses. After they had finished their passionate lovemaking, Albert would tenderly remove Millie’s glasses and carefully and tenderly clean the lenses. Then Millie would clean Albert’s glasses, because neither of them could see well enough to clean their own glasses.

It didn’t take long before Millie became pregnant. And nine months later a beautiful baby boy was born to the loving couple. When Millie suggested a name for the baby to Harley, Albert was a little taken aback.

“Harley? You want to name our son Harley Davidson?” Albert asked quizzically.

“Well, 2 of my brothers have Harley Davidson motorcycles, and I just loved to go for rides with them. And somehow the name Harley Davidson just seems to fit.” Millie replied.

So, Albert agreed, and Davidson, Harley NMN/NMI was officially christened. The no middle name, no middle initial designation was just for the official paperwork, but it had to be there for the registration of Harley’s birth.

Harley was about 2 years old when Millie became pregnant again. This time Albert and Millie were blessed with a girl. They named her Cheryl, a little more conventional type name than Harley.

By the time Harley was 5, and was ready to start school, two things were obvious. Harley was a very big child for his age, so it was obvious he had inherited his size from Millie’s family. Her 3 brothers were all large men, and stood well over 6 ft 2. Her 2 older brothers who were the motorcycle riders didn’t wear glasses, but her youngest brother Bob had inherited a decent amount of myopia, although nowhere near the prescription that Millie had. The other thing that was becoming quite obvious was that Harley had inherited the myopic genes from his mother and his father. He was bringing everything very close to his eyes, and squinting and straining a lot to see anything in the distance. So, Harley got his first pair of glasses. Soon the lenses in his first pair were too weak, and they had to be changed for stronger ones. Within the first year, by the time Harley was 6 years old, his prescription was around –6D, and he was very dependant on his glasses.

When Harley was in grade 2 he was the biggest boy in his class. None of the other boys dared tease Harley about his strong glasses. The ones who had tried to grab Harley’s glasses from his head in play soon learned that they were in a world of hurt if they succeeded in taking Harley’s glasses. It was probably a good thing that Harley taught them early in life to leave his glasses alone, because by the end of grade 3, Harley was looking through lenses that were around –8D, and he was pretty helpless without his glasses. By this time, Harley’s sister Cheryl had also gotten glasses. Cheryl had gone through kindergarten, and had started grade 1 in the fall without needing glasses. By the spring of the year Cheryl could not see a thing anymore, and an eye exam revealed that Cheryl had developed -6.50D of myopia between the start of the school year, and the end of the school year.

All through school Harley continued to need stronger and stronger glasses. By the time Harley graduated from 12th grade his prescription was very close to –19D. Harley had been hanging around with his 2 motorcycle riding uncles, and it was discovered that Harley actually had a talent for taking motorcycles apart and putting them back together. So, it was only natural that Harley would learn to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Harley was a strange sight, dressed in his black leathers, sitting astride his old Duo Glide, wearing his wire framed, biconcave, small lens sized, yellow tinted glasses. I think Harley would have been teased unmercifully about his thick strange looking glasses if he hadn’t stood over 6’4, and weighed over 280 lbs. But no one dared say a word.

Harley’s uncle Cliff was the president of a club for motorcycle riders. Well, personally I would use the words a motorcycle gang, but Cliff and his brother riders were quick to tell you that they were a club, not a gang. However, I suspect that the “Club” members did a little dealing in drugs, and probably some of the motorcycle parts that Harley was installing on a few of the brother’s bikes might have been a little warm to the touch. I think the fact that they all wore 1% patches, and were considered to be bad assed bikers pretty well told the tale.

Of course, Harley was a valued member of the club, and as such he got to work his magic on all the other brother’s bikes. When they went for club outings, Harley was the one who made sure that all the bikes were in good enough shape for the ride, and if any of them broke down along the way, Harley was the one to get his hands dirty getting them running again.

Brenda was one of the other member’s bitches. Harley liked the way Brenda looked. She was a bit heavy, but she was a big boned large chested lady, so the little bit of extra weight she carried looked good on her. Her face was well structured, with high cheekbones, and a nice nose. Her hair, which was a little brittle from a few too many bottles of coloring was worn long, and tied back in a ponytail, much the same style as most of the guys wore. But the one thing that Harley liked was that Brenda had the Harley Davidson bars and stripes tattooed on one arm, along with the words I Love, so that the tattoo read, “ I love Harley Davidson.” However, Harley was not about to try to move in on Brenda. This was an unspoken rule, well adhered to. No club member was to make a move on a brother’s bitch. If Brenda had worn glasses, Harley might have tried to see if he could cut a deal with the brother who was with Brenda, but she didn’t so, even though Harley liked Brenda, the policy was hands off.

Harley wasn’t sure why he was attracted to ladies who wore glasses. He supposed that it might be because his sister Cheryl wore very strong glasses, even stronger now than Harley’s mom’s –21D glasses. Cheryl’s newest glasses were –22.50D, and were a very attractive red and black-framed pair of blended myodiscs. Or maybe it was because both Harley’s mother, and his grandmother both wore very strong glasses. Harley wasn’t actively searching for a lady who wore glasses, but then again Harley wasn’t really searching for any ladies.

Bono, the club member who considered Brenda his property had run into a little bad luck. His old panhead had lunched, and he didn’t have the money to buy a new motor, nor could he afford the parts to put it back together. A little too much child support, and a few unpaid fines had put Bono in the slammer just long enough that he was fired from his job. There is nothing worse than a gang –oops, sorry, I meant club member who is out of work, and doesn’t have a ride. Harley felt sorry for Brenda, because Bono was in a heck of a bad mood, and Harley could tell from the bruises that Brenda had taken a couple of hits. So Harley bought the parts to fix Bono’s ride with his own money. When Harley had Bono’s old chopper back running, he called Bono, and told him to come and pick it up.

“Hey man, like I got no coin you know.” Bono said.

“I understand. This is a gift from me to you brother. The only thing I ask is that you quit using your old lady as a punching bag.” Harley replied.

“Hey man, you like my bitch? You want her?” Bono said.

“What do you mean? I like her, yes. But she is your lady, and there is no way I would move on you brother.” Harley said.

“No, no man. You fixed my ride. I owe you man. If you want my old lady, she is yours. I will give you her for fixing my scooter.” Bono replied.

“Well, I don’t know what Brenda will say to that. It’s not like you own her, and can give her away.” Harley said.

“Shit man, if she don’t do what I tell her to do I’ll bitch slap her.” Bono said.

“No, you won’t. If I ever hear that you have hit Brenda again I’ll slap you silly brother. All I want you to do is to tell her that you and her aren’t together anymore. You can also tell her that I would like to take her out, but if you set her free, I can take it from there.” Harley replied.

“Ok man, I’ll do that. And I don’t owe you no coin for fixin the scooter?” Bono asked.

“Nothing, nada. Just do what I asked.” Harley replied.

Later that day Harley received a phone call.

“Harley, this is Brenda. Bono tells me you own me now.” Brenda said.

“Brenda, I told that pea brained Bono that if you were free, I would like to take you out. There is no way that I would even consider that I owned you. You are a free agent.” Harley replied.

“That is an unusual attitude for you guys. Well, I think you are kind of nice Harley, and since I have your name tattooed on my arm, I guess I had better be your old lady now.” Brenda replied.

So, for the next few rides Brenda became the bitch on the back of Harley’s Harley. She was the first girl that Harley had dated, and Harley was enjoying the company. He was having so much fun with Brenda that he was starting to think that he might be interested in marrying Brenda, even though she didn’t wear glasses.

“Harley, you got a bug splattered on your glasses. Give them to me and I will clean them for you.” Brenda said.

“I don’t like to take my glasses off Brenda. I can’t see much of anything without them. But, you are right, the bug is bothering me a bit, so as long as you keep touching me, I will give you my glasses to clean.” Harley said.

“There, I got them clean. I understand how you feel. I can’t even see well enough to clean mine unless I have my contacts in.” Brenda said as she placed them back on Harley’s nose.

Harley couldn’t believe what he had heard. “You wear contacts?” Harley asked.

“Sure do. I think I am likely about as blind as you are without them. My glasses look a lot like yours, with the dished in fronts.” Brenda replied.

The wedding was very well attended. Motorcycle gang – sorry, I mean club members came from miles around to attend the wedding of Brenda and Harley Davidson. Brenda and Harley rode off into the sunset on the new Ultra Classic that Harley had purchased for their honeymoon trip.

When Harley and Brenda returned from their honeymoon, Harley reluctantly severed his affiliation with the motorcycle club. The brother’s understood, especially when Harley told them that they could all have 10% off all parts and repairs at his new motorcycle repair shop that he and Brenda were opening.

Harley convinced Brenda to wear her glasses more and more of the time. Harley loved the looks of Brenda in glasses. And since Brenda became pregnant, she found it easier to wear glasses all the time anyway.

Harley and Brenda had a lot of discussion about the name for their unborn son. They decided that they were going to name him Tom, or Sam, or George, or Bill – anything but Harley.


August 2006